Touch (1997) - full transcript

When Juvenal, a presumed miracle worker, appears on the scene Bill Hill attempts to exploit him but his plans go astray with the untimely intervention of August Murray and the developing relationship between Juvenal and Lynn Faulkner.

So, LL...

Oh, can I call you LL?
Or should l call you J, or Mr. Cool, maybe?

What's your problem?
What's your problem?


-I don't have to take this (BLEEP). All right?
-No, no.

LL? Mr. Cool?

What's LL Coo! J doing?
What's Debra Lusanne doing?

...his pants. Did you see that?

Elwin! Elwin! What is she doing?

-Oh, my God!
-That's it.

Please. Please. Elwin! Elwin, please, no!

Not my presidential plates!

ELWIN: There goes Ford!

-There goes Carter!

-Elwin, stop!
-ELWIN: Reagan!


-ELWIN: Shut up!

ELWIN: I'll shut you up.



-!t's me.

Oh, boy!


-What did he hit you with, his fist?

How !long has he been drinking? A!! day?

A!! day. A!! day yesterday.

She ca!!ed you, huh? Why did she do that?

You're a beauty, you know that?

That goddamn woman,
I shut her mouth for a while,

now ! got you starting in on me?

I want to know what's wrong with you,
beating up on Ginny like that.

! shut her goddamn mouth, that's what.

Elwin, listen to me.
What happens every time?

You smash something or somebody,

you end up in jail!
or back at the rehab center.

Is that the way you want to live?

That sounds like a good idea.
You want to take me?

Instead of getting drunker than you are,
why don't you clean up this mess?



This is the Worrels', isn't it?

What happened?

Are you a friend of the Worrels?

I know Elwin a little bit
from when he was at Sacred Heart.

Are you from the Center?
Great, just the guy we need.

-What's your name?

Elwin, it's Juvenal!.

-Elwin, what are you doing?
-He's breaking dishes.

!'!! be right back.

You having fun? No, no, no. !it's a!! right.
! a!ready ate.

-Is she all right?
-I think so.

He hit her a good one
but ! don't think he busted anything.

-No, I mean something else.
-Yeah, she's blind.

-JUVENAL: All her life?
-Since I've known her.

Here, put this on her face.

You know, Ginny's mother gave us
these dishes when we got married.


Twenty-one years ago,
! hated these goddamn dishes.

They got rosebuds on them,
like a little girl's tea set, you know.

All that time, you know,
you get through your mashed potatoes

and you wipe your gravy,

and there's those goddamn rosebuds
looking at you.



I'll tell her I got rid of them
goddamn rosebud dishes.

I finally got the nerve to get rid of them.

Jesus, I cut her, didn't I?

No, you didn't.

I'm sure you didn't.

Ginny, what are you doing
with that broom?


You all right?

I can see.

I can see you both as plain as day.


-Is Juvenal around?

No, Juvie's off today.

-Are you in the program?
-No, but a friend of mine is, Elwin Worrel.

I met Juvenal at Elwin's.

Do you want to talk to Father Donahue?


Elwin's problem,
he knows he's an alcoholic.

He just hasn't hit bottom
hard enough to feel it.

Well, he's hitting other people pretty good
and he's doing a job on his house too.

Do you know Virginia, Father?

Yeah, she's been here.

I understand she used to play organ
at your church.

That was years ago.

You're an ordained minister, right?

(SIGHS) Well,

nowadays I sell recreational vehicles,
but yeah, I had a church. Uni-Faith.

It's more of an outdoor setup.
You know, amphitheater for 1,500 people.

Had a chapel, a gift shop, kind of like
Stuckey's, but what got the crowds,

we had the world's tallest
illuminated cross, 117 feet,

"Jesus Saves"
across the top in blue neon.

At night you could see it
all the way from the interstate.

Around here?

Georgia, outside a place called Dalton,

but then I moved the show out here
and went bankrupt.

Well, that's fascinating.

Ginny was our organist. You know that?

You must know also
that she recovered her sight.

I understand you were there.

Yeah, and a fellow from the Center here,
name of Juvenal.

See, Ginny believes
he performed a miracle on her.

A miracle? I don't know.

Maybe it was just a jolt to the head.

I don't know. See,

her face was clean before this happened.

Then when I looked at her after,

there was blood on it, up here.

Maybe it was from her nose.

She wasn't bleeding from her nose.

I don't know. It's not my area.
So, you want to talk about Elwin, right?

He's part of it.
This Juvenal is the other part.

I wondered if he spoke with you
about Virginia.

We're going to have to make it
another time.

I've got volleyball scheduled.
I'm late as it is.

-Maybe I can talk with Juvenal.

-They said he's not here today.
-Come back anytime.

Hey, you got any clothes you don't want,
bring them along.

You are a pretty snappy dresser.

Everybody is so serious and uptight,
you know,

like somebody in the next room is having
a baby or dying or something.

I mean, you know, Jesus, all they're doing
is representing a rock-and-roll band.

I keep thinking, what am I doing here?

BILL: Making money.

You know what my view is?

The parking lot out back of the building
I live in. How much you pay here, 8?


And all the hotshots they come in,
they take over.

I'm the one who sets up
the hospitality suite.

I mean, I do all the shit work.

I go to get the Heinekens, you know,
the vodka and mix, Scotch,

a nice cheese tray, lay it all out.

-Which one is this? Which group?
-Flaming Dogs.

-Bunch of shitheads.
-Never heard of them.

You have to be just into puberty.

They wear, oh, you'd love this, actually.

They wear these sort of skintight,
snakeskin-style jumpsuits

cut down to their pubic hair.
You know what I mean?

Showing off their skinny white bodies.
I mean white.

These two brothers, Toby and Abbot,

and four other creepy guys
I think they got from an institution.

You're not happy, you should quit.

-I know. Well, I did.
-Come on.

Well, not in so many words, but...

You know who's a happy girl?
Virginia Worrel.

I know. She called me.

Did she?
I didn't know you were that close.

Well, you know,
I think she called everyone she knows.

Getting your sight restored, that's heavy.

Yeah. Did she tell you
about this guy, Juvenal?

She was asking me about makeup.

Like I'm some kind of an expert
or something, you know?

What'd she say about him?

I told her that she should try
some mascara, you know,

and tried to tell her how to apply it
without saying her eyes.

Like if I said "your eyes,"
she'd go blind again.

It was really weird.

What'd she say about Juvenal?

Said he was cute and clean-cut looking,
which would be a switch.

Want to meet him?

I don't know? Why?

I tried to see him four times.
It's like they're trying to hide him.

So I figured, "What the heck?

"I bet you Virginia spoke to him."
So I called her.

Sure enough, she went to see him,
they had quite a talk.

See, Virginia believes he healed her.

Well, why not? It's better than thinking
it's your husband beating on you.

She tell you he spent time in a monastery?

I don't think so.

He was a monk.
He was a Franciscan monk for seven years,

some place down the Amazon.

He came back after four years,
then he quit the order.

Why would he quit the order?

I don't know. I mean,
maybe something about it irritated him.

Like Audrey Hepburn in The Nun's Story.

I'm thinking along those lines.

I'm thinking he's down in Brazil
healing people

and the head Franciscan gets jealous.

People coming from all over to get cured.

Pretty soon they're setting up stands,
they're selling Juvie relics.

Religious items. See what I'm saying?

Well, yeah, I ought to.
I worked for you long enough.

All right, maybe, just maybe,
this Juvenal is the genuine article.

-What would you think about that?
-You know, gee, I don't know, Bill.

What if he is?

Are you curious or not?

You want to get out of the RV business,
wasting your talents selling motor homes.

You understand, I can't do a study on him.

The priest there at the Center
knows about Uni-Faith.

So he's suspicious.

Also there's the "anonymous" part
of Alcoholics Anonymous to deal with.

These people wouldn't give you
his last name.

I'm wondering, how would you like
to join them for a few days?


Do you know how many of these I drink?
I mean, maybe two a week.

You can fake it.

Act hung over, you know.
Like, shake a little bit.

What do you mean? Pretend like I have
some kind of an ailment? Like what?

We'll think of something.

Well, so how do I get in,
pretend I'm an alcoholic?

Usually there's a waiting time unless
the person comes in in really bad shape.

How long?

Have a drink.

Finish the bottle.
What the heck, we'll get you another.

Although I think it might be quicker
if you switch to vodka.

What, do you mean tonight?
You want me to go in there smashed?

"File number 7753047.

"California penal code 240, 241, 242.
Assault and battery."

You people back there, take a seat.

Father Navaroli, would you tell us
what happened, please?

Well, it was at the 10:00 Mass,
right after the offertory.

We were singing the Sanctus.

The what? You were singing
"Holy, holy, holy."


I'm asking him a question
as a right of counsel.

Mr. Murray, if you are representing
yourself, you may cross-examine, sir,

when it is your turn.


Exactly what did he say?

He said, "This is not the holy sacrifice
of the Mass. This is a clown show."

He goes "This is a clown show.
It's a mockery."

Then he pulled my stole.

He pulled it from me, then pushed me,
knocking me down.

He tripped on his microphone cord.

-Mr. Murray, you've been told, sir.
-Your Honor?

JUDGE: Wait till we're finished.

I think it's open to question whether
you are qualified to sit in judgment

of this particular matter,
considering the fact

you were excommunicated
by your church, Your Honor,

following the recent circumstances
of your divorce and remarriage.

I have been patient with you.

This is a misdemeanor court hearing
on an assault and battery charge.

You will not open your mouth again.
Is that clear?

Let the record show,
that you are now speaking to me

in a subjective and emotional fit of anger.

You are in contempt and you are
remanded to the custody of the bailiff.

I want a jury trial.
It's my right and you know it.

-What are you going to do? Shoot them?

-Go ahead, shoot them.

JUVENAL: Hey, guys.

MAN 1: Hey!
MAN 2: Hey.

How are you doing? Softball team good?

Yeah, it's good.

-Hey, buddy.


Can I join you?


-You're Lynn, aren't you?
-Yeah, how'd you know?

I'm Juvenal. I'm on the staff here.
You came in early this morning.

You look great, you know?
How do you feel?


Not too bad. A little, you know, fuzzy.

Hey, Juvie, we got a staff meeting
in 10 minutes.

-Okay, I'll be there.
-All right.

Well, your eyes are clear.
You have pretty eyes.

Well, thank... Wow.
All the compliments, I'm not used to it.

Well, you don't look like you've been
drinking. I mean, too heavily.

Well, I thought it wasn't the amount
that you went by.

No, you're right, it's not,
but, you know, after a while, it shows.

So, what are you doing here?
Are you hiding?

-From what?
-I don't know. I'm just asking.

-Oh, I thought that you were being funny.
-No, I'm curious. What are you doing here?

Well, isn't this a place to dry out?

Yeah. You're not an alcoholic.

-I'm not?

That's funny, the doctor and the nurse,
you know, they didn't seem to question it.

Come on, tell me.

-Tell you what?
-You are hiding.

From what?

You've got it turned around.

You're the one that's hiding
and I came to find you.

Father Donahue. Hi.
I want you to meet Father Nestor.

He's Franciscan.

-How do you do?

He's the pastor out of St. lsidore
and I told him about the Center.

So he took up a special collection
last Sunday after mass.

-Well, we certainly appreciate it, Father.

I also told him you'd take
a couple of minutes of your time

to tell him about your work around here.

Meanwhile I'm going to run upstairs
and say hi to Juvie.

-He's out.
-No, he's not. I called.

He knows I'm coming.

LYNN: Yeah, that's Bill Hill.
Virginia and I both used to work for him.

And he put you up to it? Why?

-Hey, there you are.
-Hey, August.


This is Lynn. Have a seat.

-You want a cup of coffee?
-No, I don't drink coffee.

So, what'd you do now?

-Here's that article with a picture.
-Oh, that's nice.

August is head of a group called OUTRAGE
and they demonstrate a lot.

This is about him getting arrested.
What was it, disturbing the peace?


You hit this Father Navaroli?

No, I didn't hit him.
I just tried to hand him some pamphlets.

OUTRAGE is the name of your group?

Organization Unifying Traditional Rites
As God Expects.

They go around breaking up
guitar masses.

We're trying to restore
traditional forms of worship.

Are you a Catholic?

No, no. I used to be married to a sort of
a one, but he never went to church.

August likes Latin.
He doesn't like the Mass in English.

How is the Gray Army of
the Holy Spirit, August?

It's Gray Army of the Holy Ghost.
And we're doing great.

We've got over a hundred members now.

Most of whom will be out
at St. lsidore Sunday.

Did you get your invitation?

Yeah, I did. You know,
I don't think I can make it, though.

I told Father Nestor you'd be there.

Well, I know, but things come up
around here. Sunday's a bad day.

How do you dedicate six years of your life
to God, and then just throw it all away?

I didn't throw it away. I was into that,
and now I'm into something else.

Helping drunks?

What should I be doing, August?

I don't have to tell you that.

I'm gonna get back to work,
but why don't you two stay and talk?

No, no. Father Nestor's waiting on me.
I'm gonna tell him you're gonna be there.

Listen, I'm gonna pick you up.
Now I'll see you Sunday.

Bye, it was nice meeting you!

Well, why don't tell me about Juvenal,
when you guys used to live in Brazil?

You know, the Juvenal story.

What do you think about that as a title?
Either that or Miracle Worker?

Oh, boy. I think I have to go
to the bathroom again.

Why didn't you go
when we were back there?

I did. I have to go again.

Once the urge comes,
there's nothing I can do about it.

Now, Father, I'm talking about Juvenal.

Now you were in ltapiranga quite a while
before he got down there, right?

(SHUSHING) It's pronounced "ltapiranga."

Oh, yes, yes,
I was there for many, many years.

So, and you helped him along,
you showed him the ropes.

No, I was in São Pio Décimo.

And he was... Most of the time, he was
at Convento de Nossa Senhora Nazaré.


You knew him, though, right?

The doctor says a parasite
in my intestine causes the dysentery.

I could have it for years.

No, no! I want you to tell me
about the first time you met Juvenal.

And when the miracles started
and the first time you saw blood.

Oh, my... Hope we're almost there.


I used to hide them in the garage.

Different places. The shrubs even.

Which is why I was always cutting
the grass.

In my apartment, when I clean up
about once a month,

I'd reach under the couch
and I'd just drag out all these bottles.

You ever reach under there and you come
out with one you had forgotten about?

You know, you put it on the table next
to about a half a fifth you got left.

Set for the day.

That was a good feeling.

They usually don't talk that much
about drinking or D T’s,

unless a new resident's asking questions

or there's somebody
they want to impress.

Like me.

So, this is your office?

Yeah, I use this one if I have duty.
I can hear better if anyone freaks out.

My room's down the hall.

-Well, I won't bother you.
-No, sit down.

You want to ask me something, don't you?

Yeah. Yeah. Aren't you a little irritated?

You know, I mean, I tell you that
I've come here to find out about you

and you're not mad or anything.

Well, I haven't told you anything either.

You and your friend Bill Hill...
But that reminds me.

You were a baton twirler
in a religious service?

Well, it wasn't exactly during the service.

You know, I whirled a little while the...

While the choir was singing,
me and another girl.

I mean, the part of the service
that was the real feature is

Reverend Bobby Forsha'd come out
and he'd heal people.

What, do you want me to ask you
how he did it?

No. it was fake.

I mean, at least I think
most of it was, anyway.

I don't know. I mean,
maybe Bobby healed some of them.

-Do you think that's possible?
-Why not?

Do you heal people?

I guess so.

How do you do it?


I don't know.
I mean, it's not something I can explain.

Wow, this is weird, you know it?
I mean, you're actually telling me,

like if I had something wrong with me,

a disease or something,
that you could cure it?

Is there something you're worried about?


I'm not sure.

I guess maybe I'm worried.
Yeah, but I don't know if I should be.

You were going to tell me
you have a lump, maybe a tumor.

And if it's malignant,
would I do something?

Was that to test me or to shock me?

I don't know, maybe both.

Well, if you're worried, take my word,
your breasts are okay.

Well, this is a new one
I'll have to figure out.

Don't try so hard. I'll be back.
Arnold's having a bad time.

BILL..Bill's Motor Homes and Siding.
Thank you for calling.

I'm getting out of here tonight.
Pick me up.

-Lynn, what's wrong?
-Nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong.

It's just that I want to get out of here.

You spoke to him?Already?

Yes, I talked to him and he's real.
He knows things.

Listen, I've done my job
and now I want to leave.

What happened?Did he do something?
Did he heal somebody?

Listen, I got to get off the phone.

Okay, just pick me up
in 40 minutes, okay?

And get me a bottle of spumante.



Oh, my God.

You mean there were nails in his hands.

No, like wounds like from nails,
you know, and a cut on his side. it was...

-What did he say?
-Nothing, he just looked at me.

Was he in pain?

No, I don't think so. He seemed
like he was sad. He was just quiet.

He didn't say anything?


No, well, you know, yes, he said my name.

And I remember hearing it
now as I ran out.

Maybe he wanted you to help him.

Help him?

Help him what, put Band-Aids on?
He had the same wounds Jesus had.

-Do you think he wanted me to help him?
-Somebody at the Center must know.

I can't imagine a priest not knowing.

What, you mean, like if he had scars?

He'd have to.

If a wound keeps opening
there's got to be a scar.


But if it's a miracle,
why does there have to be

anything natural about it?

Who said that? Did I say miracle? You did.

Yeah, that's right.

You see people walking around
every day with crucifixion wounds.

Yeah, what?

I really don't have time for this.
Just say it.

Fine, that's... Yes.
Yeah, right. Bye, see you.

That was Artie.
He's taking the early flight.

I got to pick him up at the airport.

-I thought you quit.
-I did. I just have to give him my records.

Wait a minute. You've been talking
about going to St. lsidore tomorrow,

seeing Juvenal, see what's going on
with this weird Gray Ghost guy.

You witnessed something.
Few living people have seen a miracle.

Now you tell me
these rock-and-roll records

you have to give to Artie
are more important?

Business records. Not records records.

They're called CD’s now,
you know, by the way.

Look, it's at 1:00, right? 1:00, St. lsidore.
I have a road map. I'll meet you there.

What's this Artie like?

What have you got in mind?

Well, you hear a lot about a guy,
you like to meet him face to face.

He's a music promoter.

You know,
everything he says ends in "but."

He says, blah, blah, blah, "but," you know.

What are you looking at me like that for?

I'm concerned about you.

-You feel all right?
-I feel fine.

You're afraid to meet him,
aren't you? Juvenal?

No, I'm not. I'm not afraid.
I'm just a little nervous, that's all.

There's something about you
that's different.

What do you expect? I just got out
of an alcohol treatment center.

Well, just help me with presentation,
Lynn. Yeah. Okay.

No, I'm not going to help you with
presentation, Artie. I have a vacation.

Remember I'm on vacation?
I have one coming.

I'm going to hang up before I catch
that new kind of AIDS,

hearing AIDS, the kind you get
from listening to assholes.

A vacation, but...

No. I'm not going
to discuss business, okay?

You do that.

You're going to church?

Somebody's getting married
or did I miss something?

I don't want to be late.

A prompt man is a lonely man.

Did you just make that up
or were you saving it?

-I was saving it.
-Oh, God.




Blessed be God.

Blessed be his holy name.

ALL: Blessed be his holy name.

Blessed be Jesus Christ,
true God and true man.

Blessed be his most sacred heart.

-ALL: Blessed be his most sacred heart.

Please be seated.

Let's get some air.

As we continue our consecration,

let us ask the Holy Ghost
to bless this special day.

We beseech thee, God, three in one,
Father, Son and Holy...

Over there.

-What's going on?
-I don't know.

AUGUST: Have a seat. There you go.

There you go.

"Suffer the little children."
That's right. Come on up here.

Thank you. Thank you, Sister.


Father Nestor will be right back,
but while we have a moment,

I'd like to introduce you
to a remarkable young man

who's dedicated a good portion of his life

serving in the jungles of Brazil
on the Amazon. Juvenal?


I began my work...




Stop it! What's going on?

Hey! Hey!

WOMAN: Oh, my God.

ANTOINETTE: Richie, come back here.



Distribute the pamphlets!
Distribute the pamphlets, man! Come on!

Pass out the pamphlets!
Distribute the pamphlets!

Come on, everybody.

KATHY: This does not look like blood.

It's blood. You saw it on him
and you saw it on the kid.

Yeah, I saw it, but to the readers in the
paper, it's going to look like a dark blob.

Then you tell them it's blood.

You tell them,
"This is what blood looks like.

"Suddenly his hands began to bleed,

"blood flowed out as if nails had been
driven through his palms.

"His side began to bleed, as if by a spear."

-I never saw his side bleed.
-It bled.

He is good-looking.

Who is that girl
who pulled him out, a sister?

Okay, you got three stories here.

You got your stigmata story,

miraculous marks of Christ appear for the
first time in 10 years on a humble man,

one-time missionary named Juvenal.

-What kind of name is Juvenal?
-It's his Franciscan name.

-What's his real name?
-He'll tell you if he wants you to know.

-Do you know what it is?

-Are you going to tell me?
-It's his name. He can tell you.

Okay. Fine. if I see him, I'll ask him.

Second, you've got your OUTRAGE story,

the rapid growth of
the traditionalist movement.

A counter-revolution.

The return to time-honored ecclesiastical
and sacramental rites.

What else?

The miraculous healing
of little Richie Baker.

Who's little Richie Baker?

A 10-year-old victim
of acute lymphocytic leukemia,

a terminal illness he's had for two years
until 10:25 this morning.

This bald-headed child?

Every week he goes down to Children's
Hospital to get a cobalt treatment.

Now check it out.

-How'd you know he's cured?
-Check it out.

Actually, it's not my real name.
My real name is Charlie Lawson.

-Charlie? Come on.
-There was a St. Charles.

-Yeah. What did he do?
-I don't know. Probably got martyred.


Well. How on earth did you get Juvenal?

Well, when you go into the order,
you pick three names.

I liked Raphael or Anthony.

They showed me a list.
Said, "Pick something else."

So I said, "Oh. I guess Juvenal."

Do you think it's all right?
I mean, stigmata blood going in the wash?

No, it's my blood.
I don't see anything unusual.

Well, this is weird.

I mean after everything that happened,
you know, all those people

and what they must be thinking
and we just sit here,

all this blood pours out of you,
you don't even get excited.

I was numb.


What was it like the first time?

It was a little boy that was crippled.

-This was in Brazil?

He came in the street
and I don't know why,

but l... l touched him.

I was scared.

And I knew in that moment

that something was gonna happen
and I wanted to run.

I felt something wet
and thought the boy was bleeding.

Then I looked down and saw

my hands.

Can I see your hands?


Wow. You always have those?

No, they go away.

So, what do you think? You think
this is God doing this to you or...

I don't know.

I mean, it could be psycho-physiological.

You know, like when we're sad, we cry.
We get mad, there's a physical reaction.

You know, if my mind's causing it,
then it's psychosomatic.

If God's doing it, then it's supernatural.

What did the other Franciscans say?

-My superiors?

Well, they said to keep quiet about it.

You know, they don't want
another Lourdes or Fatima.

You know, the carnival atmosphere.

You must wonder a lot, why you, huh?

Yeah, once in a while.
I used to all the time.

-Can l... Can I ask you a question?

Never mind.
I've been asking too many as it is.

I can wait.

I got to get back pretty soon anyway.

So, are you going
to come finish your cure?

No, I dried out.

But I can take you.

You were going to ask me something.

I bet it had to do with,
do I go out with girls? Or do I like girls?

Or am I sort of strange or celibate
for religious reasons?

Something like that?

Wow, is that part of it?

I mean, you know
what people are thinking?

No. You know how to do it?

You listen to people instead of thinking
what you're going to say next.

That's all. You learn things.

Like the other day in your office.

No, I just had a feeling
you were going to test me.

I said your breasts are okay.

I could've sworn you were going to say
something, only you didn't.

Yeah, I was going to say something
like, you know, "Just okay?"

And give you a look, you know,
but I mean, kidding.

Why didn't you?

I didn't want to sound like a smart ass.

Well, it wouldn't have been smart ass,
it would've been funny.

So why'd you touch me?

Why not?
We were talking about your breasts.

There's the Worrels'.

-Elwin straightened right up.
-Yeah, I know. Ginny told me.

-She watches him.
-She loves him.

Okay, I'll ask.

So, you got a hang-up about girls,
or what?

No. No, I like girls.

-You were married, what, five years?
-Four. Four and a half, actually.

Well, you know something I don't.

I bleed from five wounds and heal people,
but I've never been in love.


I'm the one brought you into this.
I want to know what's going on.

You spent the whole day at your place
doing what?

You took a shower.

What you mean, like,
did I seduce him or something?

What did you talk about?

We talked about all kind of things.
I don't know. He's a very normal person.

Yeah, it's very normal.
A person's hands start dripping blood.

Well, not just his hands, remember?

-You know, I washed his clothes.

You washed his clothes?
Why didn't you save them?

What's he supposed to wear,
something of mine?

I don't think you understand
what you got here.

You want lunch? Let's order something.

What you got here is like a light.
You cannot keep it under a bushel.

-You're going to exploit him.
-Not exploit, expose. Get the word out.

-Such as?
-Well, I'm thinking about TV.

I got a nice in at KQRD.
I sold them some honey wagons.

You think that they're gonna pay
you money to put Juvenal on TV?

I don't know.

Or you hadn't thought it out quite that far,
though, yet, had you? It's...

Not that kind of TV.

Well, if you think
I'm going to help you put him

into some sort of a religious freak show,
you're full of shit, Bill.

Who said... Did I say freaks?
I hate that word.

Did I say something about freaks?

Hey, Bill, you know what?
Stuff your lunch.

You know, I don't work for you.

I don't have to take
that tone of voice, either.


AUGUST.Agapitus, a youth of 15 years,

was brought before
the Governor of Palestrina,

condemned for being a Christian, flogged,
placed in a foul dungeon,

had hot coals put on his head,
boiling water poured over him,

his jaw broken,
yet to every inquiry he responded...

I am a Christian.

AUGUST.He was taken to the stadium

in the presence of all Rome,
Ied before the wild beasts.

The lions, ravenous with hunger,
approached Agapitus,

yet they would not harm him.
Agapitus said...

Let the breaking of bones
and tearing of limbs,

let the grinding of the whole body
come upon me, be it so,

only may I win Jesus Christ.

AUGUST. When the lions refused
to eat him, the Governor, seeing this,

had a seizure and died on the spot.

Agapitus was finally beheaded.

But not before
the example of his resolution

had converted the tribune Anastasius.

You are really into this, aren't you?

-Do you know the story of St. Agatha?

Upon resisting the advances of
Quintanian, the governor of Sicily,

she had her flesh tore with iron hooks,
her breasts cut off,

and she was thrown onto fiery coals
whereupon a giant violent earthquake

shook the town of Catania.

That's quite a story.

Did they rape her
after carrying her flesh away?

I don't think so.

What I'm trying to say, Augie...

-You mind if I call you Augie?
-It's okay.

I'm trying to say, we don't have to be
on opposite sides of this Juvenal thing.

You have an interest in him. I respect that.

He listens to you.
We're on the same side here.

What side is that?

Being men of the cloth, so to speak.
We want the same thing.

Get the word out.

See, that's what surprised me most
about this article.

Your name being not even mentioned,
after bringing it all about.

I know. They didn't use
any of the pictures I gave them.

Worst of all, there's not even
one mention of Richie Baker

after all that kid's been through.

If they ever mention me at all,
it's usually in a derogatory way.

Do you have the prints of
these pictures you took?

-Yes, sir.
-Good pictures.

-You have your own darkroom here?
-Mmm-hmm. Back.

-Just excellent. May I keep these?
-That's what they're for.

And this. Miracle Worker ofthe Amazon.
You did this? You researched this?

-That's good.

I could help you.

I could proofread these.
It's all a matter of tone.

-You know?

Remission? Remission, your ass.
I can tell by looking at him. I'm his mother.

F-U-z, fuzz. I am rubbing fuzz.

See. I told you.
I told you they wouldn't believe you.

I am not raising false hopes.
There's nothing false about them!

Get me the Daily Press.

I know what you're going through.

-Maybe I can help you.
-You know why I said I'd talk to you?

Because you're a friend of Lynn's.
I wondered how close you two were.

-I'm protective, like an uncle.
-Well, I just wondered.

She said to me, "if God has given him
this gift, why would he keep it secret?"

I tried to explain it to her.

I told her you work here because
it's an ideal place to remain anonymous.

If that's what you want.

-Why can't I stay the way I am?
-Because the news people won't let you.

They've caught a glimpse of you.

They're not going to let you go
till they've picked you apart.

I think you'd want to step out
into the world more.

See what you've been missing
for seven years.

Get a taste of life.

Father Donahue suggested
he and I go down and talk to them,

issue some kind of statement.

You're going to have to do something
like that just to be nice.

But I'm thinking, what if you were
in a position to tell your own story,

personally, to everybody,
take as much time as you want.

What, on television?

That's part of it.

Publishing also. People like something
they can hold in their hands.

Put beside their bed, reread when
they're feeling down, you know?

Get the true meaning of a book, yes?

Get your story out.

What is my story?

Touching people.
You touch people, they change.

I don't mean just the sick and the infirm.

Don't you know that?

Take Lynn for instance. She's changed.

What do I have to do?

AUGUST: Look at her.

She's a little old, but not too bad.


Damn! Look what she made me do.

-That runt! That reporter! The other one.

You know, there's not a word
in there about OUTRAGE

and I gave her the entire story.
Not a word about the Gray Army.

I thought Juvenal might
have said something.

If he's supposed to be so tuned in,
or whatever you call it, sympathetic.

It's not his fault. I can't even get near him.

It's that alcoholic priest down there.
He literally pushed me away.

He said, "Juvenal's got stuff to do."

And I said, "You're damn right
he's got stuff to do,

"for the Church,
not for a bunch of stinking drunks!"

You want this?
There was a robbery at Save Rite.

They caught the guys.

There's robberies around here all the time.

Look, they get their pictures in the paper
with their stupid hats on.

Bunch of punk, no-good kids smiling.
And you know why they're smiling?

'Cause they know they're gonna be out
in a couple of days, walking around going,

"Hey! What are we gonna break
into next?"

Well, I'll tell you what.
I hope they come around here.

That's my dad's
Smith & Wesson .38 Commando.

I hope they try to get in
that door right there.

You wouldn't actually shoot anybody,
would you?

Hey, if he was coming in here to take
something of mine, you're damn right.

I'd shoot to kill.

Now if God wants to have mercy
on their souls, that's up to him,

but I'd shoot to kill.

BILL: I understand how busy Miss Lusanne
must be and I appreciate you, darling,

taking the time, but it's important
that I speak to her in person.

A lot has happened since I first called,
and you couldn't see me, huh?

What have you got?

Okay, he raised his hands,

like the crucified Christ and blood
poured from his palms onto the altar.

And all over the kid it looks like.

Poor little boy, he was going to die
of cancer until Juvenal touched him.

-Who says?
-The kid says.

The mom says. I talked to his mom.

In fact, I represent her also.
Beautiful woman, name of Antoinette.

His mom.

What does she do?

Would you believe it?
Richie's mom is a topless dancer.

Wait right here. I'll be right back.


-Well, you found it okay.
-Sure. I was here before.

Oh, yeah.

I was surprised when you called.

I had to get out of there.

The reporters and TV, newspaper people
were taking over the coffee shop.

That's not the reason I came, though.

I know.

I came 'cause I wanted to see you.

In fact, you want to know the truth?


I was dying to see you.

I was dying, too.

I couldn't get to you fast enough.

Let's go inside, okay?


We'll do a sidebar doc segment first.

Bring on Richie and his mom, a theologian,

maybe a psychiatrist,
and then I'll go one-on-one with Juvenal.


This is a gentle person.
I think he deserves the full time slot.

Maybe we should go outside the studio.

Your studio is good.

It's homey, it's comfortable-feeling,
it's, you know, not too controversial.

Controversy is my oxygen.

It's the air I breathe.

People schedule their day
around my show.

Now where is he?

Well, you get the time slot.
I'll deliver Juvenal,

and why don't you leave the psychiatrist
out of it? Just talk to Juvenal.

Why don't we leave you out of it instead?

I got it! Why don't you talk to the kid,
his go-go mom, the doctor,

theologian, the psychiatrist,
one week, huh? Set it up.

Next week, have Juvie on
for the full half-hour.

What do I talk to him about
for a full half-hour?

Whatever you want.

Then, when there's 10 minutes to go,
you know what happens.

Tell me.

In front of 50 million people,
if your network's any good,

it'll do its promotional work,
Juvie gets the stigmata,

he bleeds from his five wounds,

heals a cripple of your choice
live on national television.


The competition is fierce.

Here's the chance to see your ratings
shoot up from fifth to first.

What if he doesn't produce?


What if you had Julio lglesias on
and he couldn't sing?

Look if you'd rather see him
on another network,

just let me know right now.

LYNN: You know what? I love you.

-I love you. I love you.

LYNN: Either way, any way you say it,
I knew it,

but I wasn't prepared to say it,
but I love you so much, I can't believe it.

Like it can't be happening.

No, it is happening.

I'm pretty sure it is.

Yeah, it's happening. I can feel it.

We're lucky.

Right now we are.

You sound very solemn.

Yeah, I got to watch that.

You know, the most important thing
you can do in life

is to not take it too seriously.

I wrote that down.


Because it's true.

Errol Flynn said it in this movie,
Escape Me Never, with lda Lupino.

It was on TV.

Look, all I'm trying to say is that

being serious doesn't mean
you have to be solemn.

But, yeah, you're not
just someone, some guy.

Sure I am. I'm Charlie Lawson.

Nobody's called me that in a long time.
You wanna?

You can call me Charlie.

You're in a religious order.

I left.

Priests leave all the time, get married,
it doesn't seem to bother anyone.

God, I'm lying here with you,

with the same as Christ's wounds.

Do you realize?


Try to put yourself in my place.

Would you like to look at it
from over here?

JUVENAL: I like your outfit.


JUVENAL: Can I ask you a question?

LYNN: What have you got on? Nothing?

JUVENAL: Is this how people talk?

LYNN: You know, I don't know
if there's a book on it.

-Can I ask you one?

Have you met Antoinette Baker yet?

The mother? Yeah.

She and Richard came by.

Everybody calls him Richie
but he doesn't like it.

I called him Richard
and saw his face light up.

That's not what you were
going to ask me, though.

You're scary, you know that?

Have I ever made love before to anyone?

Why couldn't you ask me that?

You don't have to tell me.


Her name was Annie.

We spent the night together in a motel.

Did you like her?

Yeah, yeah, I liked her.

We met in a bar downtown.
She was a prostitute.


I didn't know it at the time.
She was nice-looking and funny.

And you spent the night with her?

I was drunk.

Well, I don't mean that as an excuse.
I was very curious about the girl.

About going to bed with her and all,
finding out what it was like.

About being drunk, during that period
after I walked out of the order

and left St. Augustine, I was drunk
most of the time for three weeks.

I can't imagine you drunk.

That's why I went to Sacred Heart.

Father Donahue straightened me out
in about three days.

I've never been jealous before.

It's a new feeling.

You know, having something
you want so much

that you're afraid it's going to end,
something's going to happen.

Like what?

Like I don't know, something.

BILL: Okay.
KATHY: What is this?

It's a list of titles published on angels
and, hello? Saints.

The last two years alone, 35 titles.
We're talking a cottage industry here.

Second only to serial killers.
Don't get me started.

And it's all yours.
You get exclusive access.

Juvenal as told to Kathy Worthington.

Aren't you sweet? What do you get?

-Ninety percent of everything.
-That's outrageous.

That's America.
We're talking 4 or 500 thou.


Seventy-five percent, it's a deal.

Your paper has
a publishing output deal, yes?

Yes, but I'd have to talk to him first.

Well, that's no problem.

Big problem.

Every reporter in the city
wants to talk to him.


How about I tell you where he is?

I'm one giant ear hole.

Yeah, but you know,
don't listen to anything he tells you.

Why not?

He's a con artist.


He's your friend.

Yeah, but he's still a con artist.
You'll end up with nothing.

Hasn't offered me anything.

See? What do you think,
he's getting you into this for free?

He sold them a package
and he's making all the money.

You know, I know this
because he asked me to be his partner.

Tell him you'll do it.

What? I don't understand you at all.
He's using you.

No, he's not using me if I let him.
I'm agreeing to it.

But you don't hide out for years

and then suddenly decide to go
on national television.

You're worried about people
taking advantage of me.

How can they if I don't make any claims?

But you don't know people.

You rock their boat, their beliefs,
and they come after you.


That's probably him now.
Wait, don't, don't, don't answer it!


Hi! You're Lynn. I'm Kathy Worthington.
How are you?

Caught your act Sunday. Not bad.
So, here you are.

Have you two known each other long?

-We sort of grew up together.
-You did, really. Where?

Right here.

Are you serious?


Yeah, isn't he cute?
I could just eat him alive.

So, you two living together?

We're dating.

Yeah, and how's that going?
You're serious?

-Boy, are we.
-We're getting married.

We are?

-Isn't that what you do?
-Well, I haven't even thought about it yet.

Forgive me, but don't you think
it'd be kind of odd

being married to a stigmatic
or a stigmatic...

Help me out here, I don't know which one.

-JUVENAL: Either one.

Oh, a bit strange. What, are you kidding?

He's a really neat guy.

Oh, he's neat.

That's great for you.

I just hate to think of what's going to
happen to him when he gets on television.

Oh, are you gonna do a talk show?

Yeah, Debra Lusanne.

Debra Lusanne.

Mmm. Do you know what you going to get
yourself into there?

JUVENAL: Is it like Oprah?

You've not seen it?

Well, the good thing about it is that
Debra's never seen Juvie, so they're even.


I think you're being just
a little bit naive here

and actually I wanted to get
into this topic.

Why are you allowing yourself
to be so used and exploited?

LYNN.. Well, heisn'tifheknows it.
And he knows what's going on.

Richie! Look, it's Uncle Juvenal.

Well, look at it this way. You get not only
an instrument of divine providence,

but one that's in love and living
with a popular, young record promoter.


God, what are you doing to me?

-Greg, come here!


Is this legal?

-Come on!

Get your camera ready.



-Are you okay?
-Damn chair!

Be careful.



The path to salvation...

-You, too, can be saved.
-Support Sacred Heart.

-Did you smell that guy?
-Support now or suffer later.

Yeah, that was in ltapiranga.

Sure. I-T-A-P...

Yeah, I'll have to talk to you later, Kathy.

How'd you get in here?

They keep you pretty well hid, don't they?
You got something to hide?

Oh, that's right, I forgot, you do.

Where's the...

Down the hall, to your right.

"A wicked and adulterous generation
will seeketh a sign,

"but no sign will be given unto them."

Sound familiar?

Yeah, Jesus was speaking about
the Pharisees and Sadducees, August.

My point exactly.
Bill Hill and his friend, that woman.

Let me ask you this, do they make
a condom that protects the soul?

Well, I thought you and Bill
were working together.

Is that what he told you?
Is that how he used you?

Look at this.

They make a nice little couple, don't they?

They tell you about their operation
down in Georgia, Uni-Faith?

Yeah, Lynn told me.

Well, maybe you should think about that.

They told me you'd snuck in here. Get out!

-You get out!
-Get out!

I've called security.

-What about Nestor?
-I know where to find him.

What do you mean he's not there?

WOMAN..He left.
Something about August Murray.

You know, the guy in the uniform.

Father Donahue was really upset
and Juvenal said it was best he leave.

BILL: She didn't tell you?

ARTIE: Bill Hill.
Did you try to call my office?

BILL: I'm trying to find Lynn.

ARTIE: Well, Lynn, she's on vacation.
She mentioned you.

You, too. That's what I'm wondering.
I'm trying to find her.

You know how to keep a dog
from humping your leg?

-She doesn't answer her phone.
-Pick up the dog and suck its dick.

Artie, now that I got you here.
I represent Juvenal, I think you know that.

-He sings too?
-Even better.

You know Gregorian chants?
Big seller two years back.

It's like rap music, it is.
It's religious rap music.

It's guys in hoods
mumbling to slow music.

-Keep talking.
-No overhead. zero.

You get some obscure recording.

-Recycle something from the archives.

Tell them it's from Brazil,
put Juvie's face on the cover, huh? Boom.


You know how many units the Pope sold?

-Two point five.

But he toured. I got to take this.

Yeah. I'm there now.

You been drinking again? "Why?"

Because you're not complaining,
that's why.

Call. Call my office.

-All right?

There's somebody you should meet.
I'll call you.

Yeah. Okay.

(SINGING)So, we say you

We can't find you


I die in my tears

I die in my tears

I die...


Hi, Ginny. Can I come in? I know he's here.

Now why would he be here?

Where else would he be?

-Come on in.

Nice outfit. You going out?

That's the way she dresses
all the time now.

Elwin, would you please get a beverage
for our guest?

What would you like?

VIRGINIA: Is that the picture?
LYNN: Yeah.

You found me.

Lynn, l...

No, that dress, that's the dress
that I bought to go to St. lsidore,

and that's the outfit
that Bill was wearing.

-Good Lord, Juv.

Is this the picture you were talking about?
August Murray did this.

Even a blind person can see it's a fake.

Honey, didn't they have photos down
where you were?

I mean, what'd they do, draw in the dirt?

Juv, I was worried sick
looking all over for you.

It wouldn't have mattered if it was true.

Well, it wasn't.

There's something you should know.

What you two need to do is to get away
from here and all these people,

and I know just the place.

Let's go away some place.



These things I've learned without you

Should have never been done

Call on me and l'll shout down

How do you do when I'm not around?

How do you do when I'm not around?

How do you do when I'm not around?

So, have you decided definitely?

Yeah, I'm gonna do it.

You're sure?

Well, that's part of
what I was trying to tell you.

I told them I'd be on the program.
I've committed.

Well, what's the other part?

It's all over.

What is?

The healing.

The stigmata.

How do you know?

You know what I did?

When? When I was shopping?

No, this is before we left.

JUVENAL..After August gave me
that photo.

After what he said,
when I was confused, I went to a mall.

You know the indoor ones, where they sell
jeans and candles, stuff like that.

I walked in and saw
this palsied man sitting there

and I went up to him and l touched him.

Nothing happened.
Sol went to the bathroom.

I'd bought a little,
what you call them, a penknife,

like for cleaning your fingernails.

When I came back out,
he was still sitting there

and l touched him again.

I didn't feel anything,
but that wasn't unusual.

I didn't feel anything
the other times either.

AUGUST. "The Pharisees also with
the Sadducees came,

"and tempting desired him that
he should show them a sign from heaven.

"He answered and said unto them,

"A wicked and adulterous generation
seeketh after a sign,

"and there shall be no sign given unto it. "

I was ashamed.

Of me?

No, me.

I was afraid.

You know, I tested Him. God.

That's when I knew it's over.

That's why I'm going to go on the show.
That's what I'm going to say on TV.

It's over.

But what happens after?

You know?
What do we do after the show?

Anything you want.

We don't have to live in LA, do we?


We could move to Detroit if you want.



-Des Moines?



LYNN: I have a good feeling.

Oh, a feeling spilling over.

Not just us,

but over everything.

Spilling over everyone I've ever known.

My parents, Artie, the Flaming Dogs.

They're not so bad.

Bill Hill.

Oh, definitely, definitely.

Poor Richie.
Everybody's calling him Fuzz-head now.


The other kids. I told him, don't pay
any attention to the little shitbirds.

Poor little guy.


Hey, I'm talking here!
We're having a conversation here.

You want to make a phone call,
go to the john.

See that, I told you you'd like her.

I've seen you before.

You sure have.
Your label has an account with the club.

You come in with those rockers
and their girls.

What are they called?



I was wondering, does that pay good?

6 bills to start.

But you can work your way up
to maybe eight or nine.

BILL: Augie, sit down.

Augie, Antoinette.

-Hello, August.
-Artie, Augie.

That's some mean-looking bruise
you got there.

Yeah, I bumped it.

So, any luck?

Well, I went down to the Center

and they tried to keep me out of there.

So I went to the TV station to find

I tell you what. I'm going to get
some answers pretty quick

or I'm going to break
somebody's arms or worse.

Don't do that.

There's a lot of local talent around,
in case you're interested.

I was really surprised to read
about Juvenal and his girlfriend.

That kind of surprised the hell out of me,
I mean, a holy person.

You don't, you know,
think of them making out

or even being interested in girls.

He was very nice
and Richie likes him a lot.

I guess he would.

He just didn't strike me
as being that way, you know.

Even though you read about
priests all the time now

running off with nuns, which is fine.

I mean I'm not going to
judge or condemn anybody,

providing they're not hurting other people.

What's her name? Lynn?

Lynn Marie Faulkner.

A sweet girl. Used to work for me.
Artie could vouch for her.

Oh, very sweet, very nice girl.
She doesn't sleep with the DJs.

She's got that shiksa thing going, like you.

WAITRESS: What can I get you?

-BILL: Same thing.
-And you?

Ginger ale.

I think it's real cute.

A man like that should,
you know, get out more often.

Find out what life's all about.

I'm a Catholic.
Went to Catholic schools and all.

You mean, you were Catholic.
Maybe when you were little.

No, I still am. I was baptized one.

-Do you go to Mass on Sunday?

You dance naked in a beer garden
and you call yourself a Catholic?

Beer garden?

I believe they're called gentlemen's clubs.


You say you're a friend of hers, but
she hasn't talked to you. Where is she?

ARTIE: Lynn's on vacation.

She's not home.
Maybe she went somewhere with Juvenal.

I don't know.

I think that's nice. Go off by themselves.

-I was going to say, being a Catholic...
-You're not a Catholic!

Being a Catholic,
I've always thought that priests...

Well, that people would listen to priests
more if they had a little experience,

instead of talking about sex
and marriage and things

and not knowing
a goddamn thing about it.


You don't have to jump in the mud
to know that it gets you dirty, lady.

-Can I ask you a personal question?

-How come you're not married?
-How come you're not married?

I had a lovely wife, Barbara Rose,
and her memory is all I can handle.

Really, how come you're not?

Because I don't have time
for anything like that.

I knew you were going to say that
about jumping in the mud.

Women, I imagine,
though, are attracted to you.

-ANTOINETTE: Oh, please.
-I'm serious.

Don't you get a certain number
of women attracted to your cause?

We don't allow women in OUTRAGE.

That's the whole goddamn trouble
with the Catholic Church.

All that boy-girl shit,
keeping them separated,

so they won't have impure thoughts
and get aroused.

You ever get aroused, August?

Come by the club sometime.
We'll check you out.


Yeah, we'll check you out.

I got it, Augie, put your money away.

Hey, was it, is it something we said?

"Is it something we said?"

There's something I got to do.

BILL: Is that right? Whereabouts?
Can we watch?

-You'll read about it.
-We can't watch?

You'll read about it and you'll remember
that we all sat right here,

while you and this one here were making
your clever remarks,

trying to put me on.
And remember one thing, I warned you.

About what?

You'll read about it and remember,
there's nothing you can do.

-Little shit bird.
-Augie, come on.


-Ever play Carnival?
-No, what's that?

I sit on your face,
you try to guess my weight.

Sounds interesting.

BILL: Augie.

-She's hot, huh?
-Yeah, hot as a doorknob in hell.

How could you do that to Juvenal,
a holy instrument of God?

I didn't do anything.

Well, you introduced them, so Lynn could
ambush him and assault his purity,

drag him down to her depths.

What was it you said you're going to do,
"Get the word out"?

Out of what, his pants?

I understand.
You're worked up, you're upset.

What are you up...
What are you talking about doing?

You sir, are an offense.
An odor in the nostrils of God.

Let me say this.
It's something I learned at AA.

It's a shortened version
of the Serenity Prayer.

Kiss my custom-fitted ass.


Oh, my God.

Oh, your friend, August.

I mean, can you believe this?

I mean, this is like a band on tour
or something.


Man, am I glad I'm not going back to that.

You know, they get a bug up their ass
about some little nothing,

and then they're just going
to trash the room.

What would he have against Patsy Cline?

Stigmata is an act of God.

A stamp of approval on the movement
to restore traditional rites as God expects.

What are you doing here?

You've been contaminated.

As you rid the cripple of his disease,
I will rid you of yours.


Well, the lettuce is no good.
I'm not even going to touch it.

JUVENAL: The mustard's fine.

You want mustard?


What's that? Are you kidding?

-Stigmata is an act of God...
-August, August...

Stay where you are!

Oh, my God.

-What do you have in mind?
-To get her out of the way once and for all.

No. You have a mistaken idea
of what's going on here.

Out of the way? Out of whose way?


How am I in his way?
He can do anything he wants.

We haven't done anything wrong
or else I'd realize it, wouldn't I?

You've examined your own conscience?

I don't see how, as long as you live
in an occasion of sin.

We're talking about my conscience,
aren't we?

Not hers. She doesn't have a conscience.

Look, let's keep it simple. Let me assure
you my conscience is in good shape.

What, wait.
Why don't you think I have a conscience?

Because you're hollow.
Without a spark of spiritual life.

-I didn't fake a photograph.
-The camera doesn't lie.

August, let's sit down
and talk about this, all right?

After we can talk all you want.

-Give me the gun, August.
-Stay out of this!

-Give me that gun!
-LYNN: Give him the fucking gun!

JUVENAL: Just put the...


I think I killed him.

"Ask and you'll get what you want,"
isn't that what the Bible says?

Well, we went and asked.


I'm Catholic.

People can say what they want,
they can write what they want.

All I know is that my...

-Hey, listen here.
-Yeah? Not now.

...just giving him hope,
and now he's better.

Lew Wells has prepared a background
segment on the Juvenal phenomenon.

LEW.. Brother Juvenal,
formerly Charles Lawson,

served six years as a Franciscan
in ltapiranga, Brazil,

where the first of the miracles occurred.

And again more recently at a church
consecration arranged by August Murray,

self-styled leader
of the Gray Army of the Holy Ghost,

whose goal is to restore
traditional rites to the liturgy.

And with us is the young man
everybody's talking about, Juvenal.


Your name is Charles Lawson,
but you're referred to as Juvenal.

Which would you prefer?

Juvenal is fine.

They couldn't get him a better suit?

It's from the Center.
It's the clothes room, you know.

I tried to get him to get a new one. But...

...mystical stigmata.

What is it?

It just happens. Idon't do it.

I don't say it's mystical either.
What do you mean by that?

Look at him.

Isn't he neat?

DEBRA.. Do you believe in God?

-Do you believe in miracles?

You believe God, if he chooses,
can perform miracles through you?

If he wants to, yeah.

Would you say you're impressionable,
suggestible and perhaps a little naive?

I probably am.


What do you do,
do you close your eyes, pray and say,

"Come on, God, give it to me"?

No, I don't do any of that.

Why would God choose you

to give you this gift?

I don't know why God does what he does,
but I came on this show...

Are you aware that Cardinal Ryan,
the Archbishop of your very own church,

has refused to acknowledge
your stigmata?

-Your miracles.

Perhaps in light of a well-publicized
relationship with a young lady,

Lynn Faulkner, a music promoter.

Wait. You asked me if I believe in God.
I said yes.

You didn't ask me
if I believe in the Church.

Now sometimes I don't like God much,
or what they call God,

once they get him under their roof.


Well, your, your manager told me
to expect some surprises

and I guess we just heard one.

Well, of course you do know Bill Hill?

-Yes. He's not my manager, though.

Well, that's the impression I got.

In fact, he told me to make a special point
of mentioning your forthcoming book,

which my researchers tell me
will guarantee you $600,000.

What?I'm being paid for the book?

DEBRA.. Well, didn't you sign a contract?

Yeah, I signed something.
Idon'tknow what it was, though.

Did you sign it in blood?

-You son of a bitch!
-It's okay. Kathy's writing it.

-It's a collaborative kind of thing.
-Juvenal gave me an interview.

-Yeah, but that was for the paper.
-He called me.

Take it easy, okay?
How many times did I try to talk to you?

You refused to hear anything
about it, right?

But you made a book deal.

BILL: It's not as much as she's saying it is.

How much?

She's using this to make Juvie look dumb.

-How much?

350. How do I know?
Juvenal signed the contract.

But you didn't tell him
about the money, did you?

I mean, you didn't tell him
he's going to make $600,000.

The amount isn't definite
until we know the size of the first printing.

When we get the check
we were going to surprise him.


You're part of this, of course.

I don't want to be in it.

Have we had a chance to talk?

You go away who-knows-where
without saying a word.

You don't tell me where you're going.
You tell me to stuff my lunch.

How much are you getting out of it,
I mean, since it is his money?

I had to do everything.
I had to set it up. Sell Debra.

I had to make the deal.

How much?

About half. That sound fair?

Write it down.

-LYNN: Half.



-This is the one you bit.

So... God.

DEBRA.. You say you believe in God.

You say you don't believe in the Church.

The Church believes in God.

Who's right?

It's not about being right.

The Pharisees, they wanted to be right
and they were up to a point.

It's about being.

Being kind, being patient, being loving,
forgiving, not judging.

Drawing out the best in the other.

Seeing the presence of Christ
in everything and everyone.

You know, you mentioned forgiving.

That brings up an interesting point,

because with us today we have a friend
of yours, or should I say, a former friend,

Mr. August Murray.

Now, it seems that what happened

was that you in protecting your friend
from Mr. Murray,

you threw Mr. Murray off
a second-story balcony,

breaking both his arms, his legs, his ribs,
his collar bone, his...

Juvenal, what I have to ask you is,
how can a man who has the power to heal

also have the power to harm?

That's it. We're getting out of here. Bitch.

Go over there.

-You okay?
-I'm fine.

DEBRA: Oh, Lynn! Well, gosh.

Well, hello. Sit down.
We were just talking about you.

(STUTTERING) I have nothing to say to you.

What, are you hiding something
or are you ashamed?

She ruined you and everything
that we've worked for.

Get her off. Get rid of her.

Tell them to send a microphone over here.

I don't blame you. It's not your fault.
It's hers!

August, I'm sorry that this happened,
but you're still full of shit.

-DEBRA: Has Juvenal changed your life?

He seems pretty special.


What the hell is going on?

DEBRA: Jesus.


I never...

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.


What a miracle.

Over there.

Move the cameras over there.

Come on.

-DEBRA: August Murray.

-Oh, you wild thing.

-Sit down.
-I have always wanted to be on your show.

Well, this is obviously your lucky day.

-How do you feel?
-This is so great. I feel great.

Yeah? Do you feel touched?


DEBRA.. We'vehada lot of reaction
to last week's show, to say the least.

Let me read you some of the letters.

A New Jersey resident writes,

"That was some show.

"The body cast was a good touch.

"How did they do that?
What was it, open in the back?"

A woman in California
had this to comment.

"To disguise promiscuous sex as love

"was even more offensive
than your so-called miracle. "

And this from Florida,

"What can God be thinking?"


Touch, Iight as a feather

I will wait for you honestly

I am yours entirely

I remember
last night's dream

Could it be the one of me?

I have known the face
inside the window

And the voice
forever in my heart

Like an angel's arrow

I remember
last night's dream

Could it be the one of me?

I've been waiting silently

Will you risk it all

With me?

-Touch, light as a feather
-I have known

The face inside the window

-I will wait for you honestly
-And the voice forever in my heart

-I am yours entirely
-Like an angel's arrow

I remember last night's dream

Could it be the one of me?

I've been waiting silently

Will you risk it all

With me?