Tou tiao hao han (1971) - full transcript

To Pa and several members of his Eagle Claw Fighting Clan are repulsed, in their attempt to rob government gold, by Chen Chen Chow, the Lightning Whipper. The clan do a second attack and are successful in getting the gold and also fatally wounding the Lightning Whipper. However...Lei Peng executes a surprise move, gets the gold, and plans to return it to the government. But the vengeful To Pa convinces the police that Lei Peng is the robber, and Lei Peng is arrested and jailed. To Pa murders Lei Peng's entire family, with the exception of a son who escapes and is befriended by the mysterious Lady Tieh. To Pa gets the gold again and takes it to his hideout. Then Chen and Mu Lan, the Lighting Whipper's son and daughter, rescue Lei Ping from jail, and Lady Tieh, Lei Ping, Chen and Mu Lan band together as the Fearless Fights and take after To Pa.

[blade swishing]

[gong rings]

[adventurous music]

- Halt.

- What's this?

What is it that you people want?

Why do you wish to block my way?

- Honorable Chen,
they are members

of the Eagle Claw fighting clan.

- So you are the great
Tsen Chen Chow, old one?

The almighty imperial
Lightning Whip.

And we're supposed to give
way wherever you walk?

Well my brothers here
have always been kind,

and let you pass.

But now we're much
too poor, old man.

And we need your help.

- Help you?


In what way?

Show me.

- Just give us the gold.

- The gold?

Ah, the gold is royal
property to aid the poor.

Aren't you afraid of the law?

- Ha, who cares about your law

We have our own law.

- Yes, I gathered as much.

You will have to fight
for it if you want it.

Do you have the guts?

Let us see.

- Our pleasure, sir, catch.



- Stop.



- Eh?

- Retreat.

- We'll be nearing
the centipede range.

They'll attack again
in greater force.

We must take extra precautions.

- Brother Pong, look who's here.

- Hello Brother To
Pa, how are you?

- Fine, Brother Lei.

I have a favor to ask of you.

- What is it?

What can I do for you?

- It's not much.

The Lightning Whipper,
Chen Chian Chow

is on a security mission
delivering the royal gold.

Our brothers tried to,
to help protect it.

Chen Chian Chow
refused us, my brother,

get this, and then the
Lightning Whipper attacked us.

- Eh?

You want me to believe
that the Lightning Whipper

would attack all of
you without good cause?

Listen, our teacher warned us
not to seek or take revenge,

but to be righteous.

- I came as a kind brother,
not to be told off by you.

You're not my master, don't
use our teacher's words

to threaten me.

My men were unjustly attacked.

We're gonna fight the
Lightning Whipper now

and cut him down.

Let's go.

- To Pa, To Pa.

Wait, Lei Pong, it's
not worth your trouble.

Why not let him go?

He'll only dishonor himself.

- Hm, but to dishonor himself
is to dishonor all of us.

We are all brothers.

The Eagle Claw Clan's
law makes it so.

[suspenseful music]


- The Eagle Claw Clan!

They brought the
Golden Arches. Run!



- Don't open it.


We'll take it to Dragon Spur.

- Yes sir.

- Chung Fu.

- Hm, so you were
after the gold.

You've dishonored us all.

You're a common thief.

- Hm, this was our fight.

The gold is ours.

- Listen, Brother, I'll
give you one last chance.

You can still clear
yourself with the law

if you give me the gold.


- So you're also after it.

- Don't be absurd, I
want to return the gold.


- Is that right?

Well, Brother Lei, you're
not going to get it.

It belongs to me.


- And now, do you
still want to fight?


- We're still brothers.

What for?

We're friends.


So long, Brothers.

- Getting cloudy.

- It'll rain soon.

- Master, Miss, welcome home.

- Put these things away.


- Dad!

- What happened, father?

- Dad!

- Let me give you a hand.

Easy, now.

- Dad what did they do to you?

- Eagle Claw Clan, they
ambushed us, robbed the gold.

- Careful.

- Easy.

Take it easy.

- Oh, dad.

- You two stand aside.

[gong rings]


- Mulan, get a doctor, hurry.

- No, wait.


It's no use.

The arrows are poisoned.

- Poisoned?

- Yes, and you must
carry on my work.

You've learned to live
as I've taught you.

The Lightning Whip is now yours.

- You can't die.

- We'll get help.

- No, no it's too late.

- Dad!

- Dad.


[gong rings]

- The motto of our house
is Honor and Truth.

Son, why did you
bring the gold here?

- To return it to
the government.

- Lei Pong, what if they
ask about the robbers?

- Granddad.

- What will you say?

- Well, I will have
to tell them a lie.

- Lei Pong?


The government will know.

While you suffer, our
whole family will suffer.

- Father, it's a
matter of honor.

It's important to us.

Brother and I are of
the Eagle Claw Clan.

- Lei Quei, you needn't
explain to Father.

Tonight midnight, while the
guards are sleeping soundly,

I'll return the gold.

Brother To Pa will
not be exposed.

I hope he will change his ways.

And then everything
will be alright.

- Alright, but you
must be very careful.

Nothing must go wrong.

- Don't worry, I
will not fail you.

- Lei Pong, you
must be very tired.

Why don't you go
out and wash up?

- Yes, I am tired,
be right back.

[suspenseful music]

- Stop!

- Help!

- What's the meaning of this?

- Freeze.

- Lei Pong.

- It's okay, get back, get back.

- Lei Pong, what's this.

- Stop, what is this?

- He's done nothing.

- Do you mean to arrest me?

- We've been tipped
off you robbed

and hid the government's gold.

- Eh, what's this?

- Now, where is it?

- I, I uh

- Lei Pong, don't say anything.

- He's innocent.

- I didn't do it.

- You're under arrest.

Put your wrists through these.

[metal clanging]

- Lei Pong.




- They want to kill Lei
Pong to silence him.

Get going, men.

- Lei Pong, Lei Pong.

Lei Pong, oh.


- Quick, get going.

[suspenseful music]

- Hold it, let them go.

- We've tricked them.

They think Lei Pong has hidden
the gold in the mountains.

But we know he's brought
it here to his own house.

Without Lei Pong to protect
it, the gold is ours.

You are the only witnesses
who will know we took it.

And none of you will tell.

- Who are you?

Why do you wear masks?

- Why hide?

- Oh, it's you.

- To Pa.

- Right, it's me.

- Well, what do you want?

- Bring out the gold.

- We don't have the gold.

- You're lying, find it.

[grunting and groaning]

- Stand aside from that gold.

- To Pa, we must give it
back to the government.

If you take it, the Eagle
Claw Clan will be blamed.

- Eh, they won't blame us,
they'll blame Lei Pong.


[metal clanging]

- [mumbles] Let's
get him out of here.



- Oh, oh, oh, oh!



- After them. Go!

[suspenseful music]

- Stop them.

[suspenseful music]

- It's too bad you must die.

But there must be no witnesses.


- [mumbles],
they're catching up.

- Hurry, they can't escape.

- Where are they going?

- There they go.

- Which way?

- Which way did they go?


- Get them!

- Let's go, come on.


- After them, quick, come on.



- Come on, let's get them.


- God have mercy,
please, please, please.


- Uncle.


- Stop.

You cowards, ganging
up on one man.

You should be ashamed.

[adventurous music]


- Uncle.

- Chow.

- Uncle, uncle, uncle.




- Why did they do this to you?

And you, boy, are you alright?

- Uh huh.

- Lady, please help me.

- Of course.

I'll do anything.

- Those men, they
murdered our family.

The dirty bastards.

They robbed the gold shipment

and falsely accused
my brother, Lei Pong.

This boy is his son, please
take him to his father,

Lei Pong, in the prison.

Tell them To Pa is the leader.


Must revenge.



- Don't cry now, I'll
take you to your father.

- Auntie, I'm getting hungry.

- Uh huh, we'll stop
at a restaurant, okay?

- Okay.

- Let's go.

- No, stop where you are.

- Don't you move, woman.

- Well, what have we here?

Looks like we have an
account to settle, don't we?

- Punks always talk big.

Okay, who'll be first?

Just come and get it.

- Hm, you think you're superior.


- Someone's in trouble.


You pig.


- Hey, wait a minute.

This may be the opportunity
I've been looking for.

I've got to get myself
arrested and thrown into jail.

The gold robber is there.

You go and bring
the police here.

- Okay.


- Police, come quickly.

They're fighting over there.

And you must hurry, quick.

- What's going on?

- Over there, some
people are being killed.

- Come on.


- What happened?

- It was I.

- Why did you do it?

- To defend a lady.

- You will come with
me to the station now.

- Wait, I won't
forget your kind help.

And please, may
I know your name?

- Chen Yi Chung.

- Come on, no talk, let's go.


- Chow Sun don't cry.

Come on, let's dry those tears.

- I want to see my father.

I want to see my father.


- Tomorrow, and remember,

he may look different,
perhaps unshaven.

It's been many days
since you saw him.


- Chow Sun, my son.

- Dad.

Dad, they killed mama.

She's dead.

- Huh?

No, you don't know
what you're saying.


But how?

Was grandfather killed?

- Yes, it's true.

And the others, your whole
family, they're all dead.

Killed by bandits.

Your brother asked me
to bring your son here.

And before he died, he said
their leader was To Pa.

- Ugh.

Okay, let's go.

We've talked long enough.


Come on, no more talk, let's go.

- Chow Sun.

- Dad, no, no.

- Chow Sun, Chow Sun.

- Let me go.

- Chow Sun!

- Dad, dad.

- Come on, come on, come on.

- Get him out.

- We're going, we're going.

Come on, hurry.


- Dad, dad.


- I want revenge.

I want revenge.

To Pa must pay with his life.


- Please warden, this
lady wants to see Chen.

- You don't say.

Ah, and what do
you want with him?

- I brought him
some food to eat.

- Oh, well, I'll take it to him.

Chen Yi Chung, this lady
brought you some food.

Are you alright, Chen?

- Mulan.

- Eh, make it short, you two.

You have five minutes.

- Mulan.

- Have you learned anything?

- Yes, that man in the next cell

is the one that took
the gold, Lei Pong.

- Why not kill him now?

Get revenge.

- No, they think he
knows where the gold is.

- Alright, finish it.

- No, I'm not very hungry.

Please take the rice away.

- Goodbye, Chen.

- Good night, Mulan,
and think of me tonight.

[metal clanging rhythmically]

- Hey!

Wake up.

Hey, I've got to talk to you.

Hey. Hey you, buddy, listen.

You want to get out of here?

Listen, here's what we do.

[metal clanging rhythmically]


- Eh? Jailbreak. Jailbreak!

- They must be in the yard.

- They're coming this way.

- It's full. Over here.

- Come on, let's get going.

- Through here.

- They're not here.

- No. Let's go.

[suspenseful music]

- Search around here.

- Excuse me, ma'am.

Did you see two men and
a girl pass this way?

- Um. Um. I think
they went that way.

- Thank you ma'am.

This way, men.

- Let's go. Hurry.


- Come on.



- You scared me.

- Friend, I want to thank you,

but I don't know your names.

- Who are you?

- I am Chen Yi Chung.

- Uh huh. Mr Chen,
I am Lei Pong.

- Uh huh. I heard about you.

They say you robbed
a gold shipment.

- Eh, they exaggerate.

And the lady?

- My sister, Mulan.

- Uh huh. Lady Chen.

And you, what?

- Uh, yes?

- What did you do
against the law?

- I killed a few bums
for the sake of justice.

The court put me in jail.

- Chen, this man is a
thief and a murderer.

Why talk to him?

- He helped me escape from jail.

I'm in his debt.

- Well you can talk
to him if you want to,

I'm going to take a walk.

- Is it true?

Did you really steal
the gold shipment?

- It was a member
of my clan, To Pa.

He murdered my family
and stole the gold.

He has it now, most
likely at his hangout,

The Dragonspur Inn.

I must find him for the
sake of my family name,

and in their memory.

- If you wish help in your
search, talk to me tomorrow.


- Hey. Mulan.

- Let go.

- What are you doing?

- He's our enemy.

I can't let him get away.

- You can't.

Mulan, don't be a fool.

- He's asleep, it's our
only chance to kill him.

- Listen, listen to me.

We must wait.

- For what?

- He knows where the gold is.

Besides, To Pa is the real
killer, Lei Pong told me.

- He lies, they're just rivals.

- Ugh, it's hot.

- Lei Pong?

- Hm?

- To Pa's special hangout,
isn't it near this place?

- It's about a day's journey.

- Do you still want to
travel with this guy?

- He asked me to help him.

- So?

- Help! Help! Help!


- Let me help you.

- Run to safety, quickly.

[grunting and fighting]


- Lei Pong, your
kung fu is excellent.

- Oh, you're much too kind.

- It's easy knocking
off a few punks.

- Mulan.


We'd better get
moving now, it's late.

- Stop where you are.

- You're going to pay
plenty for killing our men.

- Come on, let's go.

- Hold it, let me.

This one's mine.



- Well, Ms. Chen,
you're quite a woman.

- Ah, so you're finding out.

- Mulan, come on now,
what's the matter with you?

- Oh, it's alright,
she's only kidding.


- You think you're pretty good.

You'll never get
out of here alive.

- No, wait, now it's up to me.


- Mulan, Lei Pong,
they're coming again.

- Wait.

- So, it's you.

- Ahem.

- Oh, you know each other.

- Yes.

- When I was in Lei Yun
fighting, he helped me out.

He killed a few ruffians.

- Aha.

So that's why you were arrested.

You were fighting in the
streets to protect this lady.

Well, this same good
lady rescued my son.

By the way, where
did you leave him?

- Oh your darling boy.

I left him with my uncle.

- Say, by the way,
how'd you find us?

- After I left his
son, I followed you.

I thought you
might have trouble.

For your sake, and
for your son's,

I thought I could
be of some help.

- I thank you.

It's getting late.

Let's get to Ching Lumpor.

- Alright.

- Let's go.




- Easy, take it easy.


- Who did it?

- It was a girl,
Brother Lei Pong.


- Brother Pong? He's broken out.

- What the hell, we
can just buy an army.

- Right, sir.

With our resources, why,
I'll bet we can buy the best.

Alright, we'll hire
the deadliest of
professional killers.

With the best of kung fu
fighters, we'll be undefeatable.

Go, spread the word.

- Yes sir.

[metal wobbling]

[metal wobbling]

[metal wobbling]

[gong ringing]

- Ah, the two Soul Pickers.

- To Pa, sir, we
regret being late.

Our apologies.

- Yeah, pardon us.

- That's alright, no apologies.

Be seated, please.

- Thank you sir.

- Now then, we have the two
famous Soul Pickers here

to help us get Lei Pong.

We are now up to full strength.

I don't care how
strong Lei Pong can be,

we'll make mince
meat out of him.

- Sir, we were told we
would lead the attack.

- That's right.

I want the Soul
Pickers, Flying Sparrow,

and the Solar Ray to lay
ambush at Kim Lumpur.

Behind the hills is
our first offence.

If he escapes, there'll
be more surprises for him.

- He won't escape.


Not after I blast
him with my great,

undefeatable Solar Ray, ha.


[metal wobbling]


- Good. Just beautiful.

- Well men, you've seen
what the Solar Ray can do.

Well, if Lei Pong
does escape from that,

he won't escape from
my Flying Sparrows.


- Ooh, wonderful.

- Aah.


- Excellent.

Soul Pickers, your skills
are amazing, truly amazing.

- State your name and business.

- Halt. Stop.

Who do you think you are?

- Who are you?

What do you want?

[metal clanging]

- Huh?



- That's enough.



- Just look at the lot of you.

You're no match for Lei Pong.

- I said enough.

Introduce yourself.

What is your name?

- The Loner. Also
knows as One Man Army.

- Ah, so you're the
famous One Man Army,

known for your
deadly Twin Sword.

Well, if you've come here
to join us, then welcome.

- Join you? [chuckles]

On my terms.

- Aha, well then,
take your place.

- You forget, I work alone.

- Well, we plan
to work as a team,

but what do you have in mind?

- [chuckles] We'll speak about

my fee first.

I'm no cheap hood.

- Hold it men.

Alright, how much?

Your powers might be
worth a bit extra.

- Well then, my fee always
matches the size of the job.

Tell me, how much is the head
of Lei Pong worth to you?

- Gold. One thousand.

Two thousand.

- Too little.

- Wait.

I have something special.

Look at these, you'll like them.

[metal wobbling]

- Hm.



- Two silver darts.

Thanks for the
travelling expenses.

- Just a minute.

Enough of this, why don't
you just state your terms?

- It will be costly.

- Come on, stop beating
around the bush.

Name your price.

- Alright, you will pay

one half of all your gold.

- Now, nobody is
worth quite that.

- Okay then, let's forget it.

- Hold on.

- Who are you?

- I am Chow Lun.

- Ah, so this is the
famous Sword of All Swords.

- That's right.

You sir, have insulted all
my fine fighting comrades

with your bragging.

- Are you challenging me?

- Yes. I challenge you.

- I know about your skills.

But what if you lose?

- Then I'll give up my sword.


- That's much too easy.

- Hey Loner, if you win,
I'll meet your price.

But if you lose,

- If I were to lose I
will cut off my own head.

- Alright, then
go ahead, please.

- After you.


- Hold on men.

[metal clanging]

[suspenseful music]

- Great.

Just great.

Great kung fu.

Your technique is matchless.

- My skills are not
worth such praise.

- They are indeed.

- If you succeed in
killing Lei Pong,

we will give you half the gold.

- Okay, we have a deal.

And please forgive me,
I have behaved brutally.

- From now on, we
all work together.

Nao Lo.

- Yes sir?

- Set the table.

Our guest will stay for dinner.


[gong rings]

- Take it easy.

- What's this?

To Pa has hired killers
to do his dirty work.

What do you know,
the Soul Pickers.

- Lei Pong, prepare
yourself to die.






[suspenseful music]

- Listen, Brother Chen, I think
there must be more of them.

I'll tell you what.

You're about my size, Chen.

If we leave separate trails,

they won't know which
trail to follow.

- Mmhmm.

- And meet at Dragonspur.

Let's go.

- Wait, Brother Chen.

Uh, Brother Chen,
may I go with you?

- Okay.

Let's be going.

- I'll take my chances
alone, by myself.


[suspenseful music]

- Halt.

- You'd better stand aside.

- We are the Dragon
Razor Brothers.

You tell us where we shall
find Lei Pong or die.

- Haha, you four punks,
you think you can stop me?


- Come on.


- Mulan, Mulan,
Mulan, Mulan, Mulan.




- Uh uh, don't get up.

- You stay away from me.

- You've been wounded.

- I'm the Lightning
Whipper's daughter.

My brother trusts
you, but I don't.

You and To Pa
murdered my father.

- You still don't
believe I'm innocent.

Even though I used this
sword to save your life.

- You just need me to
help you get the gold.

- And after that I suppose
you expect me to kill you.

- Yes, unless I kill you first.

Just give me a chance.

- Okay.

But you look after your wounds.

- Watch out for
yourself, mister.


[cat meowing]


[thunder rolling]


- They call themselves
the Vampire Phantoms.

They're hired killers known for
their disguises and cunning.

I'm sure To Pa sent them.

[thunder rolls]


Don't be afraid.

It's all right, I'm here.


- Oh, are you alright?

Say something.

Lei Pong! Lei Pong


- Huh? [laughing]

- Pig! You think
you're something else.

You're nothing.

- [chuckles] Well,
can you beat that?

That poison arrow must
have confused your mind.

First you hit me, then you
help me, then threaten me.

Maybe I'd better keep this
til you learn better manners.

I should teach you a lesson.

On second thought, you're
too stubborn to learn.


- Come back here, you coward.

- Spoiled brat.

- Huh.

- Stand and fight, you coward.

- Mulan. What's going on?

- Lei Pong's gone too far.

I'm gonna kill him right now.

- Mulan, you're wrong.

Lei Pong is innocent.

Lady Tei has explained
the whole thing to me.

- It's true. I found out.

To Pa killed your father
and stole the gold.

He lied to the police and
Lei Pong, wrongly accused,

was thrown into jail
where I found him.

- To Pa killed everybody in
his family except his son.

- Lei Pong, Lei Pong, wait!

Lei Pong!

Why didn't you wait for me?

- Humph, wait for
you to kill me?

- No, Lei Pong, I'm
sorry I misjudged you.

Just now, I just saw Lady Tei
and she told me all about it.

To Pa is the one who
stole the gold shipment.

Will you forgive me?

- That's alright, we
all make mistakes.

As long as you
realize you're wrong.

- You forgive me?

You really mean it?

[both laughing]

[adventurous music]


- Just a minute.

The mighty Lei Pong's movements
are better than I thought.

I knew To Pa's hired
killers were worthless.

I guess it's up to
me to do the job.

- Who are you?

- So you don't know?

Well, I'm The Loner,
alias One Man Army.

- So you are the famous
mercenary One Man Army.

- That's right.

And I'm on a job.

I believe in fair
play, Lei Pong.

I won't even use all my weapons.




- Congratulations.

But the job is not finished yet.



- To Pa, you have won.

Go ahead, kill me.

- Hold it. [chuckles]

That's much too easy.

For you I've got
something special.



- Mulan, where's my brother?



- Chen!

- Mulan, where's Lei Pong?

- Over there, I
heard him cry out.

- It's as he's dead.

Oh God.

- Lei Pong, Lei Pong, Lei Pong!

- Come on, Mulan, come on.

We must go, it's no use.


It's up to us now.

We'll go to the Dragonspur
Inn and get To Pa.


- Master, why did you save me?

- To finish your mission.

You must restore
our clan's honor.

- No. Teacher the fall
made me a cripple.


- I can help you.

I will replace your
useless arm and leg

with invincible weapons.

Use them with honor.

- Right there.

- The Dragonspur
Inn welcomes you.

Please sit down.

[suspenseful music]



- Stop.


- Good people, have
you come to see To Pa?

- So, you're expecting us.

- Of course we were.

- Oh? To Pa knows
why we've come?

- Yes, and he bids you welcome.

- Okay, where is he?

- Aha, you watch the inn.

- Yes sir.

- This way please.

- You see men, I
told you they'd come.

Please, drink your tea.

I'm sure we can talk this
over like civilized people.

That's right, drink up.

[teacups shattering]



The fools, they asked for it.

- We are not the fools here.

You and your men are the fools.

- You murdered my father,
today I avenge his death.

- And you murdered Lei
Pong and his family.

I condemn you to death.


- You mean you three
are challenging me?

I suggest you
choose another one.

Anyone here can make
mince meat out of you.

Attack them.

- Hey!


- Let's see how well you do
against my Devil Rippers.


- Waiter, I'd like a table.

- Certainly, right here, please.

What will you have, sir?

- Is that Lei Pong?

- I'll have a bottle of wine,

a dish of soy beef,
and some rice.

- Hey you, what's your name?

Are you deaf?


- Ha!


- We made a little mistake.

So excuse us, sorry.

Why don't you join
us in this drink?

- Kill him!

[gong rings]

[adventurous music]




- You're alive?

- Lei Pong.

- You renegade, today you
will pay for your murders.



- You, you have killed...

- Lei Pong, your weapons
do not make you the law.

I gave them to you for
defense of life and honor,

not revenge.

- You will come with
me to the police.


[suspenseful music]

[triumphant music]