Tottumiskysymys (2019) - full transcript

Episode film dealing with sexual harassment, each episode directed by a female director.











Why did he take
his pants off at 8 p.m.?

I'm tired of seeing his dick
every night.

We started drinking at 2 p.m., -

so it's natural
he had taken them off by 8.

So he does the same thing
every time? - Yeah.

Hi. Where are you headed?

Sorry. What?
- "What?"

I was wondering if we're headed
in the same direction.

Are we in such luck?

It looks like we are. - Yes!
This is how champions are made.

Anyway, we're going
to a party at this house.

I bet you've never seen a house
like this. I haven't, either.

It's a friend's house.

There are three saunas:
a steam room, infrared sauna -

and a Turkish sauna
if you want something more exotic.

There's a hot tub outside.

There's a Jacuzzi inside,
if you like bubbles on your skin.

The sound system
will make you vibrate inside.

It feels weird but nice.

The most important thing
is that there's free booze.

And there are nice people.

There are other nice girls.

But they might not be
exactly as nice as you are, -

or at least not as hot as you are.

I'm sure
you'll have a fun day.


It's about us bringing onstage
what's between the words -

and creating a story for all of us.

What we bring onstage becomes
the collective unconscious.

I'm sorry I'm late.

I didn't know we're rehearsing
here. - No problem.

We'll start
with George and Cathrine's scene -

from the first act.

I made some omissions
last night, -

but it might still be
a bit outdated.

We'll rehearse the end
after lunch.

We need to figure out
what to do with the blood -

so that it doesn't look
totally fake.

So let's just have a table read.

Please start.
What's your name again? - Päivi.

Read the parentheticals.
- "Third act, scene 10. Night."

"A divan and an untouched dinner
on tray onstage."

"Cathrine walks around
restlessly, looking for something."

"Sally, the old and trusty maid,
looks worried."

Madam, you should rest.

You shouldn't exert yourself
in your condition.

You haven't even touched
your dinner.

Where's my bottle of valerian?
I feel devastated.

My husband has been acting
strange tonight.

Madam, you looked radiant
at the ball tonight.

Like a royal rose
in the Buckingham Palace Garden.

At least I got you to fuck
before unpacking. Yay me!

Two of my favorite things.

- Thanks.

You can unpack mine
if you get such a kick out of it.

I have to say your Airbnb hunt
paid off. I love this apartment.

I'm happy
some of my obsessions bring us joy.

Have a wonderful vacay, hon.

The party continues
at the karaoke bar!

The cops are here.
I'll call us a taxi.

I'm not coming. - The party
continues at the karaoke bar!

Come with us!
- I have an early morning.

We'll sing
"Are There Still Wild Horses?"

Ew, fuck.

Are you coming?
- Definitely not.

Let's go.

Hey, Emmi.


Get out. Move it.


I'll buy you a drink.
One with glitter or unicorn piss.

It sounds lovely, but I have work
tomorrow morning.

C'mon, let's go.
- No.


I think it's over there.
- Let's go check it out.

"After the marquis's death,
the palace was occupied -

by a Dutch diamond merchant
named Daniel Gildemeester."

I'd go crazy if I had to live
in a palace. - Why?

It would be too much.
Too beautiful. Too sublime.

And you could never
have a messy home.

I actually could
because it would be my palace.

Some mess adds coziness
to a home.

What happened?

That man grabbed my ass.

What? Seriously?
- Yeah, for real.

That's unbelievable.
You're not even alone here.

Maybe it was an accident. - No,
it wasn't. He grabbed me like this.

That must be
his wife and daughter, -

and they didn't say anything.

That's him.

They're pretending
they didn't hear you.

Fucking gross. Unbelievable.

I'm really sorry.

About what?
- About this whole thing.

Are you somehow embarrassed?
- What do you mean?

Are you embarrassed
that he groped me?

Of course not.
I'm just angry.

Are you sure you want to stay?
- Of course I want to.

George. - "George doesn't answer.
He stares at his wife."

What's the matter?
- "George doesn't answer."

What are you going to do? - "George
caresses Cathrine passionately."

Who are you?
- Your wife Cathrine.

Your faithful wife.
- Swear.

Swear that you're faithful.

"George tries to kiss Cathrine."
- George, stop.

"Overcome by lust,
George grabs Cathrine's petticoat."

"Cathrine fights back,
but she's too weak."

"George's face is distorted."

Your scent.
Your sweet and cunning scent.

I trusted you,
you deceitful whore.

You bewitched me.

Are you saying you're not a whore?

They're gossiping
all the way in Cambridge -

about how the Duke of Sussex
couldn't take his eyes off you.

Your deceitfulness
has made him crazy.

You're not saying no to me tonight.

"George rapes Cathrine."

You're a whore.

That stench will never leave you.

"Scared, Cathrine curls up.
She doesn't understand -

what's going on.
George cries inconsolably."

What have I done?

"Cathrine consoles George."

"George can't bring himself to look
into Cathrine's gentle eyes."

"George strikes Cathrine.
She falls onto the divan, sobbing."

"The gramophone stops."
- Intermission.

What confuses me is...

Should we bring Cumbridge
and Duke of Suck Sex onstage?

I mean, we could.

It's Sussex. Cambridge and Sussex.

All right.
Let's delete that joke.

Do you have comments
or observations?

I omitted some of your scenes.
- All of them.

Yes, in a way.

I moved the scenes
before the ball downstairs.

I think it's good -

that George can't bring himself
to look at Cathrine.

Yes, I think so too.

Oh my God!

Fuck! You scared me.
- I didn't mean to.

What is it?


Can I lie down here a moment?

I don't feel good.

Lie down on the floor then.

Let's get some sleep.


Can we talk?

About what?

Like, about what you think
about things.

What I think about things?
- Don't laugh.

I mean, we don't know
each other that well.

But I always thought
you were really smart.

Like, when you gave
a presentation about Boudoir.

It was really interesting.


It's Simone de Beauvoir.

- That's what I said.


So you really
want me to tell you -

Simone de Beauvoir now?

Why not.

I'll tell you another time.

So there will be another time?

What do you mean?

Are we going
to see each other again?

- Only "maybe"?

A strong "maybe."


Can I get into bed with you?

We'd just lie next to each other.

It's nice and warm here.

All right, but now we need
to get some sleep.

You... You deceitful whore.

Can you do it
in this position? - Shit. Wait.

If I do this...
- Wait, my leg is here.

Thanks. Stop. Stop.

The thing is
that it should be real to you.

George, you're acting
at the moment.

The only thing you need to do
is leave your comfort zone.

Tolerate your incompleteness.

Your incompleteness and insecurity
are George's insecurity.

Use it to your advantage.
- What about...

People love
incompleteness and shame -

and the way he is
both good and evil.

I'm not talking
about adjectives here.

He's a subject
who wants something.

George is what we are.
He represents us humans.

He's destroying this world
as we all are.

We're all raping...
- Yeah, we'll do that.

So what about Cathrine's...

Cathrine! Cathrine!

Sorry. Did I hurt you?
I'm sorry.

I'm still not off book, -

so let's not change things
all the time.

I'm having trouble learning this.
I have a show every night.

Yeah. I also thought about...
I mean, there's the rape.

Okay. - Please,
let's not change anything.

I'd like us to agree
on how to do the rape.

Now it's different every time.
- Different in what way?

I think it would be good to decide
on what it will be like.

I can't explain it better
than this. - Do you feel unsafe?

No. Definitely not.

I'd just like us to determine
a beat for the penetration -

so that Ville and I are in sync -

and it doesn't look funny.
Or awkward.

Yeah. Just say
if you feel uncomfortable.

The point is to make it feel real
to the audience.

Just tell us how you want it.

Is it okay if I hold you here?

Like this?
- Yeah.

Would this be okay?
- It looks good.

If he tears it here
in the rape scene, -

it can be easily fixed.

Tuula will make you
extra corsets just in case.

What about the dress
for the killing scene?

I was thinking it could be
one of these.

I have to talk to makeup.

Maybe I can hide
a blood bag here.

And I need to find fabric
that can be cleaned easily -

because if you do
fifty or hundred shows...

I tested the blood already,
and it wouldn't wash off.

I have to google
and think about it.

But this is the dress
for the rape? - Yes.

Listen to Mika.
- If you don't come with us, -

you'll tear our hearts and souls
out of our chests, -

stomp on them and
burn them to death.

Don't burn anything.

I'll never be able to love again
if you don't come with us.

I'm sorry,
but I have other things to do.

Nice pantyhose.

They look nice on you
because you have nice legs.

Finally I see you smile.

- This is nice material. Tight.

Whole meat,
unsliced quality meat.

No fucking way.

Right... Ignoramuses.

Whoa. So you think
you're a bit better than us, huh?

What's wrong with you?

C'mon, take the sand
out of your vagina.

Yep. I can hear the crunching.
Can you?

C'mon, come with us. Okay?

We can wash the sand
out of your vagina.

Ew, fuck.

Ew, fuck.
- Fucking gross.

Miss, did you forget to change
your tampon, or why do I smell shit?

- What a stench.

Where's your sense of humor?
Don't be so uptight.

Why are you so thin-skinned?
Don't take things so seriously.

What's the matter?
You've been sniffed before.

Darling, where are you going?
- This is my stop.

Calm down. Calm down.
You don't have to go anywhere.

I have to go.
- This isn't our stop yet. No panic!

Ew, fuck!

Good job, Maria!


Good job!

Pena's team wins!

Thank you. That was great.

Being a CEO is child's play
compared to this.

Good job, our team. Good job,
everyone at Finance Whiz!

25 years!
- And 25 more to come!

125 more!

All right. Now we'll have fun.
This is your night.

I couldn't hit it.


Katja. Unbelievable.
- Long time.

- Nice to see you.

These days you don't know
if you can hug people.

Ah, haven't we heard enough
of those harassment stories.

I mean, it's not that common.
- Fortunately.

I've never experienced
anything like that.

Neither have I.
- I haven't experienced it, either.

Except the usual ones.

What do you mean
by "the usual ones"?

I mean the ones
I'm sure we all have.

Being approached
by child molesters as a kid -

and men exposing themselves
to you on the bus, in the park.

Yeah, but...
- And men grabbing your ass.

Well, if that counts...

When I was younger,
men would catcall me a lot.

Some would try to buy sex from me.

Some would follow me
on the street.

That doesn't happen so much
anymore, of course. - Right.

That's what it was like back then.

But it was
only a couple of years ago -

when I was in a bar -

and a guy tried to get
into the toilet stall with me.

And it was a bit unpleasant
at the after-party last year -

when Jari... grabbed me -

and tried to force me -

to have sex with him.

You mean our Jari?

I guess you can never know
another person fully.

Didn't an intern...


Didn't she say
something about Jari's behavior?

Did he do
something similar to her?

Jari has never behaved
inappropriately towards me.

But everyone knows
he shouldn't drink, though. - True.

It's horrible that Katja has kept
this to herself -

and just had to cope.

Katja herself was
in a pretty... interesting shape.

She danced really erotically
at the night club.

You can't blame her for it.

Miia! You did a great job
arranging this party.

What are you talking about?

I'll go get another drink.

Why did she have to dig up
those kinds of negative things -

on a night like this?

Couldn't she focus
on the positive?

We have wonderful male colleagues,
for example.

People never talk about them.

If you started talking
about negative things, -

our jaws would drop.
Everyone would be horrified.

That's a party for you.
- That's right.

- You like this?

Well, yeah, but...

Just lie still.

I don't want anything like that.

You don't have to do anything.

Stop. Hey.


All right.

Get back on the floor.


How about we just...

I don't have to put it in
or anything.

We'd just be close.

What are you doing?
- Huh?

Are you jerking off?
- What?

You're jerking off.

So what?
I have to do something about this.


I'm a good guy, really.
- Get the hell out.

- Get the hell out.

Go away, please.

Hey. Do you think
I'm going to rape you or something?

Ew, fuck. Ew, fuck.

How's the Bentotech case
coming along?

It's looking good.
- Great. I trust you.

Aleksi, since Risto is
on sick leave, -

you could step into the ring.

If you feel you're ready.
- Sure.

It should be
an open and shut case.

Just read the material well.

Great. When is it?
- Tomorrow.

You have plenty of time.
There's always a first time.

You need experience
with all kinds of cases.

Virpi will help you.
- Yeah. I'll take care of it.

You can't go in there.
You have to walk up the ramp.

What's the date?


The 16th? Okay.
We'll do that. Thanks.

Talk to you.

All right. - Kari said
you have a case for me.

Yeah, I have them here.
Which one do you want?

One of Risto's case.

The work after-party one?
The drugging of a minor one?

The summer festival one?

The one that's tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?

Oh, the toilet one.
It fell in your lap, huh?

Yeah, Risto's out once again.
I'm sorry about the schedule.

So... Yeah.

All right, this kind of guy.


Why didn't they ask the friend
to testify? - I don't know.

Well, at least they didn't screw up
the forensics.

I'd help you, but I have to be
in appellate court in an hour -

and I have a parent-teacher
conference in the evening.

I'll take care of this.

This is Aleksi Salonen, hi.

I have a couple of quick questions
about tomorrow's case, -

so could you please call me
when you get this message.

This is Aleksi Salonen, hi.

You're the victim's lawyer.

I'd like to go over
the instructions quickly.


Yeah, I'll make sure
they use different entrances.

Not eating anything?
- I'm not hungry this early.

Don't get too skinny.

Women need some meat
on their bones.

Juha, I wanted to discuss the rape.

Yeah. - I was wondering
if it's too much.

Or what do you think?

Will it take away intensity
from the killing?

I mean...


I get it. I get it.

The first act
should give people hope.

I think the end should be
as touching as possible.

George destroys -

the most beautiful thing
in his life.

Like Robert de Niro
in Once Upon a Time in America, -

he destroys it. He was never
able to handle his happiness.

Yes, Ville. And Emppu,
let's do it as safely as possible.

Of course it has to be safe.

When I was doing
A Streetcar Named Desire -

with Pipsa, I told her to punch me
if I got too intense.

But we have to go
into the unknown zone. - Yes.

And face the unknown.
- Absolutely.

We need a lot of dresses
because they'll be torn apart.

I think Ulla already
started making them.

Let's cut the rape.
I'll go talk to the wardrobe people.

Have you seen
Once Upon a Time in America?

It's amazing.

I'm Pena, the company's founder
go grab yourself a vodka

The atmosphere here
ain't something out of Kafka

We have a great dynamic gang

Whatever we got going on
it's a great thang

Listen up, before I say goodbye

Pena and his people
won't leave you high and dry


It looks good.
- Thanks.

He shouted to the stage manager,
"Take the rocking chair out!"

What about this feedback?
"A very interesting play."

"No, it wasn't."

How's rehearsal going?

Is Juha, like, "Yeah, I get it"?
"Yeah, I get it."

And he doesn't get anything.

You never know what he wants.

Okay, time to get back to work.
- Bye.

By the way...

I have to tell you something.
- Yeah?

I had a pretty crazy dream
last night.

About you.
- Okay.

I mean, it was...


I mean it was crazy
because of its genre.


Forget about it.


Emppu. - This is Jenni-Elina
from Best Films.

Hi. - We're making
an original TV series.

The shooting starts next month.

Our director would like you
to be in it. - Okay.

Would you be interested?
Do you have time? - Sure.

I have time.
- Great.

The series is about a cop
who returns to his hometown.

You'd play a young woman
who was raped -

and whose body
was found in a trunk.

It's a one-day gig,
and you have no lines, -

so unfortunately we can't pay you
union wages.

What's wrong?
- Stand still, harlot.

I haven't done anything.

In God's eyes,
my conscience is clear. I swear.

You have to die.
- God have mercy on me.

Shut up, whore. Do I have
to watch you cry over him?

Kill... Leave me...
Leave me, but don't kill me.

By the way,
the fight in the first act.

We took the rape out.
I just discussed it with Juha.

From 10?
- Yes.

Everyone thought it was


Productional intervention!

I sent the others away,
so we can rehearse in private.

We could go over the fight
now that we changed it. - Yeah.

But we have to put the rape back in.

Ville and I discussed it.
It's important that George is -

on the dark side
already at that point. - Right.

His jealousy has to show.

Yeah. I think I have to go
tell the wardrobe people.

I forgot to go there,
so no permanent harm done.

But I was thinking
that we could do the killing -

in a stylized manner.

Cathrine's lines and cries for help
would be heard on a tape.

We want to say
this is what happens to women -

all the time all over the world.
That's the theme.

Emppu, it would be great
if you could go to the studio today.

It's unfair you don't have to learn
your lines.

Okay, let's set
the wheels in motion.

Shall we do the rape
or the killing first? - The killing.

- Don't move!

Do you want me to go
say something to him?


Don't look at me pitifully.
It makes me anxious.

Don't pity me.
Pity that fucking loser.

Besides, what would you say to him?

He'd deny everything.
You'd look like a troublemaker.

I don't want to give him
any more power.

I wasn't going to pick
a fist fight with him.

I'm sure you're pissed off too.

You're embarrassed
on behalf of all men.

Well, yes, on behalf
of all men in the world.

I didn't mean it that way,
and I'm not accusing you, -

but I'm sure you're pissed.
- Of course I am.

But I don't want to feel embarrassed
on behalf of all chauvinists, -

since I'm not one of them.

I should go grope him.

Grab his balls
and see how he reacts.

Huh? Shall I go?

Of course I won't.

I won't.

Can we forget that fucking asshole?

Can you check out the fado
places for tomorrow? - Okay.

On Friday, there's classic fado, -

and on Sunday, more modern.
I'm interested in...

Go away.

Hilla. Hilla.

Should we get going?

I think this MeToo movement
has gone too far.

Suddenly everyone
remembers something.

Suddenly all men
have harassed somebody.

Women want a manhunt.

No one has harassed me here.
I have no experience of that.

Maybe it's because my sense
of humor is a bit raunchier.

Or maybe they thought
I wasn't pretty enough.


But this is a real pity.

People always talk
about men harassing women, -

but women have
grabbed my ass at nightclubs.

Fucking gross. - Yeah.
Drunk women can behave nasty.

There are definitely
horrible women too.

It's awful
that men are always blamed.


Jari, hi. What's up, man?
- In a party mood. In a party mood.

This should be
the best cherry liqueur in town.

Insanely delicious.
- Yeah.

- Nothing.

I can hear it's not "nothing."
Say it.

Can't we just try to forget it?
- "We"? "It"?

I'm doing my best so that the piece
of shit doesn't define our evening.

Don't you fucking understand?
You just have to be on my side.

And show me empathy
if you're capable of it.

Are you so stupid -

you don't understand
how gross I feel?

And why weren't you outraged
when he groped me?

I wonder how many people thought -

what a loser husband you are
for not defending your wife.

So you did want me to say
something to him.

What would I have said to him?
"As the owner of my wife, -

I'm telling you, you piece of shit,
not to grope my wife."

If I had yelled at him,
you'd be yelling at me now, -

"Women can defend themselves."

I did defend myself.
I was the only one who reacted.

He didn't even turn to look.
No one helped me.

I don't want to be silent,
but if I yell, I'm labeled a psycho.

And I couldn't grope him back -

because that would make me
equally horrible.

Just one grope,
and all I can be is a victim.

You defended yourself.
The man just grabbed your ass once.

It's not like you were raped.

Good morning, Milja.

Quick, take a seat.
The class started a long time ago.

Your parents will be notified
about your coming late.

Okay, let's get to the point.
Study pages 35-75 for the test.

Open your books to page 73.

Let's go over what you remember.
Let's start.

I wonder what's with her again.

Mikko, take out your book.

Milja. Are you okay?

Has something happened?

No, I'm okay. I'm sorry I was late.


So, take out...

Good morning, Risto.
This is Aleksi Salonen again.

I'm on my way to court,
so please call me back.

Hey, you forgot this.

You left the milk
on the kitchen table.

No, it's here.
- All right.


I don't think we've officially met.
- We haven't. Hi.

I haven't been able
to reach Risto, -

and I was thinking -

the penal order looks
quite lenient. - You're right.

I was just wondering
why Risto issued such a lenient one.

He issues his penal orders
according to the average.

I'm going to demand
a harsher penalty. - Okay.

Good luck.

Hi, Nina.
- Hi.

This is Aleksi Salonen.
He's the prosecutor today.

Oh. Hello.
- Hello.

Everything will be okay.
I'll take care of this.

No fucking way.

How is it possible
that he's here?

I don't understand...

I told them to bring him in
through the other entrance.

Listen. Positive reinforcement.

It works on kids, dogs...
- I know. I have an idea.

That's a wonderful idea, Miia.
- Yes.

Johannes! Johannes. Come here.

We girls thought,
or actually decided, -

that we want to reward
the good men in our company.

Men like you.

We want to give you
positive attention.

And the award goes to you.

Thank you.
Why did I get this award?

Because you don't behave
inappropriately towards women.

An award for not harassing you?
- Yeah.


Thanks a fuck of a lot.

The complainant
and the defendant -

were at the house
of the complainant's friend -

after a night out.

The defendant proposed
oral sex in the toilet, -

and the complainant refused.

The defendant grabbed
the complainant's throat tightly, -

dragged her to the toilet -

and pushed her to the floor
on her back.

The defendant slapped
the complainant -

multiple times in the head, -

kicked her in the back
and squeezed her wrist.

The defendant held his hand
over the complainant's mouth -

and threatened to kill her
if she shouted.

He penetrated the complainant
anally with his penis.

While strangling the complainant, -

the defendant penetrated
the complainant vaginally.

The complainant struggled
in the beginning -

but submitted
due to the strangulation -

and the threat of being killed.
The claimant lost consciousness, -

after which the defendant slapped
her face multiple times, -

after which the complainant
regained consciousness.

This is aggravated rape
because it was committed -

in a brutal and humiliating manner -

against a victim who's substantially
smaller than the defendant.

The rape is aggravated
also when assessed as a whole.

A prison sentence is
the correct penalty for this crime.

When determining compensation
for the complainant, -

the manner
in which the defendant violated -

the complainant's physical integrity
and sexual rights -

must be taken into consideration.

Your honor, the defendant denies
these charges.

The defendant maintains
he hasn't acted in a manner -

alleged in the charges.

The defendant claims
the sex was consensual.

In the event
these allegations are proven, -

the crime is, at the most,
coercion into intercourse or rape -

as cited in Chapter 20, Section 3,
of the Criminal Code, -

but not aggravated rape.

The defense wishes to point out
that according to the documents, -

this incident wasn't the only thing
that contributed to the damages.

The defense would also
like to point out -

that the defendant is now studying
at a trade school.

The defense finds the claims
for the damages too high -

in regards to pain and suffering...

Does Katja have a reason
to ruin our nice party, -

or what's going on?

You've put so much effort
into throwing this party.

I'm sure
she didn't want to ruin the mood.

What happened to her
is a serious thing.

Of course
I wonder what her motive is -

when she brings up something
that happened such a long time ago.

I've always thought
Katja wants attention.

She doesn't take other people's
feelings into consideration.

And she's competitive.

Maybe she wants revenge
against Jari?

I mean, Katja wanted
the team leader position -

but Jari chose you, Liisa.

Well... I haven't experienced
anything like it.

People don't think that, do they?

But if Katja's experience is
brought to light later, -

it'll look like our whole team
and department supports -

that kind of behavior.

Especially if people find out
we've known about it.

I'm sure Katja wouldn't do that.
- That's what I'm asking.

I'll go talk to her.

Hey, what's the incident
everyone's talking about?

People are saying
Jari almost tried to rape you.

What? No, no...
- No?

He didn't try to rape me.
- What then?

He held me down...
- What? I can't hear you.

He held me down.
- Yeah.

- He groped me.

He lifted my skirt and...
wouldn't let me go.

I managed to break free.

I don't think
he would've gone all the way.

Well, that's not okay.

We have to look into it.

I mean, Jari is our COO.
- I didn't want anything official.

At the very least, the team leaders
will lose their reputation -

if we protect
someone who harasses people.

I'm not ready
for something official.

These kinds of incidents
have to be sorted out.

You can't tell stories
like that and not do anything.

Do you have evidence?

Well. Okay.


You should be careful.

You can easily get charged
with defamation.

Can you hear me?

This isn't working.

I asked you to check that booth.

Help! Someone help me!

I haven't...
I haven't done anything.

I haven't done anything.

I haven't done anything!


Someone help me!

Can anybody hear me?

We waited two years for this trial.

First the police were slow,
then the prosecution.

Then we couldn't get
the defendant in court, -

and then Risto's on sick leave
again, and they send...

At least you got him
a prison sentence. - Will he appeal?

- But he'll go to prison.

For how long?
- Ten months.

The length of the prison term
is determined -

based on the type of violence.

Since no weapon was used,
this wasn't aggravated rape.

The average sentence for rape
is 18 months.

As a first-time offender, he'll do
4.5 months with good behavior.

But he'll appeal,
and we'll go to appellate court, -

and he'll get a suspended sentence.

I have to come here
for the fourth time? - Probably.

Honey. Please come to the balcony.

I'm sorry I didn't know
what to do.

I'm sorry I yelled at you.
- You don't have to apologize.

Of course I understand you.

I completely understand.

I checked out the fado clubs.

This place called Anabela
sounds interesting.

All the locals go there.

We could go there tomorrow.

Then there's the Maritime Museum,
but that's open every day.

I've always supported equal rights.

When I founded the company,
in the deepest recession, -

no one dared hire women.

But I did, and not only
for the accounting department.

In 1996, we had
the highest number of women -

working in property management
in the country.

I think
you've always treated us equally.

Look around.
Half the people here are women.

And now I'm being accused
of allowing things like that.

Pena, you shouldn't get upset.
- This feels so unfair.

It is unfair.
- Am I the monster here?

No, no. This is just hearsay.

We don't have any evidence
of anything.

There's no need to get upset
over something like this.

This is horrible...
- Let's hug.

Help! Someone help me!

Can anybody hear me?

Don't move, harlot!
- What's wrong with you?

Look the truth in the eye
for the last time!

I haven't done anything!

Leave me, but don't kill me.

I have to do it!
- I haven't done anything!

Die, whore! Die, my love!

Help me!

Somebody help me!

Can anybody hear me?

Why won't this piece of shit fold?
- Give it to me.

Why did you take it with us?

Because I had to spend
the whole fucking day -

waiting in the hall.
- Have you noticed...

Stop nagging. - ...that people
just carry the seat.


I heard you won.
- It should've been aggravated rape.

But he got a prison sentence.

He's going to appeal.
- A win is a win anyway.

Virpi said you did a good job.

I told her
you'd help her for a while.

I think she's pretty busy. - There
are a lot of cases like this one?

You'll do fine.

These cases are pretty basic.

But we'll find you
something bigger next time.

200,000 for the state.
Congratulations. - Thanks.

Maija and Taneli are great.

I'll sign you both up
for the financial crimes cruise.

You can grab a beer with us
if you want.

There's at least 30 minutes left
of happy hour.

We'll have an after-party.

Thanks, guys.

Great job.
- Thanks.

Thanks on behalf of the theater.
It was amazing. - Thanks.

How does your schedule
for next spring look?

We're doing a play
about human trafficking.

Would you be interested?

I actually already talked
to Juha about it.

You have one new message.

Congratulations, sis!
You're a mega star -

and Finland's best actress.
I was so annoyed I couldn't make it.

The kids want to sing for you:

Happy premiere to you
Happy premiere to you

Happy premiere, dear Emppu

Press the hashtag symbol
to listen to this message again.





Translated by Aretta Vähälä
Proofread by Rich Lyons