Totsukuni no shôjo (2022) - full transcript

Once upon a time, in a far, faraway place, there were two lands. The world was divided into an inner land and an outer land. People feared the outer land. Inhabited by eerie beings, the carriers of curse. One day on the border to the inner land inhabited by humans, one such being find a girl on heaps of abandoned dead bodies. The girl says her name is Shiva and shows affection to the "being" who found her, calling him "Teacher". This is a story of two people; one human, one inhuman, who linger in the hazy twilight that separates night from day.

Heave ho!

All right, just a few more.

Yes, we're far enough from the Inside.

Let's hurry, so we can return.



But it's very clean.

Almost as if...

Hey, did you hear that sound?

Are you sure? We didn't notice anything.

No, I do feel a presence.

There may be a survivor.

Please wait!

What if it's an Outsider?!

What if it's a cursed being of the Inside?

A cursed being will spread
the curse to another.

We mustn't let anyone escape!

If we don't kill all who are suspicious,
there's no point!

I'm the one in charge of this unit.
I'll go look!

I knew it, someone's there.

Hey, is someone there?!

You're there, aren't you?!

Don't move from there!
I'm from the military!

Don't worry! You're safe now.

Are you all right?


I'm fine.

I apologize it's difficult
to walk in the dark,

but the sun will rise soon.

Did you hurt your leg?

Yeah, but I'm fine.

I see, then take your time.

That lamp...

You should've brought it.

Yes, you're right.

You must be very forgetful.

Yes. What is your name?


Shiva, why were you sleeping
in such a place?

Hmm, I don't know.

I thought I was sleeping at home
with my aunt.

I see.

I must be forgetful too.


have horns.


A tail too.

I am an Outsider.

Then do you curse people?

I do not spread the curse.
I am different than the others.

I see.

What's your name?

I've forgotten my name.

That is why I have no name.

I see...

Are we close?


Your home.

Yes, you'll see it soon.

Then let's go.

Wait one moment.

I cannot touch you even if your leg hurts,

but you can hang onto this.

Is something wrong?

No, I just thought it was
a weird way to use this.

Yes, you're right.

Wrap it with this last.

Like this?

Yes, try not to wrap it too tight.

Shiva, aren't you afraid of me?



Because of my appearance.

My appearance doesn't affect you at all?

Hmm, you look different than me, but...

I'm not sure. Are you afraid of me?

No, I'm not afraid of you.

I feel the same way.

Do you live by yourself?


Oh, more like I drop by every so often
rather than live here.

I see.

Do you know where your house is?

No, I don't know.

I see.

You injury isn't serious,

but if you'd like, you can rest here.

It's slightly dirty,
but there is a bed in the back room.

That's your bed, isn't it? I'd feel bad.

I am cursed, so I do not sleep.

Pain, warmth...

I've forgotten many things.

Thank you, Teacher!


Yup! You know lots,
so I'll call you Teacher!


Teacher, huh...

Sure, call me whatever you like.

Let's look for your house
after your leg heals.

I'll return tomorrow morning
with some food.

I'm sorry I have only berries today,
but please stay to rest.


You're going somewhere?

Yes, just myself.

I see...

Don't worry, this area is safe
as long as you don't leave the house.

I won't go too far either.


Then, I'll walk you to the front door!



I'm sorry.

N-No, I apologize.

Will you go to bed already?

Do you need help?

No, I'll be fine by myself.

All right. Then I'll see you tomorrow.

I'll be okay...

Will I be able to wait until tomorrow?

M-Must hurry...

Tell everyone...


There's no point...

If all aren't...


Good morning.


Maybe she's still sleeping.

Where did she go?

Could she have...

left the house?

I see. She must have been frightened.

Of course she ran away.

Who wouldn't with this appearance?

Besides, what would I do
saving this child...


Oh, Teacher!

Shiva, where have you been?!

I told you to not leave the house!

Ta-da! Here!

What's this?

I was making this
as a thank you gift for yesterday!

Teacher, crouch down!

Thank you. But it's dangerous to touch me.

It's okay if I don't touch you, right?
Just crouch down.


Stay still!

All right.

Be careful.



Yup, it looks great on you!

Thank you, Shiva.

All right, let's start by cleaning up.


I'll pick up the heavy objects,
so please clean up the dust and trash.

All right.

Shiva, once you're done with that,
can you clean this shelf too?


Shiva, I'll carry these items to my room,
so please leave them as they are.

Do you want me to help you?

Thank you, but I'll be fine.

Oh, this too.

They might get mixed up,
so I'll carry them on my own...

so I thought it was a giant strawberry!

That must've been very big.

Good, we'll just wrap the bandages
and we're done.

Okay! Thank you, Teacher!

All right!


Thank you.

Say, Teacher,
there's something I want to eat!

It's really fluffy and sweet,
and there's lots of sugar...

I apologize. It was rather difficult.

No, I'm sorry.

I've just never seen a pancake
that was this black, so...

Please eat only what looks edible.

I'm sure the burnt parts are tasty too.

The burnt parts aren't good for your body.

Then I'll just eat a little.

Is that a new curtain?

Yes, since I found another one
with the perfect size.

All right, this should be good.

Shiva, it's ready!


I'll be fine!
I've had it many times before!

But with some sugar in it, right?

Yeah, but I feel like
I can drink it today!

Careful not to burn yourself.


Are you okay?

It's bitter.

Teacher, did you find the sugar?

No, but I think there's some here.


There's lots of books here!

That's very nice.

See if you can find anything you like.


I found the sugar too.

What? Really?!

Wait, I'll be right there!


Can I eat one?


So sweet!

Say, Teacher, let's play hide-and-seek!



Do I just count to ten?

Wait one second.


Actually, a hundred!

A hundred then. All right.

















Could that be?

In a place like this?

Now is my chance...

I wonder where Teacher is?


Hello! Are you playing hide-and-seek too?

Oh, wait!


What are you doing here?

You're not going to take it back?

What is that about?

Are you going
to keep that soul all to yourself?


What do you mean?

You need to hurry and return that soul
to Mother while its still pure.


What are you talking about?

About that soul you are with.

What are you trying to do to Shiva?!


So you give names to souls.

Say what?

You don't know?

We all know.

What are you talking about?

What you all call the curse.

Don't tell me...

you know how to break the curse?

How to break the curse?

You really don't know anything, do you?

Of course! I'm not the same as all of you
that spread the curse around!

Whose child are you?

"Whose child"?

I am human!

Then tell me your name.


All humans have one, don't they?

I am...

Are you really from the Inside?

You're not the same as us, a dark child?

Silence! Leave this place at once!

Which are you?

I am...



You found me.

I apologize for being late.

Does that mean I was good at hiding?

Seems so.

Did you find your book?

No, not yet.

How about this one?


I'll choose this one!

I must at least protect her...

so that she doesn't get cursed.

As long as she isn't cursed...

I'm sure that one day...

"The god who was punished..."

had everything taken away...

"and was turned into a hideous creature."

Shall we continue the rest next time?



Is it this?


No! This is precious to you, isn't it?

It's all right.

Can I open it?

Sure, go ahead.


Are these your friends?

My family.

I used to be human.

Teacher, how did you become an Outsider?

Why isn't everyone else with you?

You don't want to tell me?


I just don't know.

I was a human, who lived in the Inside,

and I had a wife and child.

I should have been living
an ordinary life.

But I cannot remember
my voice or appearance.

Not even my name or my face...

I'm not even sure...
if anything is real or not.

I see...

I've wanted to stay connected with those,
so I've been holding onto it,

but maybe I no longer need it.

That's not true!

It's okay if you can't remember.

Even if things have changed...

please stay beside them, Teacher.

I think that's more important
than remembering.

Will I be able to though?



I've been cursed.

Um, I...

Just when you...
Um, I...



I'm sorry. What were you saying?

Never mind.

It's nothing.

I see.

I've talked a little too much.

We walked lots today,
so you must be tired.

Sleep well.

Okay. Good night, Teacher.

Good night.



Why? No...

Somebody, please...

Please come...


Thank you!

Today's pancake is nicely baked and tasty!

I see, I'm glad you like it.

Teacher, will you pass the sugar?





The sugar...

Oh, I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Shiva... would you like
to go somewhere far?

Somewhere far? Where?

Well, I don't have
a specific place in mind, but...

Okay! That sounds really fun!

Let's go after I eat this!
I'll be done soon!

No, it may take a couple of days,

so let's fully prepare
and set out tomorrow morning.

Shiva, will you pack up
everything you need as well?

All right!

I think it's around here.




What's the matter?

You can't sleep?


Urn, Teacher.






We'd need to clean this up
before we can set out.

Shiva, sorry for the trouble.

Thank you for helping me.

You're welcome.

Good night then, Teacher.

Yes, good night, Shiva.

If there's a small village...

where humans live...

I'm sure...

that's... what's best for her...


Shiva, are you ready?

Just a minute! I'll be right there!



It should be much safer this way
than continuing to stay with me.

If I can find a village with people,

I'm sure someone generous will help Shiva.

I'm afraid this is the best option I have.

Just beyond here,

if there's a child close to her age,
I'm sure she won't grow bored either.

She'll have better food too.

For Shiva, I must...

I must... save her.

While I still have the time.

That is the least I could do.

I'm home.

I'm home.

Something seemed different.

It's starting to spill out.

It's nearly empty.

Not that.

It didn't know about Mother.

Nothing at all.

No, it knows.

It's nearly empty.

You're concerned about that one.

Yes, that one will end its duty soon.

We won't be able to return it
to Mother like that.

Let's just return the shell.

We're here?

I was expecting to walk more...

Let's look around first.

Looks like this place is a farm.
Even their equipment is left.

Here would be...

Oh, Shiva! Don't go too far!

I didn't realize
how much I was pushing her.

How pretty!


Teacher, come over here!
There's lots of rare flowers!

Shiva, I want to check the houses,
so will you wait here?

Aww, I want you here with me!

Once I finish, let's look together.



I see...

This village too... is now...

Then we must try the village up ahead...


Is that...

a villager?

No, that isn't!


Must save...

Hurry, run!

I must...



Are you all right, Shiva?


That was...

I see. Then these are all the same.

This is where everyone went.

Instead of getting separated,
they all stayed together.


Teacher, you lie down too.

What's the matter?

Just do it, please?

Um, Teacher, please listen like this.

Teacher, before I met you, I woke up once.

I was all alone and it was dark.

When I thought that I might not be able to
return to my village anymore,

my body couldn't move.

I was scared, so I closed my eyes,
wishing for someone to come.

But when I woke up again,
you were there, Teacher.

It's just as I thought.

Shiva, it may be difficult
to return to your village,

but surely to the Inside...


It's too late.

What are you saying?! Don't tell me...

No, you're okay!

No, Teacher, I'm...

Don't worry!

I'll do something about this!

No, it's before I even met you.
Much earlier...

You'll be fine.

Are we spending the night here today?

Yes, since the sun has set already
and the weather isn't looking good.

Let's rest here.

If we just brush away the dust,
this place isn't so bad.

That's true.

Please don't put it out.

Good night.

Good night.

Who is it at this hour?

Ah, I'm glad you noticed.

I was returning to the village up ahead,
but I came over after I saw your light.

How 'bout it? Won't you leave this place
and move to the Inside?

Our village received
permission from the king.

Ah, we appreciate your kindness,
but we're fine.

Don't worry, no soldiers have come yet!

You can come with us as a villager.

You can come with us as a villager.
Why now?

You can come with us as a villager.

Or you can even come to my house first.
After finding out about Shiva's curse...

Or you can even come to my house first.

If you're holding back,
there's no need for it! Why?

If you're holding back,
there's no need for it!

We're fine, just go!

A-All right. I see.

I don't mean to overstep, but my village
is down the road to the west.

There are two houses
lined up in the very back.

My house is with a dog in the entrance.

My house is with a dog in the entrance.
If onlyshe wasn't cursed..

Our departure is tomorrow at noon.

Well, if you change your mind,
come visit us.

Isn't there anything I could do?

Is she going to experience
the same loneliness of being cursed?

How cruel...

Without even knowing the traces
of what I was looking for...

Life, time...

I was left behind from everything.

She will also have to face this pain...

What is even left of me?

What could I...

What could I do for Shiva?

A soul...

If only I had a soul...

If I just attack from behind...

I have no choice. This is the only way...

However, would that child wish
for something like this?

What am I thinking? This is as if...

I must return.



You... monster!

Wait! Stop! Let go of me!
You... monster!

Wait! Stop! Let go of me!

Run! It's an Outsider! Run away!

Stop! Let go of me!



Please, let go of me!

This fire should notify
the surrounding villages of you too...

I don't attack villages...

We're finally...

We're finally able to move to the Inside.

Just as long as I don't spread the curse...

Stop! What are you...


Stop! I haven't touched you yet...


This can't be...


have I done?

Looks like you can no longer
use that soul.

All I wanted was to help Shiva...

There's somewhere
that I want you to take me.

Yeah, sure.

Shiva, you brought this for me.

Here it is.

Stay with her for a moment.

We'll head further down.

Don't get lost.

Don't get lost.

This is it.

This is it.

This is the closest.

We're home, Mother.

We don't have a soul,
but we'll return this.

We have a guest today.

I can hear something.

It's Mother.

It's Mother's voice.

It's more like a sound than a voice.

It can't be described as words.
It's like a song.

Now, speak to Mother.

I have a favor to ask.


help us.

Please tell us how to break her curse.

I'll do anything I can do to help!

She is my light...

I was always in the dark.

If Shiva wasn't there...

I would've been that way forever.

Forgetting my breath, my pulse,
my sleep, and even myself...

I don't want her to feel the pain
of losing everything!


There's nothing left
that I can do for her.

I beg you please, save Shiva's soul.

If my voice is being heard...

please break this curse.


I couldn't...

I couldn't do anything for you.

I only...

wanted to stay beside you.

Do you understand now?
It's just as Mother says.

You two should have known
what that meant for the both of you.

I knew...

that there was an end to everything.


Can I...

only take from you and not give?


No! Teacher!


Don't leave me!

Stay by my side!

Yes, all right.

If even someone like me...

can become your light.


I think I was having a dream.

A really scary dream.

It was dark and quiet, and it felt like
I was going to be alone again...

Don't worry, I'll stay by your side.


I'm sorry, I took it without asking...

No, thank you, Shiva.

Thanks to you, I thought that I should
hold on to it carefully from now.


Will you open it?

Shi... Va?

Teacher, I'll walk.




Thank you, Shiva.

Teacher, sorry for the wait!

Let's take the long way back.