Toto and His Sisters (2014) - full transcript

Totonel (10) and his sisters, Andreea (14) and Ana (17), are waiting for their mother to come back home from prison. As they grow up, each of them learns how to survive on their own, hoping that when their mother returns, the family will be reunited.

Get down. Go on, go.

- We'll just pick one apple.
- I said go, now.

Just one apple.
My mouth's watering.

One apple,
and then I'll get down.

You'll break the branch.

Totonel, take one for me, too.

- I took one for him too.
- Fine, go, go on.


- Where is the other cloth, Andreea?
- On the table.

Nobody is perfect...

Shouldn't we throw this away?
It's broken.

Leave it, we'll keep it for dishes.

- We can put them on the table, Ana.
- No, we'll cook on that table.

When mother returns
she should find the house cleared

and we can
start again from scratch.


Your sisters are cleaning.

I see, they only called me
to take out the garbage.

- When is you mother coming back, Andreea?
- That's none of your business.


- Too big?
- Too small.

Then they won't fit me either.

Sister, are you listening?
Put some cream on here.

But go easy, easy...

I really have to wash your feet.

Wash your feet.

Get down from the bed.
Hurry up.

Easy you idiot,
leave me alone you fucking retard.

Ana, I'm hungry.

I'll make a dumpling soup.
But later on, I have no cooker now.

But I'm hungry.

Here, take this.

- Make him that soup.
- Wait, I have to make a cooker.

I'm starving.

Easy, easy.

- Sile, how many lines will you make?
- I don't know yet.

I make them close
so that it boils faster.

But until you make the soup...

I will fall asleep.

Ana, come get up.

I'll be damned if I let you
junkies in the house anymore.

- Shut up.
- You shut up.

I haven't been here in a month.

- Help me shoot up.
- Fuck off, I'm not helping you.

I don't want drugs now.

You like it here, right?

- You like it here, right?
- What?

- Relax, I'll give you some too.
- Out with all you fucking junkies.

- I'll fix you up right now.
- Leave me the fuck alone.

Here, take the food
and fuck off.

It took me all day
to clean the house.

For fuck's sake, one leaves
and ten come back.

God help that you all go
to prison. I'm praying for that.

Whoever comes into this house
should end up in prison.

There we get food,
three times a day.

Every morning tea,
butter and jam.

That's something.
Here we've got nothing.

I sold the phone and
a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Listen, for the bag and the phone
I got 95 lei.

For the bracelet I got 10 lei.


Good morning.

- How are you, Siminica?
- Fine.

Could be worse, right?

- You have two kids?
- Three.

Two girls and one boy.

What's your little boy's name?

Horvath Ilie Nicuşor Gabriel
but we call him Totonel.


Who is looking after them?

- My brothers.
- I see. I just wanted to know.

Petre Siminica, convicted
seven years for drug trafficking.

Her sentence started on 30.01.2007 and
will finish on 29.01.2014.

To qualify for parole she had to serve
2/3 of her sentence.

She has served 4.5 years.

She didn't make any serious efforts
to integrate socially.

Parole is not a given.

Just serving 2/3 of your time
is not enough.

You have to prove that you want to get out
and be a different person.

That's why you are serving time.

Anyway, we discussed and
analyzed your case and

the commission
has postponed your release.

Do you understand?

Please sign the report.

Both copies.

Keep seriously in mind what I am
telling you.

If you don't make any effort,

you'll have three more years to serve.

Is this
what your children deserve?

Getting out of prison
is in your hands.

You can return to your cell.

- 03:00.
- 03:00 or...?

- 04:00.
- No. 15:00.

Why didn't you write that?

- Good morning.
- We already finished the test, Totonel.

I'm sorry for being late, Miss.

- Yeah, right...
- I couldn't get up.

How long do you sleep, stupid?

- Gabriel, how are you?
- Fine.

I was dead tired, Miss.
I couldn't make it at eight.

- Why?
- I didn't sleep last night.

Come here.

This is your evaluation test.

- But I did this one already, Miss.
- It was a similar one.

These are clocks.

Write down what time
they are showing.

Here, you work it out. That's all.

- Don't rush this time.
- Yes.

- Is it fish, Ana?
- No, it's paté.

Close the door, girl.
It stinks outside.

What the fuck do you want?

It stinks outside.

So what?
It stinks because of you, anyway.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah.

Did you talk to mother lately?

Yeah, right.

Did she call you?

How would she call?
I wanted to write, but how?

If I can't write.
You write to her.

- I don't want to.
- Then shut up.

She will be home for my birthday.

- Leaving again?
- What should I do, Ana?

Go on then. Leave.

Move it, bitch.

Let go, idiot.
Don't push me like that.

Go back to your friends' place.

- Don't come back.
- I won't.

I don't care about her.

She can do with her life whatever
she likes. I'll do what I want with mine.

That's it.

She's cutting my hair.

Let me hold your camera.

Nicoleta, you have to
hold it straight. Understood?

Here, take it.

Don't film from here
and hold it straight.

Film from behind
where she's doing the hair.

I'm curling my hair.

At my best friends.
I have great friends.

What a face.

So, tell me,
Miss Andreea Petre Violeta.

Well, at home I don't get
along with my family.

My friend went to Turkey with her mum,
so I'm staying at her house.

She invited me so I stayed.

Tonight she'll come back.
I stayed here for two days.

Kitty, you stay inside.

Come and see
where I throw away my hair.

So that it grows, you know?


Open up!

Police, open up!

Everybody get down!

Get down!

Stop it!
We have children!

We have children!

- Where is Totonel?
- School.

Your sister got arrested.

This place fucking stinks.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm waiting for Uncle Ilie.

When did they arrest Ilie?

I don't know. I wasn't at home
when it happened.

- Where were you?
- I slept at a friend's place.

- You're waiting for him here?
- I want to see him...

...because they also took my sister.

Has she been locked up?

- And what about Totonel?
- He's at school.

- And who's taking care of him now?
- Sile and Ilie.

- How, if Ilie was arrested?
- I was just used to saying that.

Andreea, be good.


- Good morning.
- Welcome, Andreea.

- How are you, mademoiselle?
- Fine.

- What did we agree on Friday?
- What?

- What did we agree on?
- That I will sleep at home.

- And where did you sleep?
- At a friend's.

Andreea, if Totonel tells me
one more time that you left him alone,

you'll be in trouble with me.

Even if this friend gets hit by a car,

you still have to stay with Totonel.

No matter what,
you stay with Totonel.


- Today, you'll read.
- Oh, my God.

Which sign is
this pointing to the right?

Less than.

- Greater than.
- Oh, greater than.

So... greater.

Look at me.

- Two equal numbers?
- Five and five.

Five equals five.

In order to understand...

- "The ones from..."
- No, "The..."

"The two..."

- "... siblings..."
- Yes.

"... have left..."

"... for..."

"... this..."

"... place..."

"Have left for this place."
Full stop.

Case #30591, March 2011.

- Defendant Badulescu Ana-Maria.
- Present with appointed attorney.

So you are...?

- Do you have any I.D.?
- No.

- What is your name?
- Petre Andreea Violeta.

- Adriana?
- Andreea.

- Are you the defendant's sister?
- Yes.

Parents: Badulescu Siminica,

Badulescu Daniel-Leonid.

Well, let's hear
from the undercover witness.

Can you hear us?

- Yes, sure.
- Fine, I'm listening.

In February,
I wanted to buy heroin,

because I'm a drug user.

I see. Continue.

Someone introduced me to her and

I bought heroin from her, twice.

- How much did you pay?
- 50 lei.

- And the second time?
- 25 lei.

What is your position now?

Do you still deny the offence?

I'll keep to my statement.
I won't confess anything.

You won't?

The court adjourns
to deliberate the case.

Wake up.

Come on, stop doing that.

I want to sleep more.

Then sleep.

Petre Siminica, your children are visiting.
Sit down.

Don't cry.

Where is Ana?

What's wrong?

I can't wait for you to come home.

Just a bit longer and
your mother will be home.

The waiting will
soon come to an end.

Are you really coming home
or will they keep you another year?

No, maybe one
or two months more.

I should stop telling you things.

Who drugged her?

Who? Your brothers.

Who else?

- You keep out of trouble.
- I will.

I did for so long.

I will be home soon
and this will end.

See, you wanted to move
to this neighbourhood and

look what a beautiful family
we became.


Andreea, will you sleep at
home tonight?

That's none of your business.

- Tell me.
- Leave me alone.

Tell me, yes or no?

- Will you sleep at home?
- Jesus, just piss off.

Don't you see, she doesn't care.

What's wrong, man?

She doesn't care about anything.

She leaves me alone at home.

Sir, will you
give me some water?

- Totonel, how are you doing, kid?
- Fine.

I haven't seen one of
your uncles lately. Is he sick?

Ilie? He's in jail.
They took him.

- Why was he arrested?
- No clue.

We were asleep, it was seven
in the morning.

They came, broke down the door
and pounced on us.

Oh my.

I have to go now.

Good job, Totonel.

Give me that water, man.

Here, man.
There's plenty for everyone.

Give me that water, fucker.

What's your problem, freak?

You my life, you my life.

I've seen bitter days...

Uncle Sile, do you want
some boiled egg?


- Where is your father?
- He's abroad.

- How old is he?
- No clue.

- What's his name?
- Cheetah.

- What?
- Cheetah.

Be quiet.

Can you be quiet for a bit?

No shouting, jumping
or other tricks.

Why the long faces?

We're excited.

The first thing we'll
learn is facial expression.

I want everybody to
pull faces as I count.

1, 2, 3, 4. Grin.

5, 6, 7, 8. One, two...

Now raise your arm.

When I go to your left,
I move my heels and my arm.

Listen to how this sounds.



Open the door for me.

Pull up the chair.
I'll give you both something to eat.

Barack Obama will make a statement
about Osama Bin Laden's death.

- But where is your sister, boy?
- No clue.

Does she have anything to eat?

- Who gives her food?
- Herself.

- Who?
- She does.

Does she?

Highlight the numbers
that end with one of these digits.

Does 137 end on an even digit?

- 137?
- Yes.

- No, it doesn't.
- Then it's not an even number.

- What about 138?
- No.

And what about this 8?

You said only...

No, I said 0, 2, 4, 6, 8.
I told you five times, Andreea.

If you don't pay attention,
please leave.

Because here you too
have to make an effort.

- Can you look at me?
- Yes, go ahead.

Do you want to do this exercise?

I do, otherwise
I wouldn't have come to the club.

Please, look at me.
Do you want to continue?

I do, but explain
so I understand better.

Choose a word on the page
and show it to me.

I don't know what a word is.

I see. A written word
is made up of letters.

For instance, what you wrote here
is a word and it consists of letters.

- Can you show me the letters?
- These are letters.

- Yes, and what are these?
- Digits.

Yes. Well done.

So you wrote a word,
which is made out of letters.

You use words
when you speak and when you write.


Listen and don't start dancing
until I turn it off.


Will you pay attention?

If we all clap at 2, 4,

why are you clapping at 5, 7,
against us?

I want to hear the same
beat from everybody.

Come on.

Can't you hear them clap?


Totonel. Clap at the same time
as everyone else.

Otherwise it sounds wrong.

Why are you all talking?

I was talking to Totonel.


I'll say 'respect' until you hate it.

Every one of you needs the others.

Like you need a mum and dad
you also need your mates.

Like you all need food or sleep,

you need this team
in order to succeed.

I want to create a team,
not a kids' gang.

Outside you can be a gang.
Here you have to be a team.

Otherwise, we'll stop working.

One last time.

One last time.

Can't you hear?

Clap your hands.


Does it say "sport" here, man?

Don't rip it, man.

You there...

Give it to me you idiot,
you retard.

It says "sport" here, right?


Does it say "sport" here?

- Dude, did someone die around here?
- Yes, a guy next door.

- Was it Marcel?
- Yes.

Look what Totonel
is playing with.

Totonel, what
are you playing with?

Bitch, I thought
you'd never get out.

I knew they'd let me go.

You knew you'd get out
without confessing?

I knew.

Will you start doing
drugs again?

Blue is the night...

Come to school with me
and sign up, OK?

Yes, I swear on mum's life.

- Welcome back, Ana.
- Cheers.

- Sile...
- Stop shouting.

How did you get out, Ana?

Look at him.

Stop crying.

Get off me.

I won't do drugs anymore.

I swear no junkie will enter
this house again. It's over.

I missed you.
You lost weight.

Stop crying now.

- Now you'll stay home with me.
- Yes.

I'll keep you by my side.

- Ana, did they release you for good?
- Yes.

- I'll take care of you now.
- What?

- I'll take care of you.
- Of me?

Why did you lose weight?

I eat what I can.

I'll throw out all the junk and
clean up this place.

Tomorrow we'll do the cleaning.
Now it's late.

Use the other egg, too.

Yo, I'll be at the park.

- Hands off, Ana
- I'm leaving now.

- Hello.
- How are you?

- Look at you...
- I got released.

Bravo. I'm happy to see you.

Is miss Ionela here?

- Did you put some weight on?
- Yes.

- Do you still take drugs?
- No.

- Really?
- I swear.

Will you stay with us
at the club today?

- Yes, I'll just go and change.
- And then you'll come back? OK, go.

Ana, what are your plans for the future?

I want to work.

Would you like to do
a training course?

- As a waitress or a cook?
- Yes, a cook.

- I'm being serious.
- Yes.

- Do you want me to arrange it?
- Yes

- What's your educational level?
- Fifth grade.

Hi Mădălina, is that you?

Nicu here. Put me through
to the training department.

Georgiana or Mihaela.

Give me a 37.

- Whose turn is it?
- Mine. I need a 36.

These will fit me, Miss.

That's better. Six.


That's how your arms go up.

On six all arms have to go up.

Five, six.

Florin, change places with Totonel.
You're not awake.

Look at Totonel.
Step by step to the front line.

Three, four, five.

What training course
do you want to do?


- What about manicure, pedicure?
- It's gross.



Good morning.

How are you, girls?

- This is Ana.
- Take a seat, Ana.

So, if we manage to enroll her now
for a course...

...she's half saved...

...from drugs...
and also from jail.

Do you have a family doctor?


Do you know if you have
any health problems?

- No.
- No diseases at all?

No, I just talk to myself sometimes.

That's normal, don't worry.

Now, write down your name.

- How old are you?
- Seventeen.

As you are underage, we need
one of your parents to be present.

My mom's in jail.

I see.
And your father?

He doesn't care about me.

To take this course you need
a parent's consent, OK?

Oh bitter life,
look what you're doing to me.

The bear fell from the moon.

It's your turn, Toto.

Man down.

That's not allowed.
You're it.

Get the fuck off my sheets.

I'll beat you up,
get off the bed.

You think I'm playing
around with you?

Stop pinching me.

- Keep your dirty feet off me.
- Stop pinching me.

Stick your feet in there.

- Wash the other one, too.
- Wait, let me wash this one first.

Will you tell me
why you're crying?

I feel like crying when
I think about...

About whom?
About Ana?

About Ana and
what's in our house.

Andreea, don't aim to
change what happens in that house,

you won't stand a chance.

But people make reproaches.

What people?

- My girlfriends.
- What business is it of theirs?

I stayed at their
places and they tell me...

I see, they mind
if you stay with them again?

Look, we discussed your case...

...and we want you to stay
at the orphanage.

You and Totonel.

Do you want this?

I don't know.

Think about it.

You have to have a place to sleep.

The rest of your time
you can spend here.

You can do your homework and
stay with me until I leave in the evening.

It's important to have
a place to sleep. That's all.

Stop crying, Andreea.

It won't solve anything.

Are you feeling sorry for yourself?

You shouldn't be.

I already told you yesterday.

Be strong, and be stubborn

and don't ever step back.

That's how our life works.

- Do you understand?
- I do.

Stop crying now.
We'll find a solution.

Will you give me a hug?

Oh God.
My beautiful girl.

Sometimes people say
that I'm complaining.

That I pity myself,
but that's not true.

I just feel the need
to talk about my troubles.

To talk about what I've been through.

When I was little, I was
in an orphanage and nobody cared.

Mother wanted to leave me
and my sister there for good.

It was very hard...
that she left me there.

My uncle fought with her
to take us back home.

Because she didn't want
to take us home anymore.

Date of birth...

Day, month, year.

October 20th.

And your year. 19... 96 it should be.

I'm fourteen years old, Miss.
199... I don't really know.

Here you write: "Please approve
my registration for

the day and night shelter for
homeless children".

"I declare that I will
respect the house rules".

Let's find a thing like this
and play.

Why did your mum leave you here?

Because she's homeless.

They kicked her out
and grandfather died.

- So she brought you here?
- Yes.

Mummy sleeps
on the staircase now.

It's me and this little one.

We were five kids.

If we count
the one who was... bought,

we're eight.

What? Somebody
bought a child?

No. Sold a child.

- Who sold a child?
- Dad.

- Do you like it here, Totonel?
- No.

- Why not?
- I just don't. They tell me off...

If they didn't,
would you like it here?


- Why not?
- Because.

Will you cut it out?
I'm serious, Totonel.


Yes what?

- Totonel.
- Yeah...

I feel like laughing.

I'm serious, answer.

I know, Andreea.
We should have stayed home.

Let's go back home.

I'll beat you up.

I'm asking if you like it here.

Andreea, can you rewind
to where I'm cross-eyed?

Totonel, cut it out.


That's all.

There. I told you to cut it out.

Mmm, it's so tasty.

The milk for today is almost finished.

- Toto, did Andreea have breakfast?
- No.

Mica, when will the rash
on your arms heal?

- What?
- Forget it.

When mum comes for me.

What a fool.

After discussing with your teacher

and with the sponsors of this class

we've decided that

everyone will practise on Tuesdays

but on Thursdays only the people selected

for upcoming shows or competitions
will practice.

Today we'll practice with everyone,

and next time
only with the ones I'll call out now.

- OK?
- Yes.

Those in the Thursday class are:


- Adi.
- Thank you, Sir.


- Mădă.
- Thank you.

So... Toto.

Why isn't Toto listed as present?

- Weren't you here from the beginning, Toto?
- No.

- Robert.
- Thank you.

That's all for now.

Miss Andreea, you have
to try harder.

Andreea always
wanted to practice more,

but she has to learn
that she needs to work harder.



I'll ask if you may
take a shower.

Don't give me that dress,
I won't wear it.

Now you're turning up
your nose, Ana?


Stay here,
I have to comb your hair.



- I'll buy you something nice, kid.
- For me?

Mother's name.

Andreea, Ana knows
your father's name.

- That's her father. Of course she does.
- You don't have the same father?

We do, but I don't care
to know his name.

You have to know it, Andreea,

because forms require
both mother's and father's names.

- It's not obligatory.
- Yes, it is.

Miss, I want to go home
and get my nail polish.

You don't need nail polish here.

You're not allowed outside

until tomorrow or the day after.

Stay here, see what it's like.

Can anyone bring you
clothes from home?

No, there is no one.

I could let you go home,

but how can I be sure
you won't go home,

meet the others
and start using again?

I give you my word,
I'll come back.

Take care.

Give me a pair of jeans.

Hurry up, girl, go.

Will you let her
go home by herself?

Hurry up, I won't wait for you.

Andreea, use the gate
when you're dressed like that.

I'm taking this way.

Tell us, Andreea.

- How old are you today?
- 15.

She brought candy for everybody.

Let's sing "Happy Birthday",

and write our birthday wishes
on the card.

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday, Andreea.

Happy birthday.

Siblings for siblings.

Yeah right, he doesn't
even hug me properly.

Happy birthday.

Let me kiss
your other cheek, too.

Happy Birthday Andreea.

Dear mom, We are well.

Don't worry about us.

Ana doesn't want
to come to the shelter.

Me and Toto are doing well there.

Right there. Bravo.

Play with your arms. Wider.

Wider, wider.

You're fine.

Practice this more.

You start with big moves.

You go body, wave.

That's it, play with your feet,
wave, hands again...


Good, that's it.

Play with the audience.

Here are the jury members from
Italy, Denmark and the USA.

Popping? Later.

The last dancer for the
popping junior finals. Number 227.

Well done, you.
See, you could do it.

Did you enjoy it?

Good evening, Oradea!

Good evening, Romania.
Hip Hop International, make some noise!

Here are the winners.

We start with popping junior.

Third place
Dumitrescu Alexandru.

Second place
in popping junior goes to

Toto, team B4T.

Well done, kid.

Well done, kid.

You're a born champion,
you hear me?

A born champion,
you're the best.

Don't you forget it,
not for a second.

- I want some sweets.
- No, they're bad for your health.

Why do you love me?

- Why do you love me?
- Ouch! Why did you pinch me?

Why do you love me?


Why do you love me?

I love you because you are
my beautiful sister.

But why do you love me?

Because you have big lips.

Not true.
I have a small mouth.

Let's see.

Lips, lips, lips...

Tell me.

Lip, lips, lipsies.

What about Ana?
Do you still love her?

- No.
- Why not?

Because I don't love her.

- But why?
- 'Cause I don't want to.

That's a different thing.

Isn't she still your sister?

Not anymore.

- Sure?
- Yes.

You know you need
to wash your feet?

- Why?
- What a question.

I washed them, fool.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

- What did you say?
- No, that's it, delete this one.

I'm just joking with you, chill.

- Do you miss mum?
- Yes, I miss mum.

And don't you intend to get out
of this filthy mess?

- I do, but you know what?
- Then why don't you quit drugs?

Will you back the fuck off,

You abandoned mum,
you crazy bitch. Got it?

I didn't abandon mum.

Got that?
Don't lay into me.

Everybody picks on me because
I have lots of money

and I won't throw myself away.
Got it?

I don't wear fake nails.

There is dirt under my nails.

So don't you worry.

But if you'd quit drugs
you'd get out of this filthy mess.

You could leave this place

and do something with your life.
You just don't want to.

Don't you worry, you idiot.

You two ran away
and left me in this mess.

None of you came to
bring me a bite to eat.

"Here, sis have some meat",
or anything...

Nobody, nothing.
I waited here and cried my heart out.

But we didn't
leave you behind, we...

Yeah, right, you didn't.

You slept at Jasmin's place,

at Gina's and other places.

That light is killing me.

We left because
we couldn't live like this anymore.

That's why we left.
If we had at least running water...

Didn't I clean the house?
Didn't I?

If we had water or
a clean house I would have stayed.

We could have cleaned together.

I stopped cleaning
out of fear, idiot.

There were too many junkies
coming in here.

So I didn't want
to bother anyone.

I just left it like this.

And do you like living
in this mess?

Yes, I'll live like this until
I'm the last one here.

- You're shooting up...
- Not anymore, bitch.

- I saw you with the syringe.
- Did you?

So what? If I like I shoot
and if not I can leave it.

See, it all depends on you.

Leave me alone, you nutcase.
You want to cut my wings.

Look, she keeps talking
so she can steal my stuff.

What a thief you are.

No chance to trick me, crazy.

- Everything depends on you, Ana.
- Drop it.

When you got out of jail
you promised to go to school, to work...

None of that happened.

Don't you want to go
to the hospital, at least?

Just leave us alone, will you.

Will you bring me
something to eat?

Where from?
Do you think I have food?

If you want, come now
to the shelter and wash yourself.

I washed myself, girl,
don't you worry.

Are you crazy?
I washed myself.

I don't need to be washed
by anybody.

Nobody ever scrubbed
my back, my hands or feet. Got it?

- I didn't mean that.
- Just leave me alone.

You couldn't even bring
me a pair of shoes.

I gave you those
you're wearing, Ana.

I don't have any shoes
other than what I'm wearing.

- I only have these shoes, Ana.
- Leave me alone.

I will if that's what you want.

So we are both dirt poor.

Why don't you go and stay
with that girl in Rahova.

Why live with others when
I have my own house?

Are you fucking crazy?
I have my own house.

- I will clean it.
- And...

Just stop and leave me
the fuck alone.

It smells so nice of cooking.

Ana Maria.

When did you
start doing drugs, dear?

I was 13.

First I smoked, then snorted,
then started shooting up.

- Heroin, right?
- Yes.

So... your test results came back

and unfortunately
you are HIV positive.

Based on your immunity level
we'll decide what to do.

How are you, Andreea?
Are you hungry?

What's wrong?
Are you crying?

No, thanks.

Wait a moment.


It's wind, see?

Do you have the guts
to walk down there?

It's salty.


This feels great.

Petre Siminica, convicted 7 years
for dealing and using drugs.

Imprisonment started on 30.01.2007,

due on 29.01.2014.

She has served 1881 days.

This is her third parole commission.

- Do you have children?
- Three.

- Of age or minors?
- Minors.

Who took care of them
during this time?

My brothers.

Did they come to visit?

Not recently.
I haven't had a visit in over a year.

- Do you have a home to return to?
- Yes.

- Any other questions?
- No.

Wait for the decision.

I've been waiting for this moment
like air.

To breathe it in, you know?

To go home and take my children,

to be with them in my home.

Understand what I'm trying to explain.

The orphanage won't allow us
to leave just like that.

You have to give some guarantees.

Let me try
to make myself understood.

You must be able to feed us.

You have to have some income...

You think I lived off drugs
all my life?

I didn't always sell drugs.

For whom did I take the risk?
For whom did I go to jail?

I live for you and nobody else.

Without you,
I would have killed myself in jail.

I don't live for anybody else.

Not for my brothers, my sister
or any man.

And no one
can take you away from me.

Look, this orphan
is ignoring me completely.

Hey, scruffy kid.

Let him be.
The orphan will get used to you.

I cried every night for him.

If your mother was in jail and...

My mum did go to jail.

And my father, too.

Two of my brothers
and my sister as well.

Only one brother didn't go yet.

We all went to prison.

And if she stayed
six years in jail.

It's hard to get used to her
being back home.

I've been told
I have to rehabilitate.

One month postponement
for not doing that.

Another month
because I did "business".

Three months for
not taking part in activities.

- Yes.
- You see?

So now I'm rehabilitated.

I'm going to the toilet.

You won't hear
the muster call there.

Do you need tissues?

Let me lay you down.

No. Leave me alone.

- Come to my arms.
- Let go. I don't want to.

God help me!

- Come to my arms.
- No.

Why don't you want to?

Lie down there,
she'll sit next to me.

No. Leave me alone.

Don't you care about me?
Don't you love me anymore?