Totem (1999) - full transcript

Six people find themselves inexplicably transported to a remote cabin that is surrounded by an invisible barrier. In a nearby graveyard, they discover an ancient, carved stone monument that they dub a "totem pole." Soon, they find themselves trapped in a murderous plot by malevolent forces that can control and manipulate their actions with the ultimate goal being to unleash three demonic entities from the monument.

(MultiCom Jingle)

(dramatic instrumental music)

(intense instrumental music)

- Well here's number six.


- She's the last, the sixth one.

- How the hell you know that?

- [Woman In Gray] Don't you?

- Come on babe, you
gotta drink a little bit.

There you go.

It's okay, just relax.

- Please...

Can someone tell me what's--

- No, we can't tell you what's going on.

- Okay, okay, just hold on.

I've already done this a few times today,

so I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Let me guess...

You were somewhere normal,
doing something normal.

All of a sudden you got this...

This thing in your brain.

Tells you to drop whatever you're doing,

get here as fast as you can,

any way that you can.

When the fact is, you don't
even know where here is.

Or that you had gotten
where you were going

until you got here.

And you don't know why you
did, or why you're here,

or who any of us are.

Am I right?

- Yes but--

- Multiply times five and
that's exactly the same deal

with all of us.

Hold on, I can tell you
something else that you knew.

There'd be six of us here,
which means you're the last.

Oh, something else I can
personally vouch for...

You can't leave.

- I don't understand.

- There's a fuckin' understatement.

- We've all tried it, okay?

Around 100 feet from
here, you hit this like...

Invisible wall, and it's like...

You're walking through
mud, only there's no mud.

It's like a fuckin' nightmare.

- Another five feet,
you can't move an inch.

Just come running back to this damn cabin.

- Yeah, and Rozzer there has the record.

She got a good three feet
further than the rest of us.

- So...

Now's your shot.

Go head and go for it if you want to.

- Thanks.

- Oh, and let me make the introductions.

My name's Paul.

And I was working at my
cousin Arnie's garage,

middle of some guy's transmission.

Suddenly I get this view of
a cabin in the mountains.

Next thing you know, I'm on my way.

And that big guy that looks
like a football player,

that's Len.

- Yeah, except I think
sports are bullshit.

- Yeah, right.

Len was...

What, where the hell were you?

- I was in engaged in
some very serious research

with a young lady friend of mine named...

What the hell was her name?

- Okay, we get the picture.

And that's Tina right there.

She left right in the middle of class

at Porter Powell High School.

- God only knows what my mom's thinking.

- [Paul] And that's Roz over there.

- Hi.

I was with my art study
group at the national museum.

- Hi, I'm Alma.

Alma Groves.

I was having lunch at--

- Man, you had lunch?

- Len was obviously
satisfying the wrong appetite

before he got the summons.



Oh, and that inscrutably
silent fella over there

in the corner...

That's Robert.

We don't know what the fuck he was doing.

- Yeah, so.

Introduction is over.

Now what?

- What, it isn't up to me.

- There's something else I could tell you.

Whatever is going to happen,
it's gonna happen fast.

He's watering the pump.

Nobody's been in this place for...

100 years or so.

There's nothing edible here
unless you're a termite.

And none of us brought any food.

- Wow.


There he goes again, guys.

Thank you, Robert.

Something else for us to worry about

that we can't affect to
one fucking centimeter.

- Just something I was thinking about

while I was being inscrutably silent.

- Good.


So anyway, Alma.

If you'd like, now's your chance to do

whatever emotional thing you want to.

We can break furniture like Len did here

when he got here.

Or you can cry like Tina did.

Or you can do that
creepy weird silent thing

that Robert and Roz are pulling.

- All this bullshit of talking
without saying anything.

That's your strategy.

- Yeah, you got it.

- I'll pass on all of
them if you don't mind.

- Where you going?

- You invited me to try
and get out of this place.

I'm gonna try.

Is there any direction you haven't tried?

- What do you think?

There's like a magic invisible wall

around part of the place...

But the other part, we can
just walk right through.

- How about through there?

- You should be feeling
that weird feeling by now.

- I'm not feeling any
weirder than I was before.

- That's gotta be like 200 feet.

- She's still going.

- What are we waitin' for?

Hey, you may have actually found a way.

- [Len] What the fuck do you call that?

Jesus, more weird shit.

- I didn't think there'd
be that many dead people

out in the middle of
nowhere who needed burying.

- [Tina] What is that?

Is that a totem pole?

- [Alma] I don't think they ever carved

totem poles on a stone.

- [Len] Maybe it was
carved to look like that.

- Or maybe all the others were carved

to look like this one.

- [Len] What are you talking about?

- I don't know, but this thing looks old.

A lot older than those graves,

and a lot older than that cabin.

So either someone would have had to have

brought it here,

or it was here when they came.

And if it was here when they came...

It's been here for a
really long, long time.

- You know what?

I got a great idea.

Let's smash it.

- What?

- [Paul] Hey, hold on man.

- You want to destroy something

that might be just as old as Stonehenge?

- Gee, let me think.

Do I give a shit?

No, fuck it.

So unless you wanna get stone in your eye,

I suggest you back da fuck up.

(loud thunder)

- Well I guess that answers
that question, doesn't it.

- What the hell do you
know about this thing?

- What do you mean?

- What the fuck do you think I mean?

It's a totem pole, Robert.

Do I see any other Indians around?

Nope, just you.

- Screw you, man.

This thing doesn't belong to any tribe

I ever heard of.

Unless it's the fucked up peyote smoker

who a gothic church carver tribe.

And second thing...

If it was a fucking Roman column,

everybody around you would
be looking at you funny

because your Goddamn
grandparents came from Sicily,

or wherever the hell they came from.

- Man, we're all in the same
deep shit together, okay?

Who the hell is gonna know if not you?

- Okay paesano, first of all...

My tribe the Choctaw, didn't
build any fucking totem poles,

with any shapes, size or color.

And second of all...

I can't tell you jack shit until
you know about the Choctaw.

My family hasn't lived in the reservation

in three generations.

Stop coming to me for any
animalistic, shamanistic,

spirit guide bullshit.

Ain't got it.

- Yeah, well if you don't know
anything about the Choctaw,

how do you know they
didn't build totem poles?

- Because the Choctaw
live in the Great Plains.

And there aren't any freakin'
trees in the Great Plains.

Better things to do than
carve shit out of granite,

which there wasn't any of
out in the Great Plains.

There was basically grass...

Buffalo and buffalo shit.

So if you find anything
here carved out of that,

then you could come to me.

Any other questions?

- I'm going back to the cabin now.

I don't like the way that
thing's looking at me.

- Guess you found the invisible wall, huh?

Just turn around, it
will let you come back.

- Just checking the distances.

- What do you mean?

- You all figured that the
barrier was a big circle

with a cabin at the center.

- It's a different shape?

- No, it's a circle.

But the cabin isn't the center.

The graveyard is, back there.

- So...

(drowned out speaking)

- No, it's my first time.

(ominous ambient music)

- There you go.

Just call be Daniel Boone.


Fucking thing.

- You guys, does anybody
have a flashlight?

- Oh, I have um...

It's not a flashlight, it's a key light.

But you can--

- I'll take it, thanks.

- Where you going?

- To the outhouse.

- You want me to come with you?

- Do I want you to come with me?

- It might not be a bad idea.

- Yeah, just me being chivalrous.

Come on, I'll guard you while you pee.

- Okay, well then tell me this...

Suppose you do come along and guard me...

What is it exactly
that's gonna happen to me

that by you being there is
gonna stop from happening?

- Well you could have
someone out there that--

- Yeah, don't worry I'll
be back in a few minutes.

Just don't leave without me.

- Christ man, I am so hungry.

- Guys used to boil and eat shoe leather

when the food ran out.

We'll just eat one another.

- Yeah, well I don't think my shoes

are made of leather but I
wouldn't mind eating Tina

when she gets back.


Hey, where'd you get
the soap for the lamp?

- There's a big can of it back there,

must've been sitting on the
shelf for about 100 years.

- You mean they had cans
a hundred years ago?

- Yeah, Len.

They had cans back in 1900.

- Well pardon fuckin' moi, asshole.

It's like not an area
of my expertise, okay?

- Hey, you guys gotta come see this.

Come on.

- [Paul] Any canned corn in here?

- [Roz] No, no food.

Look at the floor.

Brush the dirt away.

- [Paul] Beautiful.

- [Alma] Do you think it's blood?

- Yes, it's human blood.

- Shit.

How do you know?

- Look.

- [Alma] Oh God.

- Okay, so it is human blood.

- That's...

That's some grizzly shit.

Thanks for showing us, Roz.

- What do you guys think happened in here?

- [Paul] Hey, don't ask
what you don't wanna know.

- What do you mean?

- I mean I got a feeling
if we wait here any longer,

it's gonna happen again.

- [Alma] Let's see, catalog.

Poor Richard's Almanack.


Les Miserables.

- [Paul] You ever see the show?

It's fucking brilliant.

- [Alma] Bible.

- So we know who built the cabin.

- March 11th, 1899.

That's strange.

That graveyard looks more
than a hundred years old.

- Yeah, and there sure are more than...

One, two, three, six people in it.

Even presuming they all died and the last

dug his own grave and pulled
the dirt in on top of him.

- So they came here to settle or something

and some basically bad shit happened.

- Well that sure sums it up.

- Hey, what time is it?

- What's the matter, you
got some place to go?

- No, but how long does
it take a girl to go pee?

- Just let her--

- [Len] Depends on how many beers she's--

- No, quit fucking around guys.

I'm serious.

Has she been gone longer
than it takes or not?

- Well when did she leave?

- Shit, I don't know.

Why don't we go check on her?

I mean she'll probably just...

I better go check on her.

Just arming myself.

Do you guys wanna go?

- No.

- Okay, well it's a...

It's probably nothing.

I'll be back.

(ominous instrumental music)

- Jeez.

My God.

- Get lost on the way to the outhouse?

- No, I just came to check on something.

- Check what?

- Look.

Alma Groves.

Is your last name Maglia?

- Yeah, how'd you know?


- What the fuck?

How could that thing...

- And over here's Robert.

And Leonard McKinney.

I guess that's Len.

- How the hell could
this thing have the date

of my birth carved on it?

It's nuts.

This thing's ancient.

- This one's mine.

Enshrined with the date of death.

- What?

- August 12th.

August 12th, 1999.

That's tonight.


- Here are their names.

John Morgan, Elizabeth
Morgan, Willard Morgan,

Eleanor Morgan, John Morgan
Jr., and Jane Morgan.

- Yeah.

One big happy family.

Well, until that thing with the ax.

So what's the deal here anyway huh?

I mean, they came here.

The graveyard was either
here, or partially here,

or not here at all.

So they built it, or they didn't build it.

And then they died or
some died and some left.

So my question is this...

What does that get us?

- What's wrong?

- Why didn't we go with him?

- With who?

- With Paul?

- Tina doesn't turn up,
he wants to go find her,

he asked someone to come with him,

it makes perfect sense.

Why would we let him go out there alone

if something might be wrong?

Why didn't we go with him?

- I don't know.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, I don't get it.

What do you mean?

- Well what I mean is...

- She means that whatever
made us come here

and whatever is keeping us from leaving

may have made us stay here

and let Paul go out alone.

- Shit.


(intense piano music)

- [Alma] Oh my gosh.

- What the fuck man,
what happened out there?

- Graveyard.


It's haunted.

(creepy instrumental music)

- What do you mean our names
are in the gravestones?

- It doesn't make any sense.

- Well what the fuck does?

You know, if you don't believe me,

go up and check yourselves.

Leonard McKinney.


That's your last name, isn't it.

You didn't tell me, did you?

- That's me.

- The dates of our births,
and some of them...

The dates of our deaths,
if we can read them.

Some are worn away.

- What date?

- What date do you think?

What date do you fucking think?

Today's date!

- [Robert] What happened to Tina?

- I don't know.

When I found her, she
was looking at the stone.

Then I heard something.

It was claws or leather or something.

Then I was on the ground, I heard talking.

Not screaming, like begging.

Then there was blood, she was dead.

There was blood everywhere,
it was all over me

and that totem pole carving.

It's right on the carving, the top one.

And all over its claws and...

So I didn't know what to
do, I just grabbed her

and I brought her back here.

- You have no idea what happened to her?

What killed her?

- [Paul] That's right.

- You were there man, you were
standing right fuckin' there

and you don't know what happened?

- I don't know.

I don't fuckin' know!

- And how is that it killed her

and just let you walk away?

- I don't know!

- Maybe he doesn't know
for the same reason

we let him go out there alone.

- Yeah, that's kinda
fuckin' weird isn't it?

- You know what's weirder
than anything else?

The fact that when I had woken up...

(eerie groaning)

- What the fuck was that?

- [Roz] Do you see anything?

- It's too dark.

I can't see a thing.

- Okay, well I'm not going out to check.

(eerie screeching)

- There's something on the roof.


- Totally fucked up.

- She's not alive?

- Fucking news flash, she's not alive.

- She's saying something.

- No Alma, don't check her.

- It's not English, I
can't understand her.

- Maybe it's fuckin' dead person language.


- And the season of
blood spilling returns.

When the time of the returnings...

Comes again.

- I thought you didn't know
any of this Indian shit?

- Damn it, I don't.

Don't any of you understand it?

And then...

In their returning...

The first...


Of fire and blood shall come again.

The first killer is killed...

The first victim has been offered.

The first master...

Has woken up.

Blessing for the killer,

blessing for the victim,

blessing for the first master of three.

Blessing for the bloody master

who has woken up

and walks through the skies.

Blessing for the three masters

who have come up out of the earth

in their season of waking up.

Blessing for the three
masters of the dead.

(eerie screeching)

- I'm going to check.

- You crazy?

Go and check what?

- If it's true.

- Whatever it is man,
take her word for it.

Robert, come on.

- There goes another one, that's great.

You know, I'm staying right here.

- So stay.

- You should stay!

Just relax okay, I'm not
gonna hurt you, just relax.

Well try to relax, damn it!

Just try is what I'm saying.

- One of us is dead, one of them is alive.

Don't you believe it?

- I believe it.

- [Robert] Two left.

- [Alma] But if there are only three...

Why were the six of us summoned?

- Didn't you hear?

Three to do the dying, and
three to do the killing.

- Now tell me this again.

What do you mean it's gone?

- I mean it's gone.

It's not on the totem thing anymore.

It's vanished, gone, not there anymore.

What more don't you...

What I actually mean is the God damn thing

has come to alive, and
it's out there somewhere.

What if its two friends
do wake up and join it?


- That's some crazy fucked up shit.

- Why did you chain her?

- Are you gonna vouch
for her good behavior?

Found some chains in the other room,

you know, the work room.

Wrapped them around her and the table.

Hey, it gives me a
feeling of security, okay?

- I'm not arguing.

- You know, I do understand our situation.

I don't like being, you know...

Fuckin', what the fuck's the word?

- Patronized?

- Patronized, yes, thank you.


And nobody around here has
actually solved our situation.

Ya'll get the fuckin' drift though, right?

Some weird deadly shit
happens to some poor assholes

a hundred years ago

and now we're here to do
the same fuckin' thing.

Then we die...

Or whatever the fuck you call this.

- But why?

- Why?

It's fuckin' destiny.

- I mean if this ritual had
succeeded a hundred years ago

and started this age of
fire or whatever it is...

The point is it didn't.

It failed a hundred years ago.

The point is maybe we're here now

to do what they didn't do.

- So they found some way to stop it,

is that what you're saying?

- For the ritual to
work, what did they say?

They needed three victims
and three killers right?

- Yes.

- Okay.

(eerie screeching)

- Shit.

- It's on the roof.

The door, the door, bar
the fucking door now.

(glass breaking)

- [Alma] He's not...

(drowned out talking)

- You're going down, motherfucker!

- I couldn't move.

I couldn't move an inch.

- [Len] No shit.

- But you could!


- [Len] Don't look a
gift horse in the mouth.

- Why is it that that thing can freeze

the rest of us, not you!

- What the hell you
getting on my case for?

How should I know?

- What's different about
you, what makes you immune?

- Three masters, three
of us to do the dying,

and three of us to do the killing.

- What's that supposed to mean?

- I get it, I get what you're saying.

All the rest of us were here.

It wasn't until Tina died
that that thing came to life.

So it couldn't have killed her.

- Christ, it's no mystery.

She went out to the graveyard,

Paul followed her and killed her.

- Fuck you, Robert!

- It happened, man.

You did it.

That's got to be the
reason why you're immune.

You brought it alive by killing Tina.

- You're talking out of your asses, man.

You don't know what the
hell happened up there.

- Yeah?

Where's the hatchet?

- I don't know!

I left it up at the graveyard, I...

- What are you doing, man?

- Come on, look at it.

This is what killed her.

Go ahead, look.

In the middle of her fucking chest.

It's not from a claw, it's not
from some supernatural thing.

It's from the hatchet.

The one you killed her with.

- Don't you understand?

You could've killed her without being able

to stop yourself.

Maybe without even knowing.

- What happened out there, Paul?

- I told you guys.

I found her in the
graveyard, just like I said.

She was looking at one of those stones

with her name on it.

She turned around and she
looked at me and she...

She turned around and she
looked at me and she...

What the fuck are you looking at!

You know what?

Fuck this man.

I'm not a fucking murderer!

I can tell you something else.

If that thing can't keep me
from chopping her with an ax,

then maybe it can't keep me in this

fucking place any longer.

So guess what?

I'll see you poor bastards later.

Even better, never.

Adios, gone.

- You're gonna go out there
with that thing still there?

- Bingo.

I'm a little more worried about the shit

going on in here.

Goodbye to this whole fuckin' nightmare.

- Best of fuckin' luck.

- Oh, I'm telling you guys...

(loud growling)

(ominous instrumental music)

- I've gotta go.

- What?

- Everybody stay away from me!

- What's wrong with you?

- It's calling me.

I've gotta go.

- It's okay.

We won't let you go.

- How are we supposed to stop her?

- Don't touch me!

Everyone just stay away.

I've gotta go.

- No, come back!

- Nothing's holding me back.

Don't you see, I can follow her.

- And do what?

That totem thing's not gonna hurt her.

They need three of us as victims,

and three of us as killers.

So if we all stay here--

- What are you talking about?

- She's safe, get it?

One of us is the one meant to kill her.

- Yeah?

What about Paul?

He's still out there.

- If one could kill all of us,

it wouldn't need six of us.

- Just stay here, man.

- You know what?

It's all a bunch of bullshit guesses.

We don't know anything.

She shouldn't be out there in the dark.

So fuck you man.

- Don't be stupid.

- I'm not.

- Shit.

Now what?

- It's all right.

It's all right, we're safe now.

Don't you see?

I planned it.

I knew that whoever followed me would be

the one that would try to kill me.

Like Paul killed Tina.

Don't you see?

I stopped the ritual.

- How do you figure that?

- He's dead.

And if one of the killers is dead

then that means the
ritual can't be completed.

- And what killer is that?

- Len!

What's the matter with you?

If I hadn't done that then we don't--

- Whoever told you that you were

supposed to be one of the victims?

- What?

- Don't you understand?

Len is the second victim, and
you are the second killer.

- You're crazy.

(eerie ambient music)


- The second killer has killed.

The second victim is
offered to the lifeblood.

The second master whose name is terror

wakes up.



- So...

If a killer can't kill a second time...

- I can add...

It's either you're going to kill me,

or I'm going to kill you.

It's really basic.

- Why don't they just do it then?

If they can control us, if
they can just make us do it...

- How the hell should I know?

Maybe they're on some
kind of time schedule,

maybe things have to happen just so...

Who the hell knows?

- Maybe...

Maybe if we tried to kill ourselves...

- If they can stop us from
walking away from here,

what makes you think
that they can't stop us

from doing that?

- I'm just trying to think of something.

Robert no, don't!

- [Robert] It's your idea, I'm game.

- No please, Robert please!

- It's my life!

It's my fucking life!

- No don't!


- I couldn't.

I couldn't.

We're theirs, that's all.

Don't you see?

What they want us to do, we do.

What they don't want us to do, we can't.

We're nothing.

- No.

No, we're not.

Robert, listen to me.


I want you to promise me
that you won't do this.

That you won't kill yourself.

- What difference does--

- Robert, just promise me.

- Why not?

No different than promising
not to go to the moon.

Sure, I promise.

- There's got to be another way.

- [Robert] Why?

- I'm not sure what it means when you said

the age of fire and blood returning.

Well it didn't return a hundred years ago.

Robert, listen to me.

It didn't return a
hundred years ago, right?

- Yeah.

- That means that those people,

they found a way to stop it.

- Maybe they prayed.

- There's something written here.

- What?

What is it?

- Something circled.


Therefore as the fire
devoureth the stubble,

and the flame consumeth the chaff,

so their root shall be as rottenness,

and their blossom shall go up as dust.

And in the margins...

And we shall no more offer
our sacrifices onto devils.

Fire shall devour them.

God help us.

- So they burned them.

They don't look particularly
flammable to me.

- If we could kill them...

- Well you're the only one who could

do anything in that department.

You want to take a crack at them?

- It doesn't make any sense.

If they had burned them
a hundred years ago

or found some other way to kill them...

Then why are they still here?

- Who knows?

Maybe they grew back.

Makes as much sense as anything else.

- I need to talk to you.

- What?

- Don't work with him.

I need to talk to you alone.

- I don't think that's a good idea--

- Hey, go ahead.

I don't mind.

Oh Roz...

Just don't figure that
you're gonna catch me

unaware like you did Len.

That trick only works once.

- Close the door.

There's a bolt on it,
pull it shut will you?

I don't wanna be judged.

- I'm not judging anyone.

- You know...

You live in civilization...

Yesterday I wouldn't have even
dreamed of killing anything.

Not a cat or a squirrel.

Everything is so solid.

You think it is, but it isn't.

Everything we think is
so real and permanent,

law and civilization and morality
and reason, it's nothing.

- Roz...

- Something suddenly happens and then

it's like the thinnest
shell you ever thought of.

The shell the size of
an atom just laid out

down on top of just...

A world gone mad.

There's no reason, no
civilization, nothing.

Just the fundamental stuff.

Like men stuck in a life
raft or starving in a cave.

Just the fundamental stuff.

- Roz, I don't understand.

What is it you're trying to tell me?

- Come away from the door.

- Why?

- Well he might be out
there, we don't know,

he might be listening.

Just because he didn't kill himself

doesn't mean that we're safe.

They can make him do anything
they want at any time.

I'm just gonna turn the
lights down a little bit,

I want to show you something.

- What?

- Just wait.

- Okay, now what is it?

- Look over there, there's
a crack in the wall,

you can see it in the dark.

Be careful.

- [Almba] I can't see anything.

- There, it's a light.

See there, there's something there.

Don't you see, don't you see,

it doesn't matter which one of you goes

just as long as I kill someone.

Cause the ritual can't be completed.

Stop it, stop it, you're
just making it harder.

- Hey, are you all right?

- We're fine, we just dropped something.

Shh, be quiet, be quiet!

Stop it, if you ruin this we're all dead.

- Hey, Alma?

- Go away, it's none of your business!

- [Robert] Get this fucking door open.

- No!

Go away!

He's gonna be late, you're too late.

Stop opening it, you're not gonna come in.

What is it?

What is that thing?

Oh my God!


Get out of here!

Get out of here!

What the fuck, get out of here!



No, no, no, no!





Robert, help me!

Somebody help!


Help, help!

- [Narrator] The mists of time felled.

The murky depths are torn asunder,

unleashing ancient evil.

Three masters spawned
from one heresy rise up.

Controlling the dead, the creatures wage

a brutal war of genocide
against the human race.

Lakes of blood swallow
living and dead alike.

As the earth's very soul flickers

on the brink of extinction,

the warrior tribe stands alone against

the destroyers of humanity.

In the end, only the purification wrought

by the flames of heaven,

I could halt the onslaught of the masters.

The armies of the dead fell.

Their tainted flesh and twisted bone

blackened and burned
by the cleansing fire.

But the masters themselves disappeared,

lost amidst the scattered
rubble of mankind.

Awaiting their new birth.

- Hey.

You okay?

- Yeah.


- They took her away.

Don't you remember?

- It's a little bit vague.


- Nobody here but us chickens.


Us chickens and...

- [Alma] She isn't moving.

- Yeah, I know.

She's in, the type of state she's in.

Not dead but dead dead.

I think their powers must wax and wane.

I don't know why.

Maybe after they attack
they need to recover.

Maybe it's got to do with the ritual.

She's kind of the thermometer.

We're in a low point now.

- Maybe if their powers
are low we can get away.

- No.

Already tried.

Got away maybe another 10 or 15 feet,

and then it was the same thing.

- Wait a minute, you left me here?

- No.

Actually I carried you.

- Oh, sorry.


- You're not light either.

- How long was I out?

- Couple hours.

- I was having a dream...

- I think I'm still having one.

- That totem thing was in it.

And vikings.

Something about a viking funeral.

It's all mixed up.

- This can't go on much longer.

I mean the powers is weak now,

but it won't stay that way.

And when the time comes,

they'll make us do whatever they want.

They will make me kill you or you kill...

Here, give me your arm.

- What's the point?

- Just take it.

- It doesn't make a difference.

Either way they can make--

- It may not make any difference to them,

it makes a difference to me.

If it comes down to it,

if they try to make me
do something to you,

if you can, you use that.

Maybe neither of us have any choice,

but I don't want to a killer.

Especially not yours.

So if it comes down to it,
even if you think it will,

you use that.

- So why do you carry a knife

if you don't want to use it?

- I don't know.

Plus it made me think that I had options.

It only just now struck me that I couldn't

use this thing on a person,

and even if I could, I wouldn't want to.

I don't know if it makes me a pacifist or

just a coward.

- No.

You're not a coward.

You're not, you're...

The bible.

The viking funeral.

- There's something about a viking funeral

in the bible?

- No, wait.


And we shall no more offer our sacrifices

onto the devils.

The fire shall devour them.

Devour who?

Who shall the fire devour?

- The devils.

The fire shall devour the devils.

- No, no that's it.

The fire shall devour the sacrifices.

- Don't know what the
hell you're talking about.

- When that totem thing first came in here

what was it doing?

- Just moving around,
looking at us, look--

- It wanted something,
and where did it go?

- It went...

- Right.

It was trying to get the chains loose,

and Paul came after it.

Its power strong then, but
it knew it could be hurt,

that's why it ran.

It knew it could be hurt,

but it took that risk, why?

- You think...

For her?

- I think that however
this ritual ends up,

they need all of us intact.

They could've killed Roz, but they didn't.

They carried her away.

And I bet they didn't kill Paul either.

They have Len's body,

and they tried to get Tina's.

And we shall no more offer
our sacrifices onto devils.

The fire shall devour them.

Devour the sacrifices.

- Like in a viking funeral.

Without all the bodies intact,

the ritual cannot be completed.

- We have to get her outside.

- Look, I'll move her to the door,

you get the rest of the lamp oil.

- There's some kindling over here.

(loud yelling)

(eerie ambient music)



- [Paul] Stop fucking laughing.

- Blessing for the three victims,

blessing for the three killers.

Blessing for the three bloody masters.

Blessed is the bloody
master who have woken up

and walks through the sky.

Blessed is the bloody master who is

the breaker of the earth.

Blessed is the bloody master

whose waking up shall
make the last sleeping

of the old world.

Blessed are the three masters

who were made when the world was young

and who have come up out of the earth

in their season of waking up.

Bless the three masters of the dead

in the season of the waking of the dead

and the dead shall rise

in the season of the
waking from the earth.

- Oh God, oh no, oh no.

Robert, Robert, listen to me.

- [Paul] He's dead, it's inside there.

- Robert is there something inside of you

that can still hear me, that
can still understand, Robert?

Robert, see what you're doing.

You're killing us!

Robert, you don't wanna be a killer!

You told me you never
wanted to kill anybody,

remember what you said Robert?

Remember what you said?

Robert please don't kill us!

There's gotta be something left of you.

Robert, you've gotta still be human,

that thing can control your body

but it can't control your soul!

Robert, help us Robert.

Robert, cut us loose, please.

- Cut me loose Robert, cut me loose.

Cut me loose, cut me loose.


Oh shit!


Ah shit!

Tina, help me!

Oh shit, oh shit.

Tina, help me!

I didn't mean to kill you.

You know I didn't mean to...



(intense instrumental music)

(MultiCom Jingle)