Totally True Love (2011) - full transcript

A 10-year-old Norwegian girl falls in love for the first time. Her friends confront their own feelings as they witness her no-holds-barred battle with a rival student for the affections of a boy who moves into town.

I never understood why girls had
to be princesses and boys vikings.

Anne Lunde, age 5

One hundred!

Anne Lunde, age 10

Ready or not, here I come!

I've always done
the opposite of everyone else.

Some think I am strange.

But what's the big deal?

Beate goes to jail!

That's Beate.
My best friend.

- You didn't see me.
- Yes, I did.

Beate is afraid of dying. Probably
because her parents are dead.

She lives with her strict
grandmother, -

who doesn't like cats or kids.

Beate always thinks she's sick,
but she hates shots.

Beate likes swimming.
In calm water.

And getting good grades.
Which she often does.

As opposed to me.

Beate is in love with Einar.

- Einar is over here!
- That's Dag, Einar's brother.

Their mother says they're twins.
I doubt they have the same father.

Knut goes to jail!

That's Knut.
He has real short hair.

Just because he got lice
two years ago.

And his dad thinks
he still has them.

Get out!

- Hi!
- And that's Ellen.

Tone is her slave.


Everyone is in love with Ellen.

Including her mother.

She's perfect.

- Wanna play?
- I have to work.

- She has a TV job.
- Doing what?

She's in a shampoo commercial.

And that's the Helga House.

My brother Ole says
a mean man killed his daughter -

and buried her in that house.

She was killed
because she went insane with love.

- It isn't true.
- That's what everyone says.

You think her dad buried her
behind a wall? That's bullshit!



Ole, you jerk!

That's Ole. My brother.
He loves to scare people.

- And hates to lose at arm-wrestling.
- One more time!

We are a hot-tempered family.

That's my mom.
And that's my dad.

Dad likes mom best when
she's upset and breaks things.

And he can glue them together.

If that's love, I don't get it.

But I don't have to worry about that.
You can't fall in love at my age.

- Hi. My name is Anne.
- Anne Lunde.

I'm 10 years old,
145 centimeters tall, -

and I weigh 32 kilos.

I love fish sticks.
Specially when I fry them myself.

I don't like it
when dad forgets to put clothes on.

Or when insects
pretend they are dead.

And I hate it that everyone
keeps talking about love.

But that was before
I met J?rgen Ruge.

And before I ruined everything.


I finished that book yesterday.
It was 300 pages.

Was it good?

- Yeah. They both ended up dying.
- Why?

They were so in love that they
would rather die than live apart.

Give me a break!

Not again!
Have you seen the water can?

- No.
- No?


We're almost there.
We could just push it.

Hello? Hi!
Could you give us a hand?

- Hi. What's your name?
- Beate.

- And yours?
- Anne.

- Did you say "Panne"?
- Dad!

We sure could use some help.

- What a cute baby!
- That's Pavlova.

Anne, come and look at the baby!

- Ready?
- I thought Pavlova was a cake.

Maybe so.
But this is a baby.

I'll get in, and you push.

- Ready?
- Yeah.


- Your girlfriend is strong!
- She arm-wrestles her big brother.


- Is this where you live?
- Yes. Isn't it nice?

It just needs a little fixing up,
and it will be great.

- Good job. Thanks for your help.
- Bye.

They're moving into the Helga House!
Poor people.

What's that?


I'm just borrowing it.


- What are you doing?
- Meditating.

Have you done your homework?

Look at me.

- What have you done to your bangs?
- Nothing.

I just cut them a little.


He was born on October 8
at 5:30 in the morning.

J?rgen Ruge.


J?rgen, J?rgen...

- Beate left ages ago.
- I know.


- Beate!
- Hurry up!

We are in class 5B.

Dag was dumped by Tone
when he refused to kiss her.

Now she likes Einar,
just like Beate.

But Einar likes no one.

Everyone has been Ellen's boyfriend.
Except Knut.

Knut used to hit Ellen
so she would chase him.

No one really understood that.

I have never had a boyfriend.

Sit down. Good morning.
Silence, please. Silentium.

Today's homework
was to spell various fruits.

In English.

And the word is... cherry.

The red ones.


Miss Anne?
Anne Lunde.

Would you please come up to the board?

Come on, girl.

The small red ones, remember?

Come in!

- Hello.
- Hi there!

This is class 5B, J?rgen.

5B, this is J?rgen Ruge.
He'll be joining your class.

- Can you say hi?
- Hi!

- Hi.
- Good luck, J?rgen. Bye.

- Bye.
- Bye!

My name is J?rgen Ruge.

I like playing soccer
and stuff like that.

I have a sister called Pavlova.

My dad plays guitar in a band
and my mom is a film actress.

Come on, J?rgen.

Welcome. Sit down.
Einar, move it!

Miss Anne? Cherry.


There, there.
Give her a chance.


Anne, look at me.

Anne, look at me.
Look at me, please.

There comes a time
in a person's life -

when you have to start
applying yourself. That time is now.

Thank you, Miss Anne.

Anyone else who wants to try? J?rgen!

- Hi.
- Hi.

- This is Tone, Dag, Einar and Knut.
- Hi.

That's Anne and Beate.
Anne has cut her own bangs.

No, I haven't.

- When will you start doing homework?
- She does do her homework!

Look, Ellen is all over him already.

It's only
a ten-minute bike ride for me.

- Boo!
- Anne!

Anne, it is possible
to behave civilized, you know.

We have to tell J?rgen. He's new,
and he lives in a haunted house.

But you know I'm not allowed
to go to the Helga House.

Come on!

- Come on!
- All right.

You guys are jerks!

- Stop it!
- Did I scare you?

- Be quiet!
- You be quiet.

No, Anne!

Anne, J?rgen is out here!

Come on!


I think I heard something.

- Maybe it was the ghost.
- What ghost?

Anne says her brother
has seen a ghost in the yard here.

- He has.
- Ooh, scary Helga!

Who is Helga?

Saturday, October 17.
The day Helga was killed.


It's almost midnight.

Helga's father has found out
that she isn't in her room.

Although she had been grounded.

Helga had gone to see Luka
one last time.

The first time Helga saw Luka
was on Sunday, August 10.

He was the most handsome boy
she had ever seen.

Helga couldn't stop staring at him.
But no one else could either.

She hated the other girls.

And would do anything
to get rid of them.

But there was one girl
she hated more than the others.

- Pretty twisted girl, huh?
- What did her father do?

Horrible things.

No one ever saw Helga again.

The next day the house was empty.

Some say her father buried her
in her bedroom wall.

And that she's still in there.

The new tenants
suddenly decided to move out.

And no one else would buy the house.

Knut, come home this instant!

- It's your dad, Knut.
- Think I'm deaf?

I can see you.
Don't try to hide!


- I finished another book.
- Another one?

About a woman who can't love
the man she loves.

Because he has another wife.
In the attic!


- I thought you'd find it stupid.
- No, beautiful.

- Want to come to my house?
- Sure.

- Do you think Ellen is in love?
- I don't know.

- But do you think he loves her?
- Yeah.

If you want to be loved
by someone other than family, -

it helps to be beautiful
and wear clean clothes.

- I didn't think you cared about that.
- I don't.

I can help you!


Isn't that girl in your class?
It is her, right?

She's hot!

We have to go.

Do you want natural, beautiful hair?
Try Bliss...

If they mix the foundation,
their skin gets a more natural glow.

I guess I am vain. The right word is
metrosexual, although that is pass?.

My goal is to get as far as possible.
I'm willing to do anything, even lie.

You need a nice body
and a sense of humor.

I'll find my dream date
at Paradise Hotel.

Jeanette, you have chosen Tobias.

He is the most handsome boy here.

We're the same age
and we're both new here.

Tobias, you have two girls
behind you. How does that feel?

It should be positive, but it sucks.

- You knew Jeanette would choose him?
- Yes.

Tobias, the girl you don't choose,
has to check out of the hotel.

- How will you make your decision?
- Gut feeling.

Who I think
I can get along with best.

Tobias, which of the girls
do you choose as your partner?

I choose...

It was horrible to stand up there.
A nightmare.

Hi. Are you here to see Beate?
Come in.

This is a bad idea! Why do I have to
find out if Ellen likes J?rgen?

- Beate is downstairs.
- OK.


Why did you call me?

- What's that pile of stuff?
- Weird!

- Isn't your room always neat?
- Yeah.

- Where is Anne?
- Who knows?

Didn't she tell you at school?

- No, we aren't friends anymore.
- You aren't?

She isn't exactly a very good student.

I've lent her a ton of books.
She can't read any of them.


And no one wants to be her boyfriend.

That's because she isn't cute.
At least I don't think so.

- Don't you agree?
- Sure. Totally.

- Quiet! So no one hears us.
- Who?

No one.
Never mind.

- Now what?
- It's better to scratch sitting up.

I don't itch anymore.

- But listen...
- What?

- Do you like J?rgen?
- No. Ellen likes J?rgen.

I like Einar.
I'm going to be his girlfriend.

I think you should go now.

- I just got here!
- But my knee is killing me.

I'll go to Ellen's.
It's more fun there.

We're going to write love letters
to J?rgen and Einar.

- I'll bet you never get a boyfriend.
- My knee!

I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to say all those things.

I couldn't help myself.

Did you hear that?

She's in love with Einar
and wants to be his girlfriend.

Nonsense. You're getting Einar
and I'm getting J?rgen.

- And Tone will never get a boyfriend.
- Exactly!

I have a plan.
Let's write a phony love letter.

We'll pretend it's from J?rgen
and give it to Ellen.

- That's like lying.
- Yeah.

J?rgen will never
get Ellen's letter.

- Like with Helga?
- Exactly. Helga's like me.

Helga was different too.

Her father didn't like that,
so he gave her a phony love letter.

He said it was from Luka,
but that wasn't true.

"I, Luka, do not love you.
Stop now!" the letter read.

But Helga didn't want to stop.

Beate, we have to practice
boys' handwriting in my secret book.

- You mean J?rgen's handwriting?
- Yeah. Smart, huh?

- But why?
- Look at them.

"Dear Ellen. You are the cutest girl
in class. I love you. Do you love me?"

"Will you be my girlfriend?
Put your answer in the secret place."

"From the new boy in class.
J?rgen Ruge."

Hurry, Anne!




- Wait!
- OK.

There they are! Hurry!

Hold your breath, Beate.


"Dear J?rgen. Thanks
for your letter. I love you too."

"You are so cute.
I would love to be your girlfriend."

"I think Anne and Beate are stupid."

"But Anne is the worst.
Do you agree?"

"Have you kissed before? I have.
Answer me soon. Love, Ellen."

- She wrote that we were stupid.
- And I was the worst.

- What if J?rgen believes her?
- He'll never see this letter!

You have to find
something cool to wear tomorrow!

Anne, those are my pants!

- Not that many, but...
- Where did you live before?

Where did you move from?

- Hi!
- Hi.

- Nice pants.
- Thanks.

- Aren't those Ole's?
- No.


Hi. Mom said I had to invite
the whole class. Tomorrow at 5 p.m.

I'm part of the world too, you know.


Anne, you stole my pants!

I'm tired of you stealing my stuff!

- I'll give them back at home.
- No! Give them to me now!

- I have nothing else to wear.
- So?

Come on.
Take them off.

Come on.

- Take them off.
- Do I have to?



Do that again, and I'll kill you!

Come on.

Never mind, Anne.

But J?rgen saw me.

- You'll always have me.
- Yeah.

Sit down here.

- I didn't think you were friends.
- Until the day we die.

J?rgen sent me a love letter.
He's going to be my boyfriend.

- He thinks I'm the cutest.
- So do I.

Nobody wants to be your boyfriend.

Specially since everyone saw you
in your underwear.

Here comes Ruge!

- Hi, J?rgen.
- Hi.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Let's have a bike race.
The girls ride on the back.

I'll time you!

- Wanna ride with me, Ellen?
- I don't know.

- I want to ride with Einar.
- OK.

Do you want to ride with me?

- Anne?
- Yeah.


Jump on.

- Sorry.
- Did you say something?

- Are you ready?
- Ready, set, go!

Go, go, go!

Ready, set, go!

What took you so long?

- Knut?
- It's your dad, Knut.

Come home this instant!
Do you realize what time it is?

- Beate?
- Mhm?

- I held my arms around J?rgen.
- You did?

- What did he say?
- Nothing.

Think he wants to be your boyfriend?

We're going to write love letters
to J?rgen and Einar.

I don't think Einar
wants to be my boyfriend.

Sure he does.

- You really think so?
- Mhm.

But maybe you don't have to
write a letter. Let me talk to him.

- Maybe that's better?
- He'll say yes if I ask him.

And in return I can teach you
to spell fruits in English.


- Good night.
- Good night.

- Anne?
- Yeah?

- Do you think red hair is ugly?
- No. Einar has red hair too.

I love him a little. I think about him
before I fall asleep.

I think about J?rgen all the time.
I love him a lot.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Maybe that's what Helga wanted
to tell him. That she loved him.

Maybe she wanted a kiss.

But everything went wrong.

Luka was taken by surprise.
He got scared, and screamed.


Helga couldn't live without Luka.

She took her own life.

If only someone had saved her!

Everyone over to the edge.
Come on!

Hurry up!

"Dear J?rgen, I really love you.
Do you love me?"

"I sure hope you do.
Please answer me today."

"Love, Anne."

A girl in the boy's room!
A girl in the boy's room!

- I'm going to do it now.
- No!

- Einar!
- No, Anne!


What is it?

- I have a question for you.
- What?

- You have to promise to say yes.
- To what?

My secret question.

- Do you promise?
- OK.

- No way!
- You promised to say yes.

- I did not.
- Yes, you did!

No way!

No, no, no!

Einar, do you want to be
the only one without a girlfriend?

- Does everyone else have one?
- Yes. But that's a secret.

Do you want to be
Beate's boyfriend, or not?

I want to.
But what am I supposed to do?

Write a love letter
and put it in the secret place.

What should I write?

Write that you love her, then put
the letter in the secret place.


Beate, he said yes!
Aren't you happy?

Did he really?

- Aren't you happy?
- I guess...

A love letter for me, Anne! For me!

"Dear Beate, I love you. I'm glad
you want to be my girlfriend -"

"since everyone else
has a girlfriend."

"I only love you.
Answer me soon. Love, Einar."

Just the ones I was missing!

Anne, I love him a lot!
I don't care that he has red hair!


Here. See you at the birthday party.

Do you want natural
and beautiful hair? Try Bliss!


- Get out!
- Relax. Here's the money from mom.

Get out!

- Why are you all dressed up?
- Get out!

- Hi, welcome!
- Hi.

Can I help you with your jacket?

- Oh, it's you.
- Ellen...

- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.

- Want me to take your bag?
- No, I'll hang onto it.

Happy birthday to you...

Why did you bring your book?

Everyone ready for cake?

Time for Spin the Bottle!

- Truth or dare?
- Truth.

Who do you love?



- Truth.
- Who do you love?


- Beate?
- Yes. I do.

Why do you have that bag with you?
What's in there?

- Answer me!
- Dare.

You have to kiss J?rgen.

- I'd never be allowed to do that.
- You have to do it.

- No, you don't.
- Do it, do it!

Do it, do it, do it!

- Do it!
- You have to do it.

Ready, set, kiss!

- It has to be a lot longer.
- Yeah!

- No, it doesn't!
- It has to be over ten seconds.

Ready, set, kiss!

Ten, nine...

Give me your bag!

- Give it to me!
- No!

She's crazy.

Take it now!

It's full of secrets!

- Shut up, Beate!
- Take it!

- Let go!
- I've got it!

- Five against one is unfair!
- I agree.


- But it's my birthday!
- Stop it!

- Give it to me!
- Stop!


- What happened?
- Anne hit me!

Anne Lunde, come here.

I think it's about time you went home.
Say goodbye to the others.

Look at your dress!


- Does it hurt?
- Just a little.

I don't get Ellen. She told Knut
that she got a love letter from me.

But that isn't true. The only one
I've ever written was to you.

- I have something for you.
- Really? What?

It got a little beat up.

Thank you, I love it!

- Want to be boyfriend and girlfriend?
- Sure.

- Is what Ole said about Helga true?
- I don't know. We have to find out.



Hi, honey.

What's happened?

You can't run around alone
at night, Anne.

I wasn't alone.
I was with J?rgen.

- I don't believe it.
- Believe what?

Helga couldn't help it.

When you're in love, you're not
yourself. Everyone knows that.

You don't have to worry about that
for a long time.

Ole said Helga is buried
behind a wall in the Helga House.


- Ole?
- I'm sleeping, you jerk!

Turn on the light.
I have to ask you about something.


- Did you really see Helga?
- Yes!

Why are you so mad?

I'm not mad.
And you're a merde!

- Merde?
- It's French.

- How do you say "I love you"?
- Je t'aime.

- Je t'aime?
- Yes. "I love you".


- J?rgen is my boyfriend.
- J?rgen Ruge?

Yeah. We've kissed. I love him.

- You can't love at your age.
- Yes, I can!

- I feel all shaky inside.
- What do you mean?

Inside of me. In my body.


Je t'aime!

He killed her because
she was insane with love.

If she had stayed home that night,
she would still be alive.

And would never have been buried
behind that wall.

And if I hadn't woken up
so early and in love, -

I wouldn't have remembered
to return J?rgen's photo album.

And I wouldn't have caught Ole.

- That's my book!
- Let me read it!

And my secret book would have been
under my bed, not in my school bag.

Pumpkin. Let's see...

Miss Anne?

On the board, please.

- Was that right?
- Yes! One more.


Come on, Anne!

Very good. Excellent!
Thank you.

One more?

Give her a chance, come on!


"Dear Ellen.
I love you. Do you love me?"

"You are the cutest girl in class.
I hope you want to be my girlfriend."

"Love, the new boy in class. J?rgen."

- I didn't write that.
- OK, J?rgen.

Anne wrote it. She pretended to
be J?rgen. Isn't that right, Anne?

You're a liar.

I don't want it anymore.

- Hi.
- What are you guys up to?

It's all your fault!
You said I had secrets in my book!

Einar didn't even
want to be your boyfriend!

No one wants to be boyfriend
with an orphan!

Want me to reveal your secrets?
Tell everyone you wet your bed?

And by the way, I lied.
Your kids are going to be ugly!

- Lina.
- Yes!

- I don't want to pick Anne.
- It's Anne or Ellen.


Pick me!


- Dag.
- Yes!


J?rgen's coming to my house after
school today, to be my boyfriend.

Let go of me!

- Stop it!
- What are you doing?

Anne, listen to me.

Go straight to the principal's office!

Let me look at you.

- Hi.
- Hi. Is Ellen home?

Yes, upstairs.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I'm sorry.

- I was just jealous of you.
- A lot of people are.

- You have such beautiful hair.
- Thank you.

You can put it up,
as if I'm getting married.

As if I'm marrying J?rgen.


- Are you braiding it?
- For starters.

And then I'll put it up,
as if you're marrying J?rgen.

J?rgen will be here any minute.

Nice, huh?

Let me just put on a hair band first.

What are you doing?


Oh my God!

There goes that commercial.

Run after her, for Christ's sake!






- Everyone's looking for you.
- I'm staying here.

When they find me, they'll cut off my
hair and bury me behind a wall.

Nobody gets buried
because of a haircut.

They don't?

It's just a story.

But didn't you see her, that night?

- I might have seen something else.
- Then why did you say you did?

That's what big brothers do.

Come on.


What are you up to?

Cutting Ellen's hair off?
Have you lost it completely?

- You don't want to talk about it.
- About what?


- I'm in love.
- Give me a break!

- Love isn't real at your age.
- It's totally real to me!

You've become a big girl now.

I hadn't noticed.

I'm sorry.


Everyone makes mistakes.

It's what you do after the mistakes
that's important.


Try to get some sleep.
Good night.

Are you sad?

I shouldn't have said that
about your bed-wetting.

I'm sorry.


You're my best friend
in the whole world.

It's much better to be friends.

You have to tell J?rgen
why you did it.

I read about this guy who did
all kinds of stupid, mean things, -

just because he loved this lady.
And that's just like you!

He saw me do it.

He saw me cut Ellen's hair.

So what are you going to do?

Hi, Anne.

Shouldn't you be in bed?

I had to apologize to Beate first.

Beate is lucky
to have a friend like you.

She's my best friend
in the whole world.

You remind me of myself.

I do?

As you get older -

you change.

Because people say things.

And lie.
And make up stories.

Eventually it becomes easy to be
the person others expect you to be.

But I don't think you should do that.

I think you should be yourself, Anne.

But am I a good enough person?


I just wanted to say...

I'm weird!

I thought if you wanted to be Ellen's
boyfriend, you would never be mine.


- Huh?
- I like you.



I want to show you something.

Of course Helga wasn't in the wall.
Her father had saved her.

And she still loved Luka.

- You can play with this.
- Look, kitty!

Open it.

I can hold the cat.

Who is that?

That is someone -

I was in love with.

- I'm in love with Einar.
- Good for you.

You should watch that ball.

Wanna borrow this?


I think they got married.

Don't believe everything you hear.

And definitely don't believe
everything adults tell you.

Specially if they say you can't fall
in love when you're 10 years old.

Because you can!

Subtitles: Nick Norris