Total Love (2000) - full transcript

Three friends concoct the ultimate love drug, TLV, and fall in love with the same woman, Renana. Years later, Renana's ex-lovers team up to rescue her from an Indian prison.

Now, if this works like
I think it should,

it will serve as a doorman.

Which will block the passage
of stimuli in the sympathetic system

In other words, stop the endless
grinding of the mind,

on the other hand, it'll allow
passage of neurotransmitters to the

receptors of the serotinin family,
a kind of neural junction

that's in charge of emotions
feelings and consciousness...

I preferred your speech
about true love

It's pretty much the same.

Pass me the Carbon-Tetra-Chloride


Wow! Look at that!

- Why?

What did you hand me?

That Chloride thing

So what's this?

What's with you guys?
You know what time it is?

Aren't you supposed
to be at the gate?

It's exactly midnight.
Just finished my shift.

Don't say no one
kissed you on New Year's.

Shushan you're only in the way.

Why? I came to help.

This is totally something!

If you want to help, go
check what's with Zohar

Let's call it Total love

In Amsterdam we'll market it
under the name TLV.

Sounds totally professional,
doesn't it?

I think I screwed it up.

We're not sure yet.

Why, what's wrong?

It just didn't react like
I thought it would...

You never tried this stuff before,
how d'you know how it should react?

You never understood this stuff,
how come you're reacting?

Can't we just try it?

What's up, Zohar?

Just what we needed
"The royal taster".

Zohar! Didn't we say
it's your turn at the gate?

I just quit my job.

So did I, let's try it.

- Why not?

Let's try it at the party.
- What party?

You can't walk around
with it like that!

No problem, I'll carry it.

She's not coming. Let's go.

Feel free,
I'm staying.

You didn't even shag her,
did you?

Shag who?
- Renanna, who'd you think?

She splits with our stuff,

fucks up my New-Year's
and you didn't even shag her.

As if you did.
- I could have.

Only there's
this thing called loyalty.

Loyalty my ass.

You've been dying to screw her
from the minute you saw her.

I couldn't care less
Just another spoilt brat.

- She's all right

I didn't say she wasn't
Only said she was spoilt,

and that you didn't shag her.

What's that got to do with it?
- Cause if he would have,

maybe he'd have the brains
not to leave her with the stuff.

At least I had the
brains to invent it.

You're sure?

By the look on your face in the lab
looks like it's crap.

If you're so sure it's crap,
what are you so pissed about?

Come on, let's go.

To the party?

Party? In four hours we're off
to Amsterdam. Move it.

Chill out,
no good going like that.

For four months we've been
waiting for this TLV.

If I'd known you're gonna give it
to that platonic friend of yours,

we would have been
in Amsterdam by now.

No one's stopping you.

Come on, Zohar.

See ya'.

What are you doing here?

Waiting for you.

Sorry to keep you waiting
only it's not where we agreed.

I thought it would make you happy.

It sure didn't make Zohar
and Shushan too happy.

I thought we
should try it first.

But if you're not into it
we'll bring it over to them.

To Amsterdam?
- Why not?

It doesn't even look like
I expected.

I like the colour.

Do you just swallow it?

Under the tongue.

Stop! What're you doing?
I'm not sure about this stuff.

Worst case, we'll fall in love.

So how long do we wait
before it sinks in?

Who said anything about waiting?

Total Love

You can speak Hebrew.

Stop! Police!

Look what you've done!

Just kiddin'.

What's the matter,
not happy to see me?

What'd you come for?

I need ten thousand Dollars.

I wouldn't spare you
a Guilden for a bus ride.

Not from you,
from Zohar.

It's been a year since Zohar
was here but if he returns

I'll tell him you
want some money off him.

It's me, your friend, Haim!

Not a word from you in ages,

suddenly you need something,
and we're friends again?

Are you trying to tell me
you missed me?

No. It's just that I'm
tired of helping you out.

It's not even for me,
It's for my girlfriend.

You got yourself a girl

Renanna. She's in jail in Goa.


"Israeli girl - to the Indian jail"

Twelve years. What a mess...

Ten grand, and I can
get her out much sooner.

How do you know it's her.
It doesn't even say her name.

You know many girls
walking around with

"a new type of drug named TLV"

Everything OK?

Everything's fine, Issa.

Suppose it is her,
what's it got to do with me?

It's got to do with me

Wait a sec!

I love her.

Make us some coffee, sugar-bum.

Enough with this sexism.

Where'd you get this CD?
- Amsterdam.

From Zohar and Shushan
and you didn't tell me?


Why are you getting dressed?

Let's go to Amsterdam,
bring them their share

and get it over with.

You think it never
crossed my mind?

So then!?

And how exactly do you
think of carrying it?

Then let's go without it.

Just like that?

Why not?
What we got here anyway?

I've got a better idea.

Let's go to bed.


What are you doing?
- Going home.

Don't you love me no more?
- I'll see you tonight.

cause if not I'll kill myself.



Want me to come live here?


Aren't you cold?

You get used to it...

You come here everyday,
don't you?

What's your problem?

Your connection,
what's keeping him?

Don't worry. He's a professional.

How about leaving him a message?

We just did that ten minutes ago!
Don't you get it?

In this business you've
got to play it hard to get.

Got a light?

My friend turned work-a-holic.

Don't you make enough from
your 'video rental machine',

What I do here is considered
'income security'.

Income security, my ass. I thought
you'd head an empire by now.

Relax. You're abroad, autumn,
squirrels, swans, Enjoy yourself.


What did that guy want?

Just a light.
Was it him on the phone?

Just a light, right?

Come on, let's go.
- Yess!

Where did he hear about it?

I thought you trusted these guys...

Take your feet off
you're not back home.

How much?

Ten thousand of-course.

It just wasn't polite to count
in front of them.

Help yourself to a thousand
or two, Commission.

Commission my ass, take it!

I won't need more than eight Grand
Let me feel I'm square with you.

You want to feel fair?

Don't forget your friends
next time you have more stuff.



You wanted more stuff didn't you?

So what did we give M.J.?
- Baloney.

You gave MJ baloney? You nuts?
You realise what you've done?

I forgot what a nutcase you are.

Why should we care about MJ?

Tomorrow you're in Goa
Why should you care?

I'm the one here with a girl
and a business.

And you screwed it all, no sweat,
as long as you're OK.

Half of it is yours!

So you were thinking of me?
- That too.

If you were so worried about me,

you could've brought me
my share a year ago.

What're you talking about?

Just cause I'm nice to you
doesn't mean I'm an idiot.

Renanna was here?

She was.

And now you tell me?

Truth is
I never planned on telling you.

I thought you said
she's just a spoilt brat?!

Forget it.

Son of a bitch,
how could you do this to me?

Not everything I do
has got to do with you.

You screw my girlfriend and it's got
nothing to do with me?

She's not your girlfriend
You left her, remember?

I didn't leave her.

You didn't leave her...

I didn't leave her!

So you didn't leave her,

What're you doing?
- Get down!

Help me, Shushan!

Look what you've done.

What d'you care about

I don't get it suppose someone's
interested in buying,

how will he know you're selling?

Don't worry,
He'll know.

What about that one there?

The one with the funny suit?
- Yeah.

Do you think he's into it?
- Sure.

Watch closely,
a pusher in action.

Stop it, you'll scare him.

Why didn't you sell him?

He wasn't into it.
- Of course he was.

What are you doing?

Movie, concert, ballet, name it!
Your wish is my command.

I've got a better idea.

What's this?
- Never mind. Just Take it!

Is this what we made in the lab?
- Go ahead, take it!

You've been here two months,
and only now you remember?

No hard feelings,
I don't take it with strangers

Just your luck I love you.

Where you going, love?

Why're you sleeping outside?

Who's sleeping?

We made a bed for you inside.

How was it?
Had a good time?


Figured out your plans already?

Think I'll also set up
myself a business here.

Come in, its freezing out there.
- Coming In a minute...

Sure got hooked, didn't she...

But it's not the
same stuff is it?

Why do you say that?

Don't know.
Just felt kind of different...

Same stuff, different girl.

See ya, bro.

You're so beautiful
It makes me dizzy.

Stop playing nice guy.

I'm serious, you're still here
and I'm missing you already!

Just hand it, to me.

Not here.

God, it's heavy
all this for a week?


Wait a sec!

You know I don't feel too
good about this either,

if it wasn't for my 'bust me' face
I would have done it myself.

You wanted to visit Goa anyway.

And it's only for a week, right?

Tell you what, if you feel bad
about it, we'll just drop it.


Let's drop it then.

Hand me the cassette.

"Free Willie"?

I thought it would make you laugh.

How many did you stuff in here?

A thousand.

You said 'just a few'!

A thousand's just a few,
It's not worth it for less.

Renanna, stop!

It's better we're not seen together
from here.

I wanted you to know that you
really saved my ass. Honest.

I was a piece of shit.

You're telling me?

Sweet thing, that Renanna...

How come you two
didn't stick together?

Leave him alone
The guy's nuts.

Take a look at that!

Where'd you know her from?

Go for it.

What now?

Beautiful isn't it?

- What... Everything!

Thought you meant
something specific.

Where are you going!
Over here.

You mean
you've already been here?

No, but we spoke on the phone.

You think there's a chance
of selling the TLV here?

Are you ready to sell it?

Relax, Haim,
the guy owes me a bundle.

Elisha, if you don't come out now
I'm gonna burn this place down!

Yo, bro!

You sent Zohar down here too?
- He wanted to come.

Why listen
to this scumbag?

What are you doing?

Wait a minute!

Thanks a million!
- My pleasure.

You just had to pick on the
one guy who could help us.

Do me a favor,
stay out of my business.

We're not here for your business.
We're here to save Renanna!

Screw her!

So it pisses you
she was with Zohar,

why take it out on this
poor Indian?

How did I ever let you drag
me down to this shithole?

No one forced you to come.

What was her name?

Isn't it weird
We keep running into her?

What's her name?!
- Sophy.

So, we're off to get Zohar?

Who needs Zohar now?

Didn't leave us much choice,
did you?

But that won't stop you from
begging him for help.

So you're not coming?
Even better!

Keep an eye on my bag.

Don't forget a sweater.
- What was that?

It's cold up in the mountains,
get yourself a sweater!

You hear that?
Think I better wait for you here.

I thought you would.


How about leaving me some TLV
I might find a client.

Come take a look.

There. You see those shoes?
- Which ones?

The yellow ones with the pumps.

What about them?

That's how we'll carry
the stuff to Amsterdam!

Now that's a brilliant idea.

They all have pumps,
why the yellow ones?

'Cause these are the nicest.

Lets go pack now!

I'm afraid of flying.

What was that?

Same here...


Excuse me,
how much are the yellow...

Come on, not now.

Sorry, but we have to go.

Did you see that?
- What?

Stop playing innocent,
I saw the way she looked at you.

You're crazy.
- Think so?

It's not that I don't want to go,

It's just that I want to know if
I can make more of this stuff.

But what's that
got to do with it?

So give me a massage.

If it was you asking me
don't you think I'd come?

Wouldn't I, Baba Zohar?

If not for me,
at least for her.

She was your girl, wasn't she?

If it's too much trouble to talk
How about nodding?

You loved her?
Maybe just a bit?

Say you did, say you didn't,

tell me I'm wasting my time,
just say something!

- Alright what?

First, I'll take the food up
to the Baba,

and then you're coming?
- We'll see.

You're gonna ask
your Baba right?

Keep the Baba out of it.


So what're we waiting for?

The chappatti.

We're waiting for a stupid
piece of bread?

I don't want to spoil
your Babba's supper...

But in a week they're moving her
to the shittiest jail in India.

Don't know about you,
but I feel pretty bad.

So with all due respect to
your Shanti-Panti,

there are still some people
who didn't make it to Nirvana.

Peace brother.


It's OK, Elisha.

My house is your house.

Good thing you're here!
Don't know what I'd do otherwise.

I wouldn't worry.


So what's with Shushan?

Screw him.

This is what we prepared back
in the lab.

Here's your share.
- How's it?

Depends who you take it with.

You can give me some later
if you'll feel like it.

Why you still here?
- My shoes got stolen.

The ones with the TLV...

Want some chai?
- Chai...

Must have been that chai-guy...

You know the Indian
that sells chai around here?

Drop it.
Everybody sells chai around here.

Easy for you to say. Without
the TLV no chance I'll free her.

Ever tried the TLV?

With Renanna...

I'm useless, Zohar...

How could I ever let her go.

It's already happened,
Let it go.

Guess so...

Want some chai?

Great place you've got here...

Tell me, you think...

Your Babba will mind
me staying here a while?

And what about Renanna?

It's already happened, right?

When was the last time someone
rode this bike? - What?

This bike!
How long wasn't it used?

Since the Babba
went up the mountains.

When was that?

We're going to die...
I swear, I just know it!

Stop, Zohar, stop...

please just stop... now!

What's the matter?

If you don't mind,
I'll walk this bit.

Wait for me after the curve, OK?
- OK.

I don't want to be a pain...

but take this one slowly,
just for me, you mind?

In all the years that I've
known Renanna,

and also after we got together,
even now...

You know what scares me most?
- What?

That if it isn't her...

I'll never get to love anyone else
in my life

Know what I mean?

Hop on.

Tell me, you and Renanna?
Don't you ever think about it?

I don't think,
just eat my heart out.

Isn't great we're going
to the mountains.


What if I said now
'lets go back to Goa'

Fine with me.

And how about
staying in Bombay?

Just as good.

And us being together?

What's wrong?

I'll see you at the hotel.
- What hotel you whacko?

Pass my bag.
- What for?

That's it,
I've had enough of you.

Just because I called you whacko?

No. It's because of...

The way you are.

What can I do about it?

Nothing. You're right.
See you at the hotel.


- That's it. She was gone.

And you didn't go after her?

I went on to the mountains.

If you're so good at doing nothing,

better do it
where the rice is free.

Zohar the hermit!

At least this way he won't
be screwing his friends' girls.

Come, take a look at this.

What's you problem?

Take this curtain off.
You look ridiculous.

Now what?


Hold on a sec.

See that wall?

That fence above it?
See it?


How long will it take to cut?

Is this some kind of joke?

Ten minutes max!

Didn't we say no stupid tricks.

Otherwise why bring Zohar?
- To help us.

Help us not pull off
anything stupid!

Forget the baksheesh. My shoes
got stolen, don't you get it?

You want us all to go to jail
just because you lost your shoes!

Didn't you sleep enough
in the mountains?

Two days this nut
won't let me sleep.

If this nut doesn't cool down,
we all wake up in this prison.

Can you see her?

Poor soul...

God, what a babe!

Who's sleeping...

We shouldn't be partying.

We need some sleep for tomorrow.

Why are you such a drag?

They're moving her tomorrow
and you're off to a party?

So what do you want me to do?
Kill myself?

Babba Zohar, wake up,
it's party time!

Morning Babba!

Only one? You're on a diet?

Sleep tight!

Who's there?

Why'd you come here?
- I brought you some food.

What for?

Working here all night,
you must be starving.

I'm not.

That's it.
I can't make anymore of this TLV.

Truth is I was getting worried
about you.

How did we ever manage
to make this stuff?

Lettuce, mayo, mustard and...
- Renanna!

You're afraid I'll stop loving you
once the stuff is gone?


Maybe just a bit...

Or maybe you're not too sure
about yourself?

No way!

So why worry?

Are you coming?

Good thing I found you!

You're wasting your time,
this party sucks.

MJ was at our place.
He wants the stuff.

Told you, didn't I?

Now that he's hooked he'll never
let go. - So what are we gonna do?

Too bad we don't have some TLV,
this ecstasy Is getting me nowhere.

We got to get her out tonight.

Where's Zohar?

The shoes! My shoes!

Tell him I want my shoes back!

Come on, Zohar, we gotta run!

This whole Goa thing is crap.

You're not listening!
- 'Course I am!

Let's go to Elisha now, we can
still bribe her out, get it?

Who you talking about?
- Renanna, you moron!

What's gotten into you?
Let's get out of here!

I have to find Sophy first.

What do you need her for?
- I left her the bike keys.

Are you both nuts?
Wait by the bike. I'll find her.

Who d'you think I'm
talking about? Sophy!

Come off it Shushan.

I'm here cause of Renanna,

and you, no offence, probably
didn't get laid for a year or two

so if your friend's telling you
it's alright, means it's all right.

Go for her!

Shanti - shanti
you horny son of a bitch.

Let me take a look.

Get it over with
before we cange our minds.

You're thinking about another girl?


It's OK. So was I.

I'm sorry it turned out like this.

Must've been
that stuff you brought.

How did you call it... Turbo Love?

- Yeah, right.

Don't forget your new shoes.

So by the time you got home,
she was gone.

She told you that?

It just figures.

She took half the stuff and split.

I don't know how she knew?

Renanna has a sense
for these things.

Yes, but how could she know
before I even came back?

And suppose she didn't,
You think she's like you...

She doesn't have to shag someone
else, just to know it's over.

Nothing's over!

I did it, just to be sure it's her
and not the stuff.

And you still expect her
to go with you?

Then who with, you?

Time will tell.

What's keeping Zohar?

See you around, whacko!

Hope you don't mind staying here...

Just in case something goes wrong.

Here. Give this to Renanna.

What is it?

Total love, a gift from Elisha.

Come on, let's move!

You're one hell of a guy.

Are we going or what?
Say hi to Sophy.

Don't be long.
I'm running out of cigarettes.

See ya'.

Watch where you're stepping...

Careful it doesn't snap in your face.

What's wrong?
- Someone's coming.

So what... we paid them.

What's this shhh...
You think he's deaf?

Just in case...

Be my guest.

What's with you?

What's wrong with him?

Great Haim!

- What's that got to do with it?

What did he say?

- Odds or even?

You go.

Just kiddin'.

Get moving, will 'ya!

Renanna, it's me.
I've come to take you home.


- Who is it?

Excuse me,
Do you know Where's Renanna?

Kind of short, funny...

She's not here.

Maybe you know
where her cell is?

You came to rescue her?
- Yes.

That's very nice.

So she's not here?

I'm sorry.

- I'll see you at the hotel.

What hotel, you whacko!

Not much left,
something like twenty couplets.

And what if I take it by myself?

If you plan on taking it alone,
you better not take it.

I'm not in Goa yet
and already buying drugs.

You know,
except for one joint in Sinai,

I never tried anything.

And even then I only fell asleep.

I'd give it to you for free,
just that I need it for the ticket.

You sure it's enough?

Maybe I'll leave you some?

Leave me what?

Total love, you said it's dynamite

You might miss it.

Thanks but no.

You know what I was thinking,

that TLV drop Zohar gave you

back in Goa...


I thought that if I
did time for it in jail,

I might as well know what for.

Is it tasty?

It's the last drop on earth.

A bit scary, isn't it?

Worst case, we'll fall in love.

Directed by: Gur Bentwich