Total Dhamaal (2019) - full transcript

A group of people learn about a hidden treasure and then they race to find it and claim it.

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Good evening, sir.

The information is right, Bro.

Big deal on the 16th floor.

My dear friend


These are your 100 million old notes

50 billion.

New notes.

Hey, sweetie, sir.

Mr. Khamisner.

Instead of Rs. 100 million
Only 50 billion?

50% commission.

Police Commissioner in Mehmeda Mehta.

A 50% commission is required.

What Mr. Kamishan said is right.

But the room is a great protection outside
There's Bro.

How can we get out of here?

We're not going.

What are you doing, Broo?

Get going from below.

Go straight down here
Straight up, Bro.

Forget about it.

You've done a lot of little things.

Now there's a jackpot.

Do not you want to be a big man?

Get the jacket out.


How to get down there?

- Broo... Broo... Broo...
- Sure, bro.

Or I'm widowed before the wedding, Broo.

Still not married - No, no.

And who is the home?

Housekeeping Bro.

That's all.

Get the cell phone's pocket.

Why is the phone?

Let's get a cell phone.

Good idea.

Good idea.

It will need later.


Bro... quickly Bro.

Why do you always work this way?





Stop the corruption of the Prime Minister
Banning notes.

But you do not get it.

Mr. Mahatama was shot in the ears.

Do you want it?

Do not go.

Who is the most powerful?

We're from RBI.

Reserve Bank of India.




keep up

CBI officers are in my pocket like you are.

Let's see how many officers like us are
You're in your pocket.


Dropped right away.

Hit... hit...

Not hit... hit...

It's okay now.

Who's looking for the back?

Who is it?

Excuse me, my wife
It's very irritating.


What happened, sir?

What happened?

I do not see anything.

Everything will be visible.


Keep up.


You broke the bags.

There's guards in there.

We're on the 16th floor.

Now, give it to you.

This is survived alive.

How are you going?

With your help, sir.

Long life.

Dear Khamisner, sir.

You salute us.




- Hold your husband
- Run.

Hold the capture.

- Take me to catch me.
- Sir, just tell me what to say.

Get captured and catch you?

I was caught.

Hold on to the capture.

Take the balance... pull it.

Take the balance... pull it.

Take the balance... pull it.

Worthy ivywoman pays off.

Hold on, mister.


Hey... Leave the pants.
I did not draw anything inside

I'll take care of you.

Where can you escape from me?

Assange Vistas.

Stupas Vistas... Hindi Chuckwaki.

Now we are jumping.

My Rs 50 crores.

My Rs 50 crores.

The comings came.

The comings came.

The comings came.

The comings came.

The comings came.

The comings came.

The rush broke us.


went to.


went to.

Came ..

Came ..

You two are perfectly suited.

Married 17 years.

But divorce.

And you see, in 17 years
What are you waiting for?

Thank you, Attorney.

Yes, sir.

He is the only one who has
been in the past 17 years.

After coming to a single
room after a wedding,

It's the same today.

Used a dumpy vehicle.

It's the same today.

And then we are in the third class.

Even in the third class today.


Does this mean that the
questions are from the beginning?


Did not you want to divorce before?

No, the judge is not at all.

Yes, it's about 10 in 15.

Wanted to kill him.

You see?

You see? The judge is what?
About me.

How many dreams did you
get before the wedding?

I'll put the clothes on the handle

I'll be like Giro Bai Ambani.

What if I do not wear a clothes?
What kind of love?

How much dreams have I seen?

I wanted to get up my feet.

I wanted to be a dancing director.

Keele fluttering director.

Extraordinary dances for Saro's sir
He is a craftsman.

Standing in the last row.

I was doing it.

Whatever it is.

But my identity was.

But he took me to the house to a housewife.

You still can not look right at home.

The judge is the only son to us...

They were also sent to a hostel.

The child I was...

You know, once I get sick
What did he do?

What did you do?

Calling a veterinarian.

Tell me, is anyone doing this?


So what was done was the judge.

Do you know, she is always in the morning
Rising like a chicken.

After that, it's half-boiling.

Then breakfast is like a duck.

After that, the office runs like a horse.

Then they work like a donkey.

And then I come home arrack
Like a mosquito.

And then I'm shouting like a dog.

Then the food is served like a flask.

After that, my legs are drowsy
Like a hippopotamus


See... how to stick up
Like an idiot.

So you tell the judge.

Did I speak to that veterinarian or not?

Just tell yourself.

Yeah yeah..

If he says anything, he will be angry.

This is the men.

That's what it meant.


Nowadays, it's only said that men are
going to be a man Tragedy, a tragedy...

With their mother before their wife
Talk to you in love.

Become a Slave Slave.

Talk to my mother before I talk to her mom.

Mum's side says.

It is bad for her children.

If nothing is said,
there is no responsibility.

If you're outdoors all day long,
you're a scumbag Mourning inside the house.

He gives his wife a job
Or that's suspicion.

If you give it,
you earn money from your wife.

Tell the lads if they do
not get the wrists wrong.

If these women are kidding us
We are guilty.

Yeah, you're wrong. Your family's wrong.
Hey, Ritu.

Do not say anything to my family.

Tell me what to do?


Divorce is granted.

Wait a minute.

Now you are to your 14-year-old son
Go ask him.

That he likes to stay with.

Then both go together and talk.

Or against both of you guys.

You will be allowed to
sue for the son's right.


All right, man.


You get... Stay.

No need to thank the grandmoms.

You saved yourself.

Now it's their turn.

Jiṁgūs Brother.

- Laddup is chopped
- All right.




Hey Zhengzhou.

First of all, who will rescuing the turkey?

First, save me first

I'm 100,000 lakhs.

Jingus... to the other side.

Let's go quickly.

No, save me first

I'll give them 1.5 lakhs.

Let's get the Jingus Network that way.

Why are not you doing anything?

I do not have any money...

From here, then... Your life
Absolutely not.

- Unil you're having fun
- What?

One and a half laps.

One and a half laps.

One and a half million are Dwight.

One and a half million are Dwight.

One and a half lanes.

One and a half lanes.


- Jump
- Yes, jump

I'll be right back
God protect me.

Get off... Get off... Get off

I'll... I'll give two lakhs.

Hey, jigotope net to this side.

Get the net in this direction.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for the side
Take the money first.



You are because of these dirty work
Remit them both.


Why did we come here to find a job here?

Mivwi we need to stabilize both of us.

Get a job. Meet a girl.

Is not it?

What are we going to do with a girl?

We're not

I'm doing.

I'm getting married. I'm getting married.

Lolly gives the pop.


Is this the truck?

There's no idea.

It looks like both sides.

Haltaf, mrs.

You're still beautiful
I'm still young.

Haltaf, mrs.

It's great in your car.

- Is not it?
- Great.

It's a modern Japanese car.

- What do you mean?
- Yes.

With Human Sensor.

It can be controlled by the RTM.

I... I can not believe this.

- Are not you sure?
- I'm not sure.

If I show up.

Here you see.

This is my hand.

Close this door for you.

The door will stop before my hands arrive.

No, no... Do it. Wait a second.

- Indicate...
- Really?



- Fought?
- No no.

There is nothing wrong with you.

This Sansor did not work.
Is it?

Now you try.


Come on, do it.


It's not that good not.

Have you come to see the
car's accessories here?

Or came to work
Come in. Let's go in.

Let's go.

- Let's go...
- OK OK...

Now look

I've got lots of work for you
A job with a responsibility.

Sir, we can carry a lot of responsibilities.
Yes, sir.

Something wrong with our floor.

Everyone says we are responsible.

He... Say anything, sir.

It's a 300 year old vase.

You look good like a new one
It looks new.

Old is an antique item.

The value is Rs. 50 lakhs.

Five million?

Every item here is billions
It's worth keeping clean.

Definitely - All right.


I'm there for cleaning up here
I'll clean it.

- Okay...
- All right.

One... two... three... four... five... six ..
seven... ten... eleven aṭa..navaya...

And your...




Not at Nadee.

You got it all destroyed.

No... no... Old



What is this... this.

What did you do, Mummy?

That's exactly what you said.

All... Clean it.

What did you do to my best fair gallery?



Fair Gallery.

Now you are not alive.


Where are you going?

It's scary.

You killed a dog like that dog!

Like a dog killed like a dog.
Somebody save.

Ustasha pieces... pieces.

From the bullet... from the bullet...


Hold the lock.

Is the ass needed?

Where did Uncle go?

Forget uncle.

Get the remote... Get the riot.

There is no TV here. Not the TV, but
the bang car ride Let's get out of here.

OK OK...



On the other side, they're moving fast.

Get out.

From Tony for a month, you make me fool

I want to leave India soon
When is my passport coming?

Hey, you're your passport.

This afternoon... definitely promise.


Brother Mujri looked like a dog for a month.

It was Broo.

Did you sell those jellyfish?

Now I'll tell you.

How's the forest like you?
To understand.


Tell me where my money is.
Let me tell you.

If I do not respond
quickly, I'm in your ear.

Where do you say my money?

Tiger's instinct.

Stealing money from my site.

It's impossible.

Where is my money?

For the sake of the sir.


Look around.

My money back.

Where are the scluos.

Ran away.

Who are you?


Go on, go in

I do not know.

Come on.

Hey, guys, run.

Ran away.

Now I'm not stealing cars.

Hey, shit.

Laders dogs.

For mom's sake.

Take the plane planker and send the kite?

UO told you, you are a pilot.

Yes, indeed, my surname is slapping.

My name is Tyne Pilette

I clean the plane.



Do not be an expert
You landed the plane.

That's what I was studying with.

Actually, I do not know to take a plane.

How to get this plane?

That I do not know.

But how do I get out? I know it.





- Where do you get me?
- Bye.

Yako... Oh, what are you doing now?

Lalan was the one who made a real one.

Now, a month's fun!

Yako, donkey.

Fly with a three-leaf ladder.

Crazy demon.

Wow, buddy.

See how much a barter is there.


What are you doing, Bun?

I can see it well.

Get out of here.

How can you take the plane with the donkey?


It's on a plane plane and a kite
I do not know the difference

I know He's not clever.



Let me tell you something like Bittus.

I hear that because he wants to talk to me.

You speak to your son.


Your mother...

Why are you taking a
plane like a crazy guy?

This too has troubles with his wife.

She will be dead

100% die.

It's a big accident.

Okayers needs to die
okay, as shown by sirkers.

You must have run for sure.

Do not think that everyone is like you.

- Let's go downstairs
- Just wait.

Who's involved in police mischief?

That's right
You should be ashamed of yourself.

Let's go downstairs.

Please drop the drops
Hey, do not talk.

He's one of your family
If you understand,

Let's go.

Oh, you and me.

- Let's go...
- All right.

Why did you gang this way?

Today, every woman is the same

I'll never die like you
A man has not seen.

You wreck me off.

There you are.

That's coming soon.

Holy shit.

Your life.


Yes... Raise your head.

Let's talk to ambulance.

Why ambulance?
Bring this thing to the hospital.

Yes, yes, please.

Do not say no.

Why do you do it?
Tell me something.

Maybe God is remembering.

What does God have in mind?

It's just a matter of five minutes.

You see? Your spell is not right.

The helpless is dead.

You are not dead until today.


Boss, just say words.

Sounds... can sound like a voice

is it?

Why hit it?

You talked... you talked... you talked...

How do you know this?
Beat it good.

Very simple.

One of our villages is a radio radio
She did not work.

Give one of them.

Then the radio will work.

Talk very much.

Stop the absurd article and listen.


I have to tell you something.

Did you rob 50 billion?

Uncle, you're the most jittery man.

Because of the anguish.

But now I have nothing
to do with that money.

Because my last time has come.

So it's the secret of money

I'd like to tell you.

What do you think?

I'm telling you why.

Because your face.

It's my fault.


That's ridiculous.

Show hostility.

That money I'm in Janakura Zoo.

They were hidden in a secret place.

- Janakpur Zoo
- OK OK.

That means a dangerous animal.

You're dangerous.

To me, they are like children.

Because I'm in those animals.

An animal trainer Worked


It's one of those animals...

It's big.

Most beautiful.


- Enlistments
- OK OK.

Tell me the rest.

It's okay.

It's hiding the secret of the money.

Find that circle

50 million is yours.

It's mine.

Please, Jing.

Find out who the hell is

I'll find it now.

Who are you financed?

Now I understand who I am?

I get it.

Lallan brother too

I got it

I understood everything.

Calm down.

You understand too

I was the betrayer and ran away.


This bonus is not shared with all of you.

Now you're just telling me

I asked the animal where the orchid is.

Can I ask you to leave?

Take pity.


Come closer.

Talk to him and talk to him.

Come closer.

Come closer.


Stop laughing and get out of here.

What to do with money
I'll handle it.

You'll get hold of me.

The money is ours... ours.


Are not you OK?

Steal... stolen.

He was told exactly how to steal
Yes, stealing.

Stolen money Hey hey...

I was in danger.

Go from here.

All right... we'll go

I'll go straight to the cops, right?

Then about Janakop Zattuwattu
I'll tell you everything.

Yes... Khamisner, sir,
it will be very pleasing.

Let's go. Let's go Let's go.

Come on, let's go Right.

Let's go, let's go...
Nice to meet you.

Let's go .. ...Come yamu..yam...


What are you doing?

Wait a minute.

The police are here anytime
Anyway, you can come.

Can we go somewhere else?

Let's go... let's all go...
Hey, wait.

Hide the helpless body.

Look Janakur here
It's about 150 kilometers away.

We went there and shared each other's money.

But what's that about Oakland?

We turn it to the zoo.

OK OK.. Exactly

I thought

60% are mine

40% of you to share among yourselves.


We do not like being thoughtful.

Hey, I'm not getting permission.


Then we will not ask the police.


50% of my 50% are yours


That means, we are the billionaire of Brool.

There are about twenty
billion dollars among you.

Because I took the risk because of it.

If that's so, take it all up
I went downstairs.

So 50% is mine.

Yes, then you have 50%.



Give me one and do not make his radio
Information about the money does not come out.

So I want 50%.


Yes, then keep 50% of you.

Then what happens to us?

Etc. Forgotten.

We're not for the money.

He gave a dead man.

Hello... I... I'm kidding.

We need to meet the same parts.

We need $ 50 million to
divide into 8 sections.

This beautiful pretty woman is going to say

absolutely right.

Watch out for a week.

Know how wonderful it is.

Hey, hello.

Something's not distributed
in the same way!

All the donkeys are the same

I'm 50% mine.

This is what Bry said right now.

That's just your bro
Do not you listen?

Ask money to borrow, Bro.

Bloot has caught up.


Bloot has caught up.

- Inspector Yadav
- Yes, sir.

Who betrayed this man?

Sir, he knows that he is going to die.

Therefore, I can walk with Grave.

Shut up.

- Check pockets
- Right, sir.

Sir... The purse.


She's a trainee for the tiger.


He has been trained for robbers.

This is an ally of the two deceivers.

They have to arrest me.

Put up obstacles everywhere

write down.

The airport ride is a bus station
Taxi rickshaw bike stand.

East Highway... West Highway... Highway
Highway One New Highway one... tunnel.

In no way, they can not escape me.

Everything I need to block.



Put the pen.

Is this pen useless?

This is good.

Shut up.

Last chance.

The last chance - All right.

To the first person to Janakur.

His goods.

That means one for someone.

- Yes
- Yes.

The perfect speech.

Dinain Kenay.

- Definitely
- Yes.

The best man will win.

To the top of the list.

But you are a woman.


Okay, I agree.

Eh, where did you go?

Get in quickly.

Get Look at that.

Going on.

Human... human... human...

Hey, dude, let's go, honey.

What is it about, Bro?

Not even reaching out.

They had to give 50%
Now I'm not giving you a penny.


I'm a big man.

Yeah yeah...

With the face I look like an innocent.

But they do not know more than me
A big dog does not belong

I know.

Run the car.

Drive... Drive.

Get Rs. 50 million from us.

Fire in that afternoon.

It's not like 50 years.

Your mother hated herself.

Why is my mother in the middle?

If it's money, I'll take it out.

Why Do You Leave Old Money?

Shut up.

Previously on.


Do not even look at the car
The engine is good enough, Bro.

Now, check engines and vehicles
To steal?

Lil'sin kicked off on HiVe
Got a shit?

Look at that.

The moon moon helicopter service.

Lovely... great Lallian brother.

Use the brain for the sake.

Let's go quickly. Let's go.

Pick up the drops in
the flight and let's fly.

You know I'm flown I'm scared.


I'll go by myself and get the money.

If you go alone, I will go straight
Going to the police station

I go straight to the police station.


I know a short distance from the jungle.

Eh, shall we?

What are you doing three years ago?
You took a short walk.

Remember for two days to go to the city.

Do not worry, Darling

I'm there.

Everyone was abducted
Now we're alone in the race.

They did not dry up the Madam.

All of them are searching
for concise routes.

But they do not know this.

Turbo power We have it.

Turn off the turbo.

No, I do not care about work, Bro.

Somebody asks for a lift?

Get ready to get ready for it
Something's coming.

One vehicle can not be stopped
A big man... a big man.

Babbúu is a big man

do not.

Boss, where are you?
Where are you?

One vehicle was stopped

100 vehicles that are hitting Goodbye Broo.

Good morning, bro.

Bad thing is, Brea.

Bro is wrong Vehicle parking.

This was not the car stopped, Bro
They hit the vehicles.

Buffalo... uolāgē culprits...
Thinking about father's father

Molly carries you?

Goat's donkey son.

My car is my car.

What are you doing?


Your name was Elvash.

Your name is Sathyansh (destroyer)
It should have been.

Try to chat with you

I'm your husband.

Oh, your husband.

It's been driving for two hours.

Where is your highway?

Be patient with me
Be patient with me.

Have patience with your aunt.

Mind's silly.

Is he there anybody?

You can get us together.

Let's go quickly.

You know what, Hieve.

- Highway
- Yes.

Beautiful, you two have come so far
They're looking for him.


He knows that.

All right, let's go with them.

Where did you go from coconut water?

Come on Come on.

Brother... brother...
will you have a helicopter?

Find here

I'll meet you definitely.

Where should I go?

- Where should I go?
- Janakpur.

Definitely... Two Lakhs going.

It's about time.

The two are.



Moon moon... Hey moon moon...
What is it?


Get in and get the baseball cap.

Get it right now

Basel and helicopters
A wheel is also racing.

The box is the box but it's inside
The helicopter's oil.

Do not worry, let's go.


Why are you going to go?

Are we going this way?

Is this your daddy?

We're going this way.

But the ad here is on the photo.

So what?

Deepika is the person making the beauty salon
I'm putting the photo in the picture, right?


It means that with soap Is it?

Will you take diabetes free of charge?

This is Deepika.

This is soap.

It's a bit colder. It's okay


This is like a whistle.

Your two luminescence is now in.

Let's go with me
Go to school here.

Go for some time.
Brother's brother.

We'll come with you too Not now.

The tailgate is broken.

The order from the company.

Come two hours.

That's it.

Two hours.

What are you doing here?

The fan's fan is helicopter
Are you doing hi?

You know this is the home fan.

We know this is the home fan.

Do you know the helicopter?

This is a home fan.

You're great.

You are not a human.

You're a scientist brother.


Here is the box.

And that's the flyer.

But why is this a flyer?

Please, my stupid kulfo.

That's why there are suns in the sky.

Your scientist does not know
the real meaning of this.

This is a flyer, Mr. Malenny
Easy to save.

Here's how to keep this.

Keep this for yourself

I'll put oil on, okay?


If he does, he'll die

I pay 25,000 pounds every day to the fire

500 million something you're helicopter
Scared together?

The helicopter is not scared.

Are afraid of the explosion.

Are you afraid to scare me?

- Get off
- Let's go.

Three more hours.

We are in Janakura.

All the supplies will be in our pocket.

Wow, you are very clever.

Your mother will be very proud of you.


Prove yourself out.

We need to buy money from Janakapur Zoo.

Finding money.

Someone needs to spend it.

The one who spends money
does not have your money.

So he does not like a man in any other way
Not one.

How did you know him?

Ask me.



etc etc... etc... etc...


Brake does not fit.

Brake does not work.

Brake Press a button.

What did you do?

What did you do?

My seat is being turned over to stop it.

How dare you drive.


I do not know.

Do something.

Oh, shit.

Yeah... Yeah...

- Old.
- Yes.

The person who spends money.

We're gone.

Shut up and listen to me.

- Yes
- Sir.

- Sir
- What's the problem?

No problem.


Give it a try.

Now I'm listening to
what I'm saying to them.

Do you want me and them both alike?

Well, yes...

Shut up and listen to me.

It's a pressure bur pressure bur.

All the idiots went by, Broo.

Do not worry before all
We're heading to Janakpur.


Surprisingly, a breakaway gun.

Hey, there's a gun inside.

A gun, Bro We're lucky, Bro.

Get the gun inside.

Hey, now we are 50 billion
No one's coming broo

I shoot him with my mother
Do not... do not.


This is the test!

They tried to kill me.


Come on.


You have to push it.

This is an Auto Starter.

This is a former mechanic.

It made a helicopter.

I'm a little scientist who does not read it.

Let's fly now.

For me this guy looks like a mess.

What do you think?

If I could make men...

May I marry you?

My sixth sense.

We're seeing Madras messing around.

Your previous feelings are not working.

A sixth talk is talking about nonsense.

Hey, coconut water.


Where's Hoeve?

You guys have to go straight.


Hear that? Highway.

Take the right.


Left to the left.

When it's right, Hiavey.

Right, right...

Left... left... Drops.

This is not going to be like this
what are you doing?

What to do? Heike, Haitec's vehicle.


It's a terrible car.

This is far from the remote
We need to turn on.

Leave me here.


You hit the wrong button.

You know, good tooth
Get outta here


- Obapan
- All right.

You're working on it.

Come on, come on.

Where are you going? Old.

It's more than automatic.

It's gone, Bun.


You really did.

To their technology.

We went 50 billion.

Eatman, old buddy.

You made the mistake.

You should not look at that girl.

Your admonition has changed
Is it my fault?

Is it my fault?

U. I do not like being married

I want to marry

I want to make kids... but I make you in.

- Uh...
- Old.

- What?
- Old.


OK, bye.

Where are you going?

This drooping helicopter went past.

Better if the parrots were gone.

I am telling the brother
of us that we are foolish.

Increase it.

The tailgate was out
The tailgate was out.

You know the fan is out of the back.

We know the fan has been saved.

But do you know the
helicopter and the fan behind?

I knew the helicopter got to know it.

What are you doing?

It looks like a lot of work.

Stop the fan?

Just made a joke.

Fear falls.

Brother B.

Smoke coming from the back.

It may be a fusion.

A fire is a fire.

Why are you screaming?

We've burnt all our lives
for the rest of our lives.

This is also true
We'll fire this out.

What are you doing to listen to me?
This is the last fire.

Listen to me.

What was that? Gāslaṭ.

Aviation fuel oil in the Garcade box.

Water bottle gently pulled
A man and a dog?

Sometimes it's running away in the dark.

It was lightning to light.

You were lighting up the helicopter I
thought you were a great scientist thinking.

You're a terrorist. A terrorist

you idiot.

You have to go straight.


Right it.

It's so risky to be brainwashed.

I am a lump sum of 10 lakhs
It took such a risk.

This is a million rupees story.

May the blessing of God Srinath.

Oh, shit.

Holy shit.

Shut up and shut up
I'm gonna drive the car.

We're going to die.

Yes, we're going to die.

Dive to give attention.

Deyiyanē..deyiyanē..deyiyanē ..
Do not worry, do not worry.

We're done... we're done...
Do not worry, dungeon.

Do not worry Oh god...

Do not worry He's going to die.

Somebody save.

We came to a tissue in
the province of Surya.

Get them to hit the front before catching
it Do not let that escape that much

an accident.

Something's coming

I'm not coming.


Get back in the back of the car.

Sir Comisher.

Commissar takes it back from the heart.

Pran Yun Bro.

Hey, where are you all going?

Back... Back up.




Turn... turn...

I would like to give you one.

What do you think?

Can you take my money and run away?

When are we going to continue our death?

One day, death.


Sir... Look at the back.

I'm not looking for the back!

Look at you.

Your death.


Look at the back.

Whether you like it or not, death will come.

It's gonna hit back.

All the doors are closed.

Follow the back.

Mom Do not worry.

Do not worry... Do not worry

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥


There's a brain, and there's something Bro.

This road was built by the government
Trains are not for cars.

Want to be a big man.

Wanted to be a big man
I do not want to be Broo.

So, we have to steal a car.

No, I like this.

No, I like this, Bro.


Where's the vehicle, Bro.


Come Good...

Hey, Jing's only way to escape
There are buns


There must be jumping to where?

To the building.

A... that building has
not been finished yet.

Wait until the story is finished.

You dunge.

What am I doing?

You upload the flywheel.

Here Why?

Fear of your Moon
It's easy to understand.

Can I give my advice to myself?

What are you doing?

Let's go with us.

Come on jingo jump.

What's happening to me?

Oh, my God, this is me...


Mūn..mūn mūn..mūn...

Yeah... Yeah...

God saved us from your brother

- I saved my hat
- Quiet.

The dark night tells the burning fire.

The one who saved you.

That's what Lull's brain says.


Do not worry... do not worry.

So what are you doing?
Bypass the Axler.

Louder... or we will die.

Well, ride... ride...

Ride... Ride...

My God... My God...

Let's go hard... let's go...

To the coconut water I...

Squirting in the sail itself.

Great... came in the right way...
Good driving the car.


Hotel Hieve.

Hotel Hieve.

The best South Indian food.

Did you say this one at
the beginning of this one?


There's a Toili
Tosa Puri Formiappa.

Good food.

To your mother...


Day fishpa.

Mustappā sareappā...

Even if you want to talk to the desk maker.

Now this Bangu Balayi does not give up.

Hey, stop talking.

You get...

Wow Bravo! It's a car!

Look at Brebo all over us
In the morning, Bro.

Broo GPS.

No use GPS.

No brow is not okay now
There's GPS here, Broo.

Now let's take a look at this.

Welcome to the latest
GPS system in the world.

Choose your language.

Press the number one for the English.

Press two to describe in Hindi.

Click on the number three in Chindi.

What is Chindhi?

What is Chindhi?

Chindi... it means our Hindi.

Broo, this is Chingy, like you, awesome.

Chingi select.


Khanah Bro... Where do you want to go?


Janak preamble.

Janak preamble.

Oh, Broo is a great place
You were chosen?

Not even a beach or a girl.

There is only one zoo

I go to Goa.

A great place.

Drink there, Takela.

Dancing in the disco.

Go back to jankees
Give it a short time.

Why are you yelling?

I say it.

Turn from here to left.

It will run for a staggering 300 km.

I'm with good people.

Look at Broo Sterling The brain.

Take care of the sterilization
I'll take care of the road.

Change gear.

Because there is no way on the way.

Shortcut is Broo Shortcut.

He is very clever to hear what he says.

Previously on the seashore.

So Phila is about 300 kilometers away
The runtime will remain.

Yes, me.
Hey, do not blame yourself.

You've stored better headlines than you.

Find Johnny Johnny wool
Find out the wings.

Broo, find the inside of the jungle, Bro.

Breo, go 100 meters to the left
Behind you.

Yo, you are telling things in there.

The road to Janak's road is not going.

You get ..

Hey, do not say good talking.

Call back back to you.

Tell the master.

Take it easy. Take it easy.

It's very tense.

Take it Take it to my phone.

All of this happened.

The car went off.

Money went.

He's in this place.

A place where a creature
was not even a bird.


Look at that bird.

It's not that bird.

Vulture vulture...

He's so cute.

Like a puppy dog.

Are we friends?


Have friends... like friends.


Like, Sinan Maka.

Not only did he cun,
but he even tasted blood.

Now, this is Eke's whole generation
Talk to me for food.

Look here.

Old people have great strength.

They'll kill us too much of their beak

gangrene gangrene gangrene...

Come on... come on... come on.

Get in there.




He fell from heaven and
now he's in the right place.

Your legs are saved.

What do you see?

The death.

Not below.

Can you see that lad on that?

It has to go to it.

We have to get down the stairs.

No... no... no... no... no...
shut up.

Very simple.

First, confidently
Stand on your feet.

This... This is self-confidence.


You're not down on self confidence
It's here.

Brother, do not...

Shut up and keep my head in the middle
Please do not go away.

Be sure to go back to the past.

Then the column was taken.

Hey, save... save... Flew out.


Look at that.

The road shows.

Can you see a flowing stream?

It's gone.

There is nothing like a peg
Like a drop of a hunk.

Come... come on... Come...
come on... come...

Oh, see, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Hey girl.

No floods in flood waters.

I see.


Are you joking?




Carry out the car.


Open the dam of Damam.

It's gonna be boiling dums.
Right, sir.

Once in a jiffy.

And then the money

so many.

Yes, a lot of money.

A lot of water.

In the girl's money.

You have a lot of water.

Oh, my mother

drip drip drip drip...

That song is awesome.

Both of you are bored.

This guy is for you
Shorter route, right?

It's time to go with cabbage
I'm with him right now.

Look ahead.

Eyes off can be dangerous.

The stones are waiting for the stones.

Come on, truck. Come on.

Let's go straight now.


Put the Formula One wheel
For the Fowel.

Let's go now.

Let's go straight
Let Go... Let's go.

Just let me know...
Let go... Let me go.


What did you stop, do not you?

Your mother.
Do not blame yourself about my mom.

If you go down,
you save up some 300 miles [300 km]

But this is.

You have to be a big man, right?

Is not it?

Yes, it must be.

Then tell the driver to drive
Get down.

- Take the driver's car
- Hey.

Take bur vehicles.

Now, I need to put the gear.

Let's move slowly
There's a lot of stones.

If you're touching one, you'll find Mom
Did you understand where it was going?



Go straight straight
The destination is just as happy.

Now, enjoy this.

There is a stone that is
ten meters above the table.

He said there was a stone.

There is a stone.

Do you think Rohit is Shetty?

Cars are racing in the sky.


Water Broo.

Drink water.

Look at two.

This useless driver was the car.

He does not know how to ride the car.

My advice is walking Take a look.

Why are you looking at the face?
You're taking your driver back.

You get.

Do not face it.

Do not face it
Do not give up if you meet later.

Lallan brother.

Lallan brother.

- Lallan brother
- What is it?

Are you a man or a duck?

What Whenever it hangs.

Now only God can save you

my goodness.



He sacrificed 500 kozos of suckers.


Buffy... survived.

Your brother is two and a half million rupees
in good times He promised to offer Laddhush.

That's why he saved you.

Two and a half lakhs.

By the two and a half million rupees?

A kilo of 500.

Two and a half million 500 kilos, right?

You've been wrong
I'm not 500 kilos

500 grams.

Brother B.

You changed the side and cheered God.

He got angry and hung me on his brother.

Oh, my God.

Sorry, it's a mistake.

It's not 500 now

1000 kilos of sugar is sacrificed.

Bēragannakō bēragannakō...


God saved the brother.

Now, 1000 kilos of bagasse are coming soon
Brother to offer.


Now why do you sacrifice Sadduce?



There's something wrong with your hand
Something's right.

What's happening in the steering wheel
Break break, break.

Steering can get anything lost
What's wrong with Breaker.

The car is drowning.

The car is drowning.

I knew.

The car is drowning.

You drowned our marriage.

And you're putting this car in jeep.

I can not die so fast.

Let's go down the dump truck.

Give me a hand... give it a hand.


Come on.

- Hey, drop
- Yes.

He caught the morning in the morning ..

The stomach is screaming.

It's not your stomach.

See beforehand.


Now you're sure.

It's dying


Save Mummy.

Please, Mum, save it.


Are you crazy?

Where is Bloo?
How's it going, Bro.

How are you, Braw?
How are you going?


Let's get to the Janakpur flyer
Get ready to get up.

Get it.

Are you stealing aircraft now, Broo?

- Sorry
- Yes.

We too are going to Janakpur with you.

But we can not go with you.

It's going to be a national hurry.

The country is in danger.


The country is in danger



A pair of beer twice

I respond

you idiot.

Time for these processes.

Not for reactions.

Actually, we are not
allowed to break the rules.

Then I will break my rules.

Now I have to tell my real identity.

We are in the agents



Call this number.

Give a message.

A message, sir?

Rehman was young.

Rehman was young.

Secret code Rehman was young.

Look, sir, I really can not go to him.

The country is leaving for the country.

He can not go, sir.

Let's cry kids in the country.

How are we going to go?

- This is the Pilet ..
- Oh.

Then Rehna takes care of him.

The message is invalid.

Thank God.

You know how to dive, right?

Who does not know where to dive..mody.

Two times a day...


Accept the team.

Thank God we saved.

Why wait a finger?

I told you.

Thank God we saved you
Why Did You Extend Your Finger?

So I did

- I only loved
- Love.

Manu Dhanxe, you should feel that love.

I tried to help you.

Do not try to help me.

Got it?

Even if I did not get burnt
Do not get water!


I'll sink in the ground

ætulaṭama ætulaṭama ætulaṭama.

Do not get me out of here.


Do not do this.

Do not do anything

I ask for a hit.

Help me, Maraw.

Help me, Maraw.

But you do not help me.

Got it?

Now where are you going up?

I'm sorry to tell you.

I'm not going upstairs.

You're going downstairs

I'm going down.

The sinking sand.

The sinking sand.

Honey, help me Miranov, help me.

You are standing there? Help me.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I can not help you.

I'm going to die

I'm going to die... Oh, help me.

You said that I would die
Do not help me.

Forget about...
Forget about what I said.

Help me, my motherfriend, Miri Owen.

Now that you said in my mother's name.

Now I have to save you.

What am I doing?

Bring me to bring me something


This sinking sand is sinking fast.


Come on, Rani. Hurry, please.

You shit.


What's this coming from?

So you said that you could take
anything that you could take.

Hold this one up and up.

Yako, this is a bitch... a...

Do not look gorgeous
Think this is a rope.

This is your last hope.

Come on, come on.


You can do it.

Pull... pull...


are you OK? Are you okay?

Thank you, Miref
It's not easy to do.

- It's not easy to do
- Thank you.

Look at that.

Did not you see that rope?

And see.

But it's cloth dried up

etc... etc... etc... do not.

The country is in danger.

You're mature and mature.



You have to live in danger
To be a big man.

- Attention...
- Definitely.

Amazed... I was the first tidbits group.

- There's a private jet
- Yes.

Actually, the airplane
is very important to us.

Why is an aircraft?

Our elder brother's swimming pool
It's just something.

Dive at any time of the day to put water.

Right, bro. Just give it up.

No, we're diving the swimming pool
Do not make a sound like you?

Or not?

Then what the simmer does that do?

Diving in the sky.

You said you maturing, broo.

Yeah yeah...

That means you are.

Do not land?

We're landing.

This plane is not just landing.

Do not fly the aircraft, Bro.

Good luck Charlie.
Thank you... Thanks... Thanks...

- Mummy went back.
- That's Bro.

Uncle went to Bro.


Landing a 2-minute plane.

To the plane.

There will be comfort.

I'm sorry, sir.

We do not have permission to land the plane.

And what about Rash's young mind?
From the beatings of Rishma's youth.

What will happen to her youth?

No, sir, I'm sorry for you
There's going to be a jump.

The country is in danger.

Now we are in danger.

Right now... now...

Listen, what do you say? What?

Good attention.

Bean after 10 seconds This wire.

Gotta pull Did you understand?

It will parachute.

Did you understand?

Now I'm counting 3 at 3
You have to jump.

Did you understand?


01:32:11,810 --> 01:32:12,810

Janakpur came.

Yoko is Janakpur there.

We came to Janakpur.

It survives from drowning.

Because of me.

The more I have karawoets.

You will not die for the next 100 years.

Instead of Karawachot.

If you have a douche

I do not even die for 200 years.


Hey, let's go quickly.

Come on, mates.

Where are you going to go?

The gate is closed.

There's another gate to see
There's also a locker.

- Look at that
- Yes.

Oh... a paddle.

Hey, drop.

This is not a public telephone.

Button put money on you

I'll handle it.

Wallparans have to leave.

This is men's work.

A person with courage
There must be a crack.

Strong... got it?

I'm a kid's boy.


What's this crap?

Mount Everest Climb Mount Everest.

Water in the village drank.

Oh, God!

Big big man.

He shows the energy of the brainless man.

What's the code?

One for two or for two

my name is you idiot.

Get up, come on.

The back is over.

Hey jinggur.

You can see this booth anywhere.

No, brother.

Hey, drop.

This is where you are looking for.

Do not worry.

We all came before the Zoo.

Yeah yeah.

God is with us.

Are you going to kill me?

God is with us.

God is with us, Bun.



O Zoo.

Broo O Zoo.

Awake O Zoo.

Yeah, broo, we land at the zoo.

God is with us and that one
And after that, it's coming.

Look, look.

Where is he now?

God is with us.

Yes, Bro.

Where did you come from?

This is not his son His father's.

Leave the person on top
See the person below.

Now we are 50 billion.

No one can come broo.



The rhinosiruses will be gone.

Look at the orders of Renoiris.

Come on, Ammo.

He's hurled on someone on the ground
I've seen a lot.

One above the first road will be bundled.

Please leave.

Do not leave.

Please leave.






Take away from your legs.


Keep your feet apart.

Rhino Anaphan...

You've saved the buff.


Where are we, Broo?



You're here, big brother.

- Are you here?
- Yes.

Did you get to prayers?



We never thought of such a big brother.

Saying lies?

You and I said Asien Pallain
Asian Pallain.

Hey, shut up.

I know that I know.

We're all squabbling.

One coward is not alone
Money can not be taken.

That's why we find it together.

Let's make the money equally.



Like That's a story.

Zimba to stay.

Stop Zimba.


Kissed kissed...


You got to be a big man
You have to be a cook.

Eat petals.

Focus... focus...




Open the gate.

How cute.

This is not my introduction...

My name is Charappa Master.


Life is beautiful on our ocean.

Mr. Chinappa Lord, you are here.

This time.


My dream is in the colony
Work is going to start.

That's why it came.

Chinappa apartment complex - Yes.

Here - Yes.

This is our zoo.

It was mine now.

Nicamum gives the agreement


Read it well.

Your father Oman is this zoo
I sold for Rs.

- Sold
- Yes.

No, my father put a pawn in the pocket

500 notes were taken from you.

I... cheated daughter.

I buy the business deal
The document was signed

50 million land

I got $ 5 million.

I have three C's of my success.



And cheating.

I have not seen an ass since.

See Bravo, Bravo.

This is a bloodbath.

You're a criminal.

However, it is necessary
to prove the evidence.

Do not do that.

What do these animals do?

Do you know?

What are you asking me about?
Did you feel my feelings?

Do not be sad

I've set up a farewell dinner today.

After that, every animal
Transfer to a good place

to where?

Up to heaven...

Let's wait, buy the bag.

Hey, what are you doing?
Smell and cosmetics?

Put it well.

What's this about?

This is the best poison in the world.

Wait a minute.

The expiration date has passed.

It's gone, and the animals are gone.

Sir, however, I was poisoned
We can get a case, sir.

Holy shit

I did not think so...
Thank you, Bun.

You're an expert.

Do not ever tell me.

Reddy, read the mun.

Sir, here's all the animals
Last night I died from a food poisoning.

We are from the main medical office
This report is written in clear terms.

Then I'll understand.

Holy shit.

It's eight hours, it's dying.

This is to kill the animals After that,
such a large Sattwatttha was built.

It's a very difficult task.

You swindler.

You criminal

I'm not gulping you out to ruin your life.

Hey, he's letting me go.

These forest cats... locked up.

Leaving me.

Open the door...

Open the door.

8 hours left.

We need to find out
We need to find the money

8 hours left for us

I need to find... Find the money.

You heard that.

In 8 hours the Zoo will
be barked in the market.

But did not you hear this?

In eight minutes, all these animals
To die.

For 8 minutes, leave your greed on the side.

Please save these animals.


Hey, drop.

Now do not change the target.

We came here for the money.

Did not you get the animals, did you?

That's right.

If not met the money
Extreme extinction is also on our livestock.

Look inside our inside
Do not get up.

Let's go find it all.

Let's go jankoved.

But let's go.

All right.

Yamu... yamu soon...

- This is not anywhere
- Yes.

Car hid...

They went.

If you do get a mortgage, you'll die.

Are you so sad?
He's looking for us.

Your mother will not be proud of you.

I'm going to save them - Measure.


Where is this, huh?



Have you found it? Have you found it?

We got to get that piece
of meat out of there.

Who will remove the piece of meat?



If the meat is eaten, the lion dies. Bro.

Let's go find you.

See how to appeal It's raining.

I'm dying to die
Do you want to jump in?


The lion mutters the piece of meat, Broo.

He pleases Bro.

That Gorilla's boyfriend Kehel.

Do you want to eat?

How did you become a human being?

Is not the least bit of
sympathy left by yours?

Remind me to save Pussy's child
I've been risking my life.

Hanging on two hours.

- Stop it
- Look, brother.

This time you need to hear what I'm saying

shut up.

Let's go and save.

Time is low.

Get the fuck out of here.

This banana is not for you.

Why does he break his teeth?

If you give one, you will have it.

All the teeth come in.

Lallan brother Get off.

Give him a try.

One thing is good to hear.

Previously on your father .. Dad.

Get out of here.

Hey, you're asking one more question.

It looks like before.

You will understand...

Lallan brother.

How are you, Uncle.

Bless you.

Because I know your son
It was understood.

That the poison is poison.

The cripple would die if you ate it.

You understand it.

It's not for you to be human
Can not stop.

Get your lady down

best wishes Put your hand on it.

Please... give me one.

Your Majesty's husband needs to die.


We're sorry.

Relax, buddy.


Great job.


Old man called the mortgage.


Old ones will die.

Save him We have to save him.

Man in the circles.

Go get a piece of meat from them.

These girls are always killing males

my goodness.

Dude, I gave you a divorce.

What did you want to study?

Quickly throw a piece of meat out here.


Run. Run. Run.


No, run straight... run straight.

- Save
- Get in.

Get in the tree climb


Upstairs and upstairs.

More and more... and more...

Niyamyi nice...

Hey, boss.

Bee, you were told to climb the tree.

You take the tree back.

It's always working the other way.

Please save me... Do not eat me.

Wait... wait... Oh, God.


Are you fine, Broo?

Say something to God Lion.

I... I saved your life.





Understand him.

Tsar... Sir... help
Help him to help him.

Say sorry.


A donkey is a monkey bud.

You are about to come to understand this.



The wool is gone.

That's what I'm about to say.

Look at that. Look at poison in Kehel.

The other side turned wild.

Your son has survived.

Or eat that poison
He's dead by now.

I lost my hand.

No no... Uncle, be quiet.

God save the Lallan brother.

Do not... do not... do not.

Jinku's okay The hand went right.

The hand went right.

Why are you yelling?

He happily gave you one hug.

If I get a little more stressful, me.

Give me a hug.

- Old
- Let's go.

Let's go.

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

Put your mouth shut.


Do not touch your mouth.

Then touch his mouth
He's devastating.

Then the poison comes out.

Put one thing in here and then come and run.

Press the stomach
Press the stomach.

Oh, baby. It's baby.


So... Come?

Mummy... Mom, do something.

Please, baby, get up.

Vomiting And.

Straight straight on your face.

So, what are you doing here?



He's getting up

- Gets up
- Yes.



You saved her, you did it

- I saved this life
- Yes.

But you chew on it.

I know.

A natural bath.


Oh... oh...

God save him.

Hey, Tiger.

Why are you following a woman?


Then, with men.

Really coming
Like this one took Saraius.

Run with hooks.


Run up.

Get on the run and run over.

Run in motion.

Save God.

Hey ladies.

Why is yelling?

Do you want to go to Gujarat?

Years ago.

With the English Gujarat.

The country was running off.

And now this.

One Gujarat

America did not give visa.

Now he talks to his mouth.

You're all left.

Hacked with one Gujarati.

It's eleven I will not be left.

Look at those things

I smelled a piece of poison.

That's why this tiger lives.

Or at what time?

You have been a tiger?
(Idea: - dead tiger)



Security Thank You.

No... do not... do not.

- Tell him, Bro
- Tommy



What is it?

Bats are friends

Tommy Lඩoma.


I'm a friend.

Thank you, daughter.

Where's Bravo going now?


Tell you in Mongoan, Brawl.

What is he doing?

Selfie Madness.

One cellphone.


Where is it here?

How many bloody feet are
you landing madam madam?

At least 50 feet away

01:57:15,290 --> 01:57:15,970

01:57:16,100 --> 01:57:16,850

01:57:17,040 --> 01:57:18,040

01:57:18,410 --> 01:57:19,410
Good morning, bro.

Look who's here?

New Laddoo Ma'am, baby.

Where's Goodbye Breo?

Take a look.


I'm not fine.

Who's hitting bun now?
I do not know.

Look that jig.







Look at that.

All of you came read Breo.


Bro, are you fine, Bro. Bro.

And Holy shit.


Are you OK?

I am very good.

Thank you, Mom.

Our money.

This money.

Our friend Pinto cheated on us.

He took the money and ran away.

Pictures Uncle.

- Hi Unicode Uncle
- Hi.

How did it come from?

There were dozens of children
in the daughters' house.

So come back.

You're admitting uncle.
Let's go.

Oh, that's uncle
This is why it came here.

Somebody to get me.


If Mother was alive today...


Will be dead again

500 million greetings.

Now who is this?

Comrade Kamishan is police.

Where are you going now?


- Not laid out
- why?

The gun's getting bigger.

This is Lord.

What did you think?

Can I have my share ownership?

Hey, this is not your black money.

Yes, this is a straightforward robbery.

Yes... Yes...

Are we getting you arrested?

- Yes, I give it
- Yeah yeah.

The law gives evidence.

How is that money?

I took it.

Do it.

Show more.

The evidence of the archaeologists now.

What do you mean?

Tell me what?

50% of your 50% are mine.

Shit etc.

The race will start again
Hey, boss.


All of us share equally?


- Definitely
- Equal... Yes... Yes.

Yes... equally.

There is only one part of the money.

I only... OK?


All the animals survived.

I'm angry.

He came to kill you.

And then you found 50 million.

I was glad.

Now I'm happily killing you.

You'll find all the bullets all together.

One shot in one head.

I'm a police salesman.

Really sorry, sir

to you.

There'll be two ammunition.


Just wait for Rajinika.

Now I'm counting up to 3rd.

And then you're upstairs.


02:02:22,870 --> 02:02:23,870
What is it after 1?

Two sir

02:02:29,990 --> 02:02:31,800
- One..
- Hey.

Hey... Hey... what are you doing?

Take Keheli, shoot Shhihini.

She's crazy.

What do you mean?

Tell your people Tell us guns.

Hey, worthwhile Evvoo Give guns.

Give guns quickly.

Wars are very valuable.

Go get all the guns.

- Go go
- All right.


Hey, give the gun.

Give the gun.

Now... what is that now?

Say animals and estate documents
To take it from your throats.

He killed me.

What do you mean?

Tell me to get out.

So tell him I'm ready to go out.

Hey, he is not you.

We were told to go out.

All the money.

Get the money Let's go drooping.

Let's go to the cargo.

I'm coming back.

Hey, Reddy, what did you eat?

Sir, I did not eat that goddamn thing
Look at that lion.

Thank you very much.

You saved my animals

I saved my zoo.

Thank you very much.

We saved ourselves.

Thanks for all of you.

We need to thank the animals.

Or for this money We were biting.

These animals made us again.


Hence, this money is divided into 6 shares.

Part 6?

To these animals.

What do you say?

- Definitely definitely
- Exactly.


Wah Brawl today you just said something in
your heart You were a responsible person, Bro.

From my section.

Half your share.


My mom was wrong.

Say it's never a dog's dog
That's not right.

Your part is canceled


Mama can never be wrong.

It's my umbrella.


Bēraganiyō bēraganiyō...

From this money.

Betuttu's future will be better?

Batutu's future is better than drops.

If you and your mom will agree.

Leaving... Saram Sampa

I'm planning a good job today.

Mother will be proud of you, will not you?

No, E'ex


I'm proud of you.

Rescue me... save... save.

You got your brother money.

Now, we have 1,000 kilos
Offer sugars.

Why did you get the money now, Laddun?

Why are you so afraid?

I'll give you that.

You look at the face.

Talk to the hell brother
2,000 kilos of suckers.

I'm in your life.

Can Zoo be a partner?

You've taken care of such january.

Just get one more junior.

Bro... This is your act (jan)

Make him your partner.

Right, Jane.

And your aunt is a little bit
If I stay there, I too will be...

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