Totò, Fabrizi e i giovani d'oggi (1960) - full transcript

Carlo is in love with Gabriella and he decides to marry her. She agrees but some problems begin when their parents meet. Giuseppe D'Amore and Antonio Cocuzza take at once a dislike to each other and begin fighting over everything. The marriage is then called off and Carlo and Gabriella decide to fly away... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
> Giovanni: Well! But I say!
> Matilde: But how!

> Teresa: You
can't do anything!

> Giuseppe: Always messes!

> Antonio: I turned it upside down!

<Giuseppe: There is nothing to do!
<Matilde: Here! Here!

> Lina: Do you remember, grandpa,
how it rained?

Wet bride lucky bride.

[Of course now, with things done,
everything seems to have been simple.]

[But to get
to this blessed wedding, ..]

[.. many headaches,
screams, sacrifices, ..]

[.. especially for
Cavalier Antonio Cocozza, ..]

[.. renowned pastry chef founded
in 1902, father of the bride ..]

[.. and for the
less renowned accountant Giuseppe D'A more, ..]

[..but appreciated civil servant
, father of the groom.]

[It all started about a year ago,
when Gabriella and Carlo met.]

[He was studying for surveyor and she
attended interpreting school.]

[They met on a beautiful
day in May ..]

.. in the place where young people usually spend ..]

[... their busy mornings
of study.]

- What are you watching?
- Who is that beautiful girl?

<Carlo: I'd like to meet you.

And introduce yourself!

- Who did it? - It was him?
- Sorry, I don't do that anymore.

<Carlo: But no, don't be afraid.
Indeed, thanks.

- For charity!
- Thanks!

[It is really true
that in life, sometimes, ..]

[.. a little push is enough and you don't know
where it can lead you to end up.]

[The summer passed,
the tough exam period came ..]

[..and Carlo began
to study seriously.]

[Think about
the love he makes you do sometimes .]

[The last exams were, of
course, the heaviest.]

[And so, one day ...]

Carlo: Gabriella! Gabriella!

Carlo: Gabriella, come here!
I have great news!

- What's up?
- I've done it!

I've done it!

- Gabriella, I graduated!
- Good boy! - Long last!

<Instructor: Miss!

Miss, what have you done? Right
now it was about to take place!

- She's already placed!
- As? - With me she placed herself!

<Friend: Gabriella!
Are you crazy?

- Will you marry me?
- Yup!

[And so all that remained was to inform
the respective parents.]

[This is where
the real trouble usually begins.]

[Her father immediately said ....]

I said no! No! I'm
not saying that you got engaged to your mother. I was crazy!

Dig it yourself!

And who knows this
boyfriend of yours? Do you know him?

But yes I know him: he
has a high school diploma, he's nice, ..

.. he loves me very much
and he is also beautiful.

- It's nice? - Yes.
- I understand everything.

Then it means that he doesn't have a lira.

- But how do you know? - I know, because
rich boyfriends are enclosed.

Conversely, the beautiful ones are poor
and go hunting for a dowry.

No, dad, you are wrong.
Carlo is not a dowry hunter.

- Oh no?
- No! - Not a dowry hunter?

Anyway, he's got to get along
with your mother, the gamekeeper.

- So you tell the gamekeeper?
- You are boring, my daughter! Boring!

I'll tell him! All right!

- When do you tell him?
- When? Today Tomorrow,..

the day after tomorrow, in twenty years, the day of judgment. I do not know.

- I get it. - Done.
- As always, you're afraid to talk to her.

Ué, well ?! Girl, let's rejoin the
ranks! What would you like to insinuate?

That your father isn't in charge at home?
What am I under your mother?

- "Succubus" is said.
- How do you say? - Succubus.

Don't make me laugh!
It has always been said "succubus", ..

.. as a child I said "succubus",
everyone says "succubus".

Now she changes
the cards on the table!

If you don't believe me, I'll
show you in the dictionary.


- Marietta! > Commands!
- Take this stuff away.

Succubus ... Succubus ...
Succubus ... No.

- What do you want?
- Your name is "succubus", you?

- No.
- Then take the stuff away.

Succubus ... It's not possible.
Succubus ... Always.

- "Succubus, succubus, succubus, succubus
. - See? You're right.

"Succubus, succubus,
succubus, succubus.

What do you want me to tell you? ln the
post-war do not understand anything.

These Americans
changed everything!

Anyway, know that I am
not a slave to anyone!

what shoes would you wear with these footpegs ?

The boots, so at least they
don't show.

Oh yes?
Is this the answer you give?

A gentleman asks
his daughter for advice and does the daughter answer like this?

Gabriella, I demand respect!
And for white hair ..

..and for
your father's red-striped footpegs . Clear?

Where are you going?

<Are you doing the offense now?

This is nice!
The daughter who takes a hat!

Come here.

Tell me: do you and this young man
really love each other?

Is it serious
or is it a bad girl?

Of course she is serious, very serious.

- Then we'll have to tell your mother.
- Mh mh.

And you are under the illusion that she says yes?


Let's try.

(screaming) I said no!
No! Don't insist! Shame on you!

(screaming) At your age!
Where are we?

(screaming) No! No! No!
And when I said no, that's enough!

I'm in charge of this house!

One two Three!
"What are we at the tavern?"

What are we at the tavern?

In short, can you know
what happened?

- This unconscious daughter of yours
got engaged. - With who?

With a man. And worse is
that he also wants to marry.

- But with whom?
- With the same man.

You'll see, he's a good guy.
She is a surveyor.

Surveyor or not I don't care!
You did terrible!

- Instead he did very well!
- I say no! - I say yes!

- And take off this horror of tie.
- Horror of tie?

An equine tie
with the head of Nearchus?

Award at the Capannelle!
But I say ....

Don't listen
to this brute of your father.

He does not know how to choose ties, ..

... let's imagine
your daughter's boyfriend!

Come with mom. Tell me:
where did you meet this guy?

in the young man's house, ..]

[..Everything seemed peaceful.
It seemed...]

Now daddy shows you
how he solves your situation.

Sorry, Teresa.

Stand up with the nose,
which is an assortment in here ..

..that you can't even find it
at La Rinascente. I tell you.

Look here. Look.

Listen, Teresa, how do you think
coats are going this year ..

..for a girl of this age?
- Well ...

- Solid color?
- No, no. Fantasy. - Fantasy...

Now we find the fantasy.
Here is everything one wants.

This is gray flannel, ..

..this is a gabardine.

Here, here.
Look at this little square.

Can you find something
more imaginative than this?

Do you remember where I bought it?

A via Nazionale, before the war.
An opportunity.

- Oh, it's still new.
- You never wore it. - Never!

I was ashamed as a thief,
but it must be okay with you. Look.

It is a feminine fabric,
it can be said.

- So, look ...
- Hi. - Hello.

There would be no need
to squeeze it, they must be flared.

Just shorten the sleeves
and put on a belt, ..

..a curl all
around, so ...

Shall we give the old coat
to the concierge's daughter?

With the old coat
comes a vest for me.

Jokes? Now they're back in fashion.

<Giuseppe: We learned everything.
Your mother told me everything.

- Ah. What do you say?
- I say that .... Sorry, huh.

At 19 you shouldn't
think about certain nonsense.

Does it take a minimum age to get married?

No! But it takes
a little common sense.

Getting married at 19!

Already one shouldn't get
married even at 40!

- How old were you when
you got married? - 20 completed.

- So why did you get married?
- Because I was stupid.

- Couldn't I be too?
- In a small family .. enough and advances.
So, let's not talk about it anymore.

- So, the one there with a beautiful ...
- You mortified him.

That's like a creature.
Let me do it.

See, my child,
you must let yourself be advised .. those who understand
a little more than you, ..

.. because marriage is not a game ..

..and you can't marry
the first girl you meet.

- Gabriella is not the first!
- Luckily! We would be cool, ..

.. because you talk about marriage
since elementary school!

Do you remember when
you fell in love with the teacher?

Dad, you can't understand,
you're from another generation!

Already! I am of the generation
of those who understand nothing.

Look, kid, I have a
cursed habit of smoking, unfortunately.

I do everything I can
to get rid of this habit.

I even manage
to hide my cigarettes.

Why don't you do the same?

Why don't you young people get
rid of the vice of marriage?

- It's a matter of will, believe me.
One says no! - What kind of talk!

I don't see the relationship
between smoking and marriage.

If you allow me, I will try
to show you the relationship that exists.

I do not understand anything,.. are intelligent,
you will understand immediately.

Do you think I wouldn't like to
smoke more?

Wouldn't you like to make
your sister one more coat?

But the family budget
has its limits ..

.. beyond which you can not go.

We made many sacrifices,
without reproach, to make you study ..

..and get you to take
this piece of paper.

And now that you've got it, you
could take some money home, ..

.." I am getting married" .

is like a double entry:

.. give and take, income and expenses.
We have always given.

We've been giving for 18 years
and now you're going out?

- I do not understand. - Ah!
- Be calm. - Thank god.

- My salary will
not fail you. - Thank god.

- I'd rather give up getting married.
- Good good. So we think.

- Where are you going now?
- From Gabriella.

- But then .... - I'm going to tell you
that nothing more is done.

- You have a right to know, right?
- Right right. But politely.


He could also telephone, though.

In this house
the drawing pins are wasted.

(screaming) Teresa!

[On the other front, meanwhile, ..]

[.. unaware of what had happened
in Carlo's house, ..]

[.. he was waiting
calmly and with dignity ..]

[..the official visit
of the betrothed.]

Dad, you are eating
all the pastries.

- All right, huh?
- It's all OK? Very well.

No! No! Dear aunts, no.
You get up and disappear.

- Because? - Because?
- If he sees you, ..

he gets scared and nothing is done.

- But how?
- It's an order! - Don't get angry!

Dad, as usual,
shut up, it's better.

And you, that décolleté, is too much.

- I'm fine like that.
- Forget it.

Do you, rather, remember
the speech you have to make to Carlo?

- My dear, I don't have
the brains here. - I've known for a long time.

As? I don't have a brain,
but a record!

Then make the agreements well:
a long period of engagement, .. year, maybe two. This
is the most important condition.

We do 2 years
with the conditional.

! Hide!

- And where? - Under the bed,
anywhere. Street! Street!

No, dear, you too.
Street! Street! Up!

What are you doing standing there?
Go open the door, goose!

Is it possible
that I have to manage everything myself?

<Antonio: Come on!
- Good morning Dad. - Good morning.

Come on!
Don't get compliments, son.

Don't be so shy.
Come! Come!

What the hell! I don't eat it, you know?
I don't eat it.

- Carlo is not coming. - Carlo ...
- Carlo is not coming. - He does not come?!

How do you do? We made
the pastas, the vermouth, the refreshments.

- (screaming) Did you hear? He does not come.
- What happened?

<Antonio: That's true.
What happened?

We have rethought it.
It's early, it's premature.

In short, we have decided
to continue as before.

- What do you mean as before?
- What do you mean, huh?

- Like this, without obligation.
- What a shame!

And we send you around,
with one, like this, without obligation?

<Antonio: God forbid!
It takes a commitment!

It would be too convenient! One commits himself, does
he die at his convenience? No!

Please realize
that he never said anything to you.

- Sorry. - Gabriella, why?
You can tell me. What happened?

- His father said no.
- Your father said no?

Did your father allow himself
to say no ?!

And the wife listened to him?
Some men are born with a shirt.

Look what a thing, this ....

Always, it always happens to me like this.

- What are you looking for? - The cigarettes!
I never remember where I hid them.

- I'm in the living room behind the radio.
- Oh yeah! You are right.

- But you shouldn't have told me.
- If you smoke, it hurts you.

If you don't smoke, you
get nervous and it hurts you more.

Do you think I should smoke?

In my opinion,
you should quit smoking ..

..without becoming neurasthenic.

You ask me the impossible!
It's a word! At my age!

For charity!

Fortunately, you see,
I don't have any matches. Therefore ....

- Has mail arrived?
- No, I found it over there.

- Do you want to listen to?
- If you can.

- "My darling ....
- I understand.

".... I still can't
understand how my father ..

.. could
deny me his consent.

But we shouldn't read
Carlo's letters.

- Anyway, as parents ...
Go on. - Listen here.

"My father's attitude
is absurd.

Instead it is logical.

"Stuff worthy of a hundred years ago.
My darling, ....

Another time?

".... my heart is broken,
I have no more tears.

Feel how ridiculous
these young people today are!

It seems copied from scratch
from "The Gallant Secretary".

"I feel disappointed and humiliated ....

Humiliated with the "G".

Humiliated with the "G" ?! With the money
spent on him studying?

"But knowing my father,
I must also recognize ..

..that he was consistent
with himself .... - Thank goodness!

".... because he is stubborn,
an egoist with a dull mind ..

.. unable to understand
a feeling as beautiful as ours.

Do I have a dull mind? Let me
go and tell your son a little thing?

- No! Where are you going? Joseph!
- Permit?

Humiliated! Now yes!

- Here! - You did wrong!
- No, I did well!

Thus he learns to have respect
for those who brought him into the world.

I would never have allowed myself
to say such a thing.

- Instead you allowed yourself.
- I? - The letter is yours.

- You wrote it to me
on May 12, 1939. - Sorry.

- You know, I was a kid then!
- The age of Carlo.

And since your father didn't give
consent, you wanted to kidnap me.

Do not you remember? You came to my house
with a large bouquet of roses.

Yes, yes, I remember ...


But you could have told me
that this was my letter.

- Nice handwriting, apart from the "G".
- Chiara.

Now, sorry.
Damn, you could have told me.

<Giuseppe: Don't be afraid.

Indeed, I came
to ask you ..

..the matches!
Give me the matches, please.


I say, I ask you for matches
and you give them to me right away?

Is this the right way
to help me quit smoking?

Then give them back to me!

Look, listen, Carletto,
let's be clear. Sorry.

- You say yes
too hastily. - What do you mean?

In other words, your obedience
is very annoying, in short.

- You must be a man.
- You always say I'm a kid!

Even kids have
to be men!

I understand obeying parents
is right, okay.

But a young man, even a child,
must feel a personality.

It must have a charge,
so to speak, of independence.

Yesterday, for example,
you were making fire and flames ....

- By the way, give me the matches.
- No.

- Of course? - No! No!
- Oh well! Quite right! Good boy!

I like you like that!
Personality, independence.

We said ... You were making fire and flames
for that little girl ..

.. and now, as if nothing had happened,
scribble on the paper.

These are not scribbles, they
are orthogonal projections.

If they are orthogonal projections,
I don't argue.

Anyway, a young man,
when he wants something, ..

..bisogna the claims,
that the demands ..

..that at the cost of annoying, you
get it!

I, for example,
in a moment of fatigue ..

.. I could also give in,
say yes. Do you understand?

- Yes, yes, dad.
- Here, exactly.

I understand, but I thought this is not
wedding time.

- I'm the one who thinks about these things.
- But I screwed everything up.

So? Without authorization?
Who authorized you?

- You!
- Did I authorize you?

But you are such a kid.
Instead you have to be a man!

But co -
Look, ..

.. now you ....
Look, I'll tell you something:

..I demand, as a parent,
and I don't want arguments, .. give my wedding consent
to this wedding that must be done.

So, go to the phone,
ask for an appointment ..

..and you present yourself
with a beautiful bouquet of roses.

Roses ... Roses, who knows
how much they cost. Carnations.

Not much. You make him give
an enlarged by the florist ..

..and ask for the hand. I got it?
- But I....

I don't argue
with a bachelor! Forward! March!

- Smoke, dad!
- Thanks.

Damn ...

Well no!

Ah! Damn!

But this puts them everywhere,
the pins!

(screaming) Teresa!

Come on here.

Fresh fresh.

- I'll take a cannoli.
- Do your convenience.

<Angela: Knight?
- What's up?

<Angela: He's wanted on the phone.
- I'll come right away.

- Who is it?
<Angela: Your daughter, Knight.

- Gabriella!
- Hello, dad! Come on up now!

Carlo called
and he is coming to talk to you.

- Yes, immediately.
- But today is Tuesday.

Come " embè"?

The proverb says: "Neither from Venus
nor from Mars nor does one marry or leave".

Which hand does he come to ask?
Ah! Your hand? Yes I understand.

First he makes us wait half a day,
then all of a sudden ...

But come quickly!

Yes, I'll come up right away.

- How much it is?
- Sit down at the cashier.

- How much does the gentleman pay?
- 350 lire.

- But I ate one.
- Yes, with the left hand.

But with the right
he swallowed 9.

He will understand, it is the sum
that makes the total. Please.

Oh yeah! I have to go up.


> Antonio: Stop everyone! And he!
Soon! Soon!

(Shattered shards)
> Antonio: Damn!

> Take these pieces! Immediately!

> What are you doing impaled?
Go open the door! The shards!

- Good morning. <Carlo: Good morning.
- Please, take a seat. - Thanks.

Please, take a seat.


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Please, take a seat.

- Here.
- Why did you want to bother?

Thanks, it's very kind of you.
If you allow, I spare.

- Thanks. - You are welcome.
What are you doing? Close the door. Get out!

Come on, take a seat.

So, as you well know, I am
Mr. Cocozza Cavalier Antonio ..

..of the award-winning
patisserie of the same name. And she?

- Me Carlo D'Amore.
- Carlo D'Amore? Wow!

(laughing) This surname
is all a program.

- What do you say, Mom?
- Mah! Only one elbow is seen.

Wait a moment. Sorry.

Excuse me, move
a little to your right.

Here, turn around like this.
I'll tell you why later.

Smile! Stop!

- How nice!
- Oh yes?

Done! It was out of focus.

I'll tell you, the aunts, on the other side, are
spying through the keyhole .. get to know her. Do you know how it is?
They are female curiosities.

Bravo, bravo, bravo!

So, young man, as
the girl's parent and father, ..

..I have to ask you some questions
to get to know you.

- Say, say. - I say: atta. Thing?
- Say. - What?

- She wanted to meet me.
- Yes. You interrupted me, understand?

<Antonio: Excuse me, huh.

- Are you interested in politics?
- No! - Good boy.

- Are you a member of any party?
- No! - Good boy.

- Milita?
- No! - Good boy. The answer is correct.

Now I should ask you another question that is
a bit important and serious.

Don't make me raise my voice.
Come in here.

- Have you seen "La dolce vita"?
- Yup!

Did you like it?

- Boh! To her?
- Tell me if you liked it.

- According to what point.
- From your point.

- Yes.
- Bravo!

My wife, on the other hand,
says it's crap.

And I agree.

What I am about to tell you
is a very serious thing.

It has its importance, I would say,
its gravity! Severity! It's clear?

But you don't have to interrupt me,
because I have it all here.

And if he interrupts me, I'm screwed.
So ... Yes.

The step you are about
to take is not an easy step, .. is not an easy step,
especially since there are two of you.

- In two! So it's a double step.
- Yes. - Ergo, ..

.. looking out
on this mountain balustrade .. the vertex of the top,
it says:

..but all that light is gold.
"Does that seem to you, dear?" "Yes, it seems to me."

"So we want to take
this downhill journey", ..

"... which is easier together?"
- Knight!

Because the sum is the total,
dear friend. Therefore...

- What did that mean? - We'd like to get
married in a month and a half.

- Will you be free? - How "free"?
What, am I a taxi?

Free? Of course
I'm free! Because?

Because I came
to talk about marriage.

So, in a hurry?
On two feet?

But this is a marriage
between telegraphers, dear friend!

Do you know that in America, they first get married
and then warn their parents?

- In America? - Yes. - These Americans
combine all the colors!

I am a traditionalist
and I wanted to warn you first.

Thank you and I am grateful,
but I was expecting ..

.. a speech of clean feelings.
I had to make a speech, ..

..but it didn't let me finish.
It doesn't matter.

I don't pick it up anymore.
Traditionalist, he's fine.

So, come on,
the traditionalist has arrived!

This is the mole. My wife.
My daughter, you already know her.

Aunt Adelaide, Aunt Carlotta,
the grandfather, they don't matter.

Here are the pastas,
vermouth, etc. etc. Binge!

Well ... Great! Very good!

I put it, as they say,
under the press, I crushed it.

You modestly have a terrible husband.
They get married in 2 months.

- 2 months?! - Yes. Are you free?
- But we said 2 years!

Oh, how you see
you haven't been to America!

[Thus the day came
when the two families ..]

[... they had to get to
know each other.]

[It was decided to meet
on neutral ground:]

[..a trattoria out of town,
at noon exactly.]

[Gabriella, with commendable tact, it
must be said, ..]

.. she managed to convince dad not to come by car ..]

[.. so as not to make
the D'A more family uncomfortable , ..]

[.. less wealthy, who surely
would have arrived by bus.]

[What does he do instead?
Arrive by car, ..]

[... just so as not to feel uncomfortable
in front of the rich Cocozza.]

[A rented car, of
course. He hadn't bought it.]

[What I have to say? It looked like
noon of fire!]


Accountant Giuseppe D'A more.

Cocozza Cavalier Antonio,
from the award-winning patisserie of the same name.

<Antonio: This way.

- Matilde: Grandfather, you there.
- Grandpa, come on!

- Matilde: Auntie, she is here next to me.
- Ah, thanks.

Listen, will it be up
to them or us to pay ?

I don't know, but I think it's up
to the boyfriend's father.

On purpose this has brought
his grandfather, his aunts ...

- But as a practice ....
- Do the gentlemen want to order? - Yup.

- Four broths for us.
- Four broths!

Accountant! But how? Do we come
to the countryside and take the broths?

- You know,
we ate a lot last night . - I know....

<Matilde: Antonio? - Yup?
<Are you coming? - Immediately. Permission.

Four broths.
Let's take four broths.

- Are you really sure? -
I wouldn't put my hand on the fire.

It's been a long time
since the wedding.

You go and sit down, I ask.
I'll go for a moment ....

<Matilde: Mrs. Teresa!
- Teresa: Yes, where should I put myself?

Excuse me, I would like to
ask you for information:

..when there are
engagement dinners , who pays?

The father of the boyfriend
or girlfriend?

I never ask
if his or her father pays.

- Are you married?
- Yup.

- When you got engaged, did you have
the engagement dinner? - Sure.

- And who paid? - My father.
- Sure? - Yup.

So, when you bring the bill, you take
it to that basset ..

..with the mouse-tailed mustache, do
you understand? - Yup.

- Thanks a lot. Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Accountant, at the table!
- Immediately!

- Well, lady?
- All in order! - Good.

- I'll take the agnolotti.
- Agnolotti for me too.

- Waiter. - Four broths?
- No, what broths!

Four fettuccine with butter,
sauce, cheese and chicken giblets.

- Calm down. - Have you changed your mind?
- You know, I moved, the countryside ...

- I was right!
- A double. - A double!

- With this wine .... - Yes.
- .... that every duol cancels, ..

..toast to the health
of Carlo and Gabriella!


Antonio: Good accountant!

- Pergola wine!
- No, no, no! Sit down!

- But let me tell you!
- But no! - Come on, say

Wrong goes, straight veins!

- Accountant, if you allow ....
- Yes?

We want to seclude the two of us
to lay out the marriage bases?

- Good! Very good idea!
- With permission, ma'am.

- Antonio? - What's up?
- I recommend it. - Don't worry.


- Her first, her first. Done.
- Thanks.

My dear accountant, while
the boys think about love, ....

- Lucky them! - .... we have to
think about the most serious things.

- In their interest.
- Quite right. - It's true? - Sure.

- So, I wanted to tell you ....
- Yes?

- What ...
- I don't remember where I saw her.

Excuse me, it scared me,
I thought you felt bad.

Naturally he must have seen me in Rome,
somewhere. Rome is small.

Tell me: have you ever been anywhere

- I've been to many places.
- And you don't remember the place?

- What place? If she ...
- The place where I saw her.

- If you can't tell me ...
- There are many places. One of those.

- One of which?
- Forget it. We fly over.

- If not we go crazy.
- Let's fly over.

Accountant, I have prepared some notes
to clarify many points.

In this regard, I wrote down
some kind of memo.

- No! - Yup!
- She too? - Of course!

- Yeah, you're an accountant.
- I didn't want to forget.

Accountant is synonymous with reminder.
We had the same telepathy.

- Better to specify.
- Better specify, yes.

So, white wedding?

- Of course and us in black.
- In mourning? - No, in black ...

- Has anyone died?
- No, nobody.

- He says in black, be patient.
- I mean, a second-hand dress.

Ah no! In this case,
I do it again.

- Sorry! My daughter is getting married!
- He didn't understand.

On the occasion of the wedding we
wear a dark suit.

- And she has it? - Yes.
- Do you have this tic? Why it takes.

- No, I don't have any tics.
- No, I say, it takes a tic.

tic is needed for a wedding .

- Ah, you mean the tight!
- Tight? - Tight!

What a funny name. We, in Naples,
say the "sciammeria".

You have to do
a good job.

- A friend tells him.
- I have a blue dress.

She says it's better to
have a swarm.

You have to do
a good job.

I'd gladly do it,
but I don't want my wife ..

.. say: "You spend too much".
- We'll let them know later.

- It is very expensive? - Listen to me,
do the swarming first.

- How much? - With 80,
90 thousand lire, fear passes.

- An 80 thousand lire sham!
- It's expensive? Come to my tailor.

He will see that he will agree,
everything will fall into place.

For charity! For charity!
For charity! Accountant!

- I took it hard!
- Yeah!

- These days you have to
be careful. - I took it hard!

These temperature changes!

- Sorry!
- You might be paying attention!

Excuse me, be patient.

Does he put the handkerchief in front of his mouth
and take it off when he sneezes?

- I got it on my mouth.
- He splashed me all!

- Sorry.
- Forget it, I'll clean myself.

- Take me here.
- He caught me in the eye, sorry!

Pay no attention to it.

So, clothes,
clothes, swarms, all right.

Accountant, to simplify
this I made a list:

.. on the one hand what touches me,
on the other hand what touches her.

If you read it, then we're good to go.

So, read my memo
so it simplifies.

It simplifies.

Read a little

- Here I already see a mistake.
- Oh yes? - Travel.

- You know, I wrote distracted.
- See? - Yup! I wrote "I travel".

No, the mistake is
that he uploaded it to me, ..

..instead, the trip is your responsibility.

- But sorry, you didn't read
the rest. - The sequel?

The wedding cake, the pastries,
the cream puffs, the diplomats ...

All production
of the Cocozza pastry shop.

- Accountant, these are all
artifacts! - Okay, but I say ....

- I put the other nonsense
to you. - Do you call them "nonsense"?

The honeymoon,
the furniture, the apartment.

- How many rooms? 4 or 5?
- Neither 4 nor 5.

- What if the grandchildren come?
- But leave the grandchildren alone.

- Why, do you foresee that ...
- You want the truth? I predict badly.

Yup? Are you perplexed?
Won't you take it on him?

- It's not to bother me.
It is a matter of principle. - Oh yes?

- Of course!
- So, by its principle .. daughter should end up
in a furnished room.

Your son doesn't take
any girl . Take a Cocozza!

And modestly we are known.
We are familiar people, understand?

Also for the dignity,
for the morality of his son.

If you see this guy
walking around town, ..

.. tomorrow, what do I know ... Enter
a theater, a restaurant, ..

..with the Cocozza under your arm, it
makes a good impression!

- Let me tell you something.
- Be patient.

- No offense.
- No offense.

Precisely for the affair of this Cocozza
I had some indecision.

- How would that be? - You will allow!
Is it a Cocozza surname?

- Well?
- In front of a blackberry D'A.

- What do you have to say about Cocozza?
- Never mind.

You don't know
how Cocozza is born!

It was born well because I
am an honest trader.

- But I'm not a gardener! I do not know?
Allows? - The gardener! - Sorry!

- He's a gardener. - And you don't try
to impose your points of view on me.

Don't shout and don't raise your voice!
I'm not a kid ..

..nor his succubus.
- Succubus?

He said it! Succubus!

- What I've said?
- They say "succubus". - As?

In any vocabulary.
What kind of accountant is he?

Read a dictionary, you will see that there is:
succubus, succubus, succubus, succubus.

- Understood?
- I don't understand anything anymore.

- What do you mean? With that face!
- But how...

Speaking of face, ..

.. didn't she sell cigarettes
on the corner of Via San Silvestro?

Now do you mistake me for someone
who owned a tobacconist?

No, in times of war.
With the box.

I have his voice in the eardrums.

- You cross the limits of education,
understand? - Oh yes?

don't get anything done with this deal!

- Can you teach me education?
- Travel...

> Giuseppe: I'm not throwing a penny!
- Me neighter!

- What crazy speeches!
- Nothing is done!

Then he sneezes in my face!
Is it like this?

- Matilde: What happens?
- Antonio: Nothing!

It happens that the self-styled accountant
does not want to chase a penny!

- We want to impose a
beggar wedding ! - Teresa, shall we go?

I D'A more! D'A more ...
D'A more you die of hunger.

I do not collect. Guys, let's go.

And should we get
some people to marry our daughter?

- Your daughter is not
Princess Soraya. - What stuff!

And some people have been employed
at the Ministry for forty years ..

..with honor and reputation.
- And I'm Knight.

- It does not matter!
- Knight!

The crosses are obtained
for a little money. It does not matter.

I have the right ....

- Mrs? What do you want?
- Who should I give the bill to?

- To the Sir. - No!
- It's your turn. - It's your turn.

According to practice,
it's up to the girlfriend's father.

- His practice is wrong.
- Because?

- Get information, read the papers.
- There's nothing to read.

- Read the Official Gazette.
- What an Official Gazette!

Would you like to keep, please?

- Hundreds of banquets are held here.
- With this?

- With this? Mrs!
- Say.

When she got engaged
, who paid for lunch?

- From my father.
- See?

But isn't it
the boyfriend's father's turn?

Yes, but my fiance
was a war orphan.

He sees it? She is alive!
He saw? (SNEAKS)

Carlo: Gabriella! Gabriella!

Has your father changed his mind?
Did you talk to him?

No, he doesn't give up. And yours?

He says yours is a boor
and he's got a cold.

- Would you blame
my father? - Basically yes.

For yours, ours must be
the wedding of the century!

Don't shout like that! In that room
they are doing exams.

What exams! Recognize it:
we are like this because of your parents!

I don't recognize anything!

Gabriella, love, don't be like that.

You will see that it will get better.
We need to study something.

It's useless. I know I'm out of luck.
They all have it with me.

- Did it go wrong? - Huh?
- Did it go wrong? - Yup.

- Are they very strict? - Very severe.
- Imagine! I do not know anything.

I will introduce myself
in another session. Cerea!

- Health, accountant.
- Thanks.


- Did you call me, Commander?
- Come on, come on.


Please don't come near.

- Sorry. - You're cold.
- Yes, a friend attacked me.

- Indeed, an enemy. - I don't care.
Try not to attach it to me.

So, I got one ...

I received a tip
to examine his progress.

Excuse me, I took the liberty
of urging.

- Please take a seat.
- Thanks.

- Be careful!
Don't blow me in the face! - Sorry.

I have examined his record
: nothing to complain.

When did he get
his last shot?


- Sneezing on the other side.
- No, I say, huh! In 1948.

- 12 years ago.
- Yup.

- A lifetime. - As?
- I mean, a lifetime.

I understand, there would be seniority.
This is an important shot:

.. change of category.
Are you sure you deserve it?

Is everything in order?
Whether in the office or at home?

- Well, you have a wife. - Yes, an
old-fashioned woman, good, holy woman.

- A thirteen year old daughter.
- Yes, the little girl is also good.

- He is in the second quarter
and already has an average of 8. - Brava!

(breathing hard)
An old-fashioned little girl.

- And a boy of twenty.
- Graduated surveyor.

Obedient, respectful, good.

(breathing hard)
He's not like those modern kids.

- He's not a Teddy ... Teddy ...
- Is his name Teddy?

No, said Teddy Bo -

Take care!

What's up? Forward!

<La Sarda: Come on!
What's up?

An urgent communication
for the accountant.

Urgent? Come on, tell him
and go.

- Thanks. Say.
- Your wife called. - Oh yes?

- She was so agitated ...
- Agitated?

He said to run home immediately ..

..because your son
ran off with a woman. - Ah!

- Sneezing! Sneezing!
- No, I mean, do you hear?

Do not worry! He will have escaped
old- fashioned , in a wheelchair!

- Go, D'A more!
- Excuse me. - Go! Go, I said!

Go away!

- Health. <Thanks.


But I say, ..

..but what, are you locked up
in a prison, are you escaping?

And then he leaves the note,
like the Count of Montecristo.

Don't dramatize! He did not
enlist in the Foreign Legion.

You make me laugh! What if he
actually went to the Foreign Legion?

What do you say? Carlo ran off
with Gabriella.

- Embè? - Women don't get them
in the Foreign Legion.

- Besides, it's your fault. You pushed him
to this header. - I?

- I?
- Yes you!

Cry it's better.

What are you crying? That's the damn thing
that hit me with a cold.

- I wanted to save him from the Cocozza.
- Poor guys ...

Poor him, not her.
She is a dead cat.

She must have organized the kidnapping
to get our consent.

- I know these Lolitas!
- But where did you meet them?

- Who? - The Lolitas!
- But who knows them?

I know them, the Lolitas of the novel ...

This must be him.
'I am rascal! God thank you.

- Yes, thank God.
- Yes. I'll be inflexible.

- One moment. - What's up?
- Carlo has the key.

Oh yeah! The girl is at school.
So who is it?

And who can it be?
Police? The Red Cross?

- Oh God! You go to open.
- I? No, you go.

- You are inflexible.
- Here, yes.

You don't have the courage
to open the door.

Go open it, please.
I am the father, I cannot ....

Gabriella! Where is my daughter?

- Here it is! Rascal! Scoundrel!
- What does he do?

Antonio, leave him!

(screaming) Joseph,
leave him, you hurt him!

But how?! Is this choking me
and am I hurting him?

I sue her for kidnapping
of minors and then I break her head!

I first smash her head ..

..and then I denounce her
for trespassing!

- To me?
- Yup!

Gabriella! Gabriella!

- What are you doing? Where you go?
- Where is Gabriella?

- Antonio, you're not at home!
- No, ma'am, let him.

Her husband is crazy.
What's he got into his head? What are you looking for?

Come outside!
Where are the other rooms?

- There aren't any others.
- Is that all there is?

And you call this "home"?

This is an abode, it
is a tunnel, it is an apricot.

It will be a tunnel, but this is
a decent house, understand?

We know these decent houses!

We do not offend!
What does it imply?

I mean it's so decent
that your son ran away ....

- Instigated by his daughter!
- (screaming) Enough!

Instead of arguing,
we do something to find them.

- They will not have committed
nonsense! - Yeah!

- But no! They are serious people!
- Their?

- Madam, would you like something?
- Yes thanks. I am shocked.

- A vermouth. She too?
- Yes. - Not him!

- Because? - Stop that! - Because
the cold attacked me.

I know that son of a dog
of his son ..

..where he took my daughter.
- What does he say?

In a furnished room
to take advantage of her!

- But I say, but ....
- Your son is a tricher!

If my son is a walrus,
his daughter is a seal. Here!

- As?
- If my son is a walrus ....

But what did he understand? I told him
in French. Accountant!

- Lei vuol say "cheater".
- Cheater.

- So you know what your daughter is?
A nymphet! - Joseph!

- Mind how he talks!
- Oh yeah!

We, at home,
are all in good health.

My daughter does not ninfect anyone!

- It must be Carlo.
- Phone! - Did they knock?

No, it's Carlo! This is Carlo!

- Ready! - Sorry. Ready!
- Sorry. Ready!

- Ah! He is her son.
- Give it here. - Call to blackmail me.

How much it is? Tell me how much it is!

Mr. Cocozza,
don't talk nonsense.

We didn't want to
be forced into this, ..

..but it's the only thing
we have to do.

- And it's his fault and my father's!
- Not mine! Only your father's!

But what does it say?
Carlo, where are you calling from?

Carlo, what is
this nonsense? Carlo, come back!

Carlo, tell Gabriella to come back.

Carlo, you run away
and get Gabriella back.

No! Carlo! Make
Gabriella escape and you come back!

What an escape!
Nobody escapes here!

- Is it true you didn't run away?
- Not yet,..

..but we are at the station
and we are about to leave.

- I'm at the station!
- At the station?

But where do you want to go?
Carlo! I forbid you to leave!

- Get a taxi and come home!
- Speak too!

- Will you, accountant?
- Wait up.

- Now I'll talk to you! Ready?
- Talk to us!

- Here!
- Hello?

Gabriella, is that you?
And Gabriella!

Here is your father's voice speaking.
Please, I beg you, I beg you!

- Not leave! Not leave!
- Do not recommend it, impose it on him!

- I'll force it!
- No, it's too late.

- Let's go and get married.
- Yup.

Hi, the train is about to leave.

Oh God! A whistle! A hiss!
The train did sst!

Part! No! Make it stop!
Stop that train!

Stokers! Machinists!
Men of toil!

A porter!
Call the stationmaster!

- Tell him he's fine, let's not argue.
- We'll do as they say.

- And she?
- I do what you others do.

- Don't you say it?
- Who should I tell?

- Will you tell the stationmaster ?!
- I called him, he's not coming.

What a stationmaster!
Tell the kids we're capitulating!

- We do what they want.
- Guys, we capitulate!


(screaming) Gabriella!
The train is leaving.

(screaming) Gabriella!
Call me Gabriella!

(screaming) There will be,
in some tail car!

- Dad says he'll fix everything.
We have it checked! - Yup?

Okay, dad. Let's go right back.

But yes, now.
We are in the dairy near the house.

- Then? - What are they doing?
- That say?

No! Under these conditions, no!
This means taking advantage of it!

- I got it? Lovebirds blackmail us.
- What do they want?

I wo
n't give you the 5-room apartment !

But wait! We must not become
so rigid in such a tragic moment!

- The 5-room apartment?
- Discuss something ...

.. on which the fate
of our children depends ! The train is leaving!

If you're so stingy,
I'll kick the apartment out!

- Tell him! Give me here!
- With two bathrooms? - Yup!

- Two bathrooms!
- And terrace!

- Give me your hand! Can I tell you?
- Hurry up!

Ready? Therefore, the accountant,
according to his magnanimity, ..

.. in front of four witnesses ....
- What does a trial do?

- .... he said that the apartment
from him. - Here.

So don't leave, come back now.
All right. To soon.

Are you happy now?
I did everything she wanted.

I have carried out his last wishes.
She gets what she wants!

She is self employed!

You are a Duce! Dux!


- Teresa: Can we hug?
- Yup! - Antonio: Here we are.

- You too can hug.
- You're related now. - One moment.

- With that cold!
- But she attacked me.

But I am healed. His is in place.
He is in service activity.

- Health. - Thanks.

- Here. A miracle pill.
- Oh yes? Is it good? - How not!

This should not be swallowed, it
should be sucked lightly.

- What brand are they?
- These? Cocozza mints!

I make them with my hands.
So, look.

- And I roll the ball.
- How disgusting!

- As? - As? Makes me put
this shit in my mouth?

- Junk?
- Eh, sorry!

A proposed junk ...
But she's not that ..

collected rubbish on behalf of the Holy Family , huh?


> Giuseppe:
It can't be them!

> Antonio: It's not possible!
> Giuseppe: Oh no!

- Antonio: Gabriella!
- Mom!

Antonio: Finally!

Wait a minute, you guys were
calling from the station?

- Yes. - Embè? - And in five
minutes you have already arrived?

Accountant, in this atomic age
you are looking for certain things ...

They invented reactors,
missiles, streamers, ..

..metropolitane .... - One moment.
There is something wrong.

You want to procrastinate.
No, dear accountant.

He promised with four
witnesses that he was interested .. buy the house for the boys:
5 rooms, two bathrooms ....

- Cheers! - Thanks.

Health! You do not talk anymore!

[The accountant Giuseppe D'A more
had gotten into a lot of trouble, you know?]

[Since his income
did not allow him ..]

[..the purchase of an apartment, he
had managed to fit in ..]

[.. among the members of a cooperative
of his Ministry.]

[The houses of the cooperative, as
we know, have all the advantages, ..]

[... less that of being built
in central areas.]

[This, in fact, was located
at the twentieth km after Ciampino.]

[Well, sure,
a little peripheral area.]

[But according to what
Carlo's father assured , ..]

[.. in a hundred years from now, the countryside
would rejoin the city.]

<Giuseppe: Come, come, Knight.

What engine, huh?

- English DDL! - This?
- Go to London.

- And come through here?
- We're close to the airport.

- Close? We are inside the airport!
- Exactly, I say.

And this, according to her,
would be the quiet neighborhood, ..

..quiet, of great future
and great development?

- What do we know what
the future holds? - Oh yes?

- Here we go?
- Just one thing, accountant.

If your son were to
buy a car ....

- Let's start over?
- .... which I don't believe in, ..

.. it should be registered in Naples.
In moments we are there.

- Do you feel the sea air?
- Don't make me laugh!

Shall we go up, please?

- Antonio: Young man!
- Say.

- Where do you take the elevator?
- There is no elevator.

- It's a coop house -
- Forget it. I explain.

This is built with a
modern American criterion :

..without a lift, because health
is in motion. Movement! Up! Down!

- Motion avoids heart attack.
- It's natural! - I get it.

- This is the main staircase.
- So gross? - Then it's changed.

They also wanted the elevator
in a co-op house!

- Antonio: How is the manutengolo?
- This is changed, all marble!

Antonio: It will be!

- Giuseppe: Innocent devices!
- Antonio: They don't hurt anyone.

Accountant! You pant, huh? Handle!

- What, sorry?
- He's panting.

Do you see what it means to
go on foot?

Because I live in an old house,
with the elevator ...

Accountant, and where is this going?

It comes from london.
It's the same device.

- Didn't it stop?
- Same type.

- One goes and the other comes.
- And they all pass on the terrace?

- They follow the same route.
- The same ... - Route.

this is the same break.

- I
mean , Knight ... - You're welcome, I was referring to eardrums.

- We want to go?
- Speaking of eardrums, ..

.. accountant, tell me the truth.
- What?

Didn't you play the trombone
in the main Tivoli band?

(ANTONIO laughs)
Here, I got it right!

Look, I
've never been to Tivoli .

- Oh no? - No.
- Then I got confused.

I was confused
with the Frascati dog catcher.

- Yes, yes, now I remember! Yes, yes!
- I have never caught dogs!

- Really? - All right?
- And I believe it, of course!

The dogs, as soon as they saw her, left!
Running! (RIDE)

- Well, I say ....
- Well, what?

- We want to see this apartment?
- And let's see it.

Don't trade me
with anyone anymore, please.

- You're a chaplain!
- Leave these speeches alone.

- Look, here it is.
- However! Yup!

As an entrance, it's not bad.
A nice, spacious, wide entrance.

- One moment, sorry.
- Where's the rest of the apartment?

- There is not .
- How is it not there?

This is not
specifically the entrance.

This is a
rationally built house.

the smallest space must be saved , to the centimeter.

- Oh yes? - Yes. This is
the total for the apartment.

- This? - This!
Don't be impressed, I'll explain immediately.

- Total? - These are the layouts
of the environments to be built.

- These bricks?
- Yes. There is the entrance, ..

..there is room to pass
when you go to the bedroom.

- Is this the bedroom?
- For newlyweds.

- Where am I now?
- In the bathroom. - In the bathroom, dressed, no.

- Step into the lounge. - Step.
- This is all representation.

- And Snow White, where do we put it?
- Snow-white?

Already. Because the Seven Dwarfs can
find suitable accommodation.

But Snow White? He must have seen her,
she's a piece of big girl!

She always likes to joke!

If you knew how much
this apartment costs me , ..

.. would not want to.
- Accountant, what is this vain?

Here there are two counters
so you don't see what's behind it.

- Is it a built-in wardrobe?
- It's a kitchen, American type.

(laughing) But please me!
A kitchen this! Sorry.

For payments,
how did it go?

Wouldn't it seem like you should
give me a hand?

No, I'm on the terms. These are
payments that fall to you. father of the groom.
Be patient!

- You pay me all these!
- I pay what I get!

<Giuseppe: You know what I mean.
- Stand still! Don't dust me ..

..that my raincoat
is worth something! - And mine isn't it?

- What do you want it to be?
It's a pelecchia! - A pelecchia?

- Rather. - What?
- Tell me, is this house solid?

Because? Is it a fake house?

I take care of it because
my daughter has to live here !

- And my son not?
- What do I care? - How would that be?

I look after my daughter's interests
because I am the father!

- I'm not my son's father?
- Who knows!

- How, who knows?
- Who knows how he used it.

- I got used to mine well.
- And mine, how did I get used to it?

I do not know?
Was I in your house?

When he talks to me, watch
with your hands and knock down the hammer.

- And you keep your finger down.
- Do you want to put the hammer with your finger?

- Do you want to put your finger with the hammer?
- Cocozza ...

- Call me "Knight".
- Look, Ca - Co - Ca -

Let's not start with bad words!
Let's not start with bad words!

In short, Cavalier Cocozza,
if the house suits you, the hatchet, ..

..if not we go
and we don't talk about it anymore!

- I have to test.
- And test! - Move away!

- Do you feel it? - What?
- Is this a brick sound?

- What do you need, the music box inside?
- Can't you hear it? - What?

- He's stupid! - Let's start with the offenses?
- The brick is cracked! The sound!

- Look ...
- Do you understand? And don't fret.

- I'll look there later.
- I can not take it anymore.

- He sees it? - What?
- He sees it? - What?

- As soon as I touch it, the plaster falls!
- And she picks the wall!

- What is it, travertine? - But look
who I have to relate to!

- In conclusion! - Do me a favor.
- What do you want to do?

- What is that? - Wet, water.
- How wet?

It's the plaster done this morning.
It will have to dry again.

- Hasn't it dried yet?
- Do you ask me?

- Do you want me to know?
- What are you looking for?

- That I am a bricklayer? - What are you saying?
- Keep your hands off! - What ...

<Giuseppe: What are you doing? But what....

(screaming) What are you doing ?!
Crazy! Maniac! Destroyer!

If he puts his hand in, it blocks my hole
and stops the water!

- Why do you want water?
- I have to check, right?

- What do you want to check!
- The water pipe!

- I need to check ....
- What the ....

Moisture, pipes!
The water is wet!

My Madonna!
But what had to happen to me!

- Do you know what I tell you?
- Yup.

My daughter
will not set foot here!

- He'll never come home!
- Sure!

I said it first!

I said it first!
This marriage will never happen again.

- Teresa!
> Teresa: Did you like the house?

- Of course! Come a moment!
> I can't. I have the stuff on fire.

- Just a minute.
> But what happened?

Now I'll explain it to you.
I blow everything!

> Teresa: What did you say?
- One moment!

Regolini Typography?
Do I really speak to the owner?

Listen to me well.

All right, accountant D'A more.
As you want. Good morning.

- So, how many do we do? 500?
- Nothing, suspended, canceled.

For many times
with the laughing girls and boys..

..played I along the road
and over the hills..

..when the sun was low
and the air was cool,..

..stopping to club the walnut tree
standing leafless....

Miss! Young man!
If you want to talk, you can get out!

<We can work alone!

< Quite, please!

Quite, please.

Now the smell of the autumn smoke
and the dropping acorns....

Are there any news?
What does your father say?

That because of Attila
we gambled the apartment.

- Attila would be my father, right?
- And who else?

Did you know that
the damage bill to the construction site arrived today ?

How full are
the boxes of all this!

- Even vulgar now!
- I'm sorry, but I'm nervous.

It's my father
who makes my life impossible.

(sighing) Are you telling me?
Today I answered him badly.

- Permit? Did you answer him wrong?
- What are you interested in?

And do you know what he did?
He slapped me.

Even the slaps?

But I'm changing school! Cerea.

Maybe they repented.

I know my father well, he
would give in if yours apologized.

Eh, thanks!

Carlo, listen! Each wants
the other to apologize.


You are right!

- Did he come here? -
His wife assured me . He comes to apologize.

I, the apologies, I get them at my house
from 17:00 to 20:00, not later!

Coming home was getting too low.
You don't have to rage like that, do you think?

But I don't rage. It is enough for me
that he humbly apologizes.

We were wrong to come here.
It was he who had to bend ..

..and come to our house
to apologize.

Leave them a shred of dignity !

This is a public venue,
neutral ground. Here we go!

- Knight ... - Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning. - Good morning.

I think the best, ..

..if you have something to say,
maybe it is to get away.

- As you want. - As you want.
- Do you want to get away?

It's not that he wants me to get away.
Tell her where you want it to take place.

- Let's go to the lab.
- Laboratory. - Please, take a seat.

- Giuseppe: Excuse me.
- Matilde: You're welcome.

Excuse me.

- Do I have it sent cash on delivery?
- Sure. What are you waiting for? - All right.


Come on, take a seat.

- The meeting in Teano begins.
- May the Lord send us good.

- Are there many unbreakable items?
- Unfortunately ... Take a seat, ma'am.

- It's very hot in here, isn't it?
- Yes, they are ovens.

But it's a dry heat.
It does not hurt.

- A cannoli? - Huh?
- A cannoli?

No thanks. Unfortunately,
sweet stuff, I have to stay away from it.

- Is this a refusal?
- No, it's not a waste.

Except I'd break a diet, that's it.

Break it! Break it!
At least to taste them.

To like, look.

- You see, I'm acquiescent.
- What's this? - Forget it.

Accountant, you speak even
with your mouth full. It's the same.

Come si dice in francese?
"For me it's the same thing".

- Tell her.
- No, you say. I listen.

- No, if anything she says, if you allow.
- No, it's her. Be patient. Now...

- Are these Neapolitan pizzas?
- Yes. - I'm not wrong, am I?

Yes. She has never eaten them,
I guess.

- I ate them in Velletri, I think.
- In Velletri? - Yup.

- Where does Velletri stay?
- From a peddler. - Oh yes.

We export all over the world,
even to America.

- Every day, by plane.
- You allow, right? - Come in.

Accountant, it seems to me that you
are taking it too far.

- It's true? - I take it like this.
- No, I mean, come on.

- Not the pizzas.
- Come on her!

- No, say, say. These excuses?
- Exactly! Face them!

- If he's in awe, I turn around.
- I make them? Does he turn around? - Yup.

But here we're understanding
whistles for fiasco.

Have patience,
I am waiting for your apologies.

- Well no! There is a misunderstanding.
- Oh yes? - Yup.

Does that mean that I was
lightly duped?

- No, it's not my style,
if you allow. - Yup? - Yeah!

- Is this the case?
- They are.

So, accountant, take a seat
at the cash desk: two pizzas and a cannolo.

As? As? First of all, I'll
put the pizza back here.

- These
lousy things ... - It was lousy even before.

- He puts it in his pocket.
- But allow?

- Where did you put it?
- In your pocket.

- Forward.
- Come here, listen ....

One moment! Young
men , go out and smoke a cigarette.

- Sorry.
- Come in.

Look, Cocozza ...

don't put your hands in there.

So ...

Listen to me, accountant.

You see, if you want you could put
it in other terms ..

..and come ... eh?

- Come to an agreement if you want.
- Look, if you allow me, ..

... I will tell you that I have the impression
that it does not go down ...

- That he does not do anything.
- Do you opine? - Opino.

- Wow! Let me insist.
- Please insist.

I have 200 crates of Bulgarian eggs,
sent to me from Monza, .. sea. Clear?
- At this point ... - Yes?

.... I must make them observe,
with much regret, ..

..that I really don't care
. - Oh yes? - Yeah!

- Coincidentally. Allow if I insist?
- Please insist.

With these crates,
that is, with these Bulgarian eggs ..

..I make thousands and thousands of
Easter doves, the Cocozza dove.

I would like to point out again
that I still don't care ..

..the so-called dried fig.

- You mean that to me? - Yes.
- Okay.

But know that it would be enough ..

..that she put a little word
to the Ministry for the supply ..

..and at Easter every employee
would have his dove Cocozza.

3,000 employees,
3,000 Cocozze, huh?

- Did you say 3,000 Cocozze?
- Yup.

- And why 3,000 Cocozze?
- And how many if not?

- All the cucuzzaro, if you allow.
- I allow it.

What, we're
really playing the game ..

..that I'm going to the Ministry, do
I put the word for Cocozza?

- But look! But she is ...
- Listen to me.

- Look, I'm about to meet you.
- So we think.

- It's because I lose my balance.
- Get up.

- Get me up.
- Get up, but listen to me sitting.

- But how dare you?
- Accountant, I dare because ....

- Let's put a stone on it.
- Let's put a stone on it.

How does that beautiful
Neapolitan song say ?

Who had, had, had,
who gave, gave, gave.

- With this?
- I'll give you an apology, okay?

In return, however, she lets me have
the Easter supply from the Ministry .. that I use
the Bulgarian eggs mentioned above.

It's clear?

You were very nice to sing
that pacifying song.

But he forgot to make
the finalino. I'll do it, will you?

- Zum zum, and we don't talk about it anymore.
- No!

- Don't get your hands on!
- You mustn't get up!

You must listen to me. With "zum zum" he
prevents me from the second verse.

- Continue it and do it quickly.
- In addition to my humble apologies, ..

.. I add the expenses
for the honeymoon ..

..and refreshments for 150 people!
I mean, 150 people, all things!

Which, according to practice,
would be up to her, would touch.

- I continue with the "zum zum".
- You are chronic with 'I'm "zum zum".

- Sure, sorry! - So prevents me
from telling you the final.

Forward! Say it, but hurry up.

I wear the
stainless metal favors ..

..and confetti with
shelled almonds , okay?

No! I repeat my "zum zum".
I prefer to pay ..

.. what I have not even
consumed, but let's not talk about it anymore.

I prefer to pay everything ..

... rather than lending myself
to his shady business.

At most, if you really
want to haggle, ..

.. I'll make a counter-offer,
okay? - Counter-propose!


- I get down ... - No, get up,
for heaven's sake. - Let me finish.

- But God forbid!
- I go down to apologize, ..'s the first time in my life
that I've done it. I apologize, ..

..and she pays for a honeymoon
and refreshments.

No, no, no! Here is an erroneous fact.
I apologize to him.

No, because I came on purpose.
I also ran.

No! You get me the supplies
from the Ministry and I apologize.

- I'm in my house.
- You pay everything and I apologize.

- I came on purpose.
- But I'm in my house! - Then?

> I left home ....

- I'm sorry.
- No, don't insist. - Sorry!

Don't insist!
I make excuses!

> Giuseppe:
I asked for them louder!

> Antonio: humbly,
on his knees, genuflected.

- And I asked him before!
- Why are you yelling like that?

Nothing! Can't you hear us?
We are apologizing.

Please, I apologized to you.

- No, I asked her first!
- Well, no wedding!

- (crying) Do you feel it?
- As?! - Gabriella! - Gabriella!

- Carlo! Don't run after her!
- Well, enough! - Yup.

- That's enough! - Yes. - I know the little word
that should be said to you two.


- Gabriella! - Ugh!
- Matilde! Matilde!

- What's this little word?
- I have no idea.

- What are you doing?
- What time is it?

- 2:45 am. - Did you understand?
I couldn't sleep.

- What are you looking for? The cigarettes?
- What cigarettes! The sleeping pill!

I know what doesn't make you sleep.

It must have been
the potato omelette last night.

- No! It is remorse.
- The remorse of what?

Of what can happen.

So, if nothing happened,
how can I feel remorse?

- You must have come before.
- Before what?

- A lot of things can happen.
- What is that?

The newspaper reads
"Lovers taking their own lives" every day .

The newspaper also reads
about those who win the lottery.

- And we never have to.
- Thanks!

Whenever a fortune strikes you, you
kick it.

What's wrong? Someone must have
that supply from the Ministry.

Teresa, let's leave
these speeches alone , for heaven's sake!

We have always gone ahead
with our strength.

will never let him have the supply to that pastry chef !

Because you don't care
about your child's happiness.

- This is blackmail talk.
- No! No! No! That's advice, dear.

You would do a pleasure
that costs you nothing.

He would bear
all the expenses of the wedding.


Oh God! Sorry.

- I got three.
They got stuck. - What are you doing?

I am loving. To love.

Let me see the tube.

- But put your glasses on
again! - Because?

That's the sympamine
that Carlo used to get when he was studying!

- What a pill was enough
to not sleep all night? - Yup.

- You do not know?
- Damn!

Oh God!

Where am I going now?


[You know, the man prefers,
but it's the wife who disposes.]

[Mrs. Teresa managed to overcome
her husband's resistance ..]

[..with the most terrible of
maternal weapons : the future of the child.]

[And so
the 3,000 Cocozze left for the Ministry .]

[But here is
Tuesday after Easter ..]

[.. the accountant D'A more,
returning to the office, ..]

[... he found corridors, rooms,
desks, all strangely empty.]

"Go to
the head office immediately .

Accountant! How are you?
But look what a pleasure!

- Please, lower, lower! No!
Don't let her down. - More than this.

- Keep your voice down.
- Ah! The voice!

I would not like the commendatore to
hear that we know each other.

- We don't know each other.
- No.

- We don't know each other.
- We've only just met.

We don't know each other for him.

- We don't know each other for him.
- We're strangers. - Strangers.

I understand, I understand.

I don't understand her anymore.

I did not say to speak with gestures
but to lower your voice, ..

..but that he can hear me
and not the commendatore.

- Sorry.
- You are welcome.

- So, the head of the cabinet ...
- It means the head of the cabinet .

- The boss ... - Cabinet.
- Oh yes? - Yup.

you only have one in such a large building ?

I'm talking about the head of the cabinet,
Commendator La Sarda.

- Ah! This Sardinian sent
for me . - He called me too.

- Oh yes? - Yes.
- It will be to compliment her ..

..For the supply.
- I do not know.

And that, accountant,
will serve you a lot for advancement.

My promotion
should be certain.

In a few days the commendatore
takes the file to the Minister.

.. and I have to thank ....
- God forbid!

- Don't thank me.
- What's she got to do with it?

- I have to thank my seniority.
- Oh yes. I recommend that to him.

- As?
- You're a little old.

- I'm talking about my seniority
at work! - However....

Won't you think you're
a youngster

- I take them well.
- With cheese and pepper hair.

- I tell you, but I, modestly,
have dark ones. - A little tan!

- Tintarella?
- #Moon tan .... #

- What tan?
- # .... milk-colored tan. #

- What are we doing? Songs?
- # .... you become candid! #

- You're the one pulling me, sorry.
- What do I drag?

We're not singing
the songs. We want to go?

- After ... - Yes? - I'll take
her to my tailor to measure the tight.

- You will see that it will fit her
like a brush. - Agree.

Speaking of brush,
accountant, tell me the truth.

- Tell me. - Didn't you, by chance, be
a barber in Centocelle?

I got it right!

Ah, is that you? Both?
Please make yourselves comfortable.

- Thanks. - Good morning.
- Please Please.

Ragionier D'A more, do
you know Cavalier Cocozza?

- I don't have this pleasure.
- Ragionier D'A more? - Yup?

Do I know him?
We actually agreed ....

That is, I agreed with myself
that I don't know him.

- Do you know me to me?
- No. I never have ....

But I am happy to be able to see
and know him personally.

- Pleasure. - No, it's him.
- Sorry. - So happy.

Allows? Cocozza Cavalier Antonio,
from the award-winning patisserie of the same name.

Please make yourselves comfortable.

<You're welcome. - Where, sorry?
<There. - Disorder? - No, no.

- If I disturb, I'll cut the rope.
- No. Take a seat.

- For delicacy.
- Don't waste my time.

- We pastry chefs are polite.
- So, Cavalier Cocozza ..

..has made the supply
of Easter doves to the Ministry.

I shyly point out
that I have not been paid.

- We'll talk about it later.
- I trust you, don't worry.

Especially since the accountant
has made himself a guarantor.

Yes, he guaranteed for us,
but also for her.

So much so that it appears here
that he supported the request.

Yes, on this report,
where does he praise .... Does he have a stiff neck?

- A little uric acids.
- Ah! Praise etc. etc.

Because I realized
that the product was good, ..

.. exquisite, I would say. - Exquisite ?!
This dove sucks!

- How dare you?
- I allow myself!

- Allow me, but do you want to explain?
- Very easy to explain.

Half of the Ministry employees
are sick at home.

Don't make me laugh.
It's the flu.

- What an influence! Colic!
- Alcoholic flu!

But what alcohol!
Scary colic!

Scary alcoholic flu!
Pharmacies, like this!

The hospitals, all full!
The cemeteries, sold out!

No seats,
not even to pay them a million!

- But only those who have eaten
this filth! - Filth? - Yup!

But, sorry, Commander, you insist.
Not only insists, but instigates.

She slanders, she wants a lawsuit.
Be patient.

- Do you know what connoisseurs
call this dove? - No.

- The Sofia Loren of the doves!
- But please me!

- I'm doing you a favor. The tasting.
- I was crazy!

- Then you don't like Sophia Loren.
A matter of taste. - You taste it.

- I? - Yes.
- God forbid!

I am a confectioner,
do I start to taste the sweets?

If I tasted
all the desserts I make ....

Stay calm.

<Antonio: Let's have
the accountant taste it .

Here, accountant, you taste it.
When he realized ...

..of the goodness of the product, have
n't you tasted it?

No. I had a great feeling,
so, ad hoc, ..

..because I confess
my weakness:

..things that get fat
I avoid eating them. - This gets fat.

Then realize now.
You eat a piece.

- Eat some! - Eat it yourself.
<La Sarda: Me? No.

- Eat a piece.
- Really me?

- With employees who are sick?
- Give him a slap.

<La Sarda: To whom?
- A moral slap.

<Come on!
- Up!

- If you have the courage, eat a piece.
- Hurry up!

- You make me gain a pound.
- Quintal more, quintal less!

A quintal!

- As?
- What did I tell you? Sophia Loren!

- How do you find it? - Bona.
- What? - Sophia Loren.

- I'm talking about the dove.
- This also seems excellent to me.

<Antonio: Exquisite.
- I advise you not to eat any more.

- And why? - Now a kilo more,
a kilo less, I eat this too.

- There is no sound?
- What should I hear, sorry?

- But how do you feel?
- I feel great. Just fine!


- How do you feel, accountant?
- Bad, bad, bad.

- There are visits.
- It is my wife? - No, two gentlemen.

They will be two office colleagues.
Let them in.

- Please, don't get upset.
- I'm not getting excited.

I have snakes in here.

What we become!
A piece of man ... Well!

A kind thought:
two chrysanthemums. Done.

Get this shit off me!
I'm not dead! I'm fine, you know?

(laughing) She's fine!
Have you heard it?

He declared it himself
in front of two witnesses.

The Italian Red Cross
and Abbot Farina.

All right, accountant D'A more,
happy you!

But I will
send the invoice to you anyway.

Permanently suspend
these holdings.

- They don't marry again
this time either. - Alright then.

[Commendator La Sarda,
who was a good man, ..]

[..invited the accountant D'A more to
his house for an exceptional evening.]

[Nobody could imagine
which Machiavellous ..]

[.. they knew how to combine
two mothers ..]

[ obtain the happiness
of their children.]

- Giuseppe: Thanks for inviting us.
- Please Please.

did you still have ailments?

those 5 days in the clinic were enough .

I hope they have served
to show you my good faith.

We don't talk about it anymore.
When does the broadcast air?

- Soon. Just finished the movie.
- Good!

- Waiter: Angela! Come on, get started.
- Excuse me.

- Madam, come and watch TV.
There is the Knight's daughter. - I come.

- Knight, great satisfaction to
see your daughter on video. - Yup.

- Are you excited? - A little bit,
a little bit, that's it.

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening.
In a few moments you can follow ..

..a new episode of the
television investigation "Giovani d'oggi".

> Interviewer: Here's
another interesting side tonight ..

..of our investigation
into modern youth.

> Influence of the family
on the behavior of today's children.

> They are angry,
violent, discontented.

> But what do they want?

> What's your name?
- Ermanno Tazzoli, ..

.. called "the devil of Sunday",
or "the exterminator of the servants".

> Ermanno, what is
your impatience due to ..

..and this spirit of rebellion?
Maybe your father neglects you?

Look, doctor,
this is NN's son.

> Here is a classic case
in which parental behavior ..

.. has a negative effect ..

..on the formation
of the young man's character.

> Interviewer: Hey! You two!

- He is my son.
- But how did it combine?

> Why didn't you go
to school this morning?

She didn't feel like it ..

..and I don't go there anymore
because I graduated.

> Then your father
will be happy with you.

- My father? He doesn't care!
- But I mean, do you feel it?

> What are you talking about at home?

I can't open my mouth.
It is always he who speaks.

Always the same things:
work at the Ministry is a pain, ..

.. colleagues are recommended, ..

.. his head of the cabinet ....
> Interviewer: Say!

- Carlo, shut up!
- No! No!

.... he is a hysteric and a big head.
- Would I be hysterical and big-headed?

I've always liked this guy,
he's loyal. Bread with bread, wine with wine.

- Is that your daughter? - Can't you see
he looks like me? He is an angel.

> Interviewer: So, you
have the worst father in the world for you.

No! This no! I thought he was
the worst father ..

.. until I saw hers.
- Ugly son of a ....

> You, Gabriella, don't you say anything?
Don't you defend your father?

Gabriella, defend dad.

- Who keeps silent consents.
- He defended me.

> So, you have reasons to resent
your father.

Of course! My father is selfish.

He doesn't understand anything,
he just quarrels!

It's his fault that I'm in trouble.

- What do you mean by "trouble"?
- I'm expecting a baby. - Ah no!

> Is he responsible?
- Unfortunately. > How "unfortunately"?

Unfortunately for my son!
With the grandparents who will meet again!

> What will you do now?
You will get married, of course.

We would also be willing,
but it is the old who do not want.

> So what?
- I'll make a new life.

- Who knows? The Foreign Legion.
- I'd send you to jail.

> Behavior ..

..and parental misunderstanding
caused the drama.

> Fathers, mothers,
all is not lost. Repair!

> As long as you are on time, repair.

Permission! Permission!

That's enough! The show is over.
All away! All away!

Clear the room,
clear the classroom. Street!

Contessa, tomorrow I'll send the cakes
for refreshments.

- No refreshments!
I don't come here anymore! - As you want.

- If he wasn't a good father, let him
be a good grandfather. - Yup.

Colonel, you have 10 cannoli.
Please go to the checkout.

- You think about your daughter. I got it?
- That's my business.

Please, take a seat. Street! Street!
Clear the classroom.

I said to clear out!
Shoo! Shoo!

[No seduction
of a minor ..]

more sensational publicity ever .]

[Twelve million viewers
knew that Gabriella Cocozza ..]

[... she was expecting a baby.]

[The whole nation demanded
proper reparation.]

[Nor did Cavalier Cocozza wonder
why his daughter, ..]

[ spite of everything, ..]

[..were also married
in a beautiful white dress ..]

[..with a lot of veil
and orange blossom.]

No, that's fine.

- Antonio? - Huh?
- Antonio, are you ready?

How ready!
One moment.

Look! This
got my measurements wrong.

Is it possible that in two days
I have lost weight like this?

He made me a three-squares vest.
A three-breasted jacket!

Come on, you look great!

Hurry up, the service is in half an hour
. Here we go!

Where do you want to go? So I can
only go to the circus to be a clown!

- Look here! - Come on, let me see.
- Look at that!

But you're right:
you've never had a big belly like that.

- Not even in wartime!
- You look like accountant D'A more.

Love! You said it!
He took my tight.

This accountant D'A more haunts
me! But do you know what I'm telling you?

It is the sum that makes the total!
Now I'll show you, wait!

<Carlotta: What happened?

That rascal
took my tight.

- Look, I'll take the witness
. - What a complaint you are!


Always occupied!

Maybe, if you withdraw a little, they
'll get there.

But what should I withdraw!
You do not see....

- It's broken!
- Careful! Break it all!

And oh well! You tell me: "you withdraw"!
But what am I retiring!

Then, if my pants come off,
I have to pay them!

But they don't look at you, they
look at the groom.

They look at the groom,
but I don't have to make people laugh!

- This idiot tailor!
- But try 110, dad!

I try the 110, yes. You are right.

- This is busy too.
- Try Cocozza again. - Damn!

- Damn! Is busy!
- Busy!

- Do 110 to unlock.
- All: Yes, 110!

- The 110?
- Everyone: Yes!

- Would you recommend it?
- Everyone: Yes! - Yes! Now I'm doing it.

Also busy on 110!

You see, the second number is
already giving me busy.

Damn! I don't want
it to be a sign of fate!

Look, you still have time
to save yourself from those Cocozza.

- 8, 6, 6 ... Are you sure
it's the right number? - Yes!

> Registered item:
The called number has been changed.

> Please consult
the new telephone directory.

Did you understand? Look a little
check on the list.

Cocozza! There will also be nobles
on the list, right? Look'

- "Cocozza. - How many Cocozza are there?
- 3 Cocozza and 1 Cocozziello.

- Is the number there? - Of course?
That's what I told you.

But what year is this?
You will understand! 1952!

In this house there is never
a list of the current year!

I can not wait anymore.
I have to go.

How can I do?
I can't even walk.

- Give it a go! - Even if I want to, if I spread
my legs, my trousers fall off!

- I have to walk like this.
- Dad, you look like Frankenstein!

Put on your raincoat,
an overcoat.

- Join us at the church.
- Okay, hurry up. Go!

Then we will see a little ..

One moment! Wait up! This will be....

Cocozza! Damn the misery!

And he will have sent his to me!

And how do we do that?

What does it take? She comes to me,
we swap tights ..

..and we go to church. Accountant!
It is the sum that makes the total!

And how do I do this? Do I get on the bus
dressed as Frankenstein?

I do think I'm crazy.
Pick me up with the car.

Already! It serves his people.
This is also right.

Let's do one thing: you take
a taxi, I'll take it too ..

..and see you outside the church.
All right? Yup.

- But dad, what are you doing?
- Now he comes, they come right away.

Sorry, gentlemen.
We should hurry.

It is now 10:45,
at 11:00 we have a funeral.

We can not wait anymore.

My husband and Cavalier Cocozza
will arrive right away, right, Matilde?

Yes, it's a matter of moments.

It is no longer possible, it is late.
Please take a seat.

But yes, let's go!

[Ah, thank goodness
they have decided!]

[And if it were the right time!]

- So? - All
for that stupid tailor of yours!

- Hurry up!
- Did you wear it? - Of course!

- And how long does it take
to change? - A minute.

Here, put yours on
and give me mine.

- Sir, it's 990 lire.
- Okay, wait a minute.

Sorry, I can't help myself.

- Ué!
- Aren't you ashamed to be like this?

- Forward!
- Go away!

We are not doing the striptease!

- Sir, 990 lire! - One moment!

I can not wait!
Where are you going too ?!

- Hurry up!
- Do it quickly!

Sir, will you give me these 990 lire?
I have to go!

- Give him the money. - Where do I dress?
- Where do you want.

- Ti do 1000 lire.
- Datemi 1000 read.

- Are you stupid?
- Give me 1000 lire! - I do not have it.

- Have you got 1000 lire?
- It is she who has to give them to me!

- And don't shout! Then take it!
Let's make peace! - What peace!

- If you don't give me the 1000 lire ....
- Send my brain up in the air!

Here are the 1000 lire!

The show is over, gentlemen!
Zà! Zà! Here we go.

Antonio: I can't enter!

- I can not enter!
- And how do I get in ?!

- And don't push me anymore.
- I had to....

- Will you let me get dressed?
- Excuse me, huh.

- My tight, so I dress.
- Where is mine?

- What do I know where he put it!
- As? - Who gave it to?

- I put it in the window.
- I did not see it.

- Did the chauffeur take him?
- But no! The chauffeur is gone ....

- But how? Are you hiding it in here?
- Sorry.

I get paralysis.
Where was the chauffeur?

- In the confusion ...
- Please! - Be quiet!

- Plan! - Permit?
- Plan that my stomach hurts.

- The vest? - The vest?
- Where is it?

- There is not . - The vest!
That everything got right inside!

- Permit? Can you turn around, please
? - Excuse me, huh?

- See where he put the vest?
- I'm undressing.

- What are you doing ?! - What bites me?
- But she gives me the ....

- She bit me!
- Permit? In conclusion....

- One moment. - Look ....
- Take it easy!

<Giuseppe: The pants! - Trousers?
- Take off your pants.

I am ashamed! I'm ashamed!

- Don't look!
- What is there to watch?

We are two fathers
who have swapped clothes!

- Take off your pants, please.
Does it make me do it? - Take off.

- Do you have me? Here, in the hole.
- In the hole? Which hole?

- So, take it off.
- Done.

<Giuseppe: Do you see it? This is open.
- Shoot, shoot.

Sorry! Give me the other leg.

- This is useless. - The shoe.
- This is yours. - Where do I put it?

Damn the rags!
Give me here! Here.

<Giuseppe: These are mine.
- That's the jacket.

- Of course! - This is my jacket.
Allows? - Sorry.

- But how, do you put on your jacket?
- But what do you want ....

- And he broke it too.
- In the hurry....

- What are you doing? - The connection.
- What are you doing now? It's my waistcoat!

- Will you take off this hat?
- No! - Of course?! - I said no!

- Hat off!
- Hat off? - Yup!

- Hat off?
- Hat off!

Now I remember
where I met her.


One two! One two!
One two! One two!

Hat off!

One two! One two!

She is the slapper
of via dell'Impero.

Please, I've always been "anti"!

- Shut up! Buffoon in orbace!
- Wretch in civilian clothes!

- Oh yes? - Yup! - I will not let
my daughter become ..

..the daughter-in-law of the fez man!

- Then let's screw everything up.
We are on time. - To the air!

- All!
- Me too! I get dressed.

- Giuseppe: Halt!
- Antonio: Stop everyone! - At the time!

- This marriage is not to be done!
- They mustn't get married!

- But they are already married!
- But how? - Are they already married?

- But how, without us?
- Luckily!

- I ask for cancellation!
- No! I ask for it!

I said it first!

- I ask through
the Sacra Rota! - Which wheel?

- The one in Rome!
- Me for all wheels, do you understand?

- Let's go!
- Give me the umbrella. It is raining!

- She even made it rain!
- I? - Yes she!

She is a pomegranate!

The sum makes the total! Understood?

But my glove,
will you give it to me?