Tosun and Yosun (1963) - full transcript

The Adventures of
Tosun & Yosun

Turkish Allaturca song

Ice cream

Ice cream

Ice cream

I have ice cream... milky

- Sir, I want 50 cents
- Please, sir

Ok boys, please wait

But where is pushcart?

Hey! Look at the pushcart!

Come on jerk! No more trouble!

Hold it and let's put
ice cream clerk on it

Boys are waiting for us,
we're gonna sell ice cream

Come on

Lift that

Here you are boys, we have
strawberry ice cream too

What are you looking for, jerk?
Our shop is running!


Ok children, show's over

We had really fun, right?

And now, shopping time

We have lots of candies...

Blue saves you from evil eye,
green gives you your wish

Red has a name,
yellow has a taste

Magic candies!

Don't get angry, bro

This is yours

- May you take me to the beach?
- Aye, aye

This is our job, miss

My father's waiting me there.
I hope this donkey isn't cussed

Don't worry, she always
walks without problem

- She is kind-hearted
- I hope she doesn't bray...

Because my dad
hates donkey bray

Don't worry miss, our donkey is
noble, she would be silent.

She only has a mouth,
she doesn't have a tongue

- Ok, let's go
- Here you are, miss

We can go now.

Come on babe, walk

Come on babe, please

- Yosun
- Yeah?

Look at me

- What's up?
- I think she doesn't wanna go

- Maybe she knows something
- Are you crazy? She's a donkey!

Please lady, she's
as smart as we are

Isn't it, Yosun?

I agree with you

But I don't agree with you!


See? She is going now!

Here we came,
my father is there

Here you are, ma'am

We always have best quality

- How much does it cost?
- 15 liras, sir

- I'm selling it from 12,5
- See? It's 12,5 on him

Ok, I'm selling from 12,5 too

I'm selling from 10 liras!

Please, look up your own work

You have said trade,
needs competitive spirit

Yes but it's not for us!
For other sellers!

- Here you are, sir!
- Oh god!

Municipal police comin'

It was our last chance...
we don't have any business

Maybe we won't get
this bread too.

Don't be sad, there is
always a solution

Let things develop

Bullshit, we don't have
money because of you

you are always blaming me, if
we had money it wouldn't be like that

I don't believe that we
will have money anymore.

I'm gonna take a nap

Get the card in the wallet
and check the address

Mr. Kazim Guleryuz

Cigdem street... number 14

- Erenkoy
- Here it is, Cigdem st.

Here is number 14

Ok, we found it easily

Look Yosun, this
is my last warning...

There is 12.675 liras
and 50 cents in the wallet

And also check that
it costs 15.000 liras too.

I know it too, so what
are you talking about?

If we don't deliver its
owner we're gonna be rich

I've a promise from my
grand grand grand father

Never steal other people's money

Well done, Yosun

You are honest, that's why
you are my best friend

Come on, let's deliver it
to its owner

Dude... hey, dude...
may you look up, please

Come here!

I'm sorry boys, I've
misunderstood you

Thank you very much
for bringing my wallet

I've seen that I've lost it yet.

- I have said this
- Said what?

He's said that its owner
will be so happy

Sure... I'm glad to see it

- May we go now?
- No, this is impossible

We aren't friends anymore

There is a banquet tonight,
there will be fun...

There will be dancing,
you are my guests.

My daughter, these guys
have founded my lost wallet

Oh! You have!

World is little, sir

Let me introduce you Faruk

- My prospective son-in-law
- Nice to meet you

- My daughter Tulin
- Nice to meet you

And your names?

I'm Tosun and my friend Yosun

Yosun and Tosun,
the kings of honesty

Ok, where were we done?

Faruk, your stars
will come tonight at the club?

They'll come, sir

It'll be Yosun and Tosun night

Because to see that kind of honest
people is impossible anymore.

Because to see that kind of honest
people is impossible anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen,
now Mrs. Sevim Sengul

Turkish Allaturca song

Ladies and gentlemen, and now
the best dancer, Mrs. Yildiz Kivran

This is your royal suite for
nobly people such as you

And this is your bathroom

This is for ice cream

Take it boys, get dry

And this is for candies


You know I have some problems
with my boss, nowadays

I don't want a marriage before
paying my debts to your dad

As you know I'm shamefaced
of your father

I understand you, Faruk

Good evening, sweetheart

- See you
- See you

- Come in, please
- Come in

Your breakfast, any wishes?

- No... no...
- No... no...

Useless! Useless!
You can't drive the club

- Your programs are disgusting
- But, boss...

Shut up! Your works are clear!

I'm losing money day by day
because of your disgusting projects

We can't pay our debts

Our only famous star Yildiz
Kivran, she is doing her best

I agree with you

I agree if we can't get a
solution, we'll be out too!

I want a program at any price!

Have you got it, director?
You only have 3 days!

It's best, if you can find
a new idea in 3 days.

Or you'll be out!

Then you find a new job,
Mr. USA experienced director!

I'm a business man, clear?

Seems like it's clear, Mr. Silent!

But... me

Conversation is up!
Goodbye, the door is there

3 days later, we'll meet

I don't need you till that time!

Oh no, sweetheart!
I always need you

Sure honey, sure sweetheart,
of course my sweet wife

Look, Namik! No games!
Who's the girl near you?

Nobody honey, we were meeting
with Mr. Faruk about projects

I swear you... I beg you

Shut up and come home!

Don't make me crazy! You got it?

Sure sweetheart, sure my love

Go, go! Cut main pipe

- Ok, ok
- Hurry up!

Hurry up I said!

Get up! Let's try it
on the main entrance

Come on, walk!

I found it, Yosun!

Hey! Hey! What the hell?!

What the hell this?!

Drop it!

Come here boys,
I have good news

You can get ready
for espousal, sir

I don't believe that
bullshit, "Mr" manager

I became a boss by working in all
positions, Mr. USA graduated!

So you can't bilk me!

I have given 3 days to
you and your time is up!

Not yet sir, 15 minutes more.

15 minutes? You never do
anything even it's 15 days!

I have called my 2 famous
comedian friends from the USA

Also I mentioned our problem

They came to Istanbul to help me

They'll go to world
tour after here.

They're coming from hotel
now, so please be patient.


Enough! Get out!

What?! You bored of me?

You are saying "get out"
after 40 years with you!

You poor scullion! If it wasn't for me
you'd be still washing dishes!

No honey, I didn't say it,
you are my love, sweetheart

Have I ever told it before?
You are my one love.

Well done

You know we have the party tonight,
you'll back home earlier!

What are you doing now?

Well, Faruk's famous comedian
friends from USA will come

Almost now will come

We are waiting for
them impatiently

Won't you take our baggage?

Why don't you take yours?

Go and take it I said, come on

You haven't paid money,
check the watch

It's 5 to 3

I haven't asked your watch,
I have asked taximeter!

Use your head dopey,
I'm asking taxi's watch

I'm gonna handle
it in an instant

- Have you made a dent on it?
- Oh, you wanna say dismount?

- 990 liras
- Thanks, it's 990


- Keep the change
- It's a tip

Thanks sir, please don't
adjust us big tips

We thank you

Jerks, they call
10 cents as tip

Hey! You forgot this!

We thank you

Are you blind? Wait your next

Ladies first

- One moment, please
- I beg you, please

- Give me my packet
- Here's your packet

Give me my packet, jerk!

This is my packet,
give it back to me!

Please, be careful!

- God! My shoes
- I'm sorry, ma'am

Sorry? You have also
get ripped my nylons!

You wasted my dress!

In fact... I wasted in fact

A small accident ma'am,
so no problem.

Oh god, damn you

Have a nice day

You know, world is small dude.

- My boss, Mr. Namik
- Welcome, nice to see you

- My friends...
- Come on, Faruk...

Call us like the old days

You have given us a name

Faruk was calling us as
"Tosun and Yosun" in the USA

- Your obedient servant Tosun
- Your obedient servant Yosun

- Nice to meet you
- For sure, nice to meet you

We're happy to meet you

You are as funny as kind

Dopey guys!

You disgraced me!

You like it? You have
got me trouble again!

- Only a mistake
- No problem

Here you are, friends

We are proud to see that
you accept to work with us

When Faruk let me
know it, I've triumph

I have triumph

I call Faruk as "bro" because
I like him such as a brother

We too

So we became brother, isn't it?

So if he's your brother,
he's my brother and you...

Ok, let's start again if you
are his brother, I am... mh

If there are two brothers,
I must become... mh

Oh, yes! It means
I have a brother too

Here you are, please,
we are listening to you

Ok boys, although
we trust each other...

To make a contract
would be best, I think

And what do you think?

- I agree with you
- Trust gets strong with contact

- So he said "I agree"
- Of course

Even scorpions must trust
each other such as human

So it means everybody
need a contract here.

- I'm sure you'll agree upon
- Sure

Of course, we are not
here to work in kitchen.

I beg your pardon, I'm gonna
meet with him personally

Come there

What are you doing?
You'll shit of work!

I'm behaving like an expert
such as Mr. Faruk's recommended

Never forget Mr. Faruk's
other recommendations...

First, be careful of your accent!

And be careful of your movements,
if you make a mistake...

Welcome to poverty again!

You got it? Shake my hand

We are ready for contract


Clause one

Boss Namik and comedians
be compacted like that...

Compact by agree?

Why does it need to be written?
We already compacted

We want a shorter
and cleaner agreement

I agree with you

So... clause one
is unnecessary

Here you are

Clause two

What are you doing
there, you jerk!

Also an unnecessary clause

I agree with you

I support you

This contract was ready
and be signed as 3 copy

I don't agree with you,
3 copies are too much

I agree with you

Let's sign only one and
cancel the other two

Your signature, please

Here you are

- I wish all best of us
- Thanks!

Thank you too

So, we thank you

You have weird signs

For sure, we graduated
from Anatolia Elementary...

You careless!

We are sorry sir, his fault!

An unexpected accident

We'll clean you up now

- We can clean now
- Let me!

Let me!

Scandal! Why my name
hasn't be written on outdoor neon?

Your name's block
didn't deliver from studio yet!

If I don't see it on saturday
you'll see what will happen!

Come on, undress

Take off your belt
and shoes too

Don't worry, you'll
be cleaner

You just wait here,
we'll take it to cleaner

Ok, thank you boys

Now! What does "you'll see
what will happen" mean?!

If you wanna out,
get out right now!

If you pay my compensation
I can go right now!

- Are you trying me?
- I'm gonna degrade you!

Namik! Oh, what the hell!

- Oh! Sweetheart!
- Scandal!

My wife! Save me!

Please listen to me, honey,
please... its not my fault

- God damn you!
- Please, don't hit honey

- I can explain it
- I can explain too

- We were talking business
- With this dress?!

Yes, with this dress

- Well, I was unconscious
- Oh, sure...

His dress got dirty
because of ink, sir

It's ok! Your dress is
shining like the sun now

May you clean
my situation too?

There is no ink anymore

- These are easy works
- Sure, we are brilliant

Please, let me introduce you
Mr. Namik's wife...

- Nice to meet you
- It's my pleasure

- Nice to meet you
- Me too

- And do you...
- One moment, Yosun

And this is our club's great
star dancer, Yildiz Kivran

- And they are?
- My famous comedian friends

They came from USA...
Yosun and Tosun

Nice work Yildiz, you know
who they are in real, right?

Oh, sure... it's a pleasure
to work with them here.

I'm glad to see you here

We are glad too

- It needs ironing
- We can do it too

Easy work

You can wear it now

- They are the idiots in kiosk
- Shhh... yes, they are

Between us ok?

And what about my benefit?

- Easy
- Right now!


Mr. Faruk, may you explain
situation to my wife, please?

Please, help me about it

Sir, they're our new stars
and we were signing contract

And suddenly ink failed

Then I came in

And we went clean the dress

I called, he didn't take it

No, you didn't call me

I called!

Phone isn't working

Sure, it's out of socket

- And who did it?
- Maybe Yosun did it

We are sorry because
of his clumsiness

Ok, it's accepted.

For sure, everybody
can make a mistake

Namik, let's have a party
for your new stars tonight

Aye aye, sweetheart

But first let's arrange them
an accommodation

We thank you

We are foreigners here,
so we don't know of any hotel

Ok, no more complain

- We can go
- Ok, let's go

Thank you

Mr Faruk, won't you come?

Sir, we'll have a personal interview
with Mrs. Yildiz

If you don't want me to speak
about who they are...

I want the same price
you'll pay for them

I have one condition more
but we can wait for it.

What is it?

You'll see when time is up

Hello? Yeah?

This is White Night Club's
owner, Turan Korkmaz

I have important news

If you don't hurry up,
you can smash up

So go ahead and speak up!

Easy honey, as you see
I'm doing what you say

I'm listening

They signed a contract with
2 comics from USA today

And a banquet be
arranged for them tonight.

Probably Faruk and Tulin
will be there too.

You'll interest with Faruk

We will be there tonight

Nobody will know each other

You only will watch me

Wait for my sign

Turkish Allaturca song

We have some documents
about your prospective son-in-law


- How could he do it?
- What happens, daddy?

Look, honey

If these guys didn't let us know
we would get in trap of bugger!

I didn't understand dad,
what trap? What bugger?

Take it honey,
and see who is bugger

But... impossible

They've been in a relationship
for a long time.

And he has spent all money
he got from me for this woman!

He wants to get married
because of my money, not for you!

Don't be sad, I won't
let him get away!

I'm sorry to show this sir,
but it was necessary.

- Have a nice day
- I'm gonna show the door

Thanks, we can go

Please, interest with lady,
she needs comfort

I'm gonna get your revenge!

He gave the ring back,
she didn't believe me

She was already
mistrusting of...

Yildiz's speeches and looking,
that's why she behaved like that

And she felt so sad
when seeing the photo

I'm sure Yildiz is
working for Turan

May we get Yildiz
to say the truth to Tulin?

She can say the boss
who are you in real

And boss gives us the push

We must concentrate
on our first show

If you get success...

I can get 20.000 liras from boss
and send it Tulin's father

- Money is easy
- What does "easy" mean?!

We don't even have a penny!

All of these are gangster
Turan's games

- Turan knows who we are?
- No

Yildiz has said to him
you came from the USA

Because I have agreement with
her about it would be a secret

But if she works for Turan
she could say it to him.

But she didn't,
so we still have time

Also it isn't served for her

Because if she tells everything,
Turan gets her out right off

Therefore she earns more
money by speak little

So Yildiz will keep truth
about you a little more

So we are mouse
and she is cat, right?

So if Turan doesn't know
who we are, work is done

Go to club and keep Yildiz busy,
we'll go around with Yosun

Walk man, we are going

Have you seen oldster's face
when he saw the photos?

He was bellowing "I'm
gonna get her revenge!"

Work is done

Next work, we'll get
those Americans

Then we'll become rich!

Chief! Chief!

They came, chief!

What happened? Speak up!

Comedians from the USA
who comes for Ruya Club

- Yeah?
- They are here for you

Nice, they are in trap
by own hand, let them in

- Here you are, sir
- Here we are

Which one of you is
Turan Korkmaz?

- Me
- Nice to meet you

We wanna speak with you

You'll be glad to hear what
we want talk about

Somebody grabs and bilks us

What happened? Who bilked you?

We prefer to talk personally

Let us alone, guys

Don't worry, he's my assistant

- Ok, we can speak
- We have problem with club

They didn't pay us

And we heard your
club is biggest

We don't wanna
work with con men

You have surprised me

So they bilk you by contract
without pay anything

Would they advance amount?

For sure, what we can
do without money here?

Starving bear never play

Shut up

How much would they advance?

- 10.000
- 10.000

So 10.000 per each one

For sure, we have 4 hands
and one brain together

I agree with you

10.000 to me, 10.000 to him

Ok, I'm gonna pay it

And tomorrow we
can make contract

May we get money now?

Of course

Thank you very much,
you are a nice person

You are the man

Let us count in an instant

Are you crazy, chief?
What are you doing?

Don't worry, I know
what I'm doing

Money will their guest such as
they are our guests till morning

I won't let them go out

They can't go out even a step

And after tonight
we handle them

They are thinking
ourselves so smart

You are smarter, chief

It's ok, we wish all best of us

Have a nice day

We will meet tomorrow morning

Have a nice day

So long, we'll meet again

What does it mean?

You are hasty, we have
deal, so we are together

You will be our guests

Take them to guest room

Scandal! We are gonna
remonstrance you

We'll meet on court!

- Remonstrance!
- Court!

Get back!



- Congrats, nice show
- Show?

I have stranded in wardrobe

Ok boys, this is our next.
You know what will you do

They'll wait comedians
till the last moment...

When they understood
they disappeared... bust!

Cool! And customers
will blow the club

Of course

But be careful and don't
start agitation on Yildiz's show

Ok chief, we arranged our
men for front row seats

They'll boo everybody
except of Yildiz tonight

Chief! There are ghosts
and boys disappeared.

Fire... fire!

You are demanding for
nothing, everything end

It's already started, see? Faruk
gave money that will pay to your father

If he had time he would
pay personally to him.

In fact he is scared
of your dad

Please help us, you'll see
everything will be fine

Ok boys, ok

We thank you

Turkish Allaturca song

This way

- Tulin, nice to see you here
- Boys demanded me to come.

Because they know
how I suffered wrong.

Ok boys, get ready,
your next almost comin'

Easy man, money in pocket

What money?

Tulin's dad money, you
have given it to us this morning.

When did he give money to us?

Oh, sure... sure...
sorry, my mistake

I remember too now.

I think we have
lost our memory.

- So long
- So long

Let's go and leave them alone


How could you believe
that nonsense

But why they defame you
for no reason at all?

All of these are Turan's games

He is feeling enmity
me for a long time

I'm gonna explain
its reason later

Please, don't ask
anything about it now

And please don't
leave me alone now.

Turan's trying to get my work

But everything'll be ok soon

But why didn't mention
about it to my dad?

- They are all here
- Why?

Look, call this number and
tell Mr. Faruk needs 3 hard holes

Then give your name too.

- My name?
- Yes, give your name

Only your first name.

Come on, go ahead

Ladies and gentlemen

And now, magician Manomau
presents The Lost Girl Show


He found us again

- I beg you, please, let me go
- Go?

I have harmed you, your
daughter and Faruk

Please, forgive me

Let me go, it was blackmail

- Please, forgive me
- But?

I don't have a relationship
with Faruk, this is truth

Photos was a trap by Turan


- Whither?
- Let me go

- Is it so easy?
- I hate you and your works!

If you leave now, you
can only go to death!

You came just in time boys,
come on, get others too.

Yes sir!

What?! Are you a cop?

Shut up you tough beard, oh?!

Well, it's a fake beard

Maybe his mustache is fake too

His everything is fake

His real name "Wary" Cemil

I was in the USA to investigate
all your connections

We haven't arrested you there
to get you in prison in Turkey

So you weren't in the USA
as a show manager?

No... never

I'm a cop

When I was back in Turkey, I
confirmed his headquarter.

Beyaz Geceler club
his bogus corporation

You "fake" Turan!

So you have used me?

You helped us unknowingly

I thank you on behalf of police

I came to your club as a manager
to close up "Wary" Cemil

And I also bought heroin costs
20.000 from him to be sure

You remember that sunday?
You have given it to old man.

It was me!

What? You were that old man?

As you see cops may use
"fake" make ups like you.

I need 20.000 liras
urgently for heroin dealing

If I have waited it from
office it would be so late.

So you have got it from
me, my honest son

I always loved you

It's my wedding gift for you

It's crystal clear anymore

- Take him out here
- Come on, walk!

- Come together, children
- Please, forgive me

We should listen to you, Faruk

Tosun... Yosun

Come on boys, it's your next