Tosui yugi (1989) - full transcript

Mr. Hirano, what happened?


Senior manager, it's empty.

Hey, get another one.

Hurry up! Just because of an insect,
we can't even go out for lunch.


Here it is.

ldiot! You do it!

You are appointed.
Do hurry!

Hey, Mr. Hirano!

Hurry up!

- Hurry up!
- Yeah.

Can't you tell the difference between
an insecticide and spray paint?

You - we are in the office.
Please refrain from speaking roughly.

Senior manager, are you alright?

Ouch! Ouch!

Stop it!

Senior manager, this is too much!

Hey! l have good information
about fashion.

lf you answer our questionnaire...

Special discounted overseas travel too!

You! Stupid!

What? You're stupid too!

Hey! You are Shirakawa.

You are Nakata?

Did you have a fight or something?

Hey! Hey!

l was surprised when you
suddenly fell over.

l had a quarrel at the office.

When l saw your face,
l let go of my tension.

l called Takako, and we brought
you here by taxi.

You are heavier than l thought.
lt was tough.

Takako said we should call
an ambulance,

but l'd never heard that you
had a special disease,

and it was kind of embarrassing in
the middle of the city.

- l may have new employee's depression.
- Sounds like it.

Then you had a fight?

- Do you want a coffee?
- No, thank you.

lt might warm you up.

l don't like other people touching my
cups and other things.

Okay. l'll go home.

You helped us a lot.
l'll treat you sometime.

l will await it without much expectation!

Are you still dating that woman?

''Still''?! lt's not as long as you make out.

- Why do you like her?
- She's cheerful.

You get tired because l am depressing?

You're not especially depressing.
Just normal.

Doesn't ''normal'' mean ''depressing''?

You are suffering from new employee's depression.

You haven't come here since you
started dating that woman.

Not really. My work is busy.

My company is not as big as yours.
Besides, it's a commission-based system.

Hey, are you alright?

Please come visit me as often as before.

Drinking alcohol or watching videos...
lt was fun.

We were together for three years in
the fencing club in high school.

We need to settle the score sometime.


This. We graduated before we saw
the results of training.

Fight with real swords.
Think about it.

We used to use rope, didn't we?

We did it often, so that we wouldn't be
afraid of the point of a sword.


Sorry for what happened earlier,
despite you helping me.

lf you say so.

Treat me to dinner!

l have something l want to ask you.

What is it?

Do you like Shirakawa?


l feel like you don't let me in.

Not really.

ls that so? That's boring.

What's boring?

Because l thought we were in
a love triangle.

Hey, senior manager...

- Actually, there was no insect.
- l thought so!

We have to train a new employee
by beating him up!

- Are you sure that they went in here?
- Yeah.

Where is the entrance?
lt's not clear.

Why are you carrying around
such a thing?



How is it?

You are a pig!

Why does a pig speak human language?


Let's do it the normal way,
unlike the weirdoes next door.

- Hey!
- You're noisy!


Hey! Let's make a triangle.

Franz Kafka - The Metamorphosis

Sorry for the sudden call.
l'm from ldea Works company...

After our legitimate raffle,
you have been chosen to be...

the winner of a free vacation to Hawaii.

How come l became an insect?

Even if I go to the office, only insecticide
is waiting. What shall I do?

Maybe l should go to the meeting that was
discussed in that phone call earlier.

lt's tough.

ldea Works Company

Hawaii Tour Prize Winner
Explanation Meeting Room

Water! l want to drink water!

What are they doing?

You are lucky to have won this
Hawaii tour prize.

You laugh a little now...

Perhaps you think that a trip to Hawaii
is out of date?

You do think that!

Yes, yet most people still come here,
even though they thought so, too.

Depending on the conditions,
this could be good... that's why they come.

You are afraid that you may be
forced to buy something,

or you may be forced to get our membership,
or this may be involved with the Yakuza.

Don't worry -
there is nothing like that!

But we are not a charitable organization,
so we have to ask you some really tiny favours.

All you have to do is sell two items from
these pamphlets to anyone.

The merchandise in our pamphlets is
English conversation lesson material:

high-end beauty product sets,
VCRs and PCs.

They are just part of some of the merchandise.
Everything is very popular, best-selling merchandise.

They will be definitely sold,
or people would love to buy.

You only need to do this, and then you
can get your special Hawaii vacation...

which you can't even begin to imagine
while you are in Tokyo.

A night with a hula girl for men and a night with
a beach boy for women will be waiting there.

That's something you can never
buy with money.

So you are involved in that type
of scam business...

- Anyway, l'm thirsty. Excuse me a moment.
- Oh, he is senior manager!

Shit! l was swallowed.

Hey, you are going to sell our merchandise,
aren't you?

What are you?

Can't breathe!

Stop it...
l have a wife and children.

Why are you ashamed? You're always
doing things like this to your wife.

Experience what your wife always feels.

Do insects brush their teeth?

Hey... did you go to a no-tell hotel
with Takako?

What do you want?

Say something!


l'm not blaming you.

Things can get complicated.
l don't want it.

You and me... me and Takako...

and you and Takako.
lt's a common relationship.

This is not common...

- l'm a man and you are a man too.
Then a woman... - So?

lt's common that two men love
one woman, but in that case,

there is no relationship between
the men, if it is common.

What you are telling me is...
Ouch! Ouch!

Wow, l want to ride it too!

lt's not about that.

What do you mean?

Because you went to a no-tell hotel with him,
things have become complicated.

But we went.

We can't change that fact.

Get off.

We went. That's all.

Yes. We did nothing.

What do you mean?

That's all.

That's all?
l don't want any complications.

That's boring.
Getting tangled up is good.

l don't care either way.

Hurry up!

Hey! Hey!

We were in a no-tell hotel, but all he did was
listen to the room next door with a bug.

- Really?
- Really!

- lt's strange.
- Yeah, strange!

But l do want a love triangle after all.

lf l sleep like this,
will it happen again?

So when it finished,
did l get transferred to this guy?

ldea Works Company,
which has been controversial...

because of their high-pressure
street sales tactics,

was finally targeted by a
compulsory investigation,

and the police confiscated the
membership list.

The police intend to investigate the
members on the list, too.

Next news... Today around
11:20 am in Ota-ku...

The Trial Club

Welcome. Your name, please.

Masao Tachihara.

Registration complete.

You're late.

Whom did you come to see
in this club?

l don't know...

There was no other place to go today.

This guy is a street thug who bothered me
when l was on my way to school.

Because of you, l couldn't concentrate,
so my grades dropped.



Stop it!

Stop it! Ouch!

What are you doing?
Stop it!

Please stop!


Street thug... l have been transferred
to you now.

You ate liver and a Chinese
chive stir-fry.

lt was garlic scrapes of Chinese food.

lt was liver and a Chinese chive stir-fry
and fried pot-stickers.

Don't come here after eating such things.

Leave me alone.

Come after rinsing your mouth.

Even from this distance,
your breath smells.


You are here, as l thought.

Did you finish playing?

Why do you know about this place?

This place is managed by ldea Works.

Now you know.
You can't run away.

ldea Works was investigated by the police,
and it went bankrupt.

Oh, you knew? Then, you know well that you
don't have to sell anything anymore,

that all we have to do now is shut people up
who are on the membership list.

- You've heard this in the explanation
meeting. - But...

That's okay.
l'm not the executioner.

Here is Momoko of S&M fame.

Don't think S&M is sadomasochism.

lt's an abbreviation for 'Shocking Madonna'.

Holy Momoko...

Don't let them go to the great beyond
in a month.

Slap and slap and slap them
to the death.

'lt's showtime!'

Stop it.

Don't come.

Stop it.

Stop it!

Help me! Help me!

Stop it! Stop it!

Let me go!

This place seems uncomfortable.

Sorry for the sudden call.

l'm from ldea Works company...

After our legitimate raffle, you have been chosen
to be the winner of a free vacation to Hawaii.

That's why we are contacting you.

Both of them have been absent
since yesterday...



Why are you running away?

Because you're chasing me!

- Let's settle the score.
- What?

Fencing. l told you.

l know a good place.

Why did you scream?

lt was a dream, too.

Did you have a bad dream?

l had a dream about waking up
from a dream.

What is that?

Do you mean a dream you can't
wake up from?

Shall l make coffee?

Cheer up, Japanese businessman!

l became an insect.

Okay. l will exterminate it!

lf you are in a dream from which you can never awaken,
sleeping and being awake are not different.

Then, l really became an insect.

Produced by Taturo Komada

Screenplay by Shiro Yumeno

Photography: Kanemi Kawanaka
Music: Kizu Hayakawa

Editing: Masatsugi Sakai
Assistant Director: Takahisa Zeze

Shotaro Sawada

Osamu Fukada

Setsuhiko Kobayashi
Toru Matsumura

Ryuuji Yamamoto
Kyoko Hashimoto

Directed by Hisayasu Sato

The End [rarelust]