Toshokan sensô (2013) - full transcript

Set in the year 2019 in Japan. In order to crack down on free expression, a new law is passed, which allows for the government to create an armed force to find and destroy objectionable printed material. Meanwhile, to oppose this oppressive crackdown, the Library Force is created. The Library force, including instructor Atsushi Dojo and Iku Kasahara, work to protect the libraries. A fierce battle then ensues between these two groups.

Declaration of Library Rights:

1. The right to collect written materials.

2. The right to make
those materials publicly available.

3. The right to preserve user privacy.

4. The right to resist censorship.

When these freedoms are threatened

we will unite and preserve them.

In preserving books

we preserve liberty.

A nation that burns books will one day burn men.

- I'll take this, please.
- OK.

A controversial new law
would place controls on the publishing

of pornographic, violent

or discriminatory content.

This 'Media Betterment Act'

limits freedom of speech.

Free expression of evil

has a bad influence on youth.

People must be left free to think.

The government should set guidelines.

That means censorship.

It depends on what they want censored.

People should be free to read.

The government needs to think.

Control of harmful books and media is essential

to public trust in the media.

Screening of publications is heeded.

We need a law against harmful media.

'New Law Passes'
We need a law against harmful media.

'New Law Passes'

'New Law Passes'
The new emperor's era is named 'Seika"
'Change for the Better'.

The new emperor's era is named "Seika":
'Change for the Better'.

Seika Year 1. Media Betterment Act passed.

The Media Betterment Agency

has visited this bookstore.

This whole section

held books that have been banned.


is where books judged harmful

will be incinerated.

Betterment Agency!

We will now examine these premises.

- Let go!
- No!

We can't distribute books!

It's hurt our business.

Censorship is steadily increasing.

More than 65,200 books and sites
have been judged 'harmful'.

The law was rammed through!

We debated it!

"Betterment Agency Staff Increased to 10,000"

"The Media Betterment Agency
evolves into an armed force."

What's this?

This book is banned.

Electronic books are disappearing.

A black market is emerging.

What are you doing?!

Let go!

I'll have you charged with theft!

Call the police, then!

I'll take this book with me!

Let go!

'Library Defense' established to resist censorship.

Library Defense!

I hereby declare these books
approved for library collection.

Your reason for joining?

To preserve books.

Like him.

Good morning.


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

This one, please.




"Musashino Library #1, Tokyo"

"East Region Library Defense Base"

Due date is May 30th.

Thank you.



Tezuka! Kasahara! Almost there!

Who said lie down! 100 push-ups!



One! Two!





What are you doing?

You must really like push-ups.

That creep!

Sure, I flopped down,
but I'd passed the finish line!

He's kind of my type.

And he's on the Task Force.

Not me. No way!

No personality, no empathy...


And he's short. Not a chance!

I tried to stop you.

Find a better place to vent.

Your voice carries.

Uh... I was just...

Unlike her, I'm a fan of yours, Instructor Dojo.


'Declaration of Library Rights.'

Clause 4 of the Libraries Act...

...makes libraries the only organization

that can legally resist censorship.

This, however, led to the Hino Library incident

or as we call it, 'The Hino Nightmare'.

Twenty years ago,
a group of Betterment Act supporters

attacked the Hino Library.

Director Kazuichi Inamine

and 11 staff died.

Who the real perpetrators were
has never been made clear.

'Library Defense' was formed,

and we began the process of arming ourselves.

Meanwhile, armed assaults on libraries
by the Betterment Agency

over the past 30 years

have led on occasion to
full-scale pitched battles.

What is our basic rule of engagement?

- Sir!
- Tezuka.

Non aggressive defense.

We shoot to warn, never to Kill.


That is why

we may only use our weapons on library grounds.

We do not fight for fighting's sake.

We fight to preserve.

Remember that.

On that personnel matter

this should be appropriate.

Yeah, but it's dull!

It doesn't have to be fun.

- Ippon!
- Sir?





OK, who's next?

No, thanks!

We're just observing.

Oh, well...

Try me.

He wants you in a headlock. Try me.


Shall I kick you both?

What's going on?!

Fight me.

You too, sir?

You're too nice

treating this as a girl.


You're sure about this?

I'm taller than you.

Can you reach my back collar?


Being taller doesn't make you smarter.

Maybe someday you'll put me down.



OK, now I put you down...What about it?

No rules, huh?

My arm!

Nomura! Count 30!

One, two, three, four...

I give up!

You drop-kicked the instructor?

You're the craziest recruit in corps history.

Picking a fight with Dojo!

He started it.

He just doesn't like me.

A 17 year-old youth has been arrested for

the random Killings of young women

on the streets of Tokyo's Suginami Ward.

Police searching the suspect's home
found a collection of knives

and a large number of graphic horror novels

most of which are banned
under the Media Betterment Act.

People blame it all on the books.

Books warp youth, then movies drive them to crime.

I know people like easy answers...

Are you listening?


Stop gazing at that book!

You're a big girl now.

Don't call me 'big'.

At least remember your prince's face.

I remember the feel of his hand.

It was so gentle when he touched me on the head.

That won't help you find him.

We've got 3,000 people on the base.

Maybe I don't have to find him.


You joined the force so you could find him.

If I work hard

I have the feeling that one day
I'll just run into him.

You believe in fate...

You know, sometimes

you're so cute I could eat

...your cake, too!

This strawberry looks good.

As of today, June 25th, Seika 31...

Librarians 1st Class lku Kasahara
and Hikaru Tezuka...

are assigned to the Library Defense Special Unit

the 'Library Task Force'.

I'm Squad Leader Genda. Welcome aboard.

Along with Komaki, you are posted to
the new Dojo Squad.


There are 30,000 Guards,
and you are the first woman in the elite unit.

Is there a problem?

No. It is a great honor.

So I'm the problem?

I have a problem with you.

Suck it up.

I've made my decision.

Don't get carried away.

All Task Force training

is undertaken carrying 10 kilograms of equipment

including a flak jacket, ammunition and
a 3.5kg Type 89 assault rifle.


Kasahara, you're too slow!

What are you doing?!

Go, Tezuka!

Kasahara! Move it!








Keep up!


Task Force members also perform
certain important library duties.

In most libraries

proscribed books are kept
in closed underground stacks.

Requests from above ground

must be filled after a quick search

among 9 million titles kept here.

This requires management-level capability.

Field training is a 40-kilometer march

with a 30kg pack.

In the mountains we camp with individual tents.

- Sorry!
- Sorry!







She has no fear.

Like a monkey.

Way to go!

Your first time!

Safety on!

One hit, outer rim.

Five bull's-eyes.

Well done.

All of them?


It's just that you can't shoot.

Because of you,

we're falling behind the other units.

You're a drag.

May I speak to the person in charge, please?

May I say who's calling?

I am a PTA chairman.

One moment.

The PTA? Again?

They want us to stop lending
all the horror novels.

All of them? That's pretty radical.

That Kid murderer is great propaganda
for the Betterment Committee.

We're striking back with an exhibition
on the history of censorship.

It's a secret.

That'll stir things up!

I want to get the dumbest examples of
censorship I can find.

Including your 'prince' series.

I love that idea!

You'd only ruin it.

You're right.

How's your filing coming?

I'm trying my best...

You're not cut out for it.

But it's your own fault for making it
onto the Task Force.

Sorry for that.

And that Tezuka!

He's always on my case.

It's true I can't get it right,
so there's nothing I can say.

They say Tezuka's dad is Chairman of
the National Library Association.

Is that right?

Where do you keep finding out things like that?

It's a hobby.

Someone of his class

must hate having someone like you
on the same Task Force as him.

But surely you can put up with him not liking you.

You're on Dojo's squad, after all.

You're on duty.

I'm exhausted from doing push-ups!

Still sarcastic enough for squats?


Caught him in the act.


He's not caught if he can still move!

This isn't a game!

I'm sorry!

I didn't understand

why you were always angry with me.

Training isn't a game.

It's not over at the finish line.

You can't just fall down there.

Just like now.

Throwing him wasn't enough.

That doesn't work in the real world.


This was my fault.

You're not cut out for this.

Pack up and go home.

I'm not quitting!

I came here

to be like the man who helped me
at that bookstore.

So I won't quit!

He didn't belong on the force.

He's not someone to emulate.

I was against taking you on.

And your present posting.


You're here, too?

It's been a long time. I'm...

Ms Orikuchi, from 'New Society'.


I read it.

The spirit of journalism still lives.

It lives, but it's in the red.

They say he won't wake up.

Mr Nobeyama wanted to stay alive

as long as he could to protect his museum.

He has documents on the illegalities

when the Betterment Act was passed.

If he dies...

There'll be a big battle down in Odawara.

What are you doing?


Hammer the peg in at 90 degrees
or the wind will pull it out!


Hammer the peg in at 90 degrees
or the wind will pull it out!


Listen to what I tell you!
It'll help your aim, too.

My aim?

Keep your eye on the target!

Not on me!


My book!

It's all wet!

What's that?

A good-luck charm.

Wipe yourself off first!

What's the story?

That book.


A fairy tale.

Companions go on a journey.

It's the last of a series.

I'd been waiting for it to come out,

then they said it was banned.

The hero cuts off a dragon's head with a sword.

That was too 'cruel'.

But the real problem

was that the companions were
all drop-outs with real personalities.

Basic education these days
takes 'sameness" as its motto.

That bothers me.

That's right!

What good is an adventure story
without different characters?

Then it's all just heroes fighting

or stubborn old guys with a story going nowhere.

You smiled.

Wow! I've never seen that before.

Don't stop! It looks good on you.

Five years ago a Library Defense guy
rescued this book for me.

A Hero of Justice.

He approved it, took it from the Betterment Squad

and said, 'You've saved this book
from the flames.'

He made me proud for having saved it.

We don't have the right as individuals to
declare books approved.

That man was a fool.

So you wouldn't have helped?

Of course not.

- Why not?
- That's the rule!


we're not 'heroes of justice'.

Is that what you believe?


Then I must disagree.

If that had been you in that bookstore

I wouldn't have joined the force.

So how's Task Force training?

New guy!

I've learned a great deal.


Since we only fight in urban situations

why do we camp out?

For fun?

Think harder!

So we're ready for anything,
or something like that.



There they go again!

Do they watch what stores order?

Citizens report the stores, too.

Shouldn't we stop them?


We can approve books.

That's for books the library buys.

We can't just waltz in and
stop a censorship operation.

- But...
- Listen up!

We have the right to protect libraries.

The rules of engagement break down
if that is abused.


Yes, sir!


What are you doing?

Stop the truck!

Convoy, halt!

Library Defense!

Under the right of collection,
Clause 30 of the Libraries Act

I declare those books to be approved!


Yes. Turn those books over to me.

Only Supervisors or above have that right.

You are obstructing officials
performing their duty.

Arrest her.

- Come on!
- Settle down!

Let go!

East Region Library Defense, Supervisor 2nd Class.

Those books

are approved for purposes of library collection!


You idiot!

A rank beginner cannot approve books!

Now we have to buy them all!

That man did exactly the same thing.

Copy a fool and you're one, too!

He was not a fool!

He was a loose cannon!

He was what we're all about!

Shut it!

Don't mock my prince!


Now you've gone and ruined it!

Here for a second
I thought you were just like him.

Now you've ruined it.

Excuse me.


She's as loose a cannon as you ever were.

Not any more.

Yeah, you used to be a prince.

Now you're your own rival.

I'll kick your butt.



Thank you.

Show me.


Betterment Agency!

We will now examine these premises.

- Let go!
- No!

What's this?

This book is banned.

I'll have you charged with theft!

Call the police, then!

I'll take this book with me!

Let go!

Library Defense!

I hereby declare these books
approved for library collection.

I acted without thinking

and the Betterment Agency used that against us.

You've saved this book from the flames.

What I did was wrong.

Your reason for joining?

To preserve books.

Like him.


In high school

the Betterment Squad came to a bookstore

I was in back up home.

There was a book I really wanted,

and they were taking it from me.

And a man from Library Defense saved it.

He called it 'approved for library collection'

and gave it back.

He was just like some kind of hero of justice

So amazing, so cool...

so gallant, so...

What should I say?

Someone you could rely on.

And so I thought I'd like to be someone like him

who preserves books.

To save books from being
seized for no good reason.

So if I come to work for the library

I want to be in Defense, not Operations.

She joined the force so she could find her prince.

That's why I wanted her to quit.

Take good care of it.


You're taking too long!

Put yourself in my place.


I'll look one more time.

She's incompetent.

We're better off without her.

Tezuka, you're very capable.

But who'll be left if we get rid of
whoever can't keep up with you?

With all respect, if I seem capable
it's because I try hard.

All I can think is that Kasahara is lazy.


But what do you want?

Do you want Kasahara fired,
or praise for being better than her?

Being right is fine,
but using 'right' as a weapon is wrong.

So which is it?

Patrols report Betterment Squad
deploying around facility!

All guards to stations!

Seven vehicles, about 50 personnel
deploying at front gate.

Presumed target is main building
and underground stacks.


presumed target is main building
and underground stacks.

Security alert raised to Level 6.

Stay calm!

Please do not run!

This way to the Safe Room!

We can't leave?!

This is just a big game!

Close Safe Room doors!

"Safe Room"

The Betterment Special Agency,
under the Media Betterment Act, Clause 3...

demands access to Musashino Library #1.

We are informed this facility holds...

illegal materials pertinent to
an ongoing murder investigation.

Surrender them immediately.

Under Clause 33 of the Libraries Act,

I exercise the right of refusal.

Then between 19:00 and 20:00 hours,

under Clause 8 of the Betterment Act

we hereby exercise

the right of force.

We have Ministry approval for the use of weapons.


Barricade front and back entrances,
and stop them from coming in.

Hook up with the back-door squad.

It's your first action. Stay calm.

Yes, sir.

They'll try to storm the front door. Stop them.


They'll try to storm the front door. Stop them.

Get ready!

Attack confirmed! Fire at will!

Hold them off!

This is a pretty major attack.


Get to the Safe Room!

Shibasaki! Hurry!



"The History of Censorship"

This is Administration!

The target is Conference Room 4 in the West Wing!


West Wing, Conference Room 4!

Where are you going?!

Room 4!

Against orders?

That was Shibasaki.

So what?

There's no books there.

From the sound of her voice, something's wrong.


Stay there!

We don't operate alone.

They were shooting to kill, right?

That's the way it is.

Come on.

That's a woman.

Let me see...

Incursion confirmed! They're coming in!

Hold them off!

Cautionary fire! Aim at their feet!

Two hostiles may be
escaping through back courtyard.

This is Dojo. Stand by till we get there.

Cover me!

I'll go!

I trust your aim more than mine.


Books recovered!

There's more of them. Be careful.


Fall back!

Think before you act, idiot!



You can't just run through gunfire!

Three minutes to ceasefire.

We clean it up by morning.

Was anyone hurt?

Two badly wounded.

Library Defense casualties are never reported.

Even if someone dies, we don't
involve the police or the legal system.

We operate at a disadvantage.

The other side doesn't observe
the 'don't shoot to kill' rule.

And we always let them shoot first,
so that we're defending ourselves.

Why is that?

We fight to preserve.

That's why Commander Nishina started the force.

We've turned over the prisoners.

Well done.

That was quick thinking.


What's wrong now?

I have an idea.

Will you... my girlfriend?



Following last night's gun battle
at Musashino Library #1.

The Chief Cabinet Secretary

has demanded to know
why Director Iwao Nishina refused...

Criticism is coming from within government circles

Banned books from the library
were in the suspect's possession...

So now it's the police?

They must really want to
make us look like the bad guys.

All we want is information.

Why bother coming? You know I'll refuse.

The youth who committed these crimes
was a regular library user.

We might learn something from the books he read.

We'd like to see those records.

Clause 32: 'Libraries will respect
the privacy of users.'

On that basis, I refuse.

Reading is part of thought

and thought should not
be evidence in a criminal trial.

Now if you'll excuse me...

I hear the Betterment Squad...

was told where certain books would be.

You're not all united.

Some of your people must wonder why

they're fighting the authorities
over a bunch of books.

You're wasting your time.

Are you sure?

Every government agency
must be after you to cooperate.

The police want me to bend to
pressure and break the law?

That's strange.

Then again...

maybe it isn't so strange.

There was a time when the police didn't show up.

He's a tough old guy.

He survived the Hino Nightmare.

I think he lost a leg there.

He's born a grudge for 20 years.
No wonder he's hard to handle.

Mr Inamine...

We are volunteers dedicated to
the eradication of libraries.

Libraries are dens of iniquity. You will pay...

...for your sins.

Mr Inamine!

"A Local History of South Tama"

"The Hino Nightmare Revisited"

"New Society Weekly"

So this case was never solved?

That's right.

No one knows who armed them.

The Media Betterment Committee was suspected,
but nothing happened.

It was a warning of what happens to people
who resist censorship.

But the libraries decided to fight.


Under Commander Nishina.

The only survivor...that must be hard.

You studied all this in your classes, didn't you?

Anyway, what about Tezuka?

This sliced-meat cutlet's really good.

Can you believe that guy!

What do you think is going on in his head?

This can't be more bullying, right?

I think he's serious.

People get to you in different ways.

Through love, or through hate,
or through competition.

It looks like you've gotten to him.

Why not say yes?

He won't cheat on you,
and he's got great prospects.

He's a good deal.

But that's not why you'd go out with someone.

I mean, it's got to be someone you like...


Sarge, there's a kid in here!

Stop it!

- Water, please.
- Ok.

"Error Code 6022"

"Wrong code number"

What's wrong?!



...I keep getting an error message.

Then ask Tezuka.

Isn't it about time you two decided to get along?

No, wait!

I'm sorry.

I'll ask Tezuka.

Tezuka's asked Kasahara to be his girlfriend.


Thanks a lot.

I see.

When can I expect an answer?

You know...

I thought...

you didn't like me.

I'm lacking something.

I thought with you maybe I could change.

Isn't that a good enough reason?

How about me?

No, thanks.

I don't want to make all the young guys jealous.

Yes, if you lay hands on the flower of the library might grab a thorn.

So you say.

Dojo reporting from patrol unit.

Osawa sector clear.

Proceeding to Kitamachi.


You and Shibasaki look very good together.

Why do you say that?

You're perfectly matched in height, for one thing.

How about you and Tezuka?

Whatever's going on...

Stop it!

Talking about love with you is embarrassing!

Embarrassing? You're the one with the prince.

Just forget about all that!

I never should have mentioned it.

I never will again.

I think Tezuka's a good guy.

Are you match-making?

You can take it that way.

My standards are very high.

You've got your nerve.

Five years ago I met my prince.

You said forget that.

I don't care. A prince is a prince.

Not again!

If I could find him, no one else would compare.

He was totally cool.



I respect that man, and I love him.

If I meet him,

I'll tell him I want to be just like him.

- You will?

Attention all patrol units:
return to base immediately.


All patrol units, return to base immediately.

In other news

industrialist Sohachi Nobeyama

has died of pancreatic cancer.

He was 84.

His 'Museum of Information History'

will now close down.

And so the battle begins.

According to Mr Nobeyama's will

all the materials in his museum

are to be transferred here.

The Media Betterment Committee
would dearly love to have them.

All the Media Betterment Act documents
are in that museum.

And evidence on illegalities around
the forming of the Betterment Squad.

Why would they

leave stuff like that there?

It's a private foundation.

Even the Betterment Squad
can't touch private property.

So this handover will be...

A perfect chance to burn it all.

If they don't...

it all comes into the open.

The museum closes the day of his funeral.

That's handover day.

The other side will do anything to
take those documents from us.

We can expect a bigger fight

than either side has ever faced before.

We of the Task Force will do all
in our power to stop them!

Kasahara, you won't be going.

You will guard Commander Nishina at the funeral.

Handover is 15:00 hours.

Three containers will be transferred by helicopter

which the Task Force will protect.

Look at this map.


Why was I left out?

Guarding dignitaries is our job.
We have to send someone.

But why just me?!

You don't add to our strength!

Any more questions?

Sir, are you leaving Kasahara off the combat team?

She has better reflexes and
explosive strength than me.

You've certainly changed your tune about her.

I want to admit the truth,
and not use being right as a weapon.

Moreover, she is better than me in some ways.




Ms Kasahara says, 'I hate you, you little shrimp!'

That's a bit much.

Somehow I'm not surprised.



Please come back safe.

And blood will flow again...

Here they come! Just like ants to a picnic.


Remove this.

"Funeral of Sohachi Nobeyama"

Excuse us.

Under the Media Betterment Act, Clause 3...

I demand access to these premises pursuant
to Notification 7726.

Under Clause 4, Paragraph 34 of the Libraries Act,

I exercise the right to defense.

If you don't want to see people die, give up now.

Is that a threat?

Do what you're going to do.

As we pray for the soul of the deceased...

we invite the offering of a final floral tribute.

Transfer is about to commence.

Prepare to fire!



Attack confirmed!

Permission to fire!

Fire at will!


We can't hold the forward line!


Cover me!

Container 2 is almost full!

Careful! Don't hit the head!

Yes, sir.

Cannot approach. Repeat...

...cannot approach!

Are you nuts?

Cover Dojo!

Ono, take over.




Come on!


UH, wind from north-east.

UH here, proceeding as planned.

Do you have visual contact?

Yes. Over containers now.

Roger. Beware of ground fire.

Hovering. Make it quick.

Commencing hook-up.

- Cover!
- Roger!

This is UH. Preparing to lift Container 1.


This is UH. Returning to base.

Roger. We're waiting for you.

Betterment Squad advancing! Retreat to barricade!




at the Hino Library

625,098 volumes were burned.

All that remains

is this book

a valuable record of local history.

All weapons!



As I speak Library Defense is fighting

to preserve what Mr Nobeyama left us.

Mr Nobeyama and the late
Mr Inamine preserved and entrusted us

with books, and history.

Much history has already been burned.

So has much thought.

And much truth.

That we must not continue to allow

even if it means blood.

Explosives ready!

We can't hold!

Retreat to second line!

Retreat! Retreat!





Pull back!

Hurry it up!

Two left! Cover them!

Cover him!

Hori! Move!

Hori's been hit!

Nice one.

We're not scaring them off!

Hang in!


Container 1 transfer complete.

Returning for Container 2.

Roger. Good luck.

Pull back to third line!

Pulling back!

Cover for the wounded!



Come on!

Let's go!




Get down!

Come on!


Move it!

Take him!

Where's the medics?!

They're coming in!

We can't hold them!

The chopper's here!

Enemy in force at Third Line!

What are you doing?

You just take it easy.

Kato! Ono! Sakata! Higa! Let's go!

00 to 03. Withdrawing to third line.

Pulling back.

Helicopter descending!

Helicopter 2 commencing hook-up.

Hold that third line!

- Get back!
- Roger.


This is UH. Returning to base.


Stand by.

Container 2 gone! One left!

Do whatever you have to.

All right.

Shall we?




We can't hold them!


Attention Betterment Squad!

Cease fire! Cease fire!

We will abandon all remaining documents

and vacate these premises.

I repeat...

we will abandon all remaining documents

and vacate these premises.

Where's Murat?

Call him!


What happened?

They're demanding we pull out.


Return to base.

Commander Nishina's been kidnapped.

Kasahara, too.

Until the end of this month,
30 per cent off on selected items...

at our Tachikawa South store.

We are volunteers who support
the Media Betterment Act.

Burn all the documents taken from
the Museum of Information History.

If even one remains,
the hostages will never return.


There's been a kidnapping.

This way.

Only unit members.

I'm with the Dojo Squad!

No, you're not!

Let me know they're safe.

Just the woman.


Are you all right?

We're both fine.

Tell Shibasaki I can't make it

to the sliced-meat place tonight.

Come on! It's her birthday!

Sliced what?

My birthday isn't for months.

And we weren't going out tonight.

I'm the Shibasaki she was talking about.

What did she mean?

A restaurant with good sliced meat... Tachikawa.

Find the best routes to Tachikawa
from the funeral parlor...

and buildings they might use!

They were supporters of the Act?

You can trace their calls, right?

Tezuka, you're wasting your breath.

The Betterment Committee is behind them.

The police won't touch them.

Pretend you're working if you want.

But I don't have time to waste on you.

Stay out of the way.

Listen up!

We'll deal with this ourselves!

Yes, sir.

Dojo! Wait for orders!

I'm going to Tachikawa.
Call me if you hear anything.


Go away!

We don't operate alone.

Does your leg hurt?

Not once it's taken off. Thank you.


Nearly 2,000 bookstores
have shut down in the past 20 years.

Maybe this is one of them.

A banned book?

No! Give it back!



But that book...

It's just a book!

Five years ago,

she was fighting to protect a book.

I don't regret helping.

I just swore I'd never do it again.

But then

she showed up.


...did things get this way?


Most people thought it didn't concern them.

They didn't understand what it means
when freedom of expression...

is controlled.

I'm sorry.

This is the world

the older generation has left you.


a man from Library Defense saved a book

that was important to me.

He left me the freedom to read.

The Library Defense force
may hot be Heroes of Justice.

But for me...

for us...

they've left a future.

And me...

I'm proud to be a member of Library Defense.


that girl doesn't regret joining Library Defense.

You know that.


She isn't the girl she was.

She's free to do what she wants.

It's just...

when she is in trouble, I can't help myself.

I get mad, I get confused, I try to back off...

But I can't abandon her.

I didn't believe in her.

I was too weak to do that.

I'll be there for you. Just please be safe.

The Commander's leg is transmitting!

Call Dojo!

His leg?

A chip in his leg starts transmitting
if it hasn't moved for 30 minutes.

How did you know that?

Dojo, this is base. Over.

This is Dojo. Over.

We've got signal from
an old bookstore in Nishikicho.

We're near there.


You took weapons?


You may use them.

Bring them both back!



That place isn't a library.

Then we'll make it one.

Buy the place.

Pay whatever the owner wants.


Yes, sir! Let's get moving!


It takes crazy to beat crazy.

That's our way.

Is the bonfire ready?

Don't be in such a rush.

You need a fire for a barbecue.

And we don't have flame-throwers.

I see...

Listen carefully.

What was that?!


Next it'll be...

his right arm.

Step aside or you die.

Shoot if you want.

We will not give in to violence.

He won't need an attendant now.


Stop it!

Libraries are dens of iniquity.
You will pay for your sins.



Let's go.


We're through!


Go on ahead.

Get him out!

Wait in here.

I'll set you down.

You're bleeding.

I'm going back.


Hands behind your head.

Let go!


Shoot him!

Guns down!

Hands behind your heads!

Put your guns down!

Check upstairs!

Squads 4 and 5, check this floor!

Check for weapons!

Find the Commander!


We've found him!

He's OK.


I'm fine.

The others?

They're safe.

4,000 copies to Shinagawa Konan!

This way!

Over here!

Take one!


Take one.

"Free to copy"


let's get this tidied up.

Should we?

I'm fine now, thank you.

Uh, sir...

That was, uh

like a father worried about his daughter.

So that makes you my father, then?

Of course not!

- But you said...
- Quiet!

Well done.

You're back on the combat team. I'm sorry.

Thank you!

Let's go.


My ambition is still to be like my prince.


But before that

my ambition is to be

just like you!

Or better.

Better than you!

Better than me?

That'll take till you're real old.

No, it won't!

Suit yourself.

I'll do that!

"Betterment Squad Attacks
Information History Museum"

The police got 14,000 complaints!


It'll pass. Soon we'll be back to normal.

You think so?

That's why we keep writing.

We're moving ahead with
sorting the documents from Odawara.

So we'll be seeing a lot of the Betterment Squad.

We'll have no choice but fight.

That's right.

For freedom, and the future.

You seem OK with being turned down.

I just thought I'd try being with
someone different from me.

So you said you loved her?

You're dumber than I thought.

You were crying on the phone
when you heard she was safe.

That was cute.

Tell her that...

...and you die.


That's the kind of friends we are.

You're weird.


From Mr Genda.

He says take it next time.

That's a camomile flower, right?

A poetic allusion.

'In adversity, strength.'

'In adversity, strength'...

Work hard.

No way!