Toro (1986) - full transcript

The film shows children from a village who play football for money



Hey Toro!

Hey Toreador!

Go away!

What's keeping you?

Put the skins in order.

Don't forget about manure.

And don't wander around. Got it?

Come on, shout louder!
More effort!

Well, wait till we win -
see how I ride you then.

Of course, they substitute with
others, that's why they won.

Let's play tomorrow without subs.

And if we play, only for dough.

Dough? Where do we get the money?

Wherever you want.
This doesn't concern us.

If you don't, you'll be donkeys again.

Then no replacements.


Why'd you show up? We whistled, called you.

Okay, why jabber? We lost,
so we lost. Now we have to win.

But where do we get the money?
- Draw it!

Toro, your stepfather has the
only pathephone in the village.

And only he has the money.


We play better than Respec's team.

That's first.

Win or lose?

Win! That's second.

And third...

Samat, borrow 70 rubles
from your stepfather.

Money will be needed only for an hour.

For two!

Yes, for two. We'll bring them and
show Respec that we have money.

And give them to the judge
until the end of the game.


When the game is over, you pick
up the money and take it back.


All roads lead not to Rome, but to your stepfather.

I won't be able take the money.


I can't bring the money.


You started talking, now finish.


If you don't want to bring
it, get out of here.

Why did we lose? Because of you.

Oh he thinks we'll lose.

Take your money and scram. Coward!

Why can't you bring money?

I can't take them.

You don't know what
kind of a person he is.

He may be kind in public,
but at home he's angry.

Beats me at any pretext.
Vilifies my father.

Remember when I didn't come
to school in the spring?

That was him having beat me.

And what about the mother?

Mother? What can she do?

She's in hospital again.
No idea when she'll be out.

If he finds out about the
money, he'll kill me.

No hard feelings!

Brought girls with him. Braggart!

Well, did you bring the money
or you'll be donkeys again?

Come here, don't be shy.
- Coming!

Today you'll be the last.

I can't.

My stomach hurts.


What a team! One's a
traitor, another faking.

Guys, Toro's coming!

He'll be back at 4, we'll make it.

What's wrong?
- The leg.

Can you play?

1 minute break.

Toro, get some rest.

Here, watch the time
so we don't overplay.

6 of us left.

What do we care?

Your idea - no subs.

If you sub him, I'll
replace all of my own.

But I play fair, as agreed.


Toro, your stepfather
asked about you.

I saw him outside the store.

- Just now.

Hurrah! 1:1 Hurrah! 1:1 Hurrah!

Hurrah! 2:1 We won! Hurrah!

Eidos, go to your
spot, protect the goal!

Wutt! Wutt, time's up.
Look if you don't believe.

We're not playing anymore,
we don't have time.

Wutt, return the money,
we're already leaving.

Guys, let's go, it's 4PM.

Hand play!
- But time's up.

- So what? Rules are rules.

If a hand has touched the ball,
you have to shoot at the goal.

- Where did you come
from, so clever?

- Not everyone is a fool like you.

- Watch your mouth, or you'll get some!

- Guys, wait. Respec's right.

If a penalty is awarded,
it must be taken.

There's such a rule,
I read about it in a magazine.

Oh, poor Toro.

The most important thing
is not to make a mistake.

I must put as it was.

Hey, moocher!

Why are you chilling out?

When I was your age
I fed the whole family.

Was earning my bread.

And you?

What have you been told to do?
Why haven't you collected manure?

Get to it!

Aibar! And yet we won!

Get it? We won!