Tornado Warning (2012) - full transcript

Aliens are lured to Earth by a strange signal and appear as destructive electromagnetic tornadoes. Brilliant high school student with her father and blogger involved in the study of tornadoes are struggling against time to prevent further disasters and disable the signal to make aliens leave the planet.

Goodbye Ms. Suzy.



It's okay, girl.

Yeah, it's gonna
be alright soon.

All mothers go through it, yeah.

About 30 days from now, we'll
get them foal out of you.

Everything'll be okay,
how's that sound?

Yeah, good girl.

I gotta say you look good.

This'll all be over soon, yeah.

The horse whisperer.


How long you been
standing there?

Long enough to see the old man

hasn't lost his touch.

Old man.

Well you aren't
getting any younger.

Hey, you'd better
watch it, young lady.

I'll have you bailing
hay to earn your keep.

Got my SATs back.

Oh yeah?


I'm in the 99th percentile.

I aced it.

It's enough to get me into
the University of Chicago.

Congratulations, honey.

I'm proud of you.

What's the matter?




You're jealous.

I'm not jealous.

I'm the first
person in this family

to go to college
and you're jealous.

Honey, I'm not jealous.

Why can't you just
be happy for me?

I'm happy for you.

You're walking away.

I'm not walking away.

When mom was
sick and you didn't

wanna tell me how bad it
was, you just walked away.

It's fine.




Get in the storm cellar!


Get in the storm shelter now!





This is Brad.

Hey Brad, it's Gail Curtis.

Gail Curtis, how did
you get my cellphone number?

You're not
the only person I know

at the National Weather Service.

It's too early
in the morning, Gail.

Listen, I'm getting
reports of tornado activity

in six counties
and there's nothing

on your website about
it and diddly squat

on any of the news nets.

You care to comment?

Hello, Brad?

When was this?

Yesterday evening
through this morning.

There hasn't been
any tornado activity

in Illinois in
the last 48 hours.

So 132 people are lying?

No, I'm saying that you
have enthusiastic readers.

And that's the
official government line?

Nothing happened?

You have a
good day, Ms. Curtis.


What the hell was
that all about?


Where the hell
did you come from?

Oh my god!


This place is terrible.

All this damage.

Brother, I cannot believe it.

Tell me it's not
as bad as it looks.

It's worse.

Hi Kelly.

Hey Norm.

Well you're not the only one.

Everybody in this county's
seeing tornadoes.

Look, I don't know how
you people deal with this

from year to year.

I came here from the big
city for a life of ease

and I feel like I
walked into a bullseye.

If you go back,
take me with you.


Girl, I thought you
liked this country life.

Yeah, sure, Norm.

When I said I couldn't wait to
try Union Street,

I was just kidding.

Kelly, don't talk like that.

I'm sorry, I'm a little
stressed right now.

All our livestock are dead.

All of them?

All but one pregnant mare.

Sorry about that, buddy.

It's not the end
of the world, right?

Our insurance will
cover it, right dad?


Is there something
I should know?

Honey, you remember
the twister back in '08?


The insurance company
said our buildings

weren't up to code so
our claim was denied.

Wait, what?

I didn't tell you because
I didn't want you to worry.

How did we get the money?

I had to use mom's
life insurance.

That was my college fund.

Honey, I'm sorry.

I thought I could make it up.



Where are you going?

I'm going to Vickie's.


To help her decide
what courses to take

and university.

Man, I don't know what to say.

Just tell me
you got the booze.

In the trunk.

Judd, you
gotta let it go.

You gotta stop living
in the past, man.

I mean you just gotta let it go.

You tell me what's so
good about the present.

My farm's a wreck,
I'm dead broke.

My daughter hates me.

Sound like a bad
country western song.

Look, Kelly's a good girl.

She gonna get over it.

Nah, you don't know her.

She's been dreaming about
leaving Lando all her life.

Well I guess I got a
little bit to do with that.

I'd appreciate it if
you stop filling her head

with all those big city dreams.

You got to tell people
about the best hot dog place

in Chicago.

The Filling Station
on Union Avenue.

Gus has been in a business
for what, 50 years?

What does this
have to do with hot dogs?

Look man.

The things happen.

It's just bad luck.

I mean, you act
like this damn thing

is chasing after you personally.

Oh, you didn't see it.

See what?


Been there, done that.

No, this wasn't
your run of the mill,

garden variety twister.

I've seen a lot of things, Norm,

but this was not right.

This was different.


Yeah, it was just hanging
over that government compound

down there, just hovering,

and all these weird
lights in the clouds

and it was shooting out
these lightning bolts.

Man, this beer
thing was a bad idea.

This got nothing
to do with drinking!

I'm not nuts, I know what I saw!

Why you yelling at me?

I'm trying to help you.

How the hell
you gonna help me?

You're gonna help me.

You couldn't even hack
it as a big city cop

and you're sitting there
telling me you're gonna help me.

Judd, you don't know
what you're talking about.

No, I don't know
what I'm talking about

'cause you never told me
why you left the city.

Need to shut up.

Why did you come to Lando?

And don't give me that garbage

that you came down here for
that laid back country living.

I think it's
time for me to go.

Maybe that's a good idea.

The beer's on me.

Big deal.

Look, give me a call
when you sleep it off.

Well don't hold your breath.

Have a good one, buddy.

Oh my god.

Gail Curtis in the flesh!

It's so good to
finally meet you!

Denise Gordon.

You're Climate Chick.

That's right, honey.

Your number one fan.

Look at you.

So much prettier in person.

What is it?

You're just not
what I expected.

A little older.

A little wiser I hope.

Yeah, that's it.

Come on, let's
get you checked in.

Frank, he's the manager.

He'll wanna put you in
the big spender suite.

It's the one they
reserve for the VIPs

but I recommend the
honeymoon grotto.

Harry, that's my
husband, took me there

for our 10th
wedding anniversary.

Rest his soul.

Did you feel that?


Sudden drop in the
barometric pressure.


How did you know?

10 years of storm chasing.

It's sixth sense.

That's it, that's what I saw.

I've never seen
anything like it.

That makes two of us.

Chasing it.

Let's do it.

No, Denise.

This could be dangerous.

Well I can't let you go alone.

You don't know the area.

Okay, come on.

Hey Ben, lock up my scooter.

Let's go.

I'm doing it.


It's me.


My bike blew a tire.

Can you come without
lecturing me?

Where are you?

I'm just down the
road from Vickie's.

Don't move.

I'll be there in 15 minutes.

I don't think
we're gonna catch it.

Here, see if you
can get more video.

I can't believe a
celebrity like you

doesn't already
have an assistant.

Harry always told me
I was wasting time

with websites like yours.

If he'd listened, maybe
he'd still be here.

Hang on,
I'm pulling over.

Well alright.

What's going on?

Stay put.



Oh crap!

Have you been drinking?

What kind of question is that?

Dad, I'm 17.

I do know what
alcohol smells like.

Honey, I don't know
what you want me to say.

I've already said I'm sorry.

Yeah, sure.

Do we have to listen to that?

Why not?

Well for starters
it's a little loud.

So old.


I said you are so old.

I don't wanna fight with you.

Who's fighting?

Do you mind?

Do you mind?

In case you've forgotten,
I'm still your father.

I'd appreciate it if you'd stop

treating me like
I was the enemy.

Well news flash, dad, I
just found out my entire life

is over.

So dramatic.

Your life isn't over,
it's just beginning.

Well dad, what do
you expect me to do?

Spend the rest of
my life on a farm?

What's wrong with that?

What's wrong with that?

Yeah, what's wrong with that?

Dad, I wanna be a scientist.

Not a damn shepherd.


What is that?

Beats me.

What the?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Oh my god.

You jerk!

Where's he going
like a bat out of hell?

Oh my god.

Oh my god, dad.


What are you doing?

Going after 'em.

I gotta warn 'em.

Are you serious?

They'll get themselves killed.

They're from the city obviously.


That's a tornado up ahead!

Turn around!


Hold on, honey, hold on.

The hell's wrong with you?

You alright?

My god, yes.

Honey, get under that bridge.


Get under that
bridge and stay there

til I come back.

I'll be back, please.



Aren't we a little close?

wants us
to provoke a response!

We can't get out
of the.

I don't like being the bait!

I love being the bait!

Tell me we have something.

Another one bites the dust.

This is not good, Mr. Parnell.


Take care of it.

Time to get out of dodge.

Who are these guys?

Power company maybe?

Not dressed like that.

I smell FBI.

Can I help you ladies?

No, we're just tourists.

I'm gonna have to ask you
to do that somewhere else.

You don't look
like a rent-a-cop.

I'm a federal agent.


So you're trying to
hide something, huh?

What is it?

Some new kind of
twister caused by, what,

runaway global warming?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Now are you going
to put that away

or am I gonna have
to confiscate it?

Are you serious?


Um yeah.

Ow, I am aware of
the Patriot Act.

That doesn't give you the right

to take away my own
personal property.

Is there a problem here?

Oh, Sheriff Mackey.

Thank goodness.

This fascist goon just
stole my friend's phone.

Is that what happened, ma'am?


I'm a federal agent and this

is a national security

National security?

Since when...

Can I help you folks?

Are you the person in charge?

That's right, Agent Armstrong.

I'm with the federal
task force in charge

of infrastructure security.

These are my credentials.

Integrated threat
response unit?

Never heard of that.

I thought tornadoes
were FEMA territory.

They are until they
destroy a public utility.

Then that's when they call us.

Sheriff, I'm sorry for
the misunderstanding

but we've had massive
structural damage

and I'd appreciate
it if you'd please

keep your people back at least
100 meters from the site.

For their safety, of course.

Sounds reasonable.

Gentlemen, let's
get back to work.

You are not gonna
let him do this.

Come on, come on.

That guy was lying
through his teeth.

Look, he made a good case

but now I wanna know
what you were doing here

in the first place.

Gail is a tornado
expert from the city.

I told her what was
going on down here

and she came to see for herself.



You've had a lot of
very strange weather

happening lately, sheriff,

and I don't know if you noticed

but it hasn't been
making the news.

I have noticed.

Well I
think that these guys

are probably
responsible for that.

Come on, let's go, everybody.

Back to your cars.

Let's go.

Let's get out of here.

Everybody's got a job to do.

No, these goons
compromised our civil rights.

I mean it was ridiculous.

They were...

Ms. Curtis, this
is not Chicago.

Things are different
around here, understand?

I'm just
trying to figure out

what's going on
with these storms,

the storms that nobody
seems to be talking about.

Well that makes two of us.

Hey Norm, we gotta talk.

Something really weird
is going on around here.

You're telling me.

Gail Curtis, Judd Walker.

This is the farmer I
was telling you about.

Ms. Curtis is a meteorologist
from my old neighborhood.

Actually, former storm
chaser turned climate blogger.

Climate blogger?

Yeah, I write for a website.

I know what a blog is.

Me and Kelly got run off
the road by a black SUV.

Looked like it had
government people in it,

something like that.

They were chasing another
one of those twisters.

I know.

I had a run in with 'em myself.

And I forgot to tell
you about my cows.

Your cows?

Yeah, cows, they
always face north south.

They got a compass
in their brain

and before that
storm, they were all

walking around in circles

like their compasses
were going all haywire.

I'm telling you, Norm, something
very strange is going on.

Wait, there's no
scientific evidence

that undulates are sensitive
to electromagnetism.




No offense, lady, but
all those fancy words,

they don't mean anything to me.

I have farmer's intuition.

Oh, of course, right.

Who needs science?

Cutting open pigs and
checking their entrails

was just fine for
our ancestors, right?

Look, look, why
don't the two of y'all

just take it down a notch, okay?

I wanna know what's
going on around here

as much as you do

but Judd, why don't
you take Ms. Curtis

back over to the
farm, show her around,

and the two of you guys
come up with some answers?

I don't think so,
I'm no babysitter.

Excuse me, what's
that supposed to mean?

Look, I would do
it myself but man,

you can see I am
swamped with paper work.


My truck's outside.

It's not a limousine so
you have to rough it.

Oh, that's okay, cowboy,
but I know how to drive.

My daddy let me get my
license when I was 16.

He's very progressive that way.

Sorry Judd, but a little
respect might be nice.

You owe me.

Big time.

* Don't let me go

* Let me flee

* Don't let me know, let
me know, let me know *

* That you hate me



You've gotta hear this.

Oh my god!


Gail Curtis?

You know her?

I had to do a report on
tornadoes for science class.

Her blog is like the
hangout for storm chasers.

Hi, I'm Kelly.

I heard your farm got hit
and I think whatever did it

is something new.

Something that we've
never seen before.

He told you about our
livestock didn't he?

Well, I have something better.

Come on.

Come on.


What do you think?

I think I wanna hear it again.

Well I checked out your site

and there was a twister
that was reported

about three miles from here

at the exact same
time I recorded this.

Maybe it means something.

Maybe it does.

Can you make me a copy?

Way ahead of you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What are you gonna do with this?

Have it analyzed.

By who?

I have a friend in the city.

He's a freelance code monkey.

He's big into cryptography.

No offense but we
don't know you from Adam.

Yes we do.

No we don't.

If we're gonna give
this to anybody,

we're gonna give
it to Norm Mackey.

He'll hand it over to
the proper authorities.

Oh, you mean like those thugs

that nearly ran
you off the road.

Listen to her, Judd.

She knows her stuff.

Denise, if I
want your opinion,

I'll ask for it.

You're just so...

Okay Denise, I think
we'd better leave.

Good idea.

I hope you're happy.

Interfering with science.

Listen, when you
change your mind,

here's my information.

I'm at the Stay N' Save.

Did you hear
what he said to me?

The rudeness.

His wife would've slapped
him upside the head.

He's married?


She's dead now.

I suppose I shouldn't blame him.

Lord knows losing Harry
did a number on me.

It's more of those men
from the power station.

Now where are they
off to in such a hurry?

Are we following them?

Looks like it.

Another car chase.

This is getting exciting.

I'm sorry, honey.

I just don't think
it's a good idea

for us to trust everybody,

especially some
celeb-utant from the city.

For all we know, she might be

working with the
feds from last night.

That's your problem, dad.

You don't trust
anybody or anything.

That's not true.

I trust my instincts.

Trust the ground under my feet.

I trust hard work.

I trust you.


You didn't trust me enough
to tell me that we're broke.

Honey, don't be like that.

Just walk away.

Come on, car.

When are they gonna make
a hybrid with some power?

I hear that.

They're turning up ahead.

Oh my lord!

What's the matter?

Some kind of interference.

Like a
really strong magnet?

Not just cattle.

It's coming this way.

I see it.



Denise, no!


What is it?

Who is it?

Judd Walker.

What do
you want, cowboy?

I was a little
rough on you earlier.

I wanna apologize.

Think your friend still
wants to see this?

I'm on it.

Heading there now.



I've known
Denise most of my life.

I barely knew her at
all and I'm a wreck.

You okay?


She predicted this.



Her husband, Harry,
he was killed

by a tornado about
three years ago

and, well I'm not quite
sure what happened.

She got a warning on a website

and got into the cellar
on time and he didn't

and all these years she's
been telling everybody

that one day they were gonna
be reunited by a twister.

I saw something on the
farm that kinda scared me.

What would scare
a guy like you?


I took pictures, it's
on the flash drive.


Oh my god, that's horrible.

What are all those pins?

Confirmed tornado sightings

from the last 48 hours.

You think
there's a pattern?

If there is, I
haven't found it yet.

Gail Curtis?

Hey Barney, listen.

I just sent you an audio file.

Could you help me out
and analyze it for me?

Do it as fast as you can.

Well I'm glad to see you too.

Alright, I got it.

Now exactly what am I
supposed to be looking for?

Anything and everything.

I think it's some sort
of signal or code.

So we're on to something big.


I'll throw the phone book at it.

Give me a couple of hours.

I'll see what I
can come up with.

Thanks Barney,
you're the best.

Looks like all these
are near government land

or public utilities.

This one here that
wiped out my farm,

it's right down from a
NORAD tracking station

and this one, there's
a big power plant there

and this one right here,
that's an air force base.

And Denise was killed
near a reservoir.

Somebody's testing our
strengths and our weaknesses,

figuring out the best
way to bring us down.

What does that livestock
have to do with that theory?

Maybe they're testing
our biology too.

Come on.

This is too much.

I mean I can buy the
idea that maybe this

is some sort of secret
government weather weapon

that got out of control
or maybe the Chinese

or somebody like that are
sending these things over

to mess with us but
tornadoes trying

to figure out our biology, no.

I know it sounds crazy.

It sure does and I
don't like the idea

that we might be the only
two lunatics in the asylum.


Listen Norm,
something very strange

is going on with
these tornadoes.

You gotta get somebody
to call the governor

or somebody like that.

I'm in West Bend.

Tornado took out half the town.



Twister just took out West Bend.

Let's go.

Well his car is here.

Yeah but
he's not in it.


Sheriff Mackey!


I'm over here!



we're here, buddy!

My foot's stuck
under this damn tree!

You okay?

I'm just stuck.

Anything broken?

Nah, I'm alright.

What happened, buddy?

Those tornadoes.

They're attacking.

They're looking for a fight.

What are you doing out here?

I got a report those MIBs
were scoping out the place

so I thought I'd just
come out and take a look.

When did the two of
you bury the hatchet?

Hey Barney, that's fast.

Gail, what's going on?

Are you messing with me, girl?

What do you mean?

I just ran your file

through some pattern
matching software

and I got a huge hit.

Great, so what is it?

NASA, air force, what?

It's not one of
ours, that's for sure.

Oh, so it's foreign.

You could say that.

So who is it?

China, North Korea, who?

Try Alpha Centauri.

Come on, Barney.

I need you to be
serious, please.

I'm dead serious.

Have you ever heard
of the Wow signal?

Yeah, 1977.

Some guys from CETI
thought that they

intercepted some
alien transmission

but it never repeated, right?


That file you sent me,
it's an exact match.

Mutilated cattle.

Men in black.

So what's next, flying saucers?

Speak of the devil.

What did you do?

What did we do?

Two of my men are
dead, Ms. Curtis.

You were there.

Sticking your nose
where it doesn't belong.

Now this.

They've never
interfered with us before.

Who's they?

The signal is
extraterrestrial, isn't it?

are you talking about like ET?

Who told you that?

What does it matter
who the hell told him?

Those things are
headed for Chicago.

We'd better start
warning people.

You've got your
facts all wrong, Mr...

Judd Walker.

This is a
meteorological phenomenon

and we're studying it.


Yes, I'm on the scene now.

The damage is total.

I think we can confirm
hostile intent.

And we have one
more complication.

The Curtis woman knows
about the Nimbus.

I don't know.

Sir, they already
are suspicious.

I think that's gonna make
them all the more suspicious.



I understand.

Hey, what do
you think you're doing?

This is my jurisdiction.

Meteorological phenomena.

That's why you're
having us arrested?

I'm not arresting you.

We're putting you in
protective custody

to keep you from running
around the countryside

getting yourselves killed.

Norm, Norm!

Listen, mister.

No, you listen to me!

This situation is way
above your pay grade.

I make one phone call
and you are out of a job.

Is that what you want?



I didn't think so.

It appears our cowboy
lives on a farm

next door to the
tracking station

where the alpha
incident occurred.

He and the girl know
about the Nimbus

so either there's been a
massive security breach

or they've discovered
something we haven't seen.

The committee wants
us to go take a look

and that is what
we're going to do.

Sheriff, you have
a lovely office.

Thank you for the use of it.

Look, I don't know who
the hell you think you are

but I represent the
people of this county.

And I represent the people
of these United States.

Who's got the bigger job?

Bigger job.

Bigger jackass.

Hang on.

I ran the plates
on that black SUV.

I got nothing.

Thank you.

What's going on, Norm?

You two must really have
a bug up somebody's butt.

Just get us out of here.

I can't do that,
this is my job.

This badge is all I got.

People's lives are at stake

and you're worried
about your damn job.

Look, this Armstrong is
as serious as heart attack

and the federal
government is behind this.

What do you think you can
do that they can't do?

Warn people, Norm.

This thing is escalating, man.

Do you understand this
is more than a couple

of isolated twisters
we're talking about?

Just what are
you talking about?

Mars, ETs?

This is way beyond
my area of expertise.

Now what do you think
that you two can do

that the federal
government can't do better?


If you're not gonna do anything,

at least get a hold of
my daughter, will ya?

I will call Kelly.

Kelly, this is Norm.

As soon as you get
this message, call me.

It's about your dad.

It's an emergency.

She's in danger.

We all are.

You gotta find her, Norm.


I'll find her.

Man, what the hell do
you think you're doing?

Sheriff, don't make
me tell you again,

stay out of our way.

Where's Kelly?

She's gone.

It looks like there's
trouble in the heartland.

Chicago, these things
are going to Chicago.

Sir, I think you
should see this.

I pulled up her
recent activity log

and this is what
popped up on her blog.

This is Kelly Walker and I'm
recording this for posterity.

A couple hours ago, I
intercepted what I think

might be an extraterrestrial
radio signal.

Here, check it out.

Pretty cool, huh?

Well I think it
might have something

to do with the tornadoes
we've been having.

If I can prove
that actual aliens

are messing with our atmosphere,

I'll be up there with
Einstein, Newton,

Galileo, even.

If that's not
scholarship material,

well, I don't know what is.

Parnell, Cox, find her.


For now just find her.

That's what you're gonna
do, arrest a 17 year old girl?

Don't worry, sheriff.

She'll be safer with my men

than she will be on her own.

What's your big plan?

We have contingencies.


There's a chain
of command, sheriff.

I follow it.

I suggest you follow it too.

Just be grateful we
let you tag along.

Excuse me.

There is no plans.

You're just making this
stuff up as you go along

and hoping this whole
thing will blow over.

Blow over.

Oh, that's clever.

Be careful, sheriff,
because clever

isn't always smart.


Are you sure?

Look, I found
it out at the farm

with some of Armstrong's guys.

They found a video that
she posted on the web.

She knows about the ETs
and she can prove it.

He sent some of his
men out to get her.

You gotta let us out, Norm.

Judd, there's something
I gotta tell you.


You said that I couldn't
hack it in the big city.

You's telling the truth.

What are you talking about?

We were supposed to
go pick up a suspect.

I was coming in the
back of the building.

I didn't see a gun.

I froze.

I let him go.

After that, everybody said
that I couldn't be trusted.

So you ran away.

Look, following Armstrong
isn't the first dumb decision

I've ever made.

Well now you have a
chance to make a right one.

Let us out.

Kelly Walker?

Never heard of her.

I'm Agent Cox.

This is Agent Parnell.

Your father sent us.

Where is he?


What is he doing in Chicago?

He's helping us with
our investigation.

Here, get in.

We'll take you to him.

Or you could walk.

It's your choice.

Guys, do we
have to lock the doors?

Never trust a stranger, kid.

You're out now,
what do you do?

Alert the media.

We contact radio stations,

TV stations, whoever
will listen to us.

I'm with you there but
my daughter comes first.

Okay, I've got an idea.

I'll contact the radio stations

because they're more
likely to listen to a cop.

Hey look, take the
keys to the cruiser.

Anything happen to my car
comes out of my salary.

Here's the keys to my truck.

It's still out in
connector three.

Alright, take my cellphone.

If I hear anything,
I'll call you.

Great, thank you.



This is Sheriff Mackey.

I need the phone numbers for
every major radio station

in Chicago.

I'm sure our listeners
will have a lot

to say about this issue
so let's take some calls.

Alright, I see we have
a Sheriff Norm Mackey

from Lando County on line three.

Hello sheriff,
you're on the air.

Hello, this is Sheriff Mackey.

I am calling about the
tornadoes that we're having

that the news services
saying that we're not having.

Yeah, actually, our topic
today is the deficit, sheriff,

but we all wish to
weather the coming storm,

financially speaking,
as best we can.

Let's try to stay
on point, shall we?

But these things are aliens

and that's why they're
denying everything.

This is area 51 all over again.

I see.

this is not a joke.

I don't know what they want,

I don't know where they're from

but this is not...

Gary, supposed to be
screening these calls.

They will lock
up anybody that mentions...

If you can't do your job,
I'll find somebody who can.



There's the bus.


Hey Judd, maybe
she wasn't even on this bus.

Yes she was.

Okay, don't jump
to any conclusions.

There were no bodies.

Maybe everybody got out safely.


It didn't work.

Who did you call?

I called a radio station.

As soon as they
put me on the air

and I mentioned aliens,
it was open season

on the crazy man.

Yeah, we need proof.


How do I get proof that aliens

sent twisters to
destroy Chicago?

You have to try again.

Go to Channel 37.

It's the station I worked for
when I was a storm chaser.

Use my name.

Tell them there's gonna be
a major tornado outbreak

heading towards Chicago.

I have to warn people.

Tell people to get down
into their basements

and stay there.


Look, I will give it a...



Mr. Walker, Ms.
Curtis, I presume.


Tell Judd we
have his daughter.

Where is she?

We're taking her to
one of our safe houses

in the city until you
two turn yourselves in.

If we're right,
Armstrong, there aren't

gonna be any safe houses in
Chicago or anywhere else.

That's just the type
of hysterical paranoia

we're trying to
prevent, Mr. Walker.

Let's both be reasonable.

Put our cards on the table.

We know about the
livestock mutilations.

You know about the Nimbus.

We know about the signal
your daughter recorded.

The Nimbus?

Is that what you call 'em?

It's a code name.

What do they want?

We don't communicate
with them directly.

They're not exactly
on our wavelength.


The connections you've made

are making my
bosses very nervous

and I've been instructed to
prevent any further leakage.

How long do you
think it's gonna take

for someone else to make
the same connections?

I don't deal in hypotheticals.

All I can do is prevent a panic

but it seems like
everything you do

is trying to incite one.

Armstrong, I'm coming
to get my daughter.

If anything happens to her...

That's a problem.

The pattern's changed again.


I think we're looking at
the worst case scenario.

Yes, I'm on my way
to the airport now.

I'm hungry.

Can you pull over please?

Pull over here and
I'll run across the street

and grab her a taco.

I'm getting out too.

No way, kid.

I have to pee.

Not happening.

I told
you I have to pee.

Can't you wait?

This is a government
issued vehicle, right?


So I watch TV.

You guys have to
sign for these things

which means you're
responsible for any damages

like urine stains on the
upholstery for example.

You try one thing,
okay, and I will...

You'll what?

You'll spank me?

In your dreams, loser.


Go right over here.

Help, help!

I'm being kidnapped!


Let go of me!

Back up, guys.

Official federal business.

Back up, federal agent!

Federal agent!

Back up, federal agents!

She's that way, let's go.

Did you get through?



I tried calling
but no one answered.

Why are you on Norm's phone?

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Dad, I'm sorry that I
left without telling you,

I just, I wasn't thinking.

Don't worry about it, honey.

Where are you?


And this tornado hit
and killed everyone

on our bus and then these guys

in suits showed up and they said

that you were with them
and then I went with them.

Don't listen to them.

They're lying about everything.

They're trying to cover this up.

Are you still with them?

No, I ditched them.

Where are you now?

Careful, they could
be monitoring the call.

Honey, don't say anything.

They might be listening to you.

We've gotta figure
out where to meet.

I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be
at Norm's favorite restaurant.

Norm's favorite restaurant.

Great idea, honey.

Go there and wait for us.


Please hurry.

I will, baby, I will.

So where does
Norm like to eat?

The Filling Station
on Union Avenue.

Best hot dogs in Chicago.

That's right, that's right.

Oh my god.

This is not good.





Oh my god.

I'm so sorry.

I promise not to scare
you like that again.

That's alright.

Oh my god.

I saw it, it
was like a tornado

but it was different.

It had three funnel clouds.

One storm?

One storm, three funnels,
all interconnected.

How do they do it?

How do they manipulate
air flow so precisely?

There was a signal that
came to me on the bus

and I re-broadcasted the
signal and it just went away.

Are you saying that
a tornado responded

to this signal directly?


Are you sure, Kelly?

Yes, it saved my life.

Oh my god.


Whatever technology
they're using

to actually spawn
these twisters,

the commands must be
coming from somewhere else.

They're not from
here, are they?

They're alien and this
is their signal to stop.

Dad, this is first contact.

So they can be controlled.

I think so.

What do we do now?

Now we find a
transmission tower

and we amplify the signal.

Let's go.

The bastards took
out the ballpark.

Oh no.

There's been a change of plan.

Take us to the nearest
television station.

We've got an
announcement to make.

Come on, baby.

I know you can go
faster than this.

Barney, I need
you out of that apartment.

You know
I'm agoraphobic

and the city's in chaos.

I don't wanna hear it, Barn.

Just get your butt to
Channel 37 as fast as you can

and bring everything
you have on that signal.

Channel 37?

I used to work there.

The station manager
owes me a favor.

Take care of the
family, alright?

All of you, just follow them.

Take care now.

Be careful.


Yeah, we'll you, I understand,
just keep us on the air...



Oh honey.

Holy, you haven't lost your
sense of timing, have you?

The Willis Tower just went
down, do you believe that?

It's like 9/11 around here.

Now I mean, I have my crew.

I sent 'em home
to their families.

It's just me and a
skeleton crew right now.

Listen to me.

Remember when I brought
you that exclusive coverage

from the Macon County
storm and you said

to me that if ever I needed
a favor, just say it?

I remember that, yeah, yeah.

I'm here to collect.

Please, honey, honey.

I'm a little busy right now.

Can it wait?

It's all related.

Well it'd better be.

Homeland security, they
just commandeered my studio.

Homeland security?

For some public
announcement they wanna make.

I have to give
you people credit.

You are persistent.

Wait a minute.

You two know each other?

If by know you mean
dislike intensely, then yes.

Sheriff's department,
I need to see somebody

in charge here.



Mike, listen to me.

They are not from
homeland security.

They are not telling
you the truth.

They are trying to
cover this thing up.

The situation has
changed, Ms. Curtis.

We're about to go on the
air to warn the public.

Congratulations, you
got what you wanted.

You're gonna tell the
people what's really going on?

We're gonna tell them what
they need to know to survive.

I thought you said five minutes.

Five minutes, seven
minutes, what the hell.

Alright, come on,
let's do this, guys.

Alright, this is live.

It's gonna be live.


Four, three, two.

My fellow citizens.

A massive storm
system is bearing down

on the Chicago
metropolitan area.

Multiple F5 tornadoes with winds

in excess of 350 miles
an hour are reported.

We are asking you
to find shelter

in basements if you have them

and turn off all
electronic equipment.

I repeat, turn off all
electronic equipment.

This is not a drill.

For your own safety and the
safety of your families,

stay indoors.

Stay where you are
until further notice.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

We're out.


Turn off all
electronic equipment?


You're going nuclear.

You're gonna
nuke a major city?


No one is nuking anything.

This can't be happening.

This isn't right here.

That's not the only thing.

We're being attacked.


By who?




Suddenly you're all
afraid to say it.

The girl is right, of course.

We've known about their
existence for years.

Data packets.

Quantum state vectors.

Traveling through the
universe near light speed.

No physical bodies.

No need for spaceships.

We're being
attacked by ghosts.

More like energy creatures.

They manipulate our weather

because it's the only thing they

can manipulate in
our environment.

Why are they doing this?

Maybe they were
attracted to our planet

because of radio emissions.

But something's changed.

Maybe our bandwidth
is so clogged

with so much
information that they

can't hear themselves think.

Maybe they've had enough.


Yes, will advise.

Go in security.


We can stop this.

Kelly recorded a transmission.

She proved it could
turn them back.

I'm only gonna tell you
this once, Ms. Curtis.

Park your mouth or you're
gonna spend the rest

of this emergency in handcuffs.

Or maybe that's what you want.

That goes for all of you.

Who the hell does
he think he is?

Northbound Reports
Network has gone hot.

15 minutes to antenna

15 minutes to antenna

Oh Barney.

You made it, thank
god, you made it.

Well I almost didn't.

Freaking storm took my hat off.

It's Katrina times 10 out there.

Gail, you know I'm agoraphobic

and I don't leave my basement!

I'm sorry to put you
through that, Barney.


I got another one of
those signals on disk.

It's almost spanning the whole
band of that EM spectrum.

Not someone, something.

You recorded another one?

Who's this?

This is Kelly.

She's the one who got
the first signal on tape.

Good work.

Yeah, let me hear it.

That's what I have.

It's not the same.

The signals are instructions.

Then this has to be a whole
different command set.

If we wanna know what
they're talking about,

we have to find a pattern.

Something's coming
in from

Synchronization complete.

10 seconds to pulse activation.

Alright everybody.

Unless you want
your circuits fried,

turn off all electronic
equipment now.

Wait a minute.

The only thing other than a nuke

with that much power
would be a network

of ultra wide band radar arrays.

That's what you're
doing, isn't it?

That's classified.

How the hell did you know that?

You can't classify basic
scientific principles.

Three seconds.



Damn, not the power.

Stay calm.

Damn it.

This part of your plan?

Sitreps, did we get them?

Checking now.

Short north com reports
there's a problem.

What, what, what...

The EMP did not work.

Satellite imagery
shows that the storms

are actually
increasing in strength.

No, no, no, no.

That's inconceivable.


Sir, north com
reports the storm

should be right on top of us.

Everybody in the basement.

Come on, people, let's go...

Wait, wait, give me a second.


You need to switch those
up 'cause if you don't,

we're back to where we were.

Come people,
let's go, now, now.

Hold on, man!

We're all on the same team now!

They're on to something,
just hear 'em out.

We can use the
station's transmitter

to broadcast the alien
signal back to them.

Send them away.

It worked once before.

Maybe it'll work again.

It doesn't make sense!

The pulse, the pulse
should've killed them.

Maybe it did!

Maybe that's why the
storms are getting worse.

You cut off the head and
the body keeps moving.

Now they're out of control.


Try your signal.

Guys, I need that file.

Won't work.

What do you mean?

Means I was wrong.

That wasn't the
command for stop.

It was just a
directional vector,

latitude and longitude.

It's just gonna send that
tornado right back to Lando.

How do you know that?

Because we compared
the different signals

and we found patterns.

Enough to use frequency analysis

to make educated
guesses about syntax.

It's just a simple binary cipher

that uses base 11
positional notation.

That's it.

That sounds great, honey.

Can you give me that in English?

It means they
cracked the alien code.


It was mostly her.

Your daughter's a
natural at this.

Of course she is, she
takes after her mother.

No, I take after you.

So Barney, what about
the second signal?

Will that one work?

Yeah, it should.

What are we waiting for?

If we can talk to them, why
don't we shut the bastards down?

I have the kill command ready.

I just need access
to the transmitter.


Mike, the transmitter?


Yeah, I can patch us into the
main control booth from here.


Just a second.



Alright, make sure that that...

Hold on.

Double check that.



I hope this works.

Why wouldn't it?

Oh, I said that
out loud, I'm sorry.

Performance anxiety.

Alright, you're good to go.

we're all ready.

Did you send it?

No, I needed another second.

I've got flashlights.

I've got flashlights here!

Here, here, here.


You know, must be the genny

but no one's been
up there in years.

So what does that mean?

It means that we're
out of gas, propane,

or whatever it uses.

Kelly, go to the basement.

Dad, I'm not leaving.

Listen to me, you did
a fantastic job, great.

But please go to
the basement now.



Thank you.

An operation this
size must be diesel.

Where is it?

It's on the roof.

On the roof?

Who designed this place?

The guy that
designed the Titanic?

Is it a separate fuel shed?

No, yes.

Well I'm not sure.

Well I haven't been up there...

Alright, calm down.


Just show me where
you think it is.

This way.

Stay put, Barney.

I almost forgot
this place was here.

Here, here, right
here, right here.

That's it.

Move it.

Alright, keys.

Come on.

Alright, alright.



This is gonna work.

This is, it's gonna work.

Sir, we just got a
clean up and contain order

from committee.

All other priorities rescinded.

They mentioned the Curtis
woman specifically.

Give me that.

This is Armstrong.

Repeat last order.

What do we do?

These people cracked a
code we didn't even see.

They're trying to save lives.

They're doing a better
job than we have.

Gentlemen, sometimes orders
aren't meant to be followed.

If you have a problem
with that, say so now.

Alright, let's saddle up.

Let's go do some good.

It looks like you
could use some help.

Sounds like
a good idea to me.

No thanks, I got it.


Damn it, Judd, I'm
not letting anyone else

risk their life for me.

Somebody's gotta
stay here and send the signal.

Yeah, yeah, let's go.

Here's the keys to use
on that generator cage.

Yeah, now you guys
just have fun.

We'll just stand by
and wait for you.

the stairs down here?

Down at
the end of the hall.

Judd, hurry.

Yes ma'am.

Alright, alright.

He can do it, he can do it.

There it is!


Kelly, what are you doing here?

You're supposed
to be downstairs.

Where's dad?

Somebody had to
refuel the generator.

Why him?

Because he wanted
it done right.

He'll be okay, I promise.

He will,
sweetie, he will, he will.

This is it!

Two cans should do it!

Judd, these things
are right on top of us!

You go back, Norm.

And what do I tell Kelly
if you don't come back?

Just go!

Look out!

Norm, let's get up!

Let's get inside!

Let's go!

We're back in
business, people!

Come on.

Thank you, Judd.

Send it now!


The radar.

The radar doesn't show anything!

The skies are clear!

We're almost

Our heroes,
there they are!

Oh my god, dad!

Oh my god.

Hey, are you okay?

Ah, it's nothing,
Kelly, just my ankle.

That was really stupid.

That goes for the both of you.

Tell me about it.



Chi-town ain't
got nothing on this.

You got that right.

Delivery for Ms. Kelly Walker.

But wait a second,
that can't be right.

University of Malaysia?

Oh my god!

I got in!

Oh my god!

Don't thank me, thank
the US government.

They're the ones
footing the bill

and you can thank Ms. Curtis.

She got us such
a great attorney.

So good, matter of
fact, that attorney

thinks he's gonna get your
job back in the big city.

Ah, no thanks.

I'm staying right here.

I finally found
something I'm good at.

What are you gonna
do in Malaysia?

Not gonna be brushing
horses, I can tell you that.

Where do you go from here?

Well technically I can
run a website from anywhere

so I was thinking about maybe
sticking around for a while.

Got something on
your mind, cowboy?

Well they're having
a little shindig

over at the town
hall this Saturday.


I thought maybe
if you weren't busy,

ah, maybe it's a bad idea.