Torna! (1954) - full transcript

This is certainly not one of Matarazzo's best films, but it is not entirely without some interesting credits. As a family drama of jealousy running amuck, you can actually find some distant relationship between the villain here, the cousin Giacomo, and the Iago who relentlessly tortured the poor Othello to more than just despair. Amadeo Nazzari is certainly no Othello, but he is equally blinded by his jealousy and is almost driven to the same extreme despair. It's a melodrama and rather conventional as such, until there is some great operatic drama in the end, when a mad woman enters the stage and brings some drastic changes to the plot, including of course a storm with earthquakes and other scenic effects, to augment the highstrung extremism of the drama. There shoud maybe be a schmalz warning to this film, but the schmalz melodrama goes over all tops in constantly making things worse for everyone, so the operatic drama takes over from the sordid domestic family business argument and turns it after all to a film, not one of Matarazzos' best, but it could have been worse.


Wait for me.
I don't know how long I'll be.

Mr. Varesi?

Antonio Mezzara,
the family attorney.

We've been waiting.
- I came straight from the airport.

- You can stay here, if you like.
- I prefer to stay in town.

As you think best.


I've looked forward
to meeting you.

I'm Giacomo.

Forgive me.
I don’t know the family tree.

My father, your mother
and Uncle Ernesto were siblings.

We should use first names.
We're cousins.

This is Mr. Sarelli.

- A pleasure.
- Likewise.

- Everyone here?
- Except the young lady.

I'm sure she's ready.

Michele, ask the young lady
to come down.

- Another relative?
- A distant one.

She was orphaned as a child,
and Uncle Ernesto took her in.

He was very fond of her.

This is Roberto Varesi,
our cousin.

Have a seat, Susanna.


The will of the deceased,
Ernesto Marini,

dated March 23, 1948.

"Being of sound mind,

I, Ernesto Marini, hereby dispose
that all my possessions

shall be divided
in three equal parts

among my nephew Giacomo,
son of my deceased brother Corrado,

my beloved niece Susanna,
whom I've loved as a daughter,

and my nephew Roberto,

son of my pitiable sister Luisa.

He mustn’t be held responsible
for his mother's mistakes,

and I therefore recognize him

as a legitimate heir.

I furthermore bequeath

500,000 lira each

to my servant, Aurelio Moresi,

my maid, Rosina Venturelli,

and my gardener,
Vittorio Santarini,

who served me faithfully
for so many years.

I appoint Antonio Mezzara
to be executor of this will."

If there are no objections,

this will is hereby
valid and binding.

It will be my duty to carry out
the formalities indicated.

Just a minute.

Please indicate
that I hereby refuse my part.

I won't accept an inheritance

granted in language
that denigrates my mother's memory.

- But that's your interpretation --
- No, please.

My mind is made up.
Surely I can't be forced to accept it.

No, you have
every right to refuse.

Very well.

Can I sign all necessary papers
before tomorrow evening?

Stop by my office tomorrow.


- Miss.
- No, please wait a moment.

I'd like to speak
with Mr. Varesi alone.

I don't want you to leave

with any animosity
toward Uncle Ernesto.

No, no animosity or resentment.

Just indifference.

He ignored my existence
all his life

and in death only flaunted
his hatred for my mother.

That's not true!
You must know the truth.

I lived with him all my life.
I can tell you.

He didn't hate your mother.

My mother had her pride too.

She faced a thousand obstacles

and never asked for his help.

He helped her just the same,
without her knowing it.


What do you mean?

He helped her constantly,
unbeknownst to her.

He kept informed of all she did,

suffered her sorrows,
and shared her joys.

It can't be.

You don't believe me?

Come with me.

Look here.
Bills, letters, and pictures.

This is you as a child.

I don't know
how he got these pictures,

but he was very fond of them.

There are lots of others.

My uncle was very proud of you.

Why didn't you ever tell me?

I wanted to.

We crossed paths once,
and I wanted to tell you everything.

We did?


At your mother’s grave

on All Souls' Day.

Like every year, I'd brought
flowers from Uncle Ernesto,

and when I saw you --

You're still here?

I thought your little talk was over.
Should I go?

No, stay.

All this is quite unsettling.

We must speak again.
- Whenever you like.

Thank you.

- Shall I show you out?
- I know the way.

It seems our cousin made
quite an impression on you.

- What are you implying?
- Oh, nothing.

I'd love to know the mysterious
motive for your talk.

It was my duty to inform him
of certain things.

- Like what?
- They don't concern you.

Fine. I won't insist.

Do you like him?

I neither like nor dislike him.

The classic stalwart gentleman,
serious and hard-working.

The captain of industry
who "breaks but never bends."

I heartily detest him.

- You hardly spoke to him.
- It was enough.

And he detests me too.

We understood
each other immediately.

But let's not talk about him.
Let's talk about us...

about you.

Please, not now.

Why not now?

Remember: It was right here
that I asked you to be my wife.

You wanted some time to think.

Then Uncle Ernesto
fell ill and died.

I respected your grief
and waited.

Can you give me your answer now?

Yes, Giacomo.

I’m sorry it's not
the answer you’d prefer.

You won't marry me?

- I can't.
- Why not?

Do you love another?

No, I don't love another,
but I don't love you either.

I'm sorry,
but I must be honest.

Have you forgotten
everything we shared?

Don't speak to me of the past.
There's no point.

I still have your letters.
You can't deny what you wrote.

I’m not denying anything,

but I was little more than a girl.

Now I'm a woman
who knows her own mind.

I have very fond feelings for you...

but I don't love you.

Thanks so much.

I don't care
about your fond feelings.

I love you.

I love you madly.
I need you.

The idea of losing you
drives me mad.

- Let me go.
- No.

You know there's something
binding us forever.

You can't have forgotten our kisses.

No, don't push me away.

You’re not afraid of me
but of yourself.

Afraid I'll kiss you
and you won't be able to resist.

Isn't that true?

Leave me alone.

I beg you.

Now go.

Please sit down.

These figures sum up
the whole situation.

The villa is
heavily mortgaged,

and the shipyard's
essentially inactive.

Selling the land
wouldn't cover the debts.

How did this happen?

It's been an unpleasant
surprise for everyone.

- So the inheritance is worthless?
- Worse.

Has Miss Susanna been informed?

Not yet, but I asked
Giacomo to tell her...

an unpleasant task.

With her uncle
she lived a life of comfort,

and now suddenly...

I see.

May I take those papers?


I'd like to have a closer look.

May I visit the shipyard?
- Anytime you like.

Here's our captain of industry.


Forgive me for letting myself in.
There was no one around.

- Hello, cousin.
- Ah, you're here too.

Yes, I'm here too.

Sorry I couldn't come earlier.

I made a very informative visit
to the shipyard.

And you've come
to offer condolences?

I'm here for your sake.

It seems your financial situation
has turned extremely precarious.

Don't worry about me.
I don't need anything.

My mother left me a few jewels.

They're not of great value,
but it will see me through for now.

And then what?

Then... I'll see.

I’ll earn a living somehow,
like every other girl with no money.

Don't you think I can?
- Of course.

It just saddens me

to have to leave this house.

I grew up here

and spent the happiest years
of my life here.

If it pains you
that much to give it up,

we could try to save it.

- Save it?
- How?

It wouldn't be easy,
but it's worth a try.

The shipyard's in a terrible state,

but the facilities
are in working order,

the equipment's still functional,

and there's an inventory
of very valuable raw material.

That shipyard
was the ruin of Uncle Ernesto.

Could the shipyard
really save the house?

I'm afraid it might be
a foolhardy venture.

I won't pretend otherwise,
but I have my hopes.

If you two agree,
we can accept the inheritance.

It's a bold and risky plan.

It calls for courage
and a willingness to work hard.

I'm ready to try it.

Well, I have little courage,

even less taste for hard work,

and no desire to get
mixed up in more problems.

Then do you want
to renounce your part?

As soon as possible.

Life's funny, isn't it?

Yesterday you renounced your part.
Today it's my turn.

- What about you?
- I think you're right.

It's obvious you two
see things the same way.

You both like selfless,
melodramatic gestures.

I'm more of a realist.

I prefer to risk
what little I have at roulette,

where it's do or die.

All we can do now is
wish each other good luck.

No more bets.

Twenty-nine black, odd.

Place your bets.

Fifteen thousand in chips.

No more bets.

Twenty black, even.

First red, odd.

Bad luck?


This is all I have left.

I have nothing left.

Shall I play for you?
I'm lucky playing for other people.

Sure, give it a try.

- Eighteen.
- No more bets.

Eighteen red, even.

We won! Well done!

Try again.

Do we want to risk it all?

Sure, let's risk it all.

Eighteen red, even.

I’ll give you the rest
in cashier's checks.

Good. I don't know
where to put all this.

Here you are,
and congratulations.

We haven't seen a win
like this in years.

I hope I don't end up
giving it all back.

For you.
- Thank you.

We won an enormous sum.


Now let's split it up.
- It was your money.

Only at first.
You doubled it many times over.

You were extraordinary.
Not a single bad bet.

I told you: I'm lucky gambling
with other people's money.

Yes, it's odd.
You'd lost until we joined forces.

Perhaps fate’s
telling us something.

- Like what?
- That perhaps we should continue.

Not a bad idea.
Allow me to introduce myself.

Oh, I know who you are.

A girlfriend told me about you.

- Good things, I hope.
- No, horrible.

That's why you interest me.

My name is Viviana Saderi.

I'm all alone... and bored.

I'm alone too,
so let's be alone together.

It will bring us luck.

At the gambling table?

And everywhere else, I hope.

I don't get it.
We should be there by now.

You're so impatient.
Someone waiting for you?

No, but it's natural to want
to see one's hometown

after so many months.

How long will we stay?

I don't know.
I haven't decided.

I don't like to make plans.

Besides, you wanted
a little rest too, right?

Yes... but not here.

Your hometown frightens me.
- Why?

All your life
and all your past is there.

Everything I don't know about you.
- Oh, stop it.

But you know everything about me.

I've kept nothing from you.

And you also know

that my life truly began
only when I met you.

We're finally here.

Mr. Varesi?

I don't know where he is.
Try in the office.

Over there to the right.


Excuse me.
May I speak to...

Just who I came to see.

I didn't imagine I'd find you here.

You're a typist now?
- I help in the office.

Where have you been
all this time?

Here and there,
traveling the world.

I called the villa,
but I didn't recognize the voice.

- It's rented out.
- Where do you live?

In the gardener's house.

That's a step down.
How'd the inheritance turn out?

We've paid off some debt
and got extra time from creditors.

- Did you sell your mother's jewels?
- Of course.

And Roberto invested
everything he had

to get the shipyard running again.

Fortunately, the worst is past.

Are you happy?


How admirable. Living in the
gardener's house, typing letters...

did Roberto demand
all these sacrifices?

I took them on myself.

And in your spare time

you darn his socks
and do his wash?

Excuse me.
I have a letter to finish.

Roberto's out in the shipyard.

I have no desire to see him.
I prefer to stay here with you.

You mind?

Have a seat.

It's a shame seeing those lovely
hands worn down on a typewriter.

Listen to me.
Don't look at me like I'm the enemy.

It's been almost two years
since we last spoke,

and all I’ve done is think of you.

I tried to forget, but I couldn't.

I can’t live without you.
- Let me go, please.

It can't be over between us.

It would be a horrible shame.

You loved me.

And in the name of that love,
stop thinking about me.

I can't!
It's an obsession, a madness.

I can't shake it.

I have lots of money now.

I've had an incredible run of luck.

Come away with me.
I'll give you everything.

But you must be mine.
- Stop it!

Every word you say is an insult.

Try to understand.

You don't have to love me.
Just let me love you.

Perhaps with time you'd...

It will keep my hope alive.

Don't insist. It's no use.

- You love someone else?
- Yes.


He's asked me to marry him,
and I said yes.

I could see you were made
for each other.

Love among the unpaid bills...
very touching.

But watch out!

I'll forget you one day,
because hatred wipes out memories,

but you'll never forget me.

What we shared will always
stand between you two.

You can deny it
but you can't change it,

so beware.

Your threats don't frighten me.
I can always prove my innocence.

I'm the only one who can do that,

but you'd be wise
not to call on me as a witness.

Why? You mean...

I'll do anything!
I won't give you up.

I can't stop you
from marrying Roberto,

but my only aim in life will be
to destroy your happiness.

- Get out of here!
- Yes, I'll go.

But if I come back one day,

it will mean I've come
to keep my promise.


All right. Come by the office
this afternoon.

- We'll be ready ahead of schedule.
- Really?

We've worked like mules,
but we had to.

It's our first triumph.
The San Giorgio will sail in a month.

Really? That will be
a great day for the workers.

And especially for you and me.

Don’t forget our vow

that the day
our first vessel sailed,

we'd be married.

We’ve suffered and struggled.

I almost gave up sometimes,

but you gave me
the strength to keep going.

I'll always be at your side.

There will be more obstacles,
but don't be afraid.

We'll overcome them together.

I'm not afraid with you, Roberto.

- Anyone come by to see me?
- No.

A workman said
some fellow was here

asking for me.

Yes, I forgot.
Giacomo stopped by.

- Your cousin?
- Yes. He'd have said hi, but...

And you didn't tell me?

It slipped my mind.
He only stayed a minute.

He's leaving again.
- I see.

Is this letter all right?

What's wrong?

Nothing. Why?

I don't know.
Something's upset you.

No, nothing. I promise.


But remember:
We mustn't have any secrets.

Why do you say that?

No reason.
Perhaps I just love you too much

and always fear you have secrets
I don't know about.

The manager called.

He has a nicer room for us.

What do I care?

- You wanted it.
- Well, now I don't.

Pack up.
We're leaving tonight.

You object?

No. As you wish.

I just began unpacking,
but I'll start repacking.

Where are we going?
- Back to Cannes for now.

Now blow them all out
in one breath.

Here's your chance.

Yes, Daddy.
Watch how good I am.

Go on!

One more.

And now serve
some cake to your friends.

Maria, help her.

Don’t worry. There's plenty.

- No, ladies first.
- Hear what Mommy said?

Be patient, Maurizio.

We men must always
let the ladies go first.

Don't worry.
We have two more cakes.

Drink your chocolate.

Give that to Bruno.

Remember when we lit
her first candle?

How the years have flown.

You're wanted on the phone, sir.

- Who is it?
- The shipyard.

Can't they leave you a moment's peace?
Say you're not here.

It might be important.
Excuse me.



What's that?

Who is this?

Of course I'm surprised
after all this time.

What? Right now?

I don't understand.

All right.
If it's really necessary.

I'll be right there.

All right.

Lidia brought you some cake.

- For you, Daddy.
- Thanks. I'll eat it later.

Daddy has to go to the office.

Why are you crying?

You can't go.

It's my birthday.
You have to stay with me.

Let's not have any tears
in those beautiful eyes.

I'll be back right away.
- So you still love me?

Yes, very much.

- You said you'd be free this afternoon.
- I know.

But guess who’s waiting for me.


He insisted that
he had to speak to me.

No, don't go.

But I already promised.

- What's he want?
- I don't know.

I really can't imagine,
but I'll find out.

Anyway, I'll hurry.

Be good.

Hello, cousin.
Happy to see you.

- Me too.
- Congratulations.

- Very.

I see you've expanded.
You're obviously a clever man.

It wasn't cleverness,
but courage and hard work.

If you'd wanted to...
- Heavens, no!

Better for you and me both.

You had the courage
and will to work hard.

Yet without either of those,

I'll end up
achieving the same result.

- I don't understand.
- You will soon.

Shall we sit down?
- Please.

Are you the majority shareholder?

Yes. Including'Susanna's
shares, of course.

That’s what I wanted to know
before making my offer.

What offer?

I have a lot of money on hand.

I thought I'd become your partner.

- So what happened?
- Nothing.

Why are you so on edge?

You've never been this late,

and running off like that...

You want to know
what Giacomo said?

Of course.
What does he want?

The most grotesque and ridiculous
thing you could imagine:

He wants to be my partner.
- Your partner?

Yes. That's what he had
the nerve to tell me.

And even more grotesque
and ridiculous yet:

I have to agree to it.
- Why?

He bought up all minority shares.
But that's not all.

He insists he never gave up
his share of the inheritance

and that he can
therefore lay claim to it.

Combining all those shares,

he'd become
the majority shareholder.

But what can he do to us?

What can he do?
He can ruin me.

Right when I need
all the credit I can muster.

He threatens to subpoena me,
get injunctions against me.

Imagine the consequences.
It's a disaster!

That's his blackmail:
either my partner or my enemy.

What was your answer?

I asked fof three days to decide.

I'm going to speak
to a bank manager.

If he grants me the funds,

I'll pay Giacomo off tomorrow

and send him packing.


we have no choice.

We must meet his demands.

Your suitcase is ready in the car.

I'm coming. Good-bye.

Good luck.

You became very agitated
when I mentioned Giacomo.

I've never seen you so on edge.

Like you had
some kind of premonition.

Yes, perhaps it's a premonition.

- Mr. Marini, please.
- Your name?

Tell him his cousin Susanna is here.

- You wished to see Mr. Marini?
- Yes.

I heard he was staying here.
I'm his cousin.

I know.
But Mr. Marini isn't in.

But he told the front desk
he'd be right down.

I told the front desk that.

You did? Why?

Because I've wanted
to meet you

for a long time now.

You're not upset?

No, but I don't understand.

Please sit down.

I'm Giacomo's girlfriend.

I've lived with him
for five years now.

That should explain my curiosity.

I saw a picture of you once.

Women are usually prettier
in pictures than in real life,

but not you.

You're much more beautiful
in person.

Thank you.
You’re very kind.

But now, if you don't mind...

You wish to leave? Why?

Are you in such a hurry?

You're disappointed
not to see Giacomo,

but you and I could have
things to discuss, couldn't we?

I don't know.
At least, I don't think so.

I think we do.
Perhaps you...

So the concierge was right.

Have you been waiting long?
- A few minutes.

Why are you here?

I kept her company
in your absence.

Fine. You can go now.

Too bad.
You walked in too soon.

Our conversation
was just getting interesting.

Go now, please.

Forgive me.
I never expected you to come by.

- Just what are you trying to do?
- Trying to do?

I don't understand, my dear.

You understand perfectly.

Roberto told me all about
your offer and your blackmail.

What an ugly word!

I want to be his partner...
an expression of esteem.

You threatened to ruin him.

When I want something,

I make sure I can get it.

What do you want to get?

I remember what you said
last time we met:

You'd do everything
to destroy our happiness.

Very good.

I'm pleased to see
you haven't forgotten.

- Is that why you came back?
- You guessed right.

And now I can kick you both
out in the street.

Then why not do it?

Poverty doesn't frighten us.

We've seen hard times,
and we're ready to face them again.

Don't worry. I won't disturb
your comfortable life.

I have something better in mind.
- What?

Think I'd be so foolish
as to tell you?

You'll see.

Why do you hate us so?

I couldn't stop you
from marrying the man you love,

but you can't stop me
from hating him.

Just what are you planning?

What do you think
this ridiculous hatred will get you?

I want to take you from him,

and I'll do it.

You're wrong.

No matter what vile deeds
you carry out against us,

you'll never take me
away from him.

So do what you like.

Vent all your hatred.
I'm not afraid of you.

- Who signs first?
- You.

You own more shares.

If you have any objection...

No, no objection.

So now we're partners.

Another tie that binds us,
besides the others.

- What others?
- Family ties, of course.

And who knows?

Perhaps the same tastes.

I mean, the same taste
in cigarettes. May I?

I hope I can stop in now and then.

It's your right.

No, I trust you.
Carry on as usual.

No, you have duties, rights,
and responsibilities now.

Forcing me to work...
is that your revenge?

May I say hello to Susanna?
- Of course.

I'll see if she's home.

Isn't Daddy here?

He stepped out,
but he'll be right back.

Who are you?

A friend of your daddy's.

What's your name?
- Lidia. What's yours?

Mine is...

How are you?
- Fine. And you?

Oh, you know...

can’t complain.

Sweet kid.
We introduced ourselves.

How old are your?
- This old.

A hand minus one finger.


Hard to believe.

We last saw each before you got
married, right, Susanna?

Five or six years ago.

When the issues about
the inheritance came up.

- Right.
- No, you're wrong.

Susanna said you dropped by
the shipyard once.

Oh, right.

It slipped my mind.
Now I remember.

By the way,
is the villa still rented out?

No, we use it
when the weather's nice.

I'd love to go see it.
May I?

- Of course.
- Is the same groundskeeper there?

Good. I'll get to say
hello to him too.

Well, see you soon.

III show you out.

- Good-bye.
- See you soon.

Mommy, will you read
to me about the forest?

Yes, sweetheart.

- Did you sign?
- Yes.

I was forced
to meet his demands.

Did you tell him
we'd rented out the villa?

I don't remember.

Strange how he forgot
he came by the shipyard once.

Or he was pretending
he forgot.

Why do you say that?

You never know
what he's really thinking.

And you forgot too.

Yes, but it was so long ago.

I understand.

Lidiuccia, let's read together.

Here I am, darling.

Shall we?
- I should say!

Haven't we been here long enough?

- Bye, Vittorio.
- Sir... ma'am.

Are you angry?

Upset I took you
to my uncle's villa?

I'm the sentimental type.

You went there often?

Of course.
To see my uncle.

- No, you went to see her.
- Yes, also to see her.

No, not also. Especially.
You loved her.

It's true.
What about it?

- And you still do.
- Maybe.

So you admit it!

I don't admit it or deny it.
It's none of your business.

Just what am I to you?

Nothing... less than nothing.

I'd be upset
if you weren't jealous.


Does my jealousy
flatter your ego?

Sure. Besides...

it just might come in handy.

Handy for what?


Don't mind me.
Just kidding.

I came just as you asked.
What do you want?

Why did you send that note?

Won't you sit down
for a moment?

I hope you can explain
your mysterious message.

Your wife is having
a tête-à-tête

with another man
this very moment.

Don't talk rubbish!

Who is this?

The Caffe Riviera?


I told you before:
Come away with me.

Are you mad?

Maybe I am.

But you must be mine
and mine alone.

I felt sorry for you before.

Now I feel
only loathing and contempt.

I don't care.
I still want you.

And if you don't leave Roberto,
he'll leave you.

What do you mean?

You won't act so haughty
when he kicks you out.

The same blackmail as always,
your surefire weapon.

Well, I'll tell Roberto
everything myself.

Too late.

Certain confessions are dangerous
too long after the deed.

The most innocent things
can look suspicious.

For example, your letters.
- What letters?

From when you were
in love with me.

I've kept them all.

What could they matter?
I was a foolish, romantic girl.

Roberto would be
the first to laugh.

Sure, if they were dated,
but they're not.

They could have been written
yesterday or today.

This one, for example.

I suspect your handwriting
hasn't changed.

Shall I read it to you?

Perhaps you don't remember.

"My love, don't be impatient.

I wish I could always be
with you too,

but we must be careful.

Let's wait until he leaves
on shipyard business.

Then we can spend
every day together.

I love you – Susanna."

What do you think?

"He" referred to Uncle Ernesto,

but it could also refer
to Roberto.

And I have lots more like this.

So that's your plan:

to play on those ambiguities.

Well, you’re out of luck.

I have your letters too.
He'd only have to compare them.


I won't listen to another word.
You disgust me!

- Looking for someone, sir?
- No, thank you.

"My love, don't be impatient.

I wish I could always be
with you too,

but we must be careful.

Let's wait until he leaves
on shipyard business.

Then we can spend
every day together."


Daddy, it's Lidia.

I had to tell you
that my doll broke.


Sorry to hear that.

That's terrible.

What should we do?

Buy another one?

All right.

What's that?

With blond hair?

All right. We'll find one
with blond hair.

I didn't want to disturb you,

but Lidia insisted.

Yes, Daddy, I did.

I'm glad you did.

I have a lot of work.
I may be home late.

What's that?

Tomorrow night?

No, I can't.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

I don't know.

Two or three days.

Depends how business goes.

See you later.

Why don't you want me
to come to the station?

No, you stay with Lidia.

I'll be back
in a few days anyway.

- Wire me when you get there.
- There's no point.

I’ll write. Good-bye.

You'd go off like that?

Have a good trip.


Your little cousin's
coming tomorrow.

But now you have
to go beddy-bye.

- Phone for you, ma'am.
- Who is it?

- Vittorio, at the villa.
- What does he want?

I don't know.
He says it's urgent.

Hello? Yes, Vittorio.

What is it?

I found some papers
in the basement.

Behind some furniture.
I don't know.

Perhaps you should come get them.


Very good, ma'am.

- What did she say?
- She'll be here soon.

But why have me
tell a lie like that?

I told you: It's a joke.
Now go look after your flowers.

- And when madame arrives?
- I'll be here.

We'll call if we need you.

Here. I forgot.
- What's that for?

Get yourself some cigarettes.

You can go now.

Vittorio's not here, but I am.

- You!
- That's right.

Didn't expect me, did you?

It's my fate to be always
surprising you.

You came
for those precious papers,

but instead you find me.

Let's come to an agreement.
- Out of my way.

Well! Such manners!

You think I would set
this whole thing up...

for nothing?

Now that you're here,
stay a while.

We're all alone.

Let me by!

You're so beautiful
full of hatred and contempt.

That’s all I can expect now:
hatred and contempt.

But I want you anyway...

and I'll have you!

Let me go!

Get out!

Get out!

You stay there.

At your service.


We'll talk later.
- Let me explain.

Go home.

It's just you and me now.

Let’s hear it.

I want to know.
- What?


How long has this affair gone on?

Ask Susanna.
A gentleman never talks.

Don't try to be funny!

How long?
- Figure it out yourself.

What does that mean?

That she was your lover
when I met her

and continued to be
after our marriage?

Is that it?
Talk, damn it!

We've always loved
each other and still do.

Did you think
she married you for love?

Poor chump.

We needed someone to revive
the shipyard, and you came along:

the great captain of industry
to the rescue.

She played you for a fool,

and with the shipyard running again,
I came for my share.

If you weren't blinded
by your pride and trust,

you’d have caught on long ago,

but you were
too sure of yourself.

Go on.

Haven't heard enough?
I bet you still don't believe it.

She'll deny it all, of course.
Women always do.

She'll say she's innocent,
that she loves you.

And you’ll believe her,

and everything
will be like before.

Stop it!

Now I'm the one
who wants to go on.

How I enjoy seeing you suffer

and tremble with rage!

It was like swallowing poison

knowing she was in your arms,
but she wasn't yours!

She was never yours.
She's always loved me.

And the little girl
isn’t yours either.


What do you mean?
- She isn't yours either.

She was born of our love.

It's not true!

You're lying!

It's the truth.
She's my daughter.

You gave her your name,
but I gave her life!

Just look at her hair, her eyes.

Take a good look!

You're lying.

You're lying, you swine!


Help him up.

Mommy, what's wrong?

Why are you crying?

It's nothing, sweetheart.


Mr. Marini, please.

He's not here.

How can that be?

The concierge
told me he was in.

Please let me speak to him.

It's urgent.

I said he’s not in.

The concierge was mistaken.

I'm sorry. Good night.

Who was that?

No one. Wrong number.

Mr. Marini, please.
It's urgent.

He should be in. ma'am.

Would you call him?

Tell him it's Mrs. Varesi and...


Listen, you better explain...

Let's go in there.

- Where's Roberto?
- Would I know if you don't?

I don’t know anything.

He's not home
or at the shipyard.

I'm going crazyl
What happened between you two?

What happened? Look.

Roberto has a mean right hook.
He nearly killed me.

You mean he really believed
that you and I...

Of course.

He caught you in my arms.

It all followed the classic plot:

the feigned departure, the covert
pursuit, the moment of surprise.

Thank God it didn't end
with the classic gunshot.

He just pummeled me with his fists.

Unpleasant, but I prefer it.

Didn't you tell him the truth?

- What truth?
- That there's nothing between us.

That you lured me here
with a despicable lie!

That truth suits you,
but not me.

I told you: I want Roberto
to think you're unfaithful

and leave you for good.

If you won't be mine,
you won't be his either.

Would you really be that vile?

I told you I'd do anything.

I risked everything.

If he'd had a gun,
he'd have killed me.

But it's not true!

I know that,
but what does it matter?

I also told him
your daughter is our child.

No, you couldn't have!

I turned him against her too.

Now he'll detest you and her!

The truth?
Truth is whatever people believe.

And he believes me!

Curse you!

God will punish you.
He's just.

He sees everything
and doesn't forgive!

- What are you doing here?
- Nothing.

Just waiting for you two
to finish talking.

- Did you hear what we said?
- Of course.

Every word.

Then you'd better forget it.

Say one word
and you'll be sorry, you hear?

Get up and get dressed.

Look at me.
What's wrong?

Look at me.
What have I done?

Go away.


You're a bad man.

I don't love you.
You're not my daddy anymore.

Dress her and bring her
down the back stairs.

- At this hour?
- Just do it, and hurry up.

I'll be waiting downstairs.
Make it quick.

Come here, sweetheart.

Don't cry.

So you're here.
Just as well.

Saves me the trouble
of writing a letter.

A letter? Why?
What are you going to do?

Punish you like you deserve.


Before you decide anything,
hear me out.

Giacomo lied.
I swear I've done nothing wrong.

- Let me go.
- No, you must listen!

I have the right to explain.

You can't destroy my life like this...
and our daughter's!

Your daughter.
And you'll never see her again.

That's the punishment
you deserve.

- What do you plan to do?
- You'll see.

Wait, before it's too late!

My little girl!

My little girl!


No one's here. Antonia!

I'm coming. Who is it?

Signor Roberto!
How are you?

Fine, thanks.

What a nice surprise.

Take her to your room.
Try not to wake her up.

A lovely little girl.
Your daughter?

Do as I say,
and call your husband.

I need to speak to you.

You're trustworthy people.
I can rely on you.

There's no point
explaining my actions.

The child is to stay here for now,

and no one's to know.

Not even her mother?

Not even her mother.

Especially her mother.

How do we keep her hidden?
What if someone sees her?

Say she's a relative's daughter

who's staying with you for a while.

If the child asks questions,

say her mother
will come for her soon.

Poor little thing.

I'm sorry.
We thought you were very happy.

I know.

She's not my daughter.

She was born of their illicit love.
It’s my right to take her away.

No, you have no such right.

No law allows you to take
a child from its mother.

- Even the child of an illicit love?
- That's right.

You can't take her away
just to get revenge.

No law gives you that right.

I don’t care.
I'll make my own laws.

Should I file for a separation

and let the three of them
have a good time?

No, forget it.

They have to pay.
They're never to see the child.

And who do you think
you'll hurt this way?

Both of them, but especially her.

You're wrong.

The real victim of your vengeance
will be the child.

- Too bad.
- Yes, too bad.

What has that poor child done?

How will she grow up?

Like an abandoned waif,
nobody's child.

Her life will be destroyed.

Are you willing to bear
that responsibility?

I can't stand to look
at her anymore.

But you still love her.
You can't deny it.

Certain feelings
can't be destroyed overnight.

She's in your blood
and in your heart.

Only years of hatred
could change that.


You're being
severely tested, Roberto,

but it's trials like these
that reveal a man's true character.

I'm not saying to give
the child back to her mother

but to provide
a mother for your daughter!

- My daughter...
- Yes, your daughter!

Children belong to those
who've loved them, raised them,

and suffered for them.

You'll find her here.

Tell her mother to go get her.

Please make all arrangements.


I don't want to see anyone.

This train's so slow.
It'll never get there.

These local trains
have old locomotives.

Will we catch our coach?


Don't worry.
We'll be there by evening.

You can't go any further!

There's a landslide!

Everyone out, please.

A landslide has blocked the road.

We can't proceed
until tomorrow morning.

Come along, ma'am.

No, I don't want to wait.

We must be close.
I'll walk.

Impossible! It's over 12 miles!

It's almost nightfall,
and with this weather...

We'll find lodging here tonight.

I can’t waitl Every hour
that goes by is unbearable!

I understand,
but we must be patient.

You'll rest while I make
arrangements for tomorrow.

- No, I'll walk there.
- No, come with me.

Poor thing...

calling out for her mother
even in her dreams.

Poor, innocent thing.

What kind of mother
would do this?

Martino, come with us.

There's a landslide at the crossroads.
We're rounding up all the men.

If it blocks the stream,
we’re all in trouble.

I'll be ready in a minute.

Have some wine.
- We never say no to that.

- Anyone buried in the landslide?
- Let's hope not.

My Pinuccia's out there.

She's calling me.

- You're here too, Luisa?
- Of course.

She heard "landslide"
and started following us.

She's buried out there.
I have to come along.

Who is she?
What does she want?

Ah, right.
You're new around here.

She lost

her only daughter
in a landslide years ago.

The daughter was never found,
and she went crazy.

No, I'm not crazy.

My Pinuccia is buried out there.

She's calling me.

She's alive.

I'm ready.

Let's go.

Good night, Antonia.

Stop following us!

You stay here this time.

It’s at the crossroads, far away.

Pinuccia couldn't have
gotten that far.

No, I have to go.
I must look for her.

You can go later.

Rest a while.

That's it.

Here. Drink this.

- Mommy!
- It's all right.

She's calling me.

She's here.

She's calling me.

I'm scared.
I want my mommy.

All right,
if you'll go back to sleep.

Close the window.
The lightning will come in.




She's calling me!

She’s close by!

I knew it!

I have to hurry
and dig her out!

She's can't breathe!

She has to be here!

Pinuccia, call out!

I found her!

Try to get a hold of yourself.

He killed my daughter!

He killed her!

You have to be strong.

My poor little girl.

He killed her!


I have some news

you'll be happy to hear.

That's why I came in person.

Our little girl is dead!

It's not true.

She's dead!

And you killed her!

You should have killed me...

not her!

She was so small...

so weak and helpless!


Mommy, I'm scared!

Help! I'm scared!

I'm your mommy.

I saved you.

Don't you remember?

Look at me.

Look at me!

The concierge didn't get tickets.

He said'you've delayed
our departure.

Just can't do it, can you?

You can't forget her.
Stop thinking about her!

What are you hoping for?
She doesn't love you.

She loved me once.

You always remember
your first love

Not her.

There's the dead child
between you now.

One less obstacle.

You're a monster!

You agreed to our deal
when it suited you.

Don't forget it now.

You should have known
long ago that it was over.



Don't leave me, I beg you!

Don't go!

If you leave me,
I'll do something foolish.

I'll do something foolish.

Don’t make a scene.

You lose control and don't know
what you're saying.

Try and leave me
with a pleasant memory.

Front desk? Prepare my bill.

I'll be leaving right away.

No, she'll be staying.

I'll be leaving alone.

- Let me go!
- You've lost your mind!

Give me that gun!
- Let me go!

Help me!

It was an accident.

An accident.

I went to unload it and it went off.

Thank God you got here in time.
He keeps asking for you.

- Is it very serious?
- Yes, they couldn't even operate.

Come closer.
He wants to talk to you.

Thank you for coming.

I want you to know...

that I lied about everything.


No, don't interrupt.

I have little time left,

and I want to tell you everything.

Not for your sake.

For Susanna's.

I don't want
to leave her unhappy.

I've behaved despicably...

but the hurt I caused her

was because
I loved her so much.

But she loves you
and you alone.

But what about the letters?

They were from long ago.

You'll find the rest among my papers.

Read them and you'll see.

That incident at the villa
was all a ruse.

Ask the gardener.

I had him call.

What about...

the child?

With God as my witness I swear:

I lied.

Forgive me.

Forgive me!

My daughter.

My little girl.

Wait here.

Be a good girl.

Don't leave me alone.

There's nothing left to eat.

You want to starve?

Let me go

and find something.

I’ll bring you some chestnuts,

and we'll roast them.

You like chestnuts?

I don't want to be alone.

I'm afraid. Mommy!

I'm your mommy.

You've been with me
long enough now.

Why don’t you recognize me?

No, you're not my mommy.

My Pinuccia...

you were buried under the earth.

Don't you remember?

You called out for me.

Look at my fingers
all scratched and cut.

I'm afraid.

Then I'll tie you up!

Come here.

Sit still.

We found my poor wife's body
at the base of the cliff,

but the stream probably
carried the child off.

It can take years to find

the victims of a landslide.

I mean to find her right away.

That's why I've come.
I'll be back tomorrow.

Gather men and equipment,
and spare no expense.

All right.
I loved the child too.

It broke my heart
to hear her calling

for her daddy and mommy.

Her daddy and mommy...

How is your wife?

Sorry if I'm intruding,

but sorrows are easier
to bear as a couple.

If you love each other,
there's always hope.

No, there's nothing left for me.

Don't say that.

We all have hard times,

but life always
has something in store.

Listen to this old man.

I've seen lots of hard times,
and still...


- Who's that?
- I've been looking for her.

She was in my house that night.

Poor woman's half crazy.
Maybe she can tell us something.

Wait! Don't be afraid!

Remember the pretty blond girl
at my house? This is her father.


My Pinuccia!

Wait! Don't run off!

Let her go.
I'll talk to her tomorrow.

No, better to ask her now.
What’s her name?

Luisa, wait!

Let's go back.
It’s a waste of time.

- I want to talk to her now.
- It's no use.

We have to get away.

Where are you taking me?

I don't want to go!

You look over there.
I'll look in here.


You're alive!
Your daddy's here.

Who are you?

What are you doing
with my daughter?

She's mine!

Leave her alone!

Leave her alone!


Take this crazy woman away!

Luisa, what have you done?

Let me look at you.

Did she hurt you?

Daddy's here now.

Say something for your daddy.

What did she do to you?

We'll go find Mommy.

Take me to Mommy.
I’m scared.

Yes, we'll find Mommy.
We'll never leave you again.

You'll always be
with Daddy and Mommy.

She hurt you, didn't she?

Imagine you've had
a terrible nightmare.

Many times we dream that
our loved ones are gone forever,

but then we wake up

and find that nothing's changed,
that everything's like before.

I don't believe in miracles.

But you must, Susanna!

In fact, it's a miracle
your Lidia was spared

in that landslide.
- What?

It's a miracle
she's alive and healthy

and wants only
to embrace her mother.

It's true.

Lidia is much closer
than you can imagine.

So close that... Look.

Come in.

Here's the miracle.

My little girl.

Mommy, never leave me again.

We'll always be together.



Let's leave them alone.

Daddy saved me
and brought me home.

I was so scared.

That evil woman stole me away.

She tied me up
and said she was my mommy.

How could she be my mommy?

You're my mommy.
No one else.

My sweet, beautiful mommy.

Forgive me.

All that matters

is that you've come back.