Torn: Dark Bullets (2020) - full transcript

A raw and unapologetic look into a police shooting, racism, and the connections they share. Without stating that we know the answers, but not being afraid to ask the direct questions.

- In pursuit of two white males

currently believed to be suspects

at east side convenience stores 10-31.

Heading south into Turret Park.

10-4, back up's en route.

- Come on, let's get those motherfuckers.

Cut 'em off as they
head towards the tunnel.

- Damn it!

He's right there!


- We're done, man.

We're fuckin' done!

- Fuck that.

- Fuck this guy.

- Saks, get back in the car!


Drop it!


- Are you gonna shoot this fucker?

- Now!
- Shoot the fucker!

Drop it!

- Hands behind your back.

Damn, Pearce.

You feeling lucky, huh?

You could have shot him.

You had every right.

- It was empty.

What was he gonna do?

Besides, I taught you better than that.

You got that prick?

- Yeah.

- Wow, that's awesome, sweetie.

What else did you do?

- I played princess with mommy.


- We made play dough, didn't we, mommy?

- Oh, good morning, my beautiful wife.


- Thank you.

- So, I hear you finally broke down

and made that play dough
you're so fond of, huh?

- Well, I didn't really have a choice.

This little monkey's relentless.

I wonder where she gets that from.

You got home late.

- Yeah, another robbery.

I crashed on the couch.

I didn't want to wake you.

Oh, hey.

Did you hear back from
the you know what place?

- Oh yeah,

they said they could do
the whole thing for 300.

- 300?

That would be fun.

Go ahead and set it up.

- What will be fun?

Are you guys talking about my birthday?

- Hey, little miss snoopy pants,

mind your own business.

Put your shoes on.

Go on.

The bus is gonna be here soon.

Go on.


- Are you sure we can
afford this right now?

- We'll work it out.

And this is a big deal.

I want her birthday to be epic.

- Okay, well let's not burn down the house

before her birthday.

- Ah, damn it.

That one was for you.

- I'll stick with my coffee.

- Oh, shit, I gotta go.

I gotta pick up Saks and drop
off him off at court by 8:00.

- Okay, I'll do this.

You go.

- Okay, all right.

- Bye.
- All right.

- Be safe.
- Always am.

Hey, bye princess.

Be good at school today.

- Oh by the way, I got three cases today,

so you're flying solo this shift.

- Yeah, once again,

my wing man's taking off
to play special expert.

- It's double the pay, buddy.

500 bucks for me to sit in a chair,

talk about the specifics of gunfire

all in the safety of a
courtroom and on salary time.

- That is a great deal.

I get to do all your paperwork today.

You get all the money.

I have to go do a solo night shift

and I gotta pay for all my fuckin' coffee.

- That sounds great.

Thanks for setting me up
with that, by the way.

- Yeah, I'm beginning to have
second thoughts about that.

Have a nice day, pretty boy!

- Later, old man.

♪ People in the middle
or the alley wanna bump ♪

♪ And everybody who just say ♪

♪ That people's not gon' be the trump ♪

♪ People in the middle
or the alley wanna bump ♪

♪ And everybody who just say ♪

♪ That people's not gon' be the trump ♪

♪ For the people in the middle ♪

♪ Or in the middle, or in the
middle, or in the middle ♪

- Stay calm.

Don't say nothing.

Stash that shit.

Not there!
- Roll down your window.

- Sorry.

Officer, did I do something wrong?

- You realize you're driving
without a license plate, right?

- It was stolen last night

and I haven't had a chance
to get to the DMV today.

- License and registration.

All units in
the vicinity of Vine and Lot,

please be advised of a possible 10-35.

Suspects are on foot--
- License and registration.

- Yup, I got it.

Suspects are
described as black males

ages 15 to 20 wearing jeans and a hoodies.

- You know what?

It's your lucky night.

Get that plate first thing in the morning.

- I will.

I told you not to put it in there.

- Shit.

Traveling south on Lot.

Suspects could be armed.

All officers proceed with caution.

- This is Pearce.

Blocks away, en route.

- Not that.

Give me that.

What's the matter with you?

- Suspect spotted on foot,

heading east on.

Requesting back up.


Don't move!

On your knees, hands on your head!

On your knees, hands on your head!


Don't do it, don't do it!

The usual?

- Hey.

- All right.

Come on, Pearce.

You can't sit there.

- Yeah?
- Okay.

- Trey Bell pronounced dead at the scene,

sustained five gunshots center mass.

Your shots were fired

when the deceased ignored
several warnings shouted out

and pulled out a six
round 38 caliber firearm.

Found on the deceased were a pack of gum,

backpack with some notebooks,
keys, and a cell phone.

The gun was taken to police forensics.

It was found to have not been fired.

The serial number had been filed off

and it could not be traced.

- This material was all
brought up at the hearing.

Why is it being brought up again?

- As you were aware, detective,

the court has acquitted
you on all charges.

However, as the disciplinary board,

we have our own set of guidelines

and standards to follow
in situations like this.

- It's the board's decision

you be placed on paid
psychiatric leave for six months.

When you return to work,

you'll be assigned to
administrative duties for 12 months.

- No, I did nothing wrong.

I'm not a desk jockey.

I'm a detective, I'm a good one.

I've been acquitted of all charges.

- Detective, you are no doubt aware

of the publicity surrounding this case.

To be clear, you are not being punished.

We are simply waiting for
public opinion to die down

and in so doing,

protecting the reputation
of this police department.

In doing so,

we also believe that we are
protecting you, detective.

- Since when did supporting
the media's agenda

overpower the rights of
a decorated officer?!

- That's enough, detective.

We're on your side.

You can sit down now.

- No, you're not on my side!

You're covering your own asses!

- Sit down, detective.

- You know about this, suits, huh?

- You need to sit down now.

- Fuck you, phone.


- Pearce, where the hell you been, man?

I've been calling you for days.

- Doing some paperwork.


Where are you right now?

- I'm in a meeting with Jack.

What do you want, partner?

- Just wondering if you had a
moment 'cause we need to talk.

- I'm listening.

want me to testify.

- Want you to testify what?

- Yeah, testify in your civil suit.

- What are you talking about?

- Your civil suit.

If you answered your damn phone,

you'd know what I was talking about.

Look, this is serious, Pearce.

The Bell family, they're suing you

for damages and loss of life.

- Yeah.

Can you hear me?

- I'm here.

- Look, the family,

they're making this out to
be a racial profile shooting.


The departments asking several
officers from your past

to come in and testify.

- What the fuck is this, Saks?

I'm not a god damn racist!

I didn't do anything wrong.

I'm a good detective.

All I've done is--
- Look, I know,

I know that.

You don't have to
convince me of this, okay?

You and I,

we've been doing this a
long time together, brother.

- They're always out for the money, man.

And they want to burn me to the ground.

- Where are you, man?

You at the?

I can come pick you up right now, okay?

- I gotta go.

- Shit.


Buddy, what are you doing?!

You're cut off, man.

You gotta go.


Hey, you can't take that bottle!

Hey, buddy!


- Watch where you're going!
- Fuck!

Open your eyes!

Call center,
please state your ID.

- This is Detective Pearce from the 14th,

batch 5-5-2-5.

Go ahead, detective.

- Yeah, I need a follow up
address from a recent case.

I'm sorry, detective.

You know we don't provide
that type of information here.

- Damn it.

- Are you heading to bed?

- Yeah.

- I wish you wouldn't drink that stuff.

- Me neither.

- Nothing's gonna bring
our boy back, Ethan.

And that stuff's just adding
to the pain and distancing us.

- I know, baby.

Baby, I know.

It probably makes things worse.

Which parent thinks

that they're gonna outlive their children?

I have a hard time
thinking of anything else.

- You should come tomorrow

to the bereavement meetings with me.

- You know I have a tough
time talking to strangers

and sharing my feelings and all that.

- You didn't have a tough time

talking to me when I was a stranger.

- Yeah, that's 'cause you
was fine as hell though.

- Trey would want you to be happy.

- Yeah.

That boy sure could make me laugh.

- It's gonna take time

and we have to be strong
for Damon and Dom.


- Yeah.

- Plus, that stuff makes
you a little grumpy,

just a little bit grumpy.

- What's wrong with grumpy?

I'm gonna head to bed before
you start calling me sleepy,

or happy, or one of them
little motherfuckers.

- Okay.

I'm just gonna finish tidying up.

I'll be up soon, okay?

- Okay, I love you baby.

- I love you.

- All right.
- Okay.

- It'll be 49.20, buddy.

- All right, thanks.

- Hey, that's 50 bucks, man!

Yeah, keep the change.

- Ethan!

Who is it?

- Mrs. Bell?

No, no, no, no, no, no!

- Ethan!


- Get somewhere safe.

- Fuck.

- Call 9-1-1.

- Mr. And Mrs. Bell?

I'm just here to apologize.

Don't call the police please.

Just put the gun down.

- You kill our son and
you come into our home?

To what, tie up loose ends?

- No.

No, god no, no.

- Why the gun?

- I'm a detective.

I carry a gun.

- A detective court ordered
to stay the hell away from us.

- I'm not here to hurt
either of you, okay?

I just want to apolog--


- Freeze!

Don't move!

On your knees, hands on your head!


- On your knees, hands on your head!

- Ethan, stop!
- Don't do it, don't do it!

Ethan, stop!

Just call the police.

- Don't call the cops.



I'm gonna leave and no one
has to know I was here.


I've lost everything.

- You've lost everything?

You took everything from us.

You stole our son!

And then you enter our home
illegally and for what?

Why are you here?

- I just wanted to apologize.

- Apologize?

Only those who are
guilty need to apologize.

Do you have something you
want to apologize for?

Is there something you want to admit,

like killing my baby for
no reason in cold blood

and then you planted a gun on him?

- No.
- Yeah.

- Nuh-uh, nuh-uh.

- I know you did it.

- You have no idea what
it's like out there, okay?

I put my life on the line
every day for people like you.

And what's the thanks I get?

I'm being demoted.

I'm losing my family.

I'm losing the respect
of everyone for what?

It was an accident.

- An accident?

You know that's bullshit!

I lay awake every night for four months,

four months of torture,

tossing and turning,

consumed with emptiness,

thinking of all the ways I could kill you.

And here you are now.

- You have the gun.

Now's your chance.

- Ethan?


- I will not tarnish my
son's memory with revenge.

You're not worth it.

I thought you said you
came here to apologize.

I don't want
to hear that, Ethan.

- Let him speak.


- I did what I was trained to do.

- Why would you shoot?

He was just a kid, you know?

He was a good kid.

He wouldn't hurt anyone.

- He had a gun.
- Bullshit!

- There's no chance my baby had a gun.

- That's a damn lie.

We know our boy.

He was an artist, not a criminal.

There's more to it and
I know you're lying.

- I never meant to hurt anyone, okay?

But now it's like I have the plague.

I go from being a respected public servant

to being the media's
new story of the week,

soon to be forgotten while
my life is left in ruins.

- Can you even hear yourself?

You took the life of another human being,

a child.

And all you can do is stand
here and talk about yourself

and your public image.

You remorseless piece of shit.

- Do you think I feel bad?

What do you want me to say,

that I could have done it differently?

I followed protocol.

I was just doing my job.

- You are not the victim here.

You killed my son!

You killed my son!

Our son.

You didn't come here to apologize,

so what did you come here for?

- Look, what's done is done.

- What?

- Why are we dragging this out?

Why make the situation worse?

- Worse?

How can it get any worse?

You come into our home harassing us

after ripping out of soul?

- I had enough of your shit.

I'm calling the cops.

We'll let the cops decide.

- Okay, you call the police,

but you're the one with the gun.

That's my gun.


How are you gonna explain that?

Look in the mirror.

Who are they gonna believe?

I didn't do anything.

I didn't hurt anyone.

I just came here to talk
and you attacked me.

- Ethan.

- No.

I refuse to give up my rights.

I'm an American citizen in my own home!

- You're not gonna kill a cop.

- Maybe.

Maybe not,

but I could.

- Nobody is killin' anybody.

- And I'd have every
god damn right to do so

and it's but a little
bit too late for that,

isn't it?

- But it's not too late now.


- You're not just a cop.

You're the man that killed our son.

- It's Damon.

- Leave it.

- He will worry if we don't pick up.

- You need to leave our house.

- Yeah, you give me my gun back.

- You ain't getting
your god damn gun back.

- Ethan.

- Give me my gun back and I'll go.

- Hell no.

- Hello?

- Mom, I got the offer.

- Oh, that's nice.

- That's nice?

That means I'm moving back.

I got the tenure.

Now I can help you and
pops more with the house.

- That's wonderful, dear.

Can we talk tomorrow?

- Mom, did you hear what I said?

I got the tenure.

I'm moving back home.

What was that?

Mom, are you listening to me?

- I'm watching TV with your father.

I'll give him the news, okay?

- Ain't the TV broken
and I've been tenured.

Is everything okay?

- Your dad fixed the TV.

- Dad hasn't fixed anything in his life.

- He called someone to fix the TV.

I'm gonna call you tomorrow, okay?

I love you, son.

- You stupid.

Who's Damon?

- He's our son.

- What did you tell him?

- Nothing.

He calls every night.

- This is wrong.

This is wrong!

- Dom?

Dom's kinda busy.

- Hey, Sienna.

Can you grab a brother for a second?

- Oh, sure.

Where do you want me to grab him?

- Ha-ha-ha, you got jokes.

Seriously though, can you put
him on the phone for a sec?

- Yeah, yeah, you're no fun.

- Yeah, what up, bro?

- Yo man, listen.

I need you to head over to
mom and dad's crib real quick.

- Why?

It's like 10 o'clock, man.

Ain't they asleep by now?

- No.

I just spoke to mom and I gave
her some really exciting news

and she acted all weird and shit.

I don't know.

- Dam, come on, man.

You're trippin' for nothing right now.

And besides, I'm kicking
with Sienna tonight.

You know what's up.

- Man, just shut up and head
over to the crib please.

Take 10 minutes out of your night, okay?

And just, I don't know,

just check on 'em

and then you can get
back to whatever it is

you and Sienna were doing.

Besides, you can drop off
that 50 spot you owe me.

- Whatever, cock block.

You can get your damn loot when
I see your ass at Christmas.

Matter of fact, forget that.

I'm gonna keep that 50 for gas now.

Later, bitch.

- Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.
- What?

- Make sure you holla
at me when you get there

so I know everything's 100, all right?

- All right, you bet.

- Peace.

- Hey, babe.

I gotta roll out for a few minutes.

- What, why?

- I'll be a few minutes.

It's Dam.

He's worried about my mom again.

- He's always worried.

Ever since he moved cross
country, he's been worried.

- I know.

But ever since Trey's, well,

ain't nobody been the same.

I'll be like a half hour at the most.

- Okay, well if you're
leaving, I'm coming.


because you, my dear, have been drinking,

and you know my mom don't
play with that booze stuff.

- Oh god, I know.

Okay, I'll wait in the car.

We need more wine.

We can grab some on the way back.

- All right, that works.

Hurry up and go get ready then.

The movie's waiting.

- You mean the chill part.

- That too.

- Okay, it is not just for hook ups.

I've been to two swipe right weddings.

- Whoa.

Well, I've been to like
three Black Planet weddings.

Beat that.

- You know, speaking of weddings,

my parents are so happy
your parents are coming down

for their 20th anniversary
party next weekend.

I'm just glad my dad really likes you.

- For real, huh?

- Yeah.

- Works for me.

- Oh, I love this jam.

My sister and I used
to make dance routines

and perform them for our parents

and this was one of them.

- My brothers and I used
to do that same thing.

Yeah, Dam was always the lead singer

and he'd make Trey and I
be his back up dancers.

♪ She's playing hard,
won't let me hit it ♪

♪ Let's say you're committed ♪

♪ Then again ♪

♪ My body lookin' hard
and I can just feel it ♪

♪ I ain't got nobody ♪

- So, you got some moves?

- Yeah, yeah, I got some moves.

All in due time.

Well, you should show me some
of those moves by.

- Be careful now.

♪ Feel the music ♪

- Look would you made me do.

I just wanted to talk, not this.

- Talk?

You came here on your
own guilt, nothing more,

so just say what you
have to say and leave.

- It's not that simple now, is it?

You two have turned this into something

it didn't need to be!

- Us two?

You came into our house
and you attacked my wife!

- I didn't attack anybody.

I wanted to stop her from
screaming so I could explain.

- Explain what?!

How you set up our son and
killed him in cold blood?

Is that what you came here
to explain, detective?!

- I didn't set him up.

He had a gun.

- My son would have
never had a gun on him.

He was not that type of person.

- Well, maybe you didn't know your kid

as well as you think you did.

You people are all the same.
- Oh, there it is.

What was that?

You people?

- I was just doing my job.


And now I can't leave my house

without being called a racist.

I'm chained to my desk at work.

My wife barely talks to me.

But I guess that's what happens

when a white man shoots a black criminal.

He's called a racist.

- Get out!

Get out.

Just leave our home please.

Just leave.

We won't say a word, like you said.

What's done is done

and you're free to go

with no worry or repercussion.

Please just leave our family alone.

- If either of you say a
word of this to anyone,

what's left of my life is over

and I will have nothing to lose.

Do you understand that?

- We have nothing to gain
by calling the police.

We just want to be left alone.

You have our word.

- We understand.

Please just leave.

Mom, mom?

- Who the hell is that?

Who the hell is that?!

- Hey, ma, pops?
- No, no.

- Dam be trippin', told me to come by.

What's going on?

What the hell's he doing here?

- Everything's okay.

He's just leaving.

He only came by to talk, okay?

Everything is okay.

- Everything don't look
all right to me, ma.

- It's fine, son.

It's fine.

Just let the detective leave.

- Yeah, it's--

- He ain't supposed to be here.

There's a broken table.

And pops, you got blood on your mouth.

- Put the phone down, Dom.

There's no need to call anyone.

He's just leaving, okay?

- The question is

how come none of y'all
ain't call the police yet?

- There's no need to call anyone

'cause I was just here
to set things right.

- Set things right?

You don't get to set things right.

You ain't even supposed
to be near my parents,

and that's court orders!

- You're right.

That's why I'm gonna go.

I didn't want to cause any trouble--

- Damn right, you shouldn't be here!

And yeah, you need to leave in handcuffs.

- Dom, we're fine, honey.

- Just listen to your parents, son, okay?

There's no need to call anyone.

Just drop the phone.

- Don't!

Don't touch me, man.

And I for damn sure ain't your son.

You got that?

- Put the phone down.

- Detective, please.
- Hang up the phone, son.

Please, please, please.

- Put it down.


- 9-1-1, what is your emer--
- Put it down.


You cancel that call.

Cancel it and tell them it was a mistake.

Tell them it was a mistake.

Do it now.

- Dom.

- And play it nice.

what is your emergency?

- Hello.

Yeah, sorry about the confusion.

A kid got hold of the phone.

It won't happen again.

Okay, sir.

Thank you.

Please be more careful next--

- Get over with your parents.


What are you doing?!

- Easy, kid.

I'm still a cop.

- Just let the detective go.

- Oh no.

Did you really think it was
gonna help the situation

having your son stop by, huh?

- I didn't ask anyone to stop by.

You created this situation.

You can end it by leaving.

- Doesn't seem that easy anymore

with your little hero
busting through the door.

- No one wants any more problems.

We already said we wouldn't say anything.

- What do you mean, pops?

You a murderer and a racist, man!

- Dom.

- Oh yeah, that's real easy to say

when the situation is reversed, isn't it?

I mean, who's really the victim here?

All anyone hears is white cop.

I didn't have a choice

and I was guilty before I even
pulled the friggin' trigger!

- Don't play that victim
shit with me, man.

I mean, why are you even
here in the first place?

Can't sleep?

I get it.

Flashes of murder revolving around

that tiny little head of yours, huh?

Yeah, it's real haunting, I'm sure.

- Dom, enough.

The situation's already
way out of control.

- Hello?

- Where are you?

You were supposed to be here hours ago.

Once a week.

You get your daughter once a week

and you manage to screw that up?

- Just stop, stop.

Sorry, okay?

Something came up.

It's important.

- What's more important
than your daughter?

She's six.

She needs her father.

You know, you can mess up your own life

but I will not let you mess up hers.

- Sorry.

I messed up.

- I know, but you can make
up for it if you just--

- No, no, no.

I'm messed up.

- What did you do?

Where are you?

- Just trying to figure this thing out.

- Well, you better figure it out soon

'cause we might lose our house

and then when are we
supposed to go then, Tom?

- No, no.

- You know?

- Saks told me.

Look, I just need some more time.

I'm talking to them.

Everything's gonna be okay.


- I didn't do anything wrong, did I?

I can't go back in time.

- I know, but how do I fix things?

- Fix us?

- No, just fix everything?

- Just stop.

Stop drinking, stop running away,

and then maybe one day, we can heal

and forgive each other for what we said,

if not for us, for Callie's sake.

- So you forgive me?

- I don't know.

- I don't know if they'll forgive me.

Not now.

They're afraid.

- Who?


- I'm in here, baby.

We woke up Callie.

I'm just on the phone with papa.

I'm gonna come tuck you back in.

- But I want to talk to papa.

She wants to talk to you.

- No.

No, Jess.

I can't talk right now, please.

She was waiting
for you to tuck her in.

- Jess, please.

Hi, papa.

- Hey, princess.

- Are you at work?

- Yeah.

It's work.

You said you'd be
with me tonight.

- I'm so sorry, baby.

- When are you coming here?

- You just need to go back
to bed, princess, okay?

I'll see you soon.

Are you coming now?

- No, not now.

- I got a new Stella book.

- Oh yeah?

- Okay, say bye to papa.
- Good night, papa.

- Good night, Callie.

I love you.

- Love you, papa.


let's talk tomorrow.

- I love her so much.

- I know you do.

- If anything happened to her,

I don't know if I could forgive myself.

- Nothing's gonna happen to her.

You just need to go to
bed now and sleep it off.

- Yeah.

- No, no, please, please.

- I should go.

- Okay, time for bed.

- Mommy, are you okay?

- Of course, I'm okay.

Why would you ask that?

- Because you won't let papa come home.

- Papa just needs his own time right now.

- Did papa do something wrong?

Is that why you're mad at him?

- I'm not mad at papa.

He's mad at himself.

- How can you be mad at yourself?

- I hope you never have to find out.


Now, time for bed.

You just climb right in here.

- You're a father?

How old is your daughter?

- She's six.

She means everything to me.

- I know how you feel.

So did my son.

- Enough of this sentimental bullshit!

You're just a coward and a racist, man.

- Come on.

- This has nothing to do with race.

- This has everything to do with race!

- I'm not a racist.

My whole career has been based

on cleaning up your neighborhood,

protecting your kids,

basically protecting you from yourselves.

- Oh yeah?

Like how you protected my bruv?

- Your brother was a criminal.

- Oh yeah.

But all black men are criminals to you.

Ain't that right?

- I've been surrounded by
black people my whole life.

- You murder them too?

- Dom.
- Enough.

- Baby, please.

- No.

There's a reason why my brother's dead.

It's because a white cop saw a black kid

and had the typical reaction.

Aw yeah, look at that black kid.

He must be trouble.

- You weren't there.

- I didn't need to be!

'Cause it's always the same goddamn thing.

The white kid gets away with a warning.

- You gonna shoot this fucker?

- Now!

- While the black kid.

He don't even get the warning shot.

- Dom.
- Please stop.

- No!
- Dom!

- I'm sorry, ma,

but I'm sick of this.

See, good young black men like Trey

have a hard enough time trying
to survive in they own hood,

let alone getting
slaughtered in the streets

because some white man just afraid.

- We know this, son.

Your father and I have lived
with this our entire lives.

- Well then, mama--
- You're right, son,

but this isn't helping.

It's not.

- What are you hoping
to gain from being here?

Your only option is to leave.

- Impossible.

You're stealing my life.

- Stealing your life?

- I just want to forget all this,

but you can't drop it!

- Is this what this is about?

The lawsuit?


- This is about my life,

my family's life, my reputation.

- You've already made that quite clear.

This is why you shouldn't be here

and why you should leave.

- Just leave.

- Can you really put a price on a life?

What happened happened.

It was an accident.

No one was at fault,

but I'm paying for it because I'm white.

- It was an accident?

Hold up.

I thought you said he had a gun.

You fucking liar!

- Don't!
- Come on!

- Don't be stupid, kid.

- Stop, Dominic, I can't lose you too.

Please, please.

- I didn't come here to kill anybody.

Who is out there?

- I don't know.

- Don't lie to me, kid.

- It could be anybody.

- In the car parked right
in front of the house.

Who is it?

- Look, man.

She ain't got nothing to do with this.

- You should have thought of that

before you brought her here.

- She ain't gonna be any trouble.

- You need to make her leave now.

- She's waiting on me.

What do you want me to do?

- You need to make her leave now.


- What's taking so long?

If you were gonna have a visit,

maybe you could have invited me in.

- I'm sorry, babe.

My parents ain't really
feeling too well tonight.

- Is everything okay?

- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Everything's fine.

I'm gonna just hang
around for a little while

and make sure they get to bed okay.

Tell you what.

Take the car, right?

Go pick up some of that wine you like,

head back to the spot.

I'mma hook up with you later.

They're not really up
for a full visit tonight.

That's all.

- Oh, okay.

Are you sure everything's all right?


- Get outta here!


- Pops!

Get off!

Get off!


- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!


It's okay, it's okay.
- Oh, baby.

- Don't!

Sit down!

Sit down, sit down!

- Slow your breath.
- It's okay, it's okay.

- Fuck!




- Don't I know you?

- I'm sure, John.

Don't you remember?

We woke up beside each
other just the other day.

- Oh yeah.

Yeah, I know you.

- You don't know anybody.

What a jerk.

I just gotta take this.

Hey, Jessica.

Everything okay?

- Yeah, I think so.

I just got off the phone with--

I didn't do anything.

And what have
you gotten yourself into?

You got the wrong guy.

- You want to shut up?

This is a phone.

I'm on it.

You're in there, I'm out here.

Hey, Jess, sorry about that.

Everything okay?

- I'm just worried about Jason.

- Yeah, hey, you know what?

We all are, okay?

But don't worry.

He'll push through this.

All kinds of officers deal
with these same demons

whenever they're in a shooting.

- I know.

I'm just worried.

Maybe you can check up on him tonight.

He's been drinking again.

- Yeah, I will.

I will.

I gotta run.

- Okay.


Just try to slow your
breath, slow your breath.

Just slow your breathing, okay?

Just try to relax.

Try to relax.

I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

She needs help.
- I know, I know.

Drop the phone.

- She needs an ambulance, man.

- No ambulance!

Put the phone down!

- You could bleed out and
die and nobody gonna care,

but my girl ain't dyin' tonight!

- No phones, no cops, not now!


I have to figure this out.


Look at me, look at me,

look at me, look at me.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Take a seat, pops.

- No.

She needs medical attention

and you're not letting
us call an ambulance.

So I'm grabbing a first aid kit

and it's in that room back there.

- No one leaves my sight.

- Well then you can come with
me where I'm about to go.

- Take a seat!

- Where are they gonna go?

- Sit down!

Take a seat!

Sit down!

- She needs help!

- You, hey, you,

come with me.

Nobody fucking moves.

Nobody talks.

You understand?

We understand.

Just hurry up.

- Pops, you need to go get help.

- I'm not leaving you guys alone with him.

- No, I can take care of him.

If he was gonna do something,

he would have done it already.

- You guys are my life.

There's no way I'm leaving
you alone with him.

- Detective, Sienna is bleeding out.

We've got to call an ambulance.

There's nothing but loss
on the other side of this.

- No, it's too late for that.

- It's not too late.

Think of your daughter.

- That's all I think about.

Why do you think I came
here in the first place?

- Then let it end in a better way.

- Just hurry up and get what you need.


Before they do something stupid.

- Your daughter needs you.

She needs a father.

You can't read her bedtime
stories from prison.

- Enough!

Let's just grab the
and let's go.

- He's a coward.

- Here.

- If she dies,

you're gonna lose a lot
more than a civil suit.

- You scandalous piece of shit.

You're telling me my brother's dead

and now she's shot 'cause
you're worried about money?!

- What, you think it's easy

being a white cop in this neighborhood?

She got shot because you, okay?

You came at me.

You couldn't just leave it alone.

You couldn't leave her alone.

And every time you people get pulled over

or you're handed a ticket for jay walking,

you pull the race card.

Only a mindset like that
would try to make money

off their own son's accidental death.

- You're disgusting.

How else are us lower class
supposed to get justice?

With a system that's so corrupt

that you cops get away with murder?

- You see, there you go again, pops.

You're pulling the race card, okay?

I'm not a racist.

I just call it the way I see it

and I see a lot day in and day out.

Hearing excuses coming
from every direction,

blaming the system for all your problems

as I walk down the street

waiting to get shot in the back,

waiting for one of your little knives

to stick me with a needle

while I protect you from yourselves.

It's got nothing to do with color.

A spade is a spade.

- Hm, is that so?

- You are a racist, man.

You can't even call it for what it is.

Ignorant ass bitch.

- You don't even realize everyone
on the outside looking in.

All we see is how you
spew hate with your music,

hating one another, disrespecting women,

glorifying murder and crime.


You've been dealt a shitty
hand, but slavery is over.

It's time to move on!

You know, you want change?

Change starts with all of you.

So don't blame me for an
environment you choose to support.

You explain that.

You'd like nothing more
than for me to be a racist

so you can justify your
white cop hating agenda.


He's not worth it.

Focus on Sienna.

- For the record, I don't
hate all white cops,

just the corrupt power
tripping ones like you.

See, while you all, how'd you put it,

call it as you see it,

I call it how it really is.

- It's not too late to save Sienna.

If you're truly sorry
for taking my boy's life,

then please don't take any
more of my family from us.

I know her father

and he loves her just as much
as you love your daughter.

Don't rob him of a life with her.


I'll trade my testimony for Sienna's life.

You gotta know it's the only way, right?

- I won't trade my life for
a situation you put me in.

I won't go down for this.

- Your only hope is to do the right thing.

- You're right.

Once again, I'm the one left
making all the hard choices.

It's time for me to clean up this mess.

Sit down!

Your last
chance for a double shot

extra caramel macchiato.

Yeah, no.

Plus, I need to check in on Pearce.


- Pearce, hey!


I fucked up.

- Brother, we all fuck up sometimes, man.

What's going on?

- No.

This is bad.

- Just breathe okay, honey?

I'm losing everything.

- Hey, you know what?

Half of these lawsuits

are settled outside of court anyway, man.

Everything will be fine.

Trust me.

- Court's the least of my worries now.

- Okay, well, Jessica's been calling me.

We're worried.

I mean, you want me to come pick you up?

You gotta sleep this one off or what?

- I just had to set things right.

I just wanted to talk, not this.

I shouldn't have come.

- Pearce, where are you right now?

- I never meant for any of this.

- What?

- If anything happens to
me, you remember our deal.

- Our deal?

Pearce, what are you say--

What the hell are you talking about?

Our deal?

Just keep your head back.

It's gonna be okay.

- Come on.


Hey, come on, let's go!

Come on, let's go!
- What?

- Let's go!

- I just ordered a coffee!
- Let's move!

Our deal?

- You know, you owe me $6.

That was a caramel
latte I was waiting for.

- Our deal, our deal?

What the hell are you up to, Pearce?

- Our deal?

What is our deal?

- Shit, he's gotta be
in some kind of trouble

because he said if anything
were to ever go down,

I'm supposed to take care of his family

and he'd take care of mine.

That's our deal.

So that means some kind
of shit's going down.

That's what that means.

So we need to head back to the office.

We'll get you a coffee some other time.

You gonna be all right?

- Oh, fuck you.

- Get up.

Get down, get down.

Come here.
- No!

Get over there!


Fuck over there!

tight, I'll be right back.

Can you grab me a--

A coffee?

Thanks, partner.

- Come on.

- Hey, Saks.

I didn't think you'd be here.

Since you are, do you want
to take a look at this?

- You know what?

I'm actually off the clock.

I'm just looking into something.

- Yeah, all right.

- Hello?

- Hey, Jessica.

Hey, it's Saks.

Listen, sorry to bother you.

- Saks, what time is it?

- I was just wondering if
you'd heard from Pearce.

- Not since I talked to you.

What's happening?

- Nothing.

It's probably nothing.

- You would be calling me at this time

if it wasn't something.

What's going on?

- Pearce called me
earlier, sounded worried,

kinda like he got himself into
some trouble or something.

And then he just hung up

and I've just been
trying to call his phone

and I just get voicemail, that's all.

- Well, where is he?

- You know what?

I'm not sure,

but I have an idea and
I'm gonna go check it out.

- Okay.

Well, call me when you find him.

- Absolutely.

- I need rope, zap straps,
anything to tie you up.

- We don't have any of that stuff.

- Well then get me shoelaces.


Come on, hurry.

There isn't much time.

- What do you mean there isn't much time?

- Sit down.

- So, what now?

You're just gonna let my girl
bleed out and kill us all?

Is that part of the master plan?

- Yeah, something like that.

- Don't make it worse.

- He ain't gonna kill us, pops.

He's have done it already.

Punk bitch.

Why tie us up?

- That's enough, kid,

unless you want to be the first to go.

Hurry up!

Sit down.

Unlace all of these.

Go on, hurry.

Okay, you tie him up first.

No, not in front.


Don't play games with me.


Okay, you do him now.

Are you messing with me?

Are you messing with me?!

- No.

- Tie him up tighter.

Tie him up tighter.
- Okay.

- Okay, now you do him.

Hey, no, wait here, no, turn around.

Turn around.

- It's okay.


Now, sit down back there.


- You're a popular guy.

- Not a fucking word.


- Jason, what's going on?

Saks called me.

Are you in trouble?

What have you gotten yourself into?

- I made a mistake and now
I'm paying for a bad decision.

- What did you do?

- All I've ever done was try
to protect you and Callie,

to give you a proper life
different from theirs.

- You're scaring me, Jason.

- Just listen to me, okay?

Just listen.

I haven't told everyone the truth.

I haven't told the whole truth.

What is the real truth?!

That you planted that gun on Trey?!

- Who is that?

Where are you?

- Jess, Jess, I have to go.

- No, don't you hang up on me.


It's papa.

He's on the phone and
he wants to talk to you.

- Don't do this.

Take it.

Papa, are you coming home?

- Callie.

You should be in bed.

Could you put mommy back
on the phone please?

- I was sleeping, silly.

Mommy woke me up.

I have a recital.

Are you coming?

- I'm sorry, princess, I can't come.

I have to go on a trip.

- Where are you going?

Can I come?

- No, baby, you can't come on this trip.

I have to go alone for
a little while, okay?

But I'm gonna come home real soon.

Listen, I want you to be a big girl

and you take care of mommy for me.

Can you do that, princess?

- Okay, papa, I will.

- Good.

I love you, Callie.
- Love you, papa.

- Papa, he loves you so much, okay?

You go back to sleep, okay honey?

Jason, what's happening?

You can't run away from us.

She needs you.

I need you.

- Everything I did was to protect us.

I won't let these people ruin our lives.

If it wasn't this kid, it
would have been another.

- Let him speak.

He's digging his own grave.

- What difference does it
make if he runs his mouth?

Ain't nobody gonna believe us.

- You're right, son,

but they will believe him.


We had 'em installed after Trey.

Your mother wanted to feel safe.

- Jess.

I have to go.

I love you, both of you, to no end.

I'm sorry.

- No, no!

- Is that recording?

- It looks to be your confession.

- Fuck!

Where is the recording?

Tell me where the fuck it is!

- I wouldn't know anything about it.

Sorry, officer.

Maybe a bullet to
your pop's head will make you--

- No!

- You hurt him or any
other member of my family,

I swear to god, I will personally--

- Personally do what?!


- Leave him alone!

- Pops will be easier to convince.

Get up!
- No, no!

- Get the fuck up.

- No.
- Let him go!

Let him go, man!

- It's gonna be okay.

Hang in there.

We're gonna help.

Okay, honey?
- Leave him alone!


- It looks like it's
just you and I Monday,

so what do you say we
just make this simple?

You tell me where the recording is.

I'll leave and you guys are safe.

- No one's safe with you on those streets.

- No one else needs to get hurt.

Just tell me where the
fucking recording is

and let's be done with it!

- Kill us all,

but your confession will be heard.

You have no power in this house.

Leave now and make a run
for it while you still can.

- One last time.

Tell me now or your wife is next in line

and I will take everything from you.

- You already have.

You killed my boy and you're
not getting away from that.

You have nowhere to run.

It's over.

- Yeah, we'll see about that.


Who's next?

- What did you do to my pops?

- No!

- The same thing I'm gonna do to your mom

if you don't fucking speak up.

- Psychotic pig!

You ain't gotta do this, man.

- You just don't fucking
give up, do you, kid?

Stay the fuck down.


One more time.

One more time.

Where does that camera record to?

- I don't know!

- She's telling the truth.

- Please.

- I will burn this fucking
house down if I have to!

That footage is not getting out,

so speak the fuck up now!



No, no!

- Are you listening now?


- All right!

Enough, man!

That's enough.

I'll show you.

- No, son, he'll just kill us.

- Just let him go.

Let 'em all go and I'll
show you where it records.

You ain't gonna find it without me, man.

- You don't have room to negotiate,

so speak up now!

- Stop!

I have the clips.

It's right here.

- Pops, no!

- Ethan.

- Just let my family go.

- Finally, something
smart from one of you.

You people are stubborn as fucking hell,

all of you!

You know I have to kill all of you, right?

- Look, you have what you want.

Just leave us alone.

- You still don't get it.

I'm doing the world a favor
getting rid of you people.

You're poison, an infection.

See, I never had a problem with
your kind until I moved here

and started watching you steal, and loot,

and kill each other,

and breed where you don't belong.

- That's why you killed my brother?


- I killed your brother
because he was a criminal.

He was guilty from the moment

he decided to hang out
at all hours of the night

with a bunch of gang bangers,

drinking, causing trouble,
stealing, breaking into cars,

anything that gave him money
without working for it.

See, that's your fucking M-O.

I work protecting you thugs
while you live off my money.


Hardly seems fair, does it?

- Trey wasn't a criminal.

You planted that gun.

You, and you alone!

Covert or not,

you're racist.

- Yeah.

Well, I guess we'll never know.

Okay, enough chatting.

Who's first?

You, mother--

- No, no!

No, baby.


Are you okay?

- Go help Sienna.

- No, no.

- Fuck!

- Give me the card.

- Go to hell!

- Give me the fucking card!

You're a stupid fuck!

You just couldn't leave it alone!

I just wanted to be with my family.

No one forced you into the fucking ghetto.

This place became the ghetto
when you people moved in here.

Your fucking homeland is a diseased

fucked up war torn wasteland

because that's what happens
when you're left to yourselves.

And now you want to do it to my country?!

And my daughter will have
to grow up without a father,

you stupid fucking nigger!

- A spade is a spade, huh?

Get off me, man.

- Hey, Pearce.

What are you doing here, brother?

- Hey, he's got a gun.

It wasn't my fault.

- Look, I'm not sure
what's going on, okay,

but I'm sure we'll work it out, okay?

- It wasn't my fault!

- There's no need for the gun.

- Pearce, did you hear her?

Just drop the weapon, okay?

Pearce, drop the weapon.

Like I said, I'm not sure
what's happening right now,

but this, this isn't the answer, okay?

You gotta be smart here.

You gotta think, okay?

Think about Jessica, all right?

Think about Callie.

Can you do that for me?

- You remember our deal?

- What?

- Remember our deal!

- Don't.

- Don't do it!

- Trey!

Trey, come on!

Come on, Trey!

- Don't move!

On your knees, hands on your head!

On your knees, hands on your head!

On your knees, hands on your head!

Now, don't do it, don't do it!

Hey, hey.

- Dom!

- Sienna, Sienna?

- She's okay.