Tormented (2011) - full transcript

After killing an injured rabbit, the boy Daigo does not go to the classes anymore and his older half-sister, the librarian Kiriko, becomes his tutor. They live with their father, the book illustrator Kohei, but he does not care to Diago. One day, Kiriko goes with Daigo to the movie theater to watch the 3-D film "The Shock Labyrinth" and Daigo catches a rabbit that comes out of the screen. Soon Daigo has nightmares with a big rabbit and one night, Kiriko follows him and believes that his mother Kyoko is attacking him dressed in a rabbit costume.


And this one also, Kiriko.

With a drop of the Prince's blood,
the Little Mermaid can be a mermaid again.

She approached to the Prince,
sleeping on the bed...

and raised her knife.

Then the Prince talked in his sleep.

Wispered the name of the bride...

The knife quaked in her hand.

"No, I cannot do this..."

The Little Mermaid tossed
the knife far out to the sea.

And jumped overboard
into the wild waves.

Her body is starting to dissolve
into sea bubbles.

Hey you guys!

Hey, wait for me!


# It was after school.

# Daigo found a dying rabbit and...

# put it out of the misery.

# No one understood his act of kindness.

# From that day on,
he quit going to school.

# I wonder if I was able to speak,

# Daigo'd not have been
so quiet and shy.

You never force me to go to school
or anything, do you?

"There must be other more important
things than just going to school?"

Is it ok for a school librarian
to say that?

A little more. Okay, you made it.


Thank you!

Here you go!

Very cute! Thank you, Dad!

# My brother and I have different mothers.

# His mother died when
she gave birth to him.

# He never saw her face
or felt her affection.

# "What do you want for
your birthday this year?"

Nothing, I am ok with
the usual pressed-flower.

# My father is a picture-book artist.

# He is working on pop-up books
about Mermaids.

# After he lost the two women he loved,

# he escaped into the world
of picture books.

# This year again,

# he doesn't remember Daigo's birthday.

# Every year,
I gave him a pressed-flower.

# Seemingly Daigo is
looking forward to it.

# Let me out, let me out.

# No. Nooo!

# Everybody knows it, right?

# That haunted house
we were in before?

# What the hell is going on?

Are you sleeping sis?

Where does it go...

# Daigo!

Is that... you, sis?

Hey, wait!

Wait a minute.

Hey, what is this?

A hospital?

# Daigo, run!

Help! Someone!


# Help!

Stop, don't come!

It was the Rabbit!

Ah, sis... I saw...

Never mind. It's ok.

Believe me, I am fine.

Kiriko, you want some coffee?

# "He was in the closet last night!"

# "Something was wrong."

# "Something was wrong with Daigo."

I have to go back to work.

# Dad is always getting away.

# It makes no difference with
or without him.

# Dad used to read me
the story of the Little Mermaid.

# Her voice was taken away
to meet the Prince.

# I lost my voice when I was a child.

# So I saw myself in her.

# I wish my voice could
connect with Daigo.

# "Naming our baby - Daigo? Kiyomi?"


Wake up, Sis!




Where are you going?

Stop! Stop!

Hey, stop it!

Sis! Sis...

My sis!




# Daigo...

Give me back my sister...



We should go, Kiriko.

Help, sis! Sis!!

Help me, Sis!

# Help, Sis!

Help me, Sis!! Help!

Sis, my sis...

Sis! My sis!!

You've seen it again?

That rabbit costume?

I thought I'd heard
my sister's voice.



I'm drawing a Mermaid story.

She gave up her voice...

in exchange for human legs.

I wonder what you'd exchanged...

your voice for?

How is she?

She's seen it again?

Yes, she said... it's Daigo.


the same condition she had before.

Are you feeling better now?

How about visiting Kyoko's grave?

Why don't we go together
on her anniversary?

# "Kyoko is coming."

# "I saw her!"

# "Daigo as well..."

Enough of your delusions.

What do you want me to believe?

If you continue to press me...

I will have to put you in a hospital!


I'm home.

Welcome home.

Who is?

This is Kyoko.


Kiriko, you say hello to her as well.

Kiriko, nice to see you.

I'm Kyoko.

I think that you will like this...

Your shoes;
please line them up properly...

Oh, I'm sorry...

What is happening?

Are you alright?

Are you alright?

Your belly?

I am fine...

Are you really?


Oh my goodness!

Let me go!

We have to stop her bleeding.
First-aid kit?

I'm Kyoko.

Did Kyoko make this?

Ah, Kiriko...

She is having your baby?

Are you getting married?


You want me to bear it, right?

I'll go to get some drinks.

It's not fair.



Kiriko, Happy Birthday!

My sis...


# It was I who delivered
new-born Daigo.

Is this... mother?

Was it her who wore
the giant rabbit costume?


She must have come back
to take me with her.

I shouldn't have been born!

Hey, she is looking at us!

Who cares?

Come on! No fun!

She was talking about her dead mother.

# I understand.
We'll make immediate treatment.

Where would Kiriko be now?

She's at school. She works there.

You'd better bring her
to our hospital now.

# The sooner the better...

Yes, sure.

I'll call you back.
Thank you.

Sis, Sis...

the rabbit, that rabbit.

Why? I burned it myself.

Movie theater!

It was that movie theater!

# What the hell is going on?

# Sis, we can still save her.

Let go... Let go of me!

Help, Sis! Help!

It's fine. We have to
tighten it a bit, but...

Can you stand up?
OK, I am sorry...

No, no, it's no good...

Kiriko! Kiriko!

He is not here, Kiriko.

Don't you understand, Kiriko?

He doesn't exist!

The baby boy was dead before his birth.
He doesn't exist!

Doc, please!

He is not here! He is not!

Daigo does not exist at all!

It's your hallucination!

# "Daigo was taken away!"

# I'm Kyoko.

# A happy birthday to you!

Is she going to be alright?

Or will she be like this forever?

Only if she accepts the reality...

The fact that her brother
was born dead?

Our defense mechanism intends
to put a lid on negative memories.

People are basically timid.

But the hideous memories sticks
in their brains and never go away.

But didn't she get over
the problem before?

Just enough to manage her daily life,
but not really...

That is?

She feels sorry for
the deceased woman...

and the baby inside her.

And she's still suffering from the guilt.

Her psychological struggle...

is creating these delusions.

I've heard this all before.

But why is the relapse now?

It's been 10 years already.

In human mind there is no clear
difference among past, present,

and future...

# The child was not born. He was dead
at-birth. He has never existed.

# Daigo does not exist at all!
It's your hallucination!

# Daigo did not exist in the first place.

# Kiriko, Happy Birthday!

Kyoko, Kyoko! Are you alright?

Kyoko! Kyoko!

# I wish I was never born!!

What are you doing?

Let it go!

Come here!

What are you doing, Kiriko?

# With a drop of the Prince's blood
The Little Mermaid can be a mermaid again.

# With the blood she could have regained
her beautiful voice...

# and body back...

# But, she could not stab the Prince.

# She did not get her voice back...

# and her spirit was gone like a bubble.

# The face of the Princess that
my father drew looked so pleasant.

# But, was she ever truly happy?

# That I really don't know.

# "A month later"

I wonder if I can support her...

Ever since I lost my wife,
her mother,

I have had no idea what
Kiriko has in her mind.

Is it not her mind but...

yours you do not know?

If you don't understand yourself,

how can you expect Kiriko
to understand you?

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

# Just a pressed flower as usual will do.

# I cannot finish it in time.

# No pressed dandelion flower
for this year's birthday...

# I was afraid of that
I still thought that way.

# Hello?

# Is this Kiriko?

# Sorry I left the house without a word.

# We are in the playground now.

# As we did not do anything
for his birthday.

# What? You said, hospital?

# OK, Daigo.
Don't pull my hand...

# "For my daddy"

# The hallucination I made...
starts to take on life.

# Daigo is set to come into this world
by haunting my father.

# Kiriko, Happy Birthday!

# Kyoko! Kyoko!

# Someone please call an ambulance!

Excuse me,

but we are closing now...

Thank you for your visit.

# "Is there any hospital around here?"

A hospital?

Is there any hospital around here?

No, no, hospital!
Is there any around here?

No, but a customer was asking...

#The same hospital,
Kyoko was brought in that day...

Wait, hey, Daigo wait for me.


Here I am.

No use trying to erase me.

I am the one you gave birth to
on that day.

Kill me now.

Come on, stab me!

Only you can do it, my sister!!

I am you, your own self.

Bye bye, sister!!

My voice...

came back...

Daigo, Happy Birthday.

# The abandoned hospital,

# in which the spirit of the girl
who we based Kiriko on is trapped;

# later was sold and now is used
as a part of an amusement park.

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