Tong prolueng (2016) - full transcript

Why did you cause trouble with me
during our dance competition?

What style did you dance?

I danced like this.

Your face isn't familiar.

Since I was hit last week... face became like this.

What do you want to eat?

We must take our revenge.

You, gangster!

I couldn't sleep because I didn't get
chance to hit you.

We have been waiting for seven days.

I couldn't sleep. Look at my eyes!

What's happen?

What are you doing with the cube?

I want to hit that man.

We are in bloody battle.

What's wrong with you, coward boys?

There are many of you
and you want to hit my man?

Yi, So bold...

...and pretty.

You want to get hit on another
side of face?

Piggy, I'll tell my dad tomorrow.

It's so suddent.

But if we continue waitting...

...Both will ask my dad to marry me.

I'm afraid that he will not accept me.
I'm so hopeless.

I will not let anyone break us apart.

I'd rather die than marry him.

Pleav! Pleav!

Piggy! Piggy!


Pleav! Pleav!

Why did you do that, Pleav?

If your dad ask you to marry him,
just do it.

If you get married, I can move on easily.

But if you do that...

...I get upset more than anything.

We shouldn't keep her corpse
until tomorrow.


Because tomorrow is Friday.

Why we need to select date
for cremating corpse?

This Friday is the date
that unnatural death coming to earth.

On 12 December at 12pm.

Your daughter will become unnatural death.

We shouldn't keep her corpse
until tomorrow.

Because she hanged herself.

But if you cremate her tonight...

...I can make her soul rest in peace.

Dont' be afraid.

I will not let anyone break us apart.

You don't have to grieve,...


...or suffer.

And you don't have to cry neither.

Just show a little compassion is enough.

Dont' think.
They didn't even let you to join funeral.

Move on.

I want to see her face
for a very last time.

Last time my ass!

She passed away.
No last time for you.

If you want to meet her now, you will die.

Let's me ask you.

Please, Three eyes

Are you being honest?

Is it not enough?


If you are honest...

...let's have a big mission.

Follow my instruction!

Go to take soul's flag from priest.

Don't ask him.

Just grab it and run as fast as you can.


No matter what happens, don't look back.

If you turn back,...

...Pleav's spirit will break your neck.

Run to somewhere secluded and
leave the soul's flag there.

Then, leave that place.

How was it, Gi?

Mission accomplished!

I left soul's flag in the forest.

Only champion can take it.

What do you think?

We will go to take it at 12pm.


Do you believe that I can use ghost,...

...once, I get the soul's flag?

No way.

If so, please ask her to hunt Both.

Ask the ghost to steal all
his family's clothes.

Ask her to hunt me also.

I wish it will be 12pm soon.



Hay! Hay!
Come on!

Hay Gi!

Hay Gi!


Pleav is very scary.

She isn't the same person
as she used to be.


Now, she is a ghost.
How can it be the same?

I didn't see her soul's flag.

I saw her ghost lying down on the ground.

Yes, that's her soul's flag!

It was delusion.

Just grab her...

...her soul will become normal soul again.

You will become her owner.

You can talk to her.

Then, I'll perform rituals for her
to reincarnat.


Why did you come with empty hand?
Why didn't you take it?

He's so afraid.
I and Krouch are making plan.

-How can I know?

Please, take me to take her soul's flag.

Let' go!

Where are you going?

Are you running for championships?


At the back.

Please try to find it.

You want to do as Kreoun's suggestion?

I won't do that.

But if someone take that flag... will be terrible.

What do you mean?

Whoever has her soul's flag... the owner of her spirit.

It is fine, if he is a good guy.

But if he is a bad guy...

...Pleav's soul become evil as well.

Let' go.

What's a lucky day!

Are these heros of Srayal village?

Go way!

I don't want prison to waste their food.

Is it walking accross the road
aganist the law?

That's fine. But if you cause obstruction
to my work... will end up in jail.

What's the obstruction?

The road is so large.
Why don't you walk?

Why the commune cheif has a son like you?

Are you implying that he is a dog?


He said you are a dog.

I heard it.
You don't have to repeat.

I think, Pleave is right...

...she choosed to die rather
than marry you.

Marrying with someone like you is
like living in a distster.

That's enough.

Let's go!
We don't want more trouble.

What are you afriad of?

Hay, Both!

I heard Mourn losing his position
because of you.

Let's get back to work!

Calm down, brother!

Sit down!

I'm so cruious about you.

Don't care about all those scrumbag!


About Pleav didn't want to marry you...

...all villagers knew it.

Not only Pleav.

All village girls, no one like you.

Uncle! Uncle!

Who hate me?

There are 800 cows...

...and 900 palm trees.

There are 7684 families, in this village.

There are only 3 people.

Dad, there are only 3 people.

Why do you care?

3 people who love you.

The rest hate you.

Who are those three?

You, me and his father, Moun.

Tonight, we have a dance party.

Are you interested?

Do you want to come?

There are many beautiful ladies.

You don't afraid that they will hit you?

We are a big man.
We come in gang.

Yes, even dogs don't dare to look at you.


No, I won't go.

Just go!

Tonight, I must meet with sorcerer.


Maybe Pleave's soul doesn't want to be
with Gi.

Love between human and ghost
are different.

Her soul might meet with someone
who is more handsome than Gi.

No, it's not.

Based on my assumption,...

The soul's flag was eaten by dog.

There aren't any dogs in that forest.


When you ran to take the flag...

...did you saw anyone?



When I ran out of the forest... find all of you,...

I met with Both's group accidently.

Why did he go there?

Maybe he found some drunk mates...

...or played hide and seek
or went to shit.

Why did he have to go that far for shit?

So coincidence!

In the forest

We must observe him.


What if they abuse Pleav's soul?

Depend on whome own the soul's flag.

I hope that flag's owner is a good person.

From tomorrow on...

...two or three of us must follow Both.

Observe his strange behavior.



I'll do more investigation.

From today on...

...Pleav's soul is your minion.


You can ask her to do whatever you want.


What's it?

Blood of black dog?


Holly shit?


So what's that?

Pleav, even you die... still belongs to me.


Pleav! Pleav!

How could you leave me like this?

You didn't even say good bye!

If she got a chance to say good bye...

...she wouldn't have died.

Did she really...

...die because of hanging herself?

What do you mean?

I just think.

Where are your friends?

Today, they have a job to do.

Sbong, where are you going?


You have been following us the whole day.

What do you want?

Who said I am following you?

I'm on my way home.

Do you think I want to follow you?

I said to Krouch.

What do you want?

I don't want anything.

I just want to go home and feed my dogs.

Let's me ask you!

In your family, who died?

Why did you buy many Cineraria?

No one die, but we buy for all of you.


I though you buy it and use it as a plat.

You don't have to buy
for chasing bad luck.

Buy me an ax, I can chase it for you.

Let's me teach them a lesson!

Not yet.

If so, it is fine.

but I'm afraid that it is not.

He might have changed.

He goes to pagoda.

What will he do with those Cineraria?

For putting bond.

What's bond?

What's bond?

Don't know.
Because no one die in his family.

Is it possible to say that
he can perform a magic?

It is impossible.

I've never seen him read book.

How can he read Pali?

He doesn't drink rice wine.

But I wonder...

How could he know we are following him?

No wonder.

You're so big.
It is impossible to hide.



I miss Pleav.


You wanted to kill me, right?

You should kill...

...those who made my father loss
his position.

You must responsible for
your son's action.

If you cannot lecture your son,
please step down.

Yes! Yes!

And those who hate me.

You must remember!


So quiet!

Both isn't at home.

If you want to know...

...go into his house.

Let's go!

Hold my hand!

If spirit is real,...

...please help our son to walk
on right path.

Everyday, he causes trouble...

...drink alcohol...

I'm afriad that he might go too far.

I saw his body full of blood.

Lucky, it was just a nightmare.

But this nightmare...

...was so terrible.

Please... our son to become a good boy... when you was alive.

If I were your son,...

...I won't make you worry.

It's so sad that I'm not your son.

When did you go into my house?

We were patrolling village,...

-...we saw the door opened.
-...we just went to check.

When I am gone...

...please take a good care of
Srayal village.

Don't let it become a ghost village again.

Roger that.

Pleav, you are here.

Do you know me?

Pale face, balck eyes.
See that?

Bad breath!
He didn't brush his teeth.

Based on my assumption...

Before he died, he might encounter
somthing terrible.

Scary things. Terrible like Tom and Teav!

It might be right.

But why is it relate to Tom and Teav?

Die suddently!

He led the villagers to Uncle Moun's house
the other day.

I think...

What's wrong?


Ly, our villager, passed away.

Nothing strange about that.

His death is not strange.

But his heart was disappeared.

How long have you planned to stay here?

Uncle Mourn is waitting for you at home.

Let's go back home.

What's for?

Srayal village will become a ghost village


Dumb you!


He's just kidding!

All corpses don't have hearts.

It must be murder!

Organ trade?

A skillful killer!

Killing without blood!

What is he going to do with hearts?

To make them his minions.

It's called...

...ghost listen to human.

You're so superstitious, Three eyes!

Srayal village...

...will become a ghost village again!

As long as police is here,
nothing could happen.

Police can caught criminals.

But Police aren't capable
of caughting ghost.

So Ly was killed by ghost?

Not sure.

I think... one can kill people
and take the heart...

...without blood.

And people's heart...

...was used to call spirit... performing a ritual.

Then, all those corpse will become Zombie.

And they only listen to that person.

You go too far!

But it is believable.

Staying at pagoda too long,... are capable of make up story.

Go back to pagoda and stop thinking!

I hope I'm wrong!

It must be wrong!

So greedy!

One spirit is not enough.

How many more does he need?

He tries so hard.
He can go into the wrong path.

I don't understand.

Like Kroun's wife.

Yes. What?

She killed all her blood line...

...and herself.

Is that bad?


How about us?

What will happen to us?

Wait and see.

It is unperdictable.

Let's go home!


Where are you going?

I want to go home.

We've left home a few days already.

Our parents are worried.

Several days already.

Tonight, I successfully learn magic.

Wait until tomorrow.

Where are you going?

We have police men here.

Make sure to protect your wife, children
and ancestor.

You're elderly. You should stay here.

I beg you. Please let me go!

How can you do that?

Where are you going?

There are many corpses needed
to be cremated.

That's why I don't want to stay.
Or I'll die.

Why don't you use your brain?

You're the oldest.

How can you leave our village?

Please, stay with us.

We're village guides.

I bag you. Please stay together.
Don't leave us!

Village guide are appointed
but priest isn't.

Come on!
Don't Go!

Your clothes!

-He's back.
-Come on! Don't run!

It's over!

Everyone leave!

What should we do?
Run away?

How can we run?

We're village guide.
We cannot leave our village.

Let's stay for a few days.
We can run later.

Let's go!

Hay! The problem becomes
bigger and bigger.

What's wrong with Srayal village?

Why people cannot stay here for long?

We haven't been promoted yet.

And all villagers are gone.

Kroun's wife is back?

People die every night.

and their heart disappered.

Killer must be a psycho.

Ghost serve human.

All corpses and Srayal's people...

...what will happen to them?

I think he is losing his mind.

I don't understand him.

Maybe ghost processed him.

I think...

...he's cruel.

It might be our tune soon.



I don't want to get involve.

I go now.

Runners must die.

There are many people.

How can we know which one is psycho?

I will never understand this.

How can we know who is psycho?
All of them are the same.

Based on Tv, psychopath is the one
who act weird.

Acting weird?
How can you tell?

No one weird here.

Except us.

So how can you tell?

Spot for the weird one.

Does strange things.

It's called weird.

Everything based on your judgement.


Do you believe in this kind of ritual?

Wait and see!

What's it for?

To talk with spirit

-They want to know the cause of their death.

Ghost has to reveal the killer
so they can rest in peace.

Then we can catch killer...

...and punish him.

So superstitious!

If doing that...

...can find justic.

We don't have to do investigation.

Sometime, it's possible.

They don't have to do this much.

If they want to talk with spirit,
they can ask Three eyes for help.

Guys! Let's ask him.


-Come on!

I'm exhausted!

Your guardian spirit may not come.

Don't worry.

Calm down people.

I'll help you.

You're the only one
could help us.

We must find a spirit
of the deseased.

Catch it to ask...

...about the cause of its death.

-Who was the last victim?

In this task, everyone must see the ghost.

'cause I don't know Teth's identity.

I don't have three eyes
nor ever see a ghost.

Follow me.

I'll add an eye for you guys.

Ever heard elders say
not to clip nails at night?


So what if we do?

It makes you see
what you've never seen.

and "What I've never seen" is what?

What you've never seen... the thing you've never known.

So thing is from thingy.

The thing you're talking about...

...isn't thing I want to say

And the thing you've never known...

...though I tell you,
you still don't know.

Because you all...

...don't know what it is.

The thing we don't know... "the thing"?

Do as I say.

Yeah, right.

Give it a shot.

We might know what the thing is.

How does the thing look?

Before 12:06am, you must clip all your nails.

And keep them whole.

One nail could clip only once.

Do it from left to right.

Then wrap them with used black fabric.

Any kind is fine.

Burry it into the ground.

Then you'll see
the thing you've never seen

and you'll know what it is.


What's wrong?

Oh pal.

What's wrong with you?


-What's wrong?
-I... stomach ach.

My friend!

What's happened to you?

Gotta go now.

Damn! There're so many graves.
Which one is his?

I don't know too.

Why don't you phone him?
I have the number.

Don't disturb them at night!

Why my life couldn't get away from ghosts?

If we want to find it

should look for the fresh grave.

Just dig it up.

Then let's go.


This place looks like a grave exhibition.
There're ton of graves around.

-My palms smell bad.
-You scratched shit or what?


Found it!


-Just a rock.
-Oh come on

Maybe it just a fake grave.
There's nothing.

Dig a little bit more.

Chick's hatching!

Don't talk shit.

Another hand comes out!

Your father's chick has hands?

You talk like you got haunted.

Look back if you don't believe.

Look! Look!

See that?

It's gonna come out now.

Krouch, look at that!

Why can't they see us?
Are they drunk?

Wanna know who behind all of these?

-Follow those corpses.

Follow ghosts?

-Come with me.
-Let's go.

Hey guys.

The village seem awfully quiet.

Quiet isn't a problem.
As long as it's not like before.


At this time,
everyone must've gone to bed.

9pm already.

Tey. I think we'd better go
to Kreoun's house quick, right?

I want to suprise Kreoun... feel like suprising myself.


Surprise all you like,
you'll spend the night on the street.


If tonight I can't see Sreyka,

I'd rather die.

Come on...
Show off.

Ghost Village will be back tomorrow.

Pleav. Tomorrow...
only us can live in this village.

Those who hate us, all died.

From tomorrow,
no one hates us.

What did you hit?

Too dark...
Don't know what it was.

How do we know it?

If you want to know,
get out there.

Yeah, and who volunteer?

Who was surprised the most?



I'll go...
to see what we hit.

Just kidding.

I'm just kidding.
Why are you all so surprised?

What? Selfie?

The hell? Selfie at night?

What a pain in the ass.

Get in the car quick!


Good that we're not human.

Leave this place at once.

Yeah sir. Yeah.

If not human, then what?

B...Big trouble.

This place became Ghost Village again!

How is my dear Kreoun?

My Sreyka.

Enough. Enough.

Stop talking about that.

They won't make it.

They might've died.

Go! Why don't you go?

Tey, what did you hit again?

Look at me for what?
Who know?

We're in the car together.


How do we know what it was?


-Want to know?

No need to know.
We're nurse, not journalist. Right?

Kill all Srayal villager.


My meal arrived.

Your meal may got eaten by them.


No one can eat my meal while I'm here.

Not so fast!
You can't go with empty hands!

Find weapons first.
Look at them eating windshield!

Help us!

Srayal Village's worst nightmare
is happening again.

My 30 years matial arts...

Can be used now!

-Help us!
-Scream for what?

We still in the damn car!

Help me see what they are?

I'm scared to look.


They're not ghosts.

What are they?

They're zombies!


If they're zombies,
then we hit them with the car!

-Like hollywood movie.
-Yeah! Let's do that!

One two three!

-Why don't you go?
-What's wrong?


-There's no fuel.

My Kreoun!

Damn you!
At least save some for me.

-You're too late, Mr. Lee.
-My zipper get stuck.

My honey!

I miss you.

Lee miss you too.

Lee who?

Oh dear! My honey is amazing!


What's happening to your village again?

Long story.

If tonight I make it alive,

I'll tell you tomorrow.

If tonight I'll make it alive,
I'll wait to listen.

Ok. That's the deal.

So where's Sreyka?

Right, our Sreyka.

It's over...

What's going on?


What happened to her?



She ran away with another guy.




Where is she?

Are you done crying?

Are you done?


Everyone has gone.



Help me!

My little sister!

Are you... ok?

My sister.

I said "my sister".

What did you inject?

Polio vaccine.

Hey get up!

Why didn't you look
when injecting?

It was the strength medicine.

You're overreacting.

It was the strength medicine!

Sorry, forget to think.

Damn you.

Hey! Need any help?

No need.
Save yourself.

Hey! Where do you think you're going?

Where are you going?


Where's Both?

Both want to be captain.

Captain what?

Captain of those zombies

-Continue speaking.

The day of Pleav's funeral procession.

Both had a plan to steal her soul's flag.

Why did he want it?

He's afraid of Pleav's vengeance.

-Why's he afraid of Pleav?

What did he do?
Why's he afraid of her?

He accidentally killed her.



You don't deserve to be human!

Cheaper than a dog.

He's no longer a human.

Then what?

A ghost.

What should we do now?

Didn't you say I'm too superstitious?
Why do you ask?

Now I believe.

What matters most is solution!

Want to die all?

When do we stop?

Why did you follow me?

-Let's get backup.
-Backup from where?

Ah Thae.

Both! Get out of here quick!

Get out of here!
This place is dangerous.

Get out!

Help us!
Help us!

-Ah Than!
-Ah Thae!

Mother of Ah Than!

Son of Ah Thae!

-Ah Than's wife!
-Any kin is fine.

Ah Thae and Ah Than.

Here we are gathering.

Problem this time is bigger than before.

We have no choice.
Please help us.

If you could help us this time,

we'll offer you a luxury car.

-Is that right?

-Is that right?

-Is that right?

Yeah, right!
Yeah, right!

Damn, zombies're coming!

Damn, zombies're from the left!

-The door will be broken.

-The door will be broken.

I said the door will be broken!

What's wrong?

I forget to tell you.

My left ear is​ deaf.
Only the right one can hear.


I know.

Why is so troublesome.

Srayal Village should be named Resist village.

Why does problems keep coming?

Who have time to help?

Super hero,
helps every corners.

How strong can it be?

Stronger than White Bone demon, sir.

I don't care if it's white or red bone.

It will never win
the Monkey King Sun Wukong.


But I'm not Sun Wukong.

Come on...

My name...
Ask my father if you don't believe.

​Chem Chandara Sanghanai
Maha Nikaya suprem druid.

My kin always helps those in need.

Bleeding so much

-Call me father.


Father sorry.

Uncle shouldn't...

...break you apart from Pleav.


Father made a big mistake.

But before uncle dies...

father wants to tell you...

...about thing I kept in mind.

Should I call you father or uncle?

Call me father.

Please tell me quick, father.
I'm waiting.

My last word is...

Uncle sorry.

Knowing mistake has two types.

One is knowing on time.

And other is too late to know.

Just like him.

He just realized in his last breathe.

I can't help.


Are they on our side?

Yeah they were.

But now they are zombies.

I think I'm too old.

This work...

-You guys should deal yourselves.

Don't worry.
I have divine weapons.

-What are these guns?

Hey! Hey! Hey!

-Don't shoot!
-Don't play with it. Be careful!

This looks like a normal water gun.

-Blessed weapon.

Even shoots water,
it's still a divine.

My dear Pleav.

I am Gi.

Your boyfriend.


Release her now!


I am your beloved boyfriend.

Take care my sister.

I have only her.
If I died...

Don't come back.
Run non stop, got it?

Let's go.

This is Three Eyes.

That's Kreoun.

I'm Bruce Lee.

That's Krouch.

That's Deth.
Your friend's brother, Sros.

And this is...

Hi! We are medecine sans frontieres.

We help poor people by provide vaccine
and discuss about birth control...

Not the right time to introduce myself.
Maybe next time?

Show off!

Do you remember?

Leave that piggy for me.

It's fine if you can't remember.
No need to be violence.

This is your last chance!

You savage!

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Where the hell are you from?

How rude!
You have no respect for elder.

You insolent ghost.

From where is not important.

The thing is...
I need one minute.

Don't worry.
I'm old.

I let young people handle it.

Sir, no bullets.
How to use it?

Bullets your ass.
Water gun!

Not for regular water.

What water?

Then what?


The one we use on hair?

Don't you know pali language?

Wee-wee is virgin urine.

Pleav's soul is now your servant.

-Really master?
-You can command her to do anything.

But there's one taboo.

Virgin urine?

Why? How come ghost afraided
of Virgine urine?

How do we get it, sir?

I heard from other too.

Good luck.
Good bye.

They killed a lot of people.

How come they afraided of urine?

It's unbelievably easy.

You think it's easy?

Oh yeah!
Here! As much as you want.

Are you a virgin?

What now?


The same.


-Lost since the last time.
-He's mine.



Depend on you now.

Despite I live in a temple,
I'm not a virgin.

Among you people,
no one has virgin urine?

It's time for my revenge.

Don't tell me you're a virgin.

I'm not telling you.
I tell my dear Pleav.

Hurry! Hurry!

Who can pee this sudden?


Kill the virgin one!

There! They're coming!

Try hard for our friends!

For our friends!

-How is it?
-Get it yet?

Hurry up!

Wait a minute!

-It's hurt.
-Are you ok?

I'm ok. Let's go!

-Can you walk?
-I can't. You go alone! Go!

-Don't worry about me. Go!
-I'll go now.

Be careful!

How's it now? Gi?


How's it now?

-Almost there!
-Wait a minute!

-Come on!
-I can't. It's not coming.

Be careful!

Do like this.

Wait! Wait!

Why making the sound so quick?

Not me!
The one behind you!

Come one! Come on!

Hurry up!

Come on!

-The doctor said I...
-Don't tell me you have ascites.

No! I'm dehydration.

-Pocari Sweat replenishes water for your body.
-Promote for who?

-For you.
-Then give me.

-How's that?
-It's coming!


Somebody help me!


It worked!

Sacred water!
Come on!


It's spilling!

Almost there!


Catch it!

You were too slow.
I couldn't catch it.

Any last words?

Yeah! Your gun is empty.

My gun is empty...

But Gi's gun still has.

This one is for Srayal villager.
Especially my dear Pleav.






Say whatever you want.
It's almost dawn.

I'm sorry everyone.

It's my fault.

I'm sorry.

If I didn't take soul's flag that night.

You would've rested in peace.

Everyone died by my hands.

I killed them.

No, you didn't!

-Ah Both did it!
-Of course.

Both is the murderer.

That's right.

You and everyone
were killed by him.

You didn't know anything.
That's why you cried.


In the after life...

...I don't want to be your girlfriend.

Nor to be with you only for a day...

...a month, a year.
But I want to be with you forever.

In the after life, I don't want to be
your boyfriend.

I want to be your good husband.

This is her soul's flag.
You keep it.

If she's still here...
She can visit you.