Tong chiu ho fong nui (1984) - full transcript

Rebellious Yu Yuan-gi becomes a Taoist priestess in order to avoid traditional roles designated to her as a woman by the society and focus on her studies and poetry. However, her trysts with both her maid and a ronin lead to trouble.

Wow, so many are learning
to become Taoists

If I had money I'd do that, too

A month back you wanted to be like Li Bai

In fact you suggested it'd be good
to be like Li Bai

...since he's romantic and has style

Mei Liang

Men aren't allowed here

I'm looking for Mei Liang

Get out

Mei Liang

Get dressed quickly

Mei Liang

Mei Liang, Mei Liang...

Mei Liang

Who is this man?

He is the rich husband of Yu Yao Mei

Ever since you left,
all I could think of...

is just you...I...

You filthy man

What are you doing here? Get out

Mei Liang husband yearns for her
day and night

Please let him speak out his heart!

Yes, please!

Thank you for your care over the years...

I'd like to express my profound gratitude

Mei, please return with me

After I've settled my tea business
in Chin Tang

...I'll not leave Chang An again

I promise to be by your side day and night

I can learn composing poems with you

Mei, you ought to know that...

I cannot bear children

To carry on Li family's lineage,
please come with us

Abandoning home for spiritual studies
is wrong maybe;

But I hope you wouldn't force me

I'm not at all compelling you

Please don't say that

Then I can discipline myself in peace

Mei Liang...

There are five commandments in our creed

Firstly, you shall not kill


Secondly, you shall not drink alcohol


You shall speak the truth


You shall not steal


Fifth, do not commit adultery


Should you transgress in any way,
you'll be expelled


They say you're Chang An's gifted
female scholar

...with an uninhibited & amorous
literary talent

Nothing but frivolous talk I'd say

Indeed modest of you to say so

Regardless of whether it is true

...or if they are rumours

I do not wish to hear more


Yu Yao Mei, a girl from
Chang An's Li family,

in January of the year of Han Tung,

...becomes a Taoist

The Goddess of Heaven administers rule

...from Quan Lun to the north heavens

Inequity not be purged, till ye die...

Ling Nan lychees generate so much
body heat

Please remind me next time...

not to eat so many

Madam, I've heard that
if soaked in well water...

they're much lighter

The co-existence of
Yin and Yang energies...

Oh, teacher

Of late, Secretary Wang complains
of weak kidneys

You mentioned that mystifying
Yin Yang concentrate

When can it be ready?

Every ingredient is available

What we now lack...

is just a good quality medicinal tripod

Oh, that's no problem at all

I'll give you ten taels of silver
to buy it

Thank you, madam

Yiu Liang...

you are so audacious!

There is a sermon going on inside

...and you should behave yourself

I mean, such blasphemy!

Madam Shie

A sermon could be given any time,
any where

Whenever you wish I could give one
at your home...

Come, look at this

This silk feels really light

Oh, it should be comfortable to wear!

Do you know what kind of silk it is?

It's the silk from Bok Chau


Madam Shie

This silk is a royal gift to the court

...and priceless

I asked the councillor to send over
two maids that horny official of Bok Chau

In return he gave me...

Be careful!

This is really so beautiful and rare!

Look...So pretty...


Hey, my ear rings!

Fei Hsiang, Wan Yang's ear rings
are so fragrant

Let me take a sniff some vintage Ge Zuo wine!

Let's play 'find the earrings' shall we?


Give it back, you naughty...

You're a Taoist priestess,
yet why wear earrings?

Give it back

Come on, give it to me...

Sister Yuan Gi, you're the host tonight

You should hide the earrings;
I'll be the hunting bird


No peeping

I want to be the bird...

No, I'm Wan Fei Hsiang

I can fly, I should be the bird

I've hidden them


I see. The right foot moves
but the left doesn't

Must be definitely inside the right sock



Must be in there


Let's see where they are

You all must be exhausted

Thank you

A breath of nice fragrance!
May I ask who is it?

Just call me Lu Chiao

Thank you

Lu Chiao

So nice of Miss Lu Chiao


Well, have you found the ear rings?

Wah Yang,

you didn't take back the earrings,
did you?

What if I did not?

If you didn't...Well then,

I'll let you ladies treat me as you like

Oh, really? Come

They're here

Where? Where are they hidden?

It's so refined out here;
Was it out of boredom...

that you came out to seek pleasure
& make merry?

No. Most Taoist priestesses
at the monastery...

are just sycophants of Mandarin officials

I didn't wish to mix with them

Yuan Gi

you should learn more from Wah Yang

You shouldn't have left,

without learning how to perfect...

the pills of immortality

Are the Taoist pills really
that important?

More important than poetry?

Can't necessarily be said so

The reason I joined Taoist sect was to...

become an independent
self-sufficient woman


Come, have a drink

Facing the wind we sigh,
flowers repeatedly fall

Spring returns yet the fragrant
longings don't

These peonies ignored because of
their high price

Their arrogant aroma even
intimidates buterflies

Flowers so deep red must be from
palatial gardens

Leaves so dark green that
dust dare not settle there

The same if transplanted to
the Imperial Gardens

Young lords then wouldn't buy them
without cause

You study classics; What have you learnt?

You know, we've been too licentious

Life is to pursue happiness

Whatever I do, I never repent

Come on, let's tread the mud...

It's great fun...

We used to do this while ploughing
back home

The farm soil was so loose and soft

Yes. Look, they are playing...

like a bunch of kids

Do you like treading on mud?

As a child I used to do that everyday

Here, everyone. Come have a drink of

Tsui Pok Hau

Yu Yuan Gi

I have heard of you

I haven't heard of you

Well, the Literary genius of Chang An

It's a shame these few years
I have not had...

the time to read and write

Where do you want me to take you?

Wherever this boat drifts to

From a lover?

A girl whom I used to know as a kid

After I moved apart from her...

she married another man

He was unfaithful and tortured her

She committed suicide with this hairpin...

by piercing her throat

Blood...bleeding for a day and a night
before she died

I killed that man

Blood stain on this gold hairpin

...hasn't come off since then!

Where is it?


Why didn't you choose to be her husband?

Did you let her marry that man...

so you could be a leisurely
and carefree knight?

My friend is waiting for me outside

Duk-Goo Shing Yang, as a military officer

you dared to conspire with Yin Shu...

and assassinate Secretary Cheng Wei Yi

I, Tsui Pok Hau

must kill today an old thief like you

I, sword-maker Auyang,

must behead today a malingerer like you

...for the sake of justice

Please don't do that

It certainly must be lonely up there

Say, if one becomes a celestial being...

would it be very lonesome and adrift?

If you were to ascend the heavens...

my heart would cry to see you off

And where would you go?

A wanderer is doomed to move about

There'll come a day when he may need
to pause

What happens then?

I'll borrow a girl's body

...over and again

Flowers make poems

Frost make the fairies

Sleep with open curtain

...facing the hill

Well written

You're so learned

Why did you become a Taoist priestess?

What else could an erudite girl do?

Didn't want to be some
rich merchant's wife

Nor wish to be a concubine

Don't prefer being a courtesan

Nor liked being a Buddhist nun

I was reluctant to give up my hair

Only choice left was to be
a Taoist priestess

Why did you chose to be
a gypsy swordsman?


I don't like being someone's husband

Nor be a high ranking official

I don't prefer being a business man

Nor be some General going about...

annexing territories

It's mostly these corrupt officials
I can't tolerate

So I can only be a swordsman

Being a man is lucky, I think

One can enjoy benefits of being
a senior official

...or at worst become a wandering

Auyang the sword maker

The friend you saw at the riverside

He made this sword

A good friend of yours?

When are you going out to kill again?

When would you come back?

I go on without turning back

I rush in the plains for a long journey,

carrying a sabre and a bow

I never change even if I lose my life

I'm not only sincere but brave

My strong will is inviolable

Though my body perishes,
my soul will stay on

Even as a ghost I remain strong

Earlier on I had already warned you

Spiritual doctrines require total

How could you leave monastery
at own will?

Not everyone can cultivate to be a Taoist

Fortune favours only a few

Why do you bear a grudge?

I know I'm wrong and willing to repent

I hope you could take me as
a disciple again

Yu Yuan Gi repenting her mistake

In July of 7th year of Han Tung

She rejoins to the monastery

Lu Chiao

According to the written records,

If you take this concoction
for thirty days

...your body will be light as a feather

If you take it for forty nine days...

then you can be a divine being

Miss, please don't take anymore

Didn't you wish that we both become
celestial beings?

No, Miss


Chang An's Ping Kang Lane is full of
singsong houses

3,000 households lean on the curtain

In the brothels on the main avenue...

every girl is as beautiful as
a piece of jade

How strange!

Hey, it's Yu Yuan Gi


Yes, that literary lady

Come over here, come

Why is she in Ping Kang Lane?

A crystal clear mirror with such
a fine pattern!

I've been everywhere in
Ping Kang Lane

...but haven't seen such a
beautiful mirror

Lu Chiao, do you mind if I use
your place to have my

...mirror polished?

Sure, no problem

Thank you

Chang, you come once a month

If you don't come,

my lady will have no mirror

Right, have this polished...

Could you please...

Okay, put it down...

Miss Lu Chiao...

Is the lady of your house

...Miss Yu Yuan Gi?


The ladies in Ping Kang Lane...

are either procuresses or courtesans

We've fallen low having no other way out

But what about your lady?

She is a gifted scholar!


That's what's the reason?

So please do tell us the reason

Does the poetess Yu take things too hard?

Mirrors polished, washed and patched here


Only by softly touching your own mirror

would the beloved of your heart...

hear your words deep inside


Oh right, I've found your favourite flower

It's so beautiful

You stick some too


Come on

Here, look

Come, sit down

Yu Yuan Gi

...everyone eagerly awaits your company

I have to pretend being a horse


I'll take you as a stallion

You've already dressed up as a man

You'll be everyone's delight

Good, good

He is Taoist Yung of the Lung Sai family

He is totally dedicated
and seldom socialises

He's made an exception to be here...

because he wants to make your acquaintance

You're too kind

Although I'm always flanked by girls...

my heart is clear as a mirror

Good. This calls for a toast

Yuan Gi, we are both Taoist

When can we discuss the practises
of our doctrines?

You are from the orthodox school

...while I have been expelled

Are you afraid...I'll lead you astray?



Is it hot?

Those 'charcoals' you brought

...are really terrific

What do you mean by 'charcoals'?

Female pimps who control the prostitutes

They curse and beat a girl up...

like a piece of crackling log on fire

Taoist Priest Yung, you've been
here all night...

just observing these activities;
why have you come?

Yuan Gi, I've come to admire your talent

...not to indulge in sensual pleasures

Come, let's drink...

Since you are insensitive to such

...mundane pleasures

Come...have a drink

Come...I'll scorch you

Come, come here...

Isn't that fun? They have feelings, too

...yet they're used to such treatment

In this place...

all are treated equally

Man can play games on women

...and vice versa

Go and enjoy yourselves!

Come, scorch him, strip his clothes

Come here

You come over here


What a nuisance!



I found this while I was cleaning just now

It bears the name of Taoist Yung

Splendid. He delivers us some money
just when...

we need it desperately



This wine is from a Persian friend

I never thought you were so good

It's just luck

Talking of playing polo's still a man's world

Thank you for being so generous

A pity, this isn't a whorehouse though!

So I should not accept your money

I wonder how a single lady...

can afford to live so extravagantly
every night


Men don't believe

that a woman can live alone

...and enjoy her life

How long do you think your savings
will last?

Don't worry, after all this splendour...

I'll retire to the simple life

If you want to become a recluse,

why let all men in Chang An...

witness your splendour and grace?

I might want someone to become
a recluse with me

Made by Auyang the sword maker?

You know swords as well as you do the pen

Who is he?

The best sword maker around here

Where does he live?

Shih Li slope. East suburb of Chang An

Since that heavy rainfall...

this is the second time I see you

I haven't seen Tsui for a long time

It's you I'm looking for...
need you to make a sword

What kind of a sword?

Not one...I need a pair

Of what length?

Say, three feet by ancient standard

And how wide?

4 inches

Any particular style?

Like a couple in loving embrace

I have to taste the owner's blood ascertain the quality of the sword

My blood also contains Pok Hau's blood

Everywhere there is unrest
& aftermath of war

Pok Hau, I've no idea where you might be!

I feel terribly sorry...

for having to bother you

It was necessary

You have a mild touch of the flu

But your cold waist and feet are
anaemia symptoms

And it's difficult to cure you

You drink too much

...and have overindulged in sex

I think you should retire
as soon as possible

...and focus on spiritual discipline


But I need a man to accompany me

One who can respect me and...

who can accommodate my lifestyle;

To accompany me in retirement

Are you that man?

Yuan Gi, such loose behaviour of yours...

makes you no different from
other courtesans

If you think I'm a whore for being
with one I like,

then each time when you see me...

and you abstain from coming close;

Aren't you worse than a whore's customer?

I come because I admire your talent

But when I see your decadence,

I am determined to withstand

...the temptations of flesh

That in true sense is obtaining

Come, try out your mettle

There is a man who represses himself
like you

He is Auyang the sword maker

He is like a strong piece of steel

...while you're like a piece of
intricate jade;

One which easily breaks

Almost, let's go in!

Look, Miss Yu is here

Miss Yu

An acquaintance is marrying today

Come and join the fun

Yes, go on in. Come...


Here's a toast to you

Hello, everybody

Miss Yu, please take a seat

Thank you

Miss Yu

What would you and Lu Chiao like to have?

Have San Li, it's famous

That's right

It's a good wine; very soothing


Miss, how have you been?


Xiang Xi, why get married at this
early an age?

You're still so young

That's right

What are you doing?

Don't do that...

Where's your beloved?

He's picking me up tomorrow

Her husband comes from a wealthy family

Says who? Don't listen to her

In fact he only has a few acres of land

Just an ordinary farmer

But he's a nice person

...and of a good character

On his second visit itself to
the brothel he...

offered money to redeem me

You have it all set then,
a bright future and all

Miss Xiang Xi, I really envy you

Good, a nice song that one...

Anyone in?


These are tea leaves from Yi Hing

And this here is a roll of frost paper

The best quality for writing poetry

This is a brocade vest

...for your birthday

These are socks from Soo Chau

Especially apt for your smooth skin

The brocade is lined with silk inside out

Even more free & easy without it all!

Li, you are an honest merchant

I'm an oft rumoured profligate woman

You shouldn't let this gossip...

bother you. Only...

If you come back, I...

I wouldn't care about anything else

Think about it again

Splash! Splash!

What happened to you?

Why do you have bruises all over?

My man beat me up

By day he wants me to be good

And by night he wants me to be bad

Saying, the worse the better

Aren't you going to participate?

I have to hold the clothes for miss,
how about you?

Hey, where are these refugees from?

I am not sure

Of late there've been a series of
uprisings by farmers

After one unrest is over, the...

roving bandits bring up
yet another calamity

What a shame!


Can any household give me shelter?

Excuse please, make way

Listen, you all. Come to my place

There's food and lodging

Whoever wants to be courtesan
come over here

Hurry up, lodge & board provided

Come over quickly...

The entire Ping Kang Lane is managed
by you

Girls in our brothel

are well taken care of...

Quick, come to my place...hurry up

Yuan Gi

I'll go back to get changed

You're coming tonight for a drink together

So get changed at my place

Lu Chiao, escort Taoist Yung back


Leave your fingerprints on the contract

Please put me up at your place...

I'll do anything

you say...I beg of you

Lu Chiao

Does Yuan Gi want to take them up
as maids?


Prepare some hot water

They haven't bathed for a long time


Where have you come from?

From Sheung Chau, quite far from Chang An

I hear the people there have put up
a rebellion

Initially, yes

But then, even the soldiers
pillaged and killed

What was the reason for the uprising?

No farmland...there's not enough to eat

How else could one survive?

Sorry, we just finished a performance

...that's why we're late

Continue to play and sing

I'm also an art lover

I hear Yu Yuan Gi is talented
and beautiful

...and surrounded by many beauties

I've since long yearned for her

Isn't that right?

There are so many ladies here

I wonder which one is Miss Yu?

I am here. May I know your name?

How come so many other big-foot women
are here?

It seems Poetess Yu only bears a name

Although a bit disappointing,
but she's still a woman

This is the capital of Tang

How dare you be insolent here?

Who are you all?


I am Kung Meng Wu

So Kung, the notorious killer of
corrupt officials,

turns out to be a dog!

A Dog?

What do you want?

Oh, there are many things I want

I would like to get laid...

and enjoy life as you people

And to use the convenient facilities here


You beast!

They are all farmers

...just like you

Why do you degrade yourself?

Nothing but a beast!


Who are you to lecture me?

You people flirting with girl
call yourselves romantic

Yet if we do it, you call it degrading

I'll show you what is degrading

Drag her out

I hear you both get on very well

I'd actually like to experience some of it

What do you say?



Let go

Quickly, ask them to move it

Hurry up


Don't cry

Come on!

Miss, I desire to go back home

Isn't this your own home?

I mean, return to my hometown

Kung Meng W

You incite the farmers to rebel

...and you take the opportunity to pillage

I, Tsui Pok Hau,

must do away today with a
bandit dog like you

I, Auyang the sword maker,

must take your head today

Lu Chiao


Kill him

So, what have you done...

these two years?

Wandering everywhere

Killed how many?

I don't remember

And how many female bodies 'borrowed'?

I have lost count

You and Auyang claim yourselves
to be heroes

...killing thugs and traitors

Say, would you dare kill an evil emperor?

I'd kill the same way

What have you been doing
the past two years?

I don't remember

Hey, this winter...

I'll hold a wine and poetry function
in the courtyard

It must be enjoyable

Lu Chiao must be becoming intelligent,

following such a literary talent...

with an increasing fame like you

Lu Chiao is my only personal companion

I hope she is happy the rest of her life

If you had not pursued that
bandit Kung here

...would you have looked me up?

You have too many visitors

...including the chief of bandits

Not really. In fact, I was bent on
looking for a man

What...scared you, did I?

I am not in the mood for a man today

Miss, the sword maker is here

I have made the swords you ordered

How many times have you refined it?

A hundred

Have you tried them?


How many strings has it broken?


What's all the string talk?

Using hair strands to tie up straw pieces test out the sharp edge

Of these both, which one is sharper?

I shall appreciate having a demonstration

Certainly the best you've ever made

Yuan Gi asked me to make them for you

These swords are a gift to
you both great heroes

Please go and tidy up the guest room


What does Lu Chiao want with you?

Said she's thinking to settle down


Hey, come down and play with us

Come down quickly...don't be so stubborn

Come and enjoy...

No, don't

Come, join us

Please don't

Don't run away, come...

Please stay...

Why do you just sneak around with Yuan Gi

...and don't play with us?

Come...come on...

Recently I'm going through a
writer's block

...and can't write poems as I used to

You must be having too much sex and wine

Such a beauty!

Yet so clumsy in pouring wine

Mr Chang, you're right

Lu Chiao, come and drink with us

Lu Chiao, please sit

See? Even Miss Yu has asks you to sit

Come come, have a drink with us

Miss Yu

Please compose a poem for us to enjoy

Can you please?


Sorry, I'm not in the mood

That can't be, Miss Yu

How much do you want me to pay for it?

Wan Bai Chai, is it true with each
eight rounds can compose a poem?

Bai Chai was merely describing
his poetic talent

I'll use three rounds instead of eight


Li Shang Ran's line referred to a lute
with 50 strings

Doesn't make sense

A lute has twenty five strings only

Why did she say fifty strings?

Oh, you're a crackpot

Your lines 'It's easier to acquire
a rare gem...

than to come by a true lover'...

are still the greatest

My mistress reads them to me every night

Since when are you so nice as to...

accompanying your pet concubine
every night?

Yi Shang passed away in a Cheng Chau

...a little over a month ago

How did it happen?

A friend from Cheng Chau said...

he lost his sight and died of dejection

Fei Hsiang also wrote from Wah Nan...

saying he has not changed his mad ways;

And ended up having two of his teeth
knocked off!

Fei is still so crazy and so likeable

She can't tolerate even a little wine

Lu Chiao, are you unwell?

It's nothing

Go inside and rest

I'm fine

Well then, let's drink away

Do you need money?

Don't leave me any more money

I won't use it anyway

I want to depend on myself

Being a girl does come in helpful at times

Finally...I get to hear your moaning
at least!

What, you're going to leave it at that?

C'mon, get up and see me out

Miss, I'm so sorry

I couldn't get up in time

Are you feeling a little better?

I'm alright

Lu Chiao, are you pregnant by any chance?

Is it Pok Hau's?

Or Fei Hsiang?

Or Taoist Yung?

So even you don't know it!

If the child belongs to those bandits sure can tell me


Take some medicine and get rid of it

No miss, I won't

I want to return to my hometown

After giving birth, I'll marry

With whom?

With Tsui Pok Hau?


Miss, presently I'm saving money

What for?

To redeem myself

Redeem yourself?

If you want to go

I can let you go any time

I have treated you like my baby sister

Why do you speak of redeeming...

and regard yourself so lowly?


Actually one can live freely without...

having to marry or bear children

...and solely depending on a man!

No, I've been born as a girl slave

...not so casual & elegant as you

You are a GIRL, not a maid

Who has made you like this?

Tell me, who?

This medicine is for abortion

Now be good and take it

You have followed me for a long time

I don't want to see you ruin yourself

...nor see you leave

If you leave, I'll kill you

I know you can kill me

You are the Lady, I'm a maid


- You're not a maid
- I am

You are a girl

I have never treated you like a maid

I am

- You're not a maid
- I am

You're not...

There aren't too many happy days
in one's life


I wish to buy back Lu Chiao's freedom

You're cultivated according to
religious doctrines

What do you want her for?

I want to let her return to her hometown

Your lifestyle doesn't suit her

Shall appreciate if we could discuss
her price

What price?

I have never treated her like a maid

Why should there be any price?

I've already let her return to
her hometown

She's gone to get married

Yes, maestro...what is it?

I would like to meet Miss Lu

What do you want with her?


I want to tell her that...

I have saved up 20 taels of silver

I wonder if that's enough to redeem her

She's gone back to her hometown
to get married

May I ask when she'd be back?

I have saved up 20 taels of silver for her

She's gone to get married,
how would she return?

Really, so many guys like Lu Chiao

And struggle to want her

So many men desire you, too

But you reject them

Lu Chiao was born...

for belonging to you men

I'm not that kind of a woman

I...sort of belong only to myself

Look at you, sitting there you look
so coquettish

Lying down you'll be all the more luring

How about teaching some of it all
to Chau Yuet?

Last night when I was in bed with her...

oh boy, she was so stiff!

Come and drink this potion

They say you're quite strange,
but I wouldn't say so

You all must be thirsty.
Here, please have this

Miss, it smells so awful here,
what could it be?


It's a dreadful stench

What are you talking about?

It's so fragrant!

Miss, what's your name?

Lu Chiao


Hey look

Lu Chiao is dead, her body is buried here

Come and look!

Lu Chiao, Lu Chiao...

Hurry up you both, okay!


Haven't yet stripped her?

Be quick

I'm here, too

Come on

Me first

It should be me

Me first

Your Taoist admirer turned out
real sentimental!

Guess he couldn't bear to see you arrested he killed himself!

He has been bleeding for over a day

Many scholars have jointly petitioned

...for your pardon

Yin Wen Chang however is of
the opinion that:

Although you have a brilliant mind...

your ways are unacceptable

And reckons you ought to be beheaded
without delay

I know your executioner has a swift hand

Your pain will only be momentary;

My sword is quicker than him

If you let me kill you now...

your suffering will be even shorter

You want to kill me with your own hands

How pretentious of you!

My heartfelt gratitude, great hero

I won't let your kind go easily satisfied

Hey, will Pok Hau return?

Would he ever?

This place is guarded so heavily

Whoever comes, it's of no use

Let's go

Come on, please

You come and go as you wish

Have you ever asked me what I want?

Well, what do you want?

Are you coming or not?

I won't

Yuan Gi, why weren't you prepared
to leave?

I've beaten many tracks other women
wouldn't dare

And don't feel up to it anymore!

Pok Hau, why didn't you continue
to be a drifter?

I'd have loved roaming about with you

Without you though, it's meaningless

I'll accompany you in death instead

Feel loath getting up...

in dreary spring to apply make-up

It's easier to acquire priceless treasure

...than to come by a true lover!

In May, the 9th year of Han Tung's reign,

Auyang the sword maker killed...

the Hero Tsui Pok Hau and...

Yu Yuan Gi, the literary talent of
Chang An!