Tomorrow's Dinner Table (2021) - full transcript

Three mothers have sons with the same name of Yu Ishibashi and they are all 10 years old. In Kanagawa, Rumiko Ishibashi is 43-years-old and she works as a freelance writer. She is married to Yutaka, who works as a freelance cameraman. They have a 10-year-old son Yu. In Osaka, Kana Ishibashi is a 30-year-old single mother. After her divorce, she has worked part-time jobs and raises her 10-year-old son Yu alone. In Shizuoka, Asumi Ishibashi is a 36-year-old housewife. She is married to Taichi and they have a 10-year-old son Yu. Her husband works as a salaryman. These three women are happy and busy raising their boys. Due to some little thing, their lives fall apart. Their anger and anxiety unconsciously head towards their sons.




Here's the national weather forecast for today, Monday, May 13th.

Today in eastern Japan, the weather is stable with high pressure in the area

In western Japan...

There will be heavy downpour.

The front from the west is influenced by atmospheric pressure➥

it is expected to subside gradually…

next is the weather forecast for the kanto region.

It will be sunny in the morning in the northern part of Kanto.

It's predicted that it will get cloudy gradually during daytime.

On the other hand, in the southern part of Kanto, Tokyo, Kanagawa, chiba

It will be cloudy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon

it is a forecast that is predicted formany places.


6 o'clock.

5/13 Shizuoka prefecture weather forecast

today in shizuoka prefecture in the morning…

When I entered elementary school

i moved to this town from tokyo.

So I grow up in a quite town

dad chose to commute long distances.

- taichan.



thanks. yeah.

On a Rainy day even on a windy day

Mom is picking him up at the station.

Dad travels to Tokyo everyday

Even on the day of moving

he built a new house next to his parents' house.

5th grade class 1, Yu Ishibashi.

good morning.

good morning.

you're keep going to do that always? you really like it.

thank you.

hey, yu.

The room and bathroom are very clean

i thought so too. really?

I want an astronomical telescope.

If you look at the starry sky in Karuizawa, it will surely be amazing

yeah, huh?

-i'll go! You're gonna fall.

watch out! yeah.

come on, let's go!

you're nice.

ah, good morning.

You're a good mother because you had a good upbringing.

when taichi was around his age, he was already talking back and forth.

after my husband died, he became rebellious.

i was a bad mother who just scolded him.

Nothing like that, ... that's very admirable.

i'll go out to kabuki with my friends in the afternoon.


if you like to have breakfast, you can come.

i already said that it's best to be selfish, right?

A disorder of letters is a disorder of the mind.

-brush up. -yes.

Smooth and big



- huh?

i thought i was only.

- you're not good at writing, are you? ah, no.

that's me.

When you used to see The front cover of a noshi-bukuro or...

i wanted to learn writing properly with a brush.

like a register of school events.

my son's friends mother's are cool.

Are your son going to private school?

He's 4th grade student at tokuhou gakuen.

oh, my god.…

i wanted him to wear this uniform.

oh, asumichan, your son goin to public school?

He was unable to prepare for the entrance exam because we moved in.

He should be preparing for a junior high school exam.

can he make it in time? Now he's in 5th grade

it's okay. leave it to me. i'll introduce you to the cram school.

there are quite a lot around here.

my son yu.

yuukun? good name.

like dad? well, i guess so.

i love my mother.

i wonder if i can do it well.

5 years, 2 class, Yuu Ishibashi.

my dad is a photographer.

it's x1.

My mom was a former reader.

she said she was a reader model.

I'm regret I had kids

mom said once . I don't know why?

i like daddy the most.

Because he always play with me.

the one i hate the most is my brother.

Seriously i hate him.

i guess i don't like mom these days.

Because she's always angry, her face looks like ogre.

what are you doing? Put it back!

-it's your fault. -it's your fault.

don't imitate me!

yuu! it's he's brother!

okay, okay.

okay, can you get me a cart for a mom?

-i'll get it.

i'll go! oh already!

i'm sorry. the kid's messing with this.

i'm sorry.

-yeah! ah!

sorry!Are you okay? are you hurt?


kola yuu!

You should behave yourself!

it's natural!

you'll understand when you be in my position one day.

She was staring at me the supermarket today

i want to ask to a that young woman

Do you know what's it like to take care of kids everyday?

when i was young, i didn't know anything.

now i want to scold myself who didn't know anything.

mortal combat.

kung fu movies, huh?…

it's not funny. it was hard.

good work.

i've been dealing with monsters all day.

it's a boy, isn't it?

no, look at this. yeah?

yuu of shizuoka is➥

He's a gentle and angelic child.

the same name, the same age, but what's the big difference?

environment? Parenting? genes?


i wrote about what i did today, you think it's okay?

- it's okay, isn't it?

What.. if it's abusive or flametorinflammatory...

you're so popular with "Oni ha ha", aren't you?

well, that's right.


It's a good idea to have a look at some of the things you can do to help you.

it seems that the weather will continue all day today.

After the rain in Wakayama, Osaka, Nara, southern part of Kinki region…

5 years, 3 class yu ishibashi.

my wife goes out to work early every morning.

even on rainy days and windy days.

even on a cold day.

even on really hot days.

She work 13 hours a day.

why are you so stupid! this is mobius.

seven star or seven star?

7 back-to-back attacks

hanshin tigers

-this way. -oh, my god.

oh, this is good too.

-you're staying today. -yeah? i'll go.

- i'm sleeping today. -you idiot! my son.…

It is a return of 8766 yen

you should go to school early.

thank you! that'sつ…

She's a prostitute, right?

Who knows

oh, it's time change a shift ? I'm going home.

yes, good work. yes, good work.

i'm sorry about this ah yes yes yes

good work. good work.

i drank too much yesterday.

ah, sorry!

good morning.

He's so handsome.

Nutritional balance is pretty good.

Yesterday's newspaper.
Thank you. Thanks for everything.

I asked my daughter about it yesterday.
You know?

Entertainers and

There are some amazing people in the general public.

Here. This one.

"Oni ha ha and idiot boys." What what?

Her son, 10 years old, Yu.

What? !
Ten-year-old yu is just like me.

You're right.
Look here.

She's have more than 10,000 followers?
She's got over 10,000 followers.

If you get more readers.
You can make money from advertising.

Kana-chan, why don't you do it?

Or "Diary of a Single Mother's Guts.

Like "The Savings Professional.

Why don't you try it?

i'm on vacation, like, lunch break.

lunch break? eat it.

ha ha ha ha ha!

ha ha ha ha ha!

yes, i read it.

- yes, yuukun, use it. - thanks.


the rain drenched my shoes.

i wonder if shoes already become small for you.

- sorry.

Why are you telling me sorry?

let's go buy it next time.

-no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

let me put it down.

you're hungry.


it's the same as last night.

i love stir-frying meat and vegetables.

stir-fried vegetables and meat.

vegetables, vegetables, meat, stir-fried.

what a cheeky ha ha

oh, hey, take a plate, too.

Mom is working again from now.

yes, yes, 2.

do you want to heat up your lunch box? yes. yes.

manager, can you can you help it out?

yes, maybe with this あ oh, sorry, manager.

yes, yes, i'm sorry.

i'm home.

what? yuukun are still awake.…

you're hiding something. i'm not hiding it.

You are hiding it. let me take a look.

what is this?

it's okay.

you want to use it at school tomorrow?


Oh, there's a 24-hour, 100-yen store in the next town.

I'm going out for a while.

If you need anything

Tell your mom in advance,

Mom will buy you.


Come on,

come on, yuukun.

isakun, you care about me.

you never expressed.

thank you.

well then, i'm going out for a while.

lock the door properly and go to sleep.

i know.

when nobody's around, her face looks so exhausted, she might die.

i pretend to ignore it.

it's dangerous. come in here!

-i know. i know!

yuu doesn't know.

i worked before i married your dad.

i know you was working.

i didn't like it at the time.

I thought i was abandoned because you didn't pick me up at the nursery school.

He used to cry all the time, and he was so noisy.

i don't know.

next time you cry, i'll tighten you up.

work hard, huh?

wait, yuu!

thank you.

oh, it's nostalgic. it's fresh.…

-please stop.

rumichan, you're a popular blogger now?

mr. narita, you recommended that I should publish it?


i've made a plan to turn my blog into a book.

can i have a minute?

i was laid off.


well, it was originally a free exclusive contract

I can't do anything.

i was contributing to that. yeah.

You said said you was launching a new magazine.

in the last 10 years, the industry has changed dramatically.

no paper books, no magazines.

it's a different world from when rumichan was a popular writer.

what are you going to do from now on?

i'll stay at my friend's office for the time being.

So? do you want to go out with me and work as a hundred yen writer?

well, it's just unfortunate.

no, that's unfortunate.

you must be a happy housewife now, right?

i'm sorry, yorikosan.

You have a meeting with the clients

sorry. sorry.

-yes. - sorry.

-excuse me. good work.

Who are you?



It's surprising if you came suddenly.

Yeah. The guy who took care of me as the main contractor...
He passed away suddenly.

i went to osaka at the funeral.

Is it uncomfortable?

Nothing like that.

Really, good people die first.

the boy is in 5th grade, isn't he?

yeah, you can observe well.

i see.

You look like a good mother.

Let your nose hanging down.
You was running around in the rice paddies.

Asumi, with the wiggly head.
Like this, huh?

how's mother?

yeah, as usual.

i want you to have this.

i wonder.



and this is a souvenir from osaka from me.

dad, are you still in that job?

I'll get over it.
I'm going back to decontamination.

Why don't you quit, I can help you with the money.

it's my job. it's my birthplace.

I was called a master of mowing grass.

oh, my god.

If possible, the bad ones

i wish it was visible.

-hey. -stop it.

, you should already eat yourself.

- you dropped it again.

hello? rumichan?

i'm sorry i said that earlier.

hey, i'm looking for a pinch hitter for a weekly magazine column.

I will do!

-i'm home. - welcome back.

where are you now?

i'm going back to work, but i can't come out, can you?

no, I can!

okay, see you soon!

hey, rice?

you're leaving carrots again.

the bath is boiling, so i'll take care of it later.

oh, yeah.…

eh? what?

yeah, it's work, mom is working hard.

do your best!

yes! oh, good luck.

- welcome.

the loan will be repaid in the next month.

you owe me 200 million

are you paying off already? The voice is loud

I'm offering you drink because I got paid.

sorry, 1 iced coffee.

yes, sir.

- and a mixed sandwich.



oh, detergent.

it's 258 yen including tax. it's cheap.

1 piece, 250 yen, yeah, 1 piece, 220 yen.

why? no, no.…

258 yen including tax is strange

I'm sure it's not really 220 yen.
Well, including commission and sales tax.

220 yen. yeah, 1, 2, 3, 4で 880 yen.

You're really good.

give me a change.

yes, yes, thanks.

I'm sure it's not really 220 yen.
Well, including commission and sales tax.

You going to have a child, you going to have a debt, you going to be independent.

i thought you couldn't do it anymore.

I don't need your help, mama.
That's what you always said.

give me an ashtray.

i wonder if i'll go on a trip when i'm done paying off my loan.

huh? what is that?

what? take me.

Isn't too much? isakun's football

What t do you mean by football?

it's gonna cost you money, isn't it?

it's not like he's learning something.

Mom stop!

i want to let him do everything that he wants to do.

If I won't putting up with things...

he'll won't be confident in anything. He'll be a human being just like us.

if he says he want to go to college

i'm going to get him to college.

-good work! good work!

the keeper of the opponent who scored the goal today in 6th grade

it's amazing. it's amazing.

You are already sweating.

it's hot. it's hot.

oh, thank you.

Yu, will you be stop being school kid after you'll be in 6th grade?

you want to play with your friends on a day when you don't play football, don't you?

It's alright to play at school, isn't it?

i really understand.

-We're not competing or losing. - no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

hey, isamu, do you want to go somewhere?

- where? Trip

oh, i'm going on a day trip, so i'm on my first stay trip.

the sea! I want to go to the sea! the sea?

oh, the sea. yeah, let's go to the sea.


You came in the morning? Yes I came from the work.

what are you doing?

Advertising manuscripts for cosmetics

i am asked to it as soon as possible, but i didn't come up with an idea.


you look great when you're working.



Are you having an affair?


You are talking crazy!

ah, dirty.

actually, i already knew that my husband was having an affair.

but i don't care about sex anymore.

All I want is he bear household expenses

and be a good father.

i want to die.

i want to die. i want to die.

i want to die. i want to die.…


- leon, let's go. -up.…

He's always great that study, right?

He's good boy at home.

thank you.

after he entered 5th grade

He's visiting to takeuchi leon's house a lot.

2 people are good friends at school

Because Yu is a gentle child

Is he getting bullied?

i don't think that's the case.

yuusan is getting along with everyone.

With uno koichi, too?

-up! koichi!

That kid...
He was poking the boy in front of him, wasn't he?

After that, he was crying out loud.

Koichi has a tendency to be a bit hyperactive

sometimes that happens.

-excuse me.

what is it?

and the fact that such a child is in a normal class

I think that it is good to have various children

koichisan has a support teacher, and it's okay.

oh, my god.…

oh, my god.…

ah! oh, my god.…

yuu! takumi! are you awake?

ah, why don't you wake me up anymore!

you don't have time go get angry, eat fast!

-you're late. -hurry up.

i can't go on an excursion.

help my brother!

So much noise in the morning.

eat fast. i'm back at 2 o'clock.

i was staying up all night.

you're still young all night.

ah, i want to drink tea. Can you make tea?

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

that's enough. i'll take a shower.

oh, excursion? go!

-i'll go. -hey.

yuu! takumi is coming, wait!

wait, wait, wait.

yuu, don't be mean. go with him.

i was always alone. why? you're cheating!

why are you saying that?

nice house.

Is that the main house where your mother in law lives?

The main house?

hahaha! Dont look like that, i'm pretty much from the country.

Me, too. That's why I don't fit in.

- it looks delicious.

oh, my god.

What does your husband do?


I have never met a monk temperament

i hated it at first.

And before you knew it...
You were looking for something you didn't have?

it's delicious.

huh? huh?

i'm home.

welcome back.

i made your favorite cookie.

hard one? do you have chocolate? it's in.

i did it.

yuukun, welcome back.


He's so cute.

i'll go play.

takeuchi leon's house again?


hey, leon, it's his real name?

it says lion. it says leon.


Is Leon's mom is not at home?

i don't know, but maybe.

What do you do there?

i don't know.

yu! don't say hello.

my uncle was a scholar. he was awarded the order of the rising sun,

the grandson of my uncle, taichi's cousin.

His cousin got married again.…

well, let's celebrate, too.…

i'm sorry. i'm not feeling well. i'll have a cup of tea right away.

oh, my god.

i never heard of your cousin getting married again.

no, i've never heard of it.

who are you talking about?

We don't want to interfere with each other.
Let's just do it.

We don't want to interfere with each other.

What do you think? how?

We couldn't go back and forth from there...........

you don't miss mother-in-law, do you?

thank you.

ah, chan.

It's not impossible, isn't it?

it's stress, right? every day.

no, it's not my problem. i'm worried about yu.

did you ask yu?

no, but

You know what?
Just be ready.

my mom used to be like the kids.

are you comparing?

- what?

sounds like you're bragging.

let's take a bath.

ah, ah, ah.

i'm sorry. i got stranded the moment i went out.

i've already said hello to the public relations guy.

well then i think you heard the summary

Preface page

it's a top article about a female writer who's raising a child.

leave it to me.

huh? so? I love this app and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

rumichan, what are you going to write?

huh? what did you say?

well, I'm asking you to say out loud in public.

If you do as a writer➥

you should have your own theme.


sorry to keep you waiting.

I'm late (employee) it's okay just➥

- the president is ready. -yes.

(employee) i heard from Mr. narita and I also saw the blog.

it's very interesting.

the president also wants to meet ishibashisan

thank you.


Weren't you on "gold man location?

are you drinking?

If it's already done

i wish you could clean it up.

i'm working again.

from now on, can you help me with kids and house?

that's right.


my pictures are dated.

oh, my god.

"Gold moon" has been canceled.

what is it?

I'm fired!

Zero income from next month

hello? rumichan?

it seems that the president was also very happy after that.

he said he wants you to write for a pr magazine.

wait a minute.

it's just the deadline. it's a little urgent.

yes, please.

The deadline is a week from now, on the 19th.

I think we'll be finished by the beginning of next month.

You okay at home?
Yeah, I'm fine.

don't neglect anything.

Your 311 yen

yes, thank you.


no, i'm sorry.

no, i just came to the convenience store. i'll be right back, so wait.

-what? you've been watching it all the time, haven't you?

oh, my god.

do you know them ? no, no.…

i'm sure she's the mother of my son's classmate.

oh, i can't remember her name at all.…

ah, welcome. ah, sorry.


"Sincere response Sincere work"

"Don't neglect anything"

are you looking at that again?

I love this game so much.

"Do not neglect anything."

What? did you say anything?

Nothing really.

give up? hey, man.

1, 2, 3?

how about this?

Who are you?

Wait sister..


it's been a while. it's been a long time.


What are you doing here?

He's at Grandma's, isn't he?

what about the company in kyushu?

after i quit, i went back to looking for a job, but i cannot find a place to stay.

you're already old, and you're wandering around.

- the eggs are cracked.

yeah! yeah! -okay.

why are you so happy? i am not gonna make your omelette.

- why? i'm hungry.

-i don't know that anymore. -no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

what is this? This box

what are you doing today?

today? what? the night shift?

hey, are you okay? forgot your birthday.


thanks. what?

i'm hungry.

you've been making me rice since i was a kid, haven't you?



thanks to me, okan became a good cook.

why are you doing this?

It's been a while since you had my sister's omelette rice.
It's good, isn't it?


it's faster than that. it's better than that.


(Masaki/Isamu) ♪ Happy birthday Okan

happy birthday, mom.

happy birthday, dear mama.

-ha ha ha.

happy birthday, mom.


she's already 31.

(Masaki/Isamu) ha ha



hello? Ishibashi-san?

i'm takeuchi. i'm leon's mother.

oh, yeah. Thank you you always take care of him.

because of your son, our leon

said he didn't want to go to school.


He hit him.

are you saying it's because of my son?

i took pictures of bruises.

wait a minute. is that really yu?

- what? why don't you ask your son? ha!

good morning. good morning.

you're up early, sister.



there's an important football game tomorrow.

Let him sleep.

He has grown so big and handsome.

oh, my god.

That's what mom said.
I'm really starting to see the resemblance.

The husband who made you mother and left her.

Don't you feel scared remembering it?

that's right, isn't it?

If you ever say that again, I'm gonna hit you.

ha ha ha

You know sis.

Can you lend me some money.

I don't have any money.

You know everything.

i'm sorry. forget it.

hey, masaki, wait a minute.

You don't have to give this back. Start working properly.

I'll pay you back many times over.
I'm so sorry.


He's dreaming he scored a goal

j-leaguer, no doubt.

who said that?

you know, yu.

I didn't do it!

I know Leon lying, right?

tell me, why he's blaming you?

Yu! Yu!


yu! wait!

good morning, asumisan. nice weather.

Is taichi on a business trip?

Yes, good morning.

I'm mother of Yu Ishibashi from 5th grade, class one.

His homeroom teacher, saeki sensei.

please tell saeki sensei

please contact us as soon as possible.


what should i do?

what should i do?…

come on, leon.

this way, this way.


ah, good!

oh, mom, leon came to play.

All right!

- okay.

okay, wait. okay.…

hello, leon.

take your time. i'll bring you some tea.

thank you.

after that, leon's mom called.

She said sorry, she made a mistake.

The one who bullied Leon was a
A problem kid named Koichi Uno.

yu was helping leon.

it was hard, asumichan.

yu proved his innocence like that.

Without saying anything
I've decided to forgive her .

it was a test, too.

Pardon me?

You've grown as a mother.

you and your boy are demons! demons!

kana, let's go.

ah, sorry, sorry.


what about the fever?

8 degrees

why don't you take me to the hospital?

i don't know. neither the hospital nor the insurance card.

i told you i will be there.

What? yuu, if you have something to say, say it.

Come on, Takumi. Let's get you to the hospital.
Leave me dad here, he's useless.

you got it.


i mean, there's no substitute for a mother.

There are always replacements for writers, though.
There's plenty of writers like you.

didn't we decided we should work together?

i don't think so!

don't make a loud noise!

because you're not home!

why don't you help me out?

don't be kidding me! hey! already

the worst.

whose fault is it? whose? whose?>

your mother will look away from important things.

for my own convenience.

there's something i can't tell my.

It's piling on and on,

it's becoming heavy, it's to crush me.

hello, ishibashi.

Thank you for taking care of my son always.

I gave him his lunch money this morning.


umっ i'll go right away!

sorry! a little urgent! sorry!

be careful! yes!

don't run! goodbye!


others kids are all there. yes.

Goodbye (student) goodbye


it's all right now, huh?

Let's go step by step.
Let's talk about it in order.

Saeki sensei

i apologize as a homeroom teacher. i'm sorry.


how long it has been, you're being bullied?

in 5th grade


koichisan has been bullying you? right?

hmmmm. hmmmm.

did koichisan hit leon?

Answer him.


did yu tell you to hit leon?

-no. - your motherは…

ah! -ah!

oh, koichisan, wait!


-i'm sorry. -yeah.…

oh, hey, say something.

mr. leon, please be honest with me.

Yuukun said to Koichi, "Hit him."


It is also the sin of others➥

He's kind of boy who would put on headband

He would never hurt his friends


ah, it's not easy.

leon, why are you messing with me?


your son is a psychopath, psychopath!

psychopaths are cool.

i'm sorry.

Yu, why have you done this?

Do you want so much money, you stole kids lunch money?

He didn't take it.

what? what?

what's wrong with you?

nishiyama rikiya.

I don't have my lunch money with me.
He started to say...

it found out of from yuukun's desk.

1 thousand yen bill

always wanted to do something with school children

He was having some trouble with yu, isn't he?

"What was stolen ~ Thief!"What do you say?

I have found myself from his desk from his bag

I have stock them up.

It happened many time before?


You didn't tell that your mom, did you?

excuse me.

well, i knew the situation right away.

Today we called you

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We are little worried.

I know that it's difficult

Are you pushing him bit too hard?

i'm sorry.

well, mom, please.

sorry for the inconvenience.

No, it's Allright.

what is it? what is it?

No, you said it's a big deal.

That's not what I mean.

so? what do you want me to do?

i didn't say that.

If they ask money..


You injured him.
It's common knowledge, right?

We don't have to pay.

it was koichi, not me, who actually did it.

taichan, please.

yu, do you understand?

yeah, no violence, no harm.

yeah, weak kids have to be protected.

it's an experiment.


how freely can a person control a person

What is he talking?

that's what dad always does to mom.

it's like a tv remote.

Mom always control by dad

Mom always try to control me too


So, I was doing the same.
Try to do like mom

He didn't scold me at all.
I thought, "Wow, that's great.

no, yu is really a good boy, right?

it's important to be honest.

dad wouldn't like that kind of yu.

Is that so?

what is that face?

what you've done is the worst thing you've ever done!

don't make daddy sad, okay?

it's a lie!

yu! what is that attitude?! hey!

-stop it.- mom.

You shouldn't be mad at your father.
You shut up!

get angry! shut up!

what do you think your parents are! hey, you.…

abuse this is abuse, right?

i'll record this in my notebook.

- bye.

-buy something you like. -yeah? alright!

ishibashisan, you're a hard worker.

you work somewhere else during the day, don't you?

I'm friends with this guy and his mom.
(Ah...I'm friends with this guy and his mom.

my child's lunch money have been stolen by this woman's boy

i did a lot of work.

It's a lie.

Your son stole rikiya's money, right?

it's 1,925 yen. let's go home early.

Why don't you apologize?

it's a return of 75 yen, right? Say something?

go outside.

i'm really sorry.

Are you running away?

you're gonna be fine.

it's a misunderstanding that isamu took rikiyakun's money.

and they said that to me.

oh, really? that's it. yeah.

You should quit.
Why don't you quit? This job!

stop it.…

i don't like that good guy.

rikiya, go home!

what should i do?…

because of your bad discipline, yu became like that, right?


you're at home every day.

Why haven't keep watch on him properly?

What the hell are you going to do?

This land has been here for a long time.

don't embarrass my mother.

Mom didn't notice anything.


Maybe she stopped thinking

that's what's really scary.

Sam's thing happened before

She's nkh going to talk to me.

it's my fault.

okan surely regretting to have me.

you guys!

i told you not to come in here.

no, i tried to stop him because he came in.


He's your brother, right?

Mom's angry eyes are scary.

It's like looking at a weird creature

looking at me.

where's dad? what is he doing at a time like this?

- it's a bath.

whoo-hoo! ugh!





yuu takumi, are you awake?

mom, i'm not going to make breakfast, so you want a mac?


hey! wait a minute.

i've worked hard.

i will continue to work hard

boss: No matter what you say, it's the same.

i can't hire you anymore because of the recession.

no, no, no.…

then how should i live in the future?

there's also employment insurance and barrow work.

huh, kanachan, too?

after all, i really did talk about sales slump.

huh? what's going on?

kanachan, be patient.

This aunt continues to work➥

it's a strange story that a young girl like kanachan quit.

i'm sorry, kanachan.

please don't apologize like that.

owada, i came to work before anyone else

i cleaned the restroom.

it's my responsibility now.

Um... until now.
Newspapers, travel magazines...

thank you.

what is a good mother?

no matter how hard i try…

you can't be me.

don't blame yourself.

this is a trial, too.

it seems that the savior will appear at asumichan's house soon.

why don't you come with me if you feel like it?

i have a teacher you can trust.

I have already told you about.

Again? what?

With the intention of soliciting all the time?

I can't believe you're soliciting me.

You were kind to me.
This is what it was all about, wasn't it?

i just wanted to help.

i'm sorry if i offended you.

-wow, stop being dirty.

- let's cool down.

yuukun, i'm home.

i left this and when i fixed it


isamu, shall we eat?

What? did something happen again at school?



isamu what?

isamu, hey... are you hanging out again? isakun.

isakun isakun?

mom, i won't say anything, so i won't be mad at you, so why don't you say it?

What do you think? - i don't know.…

i told you i didn't know.

What do you think?

stop it, yuukun.

yuukun, stop.…

fuck you! yuukun, it hurts.…

it stinks!

fuck you!

what is this?

didn't you take them to the pool?

They have.

then why would this happen?

it's a party. hey.

maybe it's because you broke my camera.

that's why dad's coming home and having a party.

don't make excuses, cora.

what are you doing?! what is it? are you going to do it?

- stop it. - what?

ora! what is it? what are you doing?!

- huh? what is it?!

go! ouch, you son of a bitch!

hey! no, no, no, no, no, no.

disappear now.

get out of here!

shut up. don't cry, you idiot.

- shut up!

wow! -hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. i told you to be quiet.

-shut up, you bastard.

shut up! - you're kidding me!

- shut up!

-stop it! i told you to be quiet!

-no! ah!

-stop it. -ah!

i told you to stop!

shut up.…

shut up! no, no, no, no!

why are you guys fighting all the time!

i don't know! i don't know you two anymore!

Live on your own!


huh huh huh…



It's not here.

Yu, where's mom's important passkbook.


it's an important, important savings.

one more loan.

yuukun, what happened? isamu? Your brother

yes, masaki? masaki? is masaki here?


that's it!?

what are you doing? hey, yu!

ah! Cat…

damn you! yuukun, it hurts.…

it's dirty! (cry of snow painting)

-ah! it stinks.

stop it, yuukun.

yu, stop it!

hey yu, stop!

It's abuse! somebody help me.…


did masaki steal it? no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I'm sure it wasn't Masa.
It's something worse.

Thieves are thieves.

you don't like my brother, do you?

if you don't like him, we can get rid off him.

He's in my way, too.

What are you saying?

I also hate him!

isamu! isamu! isamu!


I'm not a good boy.

mother is not a good mother either!

It's all game

fuck you!

if you don't like us, just throw us away!

i told you not to come in here!



why always!

ah, ah, ah!


why don't you understand?!

- i don't like it!

isamu! isamu 嫌 i don't like it!

i hate you! Isamu…

yu, why don't you understand me? i don't like it!

isakun, why? i hate you!

sorry for the night.

i got a report that a child is asking for help here.


excuse me.

i'm scared! officer, please help me!

mother, calm down. mother?

Where's a kid?


why are you here? yu, go upstairs.

taichi, you've gone fat.

my mother had dementia.

we didn't realize it at all.

it seems that only my son knew.

oh, this time.

i'm going back to my house.

no, it's late today. please stay here.

it's not right there. it's okay.

no! Please stay here today.


i'll take you.

mom, let's go.

are you all right?

my son is a kind child.

I have seen my mother-in-law in the garden several times

i think i couldn't tell anyone.

don't cry.

-taichi, don't cry. - sorry.…

are you going?

Eat probably before you go!

good morning, mom.


was that done by masaki?


We didn't give you our seals.
That's why i came here.

i can't help it. it seems he borrowed money from the black market.

yuukun was sorry too. sorry.

when you were alone, he came in.


i have 20 million.

i won't take this.

you got fired for 1 job.

What you always do for Yuu.

Let me do something for him too.

Take this as gift

yeah, you grew up.

i'm sorry, yuukun.

why did you do that?

If you can rewind the time

how many times did you want to go back to that day?