Tomorrow's Children (1976) - full transcript

Demain les Mômes

- A -


- B -


Sponge finger

Chocolate bites


- C -

Palm hearts


Do you know if we have any chloroform?


Why do you ask?

Haven't you seen it?

You don't think of me
- What are you saying there?

For my tooth.

What about your tooth?

- The chloroform for my tooth.
- Hurry up! I'll go

Is it that urgent?

You're going?

You sure you're going?
- Don't start...

Here since you're leaving.

Alright. It's long, this list

You know you could have changed your pants.




Don't leave me.
(I'm scared)

Don't worry, I'll be back tonight.

So lock the doors, don't move and wait.

What happened? Are you dressed?

Do you like me?

You're not all there, huh?

You can't live without people!

Did one come to that all alone. You know?

Come to what, huh?

Come to what... Come to what!

I have a bad tooth.

It's not the right time.

So come to bed.

I'll go.

The hours at night are the best.

You go, I'll follow.

I came down to get you.

They don't exist.

Not one. Not a soul.

Open your mouth.


- What are you going to do?
- Heal the wound.

There it is!


Drink up!

Don't swallow it.

Spit it out.


Spit it out.

That's 4000 kilometres
as the crow flies...

... 5500, 6000 through these roads...

... if there is...

... I can't promise you that because...

... it's a little adventure...

He's going to break his neck.

How are you?

You're bad there?

There, you're bad there?

You're bad, here?

What are you doing there?
You better get away from here.


So that I don't have to see you anymore.

The first time I saw you at the garden...

It made me think of my grandad...

because my grandad came from far away.
He came from the South

One day he stopped at the house and danced

As if he found his resting place.

So when I saw you at the garden there

I had the feeling I had left my place.

For me it's not my resting place.

I just wanted to tell
you that from the start.

I wanted to explain to you

That I was looking for other living people.

With the radios there.

Because these radios

They receive signals from the whole world.

So I started from this house

which is there

From circle to circle,
I get further away. Like that.

During these months there's been nothing.

Then one day...blam

You can say that there are living people

They exist.
And these people live there.

No, leave the guns.

I'll teach you how to use them but not now.

When I was 1 or 2 my
dad had bought this house

We didn't live here,
We lived on a farm nearby.

We'd come here every Sunday.

I'd play here.
Obviously there were no shelves.

So, I'd imagine I was on this big ship

Fully stocked up,
I was sailing for over 100 days

No, don't be scared. Stay.

I was just reading.

And a book doesn't fly away.

A book is not a bird.

Do you know how to read?

What age are you?

7 years old.

Maybe 8.

So perhaps you've already started reading

Do you want to sit next to
me and we can read together

Come here

At first sight,
I found myself deeply preoccupied

Today I'll fall asleep right away

So that I would snore
heavily under the covers

You slept well last night?

Shall I continue?


You want me to teach you to read?

You aim there...

Why are you leaving?

That's the handbrake.

And the first gear.

Something happened to me yesterday,
that didn't happen to you

Watch, I accelerate gently

Neither you, nor the others.
Did they tell you?

If that happens again,
will you stay with me?

Do you want to shift gear? Push to the left

Why do you never answer?

Why do you never say anything?

I've observed you

I see your lips move so you can't be mute.

Don't force it,
it's not worth it, you were there.

You want to have a go?


The grown-ups don't believe we're going.

In fact it's perhaps because
they're scared of leaving.

They believe they're safer here.
What matters is that we're ready.

What we need now is a big truck

comfortable with big tyres.

...that it drives well
and Lila can get it going

Tublac drives well and Lila can take turns

What are they doing?

Come on, on you go.

What's going on there at the back?

That's enough!

... There you are, you came after all...

So in this first day,

in what is our new union,

I'd like to say...

... that it could not have happened.

besides all that...

...this circle...

...this meal, this table...

All this could not have existed.

And since the world could not have existed.

I don't know if you've thought of it but...

... I was going to leave.

There was nothing here,
There was an empty house, abandoned

And you would've arrived here like that.

Like in the desert.

And so...

You must listen to me here

There would have been no more
people, it would have been empty

because where there is no
table where one can sit

the world is not worth much at all.

It's like a dough that does not rise up.

So today you are here at this table...

... and tomorrow
we will be on the road together...

So I'd like to ask why do you reject me?

Why do you leave me alone?

Is it because you're
scared I will draw you in

so I won't be alone?

And while that's true

Only that's not all

it's also because I need you

and because I love you

So I say to myself that...
while you sit around the table

but that later, I will make you understand.

Later when we will be on the road,

when we'll hide behind small hollow paths

when we go to the riversides, under trees

...because we'll move at night.

Then I will make you understand.
I am sure of that

Who will share this toast with me?

You're not going to let me drink all alone?

You're a bit passive.

There isn't anyone who knows a song?

Have you forgotten all those songs?

Do you know the song about
the deer and the rabbit?

Nobody knows that one?

Let me show you how it goes.

In this house, there was a great big deer

watching by the window

a rabbit comes and cries to him:

Deer, deer open me up

or the hunter will kill me.

Bunny rabbit, bunny rabbit,
come and shake my hand

It isn't that difficult. Shall we start?

1... 2...

... 3.

In this house there was a great big deer

watching by the window

A rabbit comes and cries to him:

Deer, deer, open me up

or a hunter will kill me

Bunny rabbit, bunny rabbit,
come and shake my hand

That's tea powder

we put in 2.6 grams.

A powder that has 2 advantages.
First, there's no smoke

so we won't be spotted.

And secondly,
it has a greater force of strength

And if we put too much in, it bursts out.

Charge it at 32 grams.

So we'd make 32 grams for 6 on the left

and for 7 on the right.
You want to guess why?

Because the second shot plays catch up!

So we better put more in to even it out

If you want to shoot,
best leave it lying on your hip

that way you won't tear your shoulder off.

Give me that right now!

Don't make me use force.

You love guns, don't you?

As long as I'm here,
you won't have to fear a thing.

You are kids and kids
don't play with firearms. You got that?

Can you give me a lift? I'm going to get
wood. There hasn't been any for a while.

What has he got?

I said, what does he have?

Is it the one who doesn't pick up, wins -
Is that it?

There, it's your turn.

What I don't understand
is when it's picked up?

You know, the secrets...

These secrets between us have
lasted long enough, haven't they?

What your name is, for example.

And the garden...
who does it belong to?

Who feeds you?

What's he called?

He stays there all the time...

Is he a prisoner?

Is he condemned to be there?

Am I a prisoner here?

No not you...come here!

You didn't know beforehand,
you were too young.

But before, you see, the kids
talked to the grown-ups, a little bit

They would say words.

And they didn't die, you know.

What I'm saying is you have a mouth, lips.

So if my head comes nearer could say a word in my ear.

Say a word.

You can do it, just one word.

Look at me when I'm talking to you?

Show me your eyes.

Show your eyes.

Show your eyes.

Don't cry like that.

And I didn't live on the farm...

My brother was to take over from my dad.

It was my older brother.

He really loved horses

And my father used to tell him
horses don't go with wheat

Horses are against wheat.

But he would say it to him sweetly...

since my father was very
kind towards all his kids

And that's how I learned to be gentle too

Because my mother died when I was young.

So my brother lowered his head like that...

...and he would continue...

The day my father
died when is when it happened...

My brother left early in the morning.

A neighbour had told him "Go
home, your father has died."

That's how it happened, really.
I wasn't there.

I was in my father's room

I had my back turned to the body
and I was looking out the window.

Then I saw him arrive...

then there was a tree...

He hung his scarf

He hung himself.

My father was killed by the horse.
There's no doubt.

Look at this...

The little innocents.

That's what I want to take with me?

Get the fuck out of here!

Get out!

Scram! Get the fuck out of here!