Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) - full transcript

Agent James Bond 007 is on a mission which includes a media tycoon, his former lover and a Chinese agent. Elliot Carver wants to complete his global media empire, but in order for this to work, he must achieve broadcasting rights in China. Carver wants to start up World War III by starting a confrontation over British and Chinese waters. Bond gains the help of Wai Lin on his quest to stop him, but how will Bond feel when he meets up with his former lover, who is now Carver's wife.


MAN: Our man's in position
on the center camera.

It's like a terrorist supermarket.

Chinese Long March Scud,
Panther AS-565 attack helicopter,

a pair of Russian mortars,
and the crates look like American rifles.

Chilean mines, German explosives.
Fun for the whole family.


- White Knight, show us the pawns.
- You see, he did get through, Admiral.

- Start with that chap in the middle.
- Load the ID program.

- Database ID search.
- Checking the databases.

We've got our first match: Satoshi lsagura.
Wanted for the Tokyo subway attack.

Currently working for
the insurgent force in Zaire.

Henry Gupta. American.
Practically invented techno-terrorism.

Started out as a student radical
at Berkeley in the '60s.

Now he sells his politics for cash.

- Zoom in on that, can you?
- Looks like an American encoder.

They use it to control navigation
satellites - the GPS system.

I wonder, will the CIA be more upset
that they lost it or that we found it'?

- Excuse me. Admiral?
- Thank you, M. We've seen enough.

This is now a military operation.

You saw the Gatling gun? Are your troops
prepared for that kind of fire power?

We have election in Moscow next week.

The president said
any loss of life is unacceptable.

We'll take the naval option. One strike,
we take out half the world's terrorists.

- Admiral Roebuck, I must protest.
- Get me the Chester.

- Let's not waste time.
- My man isn't finished.

Black King to White Bishop.
Authorization to fire.

Get your man out of there. His job is over.

Weapons authorised. Prepare to fire.

On my count. Five, four, three, two, one.

Missile away.

Time to target:
four minutes eight seconds.

White Knight, four minutes to impact.
Get out of there.

Yes, I know what it is. It's on the screen in
front of me. It's a Jeep in front of a plane.

- Now get the hell out of there.
- What the hell's going on?

- You will not wait. That's an order.
- What is your man waiting for?

White Knight.

Oh, my God.

Those are Soviet SB-5 nuclear torpedoes.

- If the cruise hits them...
- Order them to abort the missile.

HMS. Chester. Urgent.

Abort missile. Abort missile.

- Abort missile.
- Abort missile.

Captain, missile out of range.
Unable to destroy.

- White Knight...
- Alert NATO, the Pentagon.

- Will it trigger the torpedoes?
- It might, but even if it does not,

there's enough plutonium
to make Chernobyl look like picnic.

Bloody hell. Can't you people
keep anything locked up?

Evacuate your troops
and get him out of there now.

White Knight, come in.
White Knight, come in.

- Keep trying, damn it.
- White Knight, come in.

Repeat: come in, White Knight.

Filthy habit.

I've got the encoder.

- What the hell is he doing?
- His job.

He's going for the bombs.

Get that Jeep.

Get out of it, James.

One minute to impact.

30 seconds to impact.



Back-seat driver.

White Knight to White Rook.

I've evacuated the area.

Ask the admiral where
he'd like his bombs delivered.



Darling, I'm killed

I'm in a puddle on the floor

Waiting for you to return

Oh, what 8 thrill

Fascinations galore

How you tease,
how you leave me to burn

It's so deadly, my dear

The power of having you near

Until the day

Until the world falls away

Until you say
there'll be no more goodbyes

I see it in your eyes

Tomorrow never dies

Darling, you've won

It's no fun

Martinis, girls and guns

It's murder on our love affair

But you bet your life every night

While you're chasing the morning light

You're not the only spy out there

It's so deadly, my dear

The power of wanting you near

Until the day

Until the world falls away

Until you say
there'll be no more goodbyes

I see it in your eyes

Tomorrow never dies

Sound the general alarm.


PA: The ship has been over flown
by two Chinese MiGs.

We believe they have hostile intent.
Hands to action stations.


You are in Chinese territorial waters.

Officer of the Watch, maximum speed.
Come left 40 degrees.

Aye aye, sir. Revolutions 160, course 20...

Are they insane?

Sir, the Chinese pilot insists that
we are only eleven miles off their coast

and he will fire if we don't turn around
and go to a Chinese port.

Send this: "We are in international waters
and will defend ourselves if attacked."

Copy all this to the admiralty - urgent.

Are we absolutely sure of our position?

Yes, sir. An exact satellite fix.

Captain, we are ready to launch.

Shut down the engines.
Maintain full silence.

A Stealth ship may be invisible to radar,
but the sea drill isn't.

We'll launch next time the MiGs fly by.

The British will think
it's a Chinese aerial torpedo.

I should report in.

Stamper to Hamburg.
Phase one is in progress.

I'll report back to you with an update

- The MiGs are making another pass.
- Let's start the show.

Sea drill in position.

Start the drill.

Release it.


Green 3-O. Torpedo, torpedo, torpedo.

Officer of the Watch, come hard right, 141.

There's been no sonar contact, sir.
The MiGs must have dropped it.

Bearing steady. It's gonna hit, sir.

Brace, brace, brace.


- Target 1200.
- Knock, knock.


Let's go upstairs.

Turn left.

Now they're wondering
why it hasn't exploded.

Full damage report.

Back-up power immediately.

- Switch to alternate supply.
- Three generators are down, sir.

- Flooding on foredeck aft.
- We're down 14 degrees by the stern.

Yeoman, send to admiralty: "Have been
torpedoed by Chinese MiGs. Sinking."

Give them our position.

Right. Abandon ship.

Abandon ship. Abandon ship.

One missile at the MiGs.


Their last broadcast, sir.

Mr. Gupta's little trick
with the encoder worked.

They gave their final position
70 miles from here.

The British navy will never find them.


Survivors in the water.

Mr. Stamper.
I'm having fun with my headlines.

I need to know
the exact number of survivors.

I'm late for a meeting. Make sure
you use the right kind of ammunition.

Yes, sir.


Start the recovery operation.
Send our divers down to the Devonshire.

Mr. Gupta, phase one is complete.

Good morning, my golden retrievers.

What havoc shall the Carver Media Group
create in the world today?


Floods in Pakistan, riots in Paris
and a plane crash in California.

Excellent. Mr. Jones, are we ready
to release our new software?

Yes, sir. As requested, it's full of bugs.

People will be forced to upgrade for years.

Mr. Wallace, call the president.

Tell him if he doesn't sign the bill
lowering the cable rates,

we'll release the video of him
with the cheerleader in the Chicago motel room.

Inspired, sir.

- And after he signs the bill, release the tape anyway.
- Consider him slimed.

Excuse me.

- He's on transponder seven.
- Mr. Stamper.

Phase two is under way.
I have the video tape.

I haven't seen it myself,
but I'm told the footage is excellent.

Plus there were 17 survivors
for your headlines.

Good work, Stamper.

- Thank you.
- Don't mention it.

Make sure you keep it in a safe place.

Gentlemen and ladies, hold the presses.

This just in.

By a curious quirk of fate,
we have the perfect story

with which to launch
our satellite news network tonight.

It seems a small crisis is brewing
in the South China Seas.

I want full newspaper coverage,
I want magazine stories, I want books,

I want films, I want TV, I want radio.

I want us on the air 24 hours a day.
This is our moment!

And a billion people around this planet
will watch it, hear it and read about it

from the Carver Media Group.

There's no news like bad news.




How do you say "I'm not here" in Danish?

- Just ignore it.
- Those are words...

They just don't have in their vocabulary.

- Bond here.
- MAN: Go to a secure line, 007.

Going to scrambler, channel... four.

- That ship was in international waters.
- We can't be certain.

James? Where are you?

Oh, Moneypenny. Erm...

I'm just up here at Oxford,
brushing up on a little Danish.


I'm afraid you'll have to kiss off your lesson.

We've got a situation at the MOD.

- We're sending the fleet to China.
- Uh-huh.

- I'll be there... in an hour.
- Make that 30 minutes.

Goodbye, my sweet.

You always were a cunning linguist, James.

- Don't ask.
- Don't tell.

That's preposterous.
We know exactly where that ship was.

The GPS system,
global positioning satellites do not lie.

Yes, but our Singapore station
picked up a mysterious signal

on the GPS frequency
at the time of the attack.

- It could have sent that ship off course.
- I have a missing frigate.

- I'm aware of that.
- We need decisive action.

My goal is to prevent
World War Ill, Admiral.

Sending an armada into the area
is not the best way to do it.

Where exactly did this
mysterious GPS signal come from?

- We're still investigating.
- Investigating!

Sometimes I don't think
you have the balls for this job.

Perhaps. The advantage is,
I don't have to think with them all the time.

That's enough. Now where do we stand?

It was an unprovoked attack
on a ship in international waters.

We send in the fleet for recovery
and prepare for full retaliation.

Moderation. We investigate and stop short
of sending the entire British navy

within ten minutes of
the world's largest air force.

- When will our ships be in position?
-48 hours.

Christ! The press are
already screaming for blood.

The last thing we want to do
is escalate the situation.

I'm afraid it may be too late
to worry about that.

"17 British sailors murdered"?

"According to Vietnamese officials
who recovered the bodies,

"the victims were killed by the ammunition
used by the Chinese air force."

- Did you leak this?
- No.

- It's the first I've heard of it.
- Well, this settles it.

We send in the fleet.
M, you have 48 hours to investigate.


There is one strange thing.

Our contact in Saigon said the Vietnamese
only found our sailors three hours ago.

How'd they get the paper out so fast?

Somebody at Tomorrow knew
before the Vietnamese did.

How much do you know
about Elliot Carver, 007?

Worldwide media baron. Able to topple
governments with a single broadcast.

Carver owns that newspaper Tomorrow.

I didn't want to discuss it in front of the minister, but
that signal came from one of Carver's satellites.

The PM would have my head
if he knew you were investigating him.

I'm sending you to Hamburg, 007. We've arranged to
have you invited to a party tonight at Carver's media center.

They're celebrating the launch of a new satellite.

Because now he has the ability to reach
every human being on the Earth.

Except the Chinese,
who've refused broadcast rights.

James, your ticket, cover story
and rental-car reservation.

Sign here, please.

I believe you once had a relationship
with Carver's wife, Paris.

That was a long time ago, M.
Before she was married.

- I didn't realize it was public knowledge.
- Queen and country, James.

Your job is to find out whether Carver
or someone in his organization

sent that ship off course and why.

Use your relationship with
Mrs. Carver, if necessary.

- I doubt if she'll remember me.
- Remind her.

Then pump her for information.

You'll just have to decide
how much pumping is needed, James.

If only that were true
of you and I, Moneypenny.

PA: Security announcement. Passengers
are asked not leave baggage unattended.

- Guten Tag. Kann ich lhnen helfen?
- Ja. Mein Btiro hat ein Auto reserviert.

- Einen Moment, bitte.
- Dankeschén.

If you'd just sign here, Mr. Bond.

It's the insurance damage waiver
for your beautiful new car.

- Will you need collision coverage?
- Yes.

- Fire?
- Probably.

- Property destruction?
- Definitely.

- Personal injury?
- I hope not, but accidents do happen.

They frequently do with you.

Well, that takes care
of the normal wear and tear.

Do I need any other protection?

Only from me, O07, unless you bring
that car back in pristine order. Shall we?

Your new BMW 750.

All the usual refinements - machine guns,
rockets and the GPS tracking system.

WOMAN: Please fasten seat belt
and obey all instructions for a safe trip.

Thought you'd pay more attention
to a female voice.

I think we've met.

I'm not interested in your sordid escapades.
Let's get on with it, shall we?

Your new telephone. Talk here. Listen here.

So that's what I've been
doing wrong all these years.

It also includes a fingerprint scanner
and a 20,000-volt security system.

And this I am particularly proud of:
the remote control for your car.

Tap twice. One, two.


Now, draw your finger
very slowly across the pad...

To drive the car.


It's surprisingly difficult to drive,
but with practice...

Well, let's see how
she responds to my touch, eh, Q?


- I think we understand each other.
- Grow up, 007.

WOMAN: Attention. Engine running.
Please shut door now.


Anyway, there's absolutely
no truth in this malicious rumor

that I started running
mad-cow disease stories

simply because Sir Angus Black,
the great British beef baron,

lost £10,000 to me in a game
of poker and refused to pay up.


There's even less truth in the rumor

I took 100 million francs from the French
to keep the stories running for a year.

Excuse me, Mr. Carver.
This is the new banker, Mr...

Bond. James Bond.

Another new banker.
I seem to collect them.

Tell me, Mr. Bond, how is the market
reacting to the crisis?

Currencies are off. Your stock is soaring.

I don't believe we've met. Elliot Carver.

Wai Lin. I'm from
the New China News Agency.

- I don't recall your name on the guest list.
- I have a confession.

It's not. I snuck in.

- Why would you do that, my dear?
- I wanted to meet you.

Outstanding. I admire a woman
who takes the initiative.

- You should work in my Beijing bureau.
- Mr. Carver, you don't have a bureau in Beijing.

Call me Elliot.


I always wondered how I'd feel
if I ever saw you again.


Now I know. Was it something I said?

How about the words "I'll be right back"?

- Something came up.
- Something always came up.

- And how are you, Paris?
- Much better now. We're even.

Something to drink, Mrs. Carver?

Mr. Bond will have a vodka martini.
Shaken, not stirred.

Mrs. Carver will have a tequila.
Straight shot.

No. Mrs. Carver will have a glass
of Mr. Carver's champagne.

- I see you've moved up in the world.
- And tonight you're a banker.

I saw the guest list.

Tell me, James, do you still sleep
with a gun under your pillow?

- To you.
- No. To the gun.

- I take it this isn't a social visit.
- Your husband may be in trouble.

"The Emperor of the air." If you think of
going after him, you're the one in trouble.

Perhaps, but it's either him
or someone in his organization.

I see. And you figured you could
charm the dirt out of me.

- No. That wasn't my plan.
- Good.

If it comes to a choice between
you and Elliot, I've made my bed.

You don't sleep in it anymore.

There you are.


I've been looking everywhere for you.

I want you to meet Wai Lin,
New China News Agency.

- Hello, Mrs. Carver.
- It's a pleasure.

- And this is James Bond.
- I didn't realize you knew each other.

- We're old friends.
- Casual acquaintances.

He dated my roommate in Zurich.

I'm thinking of getting
Wai Lin behind a news desk.

That's wonderful.
I'm sure she won't resist too much.

Tell me Elliott, I was just wondering about your
satellites, the way you positioned yourself globally.

They're merely tools
for information, Mr. Bond.

Or disinformation.

Say, if you wanted to manipulate
the course of governments. Or people.

Or even a ship.


That's very interesting, Mr. Bond.

You have a vivid imagination for a banker.

I should commission you to write a novel.

Heavens, no. I'd be lost at sea. Adrift.

Mr. Carver?


Ah. It's time to begin the festivities.

Excuse me. Darling?

- So, how do you really know him?
- I told you. He's a banker. I met him in Zurich.

You're a terrible liar, dear.

I... have a problem with a banker.

Could I see you a moment?

Ladies and gentlemen,
meine Damen und Herren,

Mr. Carver's broadcast will be starting
in ten minutes in the main studio.

Exactly what kind of banking
do you specialize in, Mr. Bond?

Hostile takeovers. Shall we?

Carver must feel at home
in a room like this.

It's nice to talk to the world.

Looks like there's someone
who wants to talk to you.

Mr. Bond, you have an urgent phone call.

Ladies and gentlemen,
we are live in five, four, three, two...

Good evening. Tonight's broadcast
was supposed to be a celebration

marking the completion of
the Carver Global Satellite Network.

But, as you're well aware, terrible conflict
looms tonight in the South China Sea,

which, unchecked, has the potential
to destroy every human being on Earth.

I want to assure my viewers
that I, Elliot Carver ..

This way, please.

.. have spoken with the Prime Minister
in London and the Chairman in Beijing

and have offered my services
as an impartial ..

It's a soundproof room, Mr. Bond.
Nobody hears you scream.

Herr Stamper, we have made contact.

Make him uncomfortable.
I'll be there in a few moments.

...with its printing presses
that run 24 hours a day

and its satellite facilities
linking every last...

You seem very concerned
about Mr. Carver's business.

He wants to know why.

Why did I do it, you ask?

The answer is simple: power.

The power to illuminate the far corners
of the globe, not for higher profits,

but for higher understanding
between the people of this great planet.

Put him in the chair.
Maybe we play a number on his head.

And what do I expect in return?
Worldwide domination.

Complete, utter, total
worldwide domination.

But not over governments
or religion or ideology.

Over tyranny and isolation and ignorance.


Herr Stamper... Herr Stamper...
Herr Stamper!

...tonight I offer you
my declaration of principles,

a promise to the men
and women of this planet,

my brothers and sisters,
whom I so humbly serve

I promise to report the news
without fear or favor.

I promise to be a force
for good in this world.

Fighting injustice, crushing intolerance,
battling inhumanity...

-...striking a blow for freedom at every turn
- It's time for...

A station break.

That is the goal
of the Carver Media Group Network.

- What's happening?
- We've lost power. We're off the air.

Meine Damen und Herren,
bleiben Sie ruhig.

Es gibt eine kleine Stdrung.
Wir machen gleich wetter.

Ladies and gentlemen, please stay calm.
There's no need to go for the exit.

We will go on in a few minutes' time.

What do you mean, you don't know?
You're fired! Get out of my sight!


And, in a rather embarrassing note,

scrappy media mogul Elliot Carver
was cut off the air tonight in mid-speech

during the inaugural broadcast
of his worldwide satellite network.

Sony, Elliot, but... we didn't do it.

Glorious evening, wasn't it?

Come on, Elliot. Ignore those people.
Sometimes these things happen.

Not to me. Not to me!

When I was 16, I went to work
for a newspaper in Hong Kong.

It was a rag, but the editor
taught me one important lesson.

The key to a great story
is not who or what or when,

but why.

Your friend, Mr. Bond
made a mess tonight.

- I want to know why.
- I told you, I barely know him.



I was curious who Carver would send.

He's onto you.

Well, we know where you stand.

You made your bed.

I'm standing in your doorway.

Then turn around and go home.

You can tell him
you didn't get anything out of me.

That's it? Go home?

I didn't ask you to get involved in this.

It's too late for that.

Why did you marry him?

He told me he loved me.

That always sounds good.

Do you know I used to look in the papers
every day for your obituary?

I'm sorry I keep disappointing you.

What was it, James?

Did I get too close?

Did I get too close for comfort?


PARIS: I missed you.

- What did you find?
- I hacked into the mainframe at the bank.

They're using an SSL2 encryption, 128...

Spare me the techno-babble, please.

Bond's got a perfect employment record.
He's crossed every T, he's dotted every I.

- Which means?
- Government agent.

I call it "Gupta's Law
of Creative Anomalies".

If it sounds too good
to be true, it always is.

Do you think my wife knows?

There's a lot of garbage,
but if you dial down the ambient noise...

PARIS: Tell me, James, do you still sleep
with a gun under your pillow?

Play it again.

Tell me, James, do you still sleep
with a gun under your pillow?

I think we should set an appointment
for my wife with the doctor.

Tell me, James, do you still sleep
with a gun under your pillow?

- I have to go.
- No, you don't.

I can get you out of
the country in four hours.

I have no choice. No one can
protect me from him. Not even you.

- You do have a choice.
- Only if you let him go.

I can't do that.

He has a secret lab on the top floor even I'm not supposed
to know about. There's an emergency hatch in the roof.

- Paris, you don't have to do this.
- It's the easiest way to get in.

Don't argue with me, James.

You know...

This job of yours...

It's murder on relationships.


GUPTA: Until I get back next week,

I want two guards outside this office
24 hours a day.

- Nobody gets in. Got it?

I get it.

What do we do with the satellite?

Send this thing off to the launch site.
And be careful. It's worth $300 million.

You break it, you bought it. Understand?

I hate traveling.



- Looking for a news story?





They'll print anything these days.




Good morning, Mr. Bond. Elliot Carver.

I believe you've got
two items that belong to me.

What are you talking about?

The red box, Mr. Bond.

And my wife, in your hotel room.

He's coming.

WOMAN: Fingerprint ID accepted.

Please select security-system level.

Tell me if you find the encoder.
Call me immediately.


(NEWS on TV)

And in breaking news: it is with great
sadness that we announce the death

of Paris Carver, who has
become an international figure

since she became the wife of
Elliot Carver, chairman of this network.

According to police officials
in Hamburg, Germany,

Mrs. Carver was found dead this morning

in a hotel suite in that city
in unusual circumstances.

- Police refused to elaborate.

- A coroner has been called for.
- Paris. deliver his full report
within the next three days.

Her body was discovered along with
the body of an unidentified man,

who appeared to be the victim
of a self-inflicted gun wound...


I have a clear shot at your head, Mr. Bond.

Stand up, slowly.

Drop your gun und kick it toward me, ja?

Good. Now, lie down on the bed
next to Mrs. Carver.

This story will be on the news in an hour.

- Tomorrow's news today.
- Just so.


My name is Dr Kaufman.

I am an outstanding pistol marksman.
Take my word for it, ja?

Get the sledgehammers.

She struggled terribly, Mr. Bond.

It's a pity you got her involved in all this.

It won't look like a suicide
if you shoot me from there.

I am a professor of forensic medicine.

Believe me, I could shoot you from
Stuttgart und still create the proper effect.

Herr Stamper.

My art is in great demand, Mr. Bond.
I go all over the world.

I am especially good
at the celebrity overdose.

But now I am afraid, Mr. Bond,
that our little...

- Agh, Stamper!

Stop yelling in my ear,ja?

Sir, they can't get into the car.

You can't be serious.
Did you call the Auto Club?

Do you wanna call them?
Make him tell you how to open it.

Okay, I ask.

This is very embarrassing.
It seems there is a red box in your car.

They can't get to it.
They want me to make you unlock the car.

I feel like an idiot. I don't know what to say.

I am to torture you if you don't do it.

- You have a doctorate in that, too?
- No, no.

This is more like a hobby.
But I am very gifted.

I believe you.

- My cellphone opens the car...
- No, no, Mr. Bond. I do it, ja?

Recall, three, send.


Wait. I'm just a professional doing a job.

Me too.


Dr Kaufman.




WOMAN: Welcome.
Please fasten seat belt.

Reduce speed. Pedestrians in roadway.


Driver alert. Obstruction ahead.
Reduce speed now.


Reminder: unsafe driving
will void warranty.


Congratulations on a safe journey.

Yo! Jimbo!

Wade, what the hell are you doing here?

You know the world's my office.
Let's go this way.

- Did Q bring you up to speed?
- Yeah, I brought the GPS calibration unit.

By the way, you know that officially
Uncle Sam is neutral in this turkey shoot.

And unofficially?

We have no interest in seeing
World War Ill - unless we start it.

Dr Greenwalt.
He's the air-force GPS expert.

Sorry about the security,

but the GPS encoder is one of the most closely
guarded secrets in the US military.

Show him what you got.

Jesus! It's the missing encoder.
How the hell did you get that?

Picked it up in Hamburg yesterday morning.
Tell me something ..

Could somebody use this
to send a ship off course?

- You mean like the Devonshire?
- I didn't hear anybody mention the word Devonshire, did you?.

- No
- So just answer the man's question.

Well, in theory,
if you could alter the timing chip,

you could slowly send a ship off course.

- Like putting a magnet beside a compass.
- Yeah, exactly.

- Then check this out.
- Oh, yeah.

Those two circles should be
on top of each other.

Somebody's tampered with your encoder.

If we knew the last position
the Devonshire thought she was,

could you figure out
exactly where she sank?


- Wade.
- Yeah?

I have a small favor to ask.

The high-altitude, low-opening jump, the
HALO jump, is where we get the most fatalities.

So listen up.

You free-fall for five miles and use
your oxygen or you'll die of asphyxiation.

Sounds like my first marriage.

Next, after the free fall, pop the chute
at 200 feet below the Chinese radar.

You'll be traveling over 200mph.
This snaps your head back like a cannonball.

- Be careful not to crack your skull open on the tanks.
- I'll keep that in mind.

One last thing. When you hit the water,
don't forgrt to cut away your chute.

90% of people killed doing the HALO jump

got tangled up in their chutes
and drowned. Got it?

- Seems like an aweful lot just to save the world, Jimbo.
- I've got no choice, Wade.

I have to prove that ship
was deliberately sent off course.

- One minute.
- ls the pick-up set?

You bet. After your mission, turn on your beacon
and the extraction team will pick you up after dark.

Buddha bliss.

I just noticed something.

This is where the ship thought it was.
And this is where it really is.

But see that island there?
That means that where he's jumping,

between the British and Chinese fleets,
technically they're not Chinese waters.

- They belong to Vietnam.
- BOTH: Vietnam?

Does he have any US government
markings on him'?

The parachute, the wet suit, the fins...

If the Vietnamese catch him,
they're gonna go crazy.

He didn't even say goodbye.

WAI LIN: Still interested
in hostile takeovers?

It's the opportunities for travel
that I like best about banking.


Get them out of the water.

If I didn't know better, I'd say
you were following me around, Mr. Bond.

You'll have to admit we seem to have
developed an attachment to each other.

Hopefully, not for long.

BOND: Another Carver building.

If I didn't know better, I'd say
he'd developed an edifice complex.

- General Chang?
- Friend of yours?

Mr. Bond. Miss Lin.

- Welcome to Saigon.
- It's always nice to see you, Elliot.

I hadn't intended opening this center until
tomorrow, but as you're here,

you can help me write the inaugural story.

Your obituaries.

I hope you extended
the same courtesy to Paris.

Actually, Mr. Bond, you're the one
who wrote my late wife's obituary

when you asked her to betray me.

Still, let's see. "British Secret Service
agent James Bond and his collaborator

"Wai Lin, of the Chinese People's
External Security Force,

"were found dead
this morning in Vietnam."

Lacks punch, don't you think?

It's old news, Elliot.
We've been working together for months.

Both our governments know what
you and General Chang are up to.

I don't think so. You may have seen
the general in the hallway just now,

but perhaps, with all your jetting around,
you've not had chance to peruse today's headlines.

I rather like the last one. It isn't even mine.

I never believe what I read
in the press anyway.

Therein lies your problem, Mr. Bond.

You see, we're both men of action,
but your era and Miss Lin's is passing.

Words are the new weapons,
satellites the new artillery.

And you become the new
supreme allied commander?

Exactly. Caesar had his legions,
Napoleon had his armies,

I have my divisions, TV, news, magazines.

By midnight I'll have reached
and influenced more people

than anyone in the history
of this planet, save God himself.

And the best he ever managed
was the Sermon on the Mount.

- You really are quite insane.

The distance between insanity and genius
is measured only by success.

Excuse me. General Chang is waiting.

If you'll forgive me, your appearance here
has forced me to move up my timetable slightly.

I'll leave you in the capable hands
of Mr. Stamper and his toys.

Perhaps you'd like to see them.

- Sir, the helicopter.
- Thanks, Gupta.

Mr. Stamper is a protégé
of the late Dr Kaufman,

who was schooling him
in the ancient art of chakra torture.

- He was like a father to me.
- Really? Interesting role model.

In Eastern philosophy,
the body has seven chakra points,

energy centers, like the heart or genitals.

The purpose of these implements
is to probe those organs,

inflicting the maximum amount of pain

whilst keeping the victim alive
for as long as possible.

Dr Kaufman's record was 52 hours.
I'm hoping to break it.

I would have thought watching
your TV shows was torture enough.

Save this one till last.
When you remove Mr. Bond's heart,

there should just be enough time
for him to watch it stop beating.

GUPTA: Excuse me.

Go: go: go'

We can use the banner.

Hope it holds.

- Get after them.
- Ready? Go.


Next time I'll take the elevator.

BOND: Push!

- Get a car.
- No, no. A bike. A bike is quicker.

Keys. Someone always forgets them.
What are you doing? I'm driving. Get off.

- Get on the back.

I'm slipping.

Stop fidgeting back there.

- What are you...
- Give me that.

- Clutch. Clutch! Clutch!
- Turn right.

- No, left.
- Who's driving? Come on.



WAI LIN: Left! Left!

- How many back there?
- I can't see. Hold on.


What are you... Oh!

- Don't get any ideas.
- I'd never dream of it.

One... No, two.

- Go for the barrels.
- What?

Very good.


- Hold on.

Let's take the highway.

- Helicopter!
- All right, keep your shirt on.

- Get on the back.
- Are you trying to protect me?

No, I need to balance the bike.
Get on the back.

You ready? Go.


Pop the clutch.

- WAI LIN: It's behind us.
- Move!

Get out of the way!



You see the chopper?

I can't see. Hold on.

What are you...



Would you pass the soap?

Over there.

You were pretty good with that hook.

It comes from growing up
in a rough neighborhood.

- You were pretty good on the bike.
- Well...

That comes from not growing up at all.

Here. Allow me.

Don't get any ideas, Mr. Bond.

Just off the cuff, I thought we might link up.

- Work hand in hand?
- Stick closer to each other.

Maybe we go after General Chang together.

Your turn. Thanks for washing my hair.

I work alone.



Lucky for you I stopped by.

I could have taken care of him.

But you didn't. Give me the earring.

Copy of a Makarov 59.
Standard issue. Chinese army.

Looks like General Chang wants you dead.

You still think you can do this alone?

It depends whether your mission
is peace or revenge.

This is about stopping a war.

Last year we found Stealth material
was missing from one of General Chang's bases.

I followed a lead
to Carver's HQ in Hamburg.

Stealth material?

We thought he was
building a Stealth plane.

No. Stealth boat. That's the only way
they could get close to the Devonshire

so they could drill inside the missile room.

Remember? They stole
a cruise missile from that ship.

He said he was moving
the timetable forward to midnight.

Yes, of course he did.

Under cover of darkness he'll position
the Stealth boat near the British fleet,

fire the missile into China.

- And we will retaliate.
- And Carver will provide the pictures.

- I have to warn Beijing.
- No. Let's warn both our governments.

Get them talking.
It'll give us time to find where the boat is.

Stand up.

It's just like home. You get the equipment,
I'll send the messages.


- On second thoughts, you type.
- First we have to find the boat.

Of all the harbors and inlets
controlled by General Chang,

22 are in highly populated areas.

That leaves 14 where
he could hide a Stealth boat.

You can see it during the day.
It's invisible to radar but not the human eye.

Very novel.

So he'd have to hide it some place where he could
sail to the Devonshire and back in one night.

- This looks familiar.
- We've made some improvements.

- Have you, indeed?
- Okay, four hours out and four hours back.

Assume the boat is traveling
at a speed of 30 knots.

I've always been a fan
of Chinese technology.

According to this, there are four places
where he could harbor the boat.

Up on your left.

Why don't you run a crosscheck
on those areas for anything suspicious?

The new Walther.
I asked Q to get me one of these.


I've got it. Look.

Four missing boats, three
unexplained drownings. That has to be it.

Ha Long Bay.

He knows the island.
He says they all avoid it.

That it's dangerous for boats
to be around there at sunset.

But for 5,000 American dollars,
he'll take us.

Good. Maybe he'll take a check.

It's mostly dull routine, of course,

but every now and then you get to sail
on a beautiful evening like this

and sometimes work with a decadent
agent of a corrupt Western power.

And they say Communists
don't know how to have fun.

I hate to disappoint you,
but I don't even have a little red book.

If anything happens to me,
the fuses for the mines are in here.

We're gonna finish this together.
And if I may say so,

you've found the right decadent,
corrupt Western agent as a partner.

- WAI LIN: See the Stealth?
- No.

It's getting late
and this is the last cove in the bay.

WAI LIN: Yeah, that's it.

- Set the timers for ten minutes!
- Time to get out before the ship explodes.

Even if it doesn't sink,
it'll show up on radar.

- Our fleets will finish the job.
- If they got our message.

- Up and over.
- Okay.

- We're in position between the fleets.
- Fire one missile at each flagship of each fleet.

The Chinese will think
the British are rattling the saber.

The British will think
the Chinese are being belligerent.

And the media will provide
cool, objective coverage.

Let the mayhem begin.

- Missile lock-on.
- Send a signal to the admiralty.

"Task group under missile attack."

Sir, AWACS reports two waves
of land-based MiG 21s inbound.

The first group should be
on our screens in two minutes.

How long before the MiGs are within
firing range of the British fleet?

- 12 minutes.
- What the hell do I pay you for?

If she's there, Bond is there.
Stamper, find them.

Wai Lin! Camera!

Oh! No!

If she blinks, kill her.
And you, come with me.

Stamper to bridge. Bond is dead.

Delicious. Make sure you clear all
the mines, and bring the girl up to me.

Are you sure you want her up here?

It's my business, Mr. Gupta.
I like an audience.

Ah, Miss Lin. Your countrymen
are being so cooperative,

so predictably eager to save face.

My government knows you're out here.
They're looking for you.

Not according to our radar,
where it seems your MiGs

are about to attack the British fleet in...
Gupta, how many minutes?

- Nine minutes to firing range.
- And even if they were looking for me,

we're on a Stealth boat.

They can't see me, or you,

or even your friend,
the late Commander Bond,

who is, I believe, at this moment on his
way to the bottom of the South China Sea.

He's my new anchorman.




What on earth's going on?

A message from 007. Just confirmed
by my opposite number in China.

Tell the fleet to search for a ship that's
invisible... well, almost invisible to radar.

The Chinese aren't the enemy.
Carver's been playing both sides for fools.

Admiral, sir. Urgent message
from the admiralty.

Look at this.

Have you got anything on the radar that
looks very small? Lifeboat? Periscope?

- No, sir.
- A Stealth boat, sir? They have gone mad.

What you're about to witness, Miss Lin,
is not so much a missile attack

but the launch of a new world order.

In precisely five minutes, after your
countrymen have attacked the British,

I shall retaliate for dear old England
by sending this missile into Beijing,

where General Chang has just
called an emergency meeting

of the Chinese high command.

Unfortunately... (CHUCKLES)

General Chang will be delayed in traffic,

arriving just after the missile
has killed your leaders

and too late to stop the air force
from sinking the entire British fleet.

But he will be just in time to take over
the government, negotiate a truce

and emerge as a world leader,
with the Nobel Peace Prize.

- And what do you get?
- Me?

Oh... Nothing.

Just exclusive broadcasting rights
in China for the next 100 years.

Ready to rock and ruin.

If you'll excuse me, my dear,
I have something of a deadline to meet.

Prepare for the missile launch.

Mr. Gupta.

Hello, Elliot. Interesting plan.

I think I have something
that belongs to you.

So much for German efficiency.
Mr. Stamper.

PA: Gruppe zwei auf Deck drei.

- Don't shoot him yet.
- Hold your fire.

Welcome to my world crisis, Mr. Bond.

Even trade, Elliot. Gupta for Wai Lin.
You can't fire the missile without him.

And it seems you can't resist
any woman in my possession.

What are you waiting for? Shoot him.

I told you. We're gonna finish this together.

How romantic. Don't you realize
how absurd your position is?

No more absurd than
starting a war for ratings.

Great men have always manipulated
the media to save the world.

Look at William Randolph Hearst,

who told his photographers, "You provide
the pictures. I'll provide the war."

I've just taken it one step further.

Sorry about that.
I tuned out there for a moment, Elliot.


Mr. Gupta, is the missile ready to fire?

Press the magic button, Beijing disappears.

Then it seems
you've outlived your contract.

You see, Mr. Bond, I have a backup plan.

Uh-huh? So do I.

He's breached the hull.
They'll see us on radar.

We have a small,
intermittent contact on the surface.

Plot a bearing of 112 degrees.

Very weak signal. Can't get the range,
but it wasn't there a second ago.

Yeoman, tell all ships: "Do not fire on
the Chinese for any reason whatsoever."

Send a message in the clear to the
Chinese: "Have sighted unknown ship..."

Get those fires out!

Get down there and protect the missile.

Mr. Stamper,
would you please kill those bastards?

Nice work.

They're speeding up.

- We must stop the boat.
- Can you take care of the engine room?

- Of course.
- Good. Then do it and get off the ship.

I'm going to stop the missile.

A signal from the Chinese fleet commander.

"To Royal Navy task group. We also
have the unknown ship on our screens."

"We will not fire unless it turns towards
China. Until then she's yours, good hunting."

Now, Captain, whatever the hell
that thing is, sink it.

Right, sir. PWO, is that echo
too weak for missile lock?

- Yes, sir.
- Right. We'll do it the old-fashioned way.

Bond turned us into the target.

Along with himself. Take evasive action.

Prepare the missile
countdown immediately.

Initializing launch sequence:
T minus five minutes and counting.

PA: T minus five minutes and counting.

They're making 48 knots. They'll be out of
our visual range within two minutes.

Keep firing to slow them down.


There she is!


The engines are out.
We're sitting ducks here. Engine room.

PA: Gruppe B zur Steuerbordrampe.

Follow me!


PA: T minus four minutes and counting.



Well done, PWO.
Officer watch, increase max.

Keep firing.

All hands, abandon ship. Abandon ship.

PA: Abandon ship. Abandon ship.


Mr. Stamper,
what are you doing about the girl?

Perhaps you'd consider
looking in the engine room.

PA: T minus three minutes and counting.

You're too late again, Mr. Bond.

It's a bad habit of yours.
There's nothing you can do.

PA: T minus two minutes and counting.

The missile's fully programmed.
It can't be stopped.

In a matter of minutes
my plan will succeed.

And thanks largely to your efforts,
the British navy will destroy the evidence.

And I'll be out of here - in a Carver
news helicopter covering the event-.

It's going to be a fantastic show.

I may have some
breaking news for you, Elliot.

You forgot the first rule
of mass media, Elliot!

Give the people what they want.

No! No!


PA: T minus one minute and counting.

Drop it, Mr. Bond, or I'll drop your friend.

It's over, Stamper. Let her go.

Not between you and me.

James, try the detonators.
The missile will set them off.

Never argue with a woman.
They're always right.

PA: Tminus 40 seconds.

For Carver.

And Kaufman.

I owe you an unpleasant death, Mr. Bond.





PA: Tminus 20 seconds.

We die together, Mr. Bond.

PA: Tminus 10 seconds.

PA: Three, two, one.

M, Bedford reports that Carver went down
with his ship. It seems that Bond made it.

Moneypenny, take this release: "Elliot
Carver is missing, presumed drowned,

"while on a cruise aboard his luxury yacht
in the South China Sea."

"At present, the local authorities believe
the media mogul committed suicide."

Commander Bond. Colonel Lin.

This is the HMS Bedford.

Are you there?

They're looking for us, James.

Let's stay undercover.

Your life is a story

I've already written

The news is that I am in control

I have the power

To make you surrender

Not only your body but your soul

Tomorrow never dies


Tomorrow will arrive on time

I'll tease and tantalize with every line

Till you are mine

Tomorrow never dies

Whatever you're after

Trust me - I'll deliver

You relish the world that I create

Tomorrow never dies


Tomorrow will arrive on time

I'll tease and tantalize with every line

Till you are mine

Tomorrow never dies

The truth is now what I say

I've taken care of yesterday

Tomorrow never dies


Tomorrow will arrive on time

I'll tease and tantalize with every line

Till you are mine

Tomorrow never dies