Tomorrow Never Comes (1978) - full transcript

Coming back from an extended business trip, Frank discovers that his girlfriend Janie is now working at a new resort hotel where the owner has given her a permanent place to stay, as well as other gifts, in exchange for her affections. In the course of fighting over this development, tensions between Frank and Janie escalate out of control until he is holding her hostage in a standoff with the police. As the negotiators try to talk Frank into giving himself up, the desperate man feels himself being pushed further and further into a corner.

Sitting on a balcony

I look but there is no view to see

Alone am I

Every day and every place

I close my eyes and see your face

Alone am I

Nothing seems to break the spell

I'm walking freely in a cell of memories

There's nothing I can do

For my world revolves round you

Yes, alone am I

I remember how it used to be

The morning sun, the moonlit sea

The gentle rain

The sunrise

And the soft white snow

I remember how it used to be

I'd hold your hand, you'd smile at me

I was happy then

Why did you have to go?

All my friends have disappeared

As quickly as they first appeared

Alone am I

Guess I really always knew

The day you left, they'd leave me too

Alone am I

Every night is just the same

I lie awake and speak your name

It's sad, but then

There's nothing I can do

For my world revolves round you

Yes, alone am I

I remember how it used to be

The morning sun, the moonlit sea

The gentle rain, the sunrise

And the soft white snow

I remember how it used to be

I'd hold your hand

You'd smile at me

I was happy then

Why did you have to go?

Hey, Joey.

Hey, Frank!

- How you doin'?
- Not bad.

- I thought the job was for six months.
- No, three was fine.

I like your suit.

You do? That's nice.

Job money?

Yeah, I earned it.

You seen Janie?


You don't know who Janie is?


No, I ain't seen her.

She hasn't been around?

Ever since you took off,
I haven't been around.

Oh, she's been around, but you ain't, huh?

I guess so. I don't know.

- She's OK, though, isn't she?
- As far as I know.

That's good.


Well... I got to get home.

- OK.
- OK?


I'll see you. OK?

- OK, see you.
- Yeah.

Oh, shit.


- How's it goin'?
- Quiet, Jimbo, real quiet.

- Hey! Is this your first job?
- Yes, sir.

- There's gonna be a lot more, so cool it.
- Yes, sir.

19, 20.

Yeah, just a kid.

Shit, what a waste!

Maybe it's one part of the job
you won't miss any more, Jimbo.

- I won't miss it.
- Clean it up, boys.

Don't worry. You're gonna get used to it.

24 hours from now, Willy boy...

..all this will be your responsibility.


I got a feeling that becoming
a deputy chief of a small town...

..ain't gonna be good enough for you,
even though it is your old home town.

You bet your sweet ass it will.

Think you can handle this?
I wanna take a walk, OK?


Nice working with you.


I'm home, Mrs Reagan.

Who the hell are you?

How did you get in here? Who gave you the
bloody key? Now you get your flamin' butt out!

- What do you mean who am I? Who are you?
- Yeah, who are you?

- What are you doing here?
- This is my gal done room, an idiot face!

- This is my place.
- Oh, your place?

Where's my stuff?
Where's my bed? Where's my books?

- Hold up! That's my gal done room, that's my bed..
- Where the hell did he get the key?

Where's Janie?

- Jane? Who the hell is Jane?
- Shut up.

How long have you been here?

None of your flamin' business!

OK, I'll go. I'm sorry.

- Hi, Willy, anything for me?
- Yeah, upstairs.

Bring it through, will you?

For he's a jolly good fellow
For he's a jolly good fellow

For he's a jolly good
fellow... That nobody can deny.

Good luck, Jim.

Good luck, good luck, good luck.

Thank you very much, sir.

Um, I'd like to thank you all...

..all of you very much
for this... this clock.

Oh, come on, Jim!

You can do better than that. Right? Right!

(all) Speech!


Well, I guess what I want to say is, uh...

Well, I'll say it.

You're all pretty good Joes.

I figure that most of you know that
I'm moving on to a different situation...

..a situation in a home town...

Where I can get out and meet the
people, because to me that's... important.

Because really I am up to here... this trigger-happy, shit-kicking,
head-busting city of ours.

Now, a lot of you might have
your own opinions about that.

I've made mine fairly evident
over the last couple of months.

But at least you guys
have ensured, with this gift...

That I'm gonna make it on time.

Thank you.

That was a load of shit.

Your home town ain't no different.

They're gonna kick your
teeth in. Ain't no percentages.

It's trust, Willy.

Trust? I don't trust any of
those creeps on the street.

I did that in the Peace Corps
bit. Pressure-cooker living.

Don't do this, don't do that.

Be neutral.

My best buddy stepped on a
land mine. Poof! End of story.

I got the message.

Fuck neutral.

Hit 'em hard, fast.

Take a look around you, Willy.

Meaning what?

It's all rotten. Even the
biggies are on the take.

So what else is new?
That's just your excuse.

I used to think like you, Willy boy. I did.

Until the wife was killed... the hit-and-run.

That gave me a jolt.

You know something, when I'm gone...'ll still be doing
your same old thing.

You'll forget me and the preaching.

Hmm? You'll forget it, Willy boy.

Welcome back, lover!

Hey, Frank! You're
back! You're back early.

How're you doin'?

Where's Janie?

- You got thirsty people waiting!
- OK, OK.

She's not at the apartment.

- Do you know where she is?
- No. She doesn't sing here now.

Aw, isn't that a shame?!

Lost your little virgin, uh, Frank?

Can I have a beer?

Yeah, sure.

On me.

Come on, Ray, give.
What the hell's going on?

I don't know.

Go on, tell him, Ray!

Tell him!

Tell me what?

Her new guy can afford
her. She don't need you.

Come on, knock it off.

She's drunk.

She's, uh, singing up at Lyne's place.

The Barbazon Hotel.

Nice small, intimate
room. Not like this toilet.

And between sets, she's
making it on her back, Frankie.

You know, you should
watch your goddamn mouth.

- You watch your...
- I'm just telling you like it is.

Get this bitch outta here, huh?

Oh, shit! You can still get married...

..if you don't mind who's had
her, and if you can afford her.

Hey, watch it!

Keep out.

Get off.

Oh! Get off.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it, Frank. I'm sorry.

Jesus Christ, you stupid bastard!
What did you want to stand up for?

It was his fault.

Just leave the bastard.

Hey, you're gonna be all right, OK?

Everything's gonna be all right.

That's a boy.

I'll get a towel and some water.

Is it true?

What she said?

Forget it.

But was it true?


Now forget it, will you?

You're a liar.

- Quit going on.
- You were lying to me, weren't you?

You were all just lying to me.

I don't lie to you. You know that.

Why should I lie to you?

I don't lie to you.

Frank, look, look... Listen, I think
I'd better get you an ambulance.

You're hurt real bad.

You just lie here, all right?


You just stay there, OK?

Don't move.

Stay there, all right?

Time to go home, Mrs Wilson.

Come here.

Come here.

I wanna talk to you. Do
you uh, do you work here?


Is there a singer here called Janie Morgan?

- What? I... Who?
- Janie Morgan. Does she sing here?

Uh... yeah. There's a
singer here called that, yeah.

Do you know...

- What are you doin'? Let me alone.
- I wanna talk.

Let me go!

Do you know if she's gone home?

Her show's over. She must
have gone home hours ago.

Do you know where she lives?

Yeah, one of the cabanas.
Down at the beach.


The one nearest the water.


You go right home now.

Nearest the water.


- Emergency. Which service?
- Police. Give me the Police.

Who is it?

Who is it?



..what have you done to yourself?

Oh, I fell down.

- I can't hear you. What?
- I fell down. Hurt myself.

Can I come in?

Baby, you're cut.

Look at your head.

What's happened to your head?

Frank, Please sit down.
Let me do something, hey?

Where was he tonight?

Miss, are you all right?

- Who the fuck is that?
- Hilde, Please...

- Who is it?
- He's got blood on him.

- Let go of my arm.
- Who is it?

- The maid.
- The maid. Does the maid come with the job?

- Get out!
- Hilde, Please leave us alone.

- Go on! - Frank!
- Get out!

I wanna talk to you.

- I've been hearing things.
- Frank, what happened?

- I got in a fight.
- You what?

I got in a fight!

I wanna talk to you.

- What's been going on?
- I'm gonna get a towel.

Where are you going?

I've been hearing things!

- Officer, he's got blood all over him.
- Hold on a second.

He's going to kill that girl! I
don't know if he's a drug addict.

- Just stand here and keep calm.
- You better be careful. - You just take it easier

I'll wash this off one more time.

Then I'll call a doctor.

I don't know what you've done to yourself.

Come here, baby. Come here.

Come on, come on.


Hey, silly one.

You are wonderful. You know that?

All right, what's going on here?

- What the fuck do you want?
- I'm asking you.

None of your goddamn business!

Cool it. Are you OK, miss?

What the hell do you mean?

Cool it! Do you know this guy?

Of course she knows me!

Look, I've warned you!

Get out! Get out!

Give me the gun.

Frank, give him the gun.

Let's talk it out, Frank.

Get away from here. Stay away from me.

Get away from here.

You let the woman go, then we'll talk.

That's what I was
doing. I was talking to her!

- I told him to get outta here.
- Oh, I know.


I know.

I know.

Stand by, stand by.

Roger, Roger. Copy your message.

Stand by.



Shut up!

Will you shut up? Shut up! Shut up!


Stop it! Stop it!

No! No!

- I wanna talk.
- I don't wanna talk.

- It's still like it was between us?
- Yes!

They said you'd found some other guy.

Ye... No! No!

I didn't. You're hurt.
I'm gonna call the doctor.

- They were lying to me?
- Yes, they were lying!

- They were lying?
- They were lying! They were lying!

I must call the doctor.

Why the hell did they
wanna do something like that?

- They lied. - Lying to me, just lying to me.
- They lied. - Oh, please

You're the one who's lying.

You're lying! You were lying!


- You tell me who it is!
- No!

- What's his name?
- You are crazy!

What's his name? Tell me his name.

Get out of here! Get out of here!

- What's his name?
- Get out!


Willy boy, he's alive, but just.

Hey! You in there!

Throw out the gun!

Then follow it... with your hands up!


Please, Frank.


- Come here.
- Leave me out of this!

- Get over here!
- Don't hurt me!

Come here.

Come here.

Did I scare you?


OK! You got ten seconds!

Then we come in!

Will you do me a favour? Huh?

Will you do me a favour?

Will you go out there and
tell them to leave me alone?

Because if they come in here,
I got this gun, and I'll use it.

Now, you know who the bastard is, right?

You know who he is? Don't you?

You tell them to get him here right away.

If they don't, I'll kill her. I mean it.

You go tell them that, OK?

Go on. Go on.

Go on.

Go on!

He says if he doesn't get the
man he wants, he's gonna kill her.

You'd better pray they get him here.

I mean, you'd better pray.


- Who?
- Lyne.

- Robert L Lyne?
- Yeah, that's him.

Jesus! Ma'am...

- You know who that nut in there wants?
- Who?

Robert L Lyne.

Would you believe?

- 10-25, this is Graber.
- Holy Christ!

Is that you, Graber?

Put me on channel three.

I need to have a conference
with the captain. Over.

What's the task force for?

Big trouble at the Hotel Barbazon.
One of our guys has been shot.

- Show me the logbook.
- I want every move reported to me direct.

- Hi, Jim. Came to clean out your desk?
- Yeah, that was the idea.

Listen, Matt.

That kid with the gun
and the girl in the cabana.

- Why all the heavy artillery?
- The kid shot a cop.

- Yes, I know.
- Then, why do you think?

I think it's already one shot too many.

- Do you know what that kid wants?
- I read the log.

Then you know who he wants.

It's not too difficult. The maid
spelled it out. Robert L Lyne.

Surprised, huh?

No. Lyne screws around enough
for somebody to catch up with him.

Jim, the chief doesn't want
that. He wants this over with, fast.

It'll be over as fast as it takes.

Come on Jim. Lyne owns half the
town. He's got a lot of political muscle.

The chief wants this thing
over with, quick and clean.

The chief? The chief wants it clean?

Or dirty, if necessary.

I think I'm gonna take a
ride down to the beach.

- What the hell for?
- It's still my territory.

- Jim, you're off this!
- Not until tonight, I'm not.

- Willy's in charge. He's got the ball.
- Not until tonight, Matt!

You remember what I said!

Yeah, I'll remember what you
said, Captain. I'll remember.

What are you doing?

Will you let me leave here?

What will you do? Shoot me?

Frank, listen.

I'm listening.

You were the one who went away.

And you know why, baby.

No, I don't. I don't
know anything any more.

You don't? Well, Jesus Christ!

Who the hell was I talking to?

I was talking to some goddamn girl...

.., and I told her that I was
going out of town to get a job,

.., to make some money, so we
could move out of that rat hole, we could get married.
Who the hell was I talking to?

That was me. That was
me you were talking to.

We talked.

Talked? We also loved
each other, didn't we?


Yes, we did.

Who the hell were those
two people who were talking?

Who were those people who were loving?

It was us... It was us.

- Move, move it
- OK, the guy's in there.

Form a horseshoe, half over
here, half on the front. Move out.

Go lie down on the bed and don't move.

You go lie down on the bed and
don't move, and you do it now.

All set.

Oh, shit, look who's coming.

Jim, what brings you?

This, Willy.

All this.

No-one figured you'd want to be
around trouble on your last day.

Well, you know how it is, Willy.

What's the plan?

Talk a little. Make him sweat... a little.

Then hit him with smoke
and tear gas, go in behind him.

Maybe he'll hit the girl
before you get to him.

Maybe not.

- Maybe so.
- The maid says he's lost blood.

Some canisters through the
window. Wham! Just long enough.

- It doesn't take long to pull a trigger.
- That's the risk.

That's the risk she's gonna take, not you.

So what's the alternative?

- So what's the hurry?
- Everybody going soft?

Lay a finger on one bad guy
and the world goes berserk.

It ain't fair.

You're good, Willy.

You really are good. But
your balls are showing.

That's crap!

- Move your butt, boy!
- We're dealing with cockroaches.

The captain know you're here?


He knows.

Come here.

That's as far as you go.

Turn her loose, kid.

I mean, look behind me.

- You haven't got a chance.
- Neither has she!

My name's Wilson.

I'm a Police officer.

I wanna talk to you.

Stop right there, Wilson!

What are you afraid of? Frank, isn't it?

Frank, what are you afraid of?

You're the one with the loaded gun.

I don't wanna talk. I want some action.

You know who I want. You get him here.

That's what I want to talk about.

Maybe I'd miss you from this distance...

..but if you come any closer,
I sure as hell won't miss her.

Bit of a hero, Frank.
You're a bit of a hero.

Have it your way.

Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

Do you see that? They got
no choice but to get him here.

Willy, if we're gonna gun a guy
down, it's best we know his name first.

The last name of the boy, huh?

Thank you.


We gotta work this one out from the start.

- Is the maid still here?
- Yes!


Get her.

Yes, sir!

Yes, sir.

You hurt me.

I'm gonna make that sonofabitch crawl.

You never hurt me before.

Ma'am, there's another cop who
wants to talk to you. Just protocol.

Over there.


What the hell's he bringing the maid for?

Hilde, Lieutenant Wilson. Maid.

Oh, hi.

Hilde, will you sit down. Please?

- Come on.
- Well, thanks.

No chance he can shoot
me from there, is there.

Would it be better if I stood in between?

Yeah. That's better.

- What's up, mister?
- Some kid just shot a cop.

Oh, Jesus! What are you gonna do?

Me? What would I do?

I'd blow him away so heavy
he'd miss the next world.

- Son, tell your mom to hurry on down.
- She's going on that bus tour.

Son, if she misses this, she'll never
forgive us. And she's got the camera. Go!

Christ, look at all those
people. Stick your noses in!

Cheap thrills, that's what
you're looking for. Cheap thrills.

You're not gonna kill me, are you?

I don't give a shit.

Listen, Hilde, sweetheart...

..this girl, Janie, she's, uh,
just like all the rest, right?

Well, not exactly.

I guess a little offbeat for him. Mr
Lyne goes for the top-heavy kind.

She's nicer than most.

Wilson! Cut the talk!

Are you gonna get him here
or not? I won't wait much longer!

Do you hear me?

I gotta try and get this guy off the boil.

You got a horn, Willy?

Yeah. Bring the horn.


Frank, are you listening?

- Not to any more crap!
- No more crap, I promise.

Listen, that man you're looking
for. He's out of town at the moment.

We are searching. Do you
understand? He's out of town.

Well, is he?

- You should know.
- I don't know.

- Is he?
- I don't know!

Out of town or in, it makes no
difference. You get him here!

You hear me?

Yeah, we will get him
here. Well get him here.

Over the chief's dead body.


If necessary.

Officer, I've been coming
here for five years...

..and I always use that stretch of beach.

If you want your ass blown
off, you go ahead, Mac.

I didn't want to mention
it, but I do know your chief.

Go tell him. Maybe he'll
let us get that punk in there.

Then you could sunbathe
before lunch. Excuse me.

These crowds are getting large.

Better start moving them
back. Will you move them back?!

Get rid of your gorillas.

Sure. Let's make it into
a real long-running show.

Hey! Where do you think you're going?

- I think I know that fellow in the cabin.
- Sure, sure. So do I. You stay back.

- Better than the tour, huh, Mabel?
- They postponed the tour.

What did I tell you, Mabel? Two
attractions for the price of one!

Oh, God!

I hurt.

I really need you, Janie.

I need you.

You're not frightened of me, are you?



you take it and blow my head
right off my shoulders. Go ahead.

Go on.

I don't want it.

You are frightened of me, aren't you?

I wish you were...



...and clean.

Could you do that for me?


..L, L.


Robert L... Lyne?

Is that what you're telling me?

Robert L Lyne?

Is that what you're
telling me? Robert L Lyne!

I want Robert Lyne!

No firing!

Frank! Frank!

Frank, do you hear me?


I hear you!

Listen, that was a mistake!
It shouldn't have happened.

Listen, it won't happen
again if you cooperate.

You bet it won't, because you're
never gonna get another chance like that!

There's only one thing you can do for me.

Get Robert Lyne! Do you hear me?

Yeah, we'll get him.

We'll get him!

So, who said to shoot?

I did. He shot a cop, didn't he?

He shot out the window!

If there's any shooting to
be done, I'll say when, OK?

No! It's not OK!

- Orders were to keep Lyne out of it.
- I don't give a shit!

Well... then you won't
mind if I tell the captain that.

You go ahead.

The guy went bananas. He
almost took Rocco's head off.

I know that guy.

- I know him.
- So, what's his name?

Frank. Frank Capell.

I don't want him hurt.

He's already hurt.

I know that. I don't
want him hurt any more.

You know how he got hurt?

Captain, you'd better get over here.
This whole thing's being fouled up.

Everyone knows Lyne's involved.

I tell you, they're making a TV film.

- Which one, Mommy?
- Maybe Kojak?

No, no. I don't think so.

Anyway, the cop said it was for real.

Well, I don't see any bodies.

Officer, when is telly Savalas appearing?

- Let me know all developments.
- Yeah.

Low profile, remember?


..pretty soon the whole
world's gonna know. TV's here.


I'm sorry.

I don't want to talk to you.

You're a lousy whore.

What about that girl..Janie?

- Does he think he's a white Luther King?
- Bull's-eye!

She's a bitch. All women are bitches.

Sex, they understand. Love, they don't.

I tried to tell Frank that.

They're smart. They make
the two seem the same.

Did you convince him?

If I had, none of this Would be happening.

Tell me, that ambulance you
called last night, what time was it?

Oh, about... 11.15,
11.30, something like that.

A maid said he arrived just before
dawn. That's a lot of lost hours.

Will you take the cuffs off him, Please?

That knock on the head...

Whereabouts is it?

It's about here. It was really deep, too.

I can't understand it.

Such a sweet guy.

This isn't his bag at all.

- About here, you say?
- What?

- The knock on the head. About here?
- Uh... yeah.

Get me Doc Todd down here right away.

It was a setup, wasn't it?

What was?

My going out of town.

You set me up, didn't you?

I don't know what you mean.

You showed me the ad...

..telling me I could make enough
bread so we could get married.


If I'd wanted you to go away, I
Would've said it was over between us.

No, no, no. You wanted to play it cute.

You wanted to keep me on a string
in case it didn't last too long with him.

- No, no, I didn't. Listen.
- I want to know.

- Listen.
- I am.

- All right, all right.
- I'm listening. Mm.

Well, look, a couple of months back...

..he came into the Pump
Bar with some friends of his.

And, uh, he came on to me.

- While I was still here?
- Yes.

- I was still here?
- Yes, you were here.

I told him about you and I. Of course
I did. And that's why he left me alone.

- He understood. He was nice about it.
- He was nice?

- Yes, he was nice. Yes, he was nice.
- He was nice? That's nice.

And he told me about his construction
company that he had at North.

And he had a lot of people
working for him for a lot of money.

- I said all that.
- That is why I showed you the ad.

- You're telling the same story.
- No!

It comes down to the same
thing. It's the same story.

No, because he came back
after you had gone away.

He came back to the Pump Bar.

And then he said that he
could set up an audition for me... sing at the Starlight
Room if I wanted.

I thought that was good. I
thought... you wanted me to sing.

Of course I wanted
you to sing. I always did.

I didn't think there was any...

What I wanna know is how
did he get between your legs?

That was not part of it.


- It wasn't.
- Oh...

Frank, it was after.

After I was working for him...

...that he did things for
me and he took care of me.

- Uh-huh.
- He looked after me.

And it got so eventually...

Eventually... he turned me
on. That was how it happened.

I don't wanna hear this. I really don't.

- Listen!
- I don't wanna hear it.

I wanna...

I... me...

- I wanna tell you.
- ..don't... want... to...

- ..hear it!
- I wanna tell you the truth.

- I don't wanna listen.
- I know!

- I can't hear a thing.
- I wanna tell you!

- I can't hear. I'm not gonna listen.
- I know!

Shut up!


- Hi, Doc.
- Hi.

- Have a nice day.
- Thank you.

Hey, Doc.

- Hi, Willy.
- How are they hanging?

I'll be right with you.

- Well, what about Joey?
- He thinks a lot of Frank.

How about if I put you in a
patrol car? You go look for Joey...

- ...bring him back here?
- I'd rather stay here and help Frank.


How are you gonna help him,
Mary? By blowing him kisses?



He wants kisses. I'll give you kisses.

Better than blowing
his brains out, bastard!

Hey! Fix him a car, will ya?

OK, Mary.

What is his problem?

He's got a friend in there, Doc.

Well... you got a friend,
you got a problem.

Me, I don't have a friend.

How's the patrolman?

They took the bullet
out. It's still touch and go.

You see, right now, Doc, I'm
trying to... build up a picture...

..of the guy in there with the gun.

See if I can make him drop the whole thing.

There's a guy in there with a gun?


I'd better get behind
you. You're expendable.

Doc, last night he got hit on the head.

I figure maybe that he's got... a
fracture of the skull or something.

I shall tell you that after the autopsy.

Cut the jokes, will you, Please?

I'm sorry. Whereabouts
on the head did he get it?

His friend said about here.

He's been on his feet ever since?

No, I figure he's been
unconscious for six or seven hours.

That long? Well, uh,
cerebral compression...

...extravasation of the blood

could be the brain is damaged.

- Is he gonna collapse?
- Or drop dead.

When? How long?

Two minutes? Two hours? Two days?


I don't work with a crystal ball.

- Can I figure on just sitting it out here?
- You can't figure on anything.

This area of the brain, this frontal
area, it controls behaviour. Right?


So, before he passes out again...

..he could cut loose
any time. Or blow his top.

So we're sitting on a time bomb,
waiting for it to blow its top...

..and we don't know how long the fuse is?

That's right.


I think I'm going to stick around
and watch the proceedings...

..from over there.

Hey, get me a large umbrella, will you?

Some deck chairs...

What the fuck...? I'll get back to you.

Oh, and two... three packs of beers.

And it looks like the Police
are really feeling the heat.

Would you come down here, Please?

Janie... come here.

Come here. I'm not gonna hurt you.

Come here.

Look at this. Is this weird!

This is weird. Weird, weird, weird.

Can you fix these for me, Doc?

I'll give it a try.

Will, uh, that be all, sir?

Yes. The Police department
will pick up the tab, thanks.

No champagne? Nothing like that?

No, it gives me gas. You'd
know about that, wouldn't you?

Same old shit.

Hey, you, get us a couple of beers here!

Let's jerk him around a little.


Yes, Frank. Do you wanna talk to me?

You get your ass off that chair!

You enjoying yourself out there, Wilson?


I'm enjoying myself. How about you?

Yeah, I'm fine.

But you'd better stop
stalling. I can only wait so long.

I'm waiting too, Frank. Same as you.

Yeah, but you got to deliver.

Yeah, I gotta deliver.

We got him like a puppet on a string!

I told you not to touch me.

Don't talk to me neither.

What's the matter with you?

I wanna go play the pinball machine.

Soon, son. Better get them
sandwiches. We're gonna be here all day.

- You said I could go water-skiing.
- Tomorrow, all right?

Who are you? Mickey Mouse?

Where's your beer, man?

- What the hell is this?
- Fixed himself some shade, Captain.


What the hell is this? A one-man picnic?



I've been on the phone with the chief
right up to my balls! They still hurt!

I can see him now. Feet
up, watching television.

He's really gonna love this!

A beer commercial, with endorsements
from the Police department!

Can I sell you one?

Not very funny. What in God's
name are you trying to do?

Sit down and I'll talk to you about it.

Sit down and you'll talk about
it. He wants to sit down and talk!

Matt, it's hot, right? Right?

It's going to be even
hotter in there. Right?

Now, you think about it.

Think about it.

Get me a glass of water.

There is none. They're not working.

Get me a glass of water!

I said, there is none! They're not working.

What's in the fridge?

Nothing. Nothing's in the fridge.

I get everything sent over from the Hotel.

There's enough morphine in
there to put a horse to sleep.

Will he see where you stuck in the hypo?

No. I don't think...

OK, Doc. But I say he won't fall for it.
He shoots a cop and we send in beer.

He'll know. There's something
in it. The girl will know for sure.

But is she going to tell him?

She won't have to.

We're not dealing with an
ordinary, habitual criminal.

We are dealing with a kid who
has had his brains scrambled.

About the beer, I think he
feels thirsty, he just drink it.

Hey, Wilson! I want room service!

He's feeling it.

What did you say, Frank?

Easy now.

- I want room service!
- We'll have to talk about that.

No talking. I want a drink now!

Like I said, it could be a minute,
could be an hour, could be a day.


Easy, Ray.

But the kid...

could help.

Frank! I got some beer!

Can you hear me?

Frank, it's me, Joey!

Joey, you butt out!

Get outta here!

But, Frank, I got this
beer! I lifted it from them!

- What is he doing here?
- I don't know.

I don't want him in this.

Wilson, you get that kid outta
here! Keep him out of this!

Frank, it's me, Joey!

Can you hear me?

Go home!

But, Frank, I got this
beer! I... I took it from them.

You give it back and
get outta here. Go home!

Hey, Joey.

Take it to him.

Frank don't want me to!

I ain't doing nothing he don't want me to!

I want you to help him, Joey. Take it.

You mean you want me to
help you, and I ain't doing it!

- What's he doing?
- He's getting the kid.

Oh, you're a big man, huh?

A real big man!

Come on, Joey, I'll take you home.

Leave him, Willy.



So, you send a boy to do a man's job?


I tell you what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna bring you a cold beer and
put it down by the back door, all right?

Then I'll walk away.

I'm on my way.

Gimme that camera. I'll be
right on him when he gets it.

Oh, shit! Nothing's happened.

The score will remain...

Touchdown! Oh, what a...


No shooting whatever happens. OK?

Here we go.

Drink, Frank.


All those people.

And they can't do anything.

Here. Have one.

Aren't you thirsty?




What the fuck? He's trying to bullshit me.

Cease firing!

- Check no ricochets hit anybody.
- Two shots could've been his and hers.

Let's find out.

Frank! Frank Capell!

You rotten bastards!

Do you think I'd waste my ace, Wilson?

Would you believe that she
was scared to take that first drink?

Now, that's beautiful, ain't it?

Now you tell those people
how you tried to screw me!

Go on. tell them. And you tell
them how she got screwed. Go on!

Everybody gets a royal screwing!

One goddamn rip-off after
another and it's gonna stop!

Do you hear me? It's gonna stop!

If There's one more fuck-up, I'll
blow her head off her shoulders.

Do you hear me?!

Dirty tricks time is over, Wilson!

Now you stop jerking
me off! Do you hear me?!

He means it.

Yeah. He means it.

Shall I wait, Mr Lyne?

Yes. Leave it there.

For God's sakes, let go, will
ya? What have you got to lose?

- I got everything to lose.
- Like what?

Everything I believe in.

The crowd seems to be settling
down after that burst of excitement.

No change outside the
cabana so far as we can tell.

We'll take this break to
return you to our studios.

If there are new developments





Janie, wake up! Wake up! Get up!

Wake up!

Nobody's come out with it, have they?

Not yet. So I will.

Robert L Lyne wants their mouths shut
and the Police are going along with it.

That's a goddamn fuckin' lie!

It's the goddamn truth and you know it.

What has he got to gain? His name's
in this already. They've all heard it.

Lyne's wise enough to duck
when the shit hits the fan.

Never mind about him.
You are in the shit now...

..and I'm not about to join you.

What sort of development, Chief?

Well now...

I think you'd better get
down to that beach...

..and do something about it.

And quickly.

You're wrong.

You've got all the right
reasons, but you're wrong.

To begin with, this kid Frank, he
is under more and more pressure.

How long will it be before he realises
that he can't have this guy Lyne, huh?

What's he gonna do then?

My guess is he'll shoot
the girl and then himself.

I know what you're trying to do, Jim.

You want to get those two
kids out of there in one piece.

But you have lost that ball
game, Jim. You have lost it.

You're risking two
lives for the sake of one.

So, what do I do?

I'm glad I'm a doctor, not a Policeman.

Care to join me?

No, I don't think I...
They say two is company.

Get me a beer, will you?

Your men set to move, Lieutenant?

Soon as you give the word, sir.

Arrogant bastard.

Want a beer, Chief?

I didn't come here to argue with you, Jim.

Just wanna talk.

There are things you should know.

Something I don't already know?

Lyne's about wrapped
up a government loan...

..for millions of dollars.

All of which is going to be spent...

..right here.



..the longer this thing goes on,
the bigger the story's getting... all the wrong places.

Suddenly the politicians will worry about
putting public money into dirty hands?

If you hurt him, you hurt the town.


..Mr Lyne's hands are clean.


You're telling me Lyne's hands are clean?

You quit playing games.

Now, I'm ordering you, not
telling you, I'm ordering you.

I want you to use smoke
and tear gas and move in fast.

I won't do it.

That way your little hooker's
got a fighting chance.

Now, you hear this.

One, I don't give a shit if she's a
hooker. Two, I won't risk her life, sir.

I'll give you three.

Robert, this is Lieutenant Wilson.

Yes... I've been seeing quite a lot of you.

I take it that you've
been brought up to date.


- Good. Would you like a drink?
- I want your cooperation.

Do I have yours?


Can you give me a good reason
why you should have mine?


That's a good reason.

It seems to me I've no
way out but to accept half.

I mean everybody's saying I gotta
hit the kid before he hits the girl.

I gotta get him to expose himself.

That's where you come in.

I want you to tell Frank you
want to speak to him man to man.

I'm trying to keep right out of this.

You're putting me right
in the centre of the stage.

Wilson's idea is to get look
like you're doing the right thing.

You've figured out my dialogue, Lieutenant.

Yeah, lies! Like you didn't get Frank
that job so you could move in on his girl.

You were just interested
in a couple of kids

getting a stake together
so they could get married.

All the people out there gonna
say you've got nothing to cover up...

They're gonna say; look at that man
hasn't he got guts coming forward like this.

I show...

..he shows.

You pick him off.

- Is that right?
- Right.

No risk?

No risk.

And I want you to take those shades off.

I want everybody to recognise
you down there, including Frank.

Especially Frank.

Bridal suite. Sometimes
it takes an earthquake.

Who the hell are you?

I'm sorry to intrude. Lieutenant
Wilson, Police department.

- What is it, darling?
- Just a minute, Poo-Poo.

What the hell do you want up here?

Sorry, sir, madam, the Police
Would like to use the room.

You want the bedroom?


- The bedroom?
- Oh. No, thank you, sir.

Be my guest!

Not even a volcano.

Yeah, this is gonna be fine.

I used to think about you
all the time I was away.

I used to think about you so
you'd know I was thinking about you.

I guess it didn't work.


..I really missed you.


Why did you stop writing me?

Because I didn't know what to say any more.

You could have said anything. Anything.


Nothing seemed real... after you went away.

Nothing seemed real.

I forgot.

It was like it... wasn't really happening.

Like in a dream.

Well, that freaky
dream's nearly over, baby.

Would you park this for
me, Please? Thank you.

Hiya, Stan.

- How are the grades?
- Not so good.

- Are we still squeezing in gently?
- Trying on.

Who's the pupil?

- Mr Wilson.
- Stan.

- Heavy day for you.
- Yeah. Come on in.

I hear you're heading back out west.

Yeah, that's it. I'm going west.

It's quieter there...

- Um, sit down.
- Thanks.

Oh, sorry. Come over here a minute, Please.

You see that window, the
broken one on the corner?

Yeah, I see it.

If I was to ask you to hit that, could you?

I guess so.

If I was to ask you... to
hit a man at that window...

..if he was to appear only for
a second, could you do that?

Why not one of your guys?

Why me?

Who teaches our guys?

Could you?



only what?

You got no other way?



If you say so, Mr Wilson.

Is this table gonna be OK to rest on?

Yeah. Yeah, that's fine.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Willy, put Lyne on the horn... now.


Frank Capell!

This is Robert Lyne!

They got him.

Come on out, Frank.

Let's talk this over... man to man.

Good. They got him.

- I never did you any harm.
- Come on, come on...

I never meant you any harm.

They got him. They got him here.

I just wanted to help you.

You and Janie.

You have to believe that's all it was!

You're a liar!

And if you want to help her,
you've got to come in here!

Frank! Frank!

He is here!

- They were gonna kill you.
- We did it!

It's OK, Stan.

It is OK.


Willy, keep the line open.
I'll be right down, OK?

I'm sorry, Mr Wilson. I...

I just didn't think of him as being a man.

Not till I saw him down there.

Not the same.

What the hell's happened?
He was there at the window...

Shut up!

- I ought to break your butt, Lyne.
- You tell this officer.

All right?

All right.

Now... you and I are going to
take a walk down to that cabana.

You must be joking.

You don't have to go
any further than the fence.

I'll be the one to go in real close.

I shall ensure that I am between
you and the kid at all times.

What's all this supposed to do?

I'm trying to lure him out, Chief.

We're not dealing with
a professional hit man.

That kid couldn't kill anybody,
not even at point-blank range.

Isn't that where you will be,
Jim? At point-blank range?

What do you say?

It could work. Up to you, Robert.

You'd come out of it smelling like a hero,
not even having to do anything heroic.

That should appeal to you, Mr Lyne.



I promise you...

The old pals act, huh?


- What about Wilson?
- Wilson?

Wilson is yesterday's man.

Frank, I've got Robert L Lyne here with me.

They'll kill you. They'll
kill you. No, Frank, no.

No! You won't go, will you?

You heard. Will you? Will you?

I love you. I love you.

Did you what I say?

I love you, too.

But I can't love you because of him.

No, that's not true.

No! No!

No. I love you.

You won't go.



You said you'd bring him, Wilson!

He's behind me, Frank.

I see you. You cocksucker, you are dead.

You hide, hide!

You are dead.

You move out of the way, Wilson.

I don't wanna hurt you, Frank.


Look at him, Frank.

Is your life worth that, boy?

Now, that policeman you
hit, he's gonna be all right.

You understand?

He's gonna be OK, Frank.

That puts everything on your side.

Now, then, give me that gun.

And we'll both walk
away from here. I promise.

Give me the gun, Frank.

Frank! Please!

Please, give him the gun.

I love you. I love you.


Frank, give me the gun.




It's OK.

It is OK.



He was... He was giving himself up!

Now what it looked like, miss.

It could have been loaded.

But it wasn't.

Was it, Willy?



I remember how it used to be

But that is just a memory

For it's over now

And time for me to go