Tomorrow Is My Turn (1960) - full transcript

Following the defeat of France by Germany during WWII, two French soldiers are taken to a German farm as forced laborers. In the ensuing years they become deeply involved in the lives of ...


Hitler has invaded Poland

They're calling up the reservists!

Hitler has invaded Poland!

They're calling up the reservists.

Hitler invades Poland.

They're calling up the reservists!

"They're calling up the reservists".
How's all this going to end?

It will end as it must end.

Get on and garnish the tartlettes.

For you youngsters,
it's difficult to live

when you might be mobilised
in six months.

Better it were finished.

Isn't that so?

Well, Roger, those tartlettes?


Hurry up.

All these crises are going to be
bad for business.

It's not that I don't care.

All the same we need to be able
to live in peace, eh?

- Ah, sodding thing.

As long as the Boches haven't been
brought to heel once and for all,

we'll never be there.

They must all be killed.
- All of them?

At least, as many as possible.

Listen, Roger...

your father died at Verdun.

Because of that, you have nothing.

I've given you my daughter.

One day, all this will be yours.

Well, you must rise to the occasion.

Tell yourself one thing:
France needs you.

That's what I thought.

Will they be ready today?

Is Alice there?
- She's busy. She's working.

I'm going to the basement, to set
the Delmas' editorial.

Another appeal to reason? - Yes.
- Well, listen to the response.

Hello, girls.


It's not very comfortable for working.
- And for making love?

Can I see the boss?
- He's with Delmas.

Will they be long?

They've finished.

You finally have it, your war.
You can crow.

No, Delmas.
We are going to fight.

And afterwards, when there are
millions of dead,

what will happen? Peace. You'll start
talking. So why not now?

Liberty, we'll defend it.

With what? With whom?

With those who don't like to be
kicked around.

Poor fool.

At 2pm, and not more than 20 lines.

Can I see you, boss?
- Yes. I need to talk to you.

Me too.

Sergeant Durrieu,
3rd Alpine battalion.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for

Out of the question.

I need you.

Delmas has handed in his resignation.
I'm offering you his position.

- It's the chance of a lifetime.

Say yes, and I'll get you
a special assignment.

No. I've been calling for this war

and I'm not going to fight it
with the lives of others.

You're an angel.
And my aspirin?

In the saucer.
- Ah, thank you.

How old are you?

Florence, how old do you think
he is?

28, maybe 30. Why?

You've known many chief editors

who are 28, have you?

He's turned it down?

She hasn't got a very high opinion
of you.

What do you know about it?
- Thank you, Florence.

You're welcome.

So then, it's yes...

or it's no?

It's no.

One day, when you think of
this idiocy,

you'll regret it.

Certainly not.
I never regret anything.

Do you remember when we were on

The time when we were resting
on the bench

before I messed up your hair.

When I was shy, as it were.

You haven't changed, you know.

Am I interrupting?

No. On the contrary.

Your cigarettes, Roger.
- I don't smoke.

For the officers.
They'll make you popular.

Thank you.

You'll see, on your first leave,
you'll no longer recognise her.

That would be a pity.
I love Alice as she is.

Perhaps, but adversity will be
good, it strengthens you.

This is how it was in '14...

I'll leave you to say goodbye.

Children, this is not the time
to trust in the future.

Be wise.

Say, Alice...


If, sometime, I'm killed...
- Don't say that.

If sometime I'm killed,

you wouldn't want to have my child
to remember me by?


But you heard what mama said:
we must be reasonable.

What does that mean, "reasonable",

Now, make your lunch.
Go on, go.

Come in.

Yes, it's me.

This is just how I imagined
your room.

You imagined my room?

It would've been easier to come
and see it, wouldn't it?

Are you clearing out?
- I'm clearing out.

Aren't you going to ask me to
sit down?

Sit down.

May I?
- If it amuses you.

This amuses me, yes.

You're on a mission from Rodier?

It's not about the boss, Jean,
it's about me.

That said, I agree with Rodier.

The war is for those who have
nothing else.

Exactly, Florence,
that's how it is for me.

Even if I didn't agree with it,
I'd be going.


That takes just four silly little words:
"the baptism of fire."

I want to know how I will conduct
myself at the christening.

There. That's it.

But it matters, for a man.

You couldn't understand.
- Obviously not.

Nobody passes up on a career
for thrills.

I also like thrills, if you must know.

Only I've been through too much.

I want to make some money, and quickly.

Too bad if I disappoint you.

This is my freedom.


Allow me to finish.
It's not very easy.

If I can find a man who brings me what
I want, I'll give myself to him.

But if that man was you,

I would be happy.

Most happy.

You'll stay?

I'm going.

I think we've said all there is
to be said.

No, wait.

It's stupid to want to make love
and not do it.

Today, it would be insanity.

I'll never get rid of it.

Wait, I'll sort that out for you.

Isn't that better?

Yes, but it's not in the regulations.

The regulations have taken a
serious blow.

It's funny, to pass on to
the other side.

You said it. Most definitely.

It's truly huge.

On a bridge, it's not so bad,
but swimming...

What were you in civilian life?
- Baker of pastries.

What about you?


Why did you say to me
"but swimming"?

Well, because to go back,

we must get past the bridge.


Barbet, Raoul.
- Present.

- Taxi driver.

Dannet, Pierre.
- Present.

- Watchmaker.

Anadeau, Gaston.
- Present.

- Upholsterer.

Clobet, Jean.
- Present.

- Carpenter.

Dubois, Paul.
- Present.

- Baker.

Durrieu, Jean.
- Present.



Fournol, Gustave.
- Present.

- Mechanic.

Perrin, Roger.
- Present.




Lapeyre, Lucien?
- Present.



I don't think that it'll be the same,
with the Boches.

The same as what?
- The same as at home.

North, northeast.

God knows where they're taking us.

Nearly 50km...

When we have to walk it by foot,
you can tell me something new.

Come on.

Come on.

"By order of the Kommandant,

it is strictly forbidden for prisoners

to approach without authorisation

German women and girls.

All infractions of this order
will be punished

on pain of imprisonment
and depending on the gravity of the case,

even to pain of death".

Well, now we're here.

They'll throw you some peanuts.

My father-in-law was right:
we must kill them all.

I'm not deaf, okay?

See you this evening. Good luck.


Well, them there...

Hello, sir.

Good day.

How did it go?

I think I might be in luck, I've
fallen in the house of the burgermeister.

It's not the wrong horse.

I am what one might call his assistant.

What about you?

An old guy and his old lady,
two idiots, but...

they have a pretty daughter.

While I was there,
I picked up this.

A map of the area.

Right, we're... we're here.

Ah, those sons of Boches!

Potatos, yes.

In your sacks,

is there anything to eat?
- They're monitored, chum.

You can really spare nothing?
- Quietly!


Come on, here you go.

Sardines are bad for the complexion.

Once a week, it should be okay.

This is all I need.
- What's that?

Alice's mother is ill.
- Seriously?

It looks like it. In any case,
now is not the moment.

"Work is crazy.

If mama is bed-ridden for some time,
I'll engage a saleswoman.

With trade picking up,
we must cash in.

The clients are very good to us.
It's going very well."

We must recognise what this is.

We miss them.



Bad work.

Boss not happy.

Yes, "not happy".


Him replace you.

You work at burgermeister.

It might be said that I've
had a close shave.

And your costume?

All for nothing.

Come on, my beauty.

Come on, eat some of this, go on!

Did it work?
- It worked very well.

Too well, perhaps.
- What are you trying to say?


Listen, Roger.

The Rhine is 300 km.

On foot, it's 7 nights.

By truck, it's 5 hours.

You get it? 5 hours! That's all.

And her?
- She'll help us get through the tunnel.

You've thought about what'll happen to her?
- It's necessary not to think too much.

It's necessary to choose.

The Kesslers don't treat us
badly, Jean.

They're Germans, and we're at war.

We shouldn't create

too much trouble for them.

Stop, you're tickling me.


Stop, I told you.

You're not going to give that
to the horse!

Give me that.
Give that. Give it.

When someone says "Bonjour" to you,
you should reply "Guten Tag".

What does the mayor want?
- It's your boss.

No, it's not true.

The children have prepared a
surprise for him.

He should have come next week.

You know him?

No, and yet it's like one does.

This is a jacket of his.

What idiocy.

Just a minute.

In one of the urns, I have clothes
and provisions.

We'll go by the woods.

You want to be shot?

If you want, I'll wait for you.
We can go next week.

You just have to say the word.


Don't you want to leave?

Not this way.

You're a total jerk.

I'd rather be a jerk than a bastard.

Truly, I don't understand you.

Me neither.


Good luck, all the same.

No potatos today.
The girl takes me to freedom.

I'm splitting.

That's it, my fat boy.

What's going on?

Well, it's full.

Try it.

You know, me, I don't
understand motors.

Good. Well...
Me, garage.

What did he say?

Three hours?

Poor old chap.

Well, be brave.

And take your time.

I love you.

I love you.

Be quiet.

You love me, but it changes nothing.

As soon as my back is turned,
you're going to run after the old guy,

to raise the alarm?

And that will start the manhunt.
- Yes.


So, what to do?

Do I kill you?

But you've nothing on underneath!

You don't understand that if I do this,
I'm screwed.


Jean! Jean!

Durrieu, gone?

You, know?
- Know what?

Your friend and Helga.

I don't understand.

No, Louis.

Stay put.

You, read.

"I love you, Helga."

What did he say?

He knows how to say it,

in French.
- He knows what?




PARISIAN LIFE by Florence Marnier.


declares our director Michel Delmas
at the first meeting of the Franco-German Institute.

It's still something, for all that.

Tell me...

Is it an original?

Well, yes, Florence, everything returns,
even me.

Don't brag.
What's the point of bragging?

How good it is, a woman.

Unbelievable how good it is.

We dream about it at night,
think that we must have invented it..

But when we hold one,
a real one,

it's still better than all
we have dreamed.

You didn't deluge me with letters.

And what about the censorship?
You didn't think of that?

The censor... I didn't think.

I sent you parcels.

I thank you very much.

Listen, Jean...

They're taking you to dinner?

- You're going to change?

Yes, of course.
- What are you waiting for?

You don't have to worry about me.

Pretty dress.

The gentlemen of couture haven't been
wasting their time, in Paris.

Neither have you, moreover.

Everything's gone very well,
in these last two years?

Everything's worked out, Jean.

The waiting game isn't my style.

I know.

When will you have your own mansion?

Before the end of the war.
Providing it lasts long enough.

You don't lack the stomach.
- It wasn't me who declared war.

If it's there, I'll profit from it.
It's a golden age.

What time is your rendez-vous?

9pm, 9.15.

With one of those two?
- Yes.

The young blonde Aryan?
- No, the other one.



Go to the Globe Hotel.
Say it is on my behalf.

These are my ration cards.

Okay, what about you?
- I'll be fine.

Leave by the service stairs.

Like a thief,
but just this once.

But, Florence, it's the last time.
Because it's the other one who's the thief.

You know what you said,
about it being two years?

"What I ask of a woman,
nobody can take it from me.


For a big mistake,
that was a big mistake.

Pleasant surprise.

Don't close the door, Michel.

One of us two isn't staying.

You haven't changed.
You don't waste any time.

I've wasted 2 years, Michel.

I didn't make you say it.

And you, what you've done with

the newspaper, are you proud of it?
- Why not?

You know my opinions,
I haven't changed them.

Michel, this war, you and your friends
are going to lose it.

I would like to stop you.

Afterwards, there will be very little
forgiveness for those who wouldn't change.

You're a strange one, Jean.
It's all I have to say to you.

You're perfect, you two.

You're not bad either, in your
businesswoman's number.

To your freedom.

You asked for it.


Men aged 50 to 55 are called up.

Roger, I understand...


I understand "why you"...

"Didn't go".
Is that what you're trying to say?

Like Jean Durrieu.

Like Jean?

You've understood why I didn't
go with Jean?

I couldn't do that to you.

Not understand?
- Yes, very well.

I'll do what I can.

You can go and not worry.

Mr. Klotz is named burgermeister.

Criminals have assassinated an officer
of the Army of Occupation.

As a result,
General Sandorz announces:

the hostages will be immediately shot.

Hi, pal.
You have any news?

Good news and bad news.
- Cough it out.

I've seen Colonel Mathieu.

He thinks I'm betrayed, here.

So then, London?
- Yes.

Did you tell them about me?
- I have two places for the 18th.

There, that's it.

You have two places for the 18th?
That's fantastic.

It looks like we're going on a cruise.
Visiting Spain and its prisons,

Gibraltar and its catacombs,
London and its fireworks.

Where will we cross the frontier?
- On the Béhobie coast.

Smugglers will take care of it,
under the charge of the priest.

Give me a cigarette.
- I don't have any more.

The corner tabacconist will give
me a packet.

You think they'll give you my ration
just like that?

Wait for me here.

Ludovic Favre?

You aren't Ludovic Favre.


Where is Ludovic Favre?

"Delcroix Robert."

Come with me.

You don't have a cigarette?

Your documents are fake.

You haven't looked at them.

It's the truth.


Since you insist, we will have them
examined by our specialists.

They are very efficient,

our specialists, mister...


Michel, I'm crazy with worry.

Jean was arrested yesterday by the
Germans. You hear me?

Yes, yes, I understand you.

We must do something at once.

You know the danger he's in.

Excuse me, Florence,
I'm in a meeting.

At last.

Well, mister


Our services have examined
your documents.

These, here.

You are free.

Everything's arranged.

Are you happy, Erich?

Are you happy?

Thank you, Erich.

It's not me that you need to thank,
it's Colonel Gruber.

No, I must be going.

To your loves.

What are we waiting for?

The Good Lord, no doubt.
- Don't joke about with that.

The departure is set for when?

- It's 10.15.

Get yourself a refund, old chum.

Change of programme.

Instead of taking the metalled road,
we'll rejoin the Bidassoa in 20 km.

Is there a hitch?
- No, no.

We decide on the route of passage

at the last moment.

We're going to go 20km on foot,
in single file?

No, by boat.


There's time for a smoke.

No, thanks. I'm going to call

I'm going to the café.

She doesn't even know I've been

363, yes.

No, miss. You gave me 63.

I asked you for 363, in Bayonne.

With official priority.


I know it's the Militia base.

This is staff sargeant Cadix.
Hand me Captain Ollier.

This is London.

Today is the 796th day of the struggle
of the French people.

for their liberation.

This is London.

Today is the 1472th day of the
struggle of the French people

for their liberation.

People of France, the hour of
liberation is at hand.

Crushed under the weight of bombs,
retreating on every front,

the Reich is reduced to mobilising
its last resources.

A ticket of leave.

I know your daughters.

You know them better than me.

Three years in Germany.

Three years on the Russian Front.

Your leave is in order.

All right?

Very quietly.

Don't forget to go by Mrs. Klintz.

Tell her, it's for her husband.

Yes. She must be brave,

she is the widow of a hero,
yet one more. I'm going.

When we shave for dinner,
it's not to kiss our mother.

I'm going to see a girl.

Here, you've still got some shaving
foam. You'll tell me about it?

Yes, burgermeister.

No, I pass.

They released her?
- Not released.

Factory, kaput. City, kaput.
She fled.

Here in Germany, we speak German.

- I'm not hungry.

I am.





Jean. I suppose that's you.

Is there any other Jean?
- No.




I recognise your writing.






Elected unanimously,
bar one vote, your own.

Bravo, chief.
What are your orders?

To begin with,

an edition that will be remembered.
Across 8 columns...


is free."

Don't forget, Valin,
this edition is free.

It's funny.

Why isn't liberated Paris like
occupied Paris?

The houses, the streets, the sky...

Do you know?

You know what Tristan Bernard
said about the liberation?

"It's when you get a call at 6am

and they say:
'Here's the milkman'."

For me, the liberation is more
simple and more complicated.

When they call,
it's not the milkman,

but you can jump out the window.


- He's under arrest?

No. He's committed suicide.

That doesn't surprise me.
What about you?

What are you thinking?

About Florence?

Yes. I went round her place.



I've been following your news
in the papers.

At least, in the newspaper.

You might have given me some
signs you were alive.

You going in?

It's funny.
- What's that?

That you've come out on top.

Come out where?

In the private mansion. My dream,
you remember?

Come and see.

The only thing missing is
that all this doesn't belong to me.

The mansion is requisitioned.

Here. This is where I've camped.

You won't take off your gabardine?
- No.

Where have you been?

In Sologne. A secluded location.

They don't shave women's heads there.
At least, not yet.



My type stay in their hotel rooms.

I see. The Bohemian.


You and me,
we've been separated twice.

Not on every level, even so.

No, you're right.

We couldn't build a life together
after all this.

It's a pity, but that's how it is.

I've met an Argentine,
an adviser at the embassy.

I don't love him,
I don't desire him.

I'm marrying him next week, in Madrid.

And you've come here to tell me this?

You're marrying him?

Why not?

Very good.

When are you leaving?

I'm getting my passport tomorrow.
I'll catch the evening train.

I didn't want to leave Paris
without saying goodbye.

Goodbye, Florence.

Goodbye, Jean.

Roger, I did not want it to be you
who gives them the news.

Who is it?
- The father.

My God.

I hate saying goodbye on the platform.
- Me too.

Why are you here?
- To talk to you.

Attention! Passengers for
Poitiers, Bordeaux,

Irun, Madrid, all aboard.

I hope that you can say it
in a sentence.

One moment.

It can be said in two sentences:
"I love you" and "I want to marry you."

You're staying.

You didn't think that I might refuse?

Not for a second.

I want you to know something. You may
be in the process of ruining your life.

Answer quickly. You just have to say
one word. Just one.

All aboard.
The train is about to depart.


The enemy are coming.

The able-bodied men and women...

have to organise a strong resistence.


Get a move on, people!

Long live the future!

Direction Panama! To the truck!
[N.B. French slang for Paris]

Go on! Go!

All aboard!

Off you go!

There's one more.

- On a farm.

Go on, off you go.

Oh, Roger! Roger!

Come on, we're waiting!
We are liberated, my friend!

So? Where is he?
Speak up.

Drop it! I'm here.

Let's get going. We have to be at
the command post by 5pm.

Come, come.

Are you deaf? Reassure yourself,
the war continues.

Let's go!

Pretty chick, that Kraut.
You haven't been bored.

Here we go, guys!

Let's go! Move it.

Hubert's article goes back
on the front page.

And the photo goes below
the editorial.


It'll be fine that way.
Thank you.

Okay, thank you.

No, Jean.
The thing is it's not okay.

I'm listening.

It's headlined:
'Of the water in the wine'.

"Will we have the opportunity
to present our congratulations

to Jean Durrieu, of L"Espoir?"

Save yourself the trouble. I read the
press. Even the blackmailing press.

I've read it. So what?

Should we publish a refutation?
- Of course not.

You think it would give it heft?
- No. It's more simple than that.

I'm not going to publish a refutation,
because it's true.

I'm marrying Florence.

You thought of the paper?
- Of course.

And you told yourself that your private
life is nobody's business but yours.

Not exactly.

Hear me out.

I'm not going to remind you of our
struggle for liberation.

We triumphed in the end.

And if it means to be told,
by one's friends,

that one can't marry the women
one loves,

then it wasn't worth the trouble.

That's my final word.
Now get out.

You too.


Running a newspaper is not just
about shifting copies,

it's about standing for something.
- What are you trying to say?

If you want to run l'Espoir,
you cannot marry her.

Who's going to stop me?

She was Gruber's mistress,
the Gestapo chief, of Avenue Foch.

It's sinful.

You don't have to take my word.

This is slander.

In my car, you will find the
dossier on Florence.

I would rather that you don't see her.

We can publish a refutation
and carry on together,

or l'Espoir will make simultaneous
announcements of your marriage and your departure.

It's her or us, Jean.
- I understand.

Are the eclairs ready?

You want one?
- It's a rush.

It's a gunshot,
[N.B. Pun on double meaning of
"coup de feu" in French]

we used to say that more during the war.

Where were you?

Out of the way, as the saying goes.

I didn't say that.

You left, you fought,
you were taken prisoner.

I didn't really fight,

but I was really taken prisoner.

And yet...

You did your duty.
- I tried.

Those eclairs,

are they for today or tomorrow?

She sounds like her mother.

Don't you get fed up doing the accounts?

Why do you say that?

No reason.

I haven't liked the way you've been
talking to me for some time.

In your absence, I grew the business

and I did not cheat on you.

Not like other women.

"What more do you want?"
- What?

I was finishing your sentence.

"I'm your wife,

I grew the business,

I didn't make you a cuckold,

what more do you want?"

You ask me what I want.

You have nothing to reproach me for,
all the same!

I'm not reproaching you.

Should I reproach you?

There's nothing.

You see.

If I told you,
you wouldn't believe me.

You give the impression of a woman
with no limbs.

Behind that cash register,
nobody ever sees your legs.

Even in bed, it's like you've
been cut in two.

Instead you count your pennies.

Stop talking such rubbish.

Turn the light off.


You'll see if I have any legs.

The way you say that, Alice,

it feels disgusting.

As you like.

It's not the day of papa?


Tomorrow, the day belongs to me.

Tell me it's not true.

Tell me you prevented

greater horrors.

Tell me that you at least tried,

If you can find today a single

that didn't save a Jew or a member of
the Resistence, present them to me.

I won't tell you.
- No.

Because it's not true!
- My poor Jean.

If you like beatings,
you're going to get one.

But this one won't finish up in bed!

You can really dumb sometimes.
- Florence, look at me.

Look at me well.

It was for me, eh?

It was you that got me out of there.

Answer me, I beg you.
If it's that, tell me.

Was it you?
- Do you want that it was?

Delmas refused.
Everyone refused.

No, Jean, no. I had to.

No, it wasn't necessary.

You should've let me die,
but not that.

Not that!


Florence, darling.

Look at me, Florence.

You've made a decision?

Escape by the window?

When the Gestapo called
and you could escape,

it was a good time.

Look at these things calmly
instead of talking such nonsense.

I didn't sleep a wink either.


Okay, let's look at it calmly.
I'm listening.

Well, two things, first:

you keep the newspaper...

Sorry. At the moment it's the newspaper
that keeps me

or that will show me the door.

You keep the newspaper and
I'll disappear...

This is what you call talking seriously?

Or you keep me

and you go to a different newspaper.

A newpaper is replaced just like that?

I don't know, Jean.
I'm asking you.

And I'll answer you.

For me,

L'Espoir is irreplacable.
Leaving it would be like desertion.

And to go where?

In the rotten pre-war press that will
re-emerge in 3 or 4 years.

"3 or 4 years"?

And until then?

We are likely to have a rough time
of it.

That scares you?


I'm 32 years old.

You're the one that I love,

always clear-headed, never attempting
to deceive.

Anyway, if you tell me no,
my decision is made.

And now?

Now, I don't know.

I don't know anymore.



I'm boring you with my stories?
- Not at all.

What can I do for you?

Get me a travel permit,
real or fake.

Without you, Jean, I can't go there.

You won't?

Yes, I want to.
But that's not the problem.

You know what you're doing?

You want to go back there?

There's nothing else to do.

It's Helga you want to go back to?

It's her and it's not her.

You always had someone important,
you don't understand.

There, I felt of service.

For the first time, I felt others
needed me.

here I'm more turned in on myself.

I look at my father-in-law, my wife,
I don't recognise myself.

Of course...

Helga and me...

I think we were in love.

Mr. Durrieu, telephone.

Your office.


Not now, Ludovic.
I want to be alone.

I'll give you my decision tomorrow.
Pass me on to Denise.

Denise, call my place and say
that I won't be back for 24 hours.


I'm inconveniencing you?

Not you. On the contrary.

Attention, attention, passengers

for Poitiers, Bordeaux, Irun,
Madrid, all aboard, please.

All aboard.

We should drop by your place,
to pick up a suitcase.

The first time I didn't have one.
It's all sorted out.

"All sorted out"?
You have some good ones.

Hello? Yes?

Richilieu on the line,


This is Durrie.
Give me Ludovic.

Ludovic! Telephone.


Ah, it's you! Well?

You can announce my marriage and
my departure.

Goodbye, Ludovic.

Goodbye, Jean.


You still have a token and
Passy doesn't answer.

Keep trying.
- Okay.

For Jean...

I'm 32 years old and I'm afraid.
Afraid that I'll soon be 35, 40,

and be poor.

I know that if you leave the
newspaper because of me,

you will always hold it against me.

So, it is me who must leave.

This time, we are parting permanently.

Goodbye, Jean.


Here, old pal,
it's all arranged.

You're a really good guy.

May I say to you "merde"?

Me, you know, this is my salvation.

You haven't told me much, but...

I think it's me that has to wish you
good luck.

Goodbye, Jean.
Goodbye, my love

I know that you have what's most precious
to you in the world,

your liberty.