Tomorrow I Will Date with Yesterday's You (2016) - full transcript

Takatoshi Minamiyama majors in art at an university in Kyoto. On the train to the school, he sees Emi Fukuju and falls in love with her at first sight. Gathering up all his courage, he speaks to her. They begin to date and enjoy happy days together, but Emi reveals her secret to him.

It was love at first sight.

On my usual commute to school,

I suddenly found myself head over heels.

In response, my first thought was,

"Gimme a break".

This is Shugakuin Station.

After all, this is someone
I'll never see again.

Once I get off the train, that'll be it.

I know what I'll do.

If we get off the same
station, I'll talk to her.

Right, that's what...

This is Takaragaike Station.

Excuse me

Excuse me


Day 1

Will you give me your email?

I saw you on the train, and...

I think I'm in love with you.

I know this is sudden, but it's true!

I'm even surprised myself...

I don't have a cell phone.



I get it.

I catch...

your drift.


That's not what I meant!

I really don't have one.

I'm Takatoshi Minamiyama.

I'm twenty.

I'm Emi Fukuju. I'm twenty, too.

Oh, we're the same age.

Huh... Oh, nothing.

I'm studying cartoons at
the art school up ahead.


You know, like those satirical
drawings of politicians.

I might've seen those before. How unusual.

I go to a cosmetology school.

Is there one nearby?

No, I just forgot to get off.

I just moved here.

Can I ask you something?


Why me?

Like... what about me?

I don't know.

I just knew instinctively

that you're the one... and
I had to talk to you.

Otherwise, there's no way.

Sorry, that's creepy.

Oh, no.

The Demachiyanagi-bound train
will soon arrive at platform 3.

By the way, Takaragaike is my...

You have to go?

I should get going



Will I see you...


What's wrong?

It's just...

a sad thing happened.

I'll see you again.

Until then.

Until then.

Until tomorrow.

"Until tomorrow," she said.

You, picking up girls?

I wasn't picking her up.

- Good morning, Ueyama.
- Hey.

I was dead serious.

Serious about picking her up.

I guess...

Thought you were only into drawing.

Show me a picture of her.

- Didn't take any.
- Then draw her.

Don't be ridiculous.

And you didn't even get her number?

I'm not smooth like you, okay?

So what should I do?

- I'm sure you'll see her.
- What?

You told her about this school?

Yeah, and my major.

Then she'll come find you.

You think?

It'll be fine!



Ueyama is good with girls
but loose about things.

That looseness always helps me out, though.

The next day...

I looked for her on the train.

I boarded at the same time.

I had assumed

that "Until tomorrow" meant
meeting on the train again.


Looks great.

The one that'll get displayed at school.


Nice lines on the bottom.

Oh, it's nice, right?
The neck came out well, too.

Why are you here?

I said "Until tomorrow".

Day 2
And you said you'll be drawing here.

Oh... did I?

Wow, giraffes are so big.

Hey, weren't you about to
say something yesterday?


Something about Takaragaike...

Oh, it's one of my favorite
places, that is all.


- I want to go.
- What?

What, now?


It's kind of a special place for me.


I was five, and it was
about this time of year.

I fell off that pier and was drowning.

Just when I thought I'd die,

some woman came and saved me.

I remember how tightly she held me.

So you owe your life to her.

I nearly died when I was five, too.


What a coincidence

Oh, before I forget...

Would you mind giving me your phone number?

Oh, sure.

Oops, not this one.



Emi Fukuju

- You can't be serious.
- Huh?

Take her to coffee or dinner later!

Or at least set the next date.

That's too sudden.

You told her you love her.

And she went out of her way
to come see you, right?

And you were happy just getting her number?

Bet she was confused when you said goodbye.

Like, "I thought he likes me,

why won't he ask me out?"

Then what should I do?

Call her right now.

- What?
- Ask her out.

- Now?
- Now!


If you can't do that,
you'll never date anyone.

Okay... I'll call her.


How do I start?

Well, like "Thanks for today," or...
oh, c'mon!

Wait, what're you doing? Hey...

The phone's ringing!
Write what I should say.

- You serious?
- Just write it.


Is this Fukuju-san?


Um, yeah... uh...

Thank her for today first!

Thanks for coming today.

I was happy.

I was happy to see you.

I was happy to see you, too.

The reason I called you is...

Movie! Safe bet.

Do you wanna go see a movie?


I recommend Minami-Kaikan!

There's a good one playing
at Minami-Kaikan.

- What is that?
- Don't worry!

Okay, sure.

Oh really? Great!

When are you free?



Say yes!

Okay, tomorrow at 1pm, then.

We'll meet at...

Sanjo Bridge!

Know where Sanjo Bridge is?

Good, we'll meet there.

Okay... See you.

I did it! Thank you, Ueyama!

Get off me!

You're amazing!

Sorry, sorry.

- Hey, Takatoshi
- Oh, hey!

Sorry, I'm in a rush

Your assignment from yesterday
is up on display.



Ueyama gave me tips on going on a date.

First, arrive early and browse the area.

Don't be that guy who's lost or nervous.

And show her what you enjoy.

If you can't share that joy,

there's no point dating her.

I'll try today's special.

I'd love for her to try
this, I thought

And that's when I realized...

I can't help but want to
share everything with her.

That's what it is to be in love.

Day 3


Okay, well...

- Shall we?
- Sure.

The back alleys here are
really interesting.

It's great, I love places like these.

Wow, look at this.

It's amazing.

Isn't it?

This is unbelievable!


Hey, that fried chicken
place looks good too, no?

- Let's try it.
- What?

It's pretty... ordinary.

Yeah, well...

We should go to the cinema...


I want the pizza again.


I can't just end my meal on this sour note.

Fukuju-san, you're funny.


It's nice.


So cute.

It's cute. Is it a pomeranian?

Just irresistible.

What's cute is seeing that
tiny dog rushing to keep up.

Minamiyama-san, you're funny.


It's beautiful.

Oh, nothing.

Just feels... strange.

What does?

Being here with you, like this.

For me, too.

It's my first time.

Going on a date.

This is my first date.


That's what everyone says.

But I could never ask anyone out,

and no one's ever asked me out.

Guys probably think they have no chance.

That's why I was so happy.

I always wanted someone to say

I'm in love with you.

Can I tell you something?

I was actually watching you the whole time.


Didn't notice, did you?


Will you...

be my girlfriend?

I'm not some angel, you know.

Even though people think I am.

That's okay.

I can be a spoiled brat.

Sometimes I can be kind of selfish.

That's okay.

Also, my mood can swing
based on what I eat.

That's okay.

I see.

I'm looking forward to it.

Me, too

Almost forgot, there's one more thing.


tend to cry easily.


Sorry I'm late.

Oh, no worries.

This is Ueyama.

Nice to meet you, I'm Emi Fukuju.

I'm Shoichi Ueyama.

Sorry about this guy.

What does that mean?

I know.

I know?

So this is your new apartment...

Ueyama kept bugging me
to move out of his place.

My aunt owns the building, so come anytime.


Well, I'm ready to help!

You can go put your bag down in my room,
to the right.

I'll go take this up, too


Nice girl.


Better treat her right


What are you talking about?

When he first asked you
out, I was helping...

Hey, Ueyama! Get that fridge!

Tell me more!

Don't worry, take the light stuff.

Here, here.

What are you...


See, I told you!

Well, I think I'll head back now.

- Thanks for everything.
- In lieu of a housewarming gift.



I hope you'll stay good friends with him.

Watch out for this guy.

Oh, shut up.

- Later.
- Thanks.

About how we call each other...

I feel like calling you
Fukuju-san is too formal.

I know, it's too dry.

Too dry, huh?

It's an important point.

At what point does
everyone switch to casual?

Now's the time, now.

Now, huh?




What's wrong?

Just... dust.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Okay, cleaning done! Time to unpack.

Yes, ma'am.

Just... appreciating your curves.


I mean aesthetically.

I'm serious.

Oh, that.

I'm keeping it for that woman who saved me.


About five years after she saved me,
I ran into her in my neighborhood.

She asked me to hold on to it
until we see each other again.

So mysterious.

Wonder if I'll see her again.


Did you draw these?

Back in elementary school.

Can I read it?

Go ahead.

I drew them during recess
and showed them to friends.

Kept all the volumes in a box.

I loved hearing them say
"When's the next one coming?"

You're such an artist.

You've always been like that.

Okay, let's finish up before it gets dark.

Yup, let's do it.

Will you get in trouble?

It should be fine.

So midnight is your curfew...

That's right, I'm like Cinderella.

Yes, yes.

It's cold.



hold hands.


It's nice.

Holding hands...

with a girlfriend like this.

It's my first time.

It's really nice.

What a nice thing to say.

You really do cry easily

Until tomorrow.

Until tomorrow.

Until tomorrow.

Before long, those became
like our secret password.

We started going on dates nearly every day.

I'll hold that.


Don't fall again.

Oh, please! I'm not that clumsy.

What's for dinner?

Take a guess.

Hm... curry?


I can only peel.

That's fine.

Wait, I have the key.

Can I take a picture?

What? Okay, sure.

Look this way.

Say cheese.


Go drink tea or something.

Since you don't have a kettle,
boil water with this.

The mugs are over there.

Yes, ma'am.

- Here.
- Yes.


Wow, looks amazing!

I'm going to dig in.

Go ahead.


This is seriously good.

This beef stew actually
tastes like my mother's.

Must be the secret ingredient, chocolate.

Wait, how did you know?

Know what?

That my mother puts chocolate in her stew.

You mentioned it before.

I don't think I did.

You think?

Come to think of it, this happened before.


With the giraffe drawing.

At the zoo, you said it'll
get displayed at the school.

And it really happened.

Must be a coincidence.

I bet you have...

the power to predict the future.

What if I do?


If I really have the
power to see the future,

what would you do?

I'd be pretty impressed.

Of course you would!

I'd be able to win at gambling all day!

We'd be filthy rich.

I'll work for my money.

Ah, very manly.

What about your own future?

Like about your career.

If I said I could see your future,

what would you do?

Oh, no, I don't want to know.

Well, unfortunately I can't.
I'm an ordinary person.

Sorry to disappoint you.

Okay, let's eat.

Coin Laundry

- Hey.
- Hey.

Haven't seen you in a while.


Is it going well?

She cooked for me.

Yeah, yeah, good for you.

How would you like it today?

Let's see... make it short, please.

Would you like the fringe
to sweep to the side?

Yes, please.


Day 15

In sixth grade, I was in a play.

And my costume then was a trash bag, too.

Who did you play?

An old man.

An old man?

It was so much fun that I
slept in the trash bag.

Then I woke up sweating

because plastic won't absorb sweat.

That's why cloth is important.

Sure is.

I understand the feeling.

It's like you hate to leave
that role you're playing.

You've been in plays, too, Emi?

I have.

Did I say your name...

without an honorific?

Nothing wrong with that.

Is it okay?




Makes me blush a little,

but it feels good.

It does



Are you getting teary again?

I'm not.


I want to... hold you.

Then I think you should hold me.

Your curfew.

What's wrong?


Time to go home.

I'll walk you back.

Don't worry, stay in bed.

I'll walk you back.

Made it in time.

"My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday"

March 16
My 1st day (Takatoshi's last)

I model for him in a classroom.

March 16...

15 days from now?

March 15
My 2nd day (His 29th)

I meet Takatoshi's parents.

What the hell?

March 14
My 3rd day (His 28th)

March 13
My 4th day (His 27th)

March 6
My 11th day (His 20th)

March 5
My 12th day (His 19th)

March 4
My 13th day (His 18th)

Why are they dated in the future?

And why is it going back in time?

Public telephone




You already read the diary, right?

I did.


Doesn't make sense, right?

Not really.

Emi, what is...

I've been...

hiding something from you.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you everything.

At 6am,

I'll wait for you in your classroom.

And bring that box.

The box?

Emi, wait a second...


Hello? Emi?



I'm going to tell you things
that will sound far-fetched.

If I told you

that another world exists parallel
to this one, would you believe me?

That's where I'm from.


Where I come from,

time moves in the opposite direction
from this world.

In other words,

what is the future to you...

is the past for me.

What are you...

I know you've been wondering.

You thought I knew in advance
that your drawing would be displayed.

It's not that I can see the future.

It's just my time is moving in
the opposite direction from you.

That's why I knew.

The day you drew this at the zoo

was 15 days later in my future...

and I'm just telling you what I saw.

Did you bring the box?


Now, let's open it together.

Open it and look inside.

And then...

you'll understand.


How could this be?

You with my parents?

How could this photo...

It will be taken

in your future,

in my past.

The woman who gave you the box,
how old did she look?

She was exactly 30 years old.

She's me in ten years.

The one you met when you were ten

was me in the future.

You see?

Takatoshi, would you mind
holding on to this?

There's something important inside,
so don't lose it.

What's inside?

I'll tell you next time we meet.

Then we'll open it together.

Pinky swear.

We can only meet
once every five years.

Every five years,

for only 30 days as
the moon waxes and wanes.

Once every five years,

for 30 days...


When you were ten,
you met the future me.

And you also...

met me when you were five.

In Takaragaike.

That's right.

The one who saved you when
you were five was the future me.

15 years ago...

For me, it's 15 years later.

I save you when I'm 35.

So that woman was...


Remember I told you that I also
nearly died when I was five?

The one who saved me was Takatoshi...

It was you.

I was five,

and the 35-year-old you saved me.

In other words,

I was saved by you...

And you saved me.

It was because...

you and I saved each other
at the end of our respective time...

that we were able to meet...

When we both turned twenty,
and become a couple

I cut this hair, didn't I?

I did a rather fine job, I'd say.

So yesterday...

for you is...

Exactly, tomorrow...

I'm going to cut your hair.

So what's written in that diary...

is what I told you then, right?


Five years ago...

which is five years later for you,

you told me those things
when you're 25.

So you're taking what's written,

and reenacting them, aren't you?


It's the destiny that we lived...

or will live together.

I see.

As she said this,

she seemed the same as ever.

Hey, look.

- Remember? It's...
- How cute!

Is it a pomeranian?

Day 19

Everything had felt perfect.

In fact, it felt too perfect.

But was everything...

just done according to the diary,

like a performance?

It's the destiny that we lived...

or will live together.

Sorry to make you wait!

What's wrong?


Then let's go ride the Ferris wheel.

March 6
My 11th day (His 20th)

We go to Garden Museum Hiei.

Come on, hurry.

Wow, it's so beautiful!

The view's amazing.

Hey, let's go sit over there.



It's not so great.

The height isn't right.

It's your fault.

Have a seat, try it.

No, no thanks.


I'm so hungry.

Today's lunch was...

What was it?

Hey, Emi.


Do we really...

have to follow the diary exactly?

Maybe we don't have to.

As long as we do the bare minimum.

Like saving each other in 15 years.

Just the basic stuff.

Why would you say that?


I can't stand it.

The time I spent with you yesterday...

today's you don't even know.

That's not all.

All the memories I have with you,

you don't even know

The more I see this reality,

the harder it is for me.

Here I am with you,

yet it doesn't feel like you.

Being with you is painful.

I'm sorry.


Is all this...

going as planned?



You two have a fight?

We're going past each other...


Going past each other, huh?

Hey, come take a look.

Even Earth and the moon
are going past each other.

Always the same distance apart,
circling around and around.

If those two were dating,
it'd be pretty rough.

At least you two can meet and talk.

So talk to her.

The moon's actually drifting away
4 centimeters each year.

All the more reason to talk now.

If I didn't see Emi anymore,

would our fates change?

Unable to speak about yesterday,

we keep drifting apart.

I can't deal with that.

How can Emi manage to be okay...

when it's so painful?

Are you getting teary again?

Or not...


tend to cry easily.

Emi always cried at the oddest moments.

Holding hands like this.

It's my first time.

It's really nice.

It wasn't her first time.

What a nice thing to say.

For Emi,

that was her last time.


Everything that was a first for me,

for Emi, all of it...

was the very last time.

And yet...

she was smiling.


With each day that passes,
we grow further apart.

Which means,

by the time she picks up...



Well, tomorrow for you,

I end up being very mean to you.


I'm over it now.

I managed to overcome it.

It was so simple.

The reason it was so painful,

and the reason I wanted
to overcome it...

is because...

I love you so much.


Me, too.

Me, too.

I love you.


will I see you?

Yesterday's you.

Day 21


This whole time...

you were holding it together.

The you I've been seeing...

the you from now on...

will cry from time to time.

You cried the first time
we held hands...

because it was your last time.

Because after that moment,

you won't be able
to hold hands anymore.

The way you called me,

from Takatoshi-kun...

to Minamiyama-san...

getting more and more formal...

By the end you had to act
like a stranger...

I'm so sorry, I just didn't know.

I made you suffer.

This you didn't tell me about.

I was five

when I first came to this
side with my family.

We went to a festival nearby, but...

there was an explosion there.

And I happened to be there.

It was dangerous, but...

someone saved me just in time.

That was you.

A 35-year-old Takatoshi.

You were wonderful, and I felt
instinctively that you're the one.

The reason why I'm doing what I am...

why I'm able to endure the pain...

is to see the present you.


Day 22

8 days left

Good morning!

Morning, Takatoshi-kun.

Here is today's schedule.


You will go to Fushimi Inari with me.

Roger that, ma'am.

From that point on,

we spent our remaining days
cherishing every moment.

Boil the water with this.


And, uh... mugs!
This one's mine and this one's yours.


What else...

Point at the same time.

One, two... this one!

We chose the same one!

We chose well!

- It's so good!
- Yeah?

The matcha roll all the way!

Good call.

I'm going to jump.



Let's make memories.


To connect us to our respective tomorrows,

since we'll never be twenty again.


Wow, impressive.


This is your first time meeting him.

Ueyama, right?

You're good.


- Long time, no see!
- You, too!

Everyone, this is
Takatoshi's girlfriend, Emi!


She's cute!

Were you tricked into this?

Hey, back up!

You tricked her, didn't you?

Glad to see you two made up.

I owe it to you.


You have a different vibe now.


You're more mature now.

You think so?

Want some tea?

You two feel right.


I better prepare myself.

I'll soon part with the present you.

And little by little...

we won't be like this anymore.


We're both just getting started.


We're in the same camp.

We are.

Let's hang in there.

Oh, that thing you did.

Cool, right?

It's cool.


I love you.

Look, the stars!

We're not passing each other.

The edges have been tied into a ring,

connecting us as one.

That's what you said

on my very first day, which was your last.

For the future me,

will you tell that to
me when I get worried?

I promise

March 15
My 2nd day (His 29th)

I meet Takatoshi's parents.

Day 29

Sorry to make you wait.

Shall we?

What's wrong?


This was the route I always
took home from soccer.

I used to play at that shrine.

I had to do grocery shopping
at that supermarket.

So this is your hometown, I see.

This is...

that takoyaki stand.

They're still in business.

Hi there.

May I have 30?

Coming right up.

Can you eat so many?

I just always wanted to
order 30 from this place.

Ah, that I can relate to.

- Good?
- Amazing.

It's that local taste.

It's hot...

Takatoshi, do you not like soccer?


But Dad loves it when
he sees me in a game.

What do you actually like?

I like drawing comics.

So you'll be an artist, then.


You'll be able to.

I'm sure you'll be able...

to become an artist.

But it's yummy.

I'm home.

Oh my... why, hello!

This is Emi Fukuju.

Nice to meet you.

My... girlfriend.

You're so beautiful, I'm shocked!

Not at all...

So, where did you meet her?

I saw her on the train.

I told her I fell in love.

You of all people!

Aren't you surprised, dear?

Have you nothing to say to your son?

Do you have enough money?

Well, I do have a part-time job.

Tell us if you run low.

You lost some weight, didn't you?

You think so?

You'll stay for dinner, right?


Here, sorry for the wait.


Here you go.

Beef stew

It's his favorite.

Is that right?

Go ahead, dig in.

Thank you.

It's delicious!

Isn't it?

The secret is to put some chocolate in.

Huh, chocolate...

I'll try next time.

So what do you think of Takatoshi?

He's very kind.

Well, please look after him.

He can be awfully clumsy.

- Is that right?
- Oh, yes

As a kid he nearly drowned in a pond.


It was in Takaragaike.

He was saved by a woman
who happened to be there, right?


We looked for her but to no avail.

We weren't able to thank her, right?


What is it?

You and your father looked
awfully similar just now.

You're right, they do look
like each other now.


I'm stepping out for a smoke.

Until you came,

he kept asking anxiously

"When is that boy coming home?"

As he cleaned and such.

You should come home more often.

And bring Emi, too.

Okay, here we go.

Your parents are lovely.

How come...

you and I can't be family?

I'm sorry.

What are you apologizing for?


I'm sorry.

Today was coming to an end.

March 16
My 1st day (Takatoshi's last)

I model for him in a classroom.

And the last day was here.

For you,

Day 30

this is the first day.


Is it too soon to ask you to model?

I'm okay.

You know,

when I first meet you,
which is 30 days later for you,

I'm really uncool.

My hair is a mess.

About the only thing I'm proud of now

is this hair you cut for me.

As for the present me,

the only thing I could
do for you is to draw.

And so...

I do this not because...

it was planned...

but with all my heart.

From the last 30 days,

I wanted to draw you.


Well, shall we?

Excuse me.

I have a favor to ask, too.

Please tell me all that happened
in as much detail.

This contains broader things
you told me when you're 25.

What I'm going to use
from now on is this one.

It'll include more details from you
with the memory still fresh.

Please tell me

how we spent our days
together leading up to today.


I'll start with the first day, then.

I first saw you in a train
on my way to school.

My first class was at 9am,

so I got on the 8am train.

And that's when I saw you.

For our first date,

I actually got a lot of tips from Ueyama

So I arrived two hours early...

You said you wanted pizza again.

Not on this sour note, you said.

Sounds like me.

Yeah, and we had to rush to
make it to the movie on time.

That day, you cut my hair for me,

so a trash bag...

We were surrounded by couples,

so I got really nervous...

It was a nice day, so we walked
along the river taking pictures,

when you started hopping on the rocks...

And then you...

And then you...

If we keep doing this,

it'll be no fun for you.

If we only do things
according to some script,

what's the enjoyment for you?

Seeing you today,

I finally understand.

The only reason why...

I managed to experience joy...

and pain...

and everything else up to today...

is because you...

had hung in there for us.

That's not true.

Even if I know what'll happen,

what's fun is still fun.


I tend to cry easily, too.


Was I a good girlfriend?

Did you have a good time?

I had an awesome time.

I guess this is the peak.

From here on,

I'll gradually go back into your past...

and I'll no longer be your girlfriend.

Then we'll pass each other by.

We're not passing each other.

We're not passing each other.

The edges have been tied into a ring,

connecting us as one.

The two of us...

as one life.

We're not passing each other.

We're connected at the edges.

That's what you told me,

and the future you was
even more mature and wonderful.

This is...


What I saw...

was a portrait of myself
being loved by you.

So I wanted to see you.

You at age 20.

The two of us at age 20.

And so...

my precious 30 days started.

Day 1

This is Emi Fukuju.

Nice to meet you.

My... girlfriend.

Feels great.


Here is today's schedule.


You will go to Fushimi Inari with me.



Are you getting teary again?

I'm not.


Let's... hold hands.



Will you...

be my girlfriend?

I'm not some angel, you know.


Looks great.

Why are you here?

I said until tomorrow.


Will I see you...


I'll see you again.

Until then.

Until then.

Until tomorrow.

Will I see you again?

I'll see you again.

I've arrived...

back with him.

Based on the original novel

Boku wa Ashita, Kinou no Kimi to Date Suru
by Takafumi Nanatsuki,

published by TAKARAJIMASHA, Inc.