Tommy (2014) - full transcript

A week before Christmas, Estelle lands at Arlanda Airport. A year earlier, she had left Stockholm on the run with her husband Tommy and their daughter, after Tommy had taken part in one of ...

There was a car chase and shootout with
automatic weapons at the airport runway yesterday.

Three or four masked men
stole an armored money truck

the police think that
it could be an inside job.

After the robbery this morning, the money truck companies
stopped transporting valuables.

The thieves had yellow reflective vests
of the same type as airport staff.

Can you call it a successful police work
when 40 million are still missing?

I will not use the word "success."

It's a frustration, of course,
that we have not found the money.

- Rikard, where is he?
- Sri Lanka .

- What part?
- I do not know .

up to you

Wait here, honey.

- Is there a problem?
- I have to ask you to wait for a while.

Excuse me, can you two come with me?

We need to ask you some questions.

You have to come with me.

We'll just talk to your mom
for a little while. Okay?

- Grandma will get you. See you soon.
- Do not worry.

We picked up your suitcase.

What's this?

- Why did you come back?
- Is there anything against me?

No. But you know very well
we're looking for your husband.

He is suspected of murder and robbery
at Landvetter airport last year.

There are still 40 million missing

The ash, then? Is it not a strange thing
to bring home?

- Is it forbidden?
- yes,If it is from a human.

it contains pieces of bone.

- Did you call Katarina?
- Yes. your daughter is with her.

We're going to make DNA test
for the bone fragments.


Where is Grandma?

Hi, Mom.

I want her phone tapped,and her mother too...
This is Coki Jaam drove the car.

Rikard Svahn, one of the robbers,
assassinated two months ago.

Rikard's brother.

Bobby Mitic.

What a fucking mess.

Tommy took the money.
if that was his ash,they will come after her

- Do you think so?
- Estelle is not an ordinary wife.

She knows exactly what happened
at Landvetter. And afterward.

Wow! Welcome home.
How does it feel?

- Impressive.
- Have some champagne.

- Honey ...
- That was great.


- Very well.
- What?


Relax, more and more.

The body feels
heavier and heavier.

you do not care anymore
about what is happening around

You are totally
focus on your breathing ...

and the feeling that
your body becomes heavier.

The police called me.
She has returned home.

- Do I have a beard? Does it fit?
- No.

- Do I look like Santa Claus?
- Yes.

- Is the water good?
- Yes.

- is dad still in Sri Lanka?
- Listen ...

We never say where we were.
Do you know why?

It's our own secret.

Nice, huh?

You are home now.

Leave them there, where you are.

No thanks. I no longer smoke. . .

All right.

Do you know if Bianca got a boyfriend?


- Does she know that I'm home?
- No.

I came for Landvetter money, Mom.

I Should take it to Sri Lanka now.

It's my only chance.
Before anyone knows.

Then I will return back with Isabel.

- What are you doing?
- My friend Rikard lives here.

He is dead.

No, no, no ... Damn.


It depends on the
mood you want.

It resembles a burning
oil platform.

You can not even see,
what it represents.

- - I thought you were dead!
- Hello

You know what people say?

That you've been to Rio... China ...

You did plastic surgery

Come on.

What the ...?

What a surprise!

- And you came with your little sister. Hello.
- Hi

- What have you done in our place?
- Where is Tommy? How is he?

- All right. How is Claudia?
- Great. Come and visit someday.

What are you going to drink?

You look happy, Matte.
So you're out again.

He found God in jail


The Svensson sisters ...
The finest in Stockholm.

Estelle's home.

- What?
- Nothing.

- Can we talk?
- Of course.

Stay here

- Abbe ? I brought him from Istanbul.
- Check your cooker.Very funny!

He will come home.

Tommy will come home.

Good news.

- I must have the money now.
- What money?

Our share

I need to speak directly with Tommy.

Do you really want that?

- I've taken care of everything at home.
- Taking over, you mean.

Ten millions on Tuesday.

After that, I can not help you.

Can I get a hit?

Do not you quit?


Fuck! Fuck! Damn!

- What?
- They did not pay.

Never interrupt me!

I want people at home
around the clock.

- you will not talk to him?
- Talk to Tommy? Are you kidding?

Go away.

Go away!

It was belong to my mother.

Forgive me.


Do not jump on the couch, honey.


You ...

- You can jump on the couch?
- Yes.

You think so?

Very well.

Who jumps higher?

I'm worried about Estelle.

She says Tommy will come home.
You have to talk to her, Steve.

I will talk to her.
It will be fine.

The whole town is talking about
Tommy is on his way home.

His wife met Cabrera yesterday.

Are you kidding? Good news.
Time for revenge.


Do not tell Tommy.

Should I feed you like
when you were a baby? Jesus ...

- Hi, Claudia.
- Estelle!

I heard you were home.
Glad to see you.

- The same. I heard you bought the villa.
- Yes, in Appelviken. Come to dinner.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- They have ice cream in the kitchen.
- It's better to go with them.

Good to see you.
We must set a lunch. Bye Bye.

- You come when I'm with my children?
- If you get close to her again ...

If he finds out what I've seen ...

it will not be only the money
that he want

I need more time.

I can not get ten million.
I can handle seven.

I thought you loved this life.

I'm glad you came.
Take her wherever she wants

The child lock is on.

So he will come home for ten millions?

Would not he have more?

For your sake,I hope
that he will come in time.

- There is a place in business class.
- I will take it.

- What is the name?
- Blanca Svensson, with two esses.


Of course not!

They are not even in my name!
Fix it!

What a fucking country!

Huh ...?


- cheers
- cheers

Where is Isabel?
Should not she greet her old godfather?

- She's with Blanca.
- well.

- How is she?
- She meets a guy who is not good.

Should I do something?

- No.
- I can talk to him.


Do you need money?

You two ...

I heard that Tommy will come home.

The Cowboys are back in the
streets. You stay away, right?

- I will not go into business.
- Good. Do not do anything stupid.

If something happens,
then you come to me. I'm here.

- Beautiful.
- Thanks, Steve.

- cheers
- cheers

- Tell Tommy to contact me.
- Of course.

It's something new for my wife.
I'm completely fascinated with this.

Cute, huh? Twenty-five thousand.

- Drop the bag!
- Give it to me!

- Are you crazy?
- Steve called me.

- Is he the one who pays for that?
- Lower your voice ...

You need to stop
interfere with my business!

When are you going to support yourself?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself,
damn it.

Who is going to pay back, then? Huh?

Who will pay back? Mom?

Is it me who has to pay back?
Will Isabel do it?

Mom wants you to come home now.

Me too. Bianca also want it.


Very well.

Do you know? I can even
keep Frank leash by myself.

Who are you talking to?

No one.

- Try to blow on him now.
- He's scared.

What will you do now?

Tommy called.

- What?
- Yes, Isabel was talking to him.

You are kidding, right?


- No.
- What do you mean, then?

Isabel spoke with him by phone.

She really miss him.

Yeah yeah. I'm a bad mother.

- What?
- That's what you mean, right?

She tries to be just like you.

She must be someone else.

Bobby really has taken care of me.

Was he crying?

Having said that you are the only one
who understand him?

How do you know?
He is scorpion.

We fit together.

It looks like a gift at first.

And then suddenly he mentioned
all of his debts to you.

If you get pregnant,
you are stuck forever.

I was sixteen
when I met Tommy.

Now You are twenty-five.

Yes, but you do not know him.

You know that it was him who paid
for Rikard funeral?

He sold his best friends.

They escaped with forty million.

Landvetter ...

I told Tommy before
it was too much money.

People become greedy.

He did not listen.

Rikard would give me Tommy's share,
but Rikard was killed.

And suddenly Bobby
looks like the king of the city.

He cheated us. You too

What will Tommy do?

We gotta get out of this damn country.

Refrigerator Market in Asia
exploded. Everyone wants to have a refrigerator.

We need to start an appliance store business.

In a few years we can sell it
for three times, at least.

- Is it Tommy's idea?
- I'll be "Mrs. refrigerator."

Are you going to travel again?

I will not leave you.

Come with me.

People are ... totally awesome.
Their hearts are ...

It's a completely different life.

- Tommy also wants you to come.
- He said that?

We can be a family again.


Are we going to solve this now?

I need to talk to Tommy.

- You should talk to Tommy?
- I must have guarantees. From Tommy.

- can I have a cup of coffee?
- I need to talk to Tommy.

Then we call him now.
He will understand.


- You know him. ...
- I love him.

He asked me to collect the money.

He's like brother, you know?

I can not help
Unless I get the money.

- Estelle, I did not take the money.
- You ...

- I can not pay
- Do you really want to do this?

No, but that's the way it is.

Listen, you disappeared.
And the cops were completely mad.

So you also think that he
escaped with the money?

I would never say something like that, Estelle.
If someone says that he is lying.

He wants his stuff now.

Cokie here.

Remember the stuff I asked you to keep?

Good. Tommy wants it back

All right. Right.

- The remainder were retired?
- Yes.

Everything is gone. including money.

But now, when Tommy comes again ...

Hello. Are you Hady?
How great you became.

- Do you enter with your shoes, idiot?
- Yes.

- Go ...better to listen to love songs. .
- And what will you do about it?

- Do not be so arrogant. Who will clean this?
- I. Who else? Fuck you.

- A little respect. I have guests.
- I do not care.

Exactly 985 grams. I have not touched
a gram, tell Tommy.

But it can not be distributed until Tommy
appears. Bobby would be furious.

- Hello, Estelle.
- Hello, Ergon.

Wow.. Where does this come from?

I do not know.
I just do as Tommy says.

- Our first battle against Bobby.
- When he will come home?


Put on the belt, please.

We have listened to your mother's phone
for a few days.

When is he coming?

Can I go now?
I'm going home to my daughter.

Should not she be started
school in the fall?

Tomorrow it will be in the newspaper
that Tommy is dead.

Just to let you know .

Do you have to smoke here?


If anything happens to me,
take care of her.

I will Be back in a few hours.
Do not answer the phone ...

do not go out and do not open the door.

Nothing will happen, do not worry.
See you. Do not go out.


Is everything okay?

Of course.

Damn, I saw a totally sick thing
on Facebook the other day.

A disabled girl begging for money
on one of the streets of New York.

A camera follows her without her knowing
about it. Filmed her for a few days.

Every day after work, she stand up, take a bus
a few blocks away.

Then she gets into her van ,changed
and comes out fresh, clean and healthy.

Then she will eat
at fine and expensive restaurants.

Son of a bitch.
Fool people that way.

When Tommy comes home?

It says in the newspaper today
that he is dead.

But that's
exactly what we want.

Wacky Tommy.

Let me go! Oh, God.

You think I can not read?

Do not you think I can know what you want?
you Want to turn Bobby against me!

- All of you!
- He's coming back.

- He's alive, okay?
- Say hi to Tommy from me.

Give me back my coke..Everything!
Otherwise, I'll get your girl

Who did this?

Tell me , who?

Who was he?

- It says in the paper that Tommy died.
- He's alive.

Tell me now.

He is still there, I came here
to see Katarina and Blanca.

- Why did they take you out in the woods?
- I do not know.

You know something
If they think they can pounce upon you ...

I do not want you to do anything.

Thank you, Steve.


- He's at home.
- You think so?

This has to stop.
Find Estelle.

- Why do not you talk to Tommy?
- I do not know where he is!

Find her.. and give her this money.

- What?
- All right.

What the hell are you doing?

Are you going to sail?

Honey. Hello.

I asked you one simple thing:
You do not leave the apartment.

You've been out for two days.
Have you read what is in the paper?

It's not true.

Honey, we're going to grandma's house.
Pack your things. Fast.

- They have blown up Cabrera.
- Oh, well.

What do you mean, oh, all right? Do you hear
what I say?They have blown Cabrera!

- You must not talk to him.
- I did not!

- All right.
- I left him for your sake!

Do you know that he loves me?

You are one of the girls
he fucks beside his wife.

So stop thinking with your pussy. .

What did you say?

- You heard me.
- How the hell can you say that?

Listen. If we do not travel at the day after tomorrow, ,
we could not leave the country again.

- And whose fault is that?
- Mine.

- Yes!
- You're so immature!

?Immature?You're ruining everything!
You're so damn cold!

- Come on!
- No, I'm not going on your trip!

Do you hear?
You're just like mom!

Now you can undress.

Now you tell me
what the hell is going on here.

I was at the home of Cokie.
You know what he said?

You know what the last thing Cokie said?

- What do you mean?
- That Estelle has deceived you.

It was Tommy who sent her.
Tommy. . .

I have something for you.

Go play, baby.

What is this ash, they write about?

So you can read?

Bobby did not take the money
from Landvetter.

How do you know?

Rikard gave me something
Tommy should have.


Ask Tommy.

My brother is dead, and,
Whoever did this must pay.

William! Come on, we're leaving now.

You are more than his wife, Estelle.
You have started a bloody war.

Honey? Come on.

The money from Landvetter ...
is it still there?

I do not know. I swear. I do not know.

Now you ...

- There is one left.
- Save it for tomorrow.

I think you should call Steve.

He just want to help you.

Do you hear? My girl ..

It's Christmas.

It's Christmas!

Merry Christmas.

You ...

I need to borrow money.

But only until Tommy arrives.

Well ... yes.

It is very good grass.

Isabel ... come.

Do not be shy, baby. Come on.

I think you should look under the
Christmas tree. In the bag under the tree.

Go and look, you'll see.

- What do you say?
- Thank you.

Correct. Come on.

Come sit.

Have you talked to Dad, then?

How is he?

He'll be home soon.

Wait. Now I have ...

What a good game.

Want to open and view it?

Yes. How has it gone then?
But what the hell ...

Like it?

I feel as if
I've seen it before somewhere.

It hung in the gallery
where Blanca works.

It was your mother who asked me.

When you were in Sri Lanka.

There you were, right?

So, here you are ...

- Where are you going?
- Mother is waiting.

She can wait.


So you do not have
any money with you?

- Steve, I can explain.
- Be quiet.

I told you that I would help you.

Here ... Tommy's ash.

all I've done for you ...

... Then you go behind my back.

He will come home.

No he will not.

You found him on the beach.

Where is the money?

Do you really think
you can fool me with impunity?

Fucking parasite.

Honey, come on! Come on!


Can you take care of her tonight?

Does Bobby has something to do with this?


It's much worse.

I have no one else.

You ...

I know who killed your brother.

Steve planned Landvetter, and I know
where Tommy was hiding their stuff.

Hello, it's me. What is happening?
Where are you?

I can not say.

- I have to see you. Please.
- No.

- I have to see you.
- I'll call you later.

- Promise me.
- I promise.

Well, baby. Bye Bye.

She left the girl with Blanca.

Then Get them.

Not in the house.

- Where is she?
- She refuses to tell me.

Now do as I say.

She has nothing to do with this.

- Are you sure that Tommy is dead?
- Do as I say.

Here ... Bobby's money.

Seven million.
Transfer them to Sri Lanka.

Tommy sends greetings.
He will not forget this.


How are you?

- She's sleeping.
- Blanca, listen.

Walk down the street and take a taxi.
Do not call, take it on the street ...

and go to Arlanda terminal five.

Wait for me there.
I have the money, so we can travel now.

- All right.
- Terminal five.

- Yes.
- Wait for me there.

Very well. Bye Bye.

Forget Estelle. What do you want?
It's you and me against the world, Blanca.

- It's so fucking hopeless!
- No. I'll fix it

I love you.
I need you. I'm here.

- Where?
- Here, I'll wait. I'm ...

Meet me somewhere. I'll fix
this, but you have to talk to me.

- Can you now?
- I can at any time.

Well, well. See you.

Where we'll see, baby? Where?
Come on, Blanca.

- Good. See you in Hornstullstrand.
- When? Now? I love you.

You are totally sick in the head.

Come on. We must have the jacket on.

Stop the bus!

- Hi.
- Mama, He wants you to come now.

we will never meet again.

Here I am with Isabel.

- Yes?
- First I must see them.





Now you tell me where the money is.

First I'll talk to Blanca. .
She will call me from Arlanda.

I can rip your skin now ..

or send some men
to Arlanda to pick up the girls.

So now tell me.

You can do whatever you want with me,
but you'll never know if you touch them.

Beautiful ...

You ...

You were fucking intend to sacrifice yourself.

I did not expect that.

Blanca? I'm on my way.

- Honey, it's mommy. Open.
- I will not ...

Well, we gotta go now!
Do you hear?

- Honey?
- Not until Dad gets home.

- He will not.
- Will he be waiting at where we're going?

No. No, dear.
Dad will not. Dad ...

Dad is dead.

Honey, open the door.


Mom ...

They say they are Tommy,s fingerprint.

I know that was his ash.

And yet he came back.