Tomie: Replay (2000) - full transcript

A young girl looking through her father's notes finds something written about the last experiment he worked on before he went insane. Everything in his notebook looks ordinary until near the last page, at which point his handwriting deteriorates and the name "Tomie" is mentioned several times. From that point forward his notes are written in what looks like blood. At the same time, another young girl escapes from a hospital. Who is she, and what does she have planned?

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Her enlarged stomach
is pushing other organs.

This shadow...

What is this?






I am...



Strange things
happen here.

The people are getting
fewer and fewer.


There is no one else
left in this room.

They all went home
over the past few days.

Right after I came
into the hospital...

Four nurses quit
all at once.

They say that
they all went mad.


After that, the director
of this hospital went missing.

Is it called
being spirited away?

You talk
like a old man.

There is something
in this hospital.

What is "something"?

Ms. Taniguchi...

Ms. Taniguchi!

Your room
is next door.


That nurse was cute.

Shall I talk to her
for you?

No, thanks.

You always take
the good ones.

When did I
do that?

You did it three times
when we were in high school.

- You still remember that?
- And also at the last party...

You said you couldn't go,
so that's why I went.

I know, but...

Takeshi, what did the fortune say
at the ramen restaurant?

"If you step forward,
there will be a road."

That's right.
The owner said good things.

The ramen
was bad, though.

What's wrong?
Are you okay?

I can't drink beer yet.

I am going
to the bathroom.

I got to go again...


Are you messing
with me?

I... got lost.

Please get me
out of here.


Is something funny?


Are you cold?

Why were you
at the hospital?

I... was born
at that hospital.

Oh, really?

Two men and...

four women...

were trembling
with such fear.

Dry yourself.

And clothes.

I will make coffee.

Your hand...

Have you...
killed people?


How does it feel
to kill people?

What are you
talking about?

What do you think
when you kill?

I don't know.

But you are going
to kill me, aren't you?

How will you
kill me?

What will you do
after you kill me?

it's dark and...

there are lots of nasty bugs...
I hate it.

Lots of bugs...

Don't kill me.

Kenzo Morita...

Here it is.

The runaway is Kenzo Morita.
49 years old.

He is
the director of a hospital.

That's right.
Any news on my father?

Didn't you receive
our call?

I didn't receive anything.

I don't know
if my mother did or not.

What? It seems
as though your mother reported it.

My mother
doesn't live with us.

I see. Unfortunately,
we can't find your father yet.


If we find something,
we will contact you.

But even if we find him,
we will respect his wishes.

We can't force him to come home.
It doesn't seem like...

he was involved
in an accident.

It sounds like there are lots
of problems at home.

I think you should solve
these problems first.

Excuse me.
My name is Morita.

Miss Morita?

The director's...

May I see
Miss Kinoshita?

Do you have
an appointment?


Would you wait here
for a second?

Excuse me.

How long do I have
to wait here?

As I told you

the director is
not here now.

When can I see him?

I've come here every day
for a few days now.

As I told you...

Can I see
somebody else, then?

Sorry for keeping
you waiting.


I'm sorry I came here
without any notice.

I haven't seen you
for a long time.

When I was
new here...

Yumi used to come to see
the director all the time.

Were you
in elementary school?

We used
to play here.

Don't pretend that
you don't know anything.

Miss Atsuko...

I know you were having
an affair with my father.

I think you know something
about my father's disappearance.

Aren't you
the reason for that?

- No. You are wrong!
- What is wrong?

Miss Atsuko, you don't seem
worried about it at all.

I'm worried
about him, too!

To tell you the truth, I was having
an affair with the director.

But I don't know anything
about his disappearance.

Even just before
I last saw him...

it didn't seem like anything
was wrong with him.

When I heard
you came to see me...

I thought I needed
to talk to you.

But I didn't know
how to start talking to you.

I'm sorry.

I am a straightforward person,
so I will tell you.

The director and I
broke up already.

But I still
love him.

I'm really worried
about him.

Unfortunately, I'm the only one left,
who was at your daughter's surgery.

Everybody else quit
the hospital.

But where is
the director?

Your daughter's symptoms
were very uncommon.

That's all.

"That's all"?
But Sayuri...

Your daughter
is alive.

The operation went well.

You don't have
to worry about anything.


is wrong.


Miss Sayuri?

Dr. Tachibana...


It's nice
to see you here.

Could you return this
to your father for me?

I don't need...


Yes. I will recheck that when
the inspection starts in two days.

I'm sorry. Okay.

Sorry about that.

It's all right.

I can stay
with you tonight.

But you look tired,

Do you think so?

You seem very busy.

The company
is doing well.

But everybody is depending on me
as a medical consultant. That's hard.

There are many complaints
from the hospital.

The telephone at the company
never stopped ringing today.

Your father was taking care
of the hospital all by himself.

They can't do
anything without him.

So you are
very busy.

I wish our hospital
would close or something.

We have to go
through this.

We don't know
when your father will be back.

Hey, Yumi.

Are you really okay?

When are you going
on the business trip?

In two days.

I won't be around here
for a while...

I'll be fine.
' Bye.





Why did you answer
so politely?

I was worried. Why did you go home
without telling me anything?

Is somebody there?

Don't tell anyone.

I rescued her
from the hospital.

Rescued her?

I won't forgive you
if you tell anyone.

What are you
talking about?

Tomie is mine.

Who is she?

I know you are always trying
to steal my fun.

Takeshi, is something
wrong with you?

You always steal everything
from me with that innocent act I

I wish you'd disappear
before my eyes.

Takeshi? Takeshi?

When did I
become yours?

Who was that?

Who were you
talking to?

That was my friend.

I want
to see him.

- Tomie...
- Don't touch me.

I am tired of you.

No! No!

Are you already broken?


I see.
You are broken.

You are worthless.

Why don't
you disappear?

Call him now.

I can't answer the phone now.
Please leave a message.

Dad's note?

"September 24.

"Removed it
from the patient.

"It's a peculiar case.
Might be a malignant thing.

"Watch the progress.


During the operation,
I cut my left thumb.

It might be infected.

September 25.

I feel pain in my left thumb.
I have a fever and chills.

Body temperature is 38 C.
I feel fatigued.

I had 5 milligrams
of Morphine.

The head we removed
started to develop body parts.

The swelling of the left thumb
metastasized to the arm.

Face mark.
I can't move my body.

I have an auditory hallucination.
Tachibana watches the progress.

I can't help.
I can't move my body.






Good morning.

When did you
get in?

I was worried
about you.

Go and wash
your face.

Hello? May I talk
to you for a second?

Yesterday, Yumi came
to see you, didn't she?


Was it
about his disappearance?


was it
about you and Morita?

We talked
about that, too.

How did she
handle that?

I think
I puzzled her.

May I talk to her
again sometime?

I don't want it
to end like that.

I want to tell her
all my feelings and...

It's a good idea.

Please talk to her.

But don't hurt
her feelings.


She worries about me
and doesn't tell me anything.

I am a failure
as a mother.

It was not
your fault...

that I left home.

It might sound strange...

but to quit my career
to be just a housewife...

was very hard
for me.

I thought
I knew him, but...



Yumi, you seem sad
these days.

- I'm fine.
- We're gonna go out...

Yumi never comes with us.

Okay. I will come.

That's unusual.

Okay. Let's go.

Yumi, what's wrong?

I'm just resting.

I'm sorry I brought you here.
It's not your element.

I'm sorry, too.


- Tomie?
- I don't know her.

- What?
- I don't know her!

- Do you know her?
- No.

It is true that
the director is missing.

Tell me...

Has everybody heard
the rumor?


I didn't have anything to do
while I was in hospital.

Did you find out
something about her?

There is one thing...

that I'm concerned about.


Yeah? Sorry.
I will call you later.

Shut up.
Okay. ' Bye.

The guys
at the club.


It reminds me that...

whenever I am walking
with my father, his pager rings.

An emergency patient
comes in...

He says "Yumi, I have to work.
Can you go home by yourself?"

I got used to my father
leaving me like that.

My memories of my father
are that he's never around.

- Ouch...
- What's wrong?

I'm all right.

Mr. Fumihito, is it true you were
discharged from the hospital?

Don't say "Mr."
Just call me Fumihito.


I want
to show you something.

Takeshi was saying
this name, Tomie.

Your father left the name
on his note...

"September 24.

Removed it
from the patient."

Can it be that
"the patient" is Tomie?

"Face mark."

"Face mark"?

Can you check if there is
a patient named Tomie?

I will ask somebody.

There is more
on the last page...

What's this?

"Tachibana is trapped.

"That is such a shame.

She read his mind, which knows
the medical history of the world.

Tomie won't permit us
even to pick up anything.

Beautiful girl.
She is quiet now.

She will leave here

Tachibana and I shot
15 mg of Morphine...

to relieve the pain,
but we don't have time now.

Tachibana is going.

He was staring at the wall,
banging his head for five minutes.

It's very violent,
but she trapped us very well.

Tachibana's head and my body
are under the Tomie's control.

She trapped my left hand.
If it awakens, that is the end.

Her trap was complete.

When the trapped left hand awakens,
I am not myself anymore.

"Kill her, kill her, kill her."
I've been saying that for two hours.

Who will I kill? Somebody
will tell me little by little.

She is quite still.
But I feel the danger.

There is nothing
wrong now.

I have to get rid of her
before she traps my head.

Monster, monster,
monster, monster...

I will go to visit Takeshi
again tomorrow.

Can I go
with you tomorrow?

I want to make it clear
about my father.


Aren't you scared?

I am scared.

Everybody involved
with Tomie...

even Takeshi changed.

He's never said
anything like that before.

He has become
a different person.

Your father, too...

That's why I want
to see her.

I will see her and...

I don't know about my father much.
Ever since I was small.

I didn't
see him much.

If I don't
see him now...

The important thing
will never be made known.


I understand. I thought
I knew Takeshi very well...

but the truth is,
maybe I didn't know him at all.

"If you step forward,
there will be a road."


When we were in high school,
we used to go to the ramen restaurant.

The owner wrote those words
on the paper.

Takeshi really liked
those words.

He said he wanted to learn
the owner's philosophy on life.

Let's go
to his place tomorrow.

Aren't you really afraid?



What happened?


- Monster...
- Takeshi, what happened?


- Monster...
- Takeshi, it's me! Fumihito!


- Monster...
- Takeshi!

- Monster...
- Calm down!

- "Tomie..."
- Look at me!


Calm down!


I was asked to take care
of Takeshi's things.

I will deliver them
to his parents.

I will drive you
to your place.

Will you continue?

How about you?


is wearing the restricted uniform
at the hospital.

If he is all right,
I will get some information.

Can we meet again?

I will wait for you.

Please be careful.


Dad, is that you?

Don't come in!


do you think...

I am?

What a...

perfect trap...

That blood...

That monster's blood...

is controlling
my body!

Stop it!

I won.

There are so many bugs.
I hate them.

Please get rid of the bugs.

She doesn't have
any motive.

She just hunts
during her trips.

She reproduces,
reproduces, reproduces...

Kill her,
kill her, kill her...

Dad, please stop!

"Dad, please stop!"

There are so many bugs.
I hate bugs...

My head is itchy...

Do you know
what she called me?


I don't like
dirty girls like you.

I will kill her, too.

Kill her,
kill her, kill her...

Kill her,
kill her, kill her...

Dad, stop it!




I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

I know it's late.
Can I talk to you now?


I checked up
on something.

There is no record
for a patient named Tomie.

The patient who, on September 24,
was operated on was...

an emergency patient
on that night.

Her name was Sayuri Nishimura.
Six years old.

Your father did
the operation.

And Dr. Tachibana,
who passed away.

The nurses were...

They are
not here anymore.

Do you know
what that means?

are you all right?

My father...

My father...

What happened
to the director?

Please tell me the address
of the girl who was operated on.

Yumi, you shouldn't
do anything.

It's not normal.

Now that the director is gone,
if something happens to you...



I always thought of you
as my little sister.

It's true.

I realized that after I fell
in love the director.

- Me too...
- What?

Miss Atsuko...

I thought of you
as my sister.

That's why...

it was hard
for me.

Please tell me
the girl's address.

I have to see Tomie,
no matter what.














My daughter had
an organ transplant.

She had a bad kidney
when she was born.

We found a donor soon,
and the operation went well.

The other night she started
to have horrible pains.

And she was taken
to your hospital.

What happened?

I researched it myself.

I found the name
of the donor.

Tomie Kawakami.

But there are
no records.

My daughter...

started to say deliriously
that she is Tomie.

That appears to be
her body, too.

You saw that too,
didn't you?

I heard it
from an ex-policeman.

The important witness
from the unsolved case was...

had her name recorded
as Tomie Kawakami.

The case occurred
at the end of Meiji era.

In the end, the case
became wrapped in mystery.

The police sealed
the name.

Even the police can't confirm
the existence of Tomie.

But since then,
Tomie Kawakami...

keeps appearing
in the history of the crimes.

Every case
remains unsolved.

The policeman
said that to me.

"Your daughter was unfortunate.
You have to give up.

about everything."

You too.

You were unfortunate.

I have to burn them...

Burn them...

Burn them...

What happened?

He said we were unfortunate,
and we should give up.

I saw Takeshi.

He wanted
to see Tomie terribly.

He was hitting his head
on the wall of the cell.

He said
he can't forget Tomie.

"We were unfortunate?"

I don't want that.

I don't want that.

Let's stop doing this.

I will give up.

I will forget everything.

She suddenly appeared
right in front of my car.


I hit the brake at once.

There she was.


That's not true...

Soon, my head
will be like...

I don't want that.

Go faster!


Please ask
for details inside.

Thank you very much.

This hospital was started
by the director's grandfather.

It was a small hospital
at that time.

But it was expanded and restored.
Now it has a complicated design.

In the basement,
we also have a linen room.

This room is the electric room,
and it's the heart of this hospital.

We usually
can't come down here.


Are you here?


Your father went into the tank of
alkaline solution by himself and died.

We found a videotape
at the scene.

This is the tape.

It seems fake.

It continues on
like this.

I didn't know
you were here.

One of the guests
asked me...

to give it to you;
she said it's important.

I am very sorry
for your loss.

I think Fumihito also worries
about you so much.

I want you
to comfort him.

I will wait for you
at the hospital.





Answer me
if you are there.


Answer me
if you are there."

Where is Fumihito?

"Where is Fumihito?"

What the hell
are you?

"What the hell
are you?"

Don't play around
with me!

How dare you.

Why did you
come here?

You are fools.

You love each other,
you trust each other...

and you betray
each other...

He pushed you
down the stairs.

Do you trust
that kind of guy?

Fumihito, where are you?!
Answer me!

"Fumihito, where are you?
Answer me!"

Your father was
no different.

He had an affair
with a nurse.

You were abandoned.

Aren't you glad
he is dead?

I... was born here.

Your father was...

watching me
with the dirty eyes.

In this musty room...

It was the first time
someone treated me like this.


Why did you
come here?

Don't you know yet?

You came here
to be killed by him.



You guys are strange.

Don't think
this is over.

You are worthless.

Stop it!

Don't do it...

Do you forgive him
just like that?

Everybody breaks
so easily.

They are silly.

You are not broken yet.

You are all alone.

I am alone.

I'm alone
all the time.

betrays me.

Maybe you and I
can be good friends.

See, you and I are
the same.

Your corrupted Father...

and the man who pushed you
down the stairs...

They are
not worth trusting.

Get away
from this world...

and come with me...




Yes. Yes, you are!


Did you...

call me...

a monster?

Don't you
trust me yet?

I trust my father.

I trust my mother.

I trust my friends.

I trust Atsuko.

I trust Fumihito.

I trust... everything!

But I don't
trust you!

You don't know me.

Don't you want
to know?

Everyone who looks
at me...

falls in love
with me...

and says
they love me.

Then they get jealous.

And they start
to break.

They kill me...

and cut me
into pieces.

And they kill me again.

But I won't die.

So they kill me again.

They kill me
again and again.

They kill me...

they kill me...

they kill me...

I will show you
the girl...

who can't die.

Kill me.

Then you die,

I won't forgive you...