Tomie: Re-birth (2001) - full transcript

An art student disappears after murdering his model. Now his friends and family are being haunted by the resurrected woman, Tomie.

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I like you.




I love you, Tomie,


Hideo, what's that?





Don't you have
something to say?

I'm home.

Welcome home.

I was out drinking
with Shunichi until now.

A cute girl
called you today.

Rie said
she is coming tomorrow.

Relieved, aren't you?

- What?
- Did you think it was that girl?

Are you still worrying?
I told you it was over.

Where were you drinking?

- It's none of your business.
- Takumi!


Takumi, I love you,


Oh, it's you.

What? What are
you talking about?

I'm not doing anything.

I don't handle alcohol well.
Don't make me drink, please.

- So I will eat a lot!
- Me too, me too!

This place isn't
a buffet, is it?

Excuse me.
Bring us Chanko Nabe.

What were you thinking?

Idiots! You guys are depressed.
That's why I planned this party.

Get a new girl
and forget your ex.

But look at those girls.

- Save my seat.
- Where are you going?

- Come back.
- Yeah, I will.

What's up, you three?

You guys seem sad.
Came back from a funeral?

Of course we are upset.
Look at the quality of the girls.

Just a second.
Don't be picky.

You didn't give me much time
to get them. I did my best.

- I guess that's okay, then.
- What's that?

There are no good
boys here either.

Get out of my way.

Hey. I heard. You got a great
award or something, didn't you?

You know I like
the arts and stuff...

- What's going on?
- Is the power out?

Could somebody ask someone
who works here?

- Can I help you?
- The lights went out in that room.

- Lights?
- Lights.

Did you come
to the party late?


Tomie? Do you know
this girl, Hideo?

- Really?
- Hey, who is she?

- Who is she?
- When did she come?

- Hello. I'm Hiroaki.
- You are cute.

- Are you a singer or something?
- My name is Masaru.

- What do you do for fun?
- Tell me your telephone number.

You, go away!
Tomie is mine.

- What is he saying?
- What?

- Let's go.
- How do they know each other?

Hey, I haven't finished
my story yet.

Well, she is very cute.
What are you going to do?

It's not like that,
She came here late, so...

- We were just greeting her,
- You liars,

When did I
become yours?


It's a boring party.

You asked us out.

You don't understand my kindness,
do you? This is called friendship.

This party?

We can't leave
him alone, right?


Hey, Hideo.

Hey, Hideo.

Number two?

Don't puke
at the party.

Yumiko must have
made him drink.

No. He got sick
because of all the ugly girls.

- That's you!
- What?

- What's wrong?
- You embarrassed me.

- Yumiko, what's this?
- You owe me one, okay?

What are you
talking about?

I'm talking to her!

Saori, are you coming?

- I know a good place...
- Shut up, fat ass.

- Tomie, are you...
- I know a good restaurant.

- Let's go out together sometime.
- What? Do you want to fight?

- Tomie, I'm sorry about that.
- Shut up, you!

- Look, that girl...
- What?

She wasn't here earlier.

Wow, she is cute.

No. I mean...




Are you okay?

What? Yeah.

It must be Rie.

I'm coming.

Really? Then are you
going tonight?

I'm sorry it took
so long to make.

I'm sorry we came
at such a bad time.

- No. Here you go.
- Thank you.

He didn't tell me anything
about you, Hitomi.

Well, Mom. You don't
have anything to do...

in this apartment

You'd better shut up.

Thanks for letting Rie stay
here for a couple of days.

I came here to go to a concert.
That's all.

Call me tonight, okay?

By the way,
where should I sleep?

There are only two rooms, right?
You and Hitomi will sleep here...

What do you mean?

I'm curious.

Don't worry.
I won't make much noise.

What kind of place
is Yunozawa?

- Well...
- It's just country side.

Right. There aren't really
any famous sites to see.

But please come
to visit us sometime.

There is a beautiful waterfall
on the mountain behind our house.

Is that the place
you told me about before?

Oh, hey, bro. Some TV station
came the other day.

Is it
a famous waterfall?

For a special
horror show.

The ghosts of people
who killed themselves appear there.

Don't say such things.

Not many people came.

Hideo's mother
is very strong.

If it were my mother,
she'd go crazy.

She must be heartless.

She is a mother who would leave
her only son alone in that big house.

She must spend all her time
at some guy's place.

He must
have been lonely then.

I'm jealous
that you are stupid.

What does that mean?


By the way, are you trying
to not bring that up?


I know we've been thinking
about the same thing.

That girl...

Let's not talk
about that.

I can't ignore it.

The body...

Let's go check it.

- I don't want to.
- Are you scared?

I don't know. But I don't think it's
a good idea to get involved again.

I see.

I understand!


You are looking for me,
aren't you?


Can't you even talk?

You are so arrogant
in front of everyone.

- That's strange.
- Don't come closer!

You are terrible.
You were looking for me.

You are sweating so much.
You are ruining your good looks.

You didn't even hesitate
to pour mud on my face, did you?

It was very disgusting.

Little rocks, bugs...

They came into my mouth,
you know.

You too?


Look, I think...

Hideo must have had some troubles
that he couldn't tell anyone.


I know you were looking
at me tonight.

Why didn't you
save me?

Our eyes met
each other.

After Hideo
did it to me...

I hit my head
because you dropped me.

Hey. Takumi.

Who is she?

Oh, I think
I've seen you before.

- Who are you?
- Uh!

I just remembered
your face.

I see. I understand.
You two are...

This is unpleasant.

what does it mean?

Who is she?

Takumi and l... Where did
we meet for the first time?

I won't tell her.

The last time we met was
at the party, wasn't it?

The party?

Who are you?

What's your relationship
with T akumi?

Are you mad?

Who are you, anyway?


T akumi's girlfriend!

I know.
You are Hitomi, aren't you?

When I was attacked

he was watching me
from far away.

But he hid
and didn't help me.

Then he ran away.
Don't you think he is terrible?

Let's go home.

Takumi, you have
a lot of funny friends.

Can I be
your friend, too?

What are you saying?
Are you crazy or something?!


See you.

Don't come
close anymore!

You are scary.

But I don't think
that will happen.

See you again.

Takumi, I want
to talk to you.


I'm tired.

Don't run away!



Your friend came.

It's a girl.

I'm back!

What do you want?

The girl came
to the party...

Is it about the girl
who came late?


You are
the fourth person.

Why does everyone
like her?

- I'm not like that.
- Really?

Who brought the girl?

I asked all the girls,
but no one knows about her.


I think Hideo called her.
He seemed to know her.

Her name is Tomie.
I only know that.



You are Takumi,
aren't you?

Thanks for coming
to the funeral last night.

No problem.

What's up today?

Well, I just wanted
to visit here.

Then... why don't you look
at his artwork?

Do you know...
if he had a girlfriend?

Well, I don't
really know...

There are a few pictures of her.
Don't you know her?

Do you know her?

Well, no.

I see.

His love must not
have been returned.



He is in here.

- Is he drawing again?
- What are you doing?

What is it?


This is for you,

He came into my dream
last night...

and he told me he wanted me
to give this painting to you.

Will you accept it?

Don't scream my name.


Don't leave me.

I'll be more careful.

I lost my lipstick.

Could you buy me this?
I like it.


Mom. Hi.

Could you go get
cigarettes for me?

I'll be back.



I'm home,
Mrs. Hosoda.

I don't know
what you are thinking.

You'd better
go home soon.

You are good
at putting on makeup.

Cosmetic surgery
has improved.

It must be easy
to stretch your wrinkles.

What do you want
to say?

I think
you should stop that.

You made a Buddhist altar
for the guy who left you.

What are you trying
to protect?

You are even lying
to your son.

Who... are you?!

Who are you?

You don't even know
who you are.



Why did you do that
to her?!

Are you okay?
Let's cool your hand. I'm sorry.

I made coffee.

I'm sorry about earlier.
Are you all right?

This is
expensive coffee.

I don't like coffee.
You can have it, Mom.

What's wrong?

Won't you drink?

Is there
any poison in it?

I just had some
not long ago.

It's not that bad,
soybean coffee.

- Where is Rie?
- She is in the bathroom.


What did you think
of Hideo?

What? Hideo?

What does it mean?

They were
in his room.


So... I think
he liked you...

Stop it!
I don't want to hear that.

The death of Hideo is
none of my business...

What I want is...

I want to know
about you, Takumi!

Who is that girl?

- There is nothing between us.
- Don't lie to me.

I'm not lying.

Then explain it to me!



What's this?

This is the same color
as her lipstick!

Well, this must be...

And the painting.

Did you see it?

She is the model,
isn't she?

It's not like that.
That was Hideo's...

Hideo knew that, too?
You guys laughed at me?

- Stop it!
- Tell me the truth!

The night you didn't come home,
you were seeing her!



Oh, that's
a new color, right?


Let me see.

This color is not good
for you, Hitomi.

It's okay.
It was a gift.

It's not
from my brother, is it?

I don't know.

I heard my brother
cheated on you.

Did Takumi
say that?

I was right. This is what
you guys are fighting about.

You outwitted me.

You, witch!


You are not
so sweet.

Aren't you
a little too sweet?

Look, I'm going
home tomorrow.

Take me to Shibuya
or something.

- I know you aren't busy.
- I am not treating you.

I'm sorry
he couldn't see you.

It's okay.

He is cooped up in his room
and doesn't come out lately.

I'll come again.

Takumi, wait.

Do you know
a girl named Tomie?


What about her?

It's okay if you don't know.
Forget it.

Mrs. Hosoda, wait.

Mrs. Hosoda, wait.

Mrs. Hosoda?
Mrs. Hosoda?

I know, You are Hitomi,
aren't you?

Hey. Here.

Do you really want me
to bring it home?

Don't complain.

Because where do you want
to keep it?

Some closet or a barn,

- Brother.
- What?

You'd better take
good care of Hitomi.

I know.
I know. 'Bye.

I'm home.

The last time, I was...

Oh, you are home.

What are you doing?


We can still use it.

It's okay!
I don't want it!

I'm home.

Why are you cleaning?

Tomie said the things
you touch smell bad.

What are all these?

Tomie doesn't like things
that someone else has used.

Stop it.

Stop it. Stop it!

- Shun...
- Uh! Don't touch me!

If your smell gets on me,
I can't go close to Tomie.


Where am I?

This is...

Are you feeling bad?

It was a nightmare.

Shunichi was...


Shunichi was...

Well, never mind.

It was nothing.

Good night.

Good night.

Why are you laughing?

Why are you laughing?

Why are you laughing?!

Shun. I'm sorry.
Did I wake you?

Is this... Tomie?



Hold it.

You are a man.
Very strong.

Remember? When you
were a kid, we used...

to make crafts
for summer homework.

Yeah. It was fun
at that time.

Mom, I really
appreciate you.

What are you saying
all of the sudden?

After my father died...

life was not easy...

but you bought me
anything I wanted.

Don't worry about it.

I will care about you more
from now on, Mom.

Don't worry.
Be just as you are.


Hey, Hitomi.

Hey! Hitomi? Hitomi?


Hey! Hey!

Hitomi! Hitomi!

It's been a long time
since we walked together.


I was the top salesperson
in the company for this period.

That's great.

I will get an award
tomorrow morning.

- Let me rest for a second.
- Are you okay?

- I can carry it.
- I'm fine.

I will get a little extra money.
Why don't we go to a hot spring?


Let's celebrate tonight!

- Really?
- Yeah.

I'm so happy!

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

- I'll do that.
- Thanks.


- What?
- What's wrong?

- Let's go.
- Okay.


Shun. Did you
hear something?

What? What's wrong?
What? Shun?

Shun. You are hurting me.
Let go of my hand.

Shun... This...



Shunichi... I like you.

Why did you
throw me away?

What are you doing?!

Hey, what are you doing?!

Let go of her,
old bitch!

Shun. What did you
just say?!

It hurts.
Damn it!

Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Don't touch me with those dirty
hands, wrinkled old bitch!

I'm joking.
But you have so many wrinkles.

Shut up,
laughing sack.

I'll show you
what will happen to you.

What are you doing?

- Are you mad? Let me go!
- Tomie...

Where are you taking me?
Let me go!

- Stop it, Mom.
- Let me go!

Let her go.


What is this place?


It's a joke, right?

Let me out
of here, Mom!

I won't do
anything bad anymore.

Don't pretend to be cute,
you wicked monster!

You are
the monster, Mom!

Someone, help me!

Just die quietly.

See you again.

Good-bye, Tomie.

It's been
a long time,

Is no one home?

My mother
is sleeping.

She has
some weird disease.

What did you want
to talk about?

Shunichi, did you...

tell Hitomi
about that?


About the girl we buried
in the mountain. Did you tell Hitomi?

Why would I tell Hitomi
about that?

Then why
does she know about it?

what did she say about it?

She saw it
in her dream.


She sees the same dream
over and over.

You know what is going on,
don't you?

She is not Hitomi.

What are you
talking about?

The girl?

What do you know?!

Tomie never dies.

She comes back to life
and multiplies.

But why
did Hitomi become...

It doesn't matter.

I can see...

Tomie again.

I know you wished
for that too.


I knew it.

You wanted
to see Tomie.

What are you
talking about?

You asked Yumiko
about Tomie.

You came to see me, only because
you wanted to know about Tomie.

Who do you love?

- Or...
- No!

It's not...

Not her.
No way.

Never mind.
I'll come again.

I can't leave
my mother alone.

What's wrong?

You are Hitomi, right?

Do you know me?

What's wrong?

Do you remember
where we went on our first date?



Where did we go
on our first date?

Where was that?

T akumi?

Did you use it?

Did you use
this lipstick?!


What's wrong?


It was the first time
we went to Odaiba.

We were
pretty frisky there.

And then...

Don't look
at me like that.

What will I
become now?

Don't worry. Soon...

Soon I won't remember anything.
Are you okay with that, Takumi?

Don't you leave me!
Will you stay with me?

Of course!


Is it Shunichi?

My mother died,

Thanks for coming.

I feel sorry for her son.
He is handsome, but...

- Thank you.
- She didn't say...

Did she divorce
her husband?

She had
a weird disease,

You'd better rest, Mom.

Don't worry.
Her heart stopped already.

But just now...

Don't worry about it.


You motherfucker!

She tastes
like Tomie.

She is not Hitomi.
She is Tomie.

You love Hitomi, right?

- Shut up!
- I see.

You're trying to keep Tomie
for yourself, aren't you?

Shut up!

Are you jealous?


Hitomi? Hitomi?

No. No!

I was looking
through the album.

Then I got dizzy...

I felt I was not myself
or something.

Did you have
any dreams?

It was
a white dream.

Over there, there is
a room kind of thing...

A room?

A dog...

A dog was barking.

Someone came in...

It was a girl.

Something round...


A motorbike?

The barn!

The painting!

Hey! Takumi!

I won't give Tomie
to you!

She told me
she loved me!

Gon is so noisy!

He is barking
so much tonight.

Shut him up,
will you?

But he is a dog.
Dogs bark, you know.

Did you
walk him today?

I got
a day off.

Can't help.
He is horny.

- Same as you.
- Stupid old man!

It's your fault.
You didn't walk him today.

You are the one
who wanted to have a dog.

Okay, okay, Gon.

Here. Go ahead, eat.

Good boy.

There is nothing
wrong here.

So... what happened
to the girl in your dream?

I don't know...

I woke up
before I found out.

Something is wrong.

What's wrong?



I missed you.

You came
to see me.

I was looking
for you too.

You were kind
to me.



You even fought
with your friend to protect me.



I am trying to protect...


You just don't want
to admit that.

Shut up! L...


Only Hitomi is...

Don't try to be
a tough guy.

Why don't you give up
those foolish feelings?

I'm sure you already know
your feelings.


That's right.

You always wanted
to have me.

Since even before
you were born.

What the hell are you?

The same
question again?

You guys are...

always, always,
always, always...

always, always,
always... always!

You guys always ask
the same thing.

It's not interesting.

Then who the hell
are you?

You don't even know
who you are.

You can't live
without believing something.

You get scared if you don't know
something for sure.

Am I right?

It's been like that.
Everyone is the same.

They all come on
to me...

but when
the time comes...

Are you the same?


Why were you born?

Why are you living
in this world?

Why are you
here now?


I... like you too.



No, Hitomi.

Don't get near her.
She is a monster.

A monster?

Then she is
a monster too.

Are you
my older sister?

Or are you
my younger sister?

What do you mean?

What is it?

You are me.

You are
a failure, though.

Takumi buried me in the woods
and poured mud on me.

Yes. That's right.

I was...

in a white cloth...


Takumi and Shunichi
carried me...


She does not exist.

Before you met me...

you just picked
whomever you could.

Am I right?

A failure?

You said that earlier,
didn't you?

Yes. Look at yourself.


I'll forgive you
for what you have done to me.

So... kill this woman.


kill this woman,

- Kill her.
- Kill her.

- Kill her, kill her...
- Kill her, kill her...

Burn her now.

It won't change anything.
Even if you kill me.

I'm sure
you know that, too.

I never die.

You want me
because of that.

- It's worthless.
- Kill her now.

End this now.

You are silly.
See you again.


Hey! What?!

Let me go!
Let me go!

Where are you
taking me?!

Hey, wait!

You are hurting me!

Stop it!
Stop it now!

- Where are we going?
- Hitomi...

Let me go!

What is this place?

Isn't it beautiful?

Let's go together.

What are you thinking?
I don't understand.

To be together,
we don't have any other choice.

L... l...

It's you, isn't it?

You... It's my fault
you became...

I'm sorry...

I'm a very
difficult girl.

I'm noisy,
jealous, selfish...

I remember!

When we went to Odaiba, we lost
the wallet and couldn't buy anything.

That's right.

We didn't have
any money...

But for
the first time we...

I'm glad
that I met you.


Takumi, you can run away!
If you are with me...

No! I won't
let you go alone.

Let's live.

We can
survive together.

- I like you.
- Tomie...