Tomie (1998) - full transcript

A traumatized young woman is trying to recover her memories with the help of a psychiatrist. During her hypnosis sessions, she repeats the name "Tomie" but is unable to recall where she knows it from.


- Sorry. I'm late.
- How was it?

- He was just lecturing me.
- I knew it.

- He asked me if I'm all right.
- Really?

- I'm going home.
- Are you sure, Kazumi?



Aren't you being
a little cruel?


Aren't you being crazy?

She called me crazy.

She is just in a bad mood
about the other day.

I don't know.

Just leave her alone.

Check this out.

What do you think?

Kaori, are you going to put
this picture in the show?

Is it bad?

Well, they are not that bad.

That's it? Well, I guess
I'm not that talented after all.

It's not talent you lack.
You just don't want to do it.


Oh, yes.
Yes, it's fine.

Did I tell you
my cell number?

I don't mind.

I don't think so.

Please call me
if something happens.

Ah, that light bulb
is broken.

I meant to change it,
but I forgot. 'Bye.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Don't fight with your new
downstairs neighbor this time.

Has a new person
moved in?

Yeah. He is a student
who recently graduated high school.

He seems quiet unlike the last one.
You don't have to worry.

I hope so.

Don't worry. He studies hard
and stays home all day. 'Bye.

There are strange kids out there
these days. Lock the door. 'Bye.

You were hungry, weren't you.
I'm sorry.


How is it?

Don't eat
that kind of thing!

Okay, Miss Izumisawa.

You will awake
on the count of three.




How do you feel?

I feel refreshed.

That's good.

Some say they sometimes
don't feel refreshed.

- Could you leave us alone?
- Yes.

- Sit down.
- Thanks.

It has become clear
that you have memory loss.

You don't have any memories
from the accident three years ago.

Will the memories
come back to me?

In our last session, you spoke
of your need to remember.


I moved out
of the house.

Because of that, my mother
and I don't get along well.

It upsets me
that I can't remember the accident.

I want to know.

May I have
one of those?


I dream every night.

Once I'm awake,
I can't get back to sleep.

You can't sleep?

Are you taking
your medication?


What kind of dream?

I am not sure.

But in my dream,

I am always covered by blood.

What? Again?

Aren't you always fighting
with somebody these days?

I don't like
the group of girls.

Where is the cheese?

Behind the shelf.

Do you think she broke
your bicycle, too?

No way. I don't think
a girl can bend a bicycle.

Here. Ready for table 1.

What are you doing?

It's summer homework.

I will start eating.

Why don't you eat?

Yeah -- in one second.

Stop pretending
to be a photographer.

Why are you mad
at me?

I am not mad
at you.

You are mad.
Why do you get mad so easily?

I made it for you.

All I am saying is that
I want you to eat now.

Thank you.

It's delicious!

It's good.

It's very good.


I just got back home.

Nothing is new.

What? Ah-

I can't go home.
I have an exhibition at school.

Don't nag me.
I know.

How many ceremonies
did you have?

It's just an excuse
for the family to get together.





An emergency patient came.
Could you wait for a second?

Please make an appointment
fear your next visit.

Please take your medication.

Yumi. Please come in.

She should have medicine left.
You don't have to give her more today.

Thanks for waiting.
Come in.

Could you give me
more medicine?

You don't have
any left?

I feel anxious
if it's gone.

I'm sorry. There was
an emergency patient. Sit down.

Did you just laugh
at me?

Let's go home.

Are you making fun
of me?

- You have to go back to work.
- Did you listen to me today?

- Yes, I did very well.
- Do you remember what I said?

Yes, I remember.
I will listen to you again tomorrow.

Okay. Let's continue on
from the last time.

You might have a memory
of the accident subconsciously.

What is funny?

I'm sorry.

It's weird to use hypnosis
to find out why I can't sleep.

It's not hypnosis.
It's called hypnotherapy.

It's not popular in Japan.

Not many doctors do this.

Yumi, please take care
of this.

- Doctor?
- What?

Why do I feel like I want to die
when I lack sleep?

Well, let's begin.

Breathe very slowly.

Release the tension
from your body.

What are you going
to do with them?

What are you going
to do?

What did you do
to Tanabe?



What are you going
to do?


What are you going
to do?





The girl with her face
scratched out...

came to this school one month
before this picture was taken.

Three months
after that...

this class broke up.

The suicides:
one, two, three, and four.

Students who were sent
to mental hospitals...

including this teacher,
numbered seven.

The other students soon transferred
to different schools.

Well, we don't know
what happened.

But one thing is certain.

This transfer student suddenly--
Where did I put--

She suddenly disappeared.

And she is still missing.

Ah, can I smoke?

Go ahead.

people hate detectives.

It's because
every detective smokes.

Would you give me
one of those?


Yes. Of course.

Are you sure
cigarettes are the reason?

You are harsh.

One of the classmates
killed this girl...

and they cut her into pieces
and threw her away.

Some students testified to this,
but there was no evidence.

We, the police,
are at a loss.

We smoke more,
and people hate us more.

I still don't know
why you came to me.

Oh, I'm sorry.

This missing girl--
Her name is Kawakami Tomie.

Kawakami Tomie.
Have you heard her name before?

In an investigation three years ago
by the Gifu Police Department...

the same name
came up.

Kawakami Tomie.

It seems it's not only the same name,
but she is the same person.

She was killed
by one of her classmates.

The name of the murderer is--

Oops. Excuse me.

The name of the murderer is--

Tanabe Kouji.

We had irrefutable evidence
and testimony.

But somehow the body disappeared
from the scene.

So, this case
is still unsolved after all.


the place where Kawakami Tomie
was murdered in Gifu was...

one of your patient's...

Izumisawa Tsukiko's room.

Kawakami Tomie transferred
to Izumisawa Tsukiko's high school.

They quickly became friends.

But Tsukiko's boyfriend
at that time, Tanabe...

fell in love
with Tomie.

Well, that kind of story
happens all the time.

I suspect that Izumisawa Tsukiko
consulted with you about that case.

She doesn't
remember anything.

I know.

When she was found in her room,
she didn't remember anything.

Her mother didn't want
to tell her the truth...

and told her it was
a traffic accident, right?

She believes so.

She even made her transfer
to another school. A mother's love.

But what about now?

Does she remember
anything about the case?

She still doesn't remember.

She came to me
because she can't sleep.

She can't sleep.
That's interesting.

What does it mean?

Kawakami Tomie
was killed...

in Gifu
three years ago...

and in my case,
as well.

To sum up,
She was killed twice.

To tell you the truth...

besides these two cases,
in the list of unsolved cases...

her name is recorded
many times.

The oldest case...

dates from the early
Meiji period.

Kawakami Tomie.
Who is she?

It seems like this will be
my life's work.

Here. Eat it.

I don't want it.

You said
you wanted it!

Don't get mad!

Sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm a little tired.
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Could you put them down
a little easier?

Shut up and wash these now.
Little boy.

Do something about her.

"Shut up and wash them now,
little boy."

Hey, wash them
a little more quietly.

What are you doing?!

- Good morning.
- Don't do that, Daisuke.

- Work, Yuichi.
- Hey.

- Did you save the studio?
- Yeah. I made an appointment.

- Give me back the rental tee.
- I will pay you back later.

You didn't pay me
back last time.

I paid last time.

Carbonara, pepperoncini,
garlic toast, coffee...

Caesar salad, anchovy
and olive pizza--that's it.

Carbonara, pepperoncini,
garlic toast, coffee--

What's this?
I can't read this.

Well, good luck, little boy.

Yeah? Hello?

Yeah. What's up?

Could you sell the tickets
for my concert again?

No. I don't want to.

The place is big this time.
It won't be good without people.

- Please.
- No one will buy your tickets.

If you want people,
Why don't you just give them away?

Don't kid with me.

My band is in crisis.

If things don't go well next time,
we might have to break up.

What will you do
if your band breaks up?

I will probably find
a job.

What kind of job?

I am thinking
about continuing as a chef.

- A chef?
- Yeah.

That's not a bad idea.

"Not a bad idea," huh?
What are you going to do?


Your future.

My future?

Let's see--

My future--
I am not thinking about it.

Don't you want to be
a photographer?

There's no way I can be one.
I don't want to. Anyway.


Maybe I will tell Tsukiko
about us.

Are you kidding me?

Oh, well. It's more fun
doing it in secret, anyway.

Let's hide it well.



Who is this?


Is this Kazumi?

Well, could you move
a little to the right?

Great. That's good.

Sorry. I called you
up suddenly.

Just take pictures now.

Why do you have to take pictures
in the middle of the night?

Is something wrong?

A little bit.

One of my friends might have
done something bad to me.

- What is it?
- It's a secret.

Who is the friend?

Could you hug me
from behind?

Not there.

Put your hands lower.

- Like this?
- Tighter!

What is the meaning
of this picture?

No meaning.
I just feel like this now.

Hey. Stop it.

I don't understand you

Somehow I am getting
a hard on.

Don't betray me.


Did you
kill her properly?

We shouldn't be
together anymore.

What is wrong?

What happened?

What's wrong?
What happened?

Did it hurt?

That must hurt.
It was nail polish remover.

I'm sorry.
Does it hurt?

I'm sorry.


...are getting worse.

Don't you think so?

It's hard for me
to look at you.

Please. I beg you.

Please don't leave me!

Don't look at me
with those sad eyes.

I will do
anything for you!

Please don't leave me.
I will do anything for you. Anything.


Will you truly do
anything for me?

I will do anything.


die already!

I said,
don't let anyone!

A housewife
walking her dog found it.

Poor girl.

She was found by a dog.


Saiga. Saiga.

Come here, Saiga.

Our new worker.

Nice to meet you.

Quiet, Daisuke.

Our experienced chef,

You can talk
to him about anything.

But don't talk
about anything naughty.

We don't permit dating
between workers.

I am serious.
It's banned.

Managers and worker's
can't date either, right?

Of course.

There is no such thing.

I will show you
around the restaurant.

This way.

Hey, Manager!

- She is cute.
- Very cute.

How are the things going
with your boyfriend?

- Nothing is new.
- Yeah?

Do you have
a boyfriend?

No, I don't.

Are you
an only child?

Why? Do I look like that?

I had a younger sister.

- Let's start your therapy.
- Yes.

- Please take a seat here.
- Yes.

Isn't it good,
doing it outside for a change?

Yes. I feel good.

I want to ask you
one thing.

What is it?

- Do you know her?

- No. I don't know her.
- Okay.

That's fine.

There was one spot
on the recording I couldn't hear.


It's summer vacation now, isn't it?
Aren't you going back home?

Isn't your mother waiting
for you?

What's wrong?

I was very worried that I forgot
everything from the accident.

I feel like I had a best friend.
But I don't remember anything.

I see her face indistinctly
in my dream.

She has
a mole here.

But I don't remember
her face at all.

- Wasn't he your classmate?

Did I mention that?

You said
he was your boyfriend.

After the accident,
he broke up with me.

I transferred schools, too.

I feel like I lost everything
because of the accident.

My mother always had problems
after the move.

My mother--

She always works hard by herself.

But I can't do
anything for her.

Let's stop the therapy
for today.

I think you shouldn't worry
about the accident any more.

You have a lot of things

Photography, a boyfriend,
and your mother.

You have
many things to do.

But you only want
to go back to the past.

You want to go back the past,
and you want to do it over again.


there is nothing in the past.

You only have
your own annoying self.

Do you understand
what I said?

In some ways.

I have some things
I want to do over again.

What are they?

It's a secret.

I don't feel
like going back.

Thanks for coming.

Who is the person
you want me to see?

A classmate
of Izumisawa Tsukiko was killed.

She is Dr. Hosono.


He calmed down a little bit.
But he is still talking nonsense.

We want to talk to him alone.
Could you leave the room?

I will leave it
to you then.


Here he is.

This is him.

Here. This is him.

I didn't think
I would see you here.

Mr. Yamamoto.

He escaped the hospital
last month.

I am not sick.

If you are not sick,
what is this face?!

He did this
to himself.

He went mad in the hospital
and poured poison on himself.

The diagnosis was that
he is mentally deranged.

But I don't think so.

I didn't do

Let me out now.



What is this ¥500?

You know, you...

were caught red-handed
stealing this money.

Let me out now!

Mr. Yamamoto.

What happened at your school?

Can you tell us clearly?

After all...

You think he was crazy?

I can't say.

Kawakami Tomie was killed,
and her head was chopped off.

But the head was alive
under the ground.

I don't think I can put
that story in the record.

Wasn't that a fantasy
or an illusion?


Do you want
to hear the truth?

You see, I...

I don't intend to solve
the cases of Kawakami Tomie.

Even if I keep investigating,
there won't be any evidence.


I don't think...

she is a human being.

What do you mean?

Kawakami Tomie has the same
nature in each of the cases.

She is terrifying
and beautiful.

Every man
who meets her...

becomes crazy about her
and turns mad.

And one of them always...

will kill Tomie.


even if they kill her...

or cut her into pieces...

she can revive
from even one piece of her body.

It's the only explanation for why
we never find her body at the scenes.

She is
beyond the law.


I only have one wish.

I want to see
Kawakami Tomie.

I want to see her.


Could you wait
for a second?

Stop talking nonsense.
I will sue you.

You heard
what I said.

Kawakami Tomie is
in this town.

So what?

What is her purpose?

I don't know.

It's Izumisawa Tsukiko!

Tomie is trying
to do something to her--

Manager! It's dangerous.
What are you doing?!

Who do you think
you are?!

You don't work at the restaurant.
You are just following girls!

I can't stand it any more!

What are you saying?!
What did I do?

I'll kill you!

You son of a bitch!


I'm not kidding.
I'll kill you!

Hey, Daisuke!

What are you doing?!


I won't give her to you.

What are you talking about?!

I can't trust you.

What's wrong
with all of you?


Come on in.


It's Kaori.

What's up?

I came by suddenly.

You were developing


Did you hear?


Nothing. It's nothing.

Don't worry.

What's wrong, Kaori?
You are acting a little strange.

I was thinking
about going out.

I came to ask you to come,
but you seem busy.




I am working now.

What? We just saw
each other the other day.


I'm a little tired now.
I'll call you back later.

Hello? Hello?

Say something!

She was crying.

Turn on the light.


This is more romantic.

Who was that?

You are very popular,
Mr. Saiga.

Where is the manager?

I don't know.

He doesn't even take care
of the store because of you.

He is a pervert.

He persists,
even with that face.

The manager is not the only one
acting strange. Everyone--


What happened?

My feet hurt
from standing all the time.

Being a waitress doesn't suit me.


What are you trying
to do?

What do you mean?
I don't know! It's not my fault.

Shut up!
You messed everybody up!

Who are you?

Is that all?

Listen, Saiga.

You are seeing
Izumisawa Tsukiko, aren't you?

It's amazing.
It's such a coincidence.

She is...

my friend.

Didn't she tell you?

Did you do something
to Tsukiko?


What is so good about her?

I like you, Saiga.


These are the resumes
of the workers.

There are two more
in that restaurant--

- Hey.
- Yes?

- Go downstairs.
- Okay.

That's horrible.

- Could you look over there?
- Yes.

Who did you hear from?

- He's in the fetal position.
- What?

The restaurant workers
killed each other.

There is one more
part-time worker.

We don't know
where he is.




This is Hosono Clinic.

Yes. Yes.

Please hold a second.

Doctor. Telephone call
from the policeman, Harada.

You can't do that.

You can't go
into another person's apartment.

You are a bad girl.
I have to punish you.


What are you doing?!

Miss Izumisawa ?

Are you home?
Miss Izumisawa?

Miss Izumisawa ?


Are you awake?


I wanted to see you


I finally saw you...

but you don't
remember me at all.

I was very upset.

Do you remember this?


You scattered this picture
all over the school.

You remember new,
don't you?

What... a "Monster"?

You did a terrible thing
to me, Tsukiko.

What did you do
to the doctor?

I don't know.

Why don't you ask

None of my business.

Fuck you!
What did you do?

The way you talk!


You haven't changed,

I am very happy.

- We will bring out the body!
- Okay.

Let's check inside the bag
of Izumisawa Tsukiko.

I heard you want to be
a photographer.

That's cool.

You are
20 years old now?

You are two years
older than me.

Everyone gets old like that.

What is this?

Tomie, stop it.

What is this picture?

Are you sure
you have talent?

You will marry
a worthless man someday...

and you will have
stupid kids.

You will be a grandma
with wrinkles soon.

Must be nice.

That's the happiness
of being a woman, isn't it?

But I am a monster.

I will be
pretty forever.

Don't you feel sorry?

I'm sorry, Tsukiko.

I stole the man
you love again.

Besides me...

he was playing around
with Kaori.

You didn't know?

You are so easy to fool,
as always, Tsukiko.

You know, men...

are all worthless animals.

Isn't it time
you realized that?

I want you to...

remember me.

We were best friends.

Do you think about how much
it hurt when you called me a "Monster"?!

You don't
remember anything?!

I can't forgive you.

Here is your dinner.

Let's take pictures together.

We haven't taken pictures
together, have we?

Hey, smile.

I have something
I have to tell you.

Look at that.
Call the identification section now.

- Check outside.
- Yes,

- There is one more here.
- Okay.

I missed you again.

Why are you running
away from me?

You can't forget
about me.


are friends, aren't we?

Are you kidding me?

I want you to disappear forever!

I'm sad.

I'm sad.

I wanted
to see you.

Stop it!

Stop it now!

That's enough!

I know...

I was happy
when I saw you killed.

We aren't friends.

I hated you
all the time.

I am not
your friend!

Please stop doing this.

Please stop doing this.


To tell you
the truth...

I have something
I have to tell you.


What do you want
to tell me?

Something you forgot...

Something very important...

What is it?

I am you.

You are me.

You don't remember
that either?

Bye-bye, Tomie.

Okay. Good.