Tomer en Elias (2016) - full transcript

Coming of age film about Sven, a boy who feels trapped in his own family which only consists of duos. His brother Alex in return tries to keep Sven by his side through the same methods his parents use.

English subs by jeremys TNT 2018



If that isn't our new neighbours...

Huh? What?

Children. The new neighbours.

Yes! Yes!

What sort of kids?

Ugly kids.

Nice! nice.

Kids of about ten - boys - 2.


Oh yeah, oh yeah.

They should eat some vegetables.

No, it's just good they're eating at all.

Vegetables are an illusion.

No, vegetables are absolutely not an illusion.

Many things are an illusion,
but vegetables are not one of them.

This isn't getting anywhere.

You starting something? Because I'm losing weight?

They started it.

[English - Saved by the bell!]

Oh, please excuse me, carry on with your meal.

We've moved in next door.

I thought we should come and introduce ourselves.

We can come back later.

I didn't realise it was dinner time.

No no no, our new neighbours are more important than food.

Welcome to Lelystad.

Thank you.

I'm Tomer and Elias' mother

and this is Tomer, this is Elias.

Hi, Tomer and Elias!


OK, look, We won't disturb you any more.

When you guys have time come and see us.

There'll always be a warm welcome

We'll remember that, won't we, boys?

Do you have a baby as well?

It's actually a monster

OK, let's go.

Say goodbye to the boys.


See you later, take care!

Yeah, you too!

What lovely new neighbours, eh?

One lovely new neighbour, you mean.

Hey, that's not what I meant.

It'll be good for them -

Other kids, new kids.

Well I think they suck. They're stupid. Can't they speak?

Just as long as they know this isn't their street, it's our street.

It's our street.

But you don't even know them!

They're called Tomer and Elias

and we're NEVER going to see them again!

Uh yeah, sure.

How much do you love me?

Do you actually know what sex is?

Uh... No-o-o.. I don't.

Come here.

Sex is what people do when they're together.

Like you and me?


No. It's not the same thing. That's different.

So we're different?

Yes, you know we are.

We're not Mum and Dad.

We're together, like the twins

because we belong together,

or like Tomer and Elias.


You know what it is?

We're not in love with each other

We belong together -

that's the difference.



I have to go to sleep.

The monster has no-one.

that's why he cries so much.

Our mother bought a tube

and I was in it.

Then a year later she bought another tube

and that was my brother's.

We do have fathers like everyone else,

but we don't know them.

My mother doesn't want to know them either.

She thinks it's cosy and comfortable
without a man.

She thinks men are nice

But she only lives for the two men
in her life,

and they are Elias and me.

Thank you for sharing that.

Has anyone got a question for Tomer?

Is Elias your real brother?


Our whole family is made up of individuals.

Does anyone else have a question?

OK. Thanks very much Tomer
for your special story.

I'm sure you'll soon make friends.

Go back to your seat now.


Do you like football?

Uh, sometimes.

Do you want to play?


...but another time.

Bye Tomer!

Lelystad's such a gorgeous place!

Lelystad's such a gorgeous place.

Gorgeous neighbour more like it.

They're all individual people.

As if I didn't know!


I don't understand why you make such a fuss about it all the time.

Tomer and Elias are stupid.

Hey hey, watch your mouth!

If I ever see you with any of that lot

then we're not together any more.

You got that?

Of course.

We're all sitting on top of each other.

Isn't it cosy sitting on top of each other, sweetheart?

Yes, sure, very cosy. Off.

Cosiness is fine, but space is important too.

Look at our new neighbours - there are only three of them.

How will we cope with what we have?

With more?

How to deal with the situation as it is.

Look - useful tips.

Tip: "Large families need space to develop as individuals."

I want a new dining table.

Long. Wide.

But that will take up a lot more space.

It's fine as it is.

Oh, oh you think it's fine as it is?


I haven't noticed much of that lately.

Anyway, there's no harm in taking a look.

There's a sale on.

Why not?

Right, we'll leave after breakfast.

Cool, we'll stay at home together,

and you can take the monster
and the twins with you.

Yes! We'll stay at home together!



More space.

We need it.

Oh what a shot!

Go for the red!

Definitely not!

Your loss



Now what you got to say?

There's Tomer and Elias


Maybe they're really OK.

No, they're not.

What are you doing?

He's in the same class as me.

Don't answer it.

Why not?

But they must have seen us already.

Doesn't matter.

Pretend they don't exist.

They'll probably try again later.

We have to let them see we're not interested.

We'll go upstairs where they can't see us.

Come on.

Do you like that Tomer?

Yeah, he's really nice.

Who do you like better?


I didn't mean between Tomer and Elias,

I meant between Tomer and me.

Who do you like better?

Come over here.

I've been thinking.

I was wrong.

Maybe we're not so different from all the others.

and we do need sex to stay together -

same as Mum and Dad.


I can try, but I don't know what to do.

It can't be that difficult.


Mum and dad will be home soon.

Mum and Dad won't come home.


maybe Tomer and Elias will come back.

They can't see us,

so we pretend they're not there.

OK, we can try it.


Take your clothes off.

What now? Is this it?

No. We have to lie down
and close our eyes.


Do you love me?


How much?

That's not enough.