Tomcat (2016) - full transcript

Andreas and Stefan lead a happy and passionate life: Together with their beloved tomcat Moses, they live in a beautiful old house in Vienna's vineyards. They work as a musician and as a scheduler in the same orchestra and they love their large circle of friends. An unexpected and inexplicable outburst of violence suddenly shakes up the relationship and calls everything into question - the blind spot that resides in all of us.

You're burning up.

Poor guy.

You'll infect the cat.

I think I got it from him.

Yesterday he was very warm.
He didn't eat today.

I'll take you both to the doctor.

We both decline.


Your cap.

My throat hurts too.

I'll make you rage tea.

Do you want a vapor wrap?

I want to die.

I'm immune.

Your fever's gone.

Healthy again.
- Yeah?

Wasn't too bad a cold.

No, I sweated it out.


But I'm still tired.

Tired, are you?

You're lazy! Lazy!

His baton's falling asleep.

This sounds even worse than in concert.

The music deserves better.

How did he get his
international reputation?

He's handsome.


What about your international career?

My dream is to play the Mahler once.

The sixth.

Yeah, it's awesome.

You need a ton of extras.

It'll never happen.

Maybe in two years?


The sixth?

You going naked?

So, fresh air.

Stay in your monologue, in a soft piano.

But pick up the pace.
Andante moderato isn't largo.

Otherwise at the ritenuto
it'll go to sleep.

Don't just hit notes.
Express their character.

For that you need the notes.

But don't pull back if you miss one.

From 65 again.

Thanks, that's fine for now.

Violins, make that passage sing.
Together with the harp.

A gentle Ravel tone.

Bassoons, come in more softly
with the first clarinet.

Celli, play that without vibrato, please.

In the tutti, when it builds
into the fortissimo, let it really soar.

Again, please.

Same place.


I'm really sorry.

That's a 30~euro fine!
- And a care of beer!

Let's not waste time. Again.

Hi, Volker.

Can you switch with Edmund on Thursday?

It'll save ur an extra.

- Great.

And Edmund?

Filling in at a concert
with his old classmates.

Nice of him.


We have to switch.
- Thursday for Saturday.

But Thursday we're at Nino's.

So we'll get an extra, no problem.

We're sorry.


Remember the fine I had to pay
for wearing white socks?

You offended the audience, Edi!

You're front row.

Stefan, you're safe.

I'd been working out, I was late.

You work out before concerts?

- You're amazing!

It's Vladimir.

With Lorenz.


My fingers are soft
after I play tennis or swim.

Let's have them over.

When I jog nothing goes soft.

I always liked Lorenz.

I don't play with my knees.
- With your soul!

And Vladimir!
- Nothing soft there.

He's shy, though.


So who wrote you?

I'll answer and leave it for her...

For I am weary of the world

O come, I wait your coming

Come soon and lead me

Close my eyes

Come, blessed rest!

Holding auditions during
a string rehearsal!

Flute auditions at the Akademie.

Everyone has to hear, not just winds.

He's right.

Moses, are you musical?


We all have to vote. We're an orchestra.

The maestro's in Berlin.
- Then postpone it.

It's like you're against us.

Not me, I support you.

Flip the cushions from feline to human.


Moses is the pasha here, right?

Covered in hair.
- Is the wine open?

It smells delicious.

Wash your hands.

Let's go see.

Please don't. I hate cats.

We know.

It's so unhygienic.

Cats are very clean.

I'm starving.

Careful, hot!


How's our Richard Strauss coming?

It clashes with the Ravel.

It should be slower.

The Ravel?

No, the Strauss.

All the emotion's lost if you rush.

That saves us.

Get it over with quickly.

It's so kitsch.

You're nuts!
~ But good kitsch.

There is no good kitsch.

Why not?

When it's clearly used to intensify...

I prefer lean and spare.

In music!

- Sant$!

Is this vegetarian lasagna?

A delight.

Here's the cook.

I wish someone loved me.

I love you.

Thank you.

I love you.

I love you.

You know what day this is, don't you?

Hi Betty, hi Hans.
- Hello!

It's time.

He can't go out.

Hand him over. We've missed him!

We're in for a noisy night, right, Moses?

My Moses!

The litterbox is ready.

The firecrackers scare you.

Till noon, so we can sleep in?


Here's his food.

And his ball.

Look, he has his ball!

Happy New Year.

And to you!

See you.

And thanks!

Our pleasure.

Enjoy the evening.

Thank you.

Break a leg.

Have fun.


You're unbelievable.

Can I have another?

Look, that's the catmint.

It's for us too, isn't it?

You can't eat it, despite the name.

We use spearmint. We'll make tabbouleh.

Look, it's working.

- Yeah.

Are you bringing the water?


Where did you come from, Moses?

I've stopped asking myself that.

You must've had it good.

Good people.

Maybe they died.


Put it by the piano, out of the way.

Have you seen our tomcat?

Not in a while.

I'm doing the Chopin.

You can do it in the office.

I'm way behind.

What do you do all day?

I spent two hours on the phone with Dad.

Shall we invite him?

No, it's too exhausting.

I'll take him for lunch.

I'll come too. He likes me.

You don't have to.

But I want to.

Stefan, you're really weird.



He's also Stefan.

Another Stefan?

Hello there.

Can I?

Can I hold you?

Moses is so biblical. Are you religious?

No, he's a foundling, like Moses.
From the pound.

Does he bite?

Only when the barometer drops.
- Really?


Can I have one too?
- It's spoken for.

A wild laurel.

Where's that from?

The forest. Andreas dug it up.

It smells good. And the blossoms?

White, I think.

Like after you sneeze.

I was suddenly far-sighted.

It just happened.

That happened to me too.
- Interesting.

It takes some adjusting.
Now I don't notice it.

Up close is blurry.

You don't wear glasses?

The stand's at just
the right distance for me.

Can you see the conductor?
- Him you feel.

I'm abducting him.

Vladimir left.
- Really?

This site is a dream.

But they're not easy to find.

Needs a pond.

From the garden.

We thought about it.

Why didn't we dig one?

Takes up too much space.

You're so tanned, Lorenz.

It's true.

It's the twilight.

I'm helplessly yours every night

And only alongside you

Am I at home

But every time

I think I'll leave

Each and every time

I think I'll leave

I realize

I realize

How crazy I an for you

I'm helplessly yours every night

Feeling good?

I'll sleep well.

And dream.

Drive carefully.

I'll walk with you.

You don't have to.

Good night.


Puss, where are you?

It was too much for you, huh?

Time for bed now.

You can come in later, tiger.

But I marked his territory.

You're a wild beast.


You weigh 5.5 kilos!

You're a heavy beast.


What about Madrid? We should book soon.

After breakfast.

Want some?

Full already?

He's eaten.
- Then it's mine.

Or Barcelona.

Any place you want.


We'll end up in Lisbon.

My Spanish will be useless.

Make me a coffee,

mi amor?

With music.

Con mucho gusto.

We have to use the currants.

We have 10 kilos outside!

Dad's free Friday or Sunday.


He's dead.

He's dead.

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Stomach flu, I guess.

Don't be angry.
- Of course not.

We'll come again next Wednesday.

He'll call you.

I hope he feels better.



I'll change rooms.

Thanks for the party.

The weather was perfect.

I got sick.

That's OK.

I mean, you're better now.

It's our turn next.

I'll cook Russian.


Good morning.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

After the break.

Schubert, please, first movement.

See you.

You too.

The lock's broken.

I'll take the bus.

Are you staying in town?

A neurologist will examine him
to see if the problem's psychological.

In an early stage.
We'll have to verify that.

Since your partner is so distraught...

Might he hurt himself?

Send him to a doctor immediately.

Some specialize in domestic violence.

I'll tick off their names.

Good evening, your license please.

Mr Schubert, you should drive faster.

You're endangering others.

I'm sorry.

Are you sick?


I lost someone.

Please step out.

Your reflective vest?

It has to be in front.


Have you been drinking?
- No, nothing.

Are you on anything?

Drugs, medication?


60's the minimum on country roads.

I'll remember. I'm sorry.

Can you turn it down?


I'll take them out after.

The rhythm is a bit sluggish.
Try again from the top.

It lacks some shape here.

Play a scale in that rhythm.

And stress the second 16th.

Like you're blowing out a candle.

Play your scale.

I'm tired.


This is boring.

Poor guy.

Where's Moses anyway?

Forget Moses.

Come on.

I'll play it.

I'll see the doctor tomorrow.

Who are you?

What's wrong with you?

How could you?

I don't know what happened.

I didn't mean to.


Can I wash my hands?

Wash them.

Did you think about...

doing it?

Killing him?


Can I help you?

I'm just looking.

I don't know if I should go back.

It won't change me.

Did he say that?

I'm a murderer.

You're hiding something.

Spit it out, dammit!

Jurt that I'm so sad, I have no words.

That makes two of us.

Nothing can help. I can't even grasp it.

I need the pail.

Careful, it's wet.

Did you cook?

I have a visitor.

I didn't notice.


Come join us.

Am I disturbing?
- Not at all.

I didn't know you were here.

I was napping.


I had a bite in town.

They sometimes come back.

I don't think so.

After a year or two, even.


I've heard that.


If I can do anything...

You're doing it.

From your garden?

Currants with raspberries, to sweeten it.

And with love.


The cellar's full.

How kind!




What is it?



You OK?

C'mon, guys. Let's play.

To the left!

Yeah, Max. That's it!

Help me!
- No, he won't.

No, he won't.

Look what I made.

Taste it, it's good.

If I say so myself.

They're our plums.

I figured.

Good, isn't it?

Couscous with plums.

And garlic.

The way you like.

I'll get you.





Stand up, Stefan, please!

Stefan, please.

Please, get up. Get up!

Get up, please!

May I?
- Please.

I'm Dr Dinghofer.

I'll examine you, OK?

Do you understand?

How'd it happen?

He fell from the tree. His eye...

Airway is free.

Respiratory rate?

What about his eye?

We'll do tests.
The spinal cord's the main thing.

Alex, put a dressing on his eye.

Stay calm.

Regular bandage.

Your hand.

Move your hand away.

Careful, now the tape.

There you go.

We'll put you on the board.

1, 2, 3...



Now we'll lift you.

1, 2, 3...

This way.

Wait, please.


Forgive me.

I forgive you.

It's really hard.
My one eye's overloaded.

Then clore your eyes. I mean, your eye.

Then I won't see at all.

I have to picture a quiet landscape.

A beach or a field.

Everything's moving here.

I'll drive slowly.
- Yeah.

You get used to it with time.

I hope so.


For your dizziness.



How do you feel?

I miss Moses.


We both do.

Will you sleep here?

I won't sleep on the floor.


You won't be happy on the floor.

Need anything?

I just wanted to shave.

What's wrong?

I'll get you wet.

Sorry, I just wanted to...

Do you mind my shaving while you shower?

We need big ones for breading.

I'll fry these in eggs.

Wait, use the knife.


It's hard with one eye.

Look at that.

Poor thing.

Was it shot?

Doesn't look like it.

Sick maybe.

You smell so good, Andreas.

We could go swimming.

Can you with a glass eye?

I guess.

If it stays this warm.

When do you get it?



Please come, Stefan!

Stefan, come here.

He's with me.

I'll bring him.

Please do.


I don't want it.

That's Kathi.

Kathi Gabelsberger,

the little devil.

Can I have her?

When did you get her?

Hans's sister brought her yesterday.

They have a litter.

She'll stay in the family.

Tell me, you two.

If ever we went on vacation...


We'd take her.

Of course.


Maybe October.

In South Tyrol.

Hans knows a farm inn with chestnut trees.

She's a gourmand.

Whenever we eat, she shows up.

I have some yoghurt.

Is it OK?

I guess she can eat it, right?

Let's see.

The quiche is amazing.

It's easy.

You didn't make the crust.

Sure I did.

Flour, butter,

a little water.

No eggs?


She seems to like it.

A fine establishment!


Always ravenous.

I'll be right back.

We'll manage.

It's so painful.

I can't sleep with you.

I know.

Maybe never again.

I know.

But I love you.

I love you.

It's a beautiful day.

Shall we go outside?



This side's for you.


You're a wild one.

A wild one!

You lazybones.

You beauty.

No, you.

You can hardly see it.

I can't see anything.

You say something.

I liked kissing you.

So did I.

You're not punishing me?


I just can't.

For now.

What if it never comes back?


Would it be over?

It'd be...


I'm scared.

I'll get dressed.


that was delicious.

Max, you received a bottle of wine
for your solo.

For contrabassoon!

I earned it.

You played beautifully.

I need a corkscrew.

Who's it from?


I thought you had an admirer.

No, management appreciates me.

They don't give you champagne?

Not for me. They know that.

You're already sloshed.

They know I find champagne corny.

Gets you horny?

I don't get champagne,
the aristocratic swill.

The wine...

is from the abbey in Ossiach.

Home of Brahms's violin concerto.

Shut your gobs!
- Need a bed?

We're doing this for you.


It is love.


Vladimir, your borscht!

What's in it?

Couldn't you taste it?

I guess.

Beets, cabbage, and then I wasn't sure.

I want to play in Ossiach!
- Never!

So, Vladimir, how long
have you two been together?

Nearly four years, right Vladimir?

It took us a while.


Shit, I didn't have a clue.

Yeah, nice.

You'd never have guessed.

I'm going for a walk.


I have to.

I'd like to come, but it's late.

And our friends are here.

Ciao, see you next week.

Ciao, Vladi.

Vladi, Vladi, Vladi, ciao...

Vladi, Vladi!


He lives here, right?
- Yeah, yeah.

He just needs some air.

Did we hurt his feelings?
- No.

He's peculiar, you know.

At work he's so quiet.

He probably feels crowded.

It's sad.

In the orchestra it's even worse.

That's work.

I'd die without you all.

Let's drink to that!

Andreas is so quiet tonight.

See? He's already back.

He missed us.

Get a glass!

You're just like us...



To Robert!

Get undressed.

Get undressed.

Where's Kathi?

Kathi, where are you?

She must be outside.

Get undressed.

That tickles!

You're tickling me.



I'll go slowly.


You're tickling me.

I won't move.

It won't work.

I'm not doing anything.

Jurt resting my hand.


Stop it! Stop it!

It tickler.

No tickling you.

Bon app├ętit, Katharina.

You like it, huh?

You'll get a sunburn.

I'm in the shade.

But the sun moves.


Then I will too.


Music, mi amor.

Where's he buried?

Where is Moses?

I'll never say.

How is it with Dr Kann?

You're still going?



We talk.

About my childhood.

My self-image.


What are your fears?

Tell me.

I'm terrified that I'll lose
my second eye, too.

And that...

I wish I could always be in control.

I'm scared.

That it'll happen again?

That it...

that I'll do something.

That's my fear.

That you'll leave me.

That I'll lose you.

I always thought that maybe
you did it unconsciously,

because you didn't want us.


But it could happen again that you...

That it...



You have to know that.

I had to tell you.

~ Dad.

Betty and Hans.
~ Betty, Hans.

And Vladimir




Know where Kathi is?

No, why?


He asked?

It doesn't matter.

She's somewhere.

All these dishes.

Such wealth.


These are crystal, I'll wash them by hand.

You're right.

To be careful.

They're so pretty.

I always forget.

Put something on for us?

Or are you practicing?

Taking a breather.

Breathers are crucial... every horn player.

What would you like?

Surprise me.

Where were you?

I called you.

I was in the garden.

Is she there?

No animals were harmed
in the making of this film.

Subtitles: Robert Gray,