Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972) - full transcript

In the 13th century there existed a legion of evil knights known as the Templars, who quested for eternal life by drinking human blood and committing sacrifices. Executed for their unholy deeds, the Templars bodies were left out for the crows to peck out their eyes. Now, in modern day Portugal, a group of people stumble on the Templars abandoned monastery, reviving their rotting corpses to terrorize the land.





- What are you doing in Lisbon?
- Business, my dear. You look gorgeous.

And you? Some style you got.
Actually, you've always had it.

I remember when you taught me in school
to paint my eyes with a burnt cork.

Oh, school days.

We'd better not talk about that.
It makes me feel old.

- Did you marry?
- No, I'm stI'll single. And you?

I'm going out with a guy,
but it's not serious.

You know, I did want to call you.
But I haven't had a day off until today.

- I'm surprised. You're in business?
- It's interesting and somewhat bohemian.

I manufacture mannequins for showcases.
I learned the trade back in Paris.

There are more opportunities here,
so I set up my own shop.

- Where is it?
- Are you familiar...

with the Montreal warehouse in the outskirts?

- Next to the morgue?
- So what? Until I find something better.

- Roger could help you.
- Who's Roger?

That would be me.

Roger, this is my friend Bet.
She makes puppets.

Mannequins, honey.

You never told me you had a friend like her.

- We met after...
- Don't give out dates. Keep the mystery.

- Well, let's celebrate. I met you today, too.
- Where are you taking us?

If you'd like,
we could spend the weekend in the country.

- But Bet doesn't like the country.
- I guess you'd rather be alone.

It's not like that.
Virginia and I are good friends. That's all.

- Still, I'd only get in the way.
- You could bring a friend with you.

I don't have any friends.

- But I'll look for one.
- They'll come flying.

No. Men are really difficult these days.

- What time tomorrow?
- At 4:00 at the Abate Station.

I'll be there. Bye.

The secret lies in pumping enough fuel.
We won't have any problems...

if the boilers full.
- I see.

You're taking charge, including checking
the passengers for tickets.

- Yes, Father.
- Load the coal. We're leaving.

I already told you she would stand us up.
It'll be 5:00 soon.

She said she'd come, so she'll come.
She's just running late.

We'd better board the train
and find good seats.

Look. There she is.

- All aboard!
- I'm so sorry.

- Don't worry. There's a lot of traffic.
- It's not that.

My friend was coming,
but he canceled at the last minute.

- His loss. Are we off?
- Not me. I just came to tell you.

You could have phoned the station.

I did, but a very nasty man told me
that they can't relay messages...

to the passengers
once they're on the platform, so...

please forgive me, and have fun. Bye.

Wait a second. You're coming with us.
Isn't she, Virginia?


The landscapes beautiful.

Come on. We're already running late.

Get on. I'll get the stuff.

- It looks like were the only ones here.
- Not really.

It's a great hotel.
The best air you'll ever breathe.

Speaking of air, have you got some cream?

I don't need any.

I do. You see, I'm a city girl.
I don't want my nose to peel off.

- I'll get it for you.
- That's okay.

I know exactly where it is.

- Too friendly for the first day.
- What could happen tomorrow?

I'm choking here. I need some fresh air.

I think she's upset.

I don't see why.

It's only natural.
I think we've been a bit inconsiderate.

I told you, there's nothing between us.

And I really like you.

- It had to happen sooner or later.
- Not with me. She's my best friend.

She's my friend, too. But what can you do?

This is absurd. I'm going to talk to her.

- Do you want me to...
- I'd better go by myself.

You're upset I came, aren't you?

You shouldn't leave the compartment.
This air's bad for the skin.

- I mean the trip, that I'm coming along.
- Why should you care?

Why do you talk like that?
I was your roommate in boarding school.

Have you forgotten, Virginia?
I was your confidante, your best friend.

I'm sorry, Bet.
I don't know whats wrong with me.

I don't understand why I reacted that way.

Calm down. It doesn't matter.

It was childish,
because you're still the same little girl.

The same girl who'd come
to my room trembling...

who needed my trust,
and answers to so many questions.

Please, stop. Don't talk about that.

I'll never forget you.
And youll never forget me.

Remember what I taught you.

Your ticket, please.

- A man in the last car has it.
- Okay. Enjoy your trip.

Excuse me.

- Wheres the next stop?
- We won't stop until the end.

Can you stop for a moment,
so that I can get off?

That's I'mpossible. It's against the rules.
In any case, where would you go out here?

- Aren't there any towns around here?
- Not for many miles.

- Thanks.
- I'm sorry.

- Virginia!
- Virginia, are you mad?


- Come back!
- Come back, please!

What are you doing?

- I'm putting the brake on.
- Don't stop here.

Somebody pulled the alarm.

- It doesn't matter.
- Father, look.

Have fun.

She doesn't know what she's getting into.

- Father, what is it?
- Nothing. Put more coal in the boiler.

Is anyone there?


Is anybody here?

I spoke to her maid.
She said Virginia wasn't back yet.

- Do you think she got lost?
- Breakfast, sir?

No, thanks. Just the check.

Theres a town a few miles from here,
isn't there?

No, sir. The mountains that way.

The Guadiana Rivers that way,
and the Spanish border.

- But we saw a town from the train.
- You mean Berzano.

An abandoned medieval town.
It's not interesting.

A friend of ours spent the night there.

Oh, dear. Excuse me. I'm so clumsy.

- Whats going on in Berzano?
- I don't know anything, sir.

- There are rumors...
- What is it?

We're not allowed to talk about it.
Old legends.

Modern folks don't believe such tales.

Besides, you'd be apprehensive.
It's not good for tourists.

- Go on.
- Please. I can't tell you anything more.

They'll fire me.

Excuse me.

Something wrong?
Any complaints about our service?

No, thanks. Could you help me get a horse?

The hotel has an exercise ring you'll love.

No, It's not that.
I'd like to ride around the area.

Good idea. Our surroundings are beautiful.

- And another horse for me.
- I'd rather go alone.

- I'm partly to blame.
- We don't know what well find in Berzano.

That's reason enough.

- Did you say Berzano? You don't mean...
- The town from the knights legend.

- My God! We have to help her.
- The farther we go, the better.

The police will take care of everything.

No signs of Virginia.

- This is amazing.
- Yeah.

How are we getting back?

- The train passes near here.
- But it doesn't stop here.

- Don't worry. Well make it stop.
- You think so?

Why do you think the horses got scared?

A snake. Who knows?

Look. A medieval cemetery.

Do you sense something strange?

It's all strange.

I don't know. Something in particular?

Take a look at the crosses.

Theyre not like the ones
usually found in cemeteries.

Theyre Egyptian crosses, exposed to flames.

In the witch trials of the Middle Ages,
it was said they were satanic.

They were used for satanic rites.

Lets leave soon. These ruins look evil.
I wouldn't want to spend the night here.

We have time. We must find Virginia.

She couldn't have stayed.
She probably left after seeing all this.

Come on, she must be around somewhere.


Bet, look.

Theres no doubt she's here.


Thats one of her shoes.

This is all very strange.


Virginia, are you there?

Virginia, is that you?

What are you doing here?

A friend of ours spent the night
in this house. We came looking for her.

- You mean Virginia White?
- Yes. How did you know?

Police Officer Marcos, Inspector Oliveira.

- Did something happen to her?
- Where's Virginia?

How did you get here?

We rented two horses from the hotel.
They just escaped.

So, you're Elizabeth Turner,
and you're Roger Whelan.

Yes, as a matter of fact.

You spent the night at the hotel
and left at 11:00 this morning.

How do you know all that?

Our police stations don't have
the latest technology, but we have a phone.

Please. Did anything serious happen
to Virginia?

Your friend has been murdered.


It's my fault.

But, what are you saying?

How could we have imagined
something like this?

You have to identify her.

Come in.

It won't be pleasant.

Come on. Get it over with.

Not her. We want to see the young woman
who arrived this morning.

Yes, sir.


- Who would do such a thing?
- Well...

- What do you think, Doctor?
- I haven't performed the autopsy, yet.

But I dare to say it's a strange case.

As if a pack of ferocious beasts
had attached her.

She was probably tortured.

- None of her wounds are serious.
- So what did she die from?

- She bled to death.
- Was she raped?

It doesn't look that way.
The motive wasnt sex, that's for sure.

- Those bites came from a sadist.
- Several sadists.

We were able differentiate
between at least a dozen sets of teeth.

If we weren't in this century,
I'd say it was a ritual murder.

That's not possible, Doctor.

There are no satanic sects
or witches Sabbaths in our country.

Forget it. We're in the 20th century.

What are you doing, Bet?

That wig doesn't go
with a blue-eyed mannequin.

You're right.

I'm obsessed.

- It's all been so horrible.
- Forget your friend. Focus on your work.

That's easy for you to say.
If you'd seen her....

It would drive anyone crazy.

It'd be good for you to take a trip,
have a change of scenery.

I might as well.
Once I find out what happened to Virginia.

It's better to leave things as they are.

You know something about Berzano,
don't you?

I don't want to talk about it.

Open the door. That must be Roger.

Will you open it already?

- Hi. Is Bet there?
- Yes. She's expecting you.

- What's that red light for?
- It's from the skylight.

Illuminated signs are manufactured upstairs.
They have to be tested.

- It must be pretty annoying.
- Tell me about it.

- Hi, Bet.
- Hello.

Of course, I had to drive around endlessly
to find this place.

- What did you want to tell me?
- My assistant was born in Foz da Beira...

a village 40 miles from Berzano.

What do you know about those ruins?

I came here when I grew up.

You were there when you were young.
What matters is what you heard.

I didn't hear anything. I swear I didn't.

You refuse to help us?
This is very important to us.

It's a legend. They used to scare us with it
when we misbehaved.

It's probably nothing,
but it still frightens me.

What's the legend?

Everybody used to talk about it.
Berzano belonged to the knights.

These knights worshipped the devil
and were excommunicated.

The village was abandoned.
Nobody wanted to live there.

What does that have to do with our friend?

The dead knights come out of their tombs
to hunt.

- Hunt? Hunt what?
- Human beings, to devour them like beasts.

- Still dressed like that?
- The autopsy took a long time.

You know how the police are.

- Did you find anything in particular?
- Besides the bites, nothing.

- Why did they do that to her?
- She was asking for it.

Going around flaunting herself.
It's as if they want to be bitten.

- And this one was really hot.
- Yes.

What is it? What's wrong? Are you scared?
Poor thing.


And you thought I'd forget about you?

Not in your dreams. Let's play a while.

I'll show you.


We're gonna be late.

Professor Candal?

Professor Candal.

Who are you? What do you want?

The librarys closed to the public.
It's always the same.

People are always arriving too late.

Excuse us, Professor.
A friend of ours has been murdered.

What do I have to do with it?
Go to the police.

You're the ultimate authority on medievalism.

And youve studied the knights
and their secret practices.

- I still don't understand.
- Our friend was tortured in Berzano.

Say that again!
You're saying the knights have returned?

- That's great.
- He's crazy.

We're not really sure.

And you want to find out.

Here they are.

The knights brought great treasures
from the East...

as well as witchcraft and occultism.

That's why the Pope excommunicated them.

Their stories are fantastic and incredible.

No one has been able to uncover
their great mysteries.

Do you think the village....

In the 13th century, Berzano was the seat
of one of their priories.

The Eastern knights were
the absolute masters of this region.

Documents pertaining to their trial...

claim that when they came back
from the Holy Land...

they brought the pharaohs ankh
from Egypt...

as a symbol of eternal life.

And they practiced satanic rites,
seeking immortality.

Meanwhile, they oppressed their serfs
and increased their assets...

taking over cities and villages.

They were both hated and feared.

Let us offer our sacrifice to the darkness.
We shall perform this rite...

that the blood of the virgin may grant us
a life beyond the bounds of the grave.

Their crimes were judged...

and plenty of evidence and witnesses
proved their guilt.

They were sentenced to death...

and as a lesson, their bodies were hung
for public display...

until the crows ate their eyes.

- Can that be true?
- Absolutely.

The records of the trial
leave no room for doubt.

And the connection
to the current sacrifices?

Are you suggesting a new sect has resumed
the old rites?

- No, it's not that.
- Then?

- Theyre the same. The old ones came back.
- What nonsense is this?

So much progress and science...

and you fail to see
whats on the tip of your nose.

Thats right. Apart from many other secrets,
the Eastern knights...

solved the mystery of eternal life.

- But thats impossible.
- Do you remember the voodoo rites?

Faust, and all those who make pacts
with the evil spirit...

do so with blood.

The knights performed human sacrifices...

consummating the offering
with a virgins blood.

Now they've awakened from the beyond,
and without eyes to see...

they find their victims
by the sounds they make...

and continue to offer human sacrifices
to their evil master.

That's what many would have us believe.

Who's there?

It's me, Professor. And I didnt miss
a single word of your fantastic tale.

Think what you like, but leave me alone.
I'm very busy.

One moment.

You have a son named Pedro, don't you?

Yes, I do.

- Why do you ask?
- Where's Pedro now?

I don't know.

He left home two years ago.

I haven't seen him since.

I'll tell you, Professor.

He lives on a barge...

along the Guadiana River...

on the Spanish border.

He's the leader of a smuggling ring.

I don't want to hear any more. Stop.

Why are you telling us this, Inspector?

That part of the river is about six miles
from Berzano.

What are you trying to say?

Those criminals are using the legend
to their benefit.

And Virginias death?

Theyre spreading fear.

And keeping people away from the area
where they commit their crimes.

That's terrible.

Pedro would never kill anyone.

Was it necessary to be this cruel?

Did you know they took your friends body
and killed the morgues guard?

Oh, my God. This is a nightmare.

Be very careful.
Your workshop is very close to the morgue.

And although we have it under surveillance,
we can never know for sure.

- Hello.
- Nina? It's me, Bet. Don't expect me.

I don't know
whether I'll make it in tomorrow.

Send the two pending orders. Take note.

Ready? Gonzaivo Warehouses,
17 Sinhai Street.

17 Sinhai Street. Got it.

Of course. I'll ask them to sign the receipt.

Listen. Lock the door.

It doesn't matter.
Todays a special day. Do it.

Listen to me. We're in danger.
I'll explain it to you later.

Thats it. Bye, Nina. Bye.

Hello! Please.


- You'll have to continue by foot.
- I understand.

- You don't want to get involved.
- They're dangerous.

- Should I go with you?
- Wait here.

If I'm not back in half an hour,
call the police.


I'll wait half an hour. Not a minute longer.

- You know where I can find Pedro Candal?
- No, sir.

Go get him.


- Let that idiot yell.
- Something's up.

- Whatever.
- It could be the police.


You've pulled that trick on me twice.

They'll be after me sooner or later.

All because of that cow, Amalia.

Why so difficult?
Tell me you're going with her, and thats it.

I'll find a guy.

That's all you think about.

What is it? A visitor?

Yes. A well-dressed guy is looking for you.

I'll be right up.

What are you waiting for?
Do you like seeing him naked?

I'll be caught one day, but not by a woman.

At least I'll know where you spend the night.

- Police?
- No, I'm a decorator.

He's harmless.

- What do you want.
- What's going on in Berzano?

What do you think? Nothing.

- It's a ghost town.
- However, they say...

Do you believe such tales?

No, but a friend of mine died there
in a horrible way.

- What is it to me?
- The police suspect it was you.

- Why?
- To frighten people.

Oh, that.

Weve been in this area for three years.
Nobody bothers us.

Our smuggling is modest,
just to make a living.

- And now, do you really think that we....
- No.

- How was she killed?
- Don't go there now.

- What can I do for you?
- For me? For yourself.

Fine. For both of us. What?

- I want to know how my friend died.
- How?

- Come with me to Berzano.
- I cant. I've got a job here.

You're right to refuse.
I wouldn't do it if I were you.

- When are we leaving?
- Right away.

- We must spend the night in Berzano.
- The night? You mean sleep in Berzano?

- Yes. Are you afraid?
- All right. Fine.

If you go, I'm going with you.

- What is it?
- Nothing.

- Are you armed?
- Yes.

Leave that for the ladies. Here.

- And you?
- I'm fine with this.

A drink will perk you up.


Very chivalrous.

- A bit more and we run out.
- Well, It's mine, isn't it?

- I'm taking a walk.
- You want me to come along?

- You think I need a bodyguard?
- I guess not.

- Still, if both of us...
- I told you I'd come. I came.

But I don't need your company.

Do whatever you want.
don't worry about me.

Look at you.

Kind and soft like a porcupine.

Want to come along?

Are you mad? She's so delicate.

With pleasure. Let's go.

You both behave.

Some girl. She accepted so quickly.

She's not fussy, is she?

Big deal, they're taking a walk together.

You want her to be faithful?

Theres nothing between us.

Then forget it. You don't know Pedro.

- And you don't know Bet.
- As if I care.

You have to accept things as they come.

And you're not bad at all.

- Here. Have some.
- What is it?


Have some more. Warm up. Enjoy the party.

- Where would you like to go?
- I don't know. Not too far.

- Do you miss him?
- Who?

- That guy.
- He's just a friend.

Well, let me take care of you. It'll be okay.

Wow, not bad.
And I thought you were prudish.

- Should we go outside?
- You want to see what they're up to, right?

- Do you always have to assume the worst?
- As you wish.

After all, when both agree, anywhere is fine.

It's better if it stays with me.

I hope I won't have to use it.

They're hiding.

They must be around somewhere
in the abbey.

What do you think they'll do?

I don't know. Visit it.

You really think so?

You're very strange.

What are you looking at?

I think I'll have to disappoint you.


I always feel apprehensive about men
at the last minute.

So, you...


It's a fear that was instilled in me as a child.

- I'll help you change...
- You'd better not try.

- This is a cemetery.
- Quiet.

- No!
- What's the difference?

Let me go! No!


I suppose you won't keep me walking
all night...

just because that whore went to get some.

- I told you she's just a friend.
- Sure. But you like her.

- Do you smoke?
- Okay.

But it would be better if it were a joint.
We need to liven this up a bit.

- It's Virginias.
- Who? The dead girl?

But, how did she lose it?

I knew a guy who liked to drink champagne
from my oldest shoes.

It was the only thing that excited him.

- Let's go.
- Wait. What's wrong with you?

Who's the joker? Answer!

Whoever it is, come out!
Don't make me come get you.

- What's Pedro up to?
- It's not him. The bells ringing on it's own.

Go inside and lock the door.

- Don't open it for anyone except for us.
- Okay.

A little stroll through the ruins. Yeah, right.
You wanted it that bad?

- Who is it?
- It's me, Roger. Open up. Open up!

- And Pedro?
- The knights killed hI'm.

- The knights? He can defend himself.
- He's in danger.

- What about us? They'll come after him.
- Let me go. I'm going to open it.

If you open that door, I'll kill you.

What's going on in there?

Open up, please. It's me, Roger. Open up!

They're getting close.

Open up!

Come here, bitch!




- Roger.
- Don't speak.

That's the only way you'll be safe.


Father, look!

- Keep still.
- Help me!

Help me, please.

Help me.

Hurry. Come on!



Let me help her.

Come on.




Hey! What are you doing in there?

What is it?

What happened?

Please, don't speak.
You'll be looked after.