Tomb of the River (2021) - full transcript

Gil-seok runs Gangneung's largest underground gang. Min-seok who is a gang boss from Seoul, who was aiming for the ownership of the largest resort in Gangneung, appears before him. Two men who values peace and loyality and lives in an orderly manner; as they begin to move in earnest, an uncontrollable war begins between their two organizations. The story of two men facing a rough fate begins.

Are you going to
drink today?

Of course I am.

I drink 365 days a year.

Hey, what is that?

Are we expecting
another boat?

All fishing boats
have returned.

Then, what boat is that?

Oh, my legs...


It's not answering the radio.


Excuse me?

Is anyone here?

Is it a boat from China?

What is this smell?

Does it smell?

Why doesn't this boat have
any working equipment?

Is it a smuggling boat?

What the hell...

This is messed up.


Who the hell are you?

Did you kill him?

He must have...

Eaten him.

Sir, I'm calling stop.

Damn it!

You ruin everything, Gil-suk.

You shouldn't take
your henchman's money.

Shut up.

Why are you here?

I need to use
an excavator.

An excavator?

One of our boys called
Duk-gu is getting married.

We're throwing him a party.

Here, just take it.

Yes, sir.

Bo-ram, I love you!

Once we're married,
I'll never cheat on you!

Even if they take me
to a room salon...


Raise your voice!
I can't hear you!

Come on!


I'll never love anyone else!

Stop laughing!

Lower him.

You're doing great, Duk-gu!

Are you sure
he'll survive that?

People don't die that easily.

That's enough.

We still need to beat him.


Duk-gu, not bad!
That was impressive!

Sir, you should head out.


Gather everyone.

- Gather everyone.
- Yes, sir.


Let's go.

The groom shouldn't
go anywhere.

- Get back in the water.
- Yes, sir.

Where the hell
are you going?

They're still in the room.

We have the room number.

My men were just
about to arrest them.

Any thoughts?

Obviously, I'm really sorry.

This is serious.

You think this is okay?

Of course not.

I know that.

What the hell...

I'll let this one slide,
but this is the last time.

Message received.

You're the police, so go
take care of civilians.

- You bastard.
- We'll handle it, sir.

- Get off of me.
- You can go now.

If I get another report...

Damn it.

What's wrong, baby?

There's nothing there!

These kids must be crazy.

Who the hell are you?

How dare you!

Son of a bitch!

These damn kids are
really using drugs.

Don't ruin the city that's
about to host the Olympics.

Where are they?


- Why are you here?
- What the hell?

What do you want?

Why are so many
henchmen here?

Clean up this mess.

Lift your glass.

Come on.

You shouldn't have
barged in like that.

Stop it.

You know you shouldn't
be selling drugs.

Don't be mad at me.

I had no idea.

Should I be watching
my men's every move?

Don't be ridiculous.

You're responsible for them.

I had to stop the police
from arresting them.

We should handle it ourselves.

- Isn't that right, sir?
- Of course it is.

Gil-suk is a thoughtful guy.

Thoughtful, my ass.

Here comes the boss.

Hello, sir.

There's the groom.

- Hello, sir.
- Welcome.

Why do you have
a foreign phone?

So, you've been fighting?

- No, sir.
- Not at all.

I heard about everything.

In my opinion, your gang did
wrong for selling drugs.

Your gang also did
wrong for interfering.

- Gyeongpo Gang.
- Yes, sir.

If I see drugs in
Gangneung again...

I'll put a hole
through your skull.

Yes, sir.

- Taekji Gang.
- Yes, sir.

You're all part of
the same family.

Don't fight with
your little brother.

Yes, sir.

Listen up.

If the Taekji Gang and
Gyeongpo Gang fight...

I'll blame you,
the big brother.

Yes, sir.

Give me a cigarette.

Something I can chew on.

Here you go, sir.

He's here, sir.

How much debt
do you have?

7 million won.

That's the world for you.

Some guys can drink away
7 million over a single night.

But some guys die because
they don't have 7 million.

I'm doing this to survive.

I hope you survive, too.

Get back to your game.

I'm here.

- Did you eat?
- Yes, I did.

When people meet at this hour,
they usually eat together.

Let's eat, then.

Why are you here?

I want the shares of
the resort in Gangneung.

I got you the shares
instead of cash.

I need it.

Shin is taking care
of those shares.

But they're still yours.

I gave you some business
when you left the gang.

You gave me a
debt collecting business.

I run around collecting
money from your debtors.

Your words cut like a knife.

I've killed over
10 people for you...

You got your hands dirty,
so you want a new deal?

I've been doing dirty work
for over 10 years.

It's not too much to ask.

You earned a living in return.

We gave you
money and power.

You used to have nothing.

This is why I don't
like conversation.

Conversation never
solves anything.

Why, you little...

What the hell?

You're here.

Come help me.

Are you by yourself again?

I told you to hire someone.

No one cares about
an old fellow like me.

You really find this enjoyable?

Of course I do.

I plant it, grow it,
pick it, then eat it.

You buy vegetables
at the store, don't you?

My taste isn't refined enough
to know the difference.

Do you know what's nice about
home-grown vegetables?

They're free of chemicals?

No, I use a ton
of chemicals.

That's why they've
grown so big.

If you buy vegetables,
you throw away what's left.


But if you grow them, you give
what's left to other people.

- Isn't that funny?
- I guess you're right.

That's how the world works.

You should only grow
what you need.

Then, you'll cherish what's left.

That light fixture
cost a billion won.

The entire thing is
made of gold.

You put a lot of
money into this place.

To make something great,
you need to put in time or money.

I'm putting in both.

- Is it solid gold?
- No, just the outer plate.


Yes, sir?

Do you know
what 'Asra' means?

It's what Gangneung
used to be called, right?

Just look at it.

It means 'dizzyingly vast'.

I'm worried that's the case
with this resort, too.

Do you want to run the resort?

Me, sir?

But this resort is in
Chung-sub's territory.

Sometimes, we have to
change our ways.

I don't want any more conflict
with the Gyeongpo gang, sir.

It belongs to all of us, anyway.

I'll just manage
the Taekji territory.

You're soft when
it matters the most.

To tell you the truth, one of
the shareholders is a bit strange.

Shall I give him a beating?

That's not what I meant.

Don't fight.

If you fight, you suffer
whether you win or lose.

How long has it been?

Not even an hour.

Go back to sleep.

Is this where you're staying?

Yeah, for a while.

It doesn't really suit you.

No place does.

What brings you here, sir?

I happened to be in Gangneung,
and I heard you had a new office.


I didn't want to come

Gangneung coffee
tastes great.

I heard about the boss.

I was too busy to
attend his funeral.

You left the gang, so
there was no need for that.

It's fine.

Thank you for saying that.

The kid who killed
him was in debt.

It's strange that he handed
over the shares to you.

It's only natural to suspect
the new shareholder.

But who would
be this brave?

I want to kill or maim
the bastard who did it.

Then, I'll be able to give
the boss a proper send-off.


Go do that, instead of
just talking about it.

Across the rooms, restaurants and hallway
there will be a club and a casino.

We're trying to get a permit
to run the casino.


Stop right there.

You can't come in here.

Let me finally introduce myself.

I'm Lee Min-suk.

I know who you are.

But what brings you here?

I haven't received
the updated blueprint.

I'd like to see it.

Why would you be
interested in that?

Did you eat?

I heard my men's drugs caused
problems in your family.

They were just trying
to earn some cash.

I apologize.

Are you close to
the Gyeongpo Gang?


I've never met them myself.

I see.

What's a drug dealer doing
all the way out here?

If we're going to do business together,
I need to know your history.

Don't you know
the times we're living in?

You can't smoke
inside an eatery.

Have a problem with that?
Should I put it out?

I do have a problem with that,
but knock yourself out.

I'm not involved with drugs.
I'm a debt collector.

I heard you sell off people
who can't pay their debts.

They need to settle their debts.

Even if they don't
have the money.


Why would you choose
such a dangerous path?

Everything in this world is
already owned by someone.

So, I have two options.

Either kill and steal, or do something
too dangerous that others don’t do.

That's the only way
a guy like me can get by.

Hey, I heard you're a mean one.

Don't worry, I don't
attack just anyone.

Is that a knife
in your back pocket?

I guess you're not
used to seeing it.

I'm just repulsed.

Why do you live like that?

Don't waste your
energy like this.

You won't have enough
when you actually need it.

Don't be so scared.

You were hasty
getting a new office.

Do you want me to work
out on the streets?

That's exactly why I'm
calling you hasty.

You can buy shares
in the resort, sure.

But you can't interfere
in its management.

You mean I can't get involved in business.

I'm the second
largest shareholder.

Let me be honest with you.

I don't want to work with
a bunch of drug dealers.

Second largest sharholder, so what?

We are the largest shareholder.

Unless you buy more shares
and take our spot

you can't meddle
with its management.

Isn't that right?

Am I being unreasonable?


I guess I should listen to
the largest shareholder.


I guess it's settled, then.

Eat up.

Our talk is over,
so I'm leaving.

Did you chat with them?
What were they like?

They're so unlikable.

Should we kick their asses?

Leave them.

Their life seems hard, anyways.

We shouldn't fight them.

Share a meal with
them sometime.

Yes, sir.

Let's drink.

Why is there
only rabbit food?

Where's the meat?

- Welcome, sir.
- Good to see you.

Thanks for coming.

Thank you, sir.

- Thank you so much.
- Grab a seat.

Hello, Lieutenant.

- I didn't think you'd come.
- Of course I came.

I thought you were busy.

- Who's that?
- Thank you for coming.

If it isn't Lieutenant Cho,
the star detective.

How have you been?

You're not attending
the ceremony, are you?

Welcome, sir.

- Hello, sir.
- Hello, sir.


What the hell are you doing?

Could I ask the same thing?

I never imagined
you'd do this to me.

Sir, we're having
a celebration.

A celebration, you say?

You mean this idiot?

Is the boss handing
you the resort?

He did offer it.


I refused.

I see.

Then, why do you keep
hanging around the site?

Sir, you're going too far.

You bastard...

Have you lost your mind?

What the hell are you
doing at my wedding?

How can you do this?

I starved myself to get
into this wedding dress!

This is embarrassing.

Don't do this.
Not today.

Here's your wedding gift.

Get back to your jobs.

If my head moves
while I swing, hit me.

Yes, sir.

You son of a bitch.

I didn't mean it,
you crazy bastard!

I'm sorry, sir.

- I'll smash your head in.
- I'm so sorry.

You bastard.

Get that thing out of my face.

- I'm so sorry.
- Sir.

Bring him over here.

Get lost.

I thought I was
meeting with Mr. Kim.

Only a president gets to
meet with another president.

Nice shot!

Have you heard of
'Songs of Gwandong'?


Just as I expected.

It's a super old poem.

It says that this is the most
beautiful place in Gangwon-do.

It's the best place to enjoy a drink
while looking at the moon.

That's the life I want.

And that's the life
I want for my son.

It's heaven on earth.

Wow, I should just
quit right now!

That was amazing!

I don't think I need
any more practice.


I know our bosses have
some business conflict.

But let's leave the business
up to them and try to get along.

I get what you're saying.

But that's easier
said than done.

A man of reason, huh?

I know it won't be easy,
but we should at least try.

I heard you've had
a lot of hardship.

I understand that.

So, just take things easy.

You understand
the hardship I've had?

Did you have it easy?

I did some manual labor
when I was young.

See, I was right.

I worked for a month
and got my first paycheck.

I realized how hard
it is to make money.

You're right, it is hard.

That night, I had dinner with a guy
who did manual labor for 30 years.

I told him I was amazed.

'How have you been
doing this for 30 years?'

This is what he said.

'You know nothing.'

He doesn't sound like
a very nice man.

I had degraded him.

I'd never been disgusted by people
or lost a co-worker in an accident.

I'd never been ignored by
someone younger than me.

I was just a kid.

Yet, I claimed to
understand his life.

It's insulting to tell people
you understand them.

Hey, do you find
that insulting?

I don't get what
he's saying at all.

Pack everything up.

Damn it.

Don't you dare look at me.

Can I get some raw fish?

I'll prepare it right away.

What an easy life you lead.

Why do I sense
scorn in your voice?

This is no time to be
enjoying raw fish.

Gil-suk is about to
usurp the resort.

Well, he's smart and skilled.

Hierarchy and territory
need to be respected.

The boss is passing on
his business to us.

So, it's up to him to decide.

How ridiculous.

You're not going to do
anything about it, then?

Sometimes, things are
solved by doing nothing.

Damn it...

Enjoy your raw fish.
I'm leaving.


Don't go out to sea when
there's a storm brewing.

We never let the weather
forecast dictate our lives.

You should get some sleep.

You look tired.

Are you worried about me?

Am I not allowed to do that?

You're always like that.

Whenever I try to get close,
you push me away.

What are you going to do?

How will you
settle your debt?

You're using your body
just to pay off the interest.

Don't you need to live?

Were you just collecting
interest from me?

What are we, then?

What are we?

Tell me.


Think you can handle me?

What brings you here?

I was in the area,
so I dropped by.

I thought you'd
like some help.

No, thanks.

This is a job for someone
with experience.

It doesn't seem that hard.

I guess you're used to
getting your hands dirty.

You've had it rough.

Not as rough as
the people that died.

There must be a lot
of blood on your hands.

If you use pens,
you get ink.

But if you use knives,
you get blood.

Not anymore.

Nowadays, pens get you blood.
Knives just get you jail time.

You're right.

The world has changed
for the worse.

In the past, if you wanted
to eat a chicken

you had to strangle it, gut it
and pluck its feathers yourself.

But nowadays, you just have
to go to a supermarket.

What a convenient world.

But there's something
people shouldn't forget.

Whenever someone
eats a chicken...

someone else had to
strangle and gut it.

People keep themselves busy to
forget about that stuff.

Have you ever
killed someone?

Why would you ask me
something like that?

Gangneung may be
a rural town

but it's hard to get to the top
without killing someone.

You seem like such
a nice person.

If I had killed someone, would that
make me the same as you?

I'm not sure.

That's what I'd like to know.

It's simple.

A man who killed 100 people isn't
the same as a man who killed 1 person.

The scope of things
always matters.

That determines the difference
between individuals.

Why are you here?

I had a talk with Mr. Kim
about managing the resort.

I heard you two
came to an agreement.

Is there something else
you want to say to me?

No, I have nothing else to say.

Not bad for a retiree.

You've got a long way to go!

What would I do
with that now?

It'll only be pitiful.

It's time for you to go.

You shouldn't...

You bastard.


- Sir, you can't...
- Get off of me!

- What are you doing?
- Let go!

You can't go in there!

Excuse me!

We did our best, but
he lost too much blood.

I'm sorry, but he passed away.

Mr. Kim...

What are you doing?

You can't be here!

Who killed him, you bitch?

I'm here because I did it.

You need to leave!

Get off!

You're just a nobody who
came out of nowhere!

You can't have killed our boss!

It's not that hard to
kill an old man.

You fucking bitch!

He was almost 70!

Why would you do
such a thing?

Tell me!


I did it to survive.

I'll do anything to survive.

What the fuck!

She was in debt.

Dongbu Credit was
collecting from her.

That's Lee Min-suk's company.

I understand how you feel.

But trust me and be patient.


Just sit around and wait?

We need to handle this
ourselves, right now!

The boss told us not to fight.

He's dead now!

That's why he died!



Kim, you're here.

I've heard a lot about you.

This is Shin from
Chungsong Planning.

Chungsong Planning?

Didn't Lee Min-suk
screw you guys over?

President Nam died, right?

Kim, come on.
Be more tactful.

Let's get this over with.

You're quite impatient.

That's right, so speed it up.

All right.

Lieutenant Cho is preparing
to catch Lee Min-suk.

When Lee Min-suk and
Dongbu Development are gone

you'll need a new investor.


That's all business talk.

Why is the police
getting involved?

I think you've misunderstood.

No, I understand everything.

It's bad enough
that you lost.

Now, you're asking
around for help.

That's pathetic.


My boss's grave is still fresh.

Kim, don't be so...

Mr. Kim, I get what
you're trying say.

This was rude of me.

At least you know.

I'll foot the bill.

Enjoy your meal.

Sir, welcome.

Find anything?

No, so far we just
beat them up.

You need to get answers
before beating them up.


Why are they upside down?
That causes nausea.

Are you nauseous?

I meant me.

Hold on...

We're not used to doing
something like this.

We can tell.

If you're going to
beat people up

at least explain why,
you bastards.

I heard your mom
has stomach cancer.

Did she eat too
much spicy food?

What the hell...

My mom's cancer is none of
your fucking business.

You son of a bitch!

Grab his head.

If you touch my mom,
I'll kill every single one of you!

Her hospital bills
must be expensive.

Is Lee Min-suk
helping you out?

We'll pay for her surgery
and get her a caretaker.

- How's that?
- What?

Just give us
the time and place.

That's all we need.

Lieutenant, we got
the time and place.

Gather round.

I'll be right there.




They're on the move, Lieutenant.

What is it?

It's started.

If Lieutenant Cho fails,
I'm going in myself.


Stop drinking.

Is it only me who's worried?

Damn it...

We're being tailed.

Lee, the police is following us.

We're following Horse, Elephant
and Cannon into the marketplace.

Chariot, Guard and Soldier are
entering through the back gates.

Cannon made a turn.
We'll follow him.

Horse and Elephant are heading to
the center of the marketplace.

Horse and Elephant split up.

We'll follow Horse.

Team 7, follow Elephant.

Guard split up with
Chariot and Soldier.

Guard is by himself now.

Team 2, follow Guard.

Chariot and Soldier
split up, too.

He's headed for
the rendezvous point.

He's near the rendezvous point.

We got Chariot and Soldier.

They're at the rendezvous point.

They fell for our trap.

Stop right there!

Hold it!

- Stay still!
- We caught all of them!

One will have drugs, and
the other will have cash.

Search every inch.

Don't be so rough!
That hurts!

- Don't move!
- Hold still!

What's that?

Do you like pu-erh tea?


Let me explain.

Chinese people love tea.

So, I thought I'd let them taste
the famous Gangneung coffee.

If you want some,
you can have it.

Think of it as a present.


Let go of me!

Sir, I got the goods.

Time for some offense.

I knew this would happen.

They didn't get Lee Min-suk.

- Get ready.
- Yes, sir.

Let's do this!

What are you waiting for?

Aren't you coming?

What's going on?


Are you serious?

- What the hell?
- Son of a bitch!

You bastards!

Take that!

Stop acting tough.

You look adorable right now.


What's going on?
Where are you?

I never expected
this to happen.

Stop talking nonsense.
Where are you?

Not that I cared about
treating you well...

But I was such
a bastard to you.


I'm sorry.

Just answer my damn question!

Hey, what are you doing?



Mr. Kim...

Damn it...

I guess that's it for today.



It's not really something
to be congratulated.

What do you mean?

You don't even
have to give orders.

Your henchmen and debtors
kill your enemies for you.

So, you get cleared
of all charges.

Isn't that something
to be congratulated?

Are you here to
pick a fight?

I know you bought off
Choi Mu-sang.

I never bought him off.
I just asked him a question.

'Do you really want
Kim Gil-suk to own the resort?'

Do you know
where Mr. Kim is?

Why do you ask?

He's still the largest shareholder.

It's difficult to do
business without him.

If you hear anything,
please let me know.

Did you gain weight?

That's hard to do in prison.

You regret it, don't you?

If that's all, I'm leaving.

Sit your ass back down.

Do you think I came
here out of boredom?

If you admit that
you didn't do it

I'll take care of everything.

Then, what about my debt?

I'll introduce you
to a lawyer.

Declare bankruptcy
and get financial aid.


You think he'll allow that?

He'll find me and
put me to work.

Then, he'll sell my organs.

Mister, do you know
why I'm still alive?

It's because of my beauty.

Good for you.

So, just leave.

Even without your testimony,
Lee Min-suk will get arrested.

On multiple charges.

I'll make him pay
for his greed.

You think it's greed?

What do you mean?

Good luck.

I'll be rooting for you.

This is nice.

The East Sea is better
than the West Sea.

I never took time
to enjoy the scenery.

If this is where I grew up,
would I be any different?

Seems like Gangneung
suits your taste, sir.

It's nice, but people are
the same everywhere.

Do you own this place, too?

Well, I'm a loyal man.

I'm even happy to
see your face.

Maybe all that fighting
lead to attachment.

Why are you here?

To negotiate?

To do business.

Business, huh?

You're too hard to get rid of.

So, let's manage
the resort together.

I'll take the casino.
You take the club.

The rest, we'll cut up.

And share the books.

You want to act as
if nothing happened?

Isn't this what you wanted?

Or, do you want
another knife fight?

Looks like hardship
made you weak.

Even with a knife,
you couldn't kill me properly.

Do you want another chance?

Most people get scared
after being stabbed.

But you seem fine.

You put a hole in my stomach,
so of course I'm scared.

But all that hardship made
me realize something.

You're also scared of me, right?

But after what happened,
it's hard to trust you.

When we first talked,
you agreed to back off.

If you weren't happy,
you should have persuaded me.

You tried to get the police
to arrest me, too.

Talk means nothing.

What about this conversation?

Does it mean anything?

In this world,
words are meaningless.

Claim that you're in this together,
but then eat your friend's heart.

That's what humans do.

So, stop talking
and just do it.

Let's wait and see.

I heard you met with
Lee Min-suk.

How the hell
do you know that?

What are you planning?

Nothing much.

I want to do business like
these bastards from Seoul.

You're going to run
around with a knife, too?

Do you know why
I work this hard?

After I retire, I want to enjoy
a relaxing life here.

But I'm going to
need a friend.

If you run around
stabbing people...

I won't be able to see you.

This is no time for
such daydreams.

No, it's the perfect
time for daydreams.

You can't survive in this world
without a little romance.

Don't be ridiculous.
Romance is long dead.

It's still alive, you idiot.


I'm the police.

I can't make exceptions
if you break the law.

That's just fine.

You do your job,
and I'll do mine.


Let me handle it.
Don't do this, okay?

I trust you.

But I don't trust your words.


You make me leave, and then
you make me come back.

It seems like you can't
make up your mind.

I heard what happened.

Things aren't looking good, right?

There's no need to comfort me.

Why did you want to see me?

I'm going to kill
Lee Min-suk.

Will you help?

Why should I help you?

Don't you have unfinished
business with him, too?


You lost, so you're
asking around for help.

Who would trust you?

He killed my boss,
yet I did nothing.

That wasn't because
I'm an idiot.

You can't go crazy while
dealing with a madman.

It's not as simple as
paying off the police.

In this war, I'll end up
doing all the hard work.

But I'll only get to be the resort's
second largest shareholder.


I'll let you become
the largest shareholder.

You take my shares.

I'll take Lee's shares.

The moment he dies...

Mr. Shin, you'll become
the largest shareholder.

How's that?

Mr. Kim...

You've never wielded
a knife before.

Are you sure
you can handle it?


Kim Gil-suk gave his shares
to Chungsong Planning.

They're opening an office
here in Gangneung.

Should we strike first?

You're here.

You're working with
Chungsong Planning?

You just sit on your ass,
but you hear everything.

I've heard he's not easy
to work with, either.

Why did you do it?

Why, you ask?

I guess it was greed.

Do you know how
I became a gangster?

I was just over 20.

Some fishermen were auctioning off
the squid they had caught overnight.

But some guys from Seoul
were causing trouble.

So, the boss and I
beat them all up.

And the fishermen
thanked us for it.

They even treated
us to raw fish.

That's how I started.

For a while, things were fine.

But then, trucks belonging to
big companies started causing trouble.

This time, we couldn't
beat them all up.


We expanded our organization
and founded a company.

We even made business cards.

I worked really hard.

And that resort...

That big building didn't
just appear out of nowhere.

It was my dream to
build something like that.

What do you think?

Is it greedy of me
to want that?

I never thought of it as mine.

It's ours.

Well, that's the problem.

There's no such thing as 'ours'.

It's either yours or mine.

Can't you...

Can't you just apologize?


You only apologize...

After you do
something wrong.

I've done nothing wrong,
so I can't apologize.


Just do me a favor.

Don't share it with others.

It should be all yours.

I won't apologize, either.


- Son of a bitch!
- Stand back.

You adjusted pretty fast.

Why did you turn
this place into hell?

I didn't do anything.

The world decides
these things.

People just follow.

That's right.

That's why we followed, too.

Just in time.

Lee Min-suk, you're under arrest for
conspiracy to murder and drug trafficking.

How did you get a warrant?

You won't find anything.

Arrest him.

What the hell!

Is this how you've lived
all these years?

Yes, sir?

How did it go?

- Things are still developing.
- Don't make any mistakes.

When Lee Min-suk dies,
Kim Gil-suk must die.

Don't worry, sir.

Everything's going
according to plan.

Everyone thinks that
they deserve more.

If we don't get rid of Kim Gil-suk,
we'll keep fighting over the shares.

Mr. Kim swallowed his pride
and asked for your help.

He must trust you.

What about Lee Min-suk?
Did he trust you, too?

Let's wrap things up
and go to Mr. Kim.

You sons of bitches!


You're so adorable
for a tough guy.



If you lock me up, Kim Gil-suk
won't have to kill anyone.

Things will settle
down for a while.


This war will break out again.

You're just making things
more bothersome.


What are you doing?

- What about you?
- This is police business.

No warrant was approved.

Is that a fake warrant?

If you don't stop now,
I won't be able to help you.

It's too late for any of that.

Shut up!

If you want to kill him,
you'll have to kill us first.

Move, you bastard!

Care to explain?

Go to Seoul.
Don't ever come back.

Are you asking me to
beg for my life?

I'm saving your life,
even before you beg.

You never got a warrant?

Are you even listening?

Don't go.

You'll die if you do.

Running away won't
change anything.

Only death will end things.

I don't care about that.

I just want to
save my friend.

You're such an idiot.

Your friend is no different.

He's approaching me, too.

Fuck you!

Take that!

Are you upset?

You don't deserve
to be upset.

Of course not.

I knew that
I'd die this way.

That triumphant face of yours.

It makes me laugh.

Kim Gil-suk...

You think that you're
nothing like me.

But remember
how I look right now.

Sooner or later,
you'll die just like this.

Are you going to arrest me?

My bosses, my brothers
and my friends...

You did nothing
while they all died.

But you're going
to arrest me?


Is this what you wanted?

Will you be able to
live this way?

What other choice did I have?

I told you.

Romance is long dead.