Tomb of Torture (1963) - full transcript

A woman is tormented by dreams that she is the reincarnation of a dead countess. Her father, trying to get her to stop the dreams, takes her to a village near the castle of the late countess. In the village she meets a reporter who is investigating reports of the deaths of two young women who it is believed were killed by a creature that lives in the castle.

(footsteps and heavy breathing)


(dramatic music)

(dramatic piano)

(quiet chatter)

- The gate's open, let's go in.

Are you afraid?

- Yes, a little.

- Oh, come on.

What are you waiting for?

- I,

it's starting to get dark.

- Don't tell me you're scared of ghosts,

everybody knows there's
no such thing as ghosts.

- I don't wanna go in.

- Are you coming or aren't you?

- Let's go back.

- Alright, I'll go by myself.

- No, I'm going in.

No, no, wait (mumbling).


- (gasp) Oh, stop that, will you?

- Oh, this place is spooky, let's go.

- Be quiet, will you?

You make me nervous


It's nothing, it was only a bat,

they don't hurt.


Did you bring any matches?

- Yes.

- Give them to me.

See that picture, that's Countess Irene,

she's beautiful, isn't she?

- Yes she is.

- She disappeared 20 years ago,

no one knows what happened to her.

- How awful.

- It happened just before
her wedding to Ramon,

they said they loved each other terribly.

- Is it true that he's
still looking for her?

- He's mad.

- Let's get out of here.


- Hector.

- Oh, Countess Elizabeth, I
didn't realize it was you,

you frightened me half to death.

- What made you think
you could come in here

and spy?

Answer me.

- Don't be angry with us,

it's all my fault.

I only wanted to look at that picture.

- You know that you have
no business in here,

I ought to teach you a lesson.

Get out of here.

Get out.


- Come on.


She's a nasty old witch, isn't she?

I must admit, I was scared.

- Ester please, let's go.

I don't like this place at all.


She isn't exactly a
charming hostess is she?

Let's go, come on.

Let's try this way.

(door shutting)


Oh, if this is a joke, it's not funny.

Wait there a second.


Cathy, what's wrong?



Cathy, please stop.

(loud yelling and laughing)


Cathy, don't cry,

you see, there's nothing to cry about.

Come on Cathy, stop crying now, please.

We'll find a way out of here, I promise.

You'll see, we'll find a way out of here.

You wait here.



Cathy, where are you?





Cathy, please talk to me.

Cathy, Cathy where are you?



Oh Cathy, Cathy, Cathy,

what's the matter?

Please Cathy, please say something.


Cathy, Cathy,






(screaming and crying)

- No, no, no, no!

No, no!

No, no!


- Driver, stop a second.

I'll be right back.

I'm a doctor.

- You're a little bit too
late to help these two.

I'm afraid the only person
that can do them any good now,

is an undertaker.

(dramatic piano)

- Doctor Darnell.

- Ramon.

How are you?

It's good to see you again.

- It's good to see you, doctor.

Do you really think they
died of exposure, Dobson?

- Hmm, help me get them
out of here will ya?

- Once he has a theory, you
can't argue with Dobson.

There's no use staying here.

- That know-it-all thinks he can do my job

better than I can.

Alright, lift.

- It's been a long time since
you left the village, doctor.

- You mean to say, you've
kept on living here?

- Just the last two years,

I went abroad for awhile but
couldn't seem to stay away.

- And what happened to Countess Elizabeth?

- Well,

she stayed right here.

She inherited that castle but,

she's living in a little
house outside the village.

And you doctor, you back to stay?

- I don't know.

- And your daughter, how is she?

- It's for her sake that I've come back.

Now, she's waiting there in the carriage.

I see that modern progress
hasn't effected this place, yet,

it looks like the same one that took me

to the railroad station when I left here.


- Irene.

- Irene?

- I supposed I ought
to of warn you, Ramon,

but I didn't know how to put it.

Her name is Anna, my daughter.

- I simply can't believe it.

Will you forgive me,

I'm sorry doctor, but
I'm afraid I must go now.

I hope you'll have a
chance to come and see me

very soon, doctor Darnell.

- Who's he?

- I'll explain to you as we go along.

Hey you, wake up.

Wake up.

- Did you pardon, sir?

- Let's go.

- And now doctor Darnell,

so he's come back too, huh?

Seems like quite a reunion of old friends.

(dramatic piano)



- And no one ever found her?

- No, Ramon kept looking long
after everyone else gave up,

he was obsessed by it,
almost as if he were mad.

- And do I really look
like Countess Irene?

- You could be her twin sister.

You saw Ramon's reaction.

- That's why you brought
me here, isn't it father?

- Yes.

We had to come here, it's our last hope.

- And if it fails?

- If it fails,

- I'll go insane,

that's what you were
about to say, isn't it?

- No, of course not.

You mustn't talk like that,

everything's going to be alright.

- And do you remember
what you have to buy?

- Of course.

- Don't tell me you've forgotten the list.

- Now, what did I do with it?

Ah, here it is.

Well, I'll get going then.

Are you sure there's
nothing else you need?

- No, not today,

you'll have to get along
with things as they are

'till I've had time to
put the house in order.

- I won't be long.














- Countess Irene?

Countess Irene?

Countess Irene?

Countess Irene?


(grunting and yelling)

- She should come out of it soon.

- It's been three hours
since the nightmare ended,

it must've been horrible.

You see, I was going by the house

and I heard her moaning,

I came to see whether I could help.

- There's no need for explanations,

it was very thoughtful of you.

- Does this happen very often?

- Yes, I'm afraid so.

She re-lives, what seems to be,

the murder of Countess Irene,

at least that's the way I understand it.




Are you feeling better now?

Do you want a sedative?

- No, I won't dream anymore.

I feel completely exhausted,
but I'll be alright now.

- Do you want us to leave you alone?

- Yes, and would you turn out the light?

- Yes, alright.

- Roman.

- Yes?

- Roman,

I wonder if the key to the mystery

of Countess Irene's death is,

never mind.

Goodnight, Roman.

- Goodnight.

(dramatic music)

- Now, stop thinking about it, Roman,

it doesn't mean anything,
it's only a dream.

- No doctor, you're wrong.

There's a lot more to it than that.

If your daughter re-lives
Irene's death in her nightmares,

then she must see the murderer.

Isn't that true?

- She only sees his eyes, when
he lifts his (mumbling) up.

- But she'd still be
able to recognize him.

Don't you understand?

- But,

- Let me finish.

You say you brought Anna back in here

to be in the same surroundings
as Irene when she died,

you're hoping this will enable her

to get rid of those nightmares.

- What are you saying right now?

- I advise you to leave
here doctor Darnell,

leave the village immediately.

- Are you serious?

- Quite serious.

You saw the bodies of those
two young girls this morning,

those girls didn't die of exposure,

they were murdered at the castle.

- But how do you know that?

- I know.

I'm warning you, doctor Darnell,

go away before it's too late.

Well doctor, I bid you goodnight.

- Goodnight.

- Doctor Darnell.

He talks your ear off, doesn't he?

I wouldn't pay any attention to 'em.

Listen doctor, there are one or two things

I feel I should tell you.

- Go right ahead.

- You see, I represent the law.

- Really?

- And since it's my sworn
duty to investigate that,

what are you doing?

- Stick out your tongue as far as you can,

say ahh.

- Stick out my toungue?

- And say ahh.

- Ahh.

- Just as I thought, it's coated, Dubson,

you drink too much.

A good enema is what you need.

And above all, don't get frightened.


- Hmm, well he has some nerve.

Don't get frightened,

frighten me?

(peaceful music)

(playful music)


Well what doing there, who are you,

what do you want?

- Well,

I'm, don't get excited, I
just came to get some water

for my car.

- Go away, you hear?

- Alright.

- You want me to catch pneumonia?

Go on before I freeze.

- Is this far enough?

- That's better.

Oh, you mind doing me a favor first?

Please take those clothes

and put them over there on that bush.

Alright, turn around,

and go away.

- Can I turn around now?

- Just one more minute.

- Tell me, tell me what's your name?

- Why do you want to know?

- I'll let you know,

you're also very pretty
when you're dressed.

- And you're very unpleasant,

who do you think you are?

- George Dixon,

but in the interest of (mumbling)

and to keep pace with modern civilization,

why don't you call me George.

Do you live here?

- Yes, and no, how 'bout you?

- Me? No, no,

I'm a reporter, I just came down here

to get the story on those two little


Then my car stopped on me,

and I realized I needed
water for radiator.

I'm looking for the village.

Listen, if you'll show me the way,

not only will I give you a ride home,

but I'll even tell you
the history of my life.

You know, it's a fascinating story,

sometimes I'm very moved by it.


- Don't you ever run out of words?

But, I guess I'll just
have to put up with it.

Anyway, it's only a mile to the village.

- Come on.

Madam, your chariot.

- You're not going to try and tell me

that thing really runs?

- Watch how you talk about her,

she's very sensitive.

She's liable to take
offense and refuse to budge,

go on, make yourself at home.



You see what you did?

She's offended.

That did it.


- Hello father.

- You might have told
me where you were going,

I was worried about you.

- Now, stop grumbling.

Father, this is George
Dixon, he's a reporter.

- I'm on an assignment for my paper.

I was sent to give the story
on an accident in the castle,

and my readers

- If you know what's good for you,

you'll find some other
subject to feed the curiosity

of your bloodthirsty readers.

- Father.

- It doesn't matter.

I'm glad to have met you, sir.

Goodbye Anna.

- If that news hound wants trouble,

he won't have to look far.

- Father, I've never
seen you act like that.

- Anna, listen to me,

I have nothing special against reporters,

but if he mettles in this case,

he'll be the one who'll pay for it.

- Roman.

Wait a moment, I want to talk to you.

- What are you doing out
at this hour, Elizabeth?

Where are you going?

- I couldn't sleep, I was too restless.

There's something strange
in the air tonight.

- I think you'd better go back to bed.

- Why can't you ever be nice to me, Roman?

- Look here, Elizabeth,

maybe you wanna stay up all night,

but I don't, I'm going home to sleep.


- Goodnight.

Is it true that doctor
Darnell has returned?

- Yes.

Now, if you have no more
to say, I'll be going.

- Hugo?



There are strangers trying to enter.

They want to hurt you.

But you won't let them.

You will kill them.


Go now.

- Who are you?

- So, everything is true?

They told me about you,

it's all true.

It's amazing, you're the image of Irene.

- But, who are you?

- You don't have to be afraid of me.

My name is Elizabeth.

- Elizabeth, but you're
the owner of the castle.


- That's right, I'm the
owner of the castle.

You're envious of me, aren't you?

I can hear it in your voice.

Everybody is envious.

The owner of the castle,

what a worthless pile of stones, and dark,

and drafty old prison of
breeding ground for spiders.

Only somewhere in that castle,

there's a priceless treasure hidden.

Did you know that?

At least, that's what Roman says.

But he's only looking for Irene's body,

he doesn't care about
finding the treasure.

Irene's body,

it's her jewels that he wants.

Isn't that true?

- I don't know.

- You don't?

You know, you even sound like Irene.

I loved Irene,

but somebody killed her.

Somebody killed her.

I know they're all
convinced that I'm crazy,

but it isn't true,

it isn't true.

They killed Irene, and
they're going to kill you,

they're going to kill you.

- Be quiet.

- You mustn't be frightened,

I love you as I loved her.


I'm going now,

but don't forget what I've told you.

- George.

Oh George.


- Anna.

What's the matter?

- Roman.

Oh, Roman,

you startled me, I didn't
know you were there.

Oh, Ramon,

you used to wait for me
by that tree years ago.

You loved me then, didn't you?

Before Irene was here.

Did you want to speak to me?

- What right did you to go see that girl?

- You think she's Irene's
reincarnation, isn't that so?

- Why did you go and see her?

- Because I wanted to
see what she was like,

she's a sweet girl, I like her.

- I warn you, Betty.

- Betty.

- Don't you ever go near that girl again,

she has nothing to do with all this.

Do I make myself clear, Elizabeth?

- What do you mean?

It was only a friendly visit,

I wanted to see her, that's all.

- I said leave her alone.

- Watch out, Roman.

You once made a mistake,

I advise you not to do it again.

- I don't think I can stand it any longer,

I'm not even safe in my own house.

- You mustn't let that
old woman upset you,

after all, she's crazy.

- That only makes it worse.

They're going to kill you, she said.

Sometimes things are too much for me,

I can't fight it anymore,

I just want to die.

- Quiet.

You're talking like an idiot.

- Oh, take me away from here, George,

I don't care where we go,

just as long as we leave today.

I just wanna get away from this place,

otherwise, something
terrible's going to happen,

I know it.

- No, no, you can't run away now, Anna.

Your father's a doctor,

a psychiatrist,

and he loves you.

If he brought you here,

he had a reason for it,

you mustn't let him down.

- Yes, I guess you're right.

Let's not talk about it anymore.

Tell me, what do you think of Roman?

- I must say he has some strange ideas,

but he seems to know what he's doing.

- What about his search for Irene?

- It's incredible that
he keeps looking for her,

after all these years.

- I don't trust him.

- Try to understand it,

after all, we have each other.

I can't imagine you disappearing.

- Or being tortured, and
stabbed to death with a lance,

and abandoned in a hidden
vault in the castle?

What would you do if
I disappeared, George?

Would you look for me?

- That's ridiculous, there
aren't any hidden vaults

in the castle.

- How do you know?

- Because Roman's already looked.

And besides, your life (mumbling) Irene's.

- Roman is convinced that I am Irene's



Don't laugh, George,

can't you see it's a monsterous idea?

I tell you, I'm going insane.

I'm going insane.

- Stop that, Anna.

Look, very soon we'll
go away from this place,

I swear it,

and we'll get married.

In a few weeks you'll
forget this whole affair.

But for the moment try to relax.

- I wish you knew how I
try not to think about it,

when this strange feeling
begins coming over me,

I do everything possible
to try and find something

to take my mind off it.

I try desperately to distract myself,

I'm always looking for new experiences,

even the most violent, anything.

I've tried to escape those nightmares

every way I can.

- And, do you succeed?

- Sometimes I do.

- Now I see.

And the other day down at the lake,

you were trying to find an escape.

- Yes, I went to the lake to forget,

and then you came along,

and suddenly made my
life worth living again.

I love you George.

Please, don't leave me alone, not today.

My father's gone to Greendale,

he won't return 'till tonight,

I'll be all alone in this empty house.

I'd feel much safer if you'd stay,

I can forget everything
else when you're here.

- Of course, Anna,

I'll stay with you,

and I'll be here to protect you.

All day long, alright?

- Yes,

we'll stay together all day long.

You really ought to go, George,

father will be back any minute.

- No he won't,

the train from Greendale
doesn't get in before ten.

- You better go.


- Yes?

- Listen, you won't go
to the castle, will you?

Do you promise?

- If you're going to marry a reporter,

you'll have to get used to the idea

that his job is to poke
his nose into everything.

- I know, but not this time.

Can't you just forget about it?

Let's go away, just the two of us.

I'll get well if we go away.

- Alright Anna, if that's what you want,

we'll go away wherever you like,

after I found what's going
on up at that castle.

After all the stories that Roman told me,

I can't leave without seeing it.

- But surely you don't
believe those stories of his,

he's obsessed with the whole thing.

Everyone knows he's slightly crazy.

- Roman is the only person
in the whole village

who has the courage to try
and find out the truth,

I can understand your father,
he's worried about you.

But the others are only fooling themselves

with their ghost stories.

- Don't talk like that, George.

- Listen Anna, let's not argue over this,

I'm going to the castle,
I won't stay long.

On my way home, I'll throw
stones against your window,

and that way you'll know that I'm safe.

That satisfy you?

- Oh, George.

- Anna.

(dramatic music)



(dramatic music)



(dog barking)


- George.


(door slamming)

(dramatic piano)

(door shutting)

- Anna.

I knew you would come sooner or later.

- I know who you are and
I'm not afraid of you.

Where is George?

- If you know who I am,

then you must know your life is in danger.

- What do you want from me?

- Anna,

you are the incarnation of Countess Irene,

you know all her secrets.

Tell me, where are her jewels?

Where are they?



- They're in the drawing room,

hidden inside the chimney.

- You'd better not be lying.

If this is a trick, your
death will be very slow,

and very painful.

- I have told you the truth.


- You'll stay here where
no one will ever find you.

- George.

- No one can help you now.


- Don't move.

- What the?

- Where's Anna, you filthy scoundrel,

where is she?

What have you done with my daughter?

- But I, I don't

- What are doing sneaking around here?

Go on, talk, exactly what are you up to?

- Why are you?

Where is she?

What's happened to her?

- That's just what
we're asking you, Dixon.

- That monster, that horrible,


- Stay right where you are.

- Don't be a fool, we've got to find her.

- You're not going anywhere.

- I've got to find her.


- Don't move, stay right where you are.

- Oh look.

I'll find the town constable,

and my future father in law.



- Alright, what are you doing here?

- You can put the pistol away now,

you don't need it, Dixon.

- Where is Anna?

- She came here an hour ago,

so I followed her.

But she's vanished, I
can't find her anywhere.

- I think that you're lying, Roman.

Stay where you are.

- You're welcome to shoot me if you like,

but I refuse to stay here.

The girl's in danger,

we've gotta find her before it's too late.

Believe me, Dixon,
she's not in the castle,

I've looked.

- The monster down in the moat.

- What are you saying?

Do you mean to tell me you saw someone

go into the castle from the moat?

- Come on,

you go ahead of me, go on.

Come on, hurry.

Over this way.

It's over there.


- Ah, that's impossible.

- What we need is a pick axe.

Maybe we could force it with that.

Take the other end.



(dramatic music)



(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)


- Get out of here!



- We'll never do it.

- We've gotta keep trying.

- It'll take us all night,

there must be another way in.

- Well, we haven't time to look for it,

come on, it's gotta give.

- You devil, you devil,

you had to come back to
life to drive me insane.

- Stop!


- You devil!


Kill her.

Kill her, I told you.

Brainless idiot!

She isn't the woman you love,

she's an impostor!

Kill her!

Kill her or we'll be delayed!

I said, kill her!

(loud crash)

- Let's go.

- Go on.

- George!




- Don't do it!

Don't do it!

Don't you touch her!






- Anna.


- That door.

- No!


Don't open it!

Don't open it!



(moaning and crying)


(dramatic piano)