Tomb Empty Coffin (2020) - full transcript

Don't just stand there.

Get moving.

You really want to exhume the grave?

I don't believe it.

I saw it with my own eyes.

Hu Yong didn't die.

He killed big brother.

Big brother, he...

I buried him.

How could dead man come alive?

What if it's real?

If it is,

I will make him pay for
big brother's death!

What if he comes back to life?

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

Where's the corpse?

He's alive.

He must be alive.

That's impossible.

I buried him myself.

Impossible. Impossible.


My Lord,

Justice Bao is here.

Eighth Prince.

Upscale tea.

Have a taste.

You called an emergency meeting,

for tea tasting?

Tea tasting, indeed.

Your Highness.

when I came in,

you looked clueless and concerned.

Document on the table

must be classified material
from the Censorate,

issued by the Emperor.

Also, the rain just stopped.

There's still mud on your cloth.

I believe you rushed home.

My guess is,

you sent me here to discuss urgent matters

because you've got a difficult case.

I can't hide anything from you.

I heard you want to go home for vacation.


When I was young,

I studied medicine in Gong'an County.

My medical teacher just passed away,

so I'd like to take a bereavement leave

The Emperor recently received

a classified report from the Censorate,

about a strange, mysterious case.

I'm asking you to handle this matter.

The location happens to be
where you're heading.

Gong'an County?


There's been report of
dead man resurrecting.

Viciously skinning the victims.

With so many strange incidents around here,

county officials never say anything.

The Emperor has concern
for local residents.

He has ordered you to
investigate this case.


Hello, Sir.

You need a room?

Resting horse. I"ll be leaving soon.

Where are you rushing to?

Gong'an County.

You dress like a government official.

Are you here for that strange incident?

Stop asking.

Bring some food, I'll be on my way.

Please wait, coming right up.


Food's here.

Try our house wine.

Have a sip.

It relieves fatigue.

Have a drink with me.

I can't drink.

You can't or you're afraid?

What do you mean by this?

This an old establishment.

But there's no stain on the table.

Abacus on the counter is filled with dust.

unless you don't do bookkeeping.

You're just a waiter,

but you wear expensive shoes.

If I guess correctly,

before I even finish that drink,

I would be...unconscious?


Listen to me.

Drink it.

Drink it to avoid pain.

As soon as I walked in I knew
you weren't legit.

You focused only on the table,

never asked about the guests.


Feed my horse!

Pretty happening here.

How about I eat first?



Let's go.

Back to capital.

It's too late.

Take the shortcut.

Head southeast,

go ten miles,

you'll see a compound.

That place...

has the poison antidote.

Sir, are you all right?


Sir. Sir!

Justice Bao, you're awake.

You are?

Just call me Xu.

Where's Zhan?

Zhan went to get water.

Thanks. Not necessary.

Mrs. Gu,

go easy when you're out in the field.

-Older bones are more fragile.

Qian Er.

Don't run!

Wait for me!

Qian Er.

Stop running!

Slow down.

Don't fall.

I got you.

Give me a bite.

You can have one.

Just one bite.

Qian Er, go bring me the medicine.


I'm back!


Dr. Hu is back.


-Let dad have a bite. -Ok.



One more bite.


These will be enough.

You and Dr. Hu are so kind.

Dr. Hu.

Thank you.

Don't get your wound wet.


-I'm leaving. -Go ahead.

Did you give some to your brother?

Let him have a bite.

Ms. Hu!

Where do I put the water?

-Put it in the kitchen. -Ok,

Thank you, Zhan.

No sweat.

It's done.

-Be careful. -Thank you.

-You're ok now. -Let me help.

Go slow.

I'll carry you, Mrs. Gu.


Move the cart.


Mrs. Gu.

Remember to take your medicine.

Thank you all.

Thank you, lady.

Xian Er.

My colleague.

Feeling better?

Much better.

As soon as I received your letter,

I rushed down here.

Go get lunch.

Don't starve yourself.

It's ok.

I'd like to visit master's grave first.

Forget it.

My dad's remains,

have disappeared.


What happened?

A month ago,

dad went to the mountains for herbs.

didn't return for days.

I got worried,

went to look for him.


I found dad's body by the hillside.


There was a stab wound in his chest.


Dad always helped others,

lived a simple life.

He couldn't have enemies.

Who exactly

would commit such atrocity against dad?

I couldn't leave the body exposed,

so I went in town,

had the Qi Brothers buried dad.

Then I wrote to you.

But who knew,

on night of the seventh,

dad's grave was dug up.

his remains were gone.

The Qi Brothers that buried dad,

also got into trouble that night.

Elder Brother Qi Zong

was murdered at home.

Younger Brother Qi Yuan

had his face peeled off.

Youngest Brother Qi Heng

went crazy.

He told everyone

that dad faked his death.

killed his brothers.

Where are the remains of Qi Brothers?

At the county office.

Master spent his whole life helping others.

but ended his life in this mess.

I will not leave,

until I get to the bottom of this!

-How's the food? -Very good.

-And soup coming right up. -Ok.

Xu is dad's adopted son.

Dad's health had been declining.

he helped me took care of dad.

He also helped us yesterday.

Is he single?

Dad wanted to fix me up with him.

So it didn't happen in time.


I'll get more rice.

Here, let me do it.

Thank you.

I'll say you worked very hard today.

Chopping wood and carrying water.

Because I pity Ms. Hu.

-By the way,

did Mrs. Hu pass away early?


She died in a pandemic over
ten years ago.

Justice Bao!

Are you ok?

What's the hurry?

Case is evolving, we must hurry.

-To the county office? -Yes.

We must examine Qi Yuan's body.


Mrs. Gu's injured leg

needs her prescription refilled.

Please go there.

Rest assured.

Watch the house please.

Xian Er, you...

I'll go help you.

XIan Er.

Justice Bao can handle the investigation.

It's too dangerous for you to go.

Dad's remains are missing,

how could I just sit at home?


body examination is my expertise.

I can help you.

Let's go.

I've never thought Gong'an County

would become so depressing.

In recent years it's been very chaotic.



Many young girls have gone missing.

County kept investigating,

but to no avail.

Folklore says

it's due to something filthy here.


Greetings, brother.

We're from capital city Kaifeng.

Here to meet with county lord.

Do you know the rules?

County lord stopped taking visitors

about two weeks ago.

Get lost.

-No, -Hey fellow,

I'm here on official business. Please help.

It's a no regardless of ranking.


Where's the morgue?

It's alright.

I'll...wait outside.

That's Younger Brother Qi Yuan.

Let's start.


The deceased was muscular.

Had visible bruises.

His whole face was peeled off.

No water in lungs.

Abdominal color normal.

No signs of poisoning.

You useless garbage.

Let those bastards takeover my office.

Think this is a food market?

Sir, that's him!

Imperial official here.

Stay put.

What the heck are you?

Arrest him!

-Arrest him! -Yes!

I told you to stay put.


County lord,

you're so arrogant.


Aren't you,

the famous Justice Bao from Kaifeng?

I apologize for my manners.

You dog, are you blind?

-This is... -What do I call you?

Shameless Han Qi.

Lord Han.

Are you aware of such incident

occurring in your district lately?

That was a rumor

created by ignorant civilians.

It was an accidental death.

Accidental death?

Based on my analysis,

it was murder!

Victim had stab wounds everywhere.

Piercing through bones.

The killer had extraordinary strength.

To torn off the entire face,

was obviously an intentional act.

These were the characteristics.

Chop and slash wounds were produced by axe,

while facial wounds were
smooth and straight,

indicating the weapon was a sharp object.

Must a custom-forged knife.

These were the weapons.

The victim's vital organs were not injured.

But pain from facial skin removal

didn't lead to instant death.

Blood rushing to atrium
rupturing heart valve,

was the real cause of death.

This could only occur

when the victim went into shock.

But Qi Yuan was used to burying corpses,

he couldn't be easily shocked.

Qi Yuan and Qi Zong were both killed
on raining nights.

Raining nights?

This could very well be the killer's habit.

Justice Bao.

You're here for less than an hour.

you already solved so many puzzles.

You really live up to your name.

I command you.

Lord Han.

Gong'an County's murder case

has created public fear.

But neither state nor imperial officials
knew this.

Being the county lord,

you ignored public sentiment
and your duties.

Do you recognize law and order of Song?

I hope you catch the murderer soon.

It will determine my report to the Emperor.


-Zhan. -Here.

Help Lord Han gather files of

all criminal cases over the past ten years.

Should anyone interfere,

-punish with no mercy! -Yes!

This county lord is shady.

Watch him.


Where is Qi Heng?

You came back alive.

Let me go.

I beg you.

Let me go!

Alive again.

Those girls are seeking revenge.

I made those girls die.

My karma.

It's karma.

Alive again.

Alive again.

Back from the dead.

Someone got ahead, silenced the witness.

Sharp knife cut.

My bad.

I let the witness die on my watch.

Now is not the time to shift blames.

Why peel off his face?

Because of hatred.

So murder wasn't enough to relieve hatred?

What if peeling off facial skin,

wasn't the motive but a procedure?

Like a ceremony.

A bloody ceremony that converged

two individuals of different stature
and social class.

But what's the relationship
between the two?



Three Thousand Merchants. Irony. King.

Mr. Zhao.


Do you know about this?

No, I don't know about this.

This has nothing to do with me.

Your boss was a low ranking official.

But he lived beyond his means.

When I first saw him,

I knew he was taking bribe.

If you be honest I'll forget everything.

But if you hide the truth,

I'll hand you the most severe punishment!

Mercy! Mercy, Sir!

I only knew Lord Han had a close friend

named Wang Lang.

That man recruited gangsters,
ran crooked shop.

He only conducts illegal business.

I'm really not involved in this, Sir!

Crooked shop?

Is that crooked shop

in east back mountain?


Justice Bao.

We dug up some items in the backyard.

Justice Bao.

These are all women's clothes.

They've been buried for a while.


these clothes came from the missing girls?

Their clothes are here,

but where did they go?

I found many missing women files

in the county records.

There were over forty in the past ten year.

Most were damaged by mildew.

I came to investigate master's death,

instead it opened Pandora's box.

There's no telling how many dark secrets

are hidden behind Gong'an County.

My gosh,

did you stay up all night?

How could I sleep,

with rumors swirling around
these murder cases?

Do you think,

spirits of those dead girls,

came back for revenge?

A corrupt county lord,

a robbery murderer,

and three grave diggers.

like an organized crime.

Killing women in town over the past decade.

But what was their motive?

Why did they die of unnatural causes?

Was there internal conflict?

Or they got rid of dissidents?

Your analysis makes sense.

Where's the evidence?

We can't find any missing person.

Remember we found muddy footprints

in Lord Han's bedroom?

There were white crystalline in the mud.

I tested the white crystalline with tea,

it came from alum.

Alums are formed in crystal structure.

In addition,

when I mixed the mud with tea,

oil slick floated to the surface.

That means the mud
buried decomposed bodies.

If we can find the alums,

we can find the murderer's hideout.

Search every location within
thirty miles of Gong'an.

What happened?

If plants are flourishing,

it's unlikely that soil contains
crystallized minerals.

If downstream water tastes bitter.

Head upstream.

You might find crystallized minerals.

Any withered area in the mountains,

look for those minerals under the cracks,

or inside the caves.

May 9, Year Three of the Qingli Era.

Fiancée of He Family
went missing in northside.

Case Filer, He Yuchun.

January 10, Year Four of the Qingli Era.

Female dye worker missing
in Tongbao Street.

Case Filer, Zhangshi.

-Be careful! -What's this?

April 24, Year Four of the Qingli Era.

Zhou's daughter missing
in West Kaiyuan County.

Case Filer, Zhou Peide.



Watch out!


He's not your dad!

Let's go.

-Dad! -Go!



Get in quick!

Bao, what are you doing?

Don't come out!

-Bao! -Go!

Bao! Bao!


Are you okay?


Be careful!

Most of the corpses here were female.

Some are children.

They all went missing the same time.

The murderer also peeled off master's face.

Bound him to a stick.

Handle with care.


I studied here for years.

I never knew this is alum mountain.

This is an abandoned cave from
previous dynasty.

County had no record of it.

Only a few elders knew this place.




Fourteen years ago,

there was a pandemic in Gong'an County.

In only a few months,

it wiped out ninety percent
of city's population.

Master was a doctor in the county.

He tried everything,

but couldn't stop spread of the disease.

He could only watch patients
dying one by one.

Dr. Hu, come quick!

In the end,

even his nurse wife was infected.

Madam, Madam.

Those who could escape left early.

The rest became traumatized.

They insisted on burning the infected
to stop the spread.

-Including children. -Burn them!

Let us go. I'm begging you!

-Let us go!

Burn them!

Everyone, give me more time,

I promise I'll cure them!


Let me go!

Let us go!

Give me more time!


I'll never forget the look on their face.

Full of desperation and fear.

In grief I left the master and Qian Er.

I left the family, took imperial exam.

Hoping someday I could better mankind.

To make sure this decade old tragedy

never repeats again.

You mean,

these cases are related to the pandemic
from fourteen years ago?

From every aspect,

it appears this serial murder case

is definitely linked to the old grudge.

Check every ironsmith.

Dig deep and found out

where this knife came from.

You didn't sleep.

You didn't sleep either.

I know what you're thinking.

Dad is innocent.

I know he's not that kind of person.

I believe so too.


You don't believe him.

I can see it in your eyes.

-Qian Er. -Don't lie to me.

I'm not lying.

Master was a dad to me.

I know him well.


I just feel some things are abnormal.

I will prove it to you.

Dad is not involved.

He is innocent.

I found it.

I checked every ironsmith in town.

Only a man in Kaiyuan County named
Zhou Peide.

could forge this high quality weapons.

But no one has seen him for six months.

Zhou Peide.

Wasn't he that case filer?

He's a prime suspect.

Blueprint for lancet.


Zhou Peide is a mastersmith indeed.

Xian Er.

Send the arrest warrant for suspect,

Zhou Peide.



Six months ago we retained a suspect
in county jail,

His name was Zhou Peide.


Mr. Zhao knows about it.


Zhou Peide's daughter went missing.

He said county officials killed her.

He even assaulted Lord Han.

So we locked him up.

That's all I know!

Who are you?

Don't kill me.

I know nothing!

Don't kill me!

It was all Lord Han's doing.

It has nothing to do with me.

Zhou Peide.

Do you recognize this knife?

Who asked you to forge this knife?

Give me a name.

I'll give your daughter justice.


This man is crazy.


Jufeng Hospital.

Justice Bao, you're awake.

You are?

Just call me Xu.

Where's Qian Er?

Go to Jufeng Hospital right away.



Why is it you?

Xian Er.

My dad saved your life.

My family fostered you for ten plus years.

Why did you kill my dad?

Qian Er. Qian Er.

-Don't move! -Go!



Xu Feng.

Do you recognize this knife?

Sharp edge leaves no blood stain.

A premium knife.

Any knife tainted with blood
is a murder weapon.

Who knew how many people you've killed
with this knife.

Knife is for killing.


You lived for killing.

In just two weeks,
you murdered five people.

Plus all the innocent people you killed
over the years.

Since Justice Bao knows me so well,

Let's hear it from you.

Rumors about dead man coming alive
was step one.

It was a decoy to kill Qi Brothers.

You let Qi Heng go, to create rumors
and public fear.

When you knew I came back,

you intentionally dressed up
in a raining night,

used me to validate the rumors.

But you were afraid I'd find the truth.

You got ahead of me and killed Qi Heng,

To destroy remaining clues.

But there was one more concern,

the greedy and cowardly Lord Han.

Afraid he would give you up,

you killed him to protect yourself.

The gangsters in the tavern,

were also your accomplices.

You removed dead bodies before I got there,

But you made one mistake,

by not removing the ladies' clothes.

Over the past decade,

the gangsters abducted and killed,

Qi Brothers buried the bodies,

Lord Han did the cover-up.

And you,

are the culprit of all the murders.


Justice Bao.

You are indeed spot on.

Why did you kill your own men?

Qi Brothers wanted to back out.

I had to kill them,

to keep their mouths shut.

And the master?

How could you kill the foster parent
that raised you?

Because he discovered my secret.


he wouldn't let me take revenge.


Could it be?

You were the kid that survived the burning!

Let me go! I'm begging you!

We were innocent victims.

but we became sacrifice of
fear and prejudice.

We had sworn revenge.

Formed our own organization.

To retaliate against those townsmen!

Your organization?

Qi Brothers and the gangsters.

were all children of the burned victims.

They had no family or friends.

They hid in dark corners,
lived like lowlives,

lived for revenge.

But the young girls were not involved.

They were daughters of those townsmen.

I killed them,

to make them suffer pain!

Even if they were guilty,

it would be up to law and order, not you!

But I never saw any of those townsmen

being convicted in the court of law!

Do you know,

what it feels like being burned?

It felt like being in hell.

Felt like your skin was cooked.

Grandma, I don't wanna die!

All the desperate looks.

All engulfed in flames.

Even though I survived,

but my heart died in that fire.

God allowed me to live,

so I could punish those townsmen!

Let me ask you,

why did you peel their face off?

Because I want to remember their faces.

to replace all the desperate looks

from the victims' faces.

What about the young girls?

Their faces were soft and beautiful.

Murderer Xu Feng.

You committed the worst crime
of taking lives.

You will be jailed and executed.

Take him down!


Get up!

Congratulations Sir on solving the case.

It's still early to call case closed.


To ride from paper shop to county office,

take about an hour.

But Lord Han and Qi Heng died

within thirty minutes of each other.

How did Xu Feng do it?

Suppose Xu Feng only wanted to kill master.

Then why tie the body in ceremonial
position inside the cave?

He had plenty of time to escape.

Why did he just surrender?

Now that you mentioned, I remembered,

he didn't have the brute strength
of the previous intruder.


there is a second killer?

I believe,

Xu Feng did murder those girls.

But the face peeling murderer

was another person.

Xu Feng took the fault

for a different reason.

I have one suspect in mind.

But he isn't as simple as he appears.



I need you to do something for me.

When you complete this task,

we will know the truth about this case.

You bastard!

I'll kill you!

I'll kill you!

Shameless garbage!

Kill him!

What are you doing? Get back!

Kill him!

You! Get back!

Open the door!


Get in.

Murderer Xu Feng is confined.

Qian Er.

Qian Er?

I prepared some food for you.

Qian Er.

Here. Try this.

See if it tastes like your mom's cooking.

Mom's beef stew was your favorite.

Here, try it.

I didn't think you remembered
our childhood.

Of course I did.

I can never forget homemade cooking.

There're so many things happening lately.

I know they're hard for you to accept.

Master's unexpected death.

Xu Feng.

After all they've family for many years.

But Qian Er,

life must continue.

This family must continue.


Is there still a family?

If I'm still here,

your family is still here.



I have a request.


Let's toast first.


You can tell me now.

Release Xu Feng.

Release Xu Feng?



Because he's also our family.

Mom risked her life to save him.

I don't want to see more people dying.

Qian Er.

Xu Feng and I were both master's students.

It hurts me to punish him.

But he has to pay for his crimes.

If I release him,

how do I explain to the people?

And those who died?

How do I explain to our justice system?


Qian Er.

-You... -Bao.


I don't have that righteousness
you presumed.

I just want us family to live a good life.



and Xu Feng.

Qian Er.

You can't...

My dad saved your life.

My family fostered you for ten plus years.

Why did you kill my dad?

Qian Er!

Listen to me.

Everything I did

was to repay my debt.

Don't be scared.

Don't be scared.

When I was six,

my parents died on the streets
due to illness.

I was abandoned in the wild.

Your parents saved me.

They took care of me.

So I swore I would repay them someday.

Who knew,

that fire put a stop to everything.

Madam. Madam.

Mother saved me from the fire.

but her faced was burned
beyond recognition.


My mom died of leprosy fourteen years ago.

Master didn't want to you to suffer more.

So he covered it up.

He hoped you'd forget everything.

Qian Er.

She is your mother.

No, this can't be real!

Listen to me!

All these years,

I was the culprit behind
all the abductions.

Master knew about it.

That's the truth.

You liar!

Liar! I won't listen!

You listen!

I won't!

County gave us orders,

conspire with Qi and gangsters,

kill and torn off victims' faces.

in order to keep mother alive.

She has to look at a perfect face,

to not harm her own.

So that she will eat.

Qian Er.

She is your mother.






When master suddenly died.

I knew we were exposed.

Some madman is seeking revenge on us.

A skilled fighter, I can't take him.

I have no lead on this person.

All I've been doing is hide.

Bao's investigation is also closing in.


We don't have much time.


The past fourteen years,

everyday was a nightmare.

I can't turn back anymore.

Qian Er.

What's left of our future,

is between you and mom.

Bao will be here soon.

Let me take the fault.

so I won't die in vain.


And mom,

please take care of her.

But before we do anything,

you have to bear some pain.

No one expected this.

How could it be him?

Justice Bao's order.

Wait outside the hall.

I've been staying incognito for six months.

because no one would
suspect a lunatic in prison.

That also gives me time to kill you all.

Justice Bao knew you were faking it.

We didn't expect an ironsmith
to be so vicious.

Why are you here?

Did you forget what I told you?

I can't just watch you die.

So you were the dead man alive.

Justice Bao.

You guys...



Go. Quick.

Start packing, I'll get mom!



Mom! Mom!






Qian Er.

Qian Er!

Xu Feng.

Get mom out of here.

Come on!

Xu Feng.

All these years,

you made only one mistake.

You used my knife to kill my daughter.

It's time you pay back with your life.

Xu Feng!

You bunch of lowlives.

I should have killed you
fourteen years ago!

Xu Feng!

I killed your dad,

Qi Brothers and the County Lord.

They paid their lives for my daughter's.

And you.

I couldn't kill you that night.


let everything burn to the ground.

Qian Er.


Don't mind me.

Zhou Peide!

You killed innocent people for revenge.

How are you different from Xu Feng?

An eye for an eye.

What's the difference?

Drop your weapon.

I'll find you justice.


Where is justice in this world?

Why did you leave the alums at the scene?

And directed me to Xu Feng.

So the whole world can see the truth.

Six months ago,

if I met you instead of
that crook Lord Han,

maybe none of this would happen.

It's not too late.


It's too late.

You've never been a father.

So you'll never get it.

The moment I decided on revenge,

there was no turning back.

Qian Er.

Qing Er.

Qing Er!

Come on!

Qian Er.


Take good care of mom.

Qian Er.

Qian Er!

Back then,

I gave up medicine for law hoping
to better mankind.

But now,

I watch all my family members

became victims of hatred.

Keep us apart by life and death.

In an ever changing world.

My condolence.

Now the case is closed.

The killers are dead.

Does that make everyone better?

At least,

everyone would hope to become better.

Perhaps the hope for a better mankind,

is a luxury in itself.

There's always light
at the end of the tunnel.

Saving the world,

preserving law and order of Song Dynasty,

are our duties.

Where do we go next?

Back to capital.

I received emergency order
from Eighth Prince.

Something major happened in capital.

They want us back immediately.