Tom at the Farm (2013) - full transcript

The story of Tom, who is in the grip of grief and depression following the death of his lover. When he meets the family of the deceased, it is revealed the mother was not aware of her son's sexual orientation, or his relationship with Tom either, for that matter.


...a part of me...

...has died...

...and I cannot...


For I've forgotten...

...all synonyms for...



...all I can do...

...without you... replace you.

Fuck this.

Is anyone here?


Son of a bitch.

Tom at the Farm

Sir, why are you in my house?



All I had was your address, so...


I'm Tom.

Sorry about the mess.
It's been hell around here.

- It's ok.
- Just so sudden.

I couldn't find a hotel--

Hotels aren't exactly
this town's specialty.

Fine black car you got there.



I should've started with that.
I forgot.

My condolences.

Call me Agathe.

No friends called.
Figured he didn't have any.

Smart guy like him...
Bet they all envied him.

Don't you say you're leaving tomorrow.
He always said that.

You'll stay.

And say something at the funeral?

Yes, I wrote...

a few words...

However, it's a little informal, humble.

You talk good. If you speak,
they'll know my son was a good boy.

You'll sleep in his bed.

It's clean. Every month, I wash the sheets.

I dunno why, but I do.

A whole trout's plenty, huh?


His brother caught them.

- Who?
- His brother.

I'm knee-deep in fish, here.

Would you get me a stick of butter
from the fridge downstairs?

Sure. Of course.

You look like him. The eyes.

It's funny. Well, not funny, but...

I didn't know he had a brother.

Of course. Francis.

He runs the farm,
since my husband passed.


What do you do?

I'm an editor for an ad agency.

We worked together.

We were... co-workers.

Friends... Comrades...

When I saw you, I didn't scream.

I could've.
- Sorry--

A woman comes home
to a stranger, y'know?

The only person who should've come didn't.

Is that what people do these days?
Is that... trendy?

Who is...

...this person?

Never mind.

You're wearing his cologne, aren't you?

Smells nice.

I thought you'd be stopping by.

I fucking knew it.

I don't know ya, but I knew.

Shut the hell up.

You don't tell my mother nothin'.

She's sad enough already.
She don't need to know nothing more.

We don't give a fuck.

Tomorrow morning in church...'re gonna spit out some pretty words.

Agathe will love it.
Everyone will love it.

It'll be a gas.

Then... you pack your bags.

You're out of our lives.

And so is he.

D'you have sweet dreams?

Yeah. You?

I don't sleep much. I read.

I really love what you wrote, Tom.

Sounds real pretty, Agathe.

Them folks will be cryin' buckets.


I brought a CD with a song
I'd like to play later.

A song he liked.

If that's ok.

Of course. Good.

Go get ready instead of
strutting like a damn rooster.

No perfume, by the way!

I smell it.
Perfume's for weddings, not funerals.

Our young fellow

was good with his hands, I've been told.

He liked to paint.
He used to dance and sure was good at it.

Now, our friend,

our son,

our confidant,

our brother,

can draw pictures for Christ,

for God is infinite

and likes beautiful things.

We may think: He's gone.

He left us.

It's unfair.

But... another voice will say:

"No, he's not gone."

He's come home.

Sitting at Christ's right hand.

And justice is done.

He joins all our dearly departed.

And together, they laugh,

"sing and eat at will."

We will now...

...hear from...

a friend of Guy's.


Excuse me.

A friend of Guillaume's
will now talk about Guillaume.

- Sorry.
- It's ok.

I don't know if... um..

We will now listen to a song, then.

You're asking for trouble!

Goddammit, you scared me.

Cussin' in church?

So no speech, huh?

Yeah, I know. It's...

What are you doing?

Don't touch me, ok?

What happened to that speech?

My mom was really hurt.

I can't see her this way.

I just can't.

I told you what you had to do.

Pretty simple.

Simple as pie, right?

Stop it!

"We're going on holiday to Ajaccio tonight."

"Who's talking?"

We spoke on the phone 'bout a year ago.
I remember your voice.

When I heard it, I knew you'd show up.

That you'd fuck shit up.

Now... we're going back to the house.

And... I hope you make it up to me.

You'll talk about Sarah.

Sarah's my brother's girl.

Well, in my mom's mind she is.

Sarah... she's a chain smoker.

And a pasta lover.

Don't worry, you'll catch up.

You don't go
till you've set things straight.

That's it.

Thought you wanted me out of your life.

You fucking inbred redneck
motherfucking retard!

"You'll catch up!"
"You'll set things straight!"

Catch up with this, fucker!


You're on your own, farm boy!

Ah, fuck the luggage.

Sit down, Agathe.

I felt your discomfort, Tom.

The trout flopped around
his stomach all night.

I would've loved to hear your speech.

Sorry. It was...

So clumsy, and unrehearsed...

I bet it would've been touching.


That whore should've been here!

Tom just spoke with her.

Who's "her"?

Well her, Sarah.

- Yeah, we spoke in the car.
- They spoke in the car.

- What'd she say?
- Tell her.

Will you shut up!

She said...

"Today... a part of me has died..."


"No words can describe the
the emptiness I have to fill."

And then she said...

"You're worthless."

You're nothing.

You're useless on this Earth, and...

"...if you couldn't stop him from dying,
crying's an even greater waste of time."

She said...

...she wished she'd met you.

But for him...
love was between two people.

No... friends, no family,
no intruders, no...

And... she said he was her first real love.

Then she hung up.



...she said...

"I hate myself.

I'll do everything to set things straight."

Then she hung up.

She should've come.

To say these things to me.


Give Tom some of your brother's clothes
and show him.


How to milk the cows.


You were impressive, back there.

You forced me to lie.

I meant the cows.

You're good with the animals.

You pet them.

I didn't think milking machines
could be so high-tech.

They even got laser-guided ones now.

It'd be so much less work.

Who... who's the guy
you didn't let into church?

And why doesn't anybody talk to you?

At the center.

I mean, he's your brother.

I don't care about people, so...

People don't care about me, y'know.

You were real good, back there.

I'm an animal-lover, so...

I guess...

No, I meant Sarah.

The phone call.
Told my brother, "I won't tell Mom,

but gimme a picture of you and a chick.
As long as she's pretty." Y'know? So...

That's how Sarah came up.

Co-workers, apparently.

Sarah Thibault?


Sarah Thibault the photocopy girl?


You carry that in your wallet like a trophy?

Why not?

Only picture of him I got.

A recent one, I mean.

My mom likes it.
She was so proud when she saw it.

Why would you lie to your mother
if you love her?

I dunno what world you live in,
what your game is, what you're into, but...

I think I'm done here.

I'm telling your mom everything
and then I'm gone.

You're choking me!

Don't tell me what my game is
and how to love my mom, ok?

Once you're in, you're in.

Now, you're gonna play ball.

You're good?

- Yes.
- So...

...soak in bleach every day
for about a week.

No more than 2 teaspoons of bleach
per... pint of water, say.

Then ointment...

...and Cloxacillin.

The pharmacist will walk you through it.

What's your connection to the Longchamps?


Oh, really?
So you're a Longchamp-Podowski?

Distant relatives.

They're distant relatives.

I came for the funeral.

My condolences.

How well do you know your relatives?

Better and better every day.

Well, then... everything's fine.

Have a safe trip back to Montreal,
Mr. Podowski.

You got something there.

I fell.

This morning,
when I opened your bedroom door...

...I saw two beautiful boys sleeping.

Two little boys...

It made you happy, right?

Tom, what...

What happened? You hurt yourself?

That's the doctor.

Doctor? What for?

He hurt himself on the conveyor.

Help him cut his meat.

Tell me more about her.

Did she say anything else?

She said to tell you...

...he had strong arms.

She loved when those arms
picked her up and cracked her back.

She said...

"I loved feeling his sweaty armpits
on my shoulders.

Sometimes, the way he walked,
I knew the sex would be insane.

'Take your shirt off.

Show me your armpits.

Put them on my lips.

Pull your dick out through your fly
and come on my face.'"


That Sarah's quite the slut, huh?

Lord o Lordy...

Quite the slut!

Quite the dirty little slut, huh?

Slutty slut!

Queen of 'em all!

Feels good to laugh.

You're good to her.

Hadn't heard her laugh like that in ages.

Did you tell the doctor?

That I did that to you?

I should've taken you to the town over.


D'you ever wonder why I'm 30
and still live with my mom?

I can make a woman happy.

I got a nice farm.

I got good looks.

I know you like me.

Don't go.

Told you it'd be messy.

She's a real fucking bleeder!

You ok?

Lemme help ya.


I'm ok.

I'm fine. Just never delivered a calf before.

Kind of took me by surprise.

I'm calling her Bitch Ass.

'Cause you got a little bitch's ass.

Shake it off.


Come on.

Next time you bail out on a whim...

...try the soy field, will ya.

This is October.
Corn's razor sharp.


Oh, no thank you.

I don't... do that.
- Do it.

I can't, 'cause I have...




I used to take tango lessons
with my brother.

It was his idea.
He wanted me to mingle.

Salsa, social dancing, tango,

All them girls wanted
the handsome farmers.

We were the ones.

This one girl...
And this one girl... dance class.
She was...

She was the shit.

Girl at the store said it was real silk velvet.

She said it'd do it.

Why didn't you give it to her?

You can dance?

Who taught you?

Not bad.

I'm stuck here 'cause of my mom, y'know.

I could leave, but I can't.

Can't leave her alone.

I'll have to put her in a home, one day.

She's 5 years from a full-on basket case.

Had it 'bout up to here watching corn grow.

Milkin' the cows, picking off coyotes.
I'm bored off my ass!

Sometimes I wish she'd go quickly.

Find her one morning
in the kitchen, y'know?

Phone in her hand, drooling
on the floor, eyes rolled back.

I'd be sad, 'cause I love her.

But she wouldn't end up in a home.

And I'd sell.

I made apple pie.


I made... apple pie.

She had a nice calf.

We're calling it Bitch Ass.

That's no name for a calf.

D'you hear what I just said?

D'you hear what I said?

Yes, every word.

And I said that's no name for a calf.

Come eat before the pies get cold.

It's your fault.

Go get changed.
We're going for a ride.

What are we doing?

I'm buying beer.
We're getting wasted somewhere.

I thought you'd take me to some bar.
Show me around or something.

Why not?


You're just a waste of cum.

What's the point of your life?

You smell like shit.

You wearing cologne?

Just a bit.

Cologne's for weddings.

Is that all you've got?


Tell me when to stop.

You're the boss.

You smell like him.

And the voice, too.

Same fucking voice.

I'll be waiting in the truck.

It's Tom.

I'm sorry I'm calling so late.

I just couldn't sleep.


Can you come here?

This is it.

- Can't you drive me to the house?
- Nope.

Why not? It's right there.

I don't do that house.
50 bucks, please.


Thanks very much. Good night.

Don't forget this.

Sorry about the mess.
It's been hell around here.


If I'd known you were coming,
I'd have made pasta.

My son Francis said Guillaume told him
you love pasta.

But not tonight.

So sweet of you, but I'm full.

You sure are pretty, Miss.

Strange thing to say with him gone!

It's Sarah, our lovely Sarah.

- What the fuck is this?
- Oh, come on!

Your brother's girlfriend!

Silly me.

Francis smokes these on special occasions.
But he'll share, won't he?

And you can smoke inside.
My husband did

from '71 to 2001, so the smell...

I don't smoke, ma'am.

My brother sure knew how to pick 'em.

Go get Tom.

Then give her some tea, won't ya.

Tom's feeding the cows.


Tom's feeding the cows.

You're even more of a hard-on in the flesh.

It's... a nice house. It's great.

I appreciate the coziness--

I dunno why the hell you're here,
but my mom's glad you are.

Make sure she stays that way.

Fuck, you're a babe.

You're fucking nuts.

Why are you here?

Tom said it'd make your mom happy
if I just showed up

and pretended I was Guillaume's girl.
Ain't it cute?

Didn't tell me I smoked, though.

And you love pasta.

- How many languages do I speak?
- Four.

I'd fuck you...

I'd fuck the blood outta your tiny cunt.

How much you owe him?

I bet you owe him big to come here
and make a total stranger happy.

Come, you'll see.

Come, come, come.


I didn't wanna spoil the surprise!

I'm so glad you're here.

Thanks for coming.

Means a lot to me.

We're so happy to have you here.

Give her a taste.

- It's...
- Taste.

- It's good.
- Good, huh?

Let's move on to the living room.

And I'll make pasta later anyway, huh?

It's been a long time
since we had so much company.

Actually... not since my husband passed.

Come on, now. Don't be shy.

Sit next to me, Sarah.

I dunno about pasta, though...
I don't think Sarah's staying--

Why not?
You bet, she's staying the night!

Well, I got a bus to catch.

She'll stay the night,
take the bus tomorrow morning.

Well, Sarah...

It's real sad you couldn't come
to the funeral.

I didn't have the strength...

Agathe. I know. Please!

We'll have a drink, at least.

We'll drink to his memory.

I got some good brandy in my room.

Francis, get the nice glasses
from the garage.

We'll get dressed up, too.
We're not savages.

I'm going for a smoke.

Yeah, yeah, I smoke.

I dunno why I lied to you.
Stupid of me.

Let's have a smoke, Tom.

These people work 24/7.

You have to see my calf.
I have a calf now.

His name's Bitch Ass.

Frank's idea, of course.

Named in my honor, apparently.

45-minute delivery,
'cause he was born with a crooked leg,

so the vet came--
- Go get your things.

We'll take your car.


Well... no.

Excuse me?

You don't wanna go home?


That dick fucking assaulted me.
I didn't get it at first, but...

Still, thank God you called.

Fuck, now I fucking get it.

Look, I dunno what he did to you,
but I apologize on his behalf, ok?

That's the way he is. Can't change him.

Oh, sorry.

You're covered in bruises.

Your neck is fucking black!

He'll have to sell if I leave.

You got no idea
how much work 48 cows is.

It's a big job.

Eventually, he'll institutionalize
his mom, too.

He'll end up alone here.

Meanwhile, what use am I!
I'm worth shit!

So what am I gonna do?

Buy a laser-guided milking machine.

He's got a standard milking machine;
I'll buy him a laser-guided one.

It's gonna be amazing.

They're like family, Sarah.

They were strangers three weeks ago.

I-I-I... I can't explain it.

Look around. This place, it's...

It's real.

It's all so real.

A cow gives birth, there's blood in the hay.
A dog barks, you hear it!

You had me come here to be
a dead dude's girlfriend.

You wanna talk "real"?

Your boyfriend lied to his mom, ok?

You think he didn't lie to you too?

I fucked him.

I'm telling you now...

but it ain't breakin' news...

'Cause everyone fucked him, Tom.

Gave you a ride on his bike, in his car;
that was the sign.

Hit it in the backstreet, short 'n sweet.


You know what?

...get your things...

And we'll talk in the car.

How many times?

How many times d'you fuck him?

Just get your fucking suitcase, fuck!

You done smokin' darts? Come on!

The car's gone.

We're driving her back.

- What?
- We're taking her to the station.

- She just got here.
- Listen up.

Last bus is at midnight and I'm on it.

Tom, just do what you want.

- What d'you say? We were doing fine.
- Nothing.

Don't touch him, ok?

He doesn't need to say anything,
I've got eyes!

You're going to the cemetery with Mom
to visit your boyfriend's grave.

You tell my mom
you wanna see his grave.

Then, you take the bus.

Actually, I'll decide.

I'm not scared of you.

We'll take you for a nice
stroll through the corn.

This is October.

The fields are razor-sharp.

What's that?

His first report card.

His first real watch.

The one we bought in St. Anne.

And these are... his notebooks, with...

...drawings, writings, I guess.

How come you have those?

He didn't take 'em?

He left them here.

In my room, actually.

D'you read 'em?

But now, if they can help us understand.

Will you open one?

And read it to us? Sarah's here...

She was close to him, so...

Anyways, that's boring.
And we have company.

Bad idea.

Is it a bad idea, Tom?


His confirmation tie.

A lock of hair.

He was 1 6 when he left, and...

...that mop of hair he had, huh?

So pretty.

Real real pretty.

Then he came back and it was so short.

It's yours, Sarah.

It's all yours now, right?

Why won't she take the box?

Why won't she do what she's supposed to do?

Why doesn't she look sad?

Why didn't she rush to his grave?

- She wants to--
- Why didn't she bring me flowers?

Why didn't Tom... speak in church!

Why did my son... stop visiting?

Why didn't he call or write anymore?

What kind of accident was it?

Who was he with?

How did it happen?

Where? When?

No one dies at 25!

No one!

No one! No one! No one!

Shut up!


I'm taking you to the station.

I'm so fucking drunk.

No thanks.



Fucking bunch of psychos.

Goddamn bunch...

of goddamn psychos.

Just the way God made me.

What's this?

A gift.

For you.


What the hell!

What am I supposed to do with this?

I dunno, just fucking wear it.

It's so soft.

Why don't you go for a walk?


Go for a walk.


You and all your friends in the backseat.

The Real Thing

I... Hi.

What can I do ya for, blondie?

I'll have a beer.

Draft or bottle?


Pint of lager.

On its way.

$3, please.

Keep the change, sir.

Where d'ya get the accent?

- I'm from Montreal.
- Ah, Montreal.

That's where you got it.

What brings you here?

My man died.

Sorry. My sympathies.

I came for the funeral and...
I'm helping out at the Longchamp farm.

I hope you came alone.

'Cause Big guy ain't welcome here.

Francis' banned.

All good, ladies?


Why what?

Why's Francis banned?

You know damn well.

No. I'm not from around here.

Look, it ain't pretty.

Hit me.

Look, son,
if you're staying at Mrs. Longchamp's,

I respect that, so I don't wanna...


I don't give a fuck.


I want to know.

It happened here, nine years ago.
I remember,

'cause Josée and I were celebrating
the bar's 30th anniversary that night.

Everyone was having a blast,

singing and dancing,
we were drunk as skunks.

Francis was here with his little brother.

Struttin' his stuff on the dance floor.

Spinnin' and glidin' like pros.

Showin' off.

Impressing the ladies, y'know...

Anyway, it...

Then the kid... Francis's kid brother...

Guillaume, damn it.

He started dancing with a guy...

A friend, a guy his age.

Guy wearing white jeans
and a green tank top.


...came over and ordered a beer.

Then the kid dancing with his brother...

came over to talk to him and...

He sat right there, two seats over.

He said something and...

...shit hit the fan.

That's it.

Shit, um... What'd he say?

Well... he said...

I don't remember what he said.

You remember the green tank top
and white jeans, though.

Don't push your luck, boy.

He said...

"I gotta tell ya something 'bout your brother.
You need to sit down."

Then Francis jumped him.

Put both hands in
and tore his mouth apart.


Right here.

Down to... his throat.

Ear to throat.

- Then what?
- Ya didn't get your money's worth, dammit?

Yeah, but...

The kid?

The kid, the kid...

Never saw the likes of him again.

Some say he lives
a couple of towns west of here.

And some others saw him and...

there's no mistakin' him.

I dunno, 'cause I work all the time, so...

Last time I got outta here was to make
a phone call during the ice storm in 97, so...

So that's it for that.

That's why Francis is banned.

Where are you?

I'm sorry! I'm sorry, ok!

Don't go!

I won't hurt you, Tom, ok!

What about me, man?

Tom, don't you fucking do this to me!

I need you, ok!

I fucking need you here!

I'm really disappointed, Tom!

I'd never do it to you!


I'm trying to be a better person, ok?

Fuck, Tom!


Wait till I find you!

I can hear you.


Uh, sir--

D'you need anything else?

I'm good. Tank number 1, please.

Thanks, ma'am.

Thank you, bye.

Subtitling: CNST, Montreal.