Tom and Lola (1990) - full transcript

Their immune systems tragically damaged at birth, TOM AND LOLA are two beautiful children forever isolated in plastic bubbles. But neither cold urethane nor chillier hospital technicians can keep down the beguiling spirit of these indomitable siblings. Nor can anything stop their quest to one day run naked and truly free, unbound from the medical shackles that bind them. Magnifique!

Alaska, Tikira...

Alaska Tikira...

Iceberg, Alaska, Tikira

Tikira... Blizzard

Arnica Kitimat.

Tom and Lola

Faciés has aged 10 years!


Alert! Lock of anti-
hypertensing béla-blocs.

Did he negleted taking his ill-pill,
Professorum Antititanic Pasteur?

A cardiacfix or Palpipax?


Excelent for
old Prof. Vaneau Titanic.

The keeper feeds rabbits... we say

Rose-ca ITOIS!

If Lola doesn't gel up

no choco Lola!

No too cool

Professorum Vaneau today.

Blasted little chromosme.

Kids, take a guess!

Vaneau's letting us out?

Buying us a house?

No chance.

- Going to snow?
- You getting married?

No. Mrs. Paulet's not coming

this morning

The mistress
is obsessed with stress.


Awfull Pills and chills
for the teacher!

Dangerous! Her nose will run!

No dominat infection
of the respiratory canals

or pulmonary rhinopharyngitis.

Tendency to the syndrome of

pelvic congestion.


of the abdominal wall.

I now pass you over to...

for the news.

Today summer holidays begin...

a long awaited day

we expect a heat-wave

and high temperatures.

Blasted little chromosome!

He'll recover in the Artic. Tic.
It's the prognostic. Tic.

Tic, tic regrettable prognostic.

More work, Professor. Stress.

See what I mean?

He'll recover in the Artic. Tic.
It's the regrettable

prognostic. Tic.

'Morning, Mrs. Cléry

Your son's in great form.

S. 0. S icebergs. Titanic panic!

Titanic'll never see the Artic.

S. 0. S icebergs Titanic panic! S. 0. S.

Here's the mail!

Mr. President

I bring your messages.

You already did the pidgeon
number 4 months ago.

4 months ago
and it was already very boring.

Your father sends you a gift.

He thinks it'll make you laugh.

Coming through... sparkling clean.

Hello, Catherine.

Your hair looks nice.

Sparkling clean... very clean.

The Adventures of Tom and Lola

It's not funny.

Next axe on the left.

Can't, there's ice.

Lola, I'm slipping

You let go.
We'll never make

inverts the 3“ icebox:
freezer + 1 degree.

Fish, meat will keep twice as long

and the new generation
of fresh products.

The +1 degree freezer gives you
the chill you needed.

She's getting old.

Think she smells good?

Smell buds unconcerned.


shouldn't let her come.

When your head

we touch the ceiling
he'll let us go.

We'll be loo old.

Maybe we'll get bigger bubbles.

I'll have a white beard.

And me?

- Vaneau doesn't care.
- He's crazy.


Cover yourself!


Did she stay out a lot?

Hurry up...

It could kill her.
10 years of work

blown away.

The Adventures
of Tikira in Alaska

Not tonight, I'm tired.

The bubbles burst,
the kids don't die...

They're dying of boredom.

For Tom
a hormonal Lolaxative. Tive.

The Professorum caught the virus.

Blasted little chromosomes...

I wish they were together.

It's too early. Don't get soft.

They need each other.

It would multiply the risks.

Lola is fine.

You're tired.

Iceberg Alaska Tikira.

Blizzard Arnica Kitimat.

'Morning Miss Héléne.

Good morning, Mr. Vaneau.

Asseptic Room


I'm dreaming...
Martians are just on TV.



Hey, c'mon! Slay!

My name's Robert! Come back!

The gardner lifts leeks.
Today we say...

What happened?

Could have been the workers...

I gave them permission to play.

You're lucky lo have Héléne!

Come on, get “P!

You played all night...

They look terrible.

Maybe the storm

kept them awake.






The legend says the faetus that
will be born knows everything.

Animals, things, words, mountains,

he knows all about the earth...

As soon as his head appears

an angel slides between
his mother's legs.

lays a finger on his mouth,
"sushes" him so he'll forget


The proof? He leaves a mark

of his passage: there...

he smells of croissants...

He can't defend himself alone.

The angel passed.

You'll have a beautiful baby.

The angel didn't press hard enough.

We remember things, mountains...


Tikira's not afraid,
he'll go to the Artie?

To Lake Yvaskilla? To Tunturi?

Of course! Kulla, Nikti, Klapa!

Who cares about Vaneau! Hoofs...

Let's harpoon him and all
the professorums in the world.

We can make miracles!

- I'll visit my mother!
- No, she's in America!

So, Alaska's America.

I want your hand all night.


You call "Doctor" once!

You call "Doctor" twice, nothing...

The third time, when there
is something, what happens?

He comes anyway.

Because he loves us.

He's afraid.
Adrenaline alarm for Prof. Titanic.

Prof. Titanic salutes you

he's going to take a cold shower.

He'll think of you...
he loves you...

What are you hiding?

Show me!

She come to get it this morning.

I was lonely.

She wanted me to come out
but it's too dangerous.

Did you sterilize it?

Answer me, Tom.

Blasted little chromosome!
Regrettable prognosis. I'm dying!

I told you!
You'll never see Alaska.

Help, Héléne! Quick!

Quick, gammaglobuline!

Don': ever do this again!

Of couser we sterilized it.
Ask Josiane.

OK, wise guys.
What did I do now?

She believed it!

If you believed it, we're lost!

Let us out of here!

Did you guys drive all night?

To get to the Artie... I turn left
by the broken machine.

What are you drawing?

My house

'Morning! The President's mail!

I was sure

you'd come back.

It's for you.

Welcome to "Robert's".

Where do you come from?

Who are you?

Tom and Lola.

Wanna know the time
in Tokyo, London?

Ifs a breeze with this watch.

I'm very scientific!...
Big Bang, nuclear fission,

lest-tube babies...

I can teach you,
'cause you don't seem to know much.

You can see far with this.

Hailey's comet, Jupiter,
the polar star.

Vaneau... Shit, Vaneau!

Vaneau? Titanic?

I have the weirdo spot on.

He comes here at night,
it's his office.


he's really bizarre.

What's he doing.

The weirdo?

He's going downstairs now,

carries a bunch of stuff

goes up and down, up and down.

All night long...

When the hell does he sleep?

Shit, what the hell

is he doing?

He gives me the creeps!

This time I'm going with you!

Where are you going?

Energy recoup.

I know the way!



How's the perfusion?

The ozotone is good,
Prof. Titanic.

Don't be afraid,
it's cold first.

But after won't you feel anything.

You two are too much,
you kill me!

Explosive ulcer! Emergency!

Who is it?

My mother.

Knot it off!
Guys don't kiss! Boys kiss girls!

You're fat, it's ugly!

No, it's not!
Girls like fat guys!

Think you look better without
a hair on your head?

"Belly", you hear me?

You guys are really weird.

One more minute.

I'm warming up. It's so good.

When we moved to the plains
I got sick...

I had no friends,
I got bored stiff.

The plains are the pits.

I used to live in the mountains.

It's beautiful there...
thanks to you I can go back.

Look behind the screen!

It's my house...
the air's so pure...

You have bilberries, pines.

You live very old there...

you dominate filth... You fly...

It's called lzoard...

ls is far, lzoard?

No, you take my sleeper train...
second class...

You have sheets, covers...

You stretch out, you shiver...
it smells like the mountains...

The train rocks you...
you get to the valleys...

The rain slows down...
you see the rolling hills...

You see the snow, the mountains...
then you climb.


Did you call, Héléne?

What will you do?

How long has this gone on?

Night after night.

It's loo late, Héléne.

Tell me the truth!
When did you start?

It's our secret...
If you give us away

Lola and I won't do anything...

we won't eat anymore.

Here are the devil's messages!

I came early, I could'nt sleep.

'Morning, have you seen Héléne?

She left a minute ago.


Let me go!
I want to see them!

I'm cured.

Not yet, young man.

Yes I am!

I want to go home!

What's wrong, Héléne?

Héléne, we know it's you.

Why don't you answer?

Why don't you try to sleep?

Why don't you love us?

What the hell you doing?
What about our expedition?

Oh no, not you again!

An expedition!
Where do you think you are?

This is a hospital,
not a fun fair!

We cure children here.

You'll go on your expedition
when you feel better.

They're not the same, you see?

It's too late...
They want out.

Understand? They're not like you

in a bed.

I'm cured too.

Not yet, young man.

Now go to sleep.

Fat face!
You'll see if I'm not cured.

He's roped!

He's good!

Wait, he's coming down...

He's going to the garbage.

Lemme see!

He found something.


Tell me.

A dog.

A dog?

For the sleigh.

The sleigh?


It's my turn now!


He's moving fast.

He's going to Vaneau's.

Here you are, you sissies!

That's my file. He threw me away.

"Syndrome lmmun... "
was all it said.

I have to find the test.

I'll take care of Vaneau!

I found it!

It's empty-

Of course it is, you're cured.

If nothing's in it,
you're fine now.

You're right, I was sure.

I'm going home to lzoard.


Soon. We'll leave together.

Héléne told me all about you.

Let's see what your files say.

Studying Lola's chimerical

we hope to let her out
in 6 months.

Lie! That was 6 years ago!

For the thymus cell,
we must wail.

Wait, always wait.

What's your defiance'?

On the long and painful road
of my scientific research...

You screwed up.

You preferred playing
with your mice.

I admit it was more fun...

I was very lazy.

Mrs. Vailland's search for
a qualified hospital in the US...

to send Lola to...

has materialized...

this will mean the separation
of my 2 cases

doubtessly beneficial
for the psychological

acceleration of her recovery.

Did you know that?

It was for your good.

We don't need you to get better!

Don'! you think we look fine?

Why don't you say we're cured?

I want you to say it! Say it!

We can even heal others!

You can't separate us! We can only
make miracles if we're together.

Together we're strong.
Defend us.

We want to go 10
Robert's house.

Titanic won't find us there.

Will you help us?

Are you with us?

The dog.

He's all cold.

He's fine.

Go back to your bubbles.

Will you help us?

I promised.

It smells plastic.

It smells bad?

"Join me. I'll be waiting.

I see him! He's crazy

he went back to Vaneau

He'll come back

He's looking for us. Let's go!

What if they're right?
What if they ran away?

We'll never separate.

Look, he's gone!

He's waiting there.

lzoard... we have to find

his train.

You see they can cure you...

Robert's cookies!

Let's go that way!

Hear that?

I bet we're not far
from the station.

We have to go on.

Let's do it!

Robert's train!

Which one is it?

How can you tell this isn't it?

It's not a sleeper.

Tikira's tired.

Does Tikira want to go back?

Where will we sleep?

Let's go to Héléne's.

Where does she live?

7, Equator Street!

Do you know where it is?

Let's go back.


Are we there?

Where's Ruben?

We're at Héléne's house.

Her picture's in the bathroom.


No one's home. We'll wait.

She's not here. Go away!


wail, you don't gel it.

Are we at Héléne's?

Who are you,
what are you doing here?

We're her children!

I don't believe that.


She likes your nose.

She says:
"Tom has a cute little nose".

She never tells us about you!

So what?

She brings us breakfast...

She helps us shower...

But she can't touch you!

We did touch her!

With gloves!

We kissed her.
That's why we're here.

Liars! Dirty liars!

Don't mind him.
We don't see her very much.

When Mom comes home,
what will she say?

Leave us with our friends.

They're Tikira's friends.

How do you know?

Mom told me.

It's Tikira's little brother.

lzoard... Ski resort...

No! She's sick!

We're not! We wouldn't be here.

Lola and I are not sick!


Mom phoned,
everyone's looking for you.

We want to find Robert.

Robert? . From lzoard?

That's his house!

That's easy...

Why do you take care of us?

Because I like you.

You have reached
the lzoard Travel Office

Our resort is closed
for the summer

Our offices are at
your disposal from 2-6 pm

Thanks for calling.

I'm hot.

If his house is the travel
office he put you on.

No he didin't.

We'll find his house.

If you run after Robert

they'll find you easilly.

Mom would stay with us

if we looked like this.

Tikira's sleepy.

Now we can find Robert.
No one will recognize us.

In your stale you won't go far.

What's state?
We're like everyone.

We're healers.


I see you...


you have an infected rhinitis.


Yoy see...

We have to be cured too...

Mom will make a mistake
and hug us...

Sleep well.

Please don't go away!

We'll bring you breakfast.
Good night.

You'll bring us back
to the hospital?


Will you keep us?


Can we slay a long time?


Will we see Robert?


Antibiotics 3 mililiters.
Globular count, LDL germ control.

Mr President...

you frightened us.

We're glad we found you.


Eric Guilbert - 12 Av. des
Tilleuls, Le Perreux.

Why are you in Robert's room?

I'm allowed to play
with his things.

Where is he?

The fat boy?
He fell off the wall.

I found another way to lzoard...