Tom & Jerry: Back to Oz (2016) - full transcript

With the Wicked Witch of the West now vanquished from Oz, Tom and Jerry along with Dorothy are back in Kansas! But not for long as an all-new villain has surfaced from beneath the magical land, the Gnome King! Having captured the Good Witch, the Gnome King and his army are wreaking havoc throughout Oz and need but one item to take control of The Emerald City, Dorothy's ruby slippers! It's up to our favorite cat and mouse duo to team up, go Back to Oz and save the land they love. Take to the skies, courtesy of the Wizard himself, with Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion as they make their magical journey. The laughs and adventure will roar as they encounter all-new frights and mischievous creatures down the Yellow Brick Road, 'cause "we're not in Kansas anymore!"

Look, Emerald City is closer
and prettier than ever.

We're off to see the Wizard
The wonderful Wizard of...

I am Oz, the great and powerful.

Who are you?

Now, give me those ruby slippers
or your dog goes into the river.

No, please! Take the slippers.

I should have remembered.

Those slippers will never come off
as long as you're alive.

How about a little fire, Scarecrow?


Oh, I'm burning! I'm burning!

You cursed rat!

Look what you've done!

I'm melting. Melting!

- What a world!
- I didn't mean to kill her.

Really, I didn't.

It's just that he was on fire.

Hail to Dorothy.
The Wicked Witch is dead.

Please, sir.
We've done what you've told us.

We've brought you the broomstick
of the Wicked Witch of the West.

- Can you send me home?
- You don't need to be helped any longer.

You've always had the power
to go back to Kansas.

I have?

There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.

And then I was back here.

Well, she's all right now. Thank heaven.

But I wasn't all right, Aunt Em.

We were in terrible danger.

But we kept asking people to send us home.

And they sent us home.

Doesn't anyone believe me?

Anyway, it's all right
because I'm home again.

And this is my room. And I love you all.

And, oh, Auntie Em,
there's no place like home.

I've heard Dorothy spin some yarns,
but that one takes the cake.

Wicked witches, talking scarecrows, land,

what an imagination that child has!

They think I made it all up.

If there was only someway
to make them believe.

Ruby slippers.

Jerry, that's brilliant.
They'll have to believe me now.

Uncle Henry, Auntie Em, will you see...

- Yee-haw!

Oh, no.

Reach for the sky, you peyotes.

Look at me. I'm a regular Buffalo Bill.

Where on earth did you get those things?

Ha ha! A traveling Wild West Show
got caught up in the twister.

It dropped spangled saddles
and rhinestone boots all over the county.

Go back to work, you clowns.

They farm's still in shambles

and you're playing dress-up.

Looky there, even Dorothy
got into the act.

It's okay, boys.

We remember what really happened
and where we were.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high

There's a land that I've heard of

Once In a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow

Skies are blue

And the dreams
that you dare to dream

Really do come true

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-== [ ] ==-

Once again ol' straw-for-brains
is guarding the cornfield.

What cornfield?

Uhh, that twister sure didn't leave much.

You ain't whistling Dixie.
We're still missing half our hogs.

Twisters'll make a mountain
out of a molehill.



Well, the good news is my Reverse
Cyclonotron is still in one piece.

Your Cyclo... What's this?

Reverse Cyclonotron.

Now, say we get,
I don't know, another twister...

Oh, don't even joke about that, Hickory.

Well, this brilliant invention of mine

will generate enough wind to blow that
twister right back where it came from.

It's full of wind all right,
just like its inventor.

Haha! That's got her.

Well, the yard's not going to
pick itself up.

I've seen many different faces
The most exotic places

And lands that were lovely as could be

But in those worlds away
I kept dreaming of the day

I could come back to the place
that's meant for me

The roof keeps dripping
The paint': kind of chipping

There's no place like home

The cow's looking frail
and she can't fill a pail

There's no place like home

Silly spat between a cat and mouse

Leaves our house a mess

liable to go amiss

When you live at this address

The hay needs a-hauling
and the tractor is stalling

There's no place like home

But the folks on the land
always lend you a hand

There's no place like home

And when I'm singing to the Kansas sky

I don't know why I'd roam

Kansas slaps a smile
right across my face

There's no place like home

- No place like home
- No place like home

- There's no place like home
- ALL: No place like home

- There's no place like home
- ALL: No place like home

- There's no place like home
- ALL: No place like home

I check off a chore, only two dozen more

There's no place like home

In the sun or the storm
I'll be cozy and warm

There's no place like home

When I'm singing to the Kansas sky

I know why I don't roam

'Cause it slaps a smile
right across my face

There's no place like home

No place like home


- Load 'em up, boys.
- Huh?

Get off our farm!

What in the world... Stop!

If you dare lay a finger
on our animals, I will...

- Dorothy, please.
- But, Uncle Henry,

they can't just come here and take...

I sympathize, neighbor Gale.
I surely do.

I was once a poor,
dirt-scratching farmer like yourself.

I know every penny counts.

But as that paper
from the sheriff clearly states,

the law is on my side.

I won't stand for this, Lucius Bibb.
You can't just be taking our animals.

If you dare lay a finger on them!

Oh, now, now, Miss Dorothy...

It seems during the recent tornado,
some of your uncle's pigs broke free

and devoured my entire watermelon patch.

And as you know,

I can't make Luscious Lucius'
world-famous watermelon barbeque sauce

with empty melons, now, can I?

Those aren't the only empty melons
he's got to worry about.


Fortunately, I have a solution
that will profit us all.

I'm running a big booth
at the Kansas State Fair.

- I need meat, you need money.

So, I'm willing to take my payment
in livestock.

Oh, you awful little troll!
Who gave you the right to...

- Now, Dorothy...
- But Uncle Henry you can't let him take...

Why don't you run along
and do your chores?

This is grown-up business.

Including these little nuggets.

Why, there's gotta be a way out of this.

Come on, everybody, think.
Use your brains.

Oh, yes, we'll give you
all the eggs our hens lay for a month.

For free.

Yuck! I can't stand eggs.

The only thing a chicken is
good for is drumsticks.

You see? Mr. Tabby Cat agrees.

Can't you give us just a little more time?

I'll tell you what,

I'll give you 24 hours to

scrape together the cash.

If not, I'll cart off everything that
clucks, moos or oinks.

Well, I'm off to the fair.

Pleasure doing business with you.

Oh, you can keep the cat and mouse!

Well, there's nothing we can do
but go into town and re-mortgage the farm.

- Again.
- Ah, we're drowning in debt as it is.

We'll all pitch in Mrs. Gale.
We can get odd jobs in town.

- Sure, I can chop wood.
- And I can punch cattle.

And I can hammer, and paint, and saw.

You could stay here, small fry.

Oh, but, Uncle Henry, I wanna help, too.

You can help by watching the farm.

That's a big enough job for you.

But this is my home, too.

I want to help save it. I know I can.

- This is grown-up business, Dorothy.
- Oh, I'm 15.


In eight months.

- If you really wanna help...
- Yes?

Just stay out of trouble.

Boys, keep an eye on her.

That's all they think I can do.

Come on, boys, let's go.

Toto and I will take the house.

Tom, Jerry, you've got the barn.

Maybe we could fix those windows.

That'd show Auntie Em and Uncle Henry.

This is creepy, Toto.

You're right. I have a funny feeling
I should keep these close.

What's going on in here?


- Oh, no. Help!

Let me go!

Oh, you terrible...

Jiminy Crickets!
How do you steer this thing?


- I got you.
- Scarecrow, it's you.

Actually, it's all of us.

Oh, Tin Man. Lion.

Hi, there, kiddo.

We better save the hellos
until we get rid of him.

Look out!

Where did he come from?

From Oz, the same as us.

Though getting back there might be tricky.

Until we do, let's have a look around.

So, this is the famous Kansas.

Not as bright and shiny as I expected.

-It's rather...
- Drab.

Kinda scary.

Oh, I don't know.
The locals look friendly enough.

Morning, friend, how's the view up there?

Hmm, no need to act stuck up.

I must say,
it's wonderful to see you again,

but what are you doing here?

We had to come.

- There's big trouble back in Oz.
- Terrible trouble.

It happened soon after you left.

- On our very first Dorothy Day.
- Dorothy Day?

Why, of course. You're our national hero.

Oh, me?

There we were in the town square.

Citizens of Oz,

though our good friend,
Dorothy Gale has returned to Kansas,

we've built this statue in her honor.

And thanks to Glinda's magic potion,

we can bring the statue to life
for a whole day.

Oh, it will bejust like
the kid was here in person.

And remind us of all the
good things she brought to Oz.

Things like peace,

freedom, happiness and monkeys.

- Monkeys?
- Yeah, monkeys.



Who's that? Who's that?

I don't understand,
with the Wicked Witch gone,

the monkeys have no reason to attack.

Tell them that.

Oh, dear! I hereby banish
you monkeys to the end of... Oh...

- Cut it out!
- Pick on someone your own size!

Put 'em up, put 'em up.
I'll ride you airsick banana addicts.

Who's first?
I'll take you all on. One at a time.

One at a time.
One at a time.

Come back and fight, you big cowards.

Hey! Let me out. This ain't over, see.


What's happening?

Oh, it's an earthquake!


And all this didn't compare
to what happened next.

Oh, what did happen next?

That is when I decided
to take the bull by the horns.

Ain't that right, Scarecrow?

I haven't any idea
what you're talking about.

Me neither.

Please, fellas, tell me what happened.

Well, out came a horrible bunch of nomes,

followed by the Nome King.

Tell me when it's over.

Ruggedo, you cannot do this.

Oh, give me back my wand.

If anyone's going to wave that wand,
Glinda dear, it's going to be me.

Oh. Oh, no. You can't do this.

Boys, I'd like to converse
with the Strawman.

What do you want, Ruggedo?

That's Mr. Ruggedo to you, brainiac.

And it's not about what I want,

it's about what I get.


And there's only one more thing I want.

To destroy that upstart, Dorothy Gale.

Me? But why?

I've never even met any Nome King.

You've made quite a reputation
for yourself in Oz.

With the way you've been
bumpin' off wicked witches,

you're the one to beat.

After the Nome King threw us
in the dungeon,

Glinda used the last of her magic
to help us escape.

Ruggedo was using his powers
to make a tunnel to Kansas.

We followed his flying monkeys
to warn you.

But that still doesn't explain
why he would want to destroy me.

The ruby slippers?

Glinda did say their magic
is very powerful.

That figures.

The Nome King scouring Oz

for every magical doodad
he can lay his grubby hands on.

He's a most unpleasant character.

It seems only his great fear of the Wizard
kept him underground.

The Wizard.

He would know how to defeat the Nome King.

But the Wizard flew away
in his balloon.

He could be anywhere.

Or nowhere.

How could he be nowhere?

He's a wizard. He could do anything.

Think, everyone. I'm sure the answer
is staring us right in the face.

There it is.

"Oz, the great and powerful

"appearing for a limited engagement
at the Kansas State Fair."

Why, that's just down the road in Topeka.

If we can get the Wizard to return to Oz,

I'm sure he'll set everything right.

I know.
We'll go with you to show you the way.

You're right, Jerry.
Our friends would attract

a lot of attention here in Kansas.

There. That's perfect.

Uh, uh, does this make me look fat?

Allow me.

Oh, snug.

We'll take the old tractor,
trailer and all.

No. But why?

I know they think I'm just a kid.

But I can do this. I know it.

Oh, won't you let me try?
I'll let you drive.

Oh, we can't go anywhere.
The tractor's out of gas.

You have to put fluid into a machine
to make it run.

Hmm. What a strange concept.

Well, this is Kansas, Tin Man.

Machines can't run themselves
like they do in Oz.

Oh, but they will.


That stuff's got a kick to it.

Real high octane.

Oh, my silvers feel brand new.

Oh, what have you done?

Solved our transportation problem.

Oh, Miss Tractor,
would you drive us to the fair?


Whoa, Nelly!
Ain't you a fine bit of craftsmanship.

Oh. Oh, please.

You'll make me tarnish.

Hop on, handsome.

Everyone, let's go.

I ain't had this much pep
in my pistons for years.

Now, hands off the steering wheel,
pussycat. I'm driving. And...

Stop pushing my pedals, mousey,
'cause it tickles.

Here we go again,
off on another whirlwind adventure.


You got to watch them bumps.


Scarecrow, look at you.

It's okay.

I always wanted to be a hayride.

We're off to see the Wizard
The wonderful Wizard of Oz

We hear he is a whiz of a wiz
if ever a wiz there was

If ever oh ever a wiz there was
the Wizard of Oz is one because

Because, because, because
because, because

Because of the wonderful things he does

We're off to see the Wizard

The wonderful Wizard of Oz

All off for the State Fair.

Oh! Land of ghosts, what a trip.

My cylinders need a siesta.

Now, go easy on the corndogs,
little missy.

You know how your aunt feels
about snackin' 'tween meals.

I will. Thank you.

Come on in and see every sight.

Now, this must be the real Kansas.

Oh, it's bright and shiny,
just like the Emerald City.

And everything smells like fried dough.

- Ah.
- Yum.

Right this way,
come one, come all.

Everyone answer the carny man's call.

Wonders await you just inside.

Wonders to leave you starry-eyed.

Let's see that's one, two,
three, four, five, six dollars entry fee.

Cats and mice, tonight half-price.

Six dollars?
But we haven't got any money.

Mmm-hmm. Thanks for coming. Drive safely.

If we can't pay, we can't get in.

All I have are a few
Emerald City emeralds.

They're probably worthless here.

Emeralds, chief?

Well, aren't you the lucky few

'Cause I can pull a string or two

I'm Calvin Carney.

Showman extraordinaire

And I'm gonna tell you all about

This mighty fine affair

Feast your eyes and claim your prize

You're in for quite a treat

A meager fee to come with me

And sample something sweet

Oh, can't you feel it poppin'

So feverishly fun

And there's no sign of stoppin'

- The party's just begun
- Ah.

Take a taste

- 'Cause we got so much cooking

Step inside the hottest joint in town

There's magic in the makin'

And there's music in the air

Come, my friend, and come attend

A mighty fine affair

- Whoa, whoa
- Whoa, whoa

A mighty fine affair

- Whoa, whoa
- Whoa, whoa

A mighty fine affair

Get your fill of every thrill

Come on and drink the cup

- Oh, kids you're in for quite a spin
- ALL: Whoa!

So, you better buckle up

- Start jivin' with the action
- CHORUS: Jivin'with the action

- We're flyin' free and fast
- CHORUS: Free and fast

And every new attraction
is better than the last

There it is!

Are you the great?

Come on, everybody.


Take a taste 'cause we got so much kickin'

Take a taste
'cause we got so much kickin'

Step inside the hottest joint in town

Step inside the hottest joint

There's magic in the makin'

And there's music in the air

Yes, indeed, it's guaranteed

And as my guest, you'll get my best

And now you know I always throw

- A mighty fine affair

- Whoa, whoa
- Whoa, whoa

A mighty fine affair

Now, I say the magic words,

uh, nimbus cumulus destructus.

Look, there he is.

Oh, that ain't nothin'.

We had a big tornado rip through
our back forty a couple of weeks ago.

Can't you do any real magic?

Real magic, you say?

Ah, the very thing.

Prism seeds.

I say the magic words,

botanicus borealis, and presto!

Rainbow poppies!

The national flower of Munchkin Land.


Yes, thank you.

And, uh, thank you.

I ain't clappin'. My leg's asleep.

- This guy is...
- Let's get outta here.

Who do I see about a refund?

Oh, what do they know?
I thought your show was wonderful.

Well, Dorothy, my dear.

It's us.

Oh, my goodness, it's everyone.

Tom, and Jerry, and Toto, too.

We've come to take you back to Oz.

What? And give up showbiz?

You can have your phony flowers back.
They smell funny.

Oh, that'll wash out. Uh, probably.

Yes. Well, in truth, I am growing weary
of the carnival circuit.

Uh, the folks hereabouts
just don't crave Oz-style magic.

Well, you know who does.

The Nome King.


Oh, don't tell me
that grizzled old gopher is back.

Yes, and meaner than ever.

He's seized control of the Emerald City.

Then we'll just seize it right back.

Boys, fetch my thaumaturgical portmanteau.

There. My magic bag.

No time to dawdle, my lads.

How will we get back to Oz?

Oh-ho! Well, that's no problem.

I have my trusty balloon
tethered right out back.

All aboard.

First-class accommodations for everybody.

Ooh! If this is first class,
I'd hate to see coach.

What do we do now?

We simply wait for the next tornado
to sweep us away to Oz.

There should be another whirlwind along
in three to five weeks.

Can't your magic speed things up?

I'm sorry, but the only tornado
I can summon is bottle sized.

Of course, if I had some way
of making it bigger, I... Why I...

Oh! I know!

Don't we have enough tornados
in these parts?

Oh! This has to work.

Tornado bottle, please!

Uh, just a drop or two should do it.

Oh, yikes!

It's a regular monsoon!


Well, look at all them hungry fairgoers.

Line up, folks!

I got plenty of baby backs for everyone!

Great hell in hot links!

Good grub on this flight!

This is it! Next stop, Oz!

And I pray we're not too late.

All hail!
All hail!

That a notable nome has come to town

A fellow fit to carry the crown

He's rising up, we're bowing down

The very scary, wonderfully hairy

Nome King

An accent on the King!

Nome King!

That's much better. Yes, thank you!

I've plotted many years
to take my place upon the throne

My friends, it now appears
the throne is mine and mine alone

So, now, you're gonna see
how fun it's gonna be

When all of Oz's citizens
are slaves to you and me

The Ozians are known
to be oppressive and unkind

They've stolen every stone
and precious emerald that we've mined

And none of it was earned
So, they shouldn't be concerned

For I will stop at nothing
'ti! what's mine has been returned

Welcome to the new Emerald City

Let the bells of doom start to ring

For no one dares to doubt
the destruction I will bring

What's mine is mine, I'm the King

What's his is his, he's the King

There's a tiny problem, though
We a slightly worthy foe

Who may prove to be a hiccup in my plan

- She slayed the witches
- She tamed the lion

Clicked her heels and started flying

H! steal her powers any way I can

gettin' in my way

Now, let me hear the people say

Welcome to the new Emerald City

That's the spirit, boys!

Such a sorry song that they sing

But it makes me happy.

And no one dares to doubt
the destruction I will bring

What's his is his

What's mine is mine

What's his is his

- Because I am the King
- ALL: Because he is the King

He's the King, he's the King

King, King, King, King, King, King, King


I hope you brought
the rest of the witches' magical relics.

Ooh, right here, sir.

Just as you commanded.

Oh, ah! Good, good!

Oh, her potions, her spells.

Everything I'll need
to finish that Dorothy forever.

What's shakin', King?
Let me out and let's agitate.

I've heard about this bug.

I'll save him for later.

Useful, but still not what I need.

I want those ruby slippers!

I won't rest until the sparkling beauties
are on my feet.

All this because he wants
a pair of red pumps?

Don't judge, new 9W-

Oh-ho! Here's a beaut, Your Nomeship.

Enchanted owl eggs.


Nomes hate eggs.

We're deathly allergic.

Sorry, maybe that should have
been covered in orientation.

Crash that balloon!

Dispose of everyone on board!

But bring me the ruby slippers.

Uh, begging your pardon, Your Nomeship,

but what's so special
about those ruby slippers?

I don't recall
giving you permission to speak!

No, sir.

But since you asked, as Nome King,

my domain is the land beneath Oz.

That figures.

All its mineral treasures are mine.

Makes sense.

Including its jewels.

Of course.

My soft-hearted father,
the previous Nome King,

gave away emeralds to make this city.

And magical rubies for the ruby slippers.

I want them back!

But if you take the emeralds back,

that means you'd have to move
the entire city.


Which I will do, once the power
of the ruby slippers is mine to command.

That won't be long now.

Oh-ho! We made it!

Oh no! Look!

Oh no!

Stand by to repel borders!

Oh, no!


And don't come back!

Let go!

Oh my!

Hold on!

Good shooting, ace!

This hurts me more than
it does you, monkeys!

Ooh, that's gonna hurt too.

Ah! Oh!

Never fear!

I'll repair it with
my Magical Stick 'em Stuff.

One blast should do it.

That's stickin' it to 'em.

Oh, no. They're carrying us away!

Bail out!

Uh, it's springy! Whoa!

Are you okay, Tom?

Oh-ho! Unhand me, you primeval...

Unhand me!


Go on without me,
I'll join you when I can!

If I can.

Well, I'm certain he'll be okay.

Sure. He's a wizard, right?

Ha! Wizard deluxe.

Yeah. He's fine!

Well, it's up to us
to carry on without him.

Anyone know where we are?

It's the Ferocious Forest.

The Munchkin River
is just beyond those trees.

Oh! Why, that river runs
right through the Emerald City.

I'll cut some wood for a raft.

And we'll float in right
under the Nome King's gnarly nose hairs.


I call it the ruffled, rugged look.

I could let them sail into my clutches.

But that Dorothy girl is tricky.

Unlikely as it seems,
she could find a way to stop me.

Being the Nome King and all,
you could attack them from underground.

Did I ask for ideas?

No, sir.

But that's not bad.

If I can delay them,

I'll grab Dorothy
before she reaches the river.

What's jumpin', Jackson?

- I've got a job for you.
- Ha!

A frail, a bale, a pail,
and four flea-bitten tails.

I need you to stall them
as only a Jitterbug can.

No big, Kingy.

Those cats out there,
it's right out of theirjiving pants.

Pop the plugsy, Mugsy.

Milliweedy, millirooney.

Dig you later, King, and soon-ey.

This sure is a creepy place.

Excuse me, this is my home.
It ain't creepy.

It's terrifying.

Oh, what's that?

Well, all right. Root-eroony.

The Jitterbugsy coming
to drive you all loony

Did you just hear what I just heard?

That noise don't come
from no ordinary bird

It may be just a cricket
or a critter in the trees

Giving me the jitters
in the joints around my knees

I think lsee a pigeon
and it's fuzzing and it's furry

I haven't got a brain
but I think I ought to worry

I haven't got a heart
but I have a palpitation

It's not a cup of flowers
I don't like this situation

Are you gonna stand around
and let him fill us full of horror?

I'd like to roar him down

But I think I lost my roarer

- It's a who's-is
- It's a who's-is?

- It's a what's-is
- ALL: It's a what's-is

- Who's that?
- Who's that?

- Who's that?
- Who's that?

Who's that hiding in the treetops?

It's that rascal

The Jitterbug

Should you catch him buzzing round you

Keep away from

The Jitterbug

Oh, the bats, and the bees
and the breeze in the trees

Have a terrible, horrible buzz

But the bats, and the bees
and the breeze in the trees

Couldn't do what the Jitterbug does

So, be careful of that rascal

Keep away from

The Jitterbug

Ah, that joint is jumping now.

Oh, the jitter

Oh, the bug

Oh, the Jitterbug
bug-a-bug, bug-a-bug, boo!

In the twitter

In the throes

Ooh, you're cooking now.

Oh, the critters got me dancing
on 1,000 toes

There she blows

Lookin' good!

Hope you like dancing!

Without might, it's a current affair.

Whoa! Hey! Wait! Wait! Wait!

This is mystifying, mortifying.

Quite absurd, embarrassing.

Exasperating, even awkward.

Hey, now, Kansas, don't put me on ice.

Jitterbug's honor, I swear! I'll be nice.

Maybe if you behave.

- Thanks, boys.

What are you doing?

The spell is broken.

Don't stop me now, Jackson.
I'm cooking with gas.

Oh, the jitter

Let's get out of here
before anything else happens.

There's the river.

What's happening?

- Oh, no! Not again!
- Earthquake!



Hang on!

Oh! Oh my!

Look out!

Oh, that's underhanded,
at the very least undergrounded.

I hate playing the villain.

But a job's a job.

Throw him in the river.

Ah! Don't do that! I'll rust!

Even worse, I'll sink!

Oh! We got you, Tinny!

Here we go, being naughty again.

You kiddies may want to
close your eyes now.

Okay, you names.

Let's shake it.


That's a stretch!


I... I can't swim!

Grab the rope!
Hook it around the Tin Man.

We'll do the rest.

Hang on, Toto.

Looks like your friends escaped, missy.

But you won't be so lucky.

Take them to the Nome King.

Why, I've got an idea.
Play along.

Careful, Dorothy. It's cramped in here.

You know those nomes
can't make really big tunnels.

Can't make a big tunnel?

Listen, straw head,
you could run a train through here.

Why, I've seen bigger gopher holes
in our carrot patch.

Ohh! Is that so? Jump to it, nomes.

There, how do you like that, missy?

Careful, men. We don't want to start a--


That was very brave.

Are you all right?

And they call my ticker noisy.

Your Highness, allow me to present
Jerry Mouse of Kansas.

Charmed, I'm sure.

Jerry, meet my good friend,
the Mouse Queen of Oz.

I must say, Kansas mice
have impeccable manners.

We have to get to the Emerald City
as fast as possible.

But I'm still a little rusty.

Bring my coach.

I would be honored
if you would ride with me.

At least, they're out of trouble.

But we can't swim the river.

So, we'll have to take the long way,
through the forest.

I was once what you are, Tom, my boy.

Yeah, I wasn't always
the steadfast hero type you see today.


Now it's my turn

to help a fellow feline become fearless.

It's a good thing we ditched those guards.

Now, we can sneak into
the Emerald City undetected.

Maybe if we go to the Wizard's Palace,

we might find something
magical to help us.

- Oh! That's a great idea.
- Come on.

We made it.

And the Nome King has no idea we're here.

Well, you gotta get up pretty early
in the morning to outsmart me.

My brain is just too sharp
for his corny traps.

Well, as I live and breathe.

It's the brainiac.

And Miss Goody Two-shoes,
all caught in the same trap.

You may notice a few changes around here.

Did I ever tell you when I took on
an entire herd of elephants? Hmm?

I just look 'em straight in the eye. Yup.

Them beady little red eyes.

I knew I was surrounded, so I gave 'em
the old one-two-four.

Yep, nothing gets past
my cat-like reflexes.

Then again, you know that.

You're a cat.

Hey. You're not Tom.

But if you're not Tom, that means...

Carry the two...

Jiminy Crickets! He's gone!


I don't believe in spooks,
I don't believe in spooks.

I don't believe in spooks,
I don't believe in spooks.


Oh, imagine me,
getting all spooked over spooks.

Those preposterous...

Why, they're nothing
but little old red lightbulbs.

Right guys?


Oh, we're in quite a pickle.

- What do we do now, Dorothy?
- I don't know.

Uncle Henry and Auntie Em
are always telling me

I'm too young
and to stay out of everyone's way.

And now, I'm starting to think
that they were right.

Oh, don't say things like that.
You can't mean it.

Oh, why not?

Because you're Dorothy.

You always find a way.

Well, okay.
I'll let you off this time easy,

since you didn't realize
you was dealing with the king of the...

Well, well, well.

Look what cat they dragged in.

That couldn't be
the ex-King of the Forest.

You know, boys,
I'm very disappointed in you.

You were supposed to
bring back some meat.

Not a big cream puff!

That's Mr. Ex-Cream Puff to you.

Besides, everyone knows
I'm the real King of the Forest.

Oh, then this must be
one of your royal subjects?

- Tom?
- You see, I'm on a "seefood" diet.

I eat what I see.

I eat what I see. Seefood!

Well, you can't intimidate us
with these cruel methods.

Me and Tomcat

can take all you can dish out.

They say you've been off fightin' witches.

That sounds pretty phony.

The only witches you've ever finished
were sandwiches.


Listen, I'm runnin' this forest now.

So, scat, fraidy cat!

Everybody knows that
tigers can't be King of the Forest,

especially you.

Oh. yeah?

So, you were
the King of the Forest?

- And you think you can tell me what to do

Listen up, former King of the Forest

Have I got some news for you

There's a new cat in town

Who's most fit for

Most deserving of the crown

You? You ain't fit for anything.


Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my

You couldn't hurt a fly

You're scared so stiff

You look like you've been stuffed

Well, speakin' of who's stuffed

That paunch is pretty puffed

It's clear that you've been Hvin' loud

- What's clear, my dear, is I'm in charge
- Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my

It's time to give up the crown

There's only room for one top cat in town

Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my

Let's kiss this cat goodbye

You keep your pretty paws off my domain

- You lily-Iivered lump

Your own shadow makes you jump

Your roar is more a widow's yelp

Oh, when I roar, you'll need some help

Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my

You better be back in town

There's only room for one top cat in town

Oh, spare me
So, you think that'll scare me?

I'll prove that
when it comes to being fearless

I'm peerless

Oh, spare me
Are you trying to dare me?

Your Muster doesn't fluster

'Cause you know that the top cats

Are lions

They're tigers

They're bears


Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my

Now who's this grizzly guy?

- The forest is for felines to control
- Oof!

It's only you and me

So, who's it gonna be?

Who says it can't be shareable?

- Does that sound so unbearable?
- Yes!

Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my

Well, I ain't backin' down

There's only room for one top cat

- The Tiger Queen!
- Imagine that.

There's only room for one top cat

In town!

Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my


At last, behold the dazzling beauty!

Flattery will get you nowhere.

Ha! I wasn't talking about you, girly.
I was talking about the ruby slippers.

Give them here.

- Oh, you mustn't.
- Oh, don't worry.

I won't.

Hmm. Well, if I take the slippers
by force, their magic will be diminished.

But perhaps you'll surrender them

- to save your friends.
- Oh.

Rip the Scarecrow to bits.

Oh, hold on. Wait a second!

- Mash up that Munchkin Mouse.
- No!

Then give me the slippers.

Don't do it, Dorothy!


I won't have you hurt because of me.

Don't do it, Dorothy!

Here. I'm sure you'll look lovely in them.


You really don't understand
their power, do you?

These miraculous shoes reflect
the personality of whoever wears them.

To you, they're ruby slippers.

To me, they're blood-red boots.

Beware, Ruggedo!

Those who use the Rubies for evil
only come to misfortune.

Ooh, ooh.

I'll keep a lookout for falling houses.

Besides, I'm not evil.
I'm just taking back what's mine.

Starting with this city.

What? Well, what about all the people?

They're welcome to come below
as my slaves.

In fact, I insist on it.

No, you can't!

- You don't like it?
- No, no, no!

Then you're excused.

Short stuff!

We're almost there.

And I'm almost back to normal.

It was nice while it lasted.

- Tuffy!
- My queen!


The Nome King has the ruby slippers.

And he'll use their magic
to sink the Emerald City beneath Oz.

How horrible! We must get inside quickly.

I have an idea.

Remember that Cyclonotron thing
back at your farm?

Well, I think we can improve
on its design.

I've got the parts.

Now, if we can get tools and mousepower...

Oh, great.

Now, let's put that arm over there.
And attach that leg here.

And the other leg,
I'd like to put right here.

And my head exactly right there.

Whoa, Ziggy!

Now, at last, the emeralds of Emerald City
will be back where they belong.

Oh, I got a sinkin' feelin' about this.

There's no place like Nome.

There's no place like Nome!

There's no place like Nome!

Going down!

Oh, no! The city is sinking!

Step on it, Jerry!

It was not so long ago

That I saw you as a foe

Who might have been a hiccup in my plan

But look, you're fragile as a flower

Now you don't have any power

So, I'll destroy you just because I can

Oh, I'll come to the new Emerald City

Let the bells of doom start to ring

For you can never stop

The destruction I will bring

What's mine is mine

What's his is his

Because I am the King

Because he is the King

Because he is the King
King, King, King, King, King, King


Where are we?

Ah, Nome sweet Nome.

I know how disappointed you must be
to not stop the big bad Nome King.

Boo-hoe. Sniff, sniff it all...

Ah, cue the sad music.

Oh, cheer up.
I have a big job for a little lady.

And I hope you're up to the task

because you're going to spend
the rest of your life digging up jewels

for me.

Oh, really? And if I refuse?

Then it's into the Pit of Nome Return.

See, I call it that,
as no nome has ever returned from it.

Hmm, matter of fact,

the longer I keep you two around,

the more I'm convinced
you'll stir up trouble.

Toss them in.


We're fine with causing general mayhem,

as outlined in
the Nome Guard job description.

But when it actually
comes down to destroying

living scarecrows and little girls,

we're drawing the line.

You are fired.

He really doesn't mince words, does he?

- Come on!
- Seize them!

Time to pull this all together.

Good job.


You're canned, Nome King.

You would need an army to stop me.

They've got one.

Come on, men. Let's go!

You'll have to do better than that.


Oh! Toto! Tom!

- Lion!
- Lion?

Alive and in person,

accompanied by Tom the Terrible,
and Toto the Terrific,

masters of the animal kingdom.

I'd like to thank all the little people

who made our appearance
down here possible.

The moles, the gophers,

especially the badgers,
great digging, fellas.

And don't forget me.

Old fraidy cat promised me
all the nomes I could eat.

Ooh la la.

What's your hurry, delicious?

- Oh! Food to go!
- Food to go! Love it!

It'll take more than
some mangy mammals to scare me.

Right you are.

We nearly forgot the air force.

Eggs! Nomes hate eggs!

Eggs! Eggs!

Come back, you cowards!

Come back! All right, then go.

I have all the power I need.

Ha ha!

Hey, there, Kansas,
what's a-shaking?

- Jitterbug.
- What's with the crazy, queasy quaking?

We need your help.

Sure thing, my country cutie.

I'm yours to command, all right-o-rooty.

Come and get me, you beasts.

The bigger the better.


Ha ha!

You don't think anyone
can stand up to you?

Ha! Like you?

Well, yes! Like me!

- Like all of us.
- Yeah.

Three losers?

A scruffy dog, and a cat, and a mouse.

That's nothing.

Well, they're my friends.
And that's everything.

Friends? You gave up
the only magic you'll ever have

for them!

Dorothy girl, you are a fool!

Oh! Hold on!

I'm ripping!

That's terrible!

Talk about grasping at straws.

- Ruggedo, let them go.
- Of course.

No reason they should
hang around any longer.

Isn't that right, Scarecrow?

I'm slipping.

Any last words, little girl?

Let's dance!

Let's swing those funky, filthy feet

What? Stop, stop! Whoa!

Curse of Jitterbug!


Swing it king, now buck and wing.

Now wrestle those pants
with a Russian dance.

Hey! Hey! Hey!
You can't do this to me!

You're right, Kingy.
Dancing alone ain't all that merry.

You need partners, Tom and Jerry.

- Miss Glinda.
- Your Highness, my eternal thanks.

You, too, Tuffy.


Help me! Help!

Pull me back!

I said pull, you fools!

Pull, you fool.

Come on, come on, pull harder, harder!

Well, that was just awful.

But at least he went dancing.

Hey, Kansas,
don't forget the boots, cutes.

If their magic was strong
enough to sink the Emerald City...

Then what was done can be undone.

If you wish.

I wish...

- You did it, Dorothy.
- We knew you could.


Talk about your elevator shoes.

And look who slept through
the whole thing.

Hurry, Butch, while she's asleep.

I'm lucky, she swallowed me in one gulp.

Me, not so much.

- Halt, miscreants!
- Wizard!

Why, we thought you was a goner.

How did you drive away the monkeys?

Drive away? No, no, no.

I tamed them. Yes.

I remembered I had an assortment
of frutis gigantica seeds.

I simply tossed some seeds
from the bottled labeled "Bananas,"

and presto, they were literally
eating out of my hand.

You couldn't have returned
in a more auspicious moment.


To capture the scoundrels
responsible for this catastrophe.

Please, Your Wizardship.

We were only following orders.

And we were fired
before succumbing to true villainy.

In that case, I think
a wizardly pardon can be arranged.

And perhaps a change of occupation.

Well, isn't this a horse
of a different color?

Only on the outside.

While I thank you
for this wonderful welcome,

I want to assure you

that the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man

shall continue as
ruling triumvirate of Oz.

Well, I humbly accept
the tenured position

of Wizard emeritus indilectus.

Uh, with pay.

But once again,

the real heroes
are Dorothy and her friends from Kansas.

Yes, and remember, my dear,

though some may call you a child,

Your brave spirit is ageless.

Thank you, sir.

Um, Jerry, I think somebody else
wants to say goodbye.

And I still owe you my thanks
for your heroism, Mr. Jerry.

You're one of us now.

A fearless fellow feline forever.

Lions, and tigers,
and cats, oh, yeah!

Glinda, the ruby slippers...

Well, they don't belong to me.

Oh, my dear, you think
they might be better off here in Oz.

But because of your heroic deeds,

you've won the right to keep them forever.

Besides, you'll need them to visit us.

- Often, we hope.
- Oh, I will. I promise.

There's just one more thing
I'd like to take with me.

Name it, my dear.

Well, here we go again, I guess.

Goodbye, everyone.

So long, Kansas.

I'll see you, kiddo.

Safe journeys.

Hurry back, Dorothy.

There's no place like home,
there's no place like home.

There's no place like home.

Take this.

Mr. Bibb will be here any second.

- Good morning, Mr. Bibb.
- What's good about it?

Last night, my barbecue stand
was wrecked by two furry hooligans.

Two furry hooligans just about your size.

Uh, Mr. Bibb, if we could replace
your melon crop,

would you take it in return
for our animals?

Child, I'd sign off
on this court order right now.

Except I know
you all don't raise watermelons.

Well, we only needed to raise one.

It's amazing!
It's unbelievable.

And it's all yours.

You boys better be careful with that.

This is the pits.

This is ironic!

Poor Mr. Bibb.

Oh, don't fret none.

That ornery little butterball
needs the exercise.


Thank goodness you made it home!

It'll take more than a little windstorm

to keep this old heap away from her farm.

Nighty night, missy.


So, who's gonna clean up this mess?

Auntie Em, Uncle Henry,
wait 'til you hear!

Not now, Dorothy. We've got bad news.

We couldn't get the loan,
and no one was hiring.

So, we're gonna have to
hand over all the animals to Mr. Bibb.

But he was just here and he gave me this.

Ha! Appears Bibb is dropping the suit.

I sort of talked him into it.

You did this?

Hmm. Em, looks like
our little girl is all grown up.

Hurray for Dorothy!

Hurray for Dorothy.

And now, we can really rebuild our farm.

Quickly, too, before those boys
wreck it any worse.

Some things never change around here.

Oh, and I hope they never will.

And that we're together forever.

It's like I always say, Auntie Em...

And when I'm singing
to the Kansas sky

I know why I don't roam

'Cause it slaps a smile
right across my face

There's no place like home

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