Tom Thumb and Little Red Riding Hood (1962) - full transcript

Follow up to Caperucita y sus tres amigos. Caperucita, the Wolf and the Ogre are captured by the Witch Queen, accused of treason by the Vampire. Caperucita, followed by a host of old and ...


Among the worlds
that coexist...

...within the portentous
work of creation...

...encrusted in the
immensity of the universe...

...this planet spins untiringly...

...full of hopes and dreams...

...where fantasy seems
to become reality... and there... the sea... forests... eternal snow.

On this planet there
is good and evil...

...and in the Kingdom of Evil
dwell all the storybook...

...witches and monsters
that we have met in fables.

Here, goodness and virtue...

...are the highest of treasons...

...and are the motive of trials...

...and punishment.

Soon, soon, soon...

...come all. Everybody, come.

Vengeance we must take...

...both of them are going to pay.

Little Red Riding Hood
and Tom Thumb.

They turned the wolf good.

They overtook the Ogre
between the two.

Little Red Riding Hood
and Tom Thumb.

We hate school,
and because we don't go...

...we have to live with
monsters who lay low.

Those who disobey their
mothers will burn.

Into witches they will turn...

...and on a broom
they shall churn.

And whoever misbehaves...

...will have to help with might... for the
kingdom in spite...

...and fight.

The enemies...

...of the Kingdom of Evil
must die.

Oh queen,
may your evil instill...

...these two children
of kindness and will.

Little Red Riding Hood
and Tom Thumb.

The Ogre and Wolf are on trial...

...because they dared
change their bile...

...and now they are mild...

...and well behaved
and not only for a while.

They have also betrayed...

...our Kingdom of Evil.

They must die, they must die.

They must die...

...they must die.

Silence, I am going to read... the "dishonorable" jury.

- Child Snatcher.
- Here.

As always, kidnapping
disobedient children... carry away in my sack.

Our friend "Frankenstino".


"Boogie Man".

As usual, dancing away.

Man and Beast, better
known in our kingdom... "Two for One".

Always on active duty.

Don't growl.

Her gracious highness
"Dummy Witch" and sister...

...of our royal highness
"The Queen of Evil"...

...heiress of the throne.

All yours, mister Vampire.

Lucifer forbid.

Her highness the queen,
Snow White's stepmother.

She went to the bathroom, sir.

Well, she has a right.

"Hurricane Dwarf".



Stop blowing! You blower!

Her majesty
"The Queen Witch".

Her perverse majesty is here.

Queen Witch,
ruler of the Kingdom of Evil.

Save ye, oh Queen Witch!

What're the charges
against Wolf and Ogre?

You name them, Your Majesty.

First of all...

...the so-called Big Bad Wolf...

...far from eating Little Red
Riding Hood, which is his duty...

...betrayed our brotherhood...

...and befriended
the virtuous girl.

In regard to the Ogre...

...he became tame and cowardly...

...and instead of eating
Tom Thumb and his siblings...

...he started eating spinach...

...vanilla ice cream...

...and popcorn.

That hypocrite is lying.

And it is also a lie that
so-called Big Bad Wolf...

...along with the stinky Skunk...

...were with Little Red Riding
Hood singing and dancing... the countryside
and in the forest.

How do the accused plead?

- I object.
- So do I.

Speak, "objectants".

We object against that
Vampire's hateful tongue.

What's wrong
with his tongue?

Oh, hardly anything.
He has a "vipertine" tongue.

I mean, viperine.

- Right, Mr. Ogre?
- Of course.

He's just out to get us.

He accuses us of
tiny, insignificant sins...

...and doesn't notice
his own great big ones.

Ask that wimpy Vampire
why he's so skinny.

I, I will tell you, Mr. Ogre.

He's skinny...

...because he bit the Witch.

Quiet, insect.

Well, as I was saying...

...the Witch bit us all.

The poor Vampire has
nobody left to bite.

Enough nonsense.

There he is,
my loyal little squire.

Stop whispering.

What is the jury's verdict?

Innocuous, I mean, innocent.


No! Innocent!


In view of your high treason...

...I sentence you to die... being cut in half...

...with a saw.

With a saw.

With a saw!

You are too cruel, Mrs. Witch,
you cannot do that to me.

You make me so mad sometimes,
and with my ulcer.


Your Majesty...

...we humbly...

...ask that hateful Little Red
Riding Hood and Tom Thumb... be punished for
their mischief, too.

I sentence those children and
all the village dwellers... be put under a spell
by my evil power!

I'll turn them into gross
mice and ridiculous monkeys.

I must save my master.
I'm flying, I'm flying.

May the sentence be executed...

...and the traitors
die the worst of deaths...

...when the full moon rises...

...and the wicked owl
chirps three times.

Chirp once!

No, that's cheating.

It's not fair. It's not!

Tom Thumb.

Tom Thumb.

Tom, don't be mischievous.

Tom Thumb!

Tom Thumb!

Tom Thumb.

Tom Thumb...

Where are you, Tom Thumb?

I can't find you.

Look carefully, Red Riding
Hood, if you want to find me.

You love games,
but I shall seek for your kind...

...and with the help of my
dog I know I will find.

Don't forget, Little Red
Riding Hood, that I am tiny.

You won't find with a
magnifying glass my hiney.

We must go to school, it is
no longer time for play.

Come out, Tom Thumb, if you
misbehave you will have to pay.

Look for him, Titan,
he must be close by.

In a hurry, if we scurry...

...we will find him, low or high.

Start looking,
I can tell you have all day... poor dumb dog, you will
never find me, if you may.

Let us be as two good friends
and don't make me mad.

Tom Thumb, if you behave
better we can play and be glad.

Tom Thumb.

Tom Thumb.

Look carefully, Red Riding
Hood, if you want to find me.

It's not that easy
to hide from Titan.

He can find anything
with the size of that snout.

Go on, go on, you menace.
You're a big menace!

Come on, Doncel, let's go.

A curve!

Where are you going?


What's wrong, Skunk?

Wild Queen caught Witch Ogre.

Wolf Queen caught Wild Witch.

Calm down, Skunky,
we don't understand a word.

The monsters got Big Bad
Wolf and Mr. Ogre...

...and sentenced them
to death for being good.

My God!

Plus, the Queen will
put a spell on the river...

...and turn everyone
into mice and monkeys.

Everyone! Let's go save them.

Hold Tom Thumb,
don't drop him.

If you do, don't step on him.

Come on, come.

I will haunt the water
the villagers use.

Little Red and Tom Thumb...

...will get what they deserve.


...go watch the villagers.

It will be fun seeing them...

...become funny little animals.

You must report immediately.

Heavens, these children
are so "hyper".

Tom Thumb is late,
it's almost time to eat.

- Oh my!
- I'll go look for him, mom.

Go to the Singing River
to fetch some water.

We're going to the river!

Come on, let's go!

Abracadabra, dabra, dabra,
dabra, cadabra!

With my magic powers...

...everything will be transformed.

- What was that?
- Must be the Queen Witch.

Look, there she is.



So that everybody is thirsty...

...and nobody escapes...

...make the weather hot.

Very hot.

- Good afternoon, Father.
- Likewise, child.

Only the devil would find
such scorching heat good.

Don't blaspheme. I'd never...

...felt such unbearable heat.

My girl went to visit Granny.

She must be playing
in the forest.

Let's freshen up, Father.

Give us some water,
good woman.

Is it fresh?

Yes, I fetched
it from the Singing River.

Thank you so much,
Mr. Patriarch, after you.

It is delicious!

Oh, such terrible heat!


Little siblings!

The enchanted water.

The Queen Witch
kept her threat...

...of turning them into mice.

I'll fetch my slingshot... get that wicked witch.

Let's go to my place,
let's see if we're on time.

Yes, yes, yes. Let's go!

Wait up, I'm going with you!

As soon as I feed
my mother and my siblings.

Wow, it was hungry!

Let's go!

My God, the monkeys!

The Witch
will finish us off!

Let's visit the Queen Witch...

...and ask her
not to be so evil.

What? She will turn us...

...into worms, or dust.

- There is another way.
- What?

The Morning Fairy,
they say she's wonderful.

- The Morning Fairy?
- Yes.

She lives over there,
far into the horizon.

There's no time to waste.

Let's go!

So you're going to look for...

...that busy-body Morning Fairy.

You're going to get it
when my sister hears.

You are going to be sick.



The Queen Witch is worse
than a demon!

And that must be your Granny.

They drank from the river,
what shall we do?

Wolf and Ogre are in jail.

That's right,
there is nobody to help us.

Oh, I am dying of thirst!
I can't stand it.

Careful Skunk,
you'll turn into a monkey!

Oh my, I almost did it!

You saved me, Red Riding Hood.

Mr. Patriarch!

Let's all go!

You have the nicest
granny in the world.

Just a minute.

Bye Mom, see you Granny,
excuse me, Mr. Patriarch.

We'll ask the Morning Fairy... undo the spell.

In case you get hungry, there
are peanuts in the kitchen.

Finally, let's go.

We have to flee, Mr. Ogre...

...before the Queen Witch
cuts us in half.

But how? I don't think
we stand a chance...

...with these balls and chains.

It's unbelievable,
so big yet so stupid.

Don't call me stupid.

I don't think you've
proven to have...

...a glimpse of talent.

What are you bragging about?

I'm the smart one here.
Yes, sir!

Yeah sure, that's why
you're here, all cozied up.

I was caught off guard
and from behind.

That's different.

As soon as Skunky gets here...

...they'll see what I'm made of.

And, to sweeten up your mouth...

...we will get out...

...both of us. How about that?

Stop bragging about
being so courageous and brave.

Right now you are as
scared as a mouse in a cave.

You are an ugly wolf-guy...

...who is not bad but shy...

...and not even a bit sly.

You are the coward,
you feel so alone...

...and truth is,
death scares you to the bone.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, mother.

That is hilarious, father.

His snarl makes you sigh,
but he cannot lie...

...for he shall soon die.

They caught me off guard
and in treason...

...but for your situation
I see no reason.

You've eaten so many
children in hearty meals...

...but got scared of monsters,
that's a whole different deal...

...and lost your appetite,
so how does that feel?

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha... forgot
to say rah, rah rah...

...because when I die...

...with your skull at my side... my tomb I will lie.

Oh no, no, no...

...don't die, please don't go.

- [I'm young.
- [I'm a youngster.

We deserve to live on...

Oh, no, no, no.

We have to flee from our foe.

- [With my smarts...
- [And with my experience...

...we will get away.

We have to leave here today.

Quiet, you miserable beings!

Hey, Mr. "what's your face"...

...don't people get fed here?

Don't you dare call me that.

We are "Two in One".
We're Siamese twins...

...joined at our backs.

Siamese? You don't
look like cats to me.

Siamese twins.

He's "Pretty"
and I'm "Handsome".


Shut up!

My ulcer is killing me!

What's the point of eating?

Soon the wicked owl will chirp...

...its second song of death.

And you want some dinner.

Anyhow... I'll see
what can be done.


Here comes Boogie!
The Boogie Man.

- Oh, heavens!
- Oh, heavens!

This place is full
of horrible people.

It isn't true, it isn't true,
it isn't true.

- No!
- I'm dreaming!

We are not dreaming!

It's baked pheasant,
and all for us.

We have to thank that
man, "Too Darn Worn".

- What?
- "Two in One".

Thank you, thank you so much,
my dear "Two Times Three".

You too, Mr. "Boogie Woogie".

Thanks a lot.

Pass the tray.

We're starving.

Who said this banquet
is for you?!

It's not? Who's it for, then?

Who else could it be for?
It's for us.

Damnation, they starve you
to death at this place!

Don't you worry,
we are going to let you... us eat from here!

- Don't be dumb!
- Sorry.

To show our compassion...

Give them a good ration.
Boogie Man.

Is this all?

Only this?

Show some respect, Mr. Ogre!

They gave it to me!

No, it's for both!

No, no, no, no,
it's such a ridiculous ration...

...that I might as well
eat it all by myself.

Oh, no, no, no, no!

Yes, yes, yes!

No, no, no, no, no!

Yes, yes, yes!

Yes, yes, yes!

No, no!

Yes, yes, yes!

No, no, no!

You hit me from behind.

- I did not.
- You'll see!

Where is the ball? This is
what I was looking for.

You'll see!




Yes, yes, yes!

If they die
we'll lose the reward.

- Open up.
- No, no, one more!

- No, no, no!
- Yes, one more, one more!

No, no, no!

Yes, yes, yes!

No, no, no, no!

- Yes, yes, yes.
- No, no, no, no, no!

Run, Tom Thumb,
don't lag behind!

Come on!

Wait up, I'm coming with you.

Look, here comes the Fairy.

Yes, it's the Morning Fairy.

She's so beautiful!

Friends, I know you're
tired from walking.

I know your woes, but...

I can do nothing to help you.

Why not, beautiful mistress?

My magic powers end where
the Kingdom of Evil begins.

The Queen Witch cast a spell...

...on all the villagers.

They'll kill Wolf
and Ogre, who are good now.

That's true, but unfortunately...

...the Queen Witch has
us under her control.

What to do, beautiful lady?

I always help those
who are clean of heart...

...but you will have
to overcome the dangers...

...of the Kingdom of Evil and
rescue the magic filter...

...that the Queen Witch
keeps in her castle.

Come close.

My magic wand will spare you...

...from hunger, thirst and cold.

Thank you, great lady.

It is time to go,
may God be with you.

I want to go with them, too.

Wait for me!

No, Tom Thumb, you are much
too tiny to follow them.

Mrs. Fairy, can't you
make me grow to be...

...the same size as my friends?

I will grant you that grace.

Grow, Tom Thumb, grow,
for your courage will bestow.

I'm big! I'm big!

The biggest in the world!

Thank you!
Thank you so much, great lady!

Wait for me!

I'm going with you!

Wait for me!

The heat is unbearable.

What did you say?

I said that 5,000 demons...

...are unbearable, that there...

...should be 30 or 40 thousand.

I was just saying...

...that I'm hungry.

You mean
you're still hungry?

Not really, how about you?


...I'm not either.

Not bad...

...right, Mr. Ogre?

Of course not, Super Wolf.

How about us taking a sniff?

That's not a bad idea at all.


How about if I go first?

Why don't we both go
at the same time?

How about if...
if we cut it in two?

In two equal parts.

That's better, that way...

...we'll avoid a duel to death.

Defend yourself.

This one's mine.

The bone.

The bone!

The bone.

Too bad!

Well, you didn't want it
anyway, did you Mr. Ogre?

Now I feel strong enough
to make our escape.


We're together now,
and united we're stronger.

All we need now is the...

...key to this gate.
- Yes, hardly anything.

If I only had my
"7 Leagues" boots...

...or if Tom Thumb were here...

...he's smart, he'd help us out.

So what?

If my loyal Skunk were here...

...neither you or
I would be prisoners.

If my aunt had wheels...
We must do something.

We need a bright idea.

Yes, yes, yes...

Yes, yes.

- I got it!
- The idea?

Yes, a "brought" idea.

Let's hear it.

- I forgot.
- The brought idea!

- Yes.
- Brought.

They're pulling my leg.

Did you say leg?



So, you're making fun of me...

...because my legs are short.

Listen to me, Mr. Ogre...

...I just thought of the
"brought" idea that we need.

Have you ever heard of...


Abracadabra, dabra, dabra...

Dabra, dabra, dabra...

...the events in my kingdom...

...I will see in the ball.

The border of the kingdom.

This is so ugly, Tom Thumb.

I'm not scared because now...

...I'm the biggest man of all.

Stop bragging, kid!

I can't wait to have
it out with the witch.

Oh, heavens!

This is so ugly, it's haunted.

We've got to get out of here.

- Hold on.
- Give me your hand.

You too, Little Red, your paw...

Not you, Doncel.

Oooh, yucky!

It's those
insufferable brats.

And that stinky Skunk.

They'll see what awaits them.

Nobody has gotten out alive.


My lord and master.

Come up.

It's important!

Could it be the wrong path?

No, I know this path... the palm of my paw.

No, I never make mistakes.
Don't lag behind.

tree of 1,000 voices.


Calling all monsters.

Calling all monsters.

Little Red Riding Hood,
Tom Thumb and Skunk... company of a dog,
have dared invade us.

They must be stopped!
Finish them off.

Attention, calling
all of my monsters.

Beware, beware.

Attention, calling
all of my monsters!

This is so ugly, so ugly!

It's darker than a black ant!

- Did you hear that?
- Mother!

Yes, it must be the wind.

Don't be scared,
I'm here to defend you.

Such nonsense, this
is the Kingdom of Evil.

We could fall into the
Queen Witch's claws.

We have to find Mr. Ogre
and Big Bad Wolf...

...for them to help
us get the magic filter.

Go on, chicken!

Gallant, you mean.
Women and children first.

Then you go first,
I'm bigger than you.

Look, here comes a mop!

Dummy, what took you so long?

Little Red, Tom Thumb
and Skunk went to see...

...our enemy, the
despicable Morning Fairy.

I know.

They dared challenge me.

They won't get my filter... undo the spell I cast.

They are so naive.

They know not that right now...

...they are about to be destroyed.

Am I on the right path?
We're doing fine.

Come, we don't want
the witch to catch us.

- I'm stuck.
- You're pulling my leg.

Now we've got to get it out.

Not like that, no. Hurry up.
No, not like that.

Watch out!

Hurry, the Martian is coming.

Hurry! Come on, quick.

Hurry! I can't stand it,
I'm gonna get him!

I got him right where it hurts!

He's burning, he's burning!
Hurrah, hurrah!

I proved I don't hold
a grudge because you...

...called me stupid,
and I also proved...

...that you can't
confront my strength.

You don't say, you don't say.

You want to bet I'm
more of a man than you?


- I'll prove it right now.
- Really? How?

Come here.

Look... this.

Like this.

Laughing at the pain...



Oh, my! Are you crazy?

You put your
own life in danger.

To me, life is worthless.

But you really are hurt.

There's no doubt.

But, as badly wounded
as I may be... manly dignity comes first.

On the other hand,
after just a few blows...'re whining,
you old cowardly Ogre.

I'll teach you
I'm no cowardly Ogre... scabby she-wolf.

- How's that?
- Oh, my!

You are still
very swollen, Mr. Ogre.

You look like a rhinoceros.

Two in One... know something?
- What?

I can't stand these
nerves any longer.

Oh, you little rascal.

I get it, you can't wait... execute the prisoners
and collect the reward.

Yes, I can't wait any longer.

I feel the same way, but
there are four more days to go...

...until there's full moon.

That's the problem.


...why don't we move up the date?
- No!

Don't be a fool.

Disobeying the Queen Witch
would mean...

Don't walk so far ahead, Tom.

There are many dangers here.

I said I'm not scared.

I'm bigger than a giant.

Tom Thumb is brave, isn't he?

Yes, but we shouldn't confuse...

...courage with carelessness.

And, kids should always
respect their elders.


Do you see...

...what I see?!

Oh, a monster.

Another mop! Another mop!

Stick your hand out to turn...

...or else he will catch you!

Oh, mother!

Let go!

Let go!

Tom Thumb...

Tom Thumb...

Where can Tom Thumb be?

Did he get lost?

Tom Thumb...

Tom Thumb!

Let me go!

Let me go, you old pig!

- Hairy thing!
- Get over here.

Help me, dear mother!

Let me go!

Let me go!

Now let's go this way.

It's this way, Red Riding Hood.
Hold my hand, don't let go.

I think he found a trace.

They'll catch us!

- Who is it, who is it!
- You little rascals!

Don't let
that beast beat you.

Stupid Child Snatcher!

We've escaped,
Red Riding Hood.

The ugly old
man's over there.

Now it's my turn, you old pig.



I'm dying! Oh, mother!

That poor Child Snatcher,
you made him blind.

He's just a cry baby,
Little Red Riding Hood.

Let's tie him. Quick, hurry!

Let's see, give me your arm.
Come on, come on!

Stop pushing. Stop it, I said.

Stop pushing and groaning!
Stay still!

Rocka-by baby!



It's Tom Thumb.

He's around here somewhere.


Little Red Riding Hood!

Little Red Riding Hood!


Oh, Tom Thumb, what...

Another child? Dozens...

Little Red Riding Hood.

Millions, there are
millions of children.

The Snatcher got me
from behind, the cheater.

How many had he snatched?

Kids who yell at their folks.

Thanks for saving us.
We won't misbehave.

The Child Snatcher...

...let's get rid of him.
Get him, get him!

That mean Child Snatcher!

- I'll use this to...
- Just a minute!

Let's use him as a [pinata.

He won't get away, he won't.


...two, and...


Well, I'll be!
I'm surrounded my morons!

It smells worse than me!

Okay, get ready to pull...

...and you, stop pushing me,
stop pushing me.

Pull, pull!

One, two, four, five, eight...

Hurrah for the [pinata]!

We've punished him enough.
Now, go back home.

We'd like to stay with you.

No way, you'd be in danger.

Go away now,
we have to go to the castle.

Go home!

Well, let's go home, you guys.


Don't leave me here!

You'll be hanging there
til Christmas Eve!

You let yourself be caught.

How disgraceful, sister,
how disgraceful.

How stupid, you mean.

It is clear to me
that the Morning Fairy... playing dirty.
- What?

Can't you see, Dummy? That
fairy is protecting the rascals.

They'll see when I'm done...

...making this mortal potion.

Heal in time, you will be fine.

Not now.

Let's see.

Heal in time, you will be fine.

I'm so glad that the
swelling is going down.

See, Mr. Ogre? All it took
was some "heal in time".

I am going to hasten
Wolf and Ogre's death.


...master of darkness,
come to my aid.

Everybody has failed me.

May there be a Full Moon now...

...and may your wicked owl
chirp its deadly song.

That evil owl has
chirped for the third time.

No, that's impossible!

It isn't fair that
we should die so young.

- Especially me.
- What about me?

But we won't die, because
our salvation is here.

Yeah, there's something
fishy going on.

The owl wasn't
supposed to chirp yet.

Who cares!

The time has come
to collect the reward.

Goody, goody!

We will finally be rich,
incredibly rich!

What's wrong?

You don't count,
even if you're my brother!


I'm taking you to
the scaffold right now!

But be careful
with those bad guys.

All right...

...let's get started.

- Is it clear?
- It's clear.

they're coming for us.


Good-bye, unfortunate friend.

What will become of you,
left all alone?

More importantly, Mr. Ogre,
what will become...

...of Mrs. Panfleta's millions?
Who will administer them?

- Millions, you say?
- Yes, millions and millions.

Mrs. Panfleta is the
richest person alive.

What's going on here?
Who is that Panfleta?

Mrs. Panfleta is an extremely
intelligent flea.

Oh, a little flea.

A millionaire trained flea.

Mrs. Panfleta, say hi to him.

What did she say? What?

She said she's pleased to
meet you, Mr. Bugger Man.

Are you certain
Panfleta is a millionaire?

You couldn't count her
money over the days... have left to live.

I only regret she will
be left alone in the world...

...with all her money
now that I am going to die.

Calm down, Mr. Wolf, calm down.

there is no changing this.

Don't say that,
poor little Panfleta.

Uh, I'll take care
of her and her money.

I want to meet her.

Come in, Mr. Cocol,
make yourself at home.

Where is Mrs. Panfleta
and all her millions?

Mr. Wolf, give her to him.

Allow me, Mrs. Panfleta.

You will be in very
good hands, dear friend.

Treat her
like your own child.

Care for her.
Look, poor thing.


Here are her millions.

Go, hurry!


Oh shucks, no wonder
I didn't see my aunt!


No, this is not my aunt,
she swallowed a Christian.

- She could be your sister.
- Huh!

Show some respect, Mr. Ogre!

We better run if we
want to save our skin!

They will not escape!

They will not escape!

Attention, Hurricane Dwarf!

Attention, Hurricane Dwarf!

Stop them!

Stop them!


The Hurricane Dwarf.

Let's get the fatso.

Ops, it's strong!

Oh, man!

How hard!

Careful, Mr. Ogre! Careful!

- Careful!
- Here come more.

Let's attack!
Come on, Mr. Ogre!

Come on!

Come on!

One more.

Come on, come on!

I think we're here!

Yes, yes!

It's the signal of the gate... the mysterious hallway.

Let's go, all together!
All together now!

Oh my, it's so ugly!

A monster's skeleton.

How about that?

Let's go!

Run feet, run! Run feet, run!

Here he comes!


Well done, Tom, this monster...

...won't cause anymore trouble.

Off to better things!

I hope we can save them!

Yes, that's right, let's go!

They will pay dearly for...

...that trick they played
on me over Panfleta.

- Won't they?
- Naturally.

It will be a pleasure
to cut them to pieces...

...for us to get our reward.

We'll put them to sleep
or kill them awake.

We'll let them choose.

Gentlemen, your final will?

You can tell the
Queen Witch to go and...

Nobody had insulted me so!

Boogie Man...

...Two in One...

...put those rascals to death.

But before they die...

...give them a taste
of the worst torment.

Make the famous inquisitor
seem like an amateur.

You heard.

You heard it, Boogie Man.

Let's obey
the Queen's orders.


We shall begin with
torment No. 3 as an appetizer...

Will we get an appetizer?

And snacks, too.

You shall toast for Panfleta.

No, dear mother, no!

Please, no, no!

No, no, no!

Stop, no more!

No more, no more!

No more, no, please!

Oh, dear mother!
I'm not playing like that!

No, no, please!

No more, please!

No more tickling?

They are only a snack.

Now, your appetizer.

For you to keep moving
like that old skull.

Dig in!

Don't waste it, don't waste it!

Now this!

My, my!

Oh, my!

Let go.

Let me go.

Well done, Doncel!

Go on, Little Red Riding Hood,
keep tickling!

All right, show us what
you've got, bully!

Your handkerchief, Tom Thumb!

Very good, Red Riding Hood.

So you never do that again!

And now...

...the tip...

...this monster will
never do that again.

It's horrible,
this monster is getting up.

Don't let him stand.
Here, here.

Oh, poor monster,
I won't do that again.

Let's go!

Now I guess the gentlemen
shall want... be tickled
a little more, right?

Don't be nasty!

Don't be nasty, come on!


You will get
what you deserve.

Get her going!

No, no, no, no!
No, please!

No, no, no!

I don't want to be two!

How ugly.

My saw is in
perfect working order.

So is mine.

The Queen
will be proud of me.

When she sees an impeccable
right angle cut.

Mine will always be the best.

What's that?

Whatever you say, whatever.


No, no, no! No, please!

No, no, no!

Oh, what is that?

No, no, no, please!

Look, there they are!

They are such fatsoes.

- Yes.
- Step aside.

Why do you hit from behind?

- Me?
- Yes, you.


You did, you are so perfidious.

Here, this is me.

And this is me.

Ready, Mr. Ogre, or else
they'll give you crew cut.

- Here we are, Wolfie.
- Cheer up, Mr. Ogre.

Let's stop the saw. The lever.

Thank God we were on time.

How do you feel, Wolfie?


B-b-bad. Mr. Ogre.

Mr. Ogre, just look at you!

Oh no, here he is alive.

My feet, what have
you done to my feet?

But it is you,
my loyal little squire.

Come to my arms, my
blessed little child. I knew... wouldn't let me down.

I never have, have I master?


- Is that you, Tom Thumb?
- Yes, Mr. Ogre.

But, how did you grow?

Thanks to the Morning Fairy.

Now I am bigger than you.

Thanks, Tom. Thank you all.

We owe you our lives.

They parted me in half,
what a dishonor.

That witch will get
what's coming to her.

- Let's go!
- Let's go!

The one I hate the most... my eternal enemy
Little Red Riding Hood.

You shall inherit
this throne.

You have to deserve it.
Catch her.

Bring her to me at once.

Your will shall be done.

Look, be careful!

It tastes horrible.

Little Red Riding Hood!

She went that way.

- That way.
- This way.

Let's go this way!

Little Red Riding Hood!

Little Red Riding Hood!

Little Red Riding Hood!

Little Red Riding Hood...

You are so cute.

Who are you, mistress?

I am Dummy, the heiress
of this kingdom.

Come darling, my sister
wants to meet you.

I said come.

Little Red Riding Hood!

Little Red Riding Hood!

- Red!
- Where could she be?

Come on, she can't be too far.

- Look.
- Look.

- The hood.
- The hood, the hood!

I've been waiting for you.

The pesty blood-sucker.

Look straight at me.



Careful, Mr. Ogre,
the witch will bite you.



Don't move.

Don't you move.

Bite that.

I was pretending
to be asleep.


Hey, watch what I'm gonna do.


To make sure you
don't bite anyone again...

...I'll bite you.

This isn't the way back.

We are lost.

Follow me.

It's useless.

Only Little Red and
Tom Thumb could help us.

Let's go!

Here you go.


No doubt about it,
she's beautiful.

So beautiful.

And that's why I hate you.


I hate you,
you hideous being.

Your punishment will be so...

...horrendous that
nobody would ever imagine.

Stop, all the
villagers were...

...haunted by the Queen Witch...

...and there isn't anyone left.

What should we do then,
oh great mistress?

Return immediately and help...

...Red and her friends,
for they are in danger.

How will we find them?

We are lost in the forest.

Follow this path.
You'll come across a cave.

There is a mysterious tunnel.

But we are terribly scared.

My wand will grant you
the courage to face...

...all dangers, perseverance
and gratitude.

Evil will never prevail.

Guys, grab sticks and stones.

Let's finish off
the Queen Witch.

Let's go!

It's unfair.
She is nowhere to be found.

This is terrible, I can't find
Little Red Riding anywhere.

All because she went first.

Less talking, more action.

A monster
must have taken her.

By this time she must be
in the Queen Witch's power.


At your orders, Majesty.

Frankenstino... hateful enemies
have invaded the castle.

Let's teach them a lesson.

Master, we could throw the
Dragon of Avernus upon them.

He will tear them to shreds.

Great idea!

Let him loose right away.

I want to quench my
thirst of vengeance.

Your will shall be done.

No mistress, don't kill them.

So, you don't
want them to die.

You know...

...your friends will
face a frightful death...

...just as you will.

No mistress, don't kill them.
No, don't!

It looks like a chimney.

It is very hot.

This is getting very ugly.

- It smells like sulfide.
- Yes.

It smells horrible.

Dragon, tear them to pieces!

Oh my, this one is powerful!

Let's go!

Let's go!

Let's go!

Let's go!

You'll see.

Be careful.

- Right on the head!
- [Well done, Skunky!

Oh mother, I was hit
right on the spot!

I am enjoying my vengeance.

Yes, sister.
One, two, three four...

Up with the dragon,
the dragon, hurrah!

Hurrah, my little folk!

Don't be scared, attack!

But what do I see?
I failed once more!

Yes, sister.
That dragon did not blow!

Let's go!

- That darn dragon.
- We got rid of it!

We owe this victory
to you as well, children.

Let's go get
the Queen Witch!

This is the
filter you wanted... undo the spell.

It's beautiful isn't it?

You will never have it.

Don't be mean, Mrs. Witch.
We never hurt you... any way.
Don't take our lives.

Sorry... fool.

I don't know that word.

But I know what torture
and punishment are.

And, you know...'s time you paid
for your disrespect.

Those eyes, which are
the most beautiful...

...features you have
on your abominable face...

...will never, ever see
morning light again.

With these nails...

...I will tear your eyes out.

No, please!

Tom Thumb, Mr. Ogre, Wolfie!

Tom Thumb!

- Mr. Ogre, Wolf.
- Shouting is useless.

Mr. Ogre, Skunky!

Mr. Ogre!

Mr. Ogre!

Tom Thumb!

Mr. Ogre! Wolfie!

Over there.

Yes, there.

- Run, run.
- Run.


Back, you scumbags.

One step...

...and Red will be blinded.

That cowardly hag.

If you make one stupid move...

...I will thrust the filter...

...and everything
will be over for you.

My monsters should have...

...killed you, it would've
been sweet compared... the fate that awaits you.

- You will go to hell.
- Sister...


What have you done, Dummy?!

Give it!

- No, no, no!
- Give it!

- Yes...
- Give it!

- Here you go.
- Give it!

Sure, I'd be glad to.

- Give it to me, give it!
- Here, here.

Give it to me, you
hairy Wolf! Give it.


- Give it to me, Skunk.
- Here.

- Changes hands.
- Gone.

Give it!

All right, all right!
Give it.

Little Red Riding Hood, here.


You're not part of the team.


One, two, three, four,
tell me who do we adore!

Look, look, look!

This is making me sick!


But what have you done?





That filter is mine,
you wouldn't keep...

...something that isn't yours.

Back, you fools!

Or I'll throw
her in the fire.

Give it to me, Little Red.

If I return your filter,
promise to undo the...

...spell and not harm us?

- Of course, precious.
- [Don't believe her, Red.

Don't give it to her, don't.

That witch is a liar.

Give it!

Straight to hell.

Sister of mine!

The witch bit her,
we are free. Yippy!

One minute of silence
for the Queen Witch.

Just a minute,
so you thought I was dead.

Not quite, buster.

We must try
this little witch.

Don't bust me, I mean, kill me.

I'm not as evil as you think.

Who would
believe that witch?

Little Red Riding,
tell them to forgive me.

I'll turn into a good witch.

She didn't do us any harm.

Little Red Riding Hood is right.
This witch...

...didn't hurt anyone.

Oh yeah, sure,
but we need proof of her...


- [Yes.
- I'll prove it right now.

It's the first good
deed of my new life.

The filter.

Abracadabra, dabra, dabra...

...cadabra, dabra, dabra...

...through your magic powers...

...all shall be transformed.

We have to thrust this
filter into hell's mouth.

What happened?

A fairy...

A beautiful fairy.

The Kingdom of Evil
has been destroyed...

...and with it
its monsters, its ghosts...

...and witches.

Hurrah! Good, good, good!

There's one over here, but...

She repented and helped us
undo the spell on the villages.

Yes, and we will all
be happy like before.

There is only one thing left...

...and that is you.

Why don't you wave your wand... change her from a witch?

Yes, yes, Morning Fairy, and
if it isn't too much to ask...

...I'd like to be
as pretty as you are.

Now, I think that
is too much to ask.

You shall stop being a witch.
Ugliness and beauty...

...good and evil,
are only in our hearts.

Only to the believer of your...

...goodness will you be good.

I'm pretty.

Hurrah, Tom Thumb!
We are free now!

Hurrah for Red Riding Hood!

Hurrah, hurrah!

Listen, it sounds
like heavenly music.

The village bells toll.

And look, there isn't
a cloud in the sky.

It makes me feel
like singing.

And whistling.

This is a wonderful day...

...Iook at the blue sky...

...the bells toll their melody...

...full of emotion.

And with a little whistle...

...hearts jump for joy.

Life always has
a certain splendor...

...the world is full of light.

Let us sing a hymn of love... the hope
of every new day.

And with a little whistle...

...sweet and small...

...fill your heart...

...of joy.

This is a wonderful day.