Tom Sawyer (2000) - full transcript

An animated, musical version of Mark Twain's classic novel about the adventures of Tom Sawyer, along with his friends Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher. While spending most of his days avoiding school, work and his Aunt Polly, Tom manages to get himself into trouble on a regular basis. This trouble turns serious, though, when he and Huck witness Injurin' Joe commit a terrible crime and place the blame on his friend, Muff Potter. Though the two boys are terrified of what Joe might do to them, they know that the only way to save Muff is to tell the truth about what they have seen.


(in distance) ♪ Leave your love light on

♪ Leave your love light on

♪ Long after you're here and gone

♪ You've got to leave your love light on

- ♪ So shine on
- ♪ Shine on

- ♪ Well, now
- ♪ Shine on

- ♪ Shine on
- ♪ Shine on

♪ Shine on

♪ Long after you're here and gone

♪ You've got to leave your love light on

- ♪ So shine on
- ♪ Shine on

- ♪ Shine on
- ♪ Shine on

- ♪ Shine on
- ♪ Shine on

- ♪ Shine on
- ♪ You've got to leave your love light on

(screams) lnjurin' Joe!

- ♪ So shine on
- (growls ferociously)

♪ Shine on, shine on... ♪ Wow!



The poor-box.


(all whine and wail)

Run for it, Puddin'!


Injurin' Joe must have robbed
the poor-box again.

Shouldn't we arrest him or somethin'?

We could try, but he might hurt us.

But it's our job.





(dreams) Treasure... It's gonna be all mine.

- All that treasure.
- Wake up!

Red Beard's treasure.

I'm gonna be rich. I'm gonna be...

(rock 'n' roll music)

♪ You don't know what you're doin'
when you're foolin' with me

♪ I'm the famous Tom Sawyer,
the terror of the seas

♪ I'm the ring-tailed tooter,
I'm a Buffalo Bill

♪ A real mud stomper,
I'm the king of the hill

♪ Got one fist of iron and one fist of steel

♪ I fight Mississippi monsters,
throwing caution to the wind

♪ So you better not mess around

♪ 'Cause you can't keep a country boy,
can't keep a country boy

♪ Can't keep a country boy down

♪ Ain't no mountain I can't climb

♪ Ain't no treasure I can't find

♪ Straight up to the sky is where I'm bound

♪ 'Cause you can't keep a country boy,
talking 'bout a country boy

♪ Can't keep a country boy down

♪ I'm just a legend in my own time

♪ I'm a big-time dreamer
and I want what's mine

♪ I could whup a lot of you
without a-wrinklin' my sleeve

♪ I'm the first one to get there,
the last one to leave

♪ When the going gets tough,
you know I'm always gonna be around

♪ 'Cause you can't keep a country boy,
talking 'bout a country boy

♪ Can't keep a country boy down

♪ There ain't no mountain I can't climb

♪ Ain't no treasure I can't find

♪ Straight up to the sky is where I'm bound

♪ 'Cause you can't keep a country boy,
talking 'bout a country boy

♪ Can't keep a country boy down


(exotic eastern music)

♪ Can't keep a country boy,
talking 'bout a country boy

♪ You can't keep a country boy down

♪ Can't keep a county boy
taking 'bout a country boy

♪ You can't keep a country boy down I

Tom, wake up.
You're gonna be late for school again.

- Now get dressed.
- Darn, Aunt Polly. That treasure was mine.

And don't forget to wash your ears.

- I washed 'em last week.
- Tom.

You're a constant challenge.

(frog croaks)

- Tom?
- I don't hear nothin'.


(both scream)

Ow! Aunt Polly! Yuck!

I'll get warts.

I thought you made it perfectly clear that
you didn't want wildlife in the house.

I sure can't figure out
how that frog got in here.

- Maybe in your pocket.
- Well, don't wanna be late for school.

But, Aunt Polly, it's not fair!

Not so fast, Tom. I think you owe
your sweet brother Sid an apology.

OK. I'm sorry... that Sid's my brother.

How many times have I told you, Tom?
No more of your tricks.


Now he's gone and done it.
Broke my best flowerpot.

Get dressed, Tom.
It's off to school with you. Honestly...

And don't be late or I'm gonna be forced
to make a full report to Aunt Polly.

Too bad you can't pick your kinfolk.

(Sid) Our teacher Mr Dobbins
was looking for you yesterday.

Where were you, hmm? Tom?

- Tom, are you listening to me?
- (boy) Give it up!

- Huck!
- I got you this time.

- I mean it, you dumb fish.
- Huckleberry!

- Got an extra fishin' pole?
- Not so fast, Tom Sawyer.

Just wait till I tell Aunt Polly you were
hanging out with the likes of Huck Finn.

- Thank you kindly.
- He wastes his time fishing and loafing.

He doesn't even go to school.

Huck's the best doggone fella
in this whole town.

He's so smart,
he don't even have to go to school.

I'm gonna tell Aunt Polly
that you're playing hookey.

Oh, Sid. Why do you have to be
such a snitch?

- I like being a snitch.
- (Huck) Come on!

Darn it! He got away.

- And he was a whopper, too.
- You got quite a life, Huck.

You don't have to wear no shoes
or go to church or take any baths.

Heck, you take one bath,
you just gotta take another.

I tell you, it's a complete waste of water.

If you city folks wanna climb trees,
you gotta lose the shoes.


Guess what, Huck.
I dreamt of pirates again.

And this time there was treasure.

Well, maybe it's what they call
a premonition.


I hear tell that Red Beard the pirate
buried his treasure round these parts.

- I heard that, too.
- I bet you it's in the bone-yard.

- The bone-yard?
- If I was a pirate, that's where I'd bury it.

- What are we waitin' for?
- For the moon to be full.

Full moons, bone-yards...
How do you know all this stuff?

It's the kind of learnin' you get
when you don't got to school.

Just you be ready next full moon.

(girl giggles)

(Huck laughs)

Hey, Tom, you ain't drowned, is you?

What was that? Huh?

(gasps) Oh! I am sorry.

Skipping stones is not
at all ladylike, Rebecca.


- (thinks) Rebecca...
- Oh, brother.

Come on. We don't want you to be late
for your first day at school.


Tom! Tom!

- I gotta get to school.
- You hate school.

Not any more. Yee-ha!

(Huck) Hey, Tom! Tom!

Don't forget, the bone-yard
at the full moon. You hear me, Tom? Tom?

OK, class. Be seated now.
Now, we'll begin our lesson.

Today's lesson is about the history
of the Mississippi.


- P-P. I-P-P.
- Is this gonna be on the test?

The Big Muddy. The Big Muddy
it is called because it's big and muddy.

- Well, isn't that wonderful to know?
- (squelches)

Big and muddy.

- Otherwise known as the Mississippi.
- Look.

- (boy) Hurry up, Tom.
- It's the largest river in the USA.

It begins at the Mississippi Delta.

For those of you who don't know
what a delta is,

- the origin of the word...
- (girl) Hi, Tom!

- A-choo!
- Gesundheit.

- Tom Sawyer.
- Mornin', Mr Dobbins.

You are late, mister.
And you played hookey yesterday.

I was sick, Mr Dobbins.
And I can prove it.

"Tom Sawyer was at death's door
yesterday." Signed: "Aunt Polly."

Oh, Tom. Death's door?

"P.S. He didn't forge this here note."

Yes, he did.
I saw him forge it myself, sir.

- Mr Sawyer.
- Yes, sir?

- Sit with the girls!
- The girls?

- You can sit by me, Tom.
- Shucks.

I'd rather eat broccoli,
or clean up my room,

or have my teeth pulled
or even clean my ears.

Oops. Sorry.

- Rebecca?
- Actually, my friends call me Becky.

Becky Thatcher. I'm new.

I'm... I'm... I forgot my name.

- Tom. I'm Tom Sawyer.
- Tom Sawyer?

I bet you're always gettin' into trouble.

Way I see it, I'm always gettin' out of it.

- You are so bad.
- Well, thank you.

Tom, I've brung you a present.

Gosh, Amy, these worms are beautiful.

But you shouldn't have.

Why not? You're my boyfriend.

Cut it out, would you, Amy?

- People will think we're engaged.
- We are engaged.

Was that for real?

We're just friends.

...and it ends about here.

- Any questions?
- (Sid) I have one...

To continue, the Mississippi today
serves as a seaway

for industrial ships and pleasure-cruisers.




- Now, what is alluvial land?
- Present!

This is Rebel.
You can borrow him if you want.

- As ships go up and down with cargo...
- (burps)

Mr Sawyer, is that a frog?

I'm not mocking, Mr Dobbins.

I think I got him. I think I got him!

Rebel! Stop!

We're gonna get a switchin'!

I'm on the case, Mr Dobbins.
I'm taking names.

Rebel, stop! Come back, Rebel!

Amy Lawrence! Don't think
you're getting off because you're a girl.

Come back here, Rebel!

You little criminals! You barbarians!

- You've gone too far this time.
- Rebel!

(bell rings)

Class is dismissed.


Here's your list of the bad kids.
I wish they were all perfect like me.

We'll talk again later
when you're feeling better.

(laughter and chatter)


Sure was a nice speech
on the Mississippi.

Glad to hear you were paying atten...

(muffled) Mr Sawyer, I know
you had something to do with this.

Hey, Becky!

Becky! Hold on a second.

I'm comin'. Hold on. There you are.

Becky, I... Whoa!

Goodness gracious. Do you always
make so much mischief in class?

Today was a slow day.

How are you ever gonna learn anything?

Shucks, Becky. I just like to have fun.

I see you like to show off, too.

I ain't showin' off.

Tom, you're going to fall.

Not me. Whaaa!

- Hmph! Boys are so silly.
- Girls always say that.

What's not silly to you?

Well, let's see. Flowers, for one thing.
And baby kittens.

And the first snowfall. And the smell
of fresh baked bread in the morning.

Myself, I like watching the sun set
over the Ozarks,

all pink and purple,
just as the mist is comin' over the pines.

Why, that's beautiful.

Well, truth be known,
I got poetry in me, Becky.

Wanna arm-wrestle?

(Tom) I'm a champion at this, you know.

But I'll go easy on you.

I let you win... 'cause you're new.

If that's what you wanna believe...

How many times have I told you?
Arm-wrestling is not at all ladylike.

Time's a-changin', Daddy.

Keep practising, Tom.

Shucks! Beaten by a girl.

But what a girl!

Yee-ha! Ha-ha-ha! Becky Thatcher! Whoo!

(rock 'n' roll music)

♪ How in the world did you ever catch me?

♪ There's a whole lot
of other fish in the sea

♪ Who'd jump at the chance
for a girl like you

♪ There's no way to resist your style

♪ All it takes is a wink and a smile
and I'm all yours

♪ Nothing I can do

♪ I'm falling hook, line and sinker

♪ Pullin' and a-tuggin' at my heart
and reelin' me in

♪ Hook, line and sinker

♪ No need to fight, I can't get away

♪ Cast your love and I'll take the bait

♪ Hook, line and sinker

♪ I'm the one nobody could catch

♪ Looks like I just met my match

♪ There's no more time
for swimmin' around

♪ I used to think that a girl couldn't fish

♪ But I can't wait for your sweet kiss

♪ You changed my mind
and I'm a believer now

♪ I'm falling hook, line and sinker

♪ Pullin' and a-tuggin' at my heart
and reelin' me in

♪ Hook, line and sinker

♪ No need to fight, I can't get away

♪ Cast your love and I'll take the bait

♪ Hook, line and sinker

♪ Hook, line and sinker, yeah

♪ Boy, that girl sure can fish ♪


(Aunt Polly sings)

Aunt Polly!

Tom, you got a chore.
You know what I want you to do.

But, Aunt Polly, it's Saturday,
and the guys and I, we're goin' fishin'.

That's what you get for picking
on Mr Dobbins. I'll make sure he...

- You're coming with me, young man.
- But Aunt Polly...

I ain't never gonna get in trouble
on Friday again.

- Good morning, children.
- Morning, ma'am.

Isn't it a nice day?

Tom, have the boat painted by the time
I get back. And no lallygagging.

Hey, Tom!
You gonna go fishing with us today?

No way I'm goin' fishin' today. I'm having
too much fun paintin' this here boat.

- You are?
- I don't get it.

- Me neither.
- That can't be no fun, Tom.

♪ Wanna bet? Take a look
Keep an eye on me

♪ 'Cause I'll show you fun
Like you never did see


♪ Put the brush in the bucket
and soak it with the paint

♪ It's as easy as pie,
now, don't you think you can't

♪ You swirl it and you twirl it,
all you need is one good coat

♪ Keep your eyeballs on me,
I'm gonna paint this here boat

Are we going fishing or what?

♪ I've got the overhand move
with the loop-de-loop

♪ Then a little fancy footwork,
don't let your tail droop

♪ Keep it going with the left hand,
close your eyes and make a wish

♪ Paint the water and the sunshine,
put a smile on that old fish

- ♪ I love painting pretty pictures
- ♪ More than rolling in mud?

♪ More than goin' out
and catchin' that old lightning bug

- ♪ 'Spose I could have a turn?
- ♪ I'd like a turn, too

- ♪ I could paint the sunshine yellow
- ♪ I could paint the morning blue

♪ Well, I don't know
it takes a lot of finesse

♪ To get the colour where you need it
without making a mess

♪ I was kinda sorta hopin'
to have all this fun for me

- ♪ We was hopin', we was hopin'...
- ♪ Ah, gee!


♪ I suppose that I could teach you,
but to tell you true

♪ Painting this here boat
is my favourite thing to do

♪ Here's my very special tackle box,
just let me stay

- ♪ I've got bottle caps
- ♪ Nightcrawlers to use during the day

- ♪ Well, you've twisted my arm, OK! ♪
- (everyone) Yay!

- There you go, Puddin'.
- We ain't gonna forget this.

- You sure are a good friend.
- Tom, you gonna let me paint, too?

Girls don't have to paint, Amy.

OK, guys, listen up.

We've got two hours and eight minutes
to paint this darn boat, so come on.

(all sing) ♪ Put the brush in
and soak it with paint

♪ Easy as pie, don't you think you can't

Come on, Stinky.

♪ I've got the overhand move
with the loop-de-loop

♪ Fancy footwork, don't let your tail droop

Try it, Puddin'.

♪ Keep it going,
close your eyes and make a wish

♪ Paint the water and the sunshine,
put a smile on that old fish

♪ Put the brush in and soak it with paint

♪ Easy as pie, don't you think you can't ♪


Tom Sawyer, what are you up to now?

Nothin', Becky. Just teachin'
these kids to paint this here boat.

- Uh-huh.
- Well, you could paint, too.

All you have to do is give me a kiss.

Really, Tom? You mean
all I have to do is give you a kiss?

- Yep.
- OK.

Close your eyes.

Now pucker up.

- He's supposed to be my boyfriend.
- Tom's got a new girlfriend now.

She's really...

I'm waitin' for that kiss.

(both) Aaaaaah!


Serves you right.

There she is. A full moon.
That means buried treasure.

- We gotta get to the bone-yard.
- (croaking)

You ain't scared of no bone-yard, are you?

(croaks) Oh, yeah.

Well, I guess you'll just
have to stay here, then... alone.


Well, come on, then. Huck'll be waitin'.

I'm a-thinkin', I hate bone-yards.

There's nothin' to be scared of,
except ghosts and evil spirits

and the dead rising from their graves.

Well, I-I-I say we do this another time.
Looks like rain.

It ain't gonna rain.

It's just drizzle.

What you gotta do is swing a frog around
your head three times and then fling it.

And when he lands, wherever he points,
that's where the treasure is.

Don't you fret, Rebel.

When we get rich,
you'll be livin' the high life with us.


Hey, which way's he pointin'?

Over by that tree.

- Do you think there'll be gold, Huck?
- Expect so.

And silver, and jewels
and all kinds of treasures.

Why do I have to do all the digging?
I'm a hound-dog not a hound-dog digger.

(lnjurin' Joe) Just dig!

- Whoa! What's that up ahead?
- It looks like lnjurin' Joe.

And somebody's a-diggin' in the grave.

Now, lookee thar. Every time I dig a bit,
this here mud fills up what I dug.

What in tarnation
are we lookin' for anyhow, Joe?

- (growls)
- OK, OK, I'm diggin'.


Oh, no. We're dead!

Rebel, run for it.

Look out!

That was close.

What are they digging for?

- I hope it's not our treasure.
- Let's get a closer look.

Wouldn't have to dig so much
if there hadn't been that flood in '39.

- (Tom) Who is that a-digging?
- Sounds like poor, brainless Mutt Potter.

Yeah, I think you're right.

Stay there. Don't move.

You were a good wife, Sophie.

I'm so lonely without you.
I really miss you.

Here. It's from your favourite part
of the garden.

I must have moved a ton of mud.
There's nothin' here.

Stop yapping and keep digging. Just dig!

What the...?

Excuse me, dear.

What in tarnation...? A fella can't even
find a little peace and quiet.

Hey. Hey, what's goin' on there?

Here comes Deputy Bean.

Hello! How am I supposed
to be digging in the dark?

It's Deputy Bean.
Come on, show yourself.

- Joe, what are you doin' here?
- Nothin'.

- You wouldn't be grave-robbin'?
- Hey, Joe.

Is this the right box? It's got gold in.

- It's the treasure.
- Gold?

Well, we'll just see about that.

This here belongs to the county.

Now, you better give it up
or I may just have to take you in.

- (Mutt) Joe's gonna be mad.
- It don't much matter what Joe wants.

- This here belongs to me.
- What are you doing?

- Let go of me! I'm warning you, Joe.
- Maybe you'd better let him go.

Mutt, help me!


Huck, he killed Deputy Bean.



Out like a light.

He's gonna blame it on old Mutt!

Who's there?

Let's go! Let's get outta here!

Don't stop!

A hostage.

Hey! You forgot somebody!

He got Rebel.

I'm in big trouble, Huck.
Joe's gonna tie Rebel to me.


If he finds out we saw
what he done to Deputy Bean,

we can pick out
one of them graves for ourselves.

We gotta take the oath of silence.

- Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn...
- Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn...

..swear to keep quiet.

And wish that they may drop down dead
in their tracks if they ever tell.

Cross our hearts and hope to die.

We gotta keep actin' normal.

I gotta keep loafin'
and you gotta keep goin' to school.


Wha...? Oof!

Whoa, there, you mangy varmint!
You're under arrest!

(mutters to himself)

"Mutt Potter is out cold
in the ol' bone-yard."

"He sure needs help."
Signed: Unknown Friend.

"P.S. Deputy Bean's a goner."

- What happened to my deputy, Mutt?
- Deputy? What deputy?

All I recollect is getting hit with a shovel
and falling in the mud.

I suppose you don't
remember this, neither?

I wish I did, but I don't.
I never was good at remembering.

You listen here, Mutt.

I may have looked the other way a time
or two, but this here looks like murder.

You know what?
I just don't remember, Sheriff.

You were the only one in the bone-yard.

You're gonna hang, Mutt Potter.
You're gonna hang from the highest tree.

- Good morning, Mr Dobbins.
- Miss Thatcher.

Early as always.
I could use a dozen more just like you.


Why me?

The test papers.

Let's see how smart Tom is.

Gotta keep goin' to school
and pretendin' everything's OK.

I sure hope Mutt Potter got free.
He knows the truth.

- Hi, Tom.
- I gotta keep actin' normal.

Amy Lawrence: B+.
Elmer Loomis: C. Missy Johnson: B.

Tom Sawyer: "F as usual."

"As usual"? Well, at least he's cute.

Morning, Becky.

- Look what you made me do.
- You're not supposed to look at those.

- What am I gonna do?
- Here, let me help.

- No, you're smudging it more.
- You're gonna get in so much trouble.


Shucks, Becky.
Why don't you do what I always do?

- Just plain lie.
- You mean not tell the truth?

- Works for me. Give it a shot.
- All right, students. I'm coming.

OK. OK, class.

Quiet. Keep it down.
Keep it down. We have a lot to do.

I ain't hopeful. Girls can't lie.

We don't have any frogs with us today,
have we, Mr Sawyer?

Now, we'll see if you passed your... tests!

All right! Who spilled the ink?

Come on. I need a snitch.

I wish I could be that snitch.
I so want to be. But I wasn't there.

It was Becky Thatcher. I saw her.

Miss Thatcher.


- I mean...
- Becky didn't do it. I did.

I've got the ink on my tail to prove it.

- I knew this was boys' work.
- But, sir...

Not now. I'll answer all questions later.

- Mr Sawyer, assume the position.
- Yes, sir. I'm quite familiar with it.

Boys who make trouble
earn punishment double.



I really did learn my lesson this time, sir.

Please, save it, Sawyer.



- Tom.
- Huck.

Tom, Joe's been sniffin' around.
I think he's onto us.

I'm gonna be as hard to find
as a needle in a haystack.

- Tom.
- I can't talk to you now, Becky.

I gotta get home.

Rebel? Rebel, you got away.

Rebel. Rebel, it's me.

It's me. Wait up. I'm so glad you got...

- (croaks)
- Wrong frog.

(branch snaps)

Joe? I'm gettin' outta here!



You near scared me to death.

Becky, next time you sneak up
on a body, wear a bell.

I wasn't sneaking up on you.

I just wanted to thank you
for your chivalry in school today.

Well, heck, it didn't hurt much.

It was worth it
if it made you like me... a little.

Tom Sawyer,
how could you be so noble?

It just come natural, I guess.

- Do you...?
- Was I...?

Say, Becky, you ever been engaged?

Engaged? What's that mean?

Well, it means we're promised
to each other,

like, from now on, coming and going
to school, we walk together.

- Together?
- If there ain't nobody looking.

And at parties I choose you
and you choose me.

You ain't ever to marry nobody but me
and I ain't to marry nobody but you.

Never ever and for ever.

Never ever and for ever.

That's what I've always wanted.
That's always been my dream.

♪ Somewhere in our hearts

♪ Somewhere deep inside

♪ There's a dream

♪ That's worth dreaming

♪ Every now and then

♪ I get a glimpse of where
he and I could fly

♪ But you and I share

♪ One dream, one hope

♪ We're headed down the same road

♪ Even though we don't know
where it leads

♪ We follow the same star

♪ I'm in love like you are

♪ Till he reaches out for you or me

♪ We share one dream

♪ I imagine what will be

♪ A magical place is waiting for me

♪ It's still out there

♪ Our vision is the same

♪ Even though we see the world
through different eyes

♪ You and I share

♪ One dream, one hope

♪ We're headed down the same road

♪ Even though we don't know
where it leads

♪ We follow the same star

♪ I'm in love like you are

♪ Till he reaches out for you or me

♪ We share one dream

♪ One dream ♪

It is awfully nice to be engaged.

Yep, it is.

This is even better than it was
with Amy Lawrence.

Tom Sawyer, were you engaged
to Amy Lawrence?


Say, Becky, did you know if you cut
the head off a worm, it grows a new one?

You are so bad. The engagement is off.


Honestly! It's dinner-time
and Tom's not here again.

(gasps) "This here ham is only borrowed."

Tom! Tom Sawyer!

(Rebel croaks)

Shut it, frog.

(Huck) Mighty fine ham.
Where'd you get it?

I borrowed it. Sort of. But it ain't for us.

- If it ain't for us, who's it for?
- For old Mutt Potter.

Maybe he'll cheer up and he'll remember
what happened to Deputy Bean.

Food always cheers me up. Come on.


(distant croaking)

- What is it?
- I could have swore I heard Rebel.

No, it's only crickets. Rebel's real smart.

Heck, he'd find you if he were anywhere
within 100 miles, I bet.

Yeah, I reckon he would, Hucky.


Go on, now. You lead Joe to them boys.

(dog howls)


It's OK, Mutt.
It's OK. We brought you a treat.


A fresh baked ham. Where'd you get it?

Well, it just sort of turned up.

You two is awful good to me.

Hey, Mutt, you ever think maybe
you didn't do Deputy Bean in?

(pounding footsteps)

(Injurin' Joe) Go on.

Well, if it wasn't me, who was it?

Somebody named Joe, maybe?

- You know anybody named Joe?
- Joe...

Joe Wilks who runs the general store.
Heck of a nice fella.

I remember one time
we was goin' fishin'...

Keep thinking.

What about Joe Bull, the blacksmith?
He's a Joe.

This Joe would have to be real mean.

That's a tough one.
There's Joe Wilson, Joe Lucky.

Which is kinda funny, 'cause he ain't
very lucky. But none of 'em is mean.

Maybe somebody with
real long, dark hair.

- Somebody the whole town's scared of.
- Cut it out, Reb.

Rebel? How'd you get away
from lnjurin'... Joe?

It's you, Joe.



Boy, all this thinking sure hurts my head.

- Keep running.
- I'm coming.


(laughs evilly)

- Wait. Let's hide over here.
- OK.

Do you see him?

No. I think we lost him.

It's too quiet.


- He's gaining on us!
- G-G-Go!

Come on, hurry up! Row!

Tom, open the umbrella.

Hey, Joe!


(thunder rumbles)

- Aaaagh!
- Whoa!

Oh! Look at that wave!

- Oh, no!
- (both scream)

- Tom!
- Tom, help me!

Help! He...!


Tom, where are you? Tom!

(splutters) Tom, you're OK.

- You OK, Tom?
- Yeah, I think so.

- Where are we?
- Jackson's Island.

My raft went off course once
and I ended up here.

- There wasn't a soul around.
- (gurgling)

- What's that?
- Just my stomach.

Maybe we shouldn't have given
Mutt the whole ham.

We're lettin' him hang. The least we could
have done was give him the whole ham.

You make a point.



Hey, Huck. Wake up.

Would you look at that?
Red Beard's ship.

- That's just a pile of rocks.
- Use your imagination, Huck.

Hey, you're right. Now I see it.


You saved my life last night, Hucky.
You're my best friend.

Look out, Rebel! Sorry.

(laughter and whooping)


(country & western music)

♪ You and me, we're birds of a feather

♪ As natural as honey to a bee

♪ You won't see one without the other

♪ And that's the way it's always gonna be

♪ 'Cause we're friends for life

♪ Headin' down the road together

♪ Anywhere we are, it's paradise

♪ Ain't it nice

♪ Dreamin' dreams with each other?

♪ And come what may,
we're gonna be all right

♪ 'Cause we're friends for life

♪ You sure can pull a catfish from the river

♪ You know how to read and write
from school

♪ And when we put our heads together

♪ Buddy, there ain't nothin' we can't do

♪ 'Cause we're friends for life

♪ Headin' down the road together

♪ Anywhere we are, it's paradise

♪ Ain't it nice

♪ Dreamin' dreams with each other?

♪ And come what may
we're gonna be all right

♪ 'Cause we're friends for life


♪ Huck, I wouldn't be afraid to swim a river

♪ Or sail a little boat across the sea

♪ You know, I'd even face
a fire-breathin' dragon

♪ As long as you were facin' it with me

♪ 'Cause we're friends for life

♪ Headin' down the road together

♪ Anywhere we are, it's paradise

♪ Ain't it nice

♪ Dreamin' dreams with each other?

♪ And come what may,
we're gonna be all right

♪ 'Cause we're friends for life

♪ We're friends for life

♪ Just you and me, buddy,
we're friends for life

♪ We're friends for life ♪

This here boat belongs to Huck Finn.

Poor Huck.

I'm sure Tom's OK.


- (Sheriff) Oo-ee!
- (Sid) Anyone out there?

- Tom!
- Tom!

Tom! Huck!

- Where are you?
- Lookee there, Tom.

That's my Aunt Polly. What's she doin'?

(Aunt Polly) Tom! Huck!

- Is anybody out there?
- They must be scared we was lost.

Can anybody hear me?

- Hey, it's us!
- Over here!


- Tom!
- Huck! Tom!

No good, Huck. Look. They're leavin'.

First thing in the mornin', we gotta swim
back and let those folks know we're OK.

But lnjurin' Joe ain't never
gonna stop lookin' for us.

Then we'll disguise ourselves.

We'll live in storm cellars and tunnels,
like outlaws.

We'll steal our food, but only from folks
who got more than they need.

And then we'll pay 'em back
when we find our treasure.

That sounds like a plan.

(bell rings)


We made it.
Hey, something's going on.

Must be important.
Look at Puddin' Head's hair.

Puddin' Head wouldn't let his mama
cut his hair for years.

It's serious!

Hey, let's see if we can hear
what's a-goin' on.

(minister) Gather round,
brothers and sisters.

Join us today on this sad occasion.

But we should not only grieve.
We should also rejoice.

For those who have left us
are in a far, far better place.

- A place where we all will go one day.
- Far, far better place.

Those two did shine like nobody shined.

And that is why
we are gathered here today,

to pay our respects
to those two special souls.

- Very sad.
- They always had their love lights on.

- Tell it, Reverend.
- It'll be all right, Aunt Polly.

It's fair to say there's no brother or sister
amongst us who's not gonna miss them.

No, not a brother or a sister.

- Can't be us they're grieving over.
- Some other bodies must have croaked.

Lord, let those two shining stars
into your glorious heaven.

- Glorious heaven.
- Those boys did shine, Lord.

Nobody shined brighter
than Tom and Huck.

My golly. It is us!

- They think we're dead.
- Go proudly to your maker.

My heart is breaking.
Tom and I were engaged.

My heart is breaking. We were engaged.

You were engaged to two gals?

I ain't even alive and I'm in trouble.

Let us know
you're opening up them gates.

- Give us a sign, Lord.
- We need a sign.

Guess we never realised
how important we are to this town.

We surely will be missed.
I miss myself already.

We was so young!



(choir) It's a sign!


- Tom?
- Tom!

- Tom?! Why, it is Tom!
- It's Tom.

And he's not dead.

Tom! My sweet boy.

Tom! Oh, Tom! I love you. Ooh!

And Huckleberry. There'll always be
a place for you at our table.

Yes, and you, too, Rebel.

- Tom.
- Becky.

This is for you, Tom Sawyer.

(everyone gasps)

Come on, Amy.

Hey, where's Becky?

Becky? Hey, Becky!



(judge) Guilty.

Since there are no other suspects
and no witnesses,

it is my sad duty to condemn you
to the gallows, Mutt Potter.

- Any sign of Joe?
- Er... no

I knew Mutt when he was just a pup.
Wasn't too swift but he had a good heart.

Here comes Mutt.

"The Lord is my shepherd
I shall not want..."

Don't waste your words
on this killer, preacher.

I swear, I don't remember
nothin', Sheriff.

Come on. We don't wanna keep
the Grim Reaper waitin'.

Isn't anybody gonna help me?

"For thou art with me.
Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me."

Keep walking. Keep walking.

We can't let him hang.

(thundering footsteps)

It's Joe!

Oh, no. What'll we do?

"Surely goodness and mercy
shall follow me all the days of my life.

"And I shall dwell
in the house of the Lord for ever."

- (Injurin' Joe) Amen.
- (crowd) Amen.


- Injurin' Joe did it.
- We saw him murder Deputy Bean.

Them's gonna be your last words.

Oh, no! We're goners!

(onlooker) Run, boys!

Come on, Huck. Let's go!

- Come on, men. After him.
- Yeah, let's get him.

Let's get outta here!

- Let go, Joe.
- Let me go!

Take that.

Serves him right.

I'll get you, Sawyer!

It's all coming back to me now. I think... was lnjurin' Joe that done it.

Polly, you should be proud of your boy.

No one's prouder than me
of both them boys, Judge.

You saved Mutt Potter
and risked your own life.

Shucks, Becky. Any brave fella
would have done the same thing.

- Right, Hucky?
- Any more pie?

You know, I never really kissed Amy.
She kissed me.

- Really?
- Yeah.

See, I was looking for you, and then
Amy came up and she just grabbed me.

Don't get me wrong, Amy's real nice.

Nobody better at baitin' a hook.

- This is fun.
- See? Showin' off ain't so bad.

Hey, watch this.

One, two, three, four, five, six...

Oh, my!

(Tom) Hey, look where we are.
Dead Man's Cave.

- Let's go in.
- I don't think we ought to go in there.

There ain't nothin' to worry about...
if you're with me. I'd protect you.

You're the bravest boy
I know, Tom Sawyer.

And you're the prettiest girl
I've ever known, Becky Thatcher.

I hear there are wonderful things
to see in this cave.

I heard that, too. Things like crystal
grottos and waterfalls and magic pools.

Sights most folks
live a lifetime and never see.

Well, come on, then.

Are you sure? People been known
to go in and never come out.

Besides, it's just too dangerous for girls.

Hmph! You've got a lot to learn about girls.



(Becky) It's so beautiful in here.

- Sure is.
- And so big.

It's like a world beneath the world.


(echo) Hello! Hello!

(Becky growls and laughs)

Hey, Becky. Come on.

Now, be careful. It's tricky... Whoa!


- Tom?
- Hey, I'm OK.

That was fun. Come on down.

- I don't know.
- Come on, Becky. I'll catch you.

I got you.

Well, I had you.

Now stay close while I relight the torch.

I will. I just wanna look around a little.

Tom? Not afraid of the dark, are you?

- Yikes!
- What?


- Quick! That way!
- Let's get outta here!


I've had enough fun.
Let's get back to the party.

Sounds good to me.

"This here rock was the last thing
I ever seen alive."

"Bill Mooney. Rock collector."

To my friends,
especially Tom, Huck and Joe.

Not Joe.

Wait. Hold everything.

- It ain't a real toast without Tom Sawyer.
- Where is Tom?

I saw him and Becky Thatcher
go into Dead Man's Cave a while ago.

Why didn't you tell us sooner, dear?

I gotta rescue Tom.

There's no time to waste.
Everybody, over to Dead Man's Cave.

- Grab a lantern, Polly.
- You'd better come, too, Rebel.

Shouldn't we be headin'
over to Dead Man's Cave?

This way, Becky.

I have a feelin' there's somethin'
right around that turn.

We must be lost.
We've been walking in circles.

There could have been two Bill Mooneys.

I'll bet they were twins.

- Becky, what's the...?
- It's all my fault.

- I made us come in here.
- It's not your fault. Heck.

We're together. That's all that matters.

Do you think we'll be together after...
you know...

Yeah, I know. But Aunt Polly always says

that they say in every life
there comes a time we must go on faith.

But I'm afraid, Tom.

Don't be afraid, Becky. We just can't let go.

Just take my hand
and, I promise, we'll find our way.

♪ There's a light at the end of the tunnel

Come on. I'll bet
it's just right around the corner.

♪ There's a place far away from all trouble

♪ Waiting for you and me

I may as well tell you, I liked you
from the first moment I laid eyes on you.

-You did?
- Mm-hmm.

- Gosh.
- Gosh.

There. It's official.

Someday the world is gonna know there
was a Tom Sawyer and a Becky Thatcher.

We'll always know.

What is it, Tom?

I think I see light.

Becky, there's light. I see light.

♪ There's a light at the end of the tunnel

It's such a beautiful light, Tom.
You were right.

♪ There's a place far away from all trouble

♪ There's a fight beyond the night

♪ Shining for you and me

♪ There's a fight beyond the night

♪ Shining for you and me ♪

Treasure. We've found it.
Red Beard's treasure.

We're rich, Becky! We're rich!

- Stick together. Stay close.
- I hope we're not too late.

- Sure is dark in here.
- Tom? Becky? (echoes)

- Can anybody hear me?
- Hold it. I just picked up a scent.

Whoops! I think it's me.

I'm tellin' you, we're gonna be rich.

Hold on. Just a little further
and I can reach them coins.

Look here, Becky.

- Ain't they pretty?
- They're beautiful.


Oh, no! Tom!

- Joe's right behind me.
- What are you doing?

Somebody here
needs to be taught a lesson.

(shrieks in pain)


Can't say he'll be missed.
Let's get outta here.

(growls furiously)

You're dead meat!


Don't stop, Becky! Keep runnin'!


- We'll never be able to outrun him.
- Hold this.

Hurry, Tom! He's coming!

I've got a plan. Come on.

- What is it, Tom? What's your plan?
- Not now.

- Why are we back in here?
- Just keep runnin'.

- Why are we stopping?
- Setting a bear trap.

Now all we need is...


If you want us - we ain't scared of you -
come on and get us.

- Follow me.
- All right. I trust you.

- When I get a hold of you...
- Come on, bear-breath.

Havin' a little trouble seein' your way?

..I'll tear you to pieces!

I'd like to see you try, Josephine.

You're gettin' mighty slow there, Joe.

Tom, we're trapped.

It's the end of the road for you, Sawyer.

- Look. Joe's still alive.
- Somebody do something!

Those kids are in trouble.

This was your plan?

Watch this. You like bats, Joe?

Joe, let 'em go!

- Huh?
- Perfect cast. Yeah!


Now we can get outta here.

The ceiling.

Oh, no!

I'm a goner, Tom!

Hang on, Huck!


Look out!

(cheering and whooping)

- Tom!
- Oh, Rebecca!

We're OK, Daddy.

- It's over.
- They're safe.


- Joe.
- It's OK, Becky.

He can't hurt us any more.

- Daddy.
- I thought I'd lost you.

- Thank heaven you're all right.
- Of course I'm all right.

- Guess what. I found the treasure.
- Sure you did.

Now hush and let me give you another hug.

- I had no idea you were so brave.
- Gosh, neither did I.

You spoken for?

Well, I guess I am now.

Don't they look cute together?

All's well that ends well.

I'm ready for that kiss now, Tom Sawyer.

You got it.

- Yee-ha! It's Saturday!
- Aunt Polly!

Tom's running off
without doing his chores.

- Tom?
- Gee. I was goin' fishin'.

I know, and I packed a lunch
for you and Rebel.

Gosh! Thanks, Aunt Polly.
Come on, Rebel.

- Wh-Wh-What about his chores?
- Thank you for reminding me, Sid.

- I think two coats oughta do it.
- But it's not fair...

Have the boat painted
by the time I get back.

Shucks. It doesn't pay to be a snitch.

Hey, guess what. Sid's painting the boat.

- It just serves him right.
- About time.

- Come on, I'm hungry.
- You're always hungry.

That's very funny.

I've been thinkin',
that treasure's still in that cave.

- We oughta go back and get it.
- Still dreamin' of treasure?

You betcha.

- Where'd you get that?
- Maybe there is treasure.

Well, let's go back.

- I'm not afraid.
- Me neither.

So long as you go with us, Huck.

As long as there's dreams,
there'll always be treasure.

♪ How can I make you believe

♪ How happy I am when you're with me?

♪ I cross my heart

♪ I'm telling the truth

♪ A promise is a promise

♪ So I promise you

♪ I'll never let go of your hand

♪ I'll always be faithful

♪ I know I can

♪ I'll never stop caring

♪ I'll always be true

♪ I'll for ever love you

♪ You make all my fears disappear

♪ I'm braver than I could imagine

♪ You give me courage

♪ When all hope is gone

♪ When I'm feeling lost

♪ Your love keeps me strong

♪ I'll never let go of your hand

♪ I'll always be faithful

♪ I know I can

♪ I'll never stop caring

♪ I'll always be true

♪ I'll for ever love you

♪ Never and for ever

♪ We finally know what that means

♪ I'll never let go of your hand

♪ I'll always be faithful

♪ I know I can

♪ I'll never stop caring

♪ I'll always be true

♪ I'll for ever love you

♪ I'll for ever

♪ Love you ♪