Tom (2022) - full transcript

A small town with secrets is terrorized by a demonic entity. As madness reigns questions are answered.

KUCK 1300, the resistance.

We were just getting in a
serious matter over here.

Nobody wants to talk about
how at any given time

there's thousands,
thousands of people missing.

Nobody cares.

Tracy Anderson,
the missing Lobo Falls girl

was found earlier this morning

on the edge of Inasanis ravine,
Northwest of Ludlow Falls.

East of the
falls, caller you're on.

Women, please
stay away from these places.

Stay away from Edinburgh Manor.

The old orange junior high.

Women, young women stay away.

If you look into the eye of this thing,

he's gonna render you just crazy.

I mean, you're gonna find
yourself wandering around

half-naked out in the
country on a gravel road,

speaking jibberish.

As it is written,

none is righteous, no, not one.

No one understands,

no one seeks for God.

All have turned aside,

together they have become worthless.

No one does good,

not even one.

The venom of ask is under their lips.

Their mouth is full of
curses and bitterness.

As I have observed, those who plow evil

and those who sow trouble shall reap it.

We are but sheep,

and evil has arrived.

Perdidas was found today,

wandering along the D17,

a gravel road, just outside Ludlow Falls.

Authorities are puzzled by
the similarities between this

and the recent cases of missing women

that have been found.

Her brother's ex,

she was a bride's maid on her wedding,

went missing for about three days.

Dude, she was in
our old junior high school.

She was wandering around the hallways,

drawing weird stuff all
over the chalkboards,

really messed up stuff.

You know the PolterGuys,
like the ghost hunter guys?

They were there.

Like they have their
own TV show and stuff.

They were shooting an episode down there.

Thank God they found it.

Oh look.

If you are a young
man, African-American

by the name of Kenny Jones is responsible

for two counts of murder
and several kidnappings

around Ludlow Falls area.

I tell you, it stinks rotten.

After two hours
of deliberation today,

Tina Adams was convicted on
all counts for the murder

of Holly Work.

20-year-old Adams will be treated

at the St. Jupiter Hospital
for the Criminally Insane.

Ludlow Falls police Department

have a suspect in custody

for the recent murder of
police veteran, Captain Kirk.

John Baker, a local farm hand
who lives on the north side

of Ludlow Falls.

Cindy Schlozman
is in custody now

at the Ludlow Falls police station

and has been formally charged
in the murder of Kayla Grant.

We have Cindy
Schlozman in our custody.

We will be transporting
her to St. Dymphna Hospital

for evaluation with a Dr. Bashiri.

The body of Ludlow
Falls middle school teacher,

Chester Franklin was found
in downtown

in Ludlow Falls early this morning.

The authorities have
not released any details

in regards to the apparent homicide.

The bodies of
two young men were found

on the north edge of Ludlow
Falls earlier this morning,

and a young woman has also
been reported missing.

Hello, polter fans.

We are of course the PolterGuys.

And now you know that?

Because you're our biggest fans.

And because you're on our Instagram.

Well, guess what?

We don't have much time because

we are in the middle of a
very spooky investigation

in the dinkle donk basement.

Yeah, it's a very special basement.

But we wanted to tell you
about something very special

that's happening for our next episode.

That's right.

We're going to be asking
you, the PolterGuys' fans

to vote on our next haunting locale.

We're going to be going
to Chicago, or Paris

or Cabo.

Oh, if you find it in
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you can write in a
suggestion if you'd like.

But we are contractually obligated to go

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So please vote as soon as you can.

And we'll see you next
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They said we have to
do one for TikTok now,

to get votes from TikTokers.

Fine, just do it.

I think we can just use the same video.

You can't use the same video.

You have to do a trend.

Do you not watch?

No, you're right, I do.

I'm a big TikTok fan.

That's what you said, right?

Come on, let's just do it.

Like we practiced.

We practiced this?

We've had reports of a red-eyed,

Luciferian beast in the woods.

Now, originally this is something
that I said I denounced,

I did not believe.

We have some weirdo calling show at night,

and they're willing to
go ahead and justify

bringing up this nonsense.

And at the time I thought it was.

Our guest
tonight. Dr. Arthur Gauntlet.

Doctor, what are your
thoughts on all these?

Is there a connection?

I think there's
definitely a connection.

Granted, I'm a little biased,

but I think this is
definitely a demon host.

I think that these women have
looked into the face of evil

into this demon host and
they just ruined them.

Absolutely ruined them.

In local news,

the formerly missing Ludlow Falls woman,

Tracy Anderson has
reportedly been transferred

to the St. Dymphna mental health facility.

Dr. J. Bashiri will be taking
over miss Anderson's care

at the famed treatment center.

Dr. J. Bashiri has been
praised for his extensive work

in psychiatric analysis and therapy,

and has confidence in the
continuation of such esteem

with regards to the outcome
of this tragic case.

Tracy Anderson will receive
the best possible care

she can while she's here.

I'm Dr. J. Bashiri, I
am the most educated,

most qualified person in my field.

Despite the government's

repeated attempts to strip
funding at every possible turn,

I persevere and I help these people.

On the north part of Ludlow Falls

they have erected a black
bell and people up there

in that side of the community,

if they spot red,

if there is a sighting,

if somebody calls one in,
somebody rings that bell.

It alerts everybody, get
the hell out of there.

Go back to your home, get
in your car and leave.

I don't take any stock
in his conspiracy theories

about some red-eyed cryptid
driving these women mad.

I deal in science,

not wild tales about some hill person

with excessive conjunctivitis.

Women are just seeing
evil and it's just completely

shattering them.

And it just takes time for them to rebuild

and get some semblance of normal.

Although they'll never be the same again.

People have been thinking
that this might be related

to a potential chemical spill

at the garbage chemical company.

That I can't prove.

These are just things
that have been brought

to my attention.

Why do they project
in a Latin language?

Why would they do that?

Well, for several reasons.

One, Latin is used by quite a
lot of the infernal hierarchy.

And two it has historically
been used by the church

to ward against it.

I am a psychiatrist
at the top of my field.

I will help these people.

I am Dr. J. Bashiri.

If you're looking at
evil and evil is a real force.

I mean, people don't
like to talk about it,

but evil is an actual thing in this world.

And you know, the best
trick the devil ever played

was getting everybody to
believe that he doesn't exist.

What's up party people,
it's your boy, G-string.

Welcome back to the channel.

We're here doing another
Tommy Mavis challenge.

Now, did you hear the one where

Tommy Mavis tried to high-five the tree?

He was left hanging.

Now we're here doing the Tommy Mavis,

coming out of the closet challenge.

Now I see these on YouTube.

Everybody's crying,
they're with their families

just kind of somber, but guess what?

We're gonna put a little G-string twist

on the challenge here.

So come on, let's do this challenge.

All right, let's do this.

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, who has no mommy,

are you in here?


Babe, I don't think this is working.

In the coming out of the closet videos.

They always say you're not alone.

But I think, babe, I gotta
be alone for this one.

We can't fit in this closet.

We can't fill this closet together.

So, can you make me some
dyno nuggies, please?

I'll take this from you.

All right.

All right, let's do this.

Tommy, Tommy has no,
mommy, are you in here?

I think it's gotta be darker than this.

Make sure to smash that like button

if you want me to close the door here.

All right, let's do it.

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, who has
no mommy, are you in here?


Smash that like button.

Tommy, Tommy, are you in here?

Yo, it's the red eyes!

You just got pranked.

Yo, it's just my roommate.

It's your boy, Little Granny Panty

back at it again with another prank.

Go subscribe to my channel.

Last week we got my
alcohol-addicted sister

back on the sauce.

She was six weeks sober.

She's so much more fun
to hang out with now.

Those are some six shades, bro.

Where'd you get them?

Yo, I bought them online,

but they're from China.

So it took like three
fucking months to get here

and I had to denounce Taiwan.

All right, that's it from us.

That was about two minutes of content.

So enjoy the next eight
minutes of blank screen

so we can get our YouTube ad revenue.

Holy shit, these guys are hilarious.

Why'd they ever stop making content?

Because those guys are dead.


Supposedly the ride killed
them after they're doing some

Tommy Mavis challenge stuff in the woods.

I heard that the police found the footage

then destroyed it because they
didn't want it getting out

that there's a demon
beast running around town.

Ah, you know what?

I'm really jealous of you guys.

Whenever your murder rate goes up,

whenever something crazy happens,

you guys get a cool local
legend to go with it.

You don't have any murder
legends back in Chicago?

No, no, we just have legislation passed.

Well, what do you wanna do?

Oh, where's that
forest that they were at?

No, we can't go there.

That's a murder scene.

All right, be a buzz kill.

People get killed there.



What about that place that
the PolterGuys went to?

That manor, mansion whatever.

We could go there, I guess.

I mean, no one was killed there.

Yeah, no one was killed there.

So what's the worst that could happen?

You know, if we're lucky that is the place

where the PolterGuys had sex

with that ghost girl in that tub.

You realize that almost
everything on that show

was staged, right?


What if it isn't?

It'd be my lucky day.

All right, we can go.

Just promise me you won't do any of that,

Tommy Mavis challenge stuff, okay?

Of course, of course.

I won't do any of that
Tommy Mavis challenge.

Okay, just don't do any of it, okay?

Okay, yeah.

I got you.

Oh, do you know if uncle
Tom would have brought us

to do shit like this when we were kids,

I would have actually enjoyed
visiting Iowa with ya.

Damn, this is cool as hell, Becca.

Well, this is all you get to see of it.

It's not open to the public.

Anything's open to the public

if you try hard enough.

Charlie, think I wanna get arrested?

You only get arrested if you get caught.

So let's head around back.

We can walk around.

Whatever you say.

Yeah, I told you.

Don't see anyone around.

No, one's gonna be able to
stop us from getting in then.

I can't believe I've
never been here before.

Oh, I can't wait.

I don't know how we're gonna get in.

Well, there's a door.

It's locked, now what?

Gimme a second.



The stairs are right here.

I don't know if they're safe.

Whoa, whoa.

It's not funny.

It's not that bad, Becca.


Did he get in?




I found a door, come on.

Oh, quite the security
system they got here.

God, we should not be in here.

Come on, if they didn't
want us to be in here,

they totally would have made
it harder to break the locks.

Let's just in and out.

Let's make it quick.

Come on, this is cool.

Just look at this. When else
are you gonna be able to see

something like this?

So they really just closed down one day

and left everything like this?

Well, they cut the funding
and just like that, closed.

Everything is exactly the
same as the day it shut down.

That's so neat.

Have you ever seen any of those
like Titanic documentaries

where, you know,

everything's the same exact
way that they left it?

I mean, it's all frozen in time.

Just, you know, exactly how
they left it when it sank.

Just don't touch anything, all right?

Let's show a little respect.

In and out five minutes.

You know, there are lots
of bedrooms around here.

Do you think that Tommy
guy ever lived here?

Don't talk about him.

Don't say his name.


Tommy Mavis.

Do we have bears in Iowa?

There are no bears at Iowa.


No tigers either.

Do pigs growl?

They squeal, they oink.

You know what?

You sit tight,

I'll go check it out.

I'm sure it's nothing.

I'm just gonna stay right here.

I'll let you
know if I find anything.

Just hurry up.

It's okay.

Holy shit.

It's the tub where he
fucked that ghost girl.

Not into voyeurism?

That's fine, we can do whatever...

Yeah, yeah.

No, no, no.

Oh, don't stop.

It's so bad.

Look at me, I love it.

It's Monday.

Happy Tuesday.

Happy day.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Okay, yep, I get it

I'll go look.

Teenage suicide.

Don't do it.

Oh, this isn't bad.

Oh, because suicide is painless,

it brings on many changes.

Oh, come on.

Hey, Tommy.

I heard you played high five with a tree

and it left you hanging.

Did you make the noise?

Fucking Christ.

Holy shit.



Hey, Charlie.



Charlie, it's been like 10 minutes.

Charlie, I'm leaving.


Fuck you, Charlie, I'm leaving.

Oh, what?

Was that not funny?

Are you just gonna leave me for dead?

What, did you think I was
Tommy Mavers or something?

Tommy, Tommy has no mommy.

What the fuck?

What the fuck?

Okay, okay.

Becca, Becca, I think it's time to...

I think it's time to go.

What the shit is that?

What the fuck?

Oh my God.



I'm coming.

In our next story,

the body of Charles McGuire
from Chicago, Illinois

was found earlier this morning
at the Edinburgh Manor,

the closed down abandoned county home,

just outside Ludlow Falls.

The Ludlow Falls police
department has not released

any statements in regards
to the cause of death.

If you have any information
in regards to the death

of Charles Maguire,

please contact the Ludlow
Falls police department

at 277-3962.

West of the
falls caller you're on.

And now, now
we got some boy here,

dead from Chicago.

I mean why the hell do
you even come out here?

Oh, you're gonna go legend tripping.

Oh, we're gonna go see some weird

out in the boondocks, ooh.

Well, I tell you what?

You should've stayed in Chiraq brother.

'Cause you know yeah,

the scariest thing you
might have out there

is some gang banger with a gun,

but out here we got
demons, brother

and they ain't nothing to with.

The police have not been
honest nor transparent

during any of this.

We later proved that to be true.

Take for instance, those
two strange men in black,

nobody knows where they're from.

Nobody knows why they were here.

We never got an official report, why.

Why were they here?

What was going on?

They just swept that under the rug.

We have people with theories

saying that they were a
couple of religious henchmen

or bounty hunters.

We never got an official story.

Get a lot of these
dangerous, dangerous men.

You know, 90% of rapists are men.

82% of all murderers are men.

And so, I mean, just do the math,

you kill the men, I think we only got

good people left on this planet here.

For some of you guys that are worried,

if you're not one of the bad men

that are out there raping and killing,

you'll probably be fine from red.

Weather sponsored
by Gurvich Chemical Company.

Today's weather and Ludlow
Falls is a crisp 60 degrees

with low humidity.

Temps will remain in the
60s with scattered showers

on Friday.

There was also those
two hypebeast influencers,

their bodies found.

We understand that there
might be found footage.

Their cameras were still rolling.

That is what the reports are saying.

We know this because they
went live before that

stating that they were gonna go out there,

the north end of town.

If their cameras are rolling,

we should be able to see that footage.

Give us the footage now.

Why would some Chicago kid
be here around Edinburgh Manor.

Like why would you be
slinking around there?

No, not too sure,

what they call it, but something tripping.

Oh, he's probably doing
that legend tripping stuff.

Yeah, that makes sense.

East of the
falls caller, you're on.

You know what?

I like Red.

He seems to kill all the bullies

and it makes all the mean
girls in town go crazy.

And it absolutely terrifies me

'cause we need more of
these white men dead.

The oceans are absolutely just littered

with straws right now.

But you hear about like a
ghost story and something,

so you go there.

So he's probably heard
about like Red and was like,

"Oh, let's go mess with Red."

No, you stay away from that stuff.

Damn city people, they don't get it.

You stay away from that stuff.

You stay away from Edinburgh Manor,

stay away from Orange Junior High.

You stay away from those places,

you're gonna have a nice life,

gonna die an old man.

And that's what you want.

You don't wanna die young.


East of the
falls caller, you're on.

I just want everybody to look

at Gurvich Chemical Company

because I think they have
created some sort of gollum,

which is their word, not mine,

which is kind of like a Jewish boogeyman,


Well, I mean it'd be 110
now with Afghanistan.

What are we gonna do in their names?

What about Kenyon Jones?

What about Tina Adams?

What about Cindy Schlozman?

What even about John Baker?

Why have they not freed him?

This whole world's going to hell.

We're witnessing the
damnation of this nation.

There is another missing
person reported in Ludlow Falls.

Becky McGuire of Ludlow
Falls was reported missing

earlier this week.

And authorities are asking
anyone that has any information

on Becky McGuire to please
contact the Ludlow Falls

police department at 277-3962.

No matter how low or how heartbroken

you can get in this world,

remember that Jesus is always around you.

Can you go to
heaven if no one loves you?

Tommy, Jesus will always love you

no matter what.

As long as you have faith in Him,

He's willing to forgive you anything

as long as you put your
trust and faith in Him.

Can people be mean and
rude to you in heaven?

No, nobody will be mean,

nobody will be hurtful
to you in heaven at all.

People around here will.

When they go to heaven, they will be mean.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted

and saves those who are
crushed in spirit, Psalm 23:18.

Pastor, thank you for joining us today.

This is Professor Qurell

She is a top demonologist.

Our bishop trusts her

and our order considers
her knowledge and insight

in this matter with very high regard.



Well, based on the report from Isaac,

we have a young man.

Tommy Mavis is my greatest regret.

He was neglected, mistreated and abused

in this cruel corner of the world.

And I failed him.

I failed the weakest member of my flock.

Deus mortem, that's will of death,

What is that?

Well, basically, it's a
suicide pact that one would make

with a demon and it allows it
to become one with the host,

therefore giving it an immeasurable amount

of supernatural power
and physical strength.

I've been placed here by
my order to monitor this.

Two of our brothers, the two
men that you met, men of faith,

two paladins sent by our
order to exorcize this demon

and save the boy.

They were brutally killed by it.

So you think that Tommy
Mavis committed suicide

in order to seal this pact
with the demon called Rumsah.

This host is far more powerful than any

we've come in contact with before.

The demon does come with an angel voice.

Sympathetic vision, soft voice.

You know, now that you mentioned it,

I do remember a conversation
where he did talk about

being visited by an angel.

Who are you?

I'm a friend.

Do you need a friend, Tommy?

I don't have any friends.

I will be your friend, Tommy.

Are you an angel?

I used to be.

Your eyes are red.

So are yours.

Have you been crying, Tommy?


People can be mean, very, very mean.

Can't they, Tommy?

You're no good, Tommy Mavis.

Your parents didn't even want you.

You come from a low class of awful people.

You are the worst duck, Tommy.

You're lucky that a good
Christian woman like me

even tolerates you.

You are ugly.

You smell.


No one wants you here.

Go off to the woods and die.

What are you gonna
do without your parents?

No one likes you Tommy Mavis,

no one wants you here.

Tommy, Tommy has no mommy.

No one likes you, Tommy Mavis.


That's the wrong answer.

I don't have all day.

It's seven, one two three
four five six seven.

Not that hard.

Why is everyone so cruel, Tommy?

No one should be allowed to be cruel

to a good little boy like you.

Look at you, you're so dirty.

You're gross.

I could never be cruel to you.

I love you.

And I will always be here for you.

One day when you're old enough,

I can show you a way to be so strong

that you can punish all these people.

I'll be waiting for you on the other side,

let's punish them all, Tommy.

Give us this day,

our daily bread and lead
us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil
for thine is the kingdom

and the power and the glory forever, amen.

A demon comes with a whisper.

We have a bullied, abused,
neglected boy in foster care.

Our order has monitored this entity

in this area for centuries now.

For, I am convinced that
neither life nor death,

nor angels, nor demons, not
the present, not the future,

nor height, nor depth,

nor any power on this earth can overcome

the supreme power of
love that God shows us

through his son, our savior,
Jesus Christ our lord.

Now with local news,

volunteers are welcomed
to join the search party

for Becky McGuire,

a Ludlow falls native,

who was reported missing
earlier this week.

Those wishing to participate in the effort

are encouraged to sign up at the Northwest

fire department on Present Drive.

They're never short on volunteers.

I wonder why that is.

I mean, it's always
people willing to help.

Well, I mean, look at the
last couple that they found,

I mean always, you know,
young women, nubile,

scantily clad.

Yeah, they are always running
around in their underwear.

Yeah, yeah.

You gotta be a real piece
of shit to sign up for that

if that's all you wanna see.

It seems like it's just
taking advantage of them.


I mean, there's a poor woman
in a deranged mental state

and she doesn't know what
the hell is going on.

She's barely got any clothes on.

I mean, it feels real...

It feels dirty, you know?

Yeah, sure it does.

I mean, I signed up obviously.

When did they tell you to be there?

They told me to be there at two o'clock

the day after tomorrow.

Yeah, they told me that too.

I mean, I just wanna help though.


I mean, obviously it's just to help.


Is Red sexist?

You know, in some ways I would
have to say absolutely not.

He is targeting males, being a male.

But in another way, is he taking jobs away

from some of the female
serial killers out there

by targeting some of these men?

Would Jodie Eris have the
spotlight that she has,

had Red come in and taken
out from underneath her?

I don't know.

It's not my place to say.

I would just like...

I think he's got a good place.

You know, he's coming from a good place.

When he kills these men,

I don't think he's thinking,

"Oh, no woman could do this."

I think he's thinking like, you know,

"Leave her alone."

"She said, check your privilege."

That's what he's doing is
basically checking their privilege

for them.

Becky McGuire, the
missing Ludlow Falls woman

has been found and is alive.

Members of a search party
located McGuire this afternoon

on the rural gravel road, D13,
just north of Ludlow Falls.

Police have reported that
she is in stable condition

and receiving medical treatment

at St. Gerard Alamo
hospital in Ludlow Falls.

St. Dymphna mental
institution in Ludlow falls

will be closing its doors permanently

after the state has cut mental
health funding, yet again.

All current patients that
were receiving treatment

at St. Dymphna will be
transferred immediately

to the state mental
facility in Reliance, Iowa.

We reached out to fame psychiatrist,

Dr. J. Bashiri, in regards to
the closure of St. Dymphna.

The budgetary concerns

at St. Dymphna mental health institution

are no longer of my concern
because we have been closed.

I've been talking about the
lack of funding for years.

Nobody cared to listen

while I was continuing to work and help.

It's fine.

I understand that these
women that I've been treating

have been moved to the state facility

under the supervision of one Dr. Block.

Yeah, we were at undergraduate together.

It's safe to assume he
still has a ponytail.

He's a very nice man, but let's
just, you know, to be Frank,

I can neither trust or respect a man

who got a C in anthropology.

Because of the fact that
St. Dymphna hospital closed,

they quit paying orderlies.

They quit paying all the staff,

everybody down to the janitors, everybody.

When that happened,

that made their NDAs,
non-disclosure agreements,

null and void.

If you're not getting
paid, why keep the secret?

I wish we could divert
some of the funding

from some of these sports

that everyone seems to
be so enthralled with

and puts them back into the wellbeing

and mental health of
our young men and women.

State representative Dickingham,

I have to ask a actual
question that the community

wanted me to follow up on.

Now, you have voted for
a new football stadium

and to increase the pay of the head coach.

How can you justify
that allotment of money

in the state's budget
when you're shutting down

mental health facilities in this area?

Well, can these crazies

learn to block or tackle
or run a ball or...

I've been a bit at a loss of what to do

now that I can no longer
use my exemplary talents

to help people,

just what I've been trying
to do this whole time.

So I'm trying to focus inward.

What does Dr. J. Bashiri love?


Which is the study of
insects, for the layman.

And of course my biggest passion,

the restoration of
Victorian-era Wicker furniture.

I will focus on these hobbies of mine

and hope that these women receive

the help that they deserve,

that I, unfortunately, can
no longer provide them.

Any additional physical restraints?

Restraints seem to distress her.

I think the room will be adequate.

Yeah, I concur.

If the government lied
to us about one thing,

why wouldn't they lie to
us about the next thing

and the next thing and the
next thing, and the next.

Tech offensive, Tuskegee
syphilis experiment.

Building seven or nine 11
was not hit by a plane.

And why no video of a
plane hitting the Pentagon?

Maybe the earth is flat.

Who can trust anything you've
been told at this point.

Have you ever noticed that
every girl named Michele

is crazy?

Think really hard about it.

Do you honestly know a single sane one?

I guess it's really just my parents' fault

since they named me Michele,

or whoever convinced
them to name me Michele.

I wonder who convinced
them to name me Michele.

You need to check and
recheck things again and again.

I don't see what is wrong with that.

What if you were wrong
and the stove was on

and people died because
you didn't check it.

I just think it is being careful.

And there's nothing wrong with
just being an extra attentive

and careful, nothing
wrong with that at all.

Yeah, I messed up my hand,

but if I were named Kyle
and had a lifted truck,

he wouldn't even bat an eye.

But oh no, we can't have
an angry little woman.


I found them.

You found
them, did you keep them?

I flushed them.

Oh, you flushed them.

Can you describe what they looked like?

You already
know what they look like.

Gabby, I don't believe
you found any cameras.

There are no cameras, Gabby.

There are cameras, literally everywhere.

Gabby, we've
been through this before.

You claim you find cameras,

yet you never show them to us.

Why would I show them to you?

You're just gonna take them back.

Why would we have cameras, Gabby?

Why wouldn't you have cameras?

You gotta keep track
of where everyone's at

all fucking the time.

But you know
where security cameras are.

They are not hidden.

Yeah, that's
kind of an obvious thing.

Don't you think?

I think you wanna keep us drugged up.

Do you feel drugged up?

I think you should lower my dose.

It's been 64 days since
I've had a dose change.

I feel that your dosage is appropriate.

In those 64 days,

your mood has been more stable,

you've had less bouts of paranoia.

I feel the medication is working.


Michele, you're
not hearing the voices.

Or if you are, you're not telling us.

Michele, do you miss the voices?


Denise, tell me about your morning.

My morning wasn't too bad.

I didn't really have a lot of
freakouts compared to normal.

Everything, almost
everything was in order.

There wasn't anything
wrong with the breakfast.

There was the perfect amount
of butter on the toast.

It was honestly a lot better than...

She took long in the
line again

Hold on.

I'm so thankful, you're
giving me the opportunity

to share.

You're welcome.

She's taking long in the line again.

She's lying to both of you.

She's counting everything.

The amount of stroke
she does with the knife

with the butter,

the amount of time she puts
the butter on the toast.

Just grab the shit and go to your spot.

It's not that hard.

Calm down.

Well, if I ate at the time

I'd like to eat instead of
waiting behind certain people,

maybe I wouldn't be as elevated.

Stanley you gotta
try this metaverse thing out.

You can make Tilda Swinton's
hair whatever color you want.

Wait, oh boy, we're on.

Yes, we're on.

And as you saw last time
on our social media pages,

we are once again, live to
bring in the poll results

of where you want us to go next

in this haunted world
that we call the world.

That's right?

We tasked you, our fans, to
decide where we're gonna go

next on a very special
episode of The PolterGuys.

Is it going to be the bears, Chicago?

Is it going to be Paris?

Or would it be Cabo?

Let's find out.

George, do the honors.

We are going to be
bringing the results in.

We have not seen these yet.

We want you to experience along with us,

you loyal, loyal, loyal,
loyal, PolterGuys viewers.

What we experience when we
see things for the first...


Here they come.

Chicago, Paris.

And with a beautiful 5%,

it looks like we're going to Cabo, mate.

Ludlow Falls.


Why would we go to Ludlow Falls?

Ludlow Falls.

It's right behind me.

Isn't it?

Ludlow Falls is right behind me.

I don't wanna go.

It was the writing.

I told you, we shouldn't have a write in.

You're the one who put the write in.

I know.

From the TikTok video.


I know I was trying to make
it seem like it was your fault

but it's mine.

I wanted to go to Ludlow falls.

We've heard terrible
things happen there, mate.

I already know that, George.

I've got an idea.


We cut this, we edit it.

We can't cut it.

We're live streaming right now,

to all of our wonderful fans.

Oh, what's up.

Peace and love

Look, here's what we're gonna do.

We're gonna go to Ludlow
Falls because the Polter fans

want us to go there and we
are gonna freak out beans

and get so nasty with all
the nasty ghosts there.

You're gonna see more stuff
than you've ever seen in your...

Thank you so much to our
loving and adoring fans

that care only about our wellbeing

and not for what's best for the TV show.

So baptism of the dead.
Is that what this is called?

Baptism of the dead.

I would consider it a proxy baptism

or a vicarious baptism.

I don't think my order would
condone Mormon practices.

Well, in the early 1900s,

there was a local holy
man who he came in contact

with a demon, much like this.

And he said that he was able
to significantly weaken it

by blessing the snow

when it would fight in the winter.

The bishop sent Isaac
and Gus to burn the tree

where he committed suicide.

He sent them the bus
lands to try to weaken it.

And the devil who had
deceived them was thrown

into the lake of burning sulfur

where the beast and the false
prophet had been thrown.

They will be tormented day
and night, forever, and ever.

Revelation, 20:10.

Only a Christian of pure faith and soul

has a chance to exorcize
or baptize this thing.

If you see it, run.

Let us pray in the manner
that Jesus taught us to pray.

Our father who at in heaven,

hallowed be thy name

thy kingdom come

thy will be done

on earth as it is in heaven

give us this day, our daily bread,

and forgive us our sins

as we forgive those who
have sinned against us,

lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil
for thine is the kingdom,

and the power and the glory forever, amen.

Welcome to The PolterGuys.

Welcome to The PolterGuys.


Welcome to The PolterGuys.

Welcome to The PolterGuys.

All right, put it back.

Welcome to The PolterGuys.

Are you gonna do it?

No, you said no.

I like it, the fans like it.

It's a little bit of fun
that we love to have.

Welcome to The PolterGuys.


God damn it.

Welcome to The PolterGuys.

We are back for the final
time at Orange Junior High,

where we have encountered the
mysterious Red, many times.

Now it was not our idea
to be here, but the fans',

because of a certain online
poll that was posted.


Someone in our camp, our team,
and shouts out to the camp,

they put a poll up that said,
where did you like us to go?

And you all wrote it in Ludlow
Falls because you're all

a bunch of.

Now we will be staying
here for one final night

to get the most compelling ghost activity

captured on camera that we
have ever, ever, ever seen.

And Stanley, I think
I speak for both of us

when I say

I hope the activity
starts a little bit later

in the night and this time.

And not just...

Oh God, it's happening already.

Did you see that?

How ironic.

Run, run, run.

We are now on the third floor,

where will we be staying when
nothing is going to happen

until it gets a little bit darker out.

Stanley, Stanley, Stanley, watch.


Let me try.

Finally, some peace and quiet.

In the maths room.


Jesus Christ, it's Red.

I don't know if you
can see this at home but,

it might be hard to make out but

you could probably see that
that's the Red.

All right, you know what?


We're gonna defeat evil.

Evil gets defeated tonight.

Evil gets defeated tonight.

Evil gets defeated tonight.

Stanley, get out your bible.


Thank you.

Stanley, this is not a Bible.

It's my Bible.

I read it religiously.

You know, I do believe that.

Anything can be anyone's religion.

Viewers out there,

your friends and family
might think you're strange

for believing in some type of...

I thought he was here.

He's just so silent.

I know, he's a fan.

In his cosplay.

You like cosplay, yes.

Here sweetheart, give him a shirt.

Hey, thank you for being
one of our biggest fans.

And a big fan
needs a small shirt.

That'll never work.

Try that.

What's this?

Three XL.

Okay well, here you go.

It's always nice to meet a fan.

Oh look at that

You look great in that.

He loves it.

We love you.

We love you so much. Hey, quit it.

Hey, he's not a fan.

Hey, wait a minute

Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals,
household polymers.

Gervich Chemical is a world
leader in the material sciences.

We bring decades of
experience to the forefront

to make the world of tomorrow, today.

And why do we do that?

Because we're Gervich
Chemical Company and we care.


Oh God, no.



as I live and breathe
you've saved me life.

And I know you'd do
the same for me, George.

Oh, Stanley.


I think about it.

You're my best friend.

Yes, yes you are.

Hey Red, eat this you slimy bastard.

We can't die we're "The Polterguys".

Let's never come back here.

And I mean it this time.

We're never setting foot
in Ludlow Falls again.

I keep saying it for ratings,

but I don't wanna come back.

We're not doing it, mate.

We're not doing it.

No, we're not doing it no more.

I can't feel my ass.

My legs are broken.

Well, shall we?

Edinburgh Manor, Orange Junior High,

and the north end of town.

If you are in those areas, get out.

Nothing good has happened
there in the recent years.

Some of the most violent crime I've seen

in any of these pictures.

Any of these stories
being reported back to us

of what happened, have been
some of the most frightening

and disgusting things
I've ever seen or heard.

East of the
falls caller you're on.

People, you need to stay away.

Stay away from this place.

Stay away from the old
Orange Junior High School.

It's Red.

It's Tommy Mavis.

They call him Red.

If you look at him,

the guy will just smash your head.

And everybody just stay away.

I mean, you're messing with trouble, okay?

It's a bad deal, I'm telling you.

Today's weather
will be a comfortable

50 degrees with temps
staying in the 50s all week.

Local weather provided by
Gervich Chemical Company.

If the police really
wanted to do anything

to help that community they'd
call the national guard

and they would wait post at every single

one of those spots and
ensure the people's safety.

And I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking I'm calling in martial law

like I'm some sort of trader.

No, this is a real big deal.

They should slash and burn
that whole north end of town.

Clear it all out.

All even-steven, get rid of that.

And I know I'm gonna catch shit

from little environmentalist hacks.

They're gonna say,

"Oh, he's talking about
the decimation of area."

It does not matter.

People are dying.

Get over your tofu-flavored bullshit.

So it was written by
this egg head out at MIT.

It's called "The Industrial
Society and the Future."

Great read.

You need to definitely read it.

Oh read in hell.

I should be writing my own manifesto,

"How to stay alive in Ludlow Falls."

Oh, hell yeah.

Hell yeah.

You could distribute it and
people could actually not die.

That'd be great.


Or better yet, how a book,

"How not to PISS off
Tommy Mavis for dummies."

Oh yeah.

You know, they just gotta leave him alone.

It's like...

Okay, let's say there's a
tiger and it's over there,

And we're over here.

These people are like, "Oh,
let's go fuck with the tiger."

"Let's go poke his balls."

No, you don't do that.

You leave the fucking tiger alone.

No, there's no ball poking.

No, there ain't no ball poking.


Come back to God.

Come back to the scripture.

I beg you come home to Jesus Christ.

I leave you with Psalm 34:21.

Evil will slay the wicked.

The foes of the righteous
will be condemned.

Love kills the demon.

We should love one another, you know.

Well, you know, I love you.


No, no, no.

Not like that.

No, no, no.

Not like that.

Not like in a cowboys
in a tent sort of way.

Like platonically.


Yeah, not like in an
ideal form sort of way,

but like friendship,

like a brother sort of thing, you know?

That would take care of the demon.

It would.

Drive out the demons,

freely you have received

freely give that is from Matthew 10:8.

Tom Mavis is not dead.

He is going to punish you all.

All you self righteous people,

you are all Christian hypocrites.

You are all Christian hypocrites.

Read the book of John verse 19 and 20.

"Whoever claims to love a god"

"yet hates a brother is a liar."

Ludlow Falls is a sinful place.

The fear of the Lord prolongs life

but the years of the
wicked will be shortened.

I saw into his eyes.

I saw hell.

Hell is coming for you.

Tom Mavis will bring it right
to your precious Ludlow Falls.

Evil shall slay the wicked.

Ms. Anderson is in her
padded cell reciting sermons

on fire and damnation
from morning until night.

What do you wanna do?

When she gets to
Revelations, we'll up her dose.

It just really fucking pissed me off

that they turn off the "Golden Girls".

They know the TV is
supposed to stay on late,

especially on Thursdays.

Thank you for sharing
that with the group, Jill.

Becky, today the day
you'd finally like to start

to share with us?

Vengeance is mine.

I shall repay.

Vengeance is mine.

I shall repay.

That's the translation
of what I was saying

when they found me.

It's Romans 12:19.

It also was written in
Tommy Mavis' suicide note.

The demon is called Raumsa.

I'm lucky.

It's easy to have faith
when you've seen it.

Well then it isn't really
faith at all, is it?

It's knowledge.

I don't wanna go back.

I don't wanna go back.

When you look into his eyes,
you only see one thing.


I don't wanna go back.


Oh Lord, how often have
we prophesied in thy name?

In your name, cast out demons.

In your name done great work.


Tommy Mavis.

If you forgive others their transgressions

the Lord will also forgive you.

Tommy, let this go.


There's no need to punish anyone.

There's no need for revenge.

In our next story, a gruesome
scene out of Ludlow Falls.

Earlier this morning,
the remains of several men

were found in a wooded
area near Insanus Ravine

just off of the north
edge of Ludlow Falls.

Authorities have not released
any official information

in regards to the identity of the man

in this apparent mass homicide.

But eyewitnesses have detailed

a very disturbing recount of the findings.

Agents from the Federal
Bureau of Investigation

have arrived in Ludlow Falls today

and the governor has ordered
national guard troops

to the area.

Remember your creator
in the days of your youth,

before the days of trouble come.

That the years approach and you will say,

I find no pleasure in them.

Ecclesiastes 12:1,

"be aware and vigilant, we are but sheep,"

"and evil has arrived."