Tom (1973) - full transcript

A white veteran goes to a black ghetto to deliver a letter from his black Army buddy who died in Vietnam. He encounters hostility and trouble from all sides.

Looks like even/thing's going to
be nice and neat this day, Jim.

- No problems.
- Yeah, no problems.

- Have a walnut.
- Thank you.

Hey man, there's something I've
been meaning to ask you.

Think things will be better for
you after the war?

- You mean because I'm black?
- Yeah.

Well, I'll tell you something.
My old man keeps tellin' me how

much better things are than they
used to be. You want to hear

something? I don't think things
are gonna be a hell of a lot

- different.
- Yeah, I know what you mean.

You know what surprises me? I
mean even over here, even/body

- hates the other race.
- I'm not surprised any.

I've been hearing it all my

Yeah. You know, we better do
somethin' about it. We're gonna

have nothin' but war after war.

Well, I know one thing we could
all do, that would help one hell

- of a lot.
- What's that?

Well ...

- Tom, Tom?
- No.

- Tom, fuck.
- Ahh.

Clay, ice it, ice it man.
Corps will be here.

Hey, honky mother,
where'd you go?

Who you looking for?

We don't want your kind 'round
here, knocking at our door.

Honky mother, no soul brother,
don't waste your helpin' hand.

Honky mother, nigger lover,
ripped off by the man.

Don't be asking questions, this
street's a dead end now.

One way or another, you'll stay
a honky mother just like your

nigger friend. Hey, honky
mother, jive sucker, black and

white don't mix. Honky mother,
nigger lover, good gig, just

for kicks now.

Don't be asking questions, this
street's a dead end. One way or

another, you're dead honky
mother, just like your nigger

friend. Honky rat mother, how
you like the brother'?

Gonna stay for good? Honky
mother, you ain't no soul

brother, so split while the
splittin's good.

Sir. Excuse me, Sir. I'm looking
for Mr. Thomas Washington.

I'm sorry to disturb you but, is
this the Washington residence?

He ain't here. I don't see him
no more since he runs with that

gang. You gotta talk to him, not
me. No more.

No Sir, I'm looking for Mr.
Washington, Sr.

Is you the new probation man?
He's at the festival.

Even/body's there today. Right
down the street, at the festival

I think this was written for
you, Mr. Washington.

- Who give you this letter?
- I was with him when he was

shot. I was standing there. It
was half-finished and I just

didn't want you to get it in the

- You ... was with Clay?
- Yes, Sir.

- You was with my boy?
- I was, yes.

- Was you shot, too?
- No, Sir.

Was there pain when he was shot?

No, no. Nothing. It was very

Get your hands off him. What do
you want here?

You must be uh, Tom, Clay's
younger brother. I'm Jim

- Anderson.
- He was with Clay. Why, he

brung this letter, from Clay.

Get outta here.

- You got no right, Tom.
- Tom is my slave name. My name

is Makimba.

Now, you better get outta here
while you still can.

No honkys allowed on my front

Hey baby, you goin' with us?

- Hey man, what's goin' on?
- Hey, you gonna make it on time

today, huh?

Look man, you've got it all
wrong. I'm not here in any

official capacity or anything.
Your brother and I were just ...

Don't tell me how you was
buddies. How you and your black

buddy killed them gooks
together. Got stoned together.

You even gonna tell me how you
fucked together. You and your

- buddy, Little Black Sambo.
- I said we were friends, that's

all. I brought that letter and I
want to talk to your father

- about something.
- Ahh, tsk. tsk, tsk. He want to

talk to the poor old Tom. Ain't
that sweet.

Yeah, that's real sweet
of him.

For coming all the way to Watts
to fix a guilty conscience with

- the old Tom, here bro.
- What you see is what you get,

- honey.
- He thinks it's funny.

All of us colored folks are

I don't see nothin' funny about
this honky standing in Makimba's

- front yard.
- You've got it wrong.

What do you mean, we've got it
wrong? You callin' us dumb or

- somethin'? Huh?
- Look, all I'm saying is that

Clay and I were friends and I
thought that ...

My brother didn't have no honky

You know black brothers is dying
pretty heavy over there for

- friends like you.
- Your kind got my brother

- killed.
- You shut your mouth! You got

no right to talk to this boy
that way. He was Clay's friend.

- Clay had no honky friends.

- Mr. Washington.
- You don't understand. He was

with Clay when he got shot.
You don't understand.

He was my boy. My boy.

We don't need you suck-ass,
white liberals comin' down here.

- Now, git off my property.
- Look'a here, son.

They sent me this when Clay
died. It's from the President of

the United States.

- It's all I got left of my boy.
- Honky metals.

Better go now, son.

Go to the festival.

Everybody there today.

You leave that white boy alone.
He brought me a letter from Clay

Til them old Tom's are dead, we
ain't gonna be able to live.

Let's teach that honky a lesson.

Why not, he could use one.

Watch it, honky. Easy now.

Watch it, honky. We're gonna get

There he is! Git him!

Come on, whitey.

Come on you guys, now cool it.

Dammit, dammit. Oh!

Come on, I told you I'm your
friend. Cool it, now.

- Told you now ...
- He ain't our friend.

I told you I was Clay's friend
and I wanna be your friend, too

- Come on, let's talk about this
- White ass education ain't

gonna talk here.

- You're making a mistake.
- I can see we got us a little

problem here. Just what are we
gonna do with his white ass?

Look, just let me go and we'll
forget this happened.

You ain't goin' nowhere.

Hold it, baby. Let me show that
dipshit a thing or two.

Oh shit, man. Let me git him.

I am gonna rip your ass open,

Cut him and the pigs'll come
down on us hard, baby.

You gonna remember your little
visit to our home, here.

The pigs show us real good how
to work somebody over and not

leave no marks for no evidence.

That was for my brother and this
is ...

Don't move anybody!

You know me Washington. You got
to the count of three to move

- against the wall.
- I count fast, so move your

black ass up against the wall.
Move it

Get your ass over here 'fo the
fuzz start firing.

Over here. You all right, buddy?

Yeah, I'm all right. Thanks.

- I'm ok. Thanks a lot, Officer.
- So, you're ok.

Now, what gives between you and
these coons?

Came down here to watch the
jungle bunny festival and they

- ganged up on you, right?
- No, it wasn't like that.

Just got kinda carried out of
hand, that's all.

What are you, nuts or something?
These bastards were gonna kick

- the hell outta ya.
- No, it was not that way.

Makimba and I, we're friends.

Turn around, Washington.

Are you telling me this nigger
sonofabitch and you are friends?

- That's right.
- That right, you and he

friends? I'm talking to you,
boy. Is he your friend or not?

He says so. We all know white
folks don't lie.


You button your black ass.
Show a little respect.

You two got something going but
you sure as hell aren't friends.

Must be a nigger lover. They
never learn.

Ah, he's chickenshit, plain
and simple.

Either way, it's his funeral.

All right, you black bastards,
put your arms down and turn

around. Now hear this real good.
Next time we catch you at

anything, you eggs together at
anything, we start pulling

triggers. You got that?

Now, get your black asses outta

Black cats cross our path, it's
bad luck ... for the cats.

One word of advice buddy, nobody
makes a fool outta me.

Come back to this jungle again,
don't expect any help from us.


Have you seen Nancy since
you've been back?

- No.
- What's wrong?

Oh, nothin'. Just my parents
have been givin' me kind of a

hard time. You know, I mean
about college.

Well, you two did have sort of
an understanding, didn't you?

Yeah, it's just that, I don't
know, I don't, I just don't like

being pressured.

I like to take my time, get used
to things. Nancy understands.

I wrote her that last week I was
in the hospital.

- What's her old man gonna say?
- After he reads what the stock

market did, he'll probably say
'goody, goody"

Who the hell cares what he says?

He always liked you, didn't he?

Yeah, he thought I'd be a great

He'd sure be a great father-in-

Be like havin' that great
Father in the sky. Streets lined

in gold, everything you wanted.
The only thing is Al, you gotta

die to get there.

Our asshole buddy, Washington.

Smart asses.

- How 'bout him?
- We want Washington.

Check the alley.

Sonofabitch. Hit him!

- There he is. Now how the hell

- did he get up there?
- That dumb sonofabitch, hit him


Assume the position, asshole.
Get 'em up.

I ain't runnin' from you pigs no
more. You had your fun, now


- He's clean.
- Cuff the bastard.

- What's the bust for?
- We've got some unfinished

- business, boy.
- What business?

Just the little matter of you
kickin' the shit out of a white

- man.
- The star witness is my friend.

Yeah, but we are not your

That's right, Makimba.

Over there.

- You got nothin' on me.
- No, nothing that will hold up

- under a stupid judge.
- Arresting you is just

- paperwork. Waste of paperwork.
- You see it works like this.

We get paid by the citizens to
keep the peace. Right, Berry?

Right on, soul brother.

You are a citizen and we're
gonna get to keep the peace.

Get it, Makimba?

Fuck you.

That's no way to talk to It.
Stans, boy.

Our boy's gonna apologize now,
aren't you boy?

- Aren't you, boy?
- Yeah.

I'm sorry. Fuck you both.

Fuckin' pigs!

Damn, forgot the cuffs.

Dammit, they never learn. Those
sons of bitches.

Niggers sure bleed.

The stupid bastards.

I've got a date with Nancy

- Good. That's good, Jim.
- Why's it good?

- What do you mean, why?
- I mean why is it good?

Come on, you know I've always
liked Nancy. She's a great kid.

How long's it been since you've
seen her?

Well ...

I guess I haven't seen her since
I was married. With her going to

college, she's busy I guess.

Yeah, I better get going.

- Tell Nancy I said 'hello'
- Yeah, I will. I'll tell her

you said 'hi'.

Hey, uh, what's the matter?
Didn't you like the atmosphere?

I was looking for work but the
manager isn't there.

That's too bad for him. I think
you'd help business.

Thanks. Do you know him? I
really oughta get a job.

No I don't, but I'll look around
for ya.

- What's your name?
- Bobbi.

I'm Jim.

I'm Jim.

You know I shouldn't be doing
this on the first date.

- Doin' what?
- Staying out so late.

You know what I always say,
better late than never.

And I always say, don't be so

You never know what tomorrow
will bring.

- How do you feel?
- Ok.

So do you.

You see, it does makes things

What things?

- Well, how about your date?
- What date?

- Tina, who's that?
- Be cool, baby. You paid for

your time. I can take care of

- Who is it? What do you want?
- It's me, open up.

- Sorry baby, I need your help.
- I'm busy. Come back later.

- Sorry, I gotta go.
- But baby, you don't hafta go

now. You didn't finish. Just go
back over and sit down. I'll be

- back with you in a minute.
- No, no. I gotta go. Just gimme

- my money back and I ...
- What do you mean give you your

money back? You crazy? This
ain't no damn department store.

All right, all right. Open the
door, I gotta go.

All right, all right. But don't
talk to me about no damn refund.

Don't expect any more calls from
me, baby.

Then you better learn to suck
yourself, honky.

What happened to you this time,

I had a little talk with the man

Jesus Christ. You're never gonna
learn, are ya?

- I'm sorry about that john?
- Oh, don't worry about him.

There's plenty more where he
came from. You just lie here on

this couch and I'll have you
fixed up in no time at all.

Those bastards really gave it
to me good this time.

Yeah, they really stomped your
ass, didn't they?

If you just let me lay here for
a few days, all right? I'll take

- care of it.
- Aw, you just hush. You've

taken care of me, plenty enough
times. Gonna stay here until you

get better. I'm glad you
come here.

- I just want to rest here a bit
- You just rest now.

- I think it's Nancy.
- I'll take it upstairs.

- Jim, this is Nancy.
- Nancy, I want to apologize

about last night. I got

That's ok. I just wondered if
everything was all right.

Sure. Listen, do you have any
classes this afternoon?

- Just one. I'm done by 2:00.
- Look, I don't want to talk now

I'll meet you at 2:00 at
Carnaby St. Fish & Chips.

- Bye bye.
- Bye, Jim.

- Hi, Jim. Glad you're back.
- Jim, how are you?

- Ok. How are you, Daphne?
- Fine.

- Not bad, come on.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Where's your car?
- My Mommy brought me. Come on,

we'll take yours.

Good to drive this thing again.

Great to see you again.

Tina, uh ...

Good mornin'. How are you

-I'll live.

Well, you ain't gonna live much
longer, unless you stop gettin'

- in the way of the man.
- This is never gonna happen to

me again. Never.

Cut that out. I don't need that.

It'll help. Believe me. Stay
down, baby.

Look, you got to learn to live
with whitey, baby. Why'd they

- beat you this time?
- I was talkin' to some honky.

- Two pigs came out on us.
- Stans and Berry?

Yeah. But you know that damn guy
wouldn't press charges.

Said he's my friend. Lotta good
it done me.

You can't fight the man, baby.
If he wants you, he's gonna get

- you.
- Where are my things?

You don't want me because I've
been with white men.

Look, what you do is your
business. But I don't want no

part of fuckin' whitey's chick.

Shit man, that's got nothin' to
do with me and you. We ain't

been together for a long time.
From now on, we're gonna do

everything together, just like
we used to. Just you and me.

It don't matter about nobody

Stop bitch. Don't you understand
nothin'? I ain't fuckin'

- whitey's whore.
- Please, don't do this to me

I've got bills.

I know what I am, but please.

- Let's go to our place.
- You mean our no-tell motel?

Yeah, but you won't have to stop
this time.

Jim, I still feel the same about
you. I love you.

I knew before the first time I
was sure. I still am.

I love you, too. It's just that,
I don't know, I'm kind of mixed

up. Seems like since Vietnam,
everything's different.

I'm not different and you
aren't either, not really.

I know it was tough on you,
getting shot and all.

Getting shot was easy. I was
just standin' there, talking.

Jim, do you still want to get

I still love you. Only I'm not
sure marriage is the answer.

If you gotta have reassurance
Nancy, I, I can't give it to you

No reassurance needed.

I bought some of that beer you
asked for.

Let me have one.

- You get a hold of the brothers?
- Well, I passed the word on the

street. Listen, we gotta talk.

- What about?
- Well, I saw my man on the

street today. He wants to talk
to ya.

- So.
- I asked him to wait outside in

the hall, so you and me can
discuss how we gonna pay the

- Oh, I get it. You mean your

- pimp's right outside, right?
- He's right outside the door.

Hey, Willie. You wanna talk?
Open the damn door.

Good morning, brethren. It ain't
nice to keep people waitin' in

- the hallway.
- Oh, I'm sorry. You wanna beer?

No. Makimba, right?

You see Makimba, Tina
here's one of my best girls.

But she ain't been turnin' in
no bread lately. I got nothin'

against my girls havin' a
little fun on the side.

But we got to have an

- Is this the way you want it?
-I ain't sayin' nothin', baby.

- I just want to work things out
- Look at it this way, brother.

I could use another man out
there in the streets.

You been ripped up by that
honky, beat up by his pigs.

Now you know where it's at. We
just gettin' a little of ours

- back, that's all.
- I get mine my way.

What might that way be, brother?

Them pigs come down on me
again, they gonna be dead.

Ah, don't be stupid, man. You
fight the man, you wind up with

- shit. Now that's Willie's law.
- At least I won't be no pimp

for whitey. And you won't be no
whore neither.

Now you best git your ass outta

You interferin' with my business

Makimba, you have such a hard

I don't want you to go, but I've
got to pay the rent.

And Willie here has been good to

Baby, don't you know you're
sellin' more than your ass?

You're sellin' your soul, don't
you understand that?

Talk is cheap, nigger. If you
such a hard man, why don't you

just go on, on out there and git
them pigs that's been after ya?

- Maybe that's what I'll do.
- Well, right down the street is

a shop. They got lotsa guns. All
kind. You just mention Willie.

- They fix you up real good.
- You both crazy. What you

talkin' about getting guns and
killing people?

Willie, you stop pushin' and
leave us alone for a day or two

and let us both make up our own

Well, your wrong Tina. Not in
a thousand years. Not for you,

not for him, not for nobody,
white or black.

Wait, I do what you want,
Makimba. Don't go.

It's been a pleasure makin' your
acquaintance, brother.

Hey, you wanna pull the trigger?
Go ahead pimp. You got one shot

comin' and then I take it and
shove it up your ass.

Now you just leave now, boy.
Your friends are waitin' for you

Tina, I'll never forget how you
been to me.

But you goin' back to this pimp
or some other for sure, soon as

- the rent's due.
- Still talkin', nigger.

Now you look cute.

See Mother, I told you he'd
straighten up. I guess I know

See Mother, I told you he'd
straighten up. I guess I know

- my own son huh, Jim?
- Sure, Dad.

It's gonna be a great day today
for you. I just know it is.

Look at him. He goes out with
Nancy just one night, today

he's up at the crack of dawn to
see about enrolling in school.

- How's that for progress?
- Oh, It's late. I've gotta rush

Good luck, son.

Will you be able to uh, register
for next term, dear.

- I guess so.
- I'm sure Mr. Dorian will

- help ya.
- I won't need his help.

- How were Mr. and Mrs. Dorian?
- Fine, I guess.

- Well, didn't you see them?
- No but uh, I will.

Tonight, and I'll ask them how
they were. I mean, how they are.

Where's my clip? My bullets,
where are they?

- Where you get that gun?
- I ask you one more time, old

man. Now, where'd you put my
clip with those bullets?

I know nothin' about no
bullets and no gun.

You lie. You're a lyin' old
bastard of a Tom.

You crazy, boy. You gone plum
outta your head. Why you got no

rights to lay hands on me. I'm
your father.

You're no father of mine. Now,
where's my goddamn bullets?

You're gettin' badder and badder
boy. But you got no reason to

hate that white boy who done
brought that letter from Clay.

I'm sorry you got beat up
by the police, but you got to

- learn.
- I learn. Nobody beats me and

gets away with it no more.
I stopped running at that and

I start pushin'. Now, get that

I been a good man all my life.
I tried my best to be a good

American. I raised you boys
most by myself since your Momma

died. Got one boy dead, one boy
kill crazy.

You been a good American, all
right. Whitey's nigger. I ain't

- nobody's nigger.
- Listen to me, son. There's

good and there's bad, both

Well, I need those bullets to
protect me from those bad pigs.

You can't go after no police.
They kill you for sure.

Maybe, but they won't stomp
nobody else in no alley.

Gimme that gun Tommy, before
it's too late.

Tommy, Tommy, you can't. Tommy.
Tommy, Tom ...

My name Makimba.

I ought to beat you old man. I
ought to beat your ass good.


Now, where's the clip? Where?

Pop. Pop? Oh, Poppa. I'm sorry,
Pop. (sobs)

I'll make 'em pay. I'll make 'em
pay, Pop.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Hey sunshine, that smile
looks good on you

Keep on smilin' honey, it's the
natural thing to do

Come on baby, let's take a ride.
I've got a lot of things to say

and do with you. Love, true
love, sure looks good on you.

Love, you're the best thing
that's happened to me.

Nice and easy, your lovin' touch
got on me

Come on baby, let's git it on.
I want to spend my life with you

with you. Love, true love, sure
looks good on you. Sure looks

good on you. Love looks good on

Love sure looks good on you.
Love looks good on you.

Love sure looks good on you.
Love looks good on you.

And as much as it has pleased
Almighty God, in His wise

providence, to take out of this
world the soul of our deceased

brother, Thomas Washington, who
lost one son in the foreign wars

and leaves one son, Thomas Jr.
to mourn. We hereby commit

his body to the ground. Earth
to earth, ashes to ashes and

dust to dust. Looking for the
general resurrection in the last

day and in the world to come.
to be strengthend from a

glorious majesty to judge the
world, the earth and the sea

shall give up their dead.

Listen, I don't expect any
trouble. But if something does

go wrong, you just get the hell
outta here, you understand?

Jim, I'm frightened. Are you
sure you have to do this?

Yeah, it's all right. They've
all gone now.

Besides, there's something I
want to give to the old man.

- That's your Purple Heart.
- Yeah, doesn't mean a damn

thing to me. But it might mean
something to him.

- You didn't even know him.
- I knew his son.

- Both of them are victims.
- Be careful.

I will.

You don't learn do ya?

What the hell are you two guys
doing here?

- Just doin' our job, friend.
- Trying to be a dead hero or

something? We told you to stay
out of Watts.

Yeah and I go where the hell I
want and do what I want.

Hey you, you. I pick my own

Look over there. They're your
friends aren't they?

Why don't you take your pretty
girl over there and introduce

her to you friends. They dig
white girls.

Plenty of room over there under
the tree.

Lieutenant and I won't bother
you at all, we'll just stand

here and watch.

Let me tell you guys something.
That old man being buried over

there died never having a
chance to live. I think his

people deserve better than being
hassled by you two sick bastards

That's one nigger lover that's
gonna get himself killed.

That sonofabitch is in with the

I don't think so. He'd of turned
us in before now if he was.

No man, he was lookin' to catch
Makimba alone.

Don't worry about it. I'll take
care of him.

Hey man, he'll wipe your tiny
ass in a minute.

Size isn't everything. I've got
four inches.

That sonofabitch is in with them

- I say you're wrong.
- And I say he's right.

You got eyes, ain't ya? He was
just with them.

That don't prove nothin'.

I'm gonna get that bastard.

I'm gonna give that bastard some
of what his friends gave me.

Want you do me a favor. Don't
walk back up to Watts no more.

So hang around Sunset Strip
around whitey's joints.

- He'll show up.
- Right on, brother.

- Ah, Cancer. That's you.
- Aquarius.

That's the one that says I'm a

- Uh, huh.
- Visit beautiful downtown

Vietnam. You should do that.

- Hey, now that I like. Here.
- That.

Look it's art, don't laugh.

Oh, look happiness, peace and
love throughout the world.

Well, I'll buy the peace.

Can I help you with something?

Hey Jim, surprised that you're

I see you kept your date.

- Well, how about your date?
- What date?

Uh, yeah uh, Nancy this is
Bobbi. Her, I mean, you know.

- We're engaged, sorta.
- Sort of. What does that mean?

Um, we are only uh, not official

- Well, best of luck.
- Uh, how long you had your job

- here uh, Bobbi?
- Uh, I got it two days after I

met you that night. That makes
it about a month.

Hey, I'm going to a party
tonight. You want to come along?

You can bring ... Nancy.

We'll have a ball.

- Maybe.
- Nice meeting you, Bobbi.

There he is. I knew we'd find

Just like Makimba said.

Hold tight. It's too crowded
around here.

Let's go inside this head shop
and see if we can find out who

he is.

I'll bet you're wondering about

She's why you didn't make that
first date, right?


Look, I just didn't want to get
as involved as we were before.

But I'm glad we did, Nancy. I
mean that.

This last month's meant more to
me than, well, than any day.

I can just see things clearer
through you somehow.

I know we always planned on
gettin' married. But I don't

think marriage is the answer
now. Nancy, I love you.

Live with me. I don't want to
live together because of some

paper the state makes us sign,
that says it's ok.

I want to live together because
I love you.

I love you too, Jim. But what
would our parents say?

To hell with our parents. They
haven't done such a damn good

job runnin' this world. I'm not
gonna let them run our lives.

I want to but there's so much to
think about. Give me some time.

I'm gonna rent that apartment
you and I looked at over near

campus. I want you to live there
with me.

I don't know Jim, my parents.

I'll see you at the beach
tomorrow at 3:00.

- Yeah.
- Well, we found that honky

- Jim, man.
- Bring him here then.

Can't do it. Can't get to him
down here. It's too crowded.

Oh, we talked to a chick over
the head shop. Seems he's going

- to a party tomorrow.
- Where?

I got the address. She even
invited us, see'in as how she

think we all are such good

Hey man, look, I ain't goin' to
no honky party.

We all goin'. We gotta teach
that bastard a lesson.

I'm gonna kick his ass just like
his pig friends gave it to me.

- Hi, sorry I was late.
- That's all right.

- Have you been waiting long?
- No just a few minutes.

I've thought about it, Jim. I
want to live with you, I do.

- But I don't know ...
- Then come live with me.

It's so difficult. You know I
want to live with you, but my

parents, especially my father,
he'd die.

Crap on your father, Nancy.
Come on, don't cop out. You just

- don't want to bad enough.
- But Jim, he doesn't understand

- at all.
- His side or mine?

Oh Jim, it's no choice. You're
the one I'll be with the rest of

- my life, not my father.
- I'll tell you what I'm gonna

do. I'm gonna rent that
apartment near campus.

And I'm gonna hope that you live
there with me.

What'll I say to them? How will
I convince them?

Look Nancy, you're over the age
of reason. You don't have to

convince anybody of anything
except yourself.

Nancy, very few people get a
chance at happiness in their

life. When it comes, grab it,
hang on to it.

God, I wish it were that simple.
I'm sorry Jim, I just can't.

Then that's you decision.
There's nothin' I can do about

it. But don't expect me to
wallow in your self made misery.

Maybe he ain't comin'.

Like I told your friends, he
said he might be here.

- Who might be here?
- Jim. Just some dude I was

seeing. He was in Vietnam with
Makimba's brother.

You know, I think you blacks
look just so masculine.

Kelly throws the most
interesting soirees, doesn't

- she?
- Yeah, but uh, who are all

- black people around here?
- I don't know, but they should

be at all the parties.

- Whoo. Hey, baby.
- Whoo.

How about you and I get a couple
of chicks in here. Vroom.

Oh, somebody peed on my grass.
Somebody peed on my grass.

- Suck on this, baby.
- Oh mama, I wuv ew. Waa, waa,

-waa. I wuv ew, mama.
- Hey Tarzan, how about another

one of those crazy, flipped out

Yeah, come on man. Let's see you
do one of them crazy, flipped

out things.

Hey, let's all do that crazy,
wild, flipped out somethin'

whatchamacallit. Hey, you wanna
do that crazy, flipped out thing

with me, baby? Hey baby, that's
cool. You don't want me to flip

out with your old lady. That's,
that's cool.

Cool it, baby. Little fella's
just about bite-size.

- Oh.
- Well, when the war comes,

I hope you're on my side.

- Well, the little fella.
- Yeah, he is a little fella.

Ah, little fella wants to
integrate. Anybody want him?

- Well, I like vaniller.
- He looks pretty cute to me.

- Eh, there's nothin' better.
- Look at all these foxes.

Man, I'll take that one and that
one and that one.

- It's a start.
- He got a big appetite for a

- little boy.
- Ah man, all you people look

really sweet, whew!

Hey listen baby, when do we
start to swing?

Man, we're all waitin' on you.
How about introducin' your broad

- to everybody.
- Oh hey, boy uh, would you like

to meet lvani? Hey sonny,
hey you.

Get your hands off of me, honky.
Or would you rather lose it?

No, no, I'm sorry. I didn't know
anyone ... Is he anti-semitic or

- something?
- Well,if he is, we's all in


- Let's go for a swim.
- Nobody brung a suit.

That doesn't matter.

Whoa, like the lady said, 'black
is bigger.'

Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs.

- Oh, Mr. Adams, how nice to ...
- Don't give me any of your

'nices' I've been watching for
over an hour and it's disgusting

Who are all these people,
negroids and everything?

Well I, I'm terribly sorry.
We'll keep the noise down.

And all the nakedness. Another
one of your disgusting parties.

Well, this time I've called the
police. Mom is due home any

minute and she mustn't see this.

Come on man, pig's on the way.
Let's git outta here.

Hey, wait a minute, wait a
minute. What's happening?

Uh, somebody called the police.

Christ, do you know where Bobbi

Bobbi? I think she's back there
some ... listen, is your name

- Yeah.

Uh, there's a black fellow
looking for ya. His name is uh,

- Makomba, Magomba, I ..
- That son of a ...

What's the idea of followin' me?

- You gotta debt to pay, honky.
- What debt? All I did was pay

- my respects to an old man.
- Fuck you. I know you put the

finger on me and I got the shit
kicked outta me for it.

What the hell you talkin' about?

You sayin' you don't know
nothin' about them pigs stompin'

- Makimba?
- Honest to God, I don't.

You're lyin'. You're a lyin'
honky prick.

Listen asshole, you don't know
what you're talkin' about and

you're the prick. Now, if you
want to do somethin' about it,

- let's do it.
- That's ok by me.

Come on, honky.

Get up, you rat bastard.

Get him out of here. He's the
one. He's not even class.

Get this prick right out
of here. Take him away.

He's causing nothing but trouble
in the neighborhood.

I'll get you honky. I'll get
your fuckin' ass good.

I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

Shut up, you black sonofabitch.
(yelling and struggling)

You're trash, get that shit
right out of here. Get him outta

here. He's destroying this

I believe you, man. But he
figures you fingered him to the

cops. You best watch yourself,

Where's Bobbi?

I don't want any of that stuff.
It's bad for you.

Whatever happened to that
square friend of yours?

- Nancy?
- Yeah.


I don't see you for two months,
then every night for a week.

- You two lovers have a fight?

- Kinda.
- What about?

- Nothin'.
- Oh, that's cool, fight about


What's the matter? Don't you
want to talk about it?

What are you, some kinda
goddamn doctor with all these

questions? You know, I really
don't find you very amusing.

I tell you, I don't find you a
barrel of laughs either.

So let's shut up and amuse each


Making love to a guy who doesn't
even know who I am is too much.

Hey, you know I know who you

You better quit hitting that
stuff so hard. It's going to

kill you.

Look, why don't you just call

Why don't you just shut up, you
dumb bitch? What do you know?

I know I'm not a dumb bitch. I
may not have had the breaks

to have parents like yours but
at least I make it on my own.

Make it on your own. The
only thing you're good for

is "makin' it". But, I got to
admit, you're pretty good

- at that.
- Practice makes perfect.

Dumb bitch.

- Hello.
- Hello Nancy, this is Jim.

- Oh, hello Jim.
- Listen, I'm at the motel.

- Why don't you come on over?
- I don't know.

- Uh, just to talk.
- Maybe.

Goodbye, Jim.

I have to shower.


Hi. Hey, I'm gonna take a
shower. You wanna join me?

Sure you don't wanna shower?
I feel kinda sweaty.

- You've been drinking.
- A little.

Jim, I don't want to go on this

We have a fight, cause I can't
live with you. All right, won't

live with you. I don't hear from
you for over a week. Then I get

a call in the middle of the

I don't want to talk about it

That's ok, there's nothing to
talk about. I'm leaving.

No, wait. I mean I know it's
hard on you and all with your

parents. But, you can't live
your life for them.

We've already gone over this,
Jim. I'm sorry.

- Nancy, let's get married.
- You're drunk.

No, I mean it. I mean we talked
about it for a long time.

You won't live together with me
in sin, we'll get married.

- We'll do it tonight.
- I don't think it's anything to

- joke about, Jim.
- Dammit, I'm not jokin'. I mean

it, I mean let's just once do
something we want to do.

- To hell with anybody else.
- But that wouldn't be fair to

our parents. They're expecting
a big wedding. It's not for me

but they've been so good to me.
Couldn't we have just a small

one, huh?

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Hey, can we talk?
- I'm busy.

- Just for a second.
- Ok.

- Hey, I'll meet you at Fred's.
- Ok.

- Sorry about that fight.
- Oh, that's all right. It was

kind of stupid anyway. Well,
where have you been for the last

- couple of weeks?
- Hey listen, let's go somewhere

I can't. I told him I'd meet
him. Maybe I can see you

- tomorrow.
- You're not going to believe

this. I'm supposed to get
married tomorrow.

That's cool. So I guess you're
busy tomorrow?

What do you mean you're supposed

I'm not sure I'm gonna go
through with it.

You will. Your parents know
about it, right?

- Right.
- You'll go through with it.

It'd take guts not to.

Hey, brother. Heard you were
back out on the streets.

Yeah, a month in the can's a
long time. Never again. Nobody's

ever gonna beat me again. I'm
never goin' back there again.

Been watchin' that honky Jim
like I told ya?

He disappeared man. Nobody knows

What about his old lady, the
one at the party?

Get his old lady and bring her
over here, right now.

- What you got in mind, brother?
- I got a lot in mind and I had

a month to think about it. That
honky caused everything and he's

- gonna pay for everything.
- Right on, brother.

Now you get the brothers over
here, right away.

I told you to get that bitch.

I told Father Cholackain I'd
meet him inside, so ...

- Oh, good morning, Father.
- Good morning, Jim.

- Mr. Webster.
- Father.

- Beautiful day today, Jim.
- Yes, it is.

I'm tellin' you man, that cat
didn't finger you to the pigs.

I seen you at that party. Man,
you so hung up on that white ass

you don't know where your head

His head's in that white ass,

Shit man, ass is ass. White,
yellow, black or green.

Right on. Woo hoo. Wowwee.

Knock that shit off. We got
plans to make. Now if you too

chicken, you got no place with

Maybe you want to tell your
white brother what we got

- planned for him.
- I already done that.

You told him what I'm going to
do to his white ass?

I just told him to watch out.
You already know that.

- You told him.
- And what did you tell him?

- I just told him to watch out.
- You got no right saying

- nothin' to nobody.
- He's tryin' to be our friend.

Hey man, fuck that. Since when
do we got white friends?

- Morin' brothers.
- Hey man, what's happenin'?

- What's happenin' here?
- I called a meetin', man.

We're gonna pick up the honky's

Who you talkin' about man?
Pickin' up who?

His old lady. The one at the

We gonna have a little fun with
her. And then she's gonna tell

- us where pretty boy is.
- You still hung up on gettin'

that dude? Man, you're crazy.

That cat didn't finger you to
the pigs. I won't have nothin'

- to do with it.
- Dammit, this is one big

chickenshit nigger if I ever
saw one.

Hold it! Now you've taken a lot
on yourself, all of a sudden.

Now you got a hard-on for this
bastard, that's your business.

But how come we're doin' your
business for ya?

I'm makin' it my own business.

I promised my father I'd stop

You're wrong in this Makimba.
He's gonna get all our asses in

a sling. And I'm tellin' you
all, it's wrong. Now, I ain't

- havin' nothin' to do with it.
- He's right. You're wrong man.

I ain't leavin', but I ain't
gonna help you with this.

Then you just stay out of the

Anybody else?

We don't need the others, just
you and me. Quiet, in an alley.

You realize marriage is a
sacred service that dates back

to early man. Even the pagans
had their marriage rights.

Our society today is almost
wholly based on marriage.

It is the most sacred service of
the church. A person should not

enter into marriage lightly,
Jim. And because of the

importance of this service, I
wanted to have this little talk

with you.

Are you sure you want to go
through with this?

You look pretty good. You want
to change your luck?

Look, I, I've got somethin' to
tell you guys but you got to

understand, I got nothin' to do
with it, nothin'. You get me?

Yeah, yeah, we get it.

Go ahead boy, we're listening.

Makimba's gonna kill the white
guy you caught us with.

I told the dumb shit he'd get
his ass in trouble.

Look man, that's not all.
They're gonna kidnap his

- girlfriend.
- White girl?


- Ha, ha, ha.
- You guys have no right to

- treat me like this.
- Where is he?

I don't know, he's no friend of

- Where is he?

My God, if you know anything,
please tell 'em.

The only thing I know is that he
said he's getting married today.


The Glass Chapel.

- This better be the truth.
- What do you black bastards

think you're doing to that white

Nobody'll blame me.

- There's one more honky left.
- What the hell. We gotta get

out of town and fast. To hell
with him.

Don't you understand me? We just
killed two cops.

You're right. But the bastard
that caused all this ain't gonna

live for his wedding night.

Dearly beloved, we are here
assembled in the presence of

the Lord, to unite this man and
this woman in holy matrimony.

Which estate, instituted by the
Lord from the beginning, and

being of divine appointment is
honorable among all men.

It is therefore, not by any to
be entered in ...