Tollbooth (2021) - full transcript

Brendan works solo shifts in the quietest toll booth in Wales, hiding from a criminal past where nobody would ever look. When he finally gets rumbled, word of his whereabouts gets out and his enemies head west for revenge. Meanwhile, local traffic cop Catrin's investigation into a simple robbery finds her heading for the booth at exactly the wrong time.

This had better be fucking good.

I remained there
for a few moments in...

...silent contemplation.

A brief summary
of what you've done

will speed this up.
I don't need this much detail.

- It's an interesting place to start.
- Is it?

It's a metaphor.

Some creatures will
do anything to survive.

Most people's lives
could be considered unremarkable.

Aside for one or two
defining moments,

moments where people found out
who they really are.

Cliff, those medical supplies
you've ordered have arrived.

Collect them today.

How did I do?

Not as fast as yesterday.

Oh, I missed breakfast
this morning.

Catrin, are you there, love?

- Go ahead.
- Are you sitting down?

- Yeah.
- Ten, ten, oh... I don't know the call for this.

There's been
a terrorist incident.

- A what?
- A terrorist incident.


- Are you, calm? You need to be calm.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Location is Henry's petrol
station. Number of casualties

unclear at the moment.
And the suspects have escaped.

I'm trying to get over the boys,
but apparently the surf is good today

- so no one's responding.
- Ten-four. I can handle it.

And I'm on my way. Over and out.

One pound twenty, the watch

and the sandwich. You're
sure you've got nothing else?


You need to open up the barrier.

Follow us on Instagram.

I'll close the door, will I?

What in the fucking

What do you need?

I expect recompense.

If not retribution.


And this is not a request.

Be very clear.

This is an instruction.


Which way are
the Irish ferries, mate?

I'm running a bit late, mate.

Fishguard or Pembroke Dock.

Ferry? Oh, no.

Which one leaves at midday?

I'm not a timetable.

Fishguard's to the north.
Pembroke Dock's to the south.

We are roughly equally
destined between the two ports.

I'm guessing you're
not going to make...

Motherfucking believe it.

The beard. It's why, but

I almost didn't...

But I did...

I'm ringing Magnus.

He's gonna shit
his fucking knickers.

You... are
in so much fucking trouble.

Four times, and no answer.

It's usually glued
to his hand... Bollocks!


It's Elton.

I've got big news.

No need to call me back.

I suppose that's it then.

Thirty fucking years.


Still an asshole, huh?

You know, I searched
for you for six months

on the Costa del Sol. Seriously.

There was a rumor you were
spotted in a... What was it?


So it was a full nine month
every day for one of the boys.

I don't know why people just
start saying they'd seen you

in places so they get
a free holiday off of Magnus.

He only cut'em downwind.

My missus said you were spotted
in a yoga retreat in Marrakech.

I lost a finger for that.


Fucking hell.

Working in a fucking
toll booth, eh?

It's an honest living.

Man, where did you get your
sense of humor from? Seriously?

I'll tell you, when Magnus gets hold of you...

Speaking of the devil himself.


I found him.

The search is over.


Yeah. Yeah.
But what if I get lost?


Do you wanna speak with him?

Of course.

Magnus wants to talk to you.

Uh... It... It's me, Magnus.

Calm down, son. It's me now.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Perhaps a nice little bonus when I
get back from the

Of course.

Of course.

I'll be in touch.

Alright, mate.

You're not in need of any
medical attention, are you?


But he might in a few hours.

You've been on the cheese
again, is it?

Do you wanna...

You did want me
to do that, didn't you?


I'm not sure all
of this is adding up.

Well, perhaps I admitted
some salient points.

But I think this is the
information that you're after.

You're gonna have
to hurry this along.

The setting of the contacts
is vital here.

How much of what
you told me is true?

All of it.

So far.

- Do you need to see it again?
- I, I can play it back.

Oh, no, no, that was fine.

You'd think
we're safe down there,

but I guess
jihad knows no borders.

And you're certain they
shouted death to America?

- Yeah, I'm certain.
- 100%?

- Not 100%.
- No?

I can't be 100%

because they were speaking
their own language.

They weren't
speaking in English.

You don't think they could
have been speaking Welsh?

Probably was Welsh.

How long have you
been living here...

Permanently four years
and three months.

And... I don't count
the year I spent

with the ex-wife in a caravan.

And you picked
this place because...?

Well, I had
to move here, didn't I?

The foreigners taking our jobs,

not really making any effort to
integrate with the local community.

Honestly, Wales is the only place
that the English have got left.

You definitely didn't recognize them.

It's not easy, is it?
They're all the same to me.

I'll get some of these.

Have to buy flowers
for yourself?

Romance must be dead
in these parts.

They're for my dad.

A year today.

Yeah, it's gone quick.

Longest year of my life.

You never found out
who did it then?

That's the thing
with a hit and run. You don't.


Uh, it's five quid
for the flowers.


Hi, it's me.

Yeah, I'm finished, yeah.

I think less Islamic state.
More young farmers in the state.

I know it's a bloody stupid thing to do,
but those girls have been through a lot.

I think we should
give them a break.

I'll see if they've
gone through the tour.


I got your stuff
off the Morgan girls.

- How'd you manage to get it off?
- Don't you worry about it.

Oh, one other thing.

What're you going
to do with this?

I look after that.

Go ahead.

- What?
- Where'd you hit his car?

Fuck off. Stupid bastard.

I sparked him
up with the right hook.

Alright, Mr. Kasani.

If I hit him too hard,
like I can always get a drip out the ambo.

Don't waste your resources.

NHS is stretched
enough as it is.

We usually encourage tourists
to stick to sightseeing,

walking the coastal path,
that sort of thing.

Water sports too.

You take part in those
at your own risk.

Coast is still clearly.

I say we take him
diving at the lagoon.

Just have to remember
to watch out for the rocks.

Don't you worry,
though, my friend.

We'll help you
spot your landing.

What if you don't
mind making a mess?

Could go and get my axle.

Fifteen minute job.

But I prefer my usual technique.

Cave is adding with a brick.

Blame it on the gypsies.

The travelers don't.

Travelers travel. The gypsies...

I have yet to make my decision.


How long have you been on today?

Almost five hours.

Morgan girls been through?

They've been through.

Anything unusual about them?

Nothing out of the obvious.

I need to speak to them ASAP.

Nothing to worry about.

Are you reading?

I don't know it.

It's about a man who leads
a really boring life.

Nothing ever happens to him.

Any good?

It's brilliant.

If the girls come back,
you call me.

Caved his head in
with a brick.

Oh, my God, you're
full of shit, boy.

Scared him. No deny.

I hope she's worth it.

Contained in
these boxes, sunshine,

is my future contentment.

I wouldn't expect you
to understand that

because you're
a shallow little cunt.

Hurry up, man.

I got things to do.

You know, I used to babysit you
when you was a little twat.

Now you're a big twat,
and I'm still fucking doing it.

You can't call
travelers gypsies, though.

- It's not pc.
- Have you ask them what they want to be called?

I'm gonna be
receiving a visitor.

Uninvited and most unwelcome.

It's business,
but it's not transactional.

So this is
where you two come in.

Firstly... when I asked you
to get rid of that car,

I meant to disappear it. Okay?

Now there's gonna be some minor
disposal work to do as well.

- How minor are we talking?
- Two.

Possibly three.

I wouldn't call
three minor.

Don't think the moor's
not gonna be too late.

Three will be fine.

Could even fit in a couple more

to be honest with you.
If you need me.

Give that to the boys.

Stay on hand
in case you're needed.

No problem.

Now they're gonna
be arriving here

in a black and cream Daimler.

You plot up
and when you see them,

let me know and follow it
at a discreet distance, okay?

And don't forget
to bring a firearm.

You want me to put
the shits up when they got here?

No... When they get here,

I want you to shoot
both of them in the head.

I'll do it.

What are you gonna do?

I'll be hidden in here.

Can I ask
what this is all about?

I've done a terrible thing
a long time ago.

And somebody's
gonna have to pay for it.

You should just
go fucking dark, boy.

I always thought you collected
pennies from passing motorists.

- I do.
- And what about the bloke

in the lockup?
Is he still in there?

And anyway,
are you paying for us to...

What sort of racket are you
running from this box?

- I knew you weren't turning a blind eye.
- No, I wasn't.

I just didn't know
I was doing it.

What about the other police?

You don't see them that often.

It seems like none of us do.

I asked around about you,
you know, today.

And what did people say?

Okay, pops?

What can anyone tell me about
our friend in the toll booth?

No one?

I can tell you
how he got here.

A long time ago he was married.

And the job?

Investment banker,
I think it was.

Earned a decent coin.

But his wife caught
the eye of someone else.

A local golf pro.

And they started
having an affair.

She came home one night
and asked for a divorce.

The stubborn fools
had not a chance in hell.

something like that.

So... she went over
to her lover's house,

and he followed drunkenly
behind... with a gun.

Eight bullets later,
they were both dead.

He pleaded innocent.

Jury didn't believe him.

And he got two life
sentences to be served.

Back to back.


He met this old man
who had been in there,

oh, God knows how many years,

and he taught him a thing or two
about how to get on inside.

Now the devious bastard

put into action
an elaborate plan.

He escaped...

...through a hole in the wall.

Isn't that the plot
of The Shawshank Redemption?

Never saw it, but...
I'm blind, remember?

Anyone else?

He did have a gun.
And he did shoot some people.

That much of the story is true.

But... he was a gangster,
leader of the gang, no less.

And his gang,
they robbed trains.

And when one robbery
went wrong, he and his partner

- went to Bolivia...
- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

I heard he was a boy

working on his Auntie
and his Uncle's farm,

but then some soldiers came
and burned the place down.

- So he...
- Saved the galaxy and got off with his sister.

Fuck off, all of you.

No one has told the truth when it comes to you.

I wanna know why.

I make other people's
business my business.


And what do you know about me?

Everything I need to.

got nothing to hide.

So it would seem.

Okay, you're gonna tell me what
racket you've been running here.

What, today or... generally?

Sit down. You're making
the place look uncomfortable.

You might think I'm in
the middle of nowhere right here.

But I really am
in the middle of everything.


- You must be Frankie.
- And you must be...?

Waiting to be paid.

Well, the good's
exactly as described.

It's what you've asked for, bro.

The boys should arrive shortly.

The thing about Elvis impersonating
is you don't do an impersonation.

You embody the king.

You got to have something
that resonates with people.

I did seven encores
and I'm still here on time.


Who's the juvenile?

Frankie, from Cardiff.

Hey, hey, hey.

You do not cross that.

This is our turf.

Everything this side
is our patch.

Tab's ex-military.

They don't call it the
territorial army for nothing.

Finder's fee.

May we?

Rip her open,
Frankie, from Cardiff.


done, motherfuckers.

They're all there?

All of them. Packed'em myself.

And you say you can
get us as many as we want?

I can get you thousands
if you can shift them.

Well, you've got
yourself a hell of a deal.


If you wanna have a closer look.

Wheel them out.

You're short? Again?

Can't subsidize farming.

Not the European Union.

I could get you some sheep.

Do you want some sheep?

I don't want bloody sheep.

This is the last time.

You know when you wrote
this loan, don't you?

- Toll Booth.
- So you understand who you're dealing with?

I'm gonna have
to tell him you're short.

He's not gonna take it well.

Can't be certain
what he'll do but...

...don't be surprised if you get
a knock on the door about this.

You understand
what I mean by that, don't you?

Everybody pays.

Fucking sheep.

What the fuck is this?

Eye pads.

Eye pads?

I was told to load up the van with eye
pads and drive here to meet the buyer.

And to give this man
a commission when I got here.

So, they're not
the iPads you were expecting?

No, they're not the fucking
iPads I was expecting.

These are eye pads
for your fucking eyes.

I was expecting the little
computer things from Apple.


I work in the medical
supplies, where else?

I don't know nothing
about computers.

Someone fucked us here.

I have a solution.

Good. 'Cause I'm
all fucking ears.

Well, perhaps a misunderstanding
was in the communications

that I sent backwards
and forwards on your behalf.

So, as an act of good faith...

...I'm willing to take
the merchandise off your hands.


For 50% of the purchase price.

Next bus won't be here
for another two hours.

Oh, hate.

This, uh, this wasn't
important, was it?

- No.
- Ah, by the way there.

What's, uh,
what's in the flask, then?

- Soup.
- A-ha.

When I was on the ship still,

I was the only one
out of all the boys

that didn't have
a tattoo. The only one.

The others used
to take the piss out of me,

saying I was
afraid of the needles.

They thought it was hilarious.

Bought the living fuck
out of me.

I can't stand these needles.

Oh, I wasn't afraid
of the needles.

I, I was afraid of Mom.

She... She said,

if I ever came home
with a tattoo,

she'd burn it off.

That old witch
would have done it, and all.


We were docked
somewhere in Portugal

when I heard that she died.

You think I remember the name
of the place?

I was just out of my skull.

It's a, it's all a sort
of blur to me now.

But... there is one thing I'll
never forget about that night.

I thought, every time I looked
at it, it would remind me

about how much I loved her
and how much she pissed me off.

She that fucking
did it, that tattoo.

- Did it help you?
- What? Looking at the tattoo?

- Yeah.
- Well, no.

I lost my sight the day
after I had it done, tattoo.

Well, you know the story anyway.

I'm not sure
what the Lorelei story was.


You can't drive around
with your dad's ashes

- in the glove box.
- Bloody hell, Pops.

I think it's past you.

It gets easier.

It's getting worse.

What I always loved
about him was

that time passed so slowly.

Now this makes
living here so hard.

I've let him down.

Well, don't blame yourself.

And don't let
not knowing stop you

from living your life, right?

not gonna get over it.

You need to learn
to live with it.

I can't even scatter his ashes.

- Still in the bloody urn.
- Hmm.

There're always just a hate
being inside as well.

Alright, Pops.


- They're bad man, Dom.
- Keep getting away with it, though.

You can't

I'm gonna give it a go.

Come on, Pops.

Tab... do you think we,
uh, got tucked up back there?

I wouldn't call it
a massive favor

but... that's true.

We did get half our money back.

Half our money.




we're the top dogs.

Somebody needs
reminding of that.


I made a decision
as to your fate.


We need to have a word.

I was about to call you, Dixie.

See? I knew you were
into this shit.

It's always the quiet ones.

you're under threat.

This... gentleman
has traveled here

under the pretense
of going to Ireland,

when actually he's part
of a scouting mission.

Been sent by a crime family

who are intent
on taking over your turf.

That's true?


First of all
I was on my way to Ireland.

Oh. Yeah? Which port?

Fuck's sake, it was from...

- I got a fucking ticket.
- Let's see it.

I haven't got it printed,
it's on me phone.


- He must have took it.
- Mm? - No ticket.

- And so you're some sort of criminal?
- A fucking dabble. Yeah.

And there're
more of you on the way?

My boss is coming.


And he's gonna
knobble this bear cub

and then he's gonna kill both
of you, little fucking cunts.

See, how does
your boss know who we are?

I will not tolerate
threats of any kind.

No. We should prepare for
the arrival of the others.

- You did that today?
- Believe me, that man's done

some despicable things
in his time.

And you think that justifies
shooting someone in the head?

Oh, fucking hell.

The visitors
you said will come in.

- You ordered them to kill them. Is that what happened?
- We'll get to that.

I don't know in what order
these things happened then.

The chronology is confusing.
I'll give you that.

But I'm telling you...

...these events happened
as I've described.

Tell me the truth...

...about the girls.

Hand over your takings.

Come on.

- What the fuck?
- How much is it?

- One pound, twenty.
- Don't be a fucking hero.

I'm not being anything.

It's only 40p to pass here.

You, you must
have more than that.

I don't. This is the quietest
toll booth in Wales.

- Oh, f...
- Glenda!

- What?
- There's another timepiece.

- How much that worth?
- It's a pound down the market.

- Oh, for fuck sake!
- What else you got?

- I've got a sandwich.
- Oh, come on.

- What's in it?
- Glenda!

- What?
- Cheese and pickle.

You're welcome to it,
I'm becoming lactose intolerant.

This is hardly gonna
announce us on the world stage.

We've already banged up
the petrol station.

We should kill him.
That will make the news.

Oh, that... I suppose that might
salvage something out of this.

- Yeah.
- Well, anyone give a shit about a toll booth operator?

The news agenda
shifts so quickly.

We'll post it on Instagram.

Who gives a fuck
about the mainstream media?

I don't know if anyone
would care about him.

How long you worked here?

Twenty-nine years.

I suppose that could
be our angle.

"Man dedicates life
to the shittiest job

on planet, dies
in an unexplained shooting."

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's it. That's it.

We should vote.

Oh, come on!

I don't know what's more tragic.

Him dying here today or him
working here until he retires.

Let me shoot him, please?

We voted. You know the rules.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, put your hands down.

One pound-twenty,
the watch, the sandwich.

You're sure
you've got nothing else?

We appreciate your honesty.

Listen, we're at the very
beginning of a career

that is about to make
a lot of waves.

You seem to be leading
a pretty unremarkable life.

You need to take a hold
of your personal circumstances.

I'll take that on board.


Pass us the sandwich.

You need to open up the barrier.


Follow us on Instagram.

You wanna shuffle?

- Dom?
- What do you need?

Fucking hell.

I expect recompense.

If not retribution immediately.

Of course.

I can do that.

Will they take?

Bet or fold?

It's not a watch you'd
expect someone to steal then.

Taking a man's sandwich.

That's just cruel.

I'll... raise.

Yeah, I can
cut them off from here.

They wouldn't have got far.

No problem.

Let's be very clear.

This is not a request.

This is an instruction.

I got the picture.

I'll be there when it's done.

Hey, you're not going already?

You won't believe this.

The Morgan girls have
robbed the toll booth?

I'm blind. Not fucking deaf.

Don't touch anything.

Well, you see,
the thing is, Gwyneth,

we can't rely
on procurement for everything

because when it will cost
the department too much money.

Oh, I know that.
I know that, Gwyneth.

I'm operating very much outside

of my job description,
I'm fully aware of that.

But we can't let
the health door close the gate.

Because, well,
apart from anything else,

we'd both be out
of a job, wouldn't we?

I am a man of action.

Gwyneth, not a man of words...

...which is why I...

...why I bought you
these flowers.

Take. Take.

Well, that's, uh...

That's very nice
of you to say so.

I don't know whether you know,
but the Hotel Mariners in town,

it does a fantastic Welsh black
steak with peppercorn sauce.

Oh... I, I thought perhaps if...

...if you were free on
Wednesday evening

we could...

We could.

Well, I look
forward to it, Gwyneth.

I look forward to it
a great deal.

Fuck that. Well, well.

Thanks, girls.

Not much job for me.

If you're gonna
go dogging, Cliff,

don't do in the ambulance,
it draws attention.

Well, actually there's
a lot of people around here

that wanna play doctors
and nurses in the back.

So I get quite a lot of action.

What about Gwyneth?

My heart belongs to Gwyneth.

Even if my cock's
out in the car park.

- Busy day?
- Mm, not too bad.

Mm, not too bad. Yourself?

Busiest I've had since they
built that roundabout out west.

Oh, that was fucking carnage.
That was limbs fucking

falling off everywhere,
that was.

Morgan girls are my big problem.

They've gone a step
too far this time.

Armed robbery.


I mean, people move down here
for a bit of peace and quiet.

They don't expect to get robbed.

- We'll sort it.
- Apparently, they took

everything he had in there,
even his watch and his sandwich.

Call me
old fashioned, Catrin,

but you don't take
a man's sandwich.

That's crossing
the fucking line, that is.


You wanna hop in the back?

Just a minute.

- You're back.
- I went through my notes.

I just wanna
double check a few things.

You didn't have a watch
stolen this morning, did you?

A watch?

Um, yeah. Sorry. A watch.

A watch and a sandwich.

A watch and a sandwich?

Hold that thought.

Dom, what are you doing?
You can't just neck a beer

in front of me and ride off.

I didn't know you were watching.

- You're serious?
- Yeah, I'm serious.

Haven't you
got anything better to do?

- Don't push it.
- You don't wanna hold me up today.

Believe me. So...

You can get back
to your speed gun,

and we'll forget
this ever happened, alright?

- Breathalyzer.
- Oh, come on, Catrin.

I told you I'm serious.

I'm not doing it.

You were wearing
your watch when I came

through here this morning.
But afterwards I find out

you had it a stolen before I
got here, didn't make any sense.

You'd already got it back,
and I didn't know how.

The thing is when I came through first
of all and ask you about the girls,

you didn't mention the robbery.

You said nothing had happened.

I knew then you were lying.

Just needed to speak
to you again to work it out.

Well, that was requested,
the truth about the guards.

I'm calling time
when you're storytelling.

Yeah, I've left
my handcuffs on someone else.

This has been a hell of a day.


- I can finish it.
- Your story?

You got robbed, you bumped into
an old friend, you killed him.

Or you bumped into an old friend,
you killed him and then you got robbed.

I've still got no idea what
order these things happened in.

We probably should have done
this down at the station.

That would be standard protocol.

Maybe I don't always
play by the rules.


That's what I was
hoping to hear.

It's lucky you had
the tarpaulin in there, eh?

You're looking to get help getting
rid of that, just give us a shout.

I can make a phone call.

We can handle our own business.

I got a contact.

Can't reveal the details though.

I'll hold onto this.

Don't wanna trace it
back to you.

You had to use
his gun, didn't you?

I had to use what is at hand.

You want us back to handle
this big ball boss man

- when he gets here?
- No, you're alright.

I've made me own arrangements.

What sort of arrangements?

I can't reveal the details.

Alright. I'd rather talk
to this dangling dick myself.

But, have it your way.

If you end up
with more corpses around,

we can clear them up...
for a fee.

Yeah. Do us a favor, will you?

Give my regards
to Derrick at the morgue.


We can't take

the step to Derrick.

- Here is that friend with three iPads.
- Mm.

- Mm?
- I'm not a monster, Tab.

You know, I need the money for the
Elvis festival in.

We're not staying
in the same hotel as last time.

The reason I came second was
because of the fucking dust

in that room
getting stuck in my throat.

It's ludicrous.

I'm leaving him with you.

What... what's he done?

Refused a breathalyzer.

- Why did you try to breathalyze him?
- For fuck sake.

Good job no one's robbed a
petrol station and driven off.

A day of police work
to get in the way of...

- ...whatever that is.
- Hmm.

Right, well,
I'll take him from here.

I'll go look for the girls.
They've been through

the toll booth
and haven't been seen since.

For when he does
the breathalyzer.


I'll be... I've never
done this before.

I think we have
the spades in the back.


No, no one's gonna find him.

I mean, what kind of idiot would
go and dig up a national park?

It'll take forever
to get to the bottom, you know?

Go on.

Fuck me, Tab.

I just meant that it
might take forever for us

to get to the bottom
of the hole that we had to dig.

But, um, you might be a genius.

First things first.

Do you have anything
to chop him up with?

- You alright there, pops?
- Mm.

Still waiting for my boy
to come back and play cards.

You know he always cheats when he plays with you.

Taught him well,
didn't I?

- He might not be back for a little while.
- Uh, well,

he's always
in the middle of something.


He's a good boy, you know?

Look after yourself, pops.

- It's not the same as evil, is it?
- No, no, no, no.

- They, they use a thermal current.
- Oh.

What did he say?

This is
fucking brilliant.

I hope you've learned your lesson,
young man. Chance to be a fine thing.

- He's always been a naughty little fuck.
- Hey, not aware of this too...

I'm not a fucking
moron, am I? Oh!

Almost forgot.

Something for the pension fund.

- Oh, thanks.
- Right.

We've all got places
we need to be.

Drop us your bike.
Then I go pick up a little

- something for my lady on the way.
- Right, well,

- stay out of trouble, lad.
- No chance.

Saturday night?

- Good night, then.
- Alright.


Well, that couldn't
have gone easier.

I'm telling you, Tap.
I'm gonna tell the asshole

off the Elvis festival
this year.

And it's all thanks to you.


- Ready to go?
- Mm.

Maybe it can get easier.

Just about.

Just about.


I don't know whether you
know, but the hotel Mariners in town,

it does a fantastic Welsh black
steak with peppercorn sauce.

Say hello to my little friend.

Get down, motherfuckers!

I don't even know what
the damn he looks like.

You made the right call.

If this turns into
a little less conversation

and little more action,
we got you.

Right. Now get rid of the van,

I'll meet youse
down the lockup.

Roger that.

Alright, boss.

No, no, no.
I just had to take care

of some very personal
business. That's all.

There's going to be two more
bodies to dispose of.

I'm jumping in the ambo now.

And the lockup.

Captain to base.

Go ahead, love.

Are the boys back
or are they still out surfing?

Uh, we've not been seeing
any of them today.

They're all still out.


Fuck me, that was quick.


Alright, boys?

Where are we going?


How right off the data.

I'll take a hit on it.


The triplets.

Fucking hell.

I'm really sorry
about what happened to them.

Had a knock on the door,
like you said.


That was
a figure of speech, man.

I just meant I'd have to come
and get the money off you myself.

By any means, you know?

Hey, come on, boys. We're not all
Welsh speakers in this conversation.

What did you do to my girls?

I didn't do anything.

People are wild on that road.
They must have

driven himself straight off it.

- Did the Toll Booth tell you to do it?
- No.

He just wanted me to get
the stuff back they stole.

My girls stole from Toll Booth?

You said with him

everybody pays.

You should be picking up
your phone when I call, Dom.

Slight deviation in the plan.

I've got a small problem
that needs solving.

Once I have done that,
I'll be back in position.

Your role remains the same.

Okay, Dad.

Okay. Come on.

Hello, Magnus.


...whatever name
you go by these days.

Beautiful spot.

I don't think I'd have wanted to stay
here for as long as you have, though.

You could have gone anywhere.

Anywhere else
and you'd have found me.

We found you here.

By chance.

What did you do with Elton?

Let's just say I helped him
relocate to the area.

Um, I expected
that would be the case.

Surprised you didn't run.

Actually, perhaps I'm not.

Where're your colleagues?


Didn't pan out
quite as you expected, did it?

Never leave
a toll booth unattended.

How did you unlock the phone?

Touch ID.

Waited until he was dead to rip

- that one off.
- Mm.

A bit more dignity for him.

Your colleagues were
very interested to find out

how much I would pay

to make sure you stayed
where we would find you.

We made him think
that this all was his plan.

That's the true mark
of a master criminal.

We want to know
who gets to kill him.

We'll do it

for a grand.

Slow down, cadet.

My son and I are going to take

our mutual friend
back to where he came from.

There are...
discussions to be had.

Five hundred, and we'll
get rid of the body for nothing.

You didn't believe
that Magnus knew who you were.

Or would even bother
coming out this far

just to take over
your two bob business.

It's time for us
to say our goodbyes.

Hold your horses, old man.

Do you know
who you're talking to?

You give us an extra grand.

- We don't need you to kill him.
- Fine.

You give us an extra grand
not to kill him.

- Enough is enough.
- Hey, you don't get to come

this far west
to tell us what to do.

We're the dogs down here,
and this is how we do it.

I think you two
should have words

with your weapons supplier.

Put the knife on the floor
or I'll shoot all three of you.

You put that thing away
or it's gonna get messy as fuck.

Please, everyone.
No one's going to get shot.

I think you and I need
to have a conversation.

This had better
be fucking good.

The triplets robbed you.

The same day this man
from the past turns up

and brings the whole thing down.

A twist of fate.


They just happened
to be in the wrong place.

I told Morgan they probably
drove themselves off that road.

Did Dom...

Did you?

I can't be sure what happened.

Dom went to retrieve
some of my possessions.

So you'll have to ask Dom.

He clearly crossed
the line with the farmers.

He's dead?

I'll tell pops.

I'm getting used to breaking bad
news to him about the kids.

The expert
in battle moves the enemy,

but is not moved by them.

You got them to come to you.

Well done.

Am I the only one who wasn't
in on what you were doing?

I always wondered why the police
here retired so young.

I guess you've been kicking
back a lot over the years.

I made many
inquiries about you.

But I was always
advised against trying.

So what's the next move?

That's why I wanted to have
this conversation with you.

I have some information
about an accident

that happened a year ago.

Southeast of here.

A man was killed
in a hit and run.

I have the identity
of the driver.

Each of these people knew there
was consequences to their actions.

Perhaps with
the exception of Cliff.

I don't think Cliff ever
really knew or understood.

His death is a deep regret.

I've been waiting
just shy of 30 years

for this day
to come in nights here.

And it might seem
like it's too late.

But I've got a chance
to move on with my life.

I'm offering
a chance to you too.

How do I know you'll
give me the right name?

You could say it was anyone,
you'd be long gone

by the time I work it out.

Well, if it's justice
you're looking for...

...this is your last chance.

There's a certain
beauty in an unremarkable life.

What did you do to make someone
hunt you down after 30 years?

That's another long story.

I've made my decision.

Those criminals
out of their comas yet?

We're here about something else.

A hit and run.

Come on, Dad.

What's that you're reading?

Oh, I've read that one.

Like how that happens really.

It's brilliant.