Tolgo il disturbo (1990) - full transcript

Augusto Scribani is an old retiree, cultured and genteel, who comes to Rome to visit his children and his granddaughter Rosa.

You took your time!

You want him to miss his train?

I have a list, sister.
I drove the vegetables to the market.

Come Antonio,
you'll carry his suitcase.

He's been waiting
for you since 7 o'clock.

You remember before, all these loonies?
A nice back and forth.

The crazies are everywhere,
more on the outside than in the asylum.

We are providing accomodations
out of Christian charity.

But now the house will be

And in its place? Will they build
a restaurant or a furniture store?

I don't know. The little fascist
who lived here found us a lodge.

But Augusto has money,
so he can go home.


Here he is. See?

He hasn't moved at all.

He's here since morning.

Go now.

And my bill?
When will you pay me?

There's no rush.

You even made your bed.

Antonio came to get you.

But where is Alcide?

He has left a
long time ago.

You know that.
He's cured.

I'm also cured.

That's why you're leaving.
You're going home to Rome.

You're not happy?

I'm happy.

Why are you looking at me?

I'm not.

Have you read it?


May I?

Yes, yes.

You want this? Genuine leather.

This is nice.
How much?

Hundred thousand.

Twenty thousand.

That's not enough.

It's too much.



Good afternoon. It's me, Carla,

How are you?

I'm sorry. I arrived on time, but
it's impossible to park here ...

Carla ...

Carla ... that's right ...

What is this?

An African drum.
It has a beautiful sound.

I am the ex-wife of
your son Eugenio.

Yes, my son.

We've separated 3 years ago.
He lives in America.


Venezuela, Caracas.


How many years have passed?
Fifteen? Sixteen?


Eighteen years,
six months and one day.

Eugenio and I were engaged.

Now I live with another
man. His name is Giorgio.

He's separated,
but not yet divorced.

He got custody of his daughter
because her mother is a mess.

She shoots up,
then cleans up her act and...

Why does she shoot up?

I'd like to know that too.

Rosa suffers from the absence
of her father. She's a difficult child.

Who is Rosa?

Rosa, my daughter.
Your little girl.

Rosa, pretty name.

Open the door, Rosa.
it must be your mom.

Here's your grandfather.
Greet him properly.

Augusto Scribani. Delighted.

This is Anita,

the pillar of the house.
She comes from Guadalupe.

Did you have a good trip?

Are you alright now?

I met your brother at the station.

My brother?
But I have no brother!

On the contrary.

Are you sure
his alright?

Take his suitcase.

You'll notice that
your house has changed a bit.

My house ...

This is a drawing by Picasso.

This one is a Mondrian.

I met a guy in the asylum
who drew very well.

Even better than that.

Is the room ready?

It's ready.
But Miss Deborah is very angry.

Miss Deborah will
have to get used to it.

And stop calling a 12-year old
girl miss! Let's not exaggerate!

She demands it.

This isn't your room.
Giorgio and I sleep here.

You will be better here.
Do you like it?

Anita, where is Deborah?

Out with her mother.
It's Thursday.

When she returns, tell her to remove
the posters.

I'll tell her. But she
never listens to me ...

You'll find a lot of your books here.
We had to throw away a few.

I've saved all your belongings
in this box.

Even your camera.

And then I put some letters
and pictures.

Look ...
The day Eugenio and I got married.

I know him.

This is your son.


I have to leave now.
I must open up the shop.

If you need anything,
ask Anita.

Tonight the girls and Mr. Scribani
will dine at 7:00.

Eugenio ...

Why are you looking at me?

- I scare you?
- No.

Who gave you permission
to take the nail polish

from my mother?

Shut up, brat.

This time, I'll tell her.

Moreover, she will notice,


Well what?

Look at my hands of Annie Lennox
of the Eurythmics.

Have you seen the beautiful hands
of Annie Lennox?

I don't like Annie Lennox.
I love Michael Jackson.

That powderered beast!
That faggot!

Stop it with your big words!
He's not a faggot!

Even her perfume now?

Why don't you go away?

Go eat your soup,
little girl.

You'll have to eat soup
as well, Annie Lennox.

Mom wants us to have dinner earlier,
with my grandfather.

I won't eat with that loonie
from the asylum.

It's your mother
who's in the asylum.

No, she's not.
I saw her today!

Your mother shoots up!
Your mother shoots up!

You don't even know
what it means.

It means she shoots up.

- And what does that mean?
- She shoots up!

With what?

With pins.

Poor little pissing ignorant!

You ... wouldn't have
stale bread?

Stale bread? Oh, no!

5, 4, 3, 2,1...

And who are you?

Deborah, with 'h' at the end.

But we don't pronounce it.
Otherwise it'd be D?borahhh ...

Very true. Bravo.

Sometimes we hear the h
and sometimes it is silent.

An 'h' without an 'h'.

Ha ha. Very funny.

is a beautiful old name.

Rosa on the other hand,
is a housekeeper's name!

My name is Anita.

But who are you?

She is the daughter of Mr. Giorgio.

If Mr. Giorgio and Carla
get married,

then Deborah and Rosa
will be sisters.

That's all we need.

Well, I'm going. See you tomorrow.

Anita, listen.

Bye, Rosa. Good evening, Augusto.
The rest of the dinner is on the stove.

No, listen... Anita

Is it true that Carla said
I'm to have dinner with them?

Yes, Miss Pestilence. But if you
don't want to, that's your business.

I don't like this soup,
and I'm not hungry.

I'll eat with my dad.

I dine with the great.

Tell me...

You like this Deborah?

- No. And you?
- No.

I don't like the
names with an 'h' without 'h',

and that she
paints her finger-nails.

We have the same tastes, grandfather.

Never call me grandfather.

Excuse me, Augusto.

There was a guy who ate flowers
in a place where I stayed.

- Flowers?
- Yes.

You ate flowers too?


Leaves, too?

That was the
best part!

Who knows...

- What's the name of this box?
- Remote.

There was no remote
where I was.

To change the channel,
you had to call Sister Gilda.

Rosa, please,
stop with this stuff.

It's not me, it's him!

Then explain it to him,
otherwise it'll break.

You're gonna break it
and she'll blame me.

Rosa, turn it off, please!

Did you hear? Turn it off!

Don't make me
repeat it!

Hi, Carla.

- Hi, daddy.
-Hi, sweetie.

You know who's here?
Rosa's grandfather. That's him.

I'm Giorgio Bernardi.

Augusto ... Scri ...
Scribani, I think.

You look good.

In great shape.

Oh, yeah?

- Hi, Rosa.
- Hi, Giorgio.

Giorgio is my
mom's fiance.

How did it go with the Countess?

The old lady is starting to give. We might
get the palace for one or two billion.

Castelli will pay me in advance,
and keep the duplex.

I must treat that twat nicely.
That's why we should invite him to dinner.

It's mom!

If it's Alcide,
I'll take it.

Yes, mom.

Daddy dear, she wants
to talk to you.

Tell her your beloved father has just
sat at the table!

Oh, come on ...

I'll answer it
in there.

Stop with this TV!

I said that it's not me,
it's him!

Don't talk to me like that!
Never answer back to your mother!

Go to your bed immediately!

And you let her go!

You're hurting me!

Go to your room
and don't get out!

And you tell her no to
call when we're at the table!

Sorry, Augusto,
sometimes I get a little nervous.

Oh, please,

I've seen worse.

Do you need something?

Go away!
Leave me alone!

Go away!

I'm just looking at you.

I don't want
to be looked at.

Then I won't look.

They're pulling the wagon...


Mentally deranged...

How many letters?



Will you go away

Yes, I'm going.

Do you feel alone?

So do I.

What time is it?


Why is Antonio
passing here at this hour?

Ah, it's true!

In any case ...

in one week
your face has already changed.

I like it.
Bravo, Augusto!

It was better there?

What are you... ?

Oh, it's you.
You almost scared me.

Sorry... I didn't want to...

What are you doing?

At this hour,
I always have a terrible hunger.

Mom knows it,
so she lets me do it.

She says it's because
of emotional deprivation.

For me it is just
a good big hunger.

- What is it?
- Cr?me caramel.

Extra! I always put
2 or 3 in the fridge



and greedy.

It's my only vice.
And you?

What is your vice?

I ... I played bowls
and trump cards...

And nothing else.

You like it?

It reminds me of the Portuguese
milk my mother made for me.

Your mom would be ...

... My great-grandmother,

What was she like?

- Hide!
- But why?

Hide, I say!

Rosa, my treasure,
will this story ever finish?

Go to bed, otherwise you won't
be able to get up tomorrow.

I'll finsish this
and go.

Good night, sweetheart.

Good night, Mom.

You can go out, the road is clear.

Are you deaf? Come!

Did you hear?

When she calls me "sweetheart"
it means she's happy.

And if she's happy, it means
she made love with Giorgio.

What lightning!
You like the storm?

Gosh, it looks like war.

What do you know about war?

We always watch it on TV.

And you're not afraid?

I love being scared.

There's a lot of things
that scare me.

For example, when I hear laughter,

late at night in the street.

In the dark
it's even scarier.


Give me your hand.

Give me your hand.

Is it better this way?

Yes, much better.

Pity, the light came back.

Yes, too bad.

Well, I'm going to bed. Bye.

Good night.

You know, at the beginning
I thought you were unpleasant.

And now?

No, on the contrary.

Good night.

Mom, come on!

Calm down!
It's only 8:25.

I'm going.
I don't need a sitter.

Quite a character, that one!

But she's not really bad,
just a bit bitchy.

Mom says she's
at that age,

and in 2 or 3 years
I'll be like that too.

No! Not you. We are born bitchy,
it's a gift of nature.

It's Rosa with her crazy

Go to class, kids! Go to class!

I'm going. Bye!

Good afternoon.

I live alone.


Come! Let's go!

What's going on?

There ...

Here it is!


Who is that?
Why are we running?

He might be dangerous.
He's got an ugly face.

You know him?

I dunno, I'm afraid so ...
Perhaps I owe him money.

I only know he's after me.

He'll poke my eyes out,
electrocute me...

Watch out!


Run away!

Why are you running?

There, there! Into the cheese!

Either he did not recognize me,

or he's not Alcide.

So, I took the bread
and Parmesan.

Actually, not parmesan, I took
the sheep cheese which is the best.

Oh no!
Here, nobody likes it.

For once I ask
for your assistance and...

I asked for Parmesan
and he brings me sheep cheese!

Five ...

four ...

three, two, one ... and...


Deborah, come to the table.
Where is Rosa?

She's taking off her little apron

and is washing her small hands
full of small spots.

Mom, I got A + in my writing.


Pasta with parmesan ...
without parmesan.

Even on Saturday,
Giorgio is home late.

Carla, I got B.

B is worth less than A +.

Commendations are
worth more that A+.

I spoke about
you in my written assignment.

Oh yeah? What was the subject -
old unpleasant people?

No stale bread, huh?

There never is.

For me, a lot, please.

- The subject was: my family.
- Beautiful topic!

- What did you write?
- Shall I read it to you?

Later. Just me and you.

Excuse the delay. Even on Saturday
they're breaking my balls.

About the duplex at
Piazza Navona ...

Everything okay?

Yes, practically, there's
just a problem regarding the loan...


This is sheep cheese, Dad.

Sheep cheese? Why?

Because someone here prefers
the sheep cheese.

It's much better than parmesan.

Where I was, we always had it.
On Easter and Christmas, that is.

I also like it.

I find it disgusting.

I got an A+ in writing.

And I got B.

Good work, my love.

I was also very good at writing.

Oh, yeah?

Well, good enough.

I wanted to be a writer.


Do you remember one of your poems?

No, please!
We're eating!

Shut up!

It's been a long time...

But I remember this one:

"My thoughts are fluctuating

"In my poor capsized mind."

It's beautiful! And after?

That's it.

I'll read my text.

Wouldn't it be better
if you read it later?

Read it.

I'm interested.

Read it. We're listening.

Subject: my family.

"My family is a mom

"And a dad.

"Dad is not there. In his place
is a dad named Giorgio.

"He does not scold me ..."

Thank you, Rosa.

"... But he never tells me
nice things.

"He loves his daughter more,

"Her name is Deborah."

That's silly.

Don't you love me?

Of course I do.

- "My mom is tall ..."
- You're not talking about me?

No. "... Tall and fair,
very chic and refined

"She wears French perfume

"that I like to feel on her skin

"When she hugs me,
which happens rarely. "

What do you mean?
I always hug you.


"She wears pin heels. "

Pin heels!

We say stiletto heels,


Yes, I know.
I corrected it in red.

"I put her shoes
on one day when she was out,

"I fell and I
hit my head against the mirror. "

That's not funny.

"Mom and Giorgio often argue
but afterwards they sleep together. "

You write that

in your essay?!

And it's not true,
we don't argue very often.

I like my essay because I wrote
real things in it.

I got A + for that.

Yes, continue.

"My grandfather ...

is the only person who ... "

Alright, that's it!
Let's eat!

No, continue! I want to hear
your truth in its entirety.

But I'm hungry.

No, rlet's hear the conclusion.

Conclusion is important.

Let's hear it.

"My grandfather
is my only true friend.

"Besides, I call him Augusto.

"He has a beard
and he is alone.

"I too am alone.

"He is unhappy,
and I too am unhappy. "

You're unhappy?

What do you lack?

That's how I feel...

You live in a nice house,
you're served as a princess.

You devour tons of Nutella.
Think of the children

in the Third World!

You're alone, unhappy?
Explain why to me.

I'll tell you why:
because you argue!

You make love
and you argue,

and I don't count.

You only care about
this witch.

You're the witch!

Don't pull my hair!

Calm down!

Enough! Rosa!

Go to your room!

Okay, I'm going.

I don't want to be here
with you and that one!

"That one"?!

I am your mother!

Go to your room!

You will pay
for that slap.

No, no, no,
I do not like ... no!

I don't like it.

What I've seen is awful!

No children ...

We do not hit children.

Hitting a child offends Jesus.

Relax, sit down.

No, I don't like this house.

This house stinks.

Then return to
where you were.

If Augusto leaves,
I'm going with him.

Will you stop

with your nonsense?

Nothing, nothing happened.

Let's be calm.

Let's be calm, eh?
Or I'll call the nurse.

And be careful,
when Giulio hits...

...He hits hard. Let's be calm.

Once in Guadalupe,
the child beaters

had their
hands cut off.

Not children ...

Not children.


Is that the bank?

You don't recognize it?

Here are the receipts.

And here's the cash.

It's simple.

We'll see eachother
back home.

Is this my bank?

How would I know?

Help! Open the door!

Calm down! This is an airlock.
It will open.

Everything has changed here.

Excuse me...
who is the new director?

Mr. Bartolini.

- Not Scribani?
- No, no.

I'm Scribani.

I would like to pay these receipts.

Here's the money.

Yes, put it there,
I'll be with you immediately.

You're Mr. Scribani?

And who are you?

Marcelli. Have you forgotten?
A lot of years have passed.

But you're still in great shape.

- You're feeling okay?
- Yes.

It's all in the past?

Yes, everything.

I'm going to call Margherita.

Your secretary.
Don't you remember?


- Call Miss Trebbi.
- Immediately.

- Shall I go with him?
- Yes. In there.

This is our old boss.
An extraordinary man.

I got it! I got it!
My wife has no signature!

Hello, Mr. Scribani.

It's nice
to see you here.


A few years older,
but it's me.

- The beard looks good on you, it makes you look ...
- Old?

Can I help you?

Yes ... I had to ... because ...

...sometimes I forget ...

Was I really the manager?

Of course.

Come, I'll show you.

Don't be afraid.

Come in.

That's it. You recognize it?

This was your office.

I sat there,
but you'd never go there.

You'd call for me with your
loud voice: "Margherita!"

You screamed so much!
Everyone feared you.

Even I, at first.
After that, no, I was no longer afraid.

Why did they take
me away?

You were great.

The best we've had.
The most intelligent.


Had I been stupid,
I would have fucked everyone...

What are you doing in my office?

And who is this gentleman?

Excuse me Mr. Director,this is
Mr. Scribani, former chief.

Scribani ...

Ah! who ...

Yes, the crazy Scribani.

I was better than you.

Mr. Scribani, wait!

... you came into my office
for the first time in 2 years, screaming...

Turn off this radio! "

"What radio, boss?"
And you said:

"Are you kidding me? Your
radio is so loud, it's destroying my eardrums.

"Turn it off, damn it!"

I admit that I was
a little scared at that moment.

You were obsessed with this radio.
But there was no radio

No music, nothing.
A deathly silence.

Then you took the ashtray
into my office and shouted:

"And what is this?"

You threw it on the ground
and it broke into a thousand pieces.

Yes ... yes ... I remember.

But I still
hear the music...

Sometimes, from time to time.

Waltz of the ice-skaters.

But now you're
feeling fine.

- What do you think?
- I think you're fine.

You really want
to go home?

We could go to my place,
for a bite to eat...

Isn't it
a little early for dinner?

But not for a small lunch.

It would make me so happy!

Moreover, the Director
gave me the afternoon off.

You turned on the radio?

No. I don't have a radio.

I'm a good cook,
admit it!

It was very good.

My nose tells me.

You know that the flavors
are felt through the nose?

You mean the scents?

No, flavors.

You always
say something like that!

But it's the truth.
I read it in a magazine.

- How many tablespoons?
- Five.

I must be dreaming.
You here ... in my house!

Mr. Scribani ... My Augusto ...

I'll sit next to you.

You are even more beautiful now.

Before, you had an air
of ... arrogance.

The rooster in the henhouse.
"All women belong to me!"

Who was the rooster?

Well, you!
Oh, I'm being informal.

Well, go on!

Let's sit here,
on my little couch.

- Why?
- We'll be more comfortable.

On the small couch ...

You know, I was ...

I was madly in love with you.

When you were nearby,

I wished I'd rub against you

like a cat.

Once ...

we were side by side,
and observed the exchange rates...

Mediobanca, Pirelli ... And you ...

you took my hand

and you crossed your
fingers with mine ... that.

You thought only about
the Exchange while I ...

Oh, the shivers!

The shivers?

And what did I do?

You said something
about Montedison.

Since then, I always hoped
that would happen again.


That you'd hold my hand.
But that never happened.

But now you're
in my house.

You can't escape me!

You think I'm cheeky, huh?
Say it!

I'm sassy! But if you knew
what I feel inside ...

But what are you doing?
You're staring at my titties?

You little rascal!

How I want you!

What a beautiful sexy nose
you have.

You are a widower.

You say your daughter
is not a cordon bleu cook.

I live alone. Husband - nada.
Why don't you come live here?

Husband - nada?

Nada de nada.
No husband.

Mr. Augusto Scribani,

give me your hand and make me
the happiest woman in the world!

But I ...

Quiet! Be quiet!

You don't have to
answer immediately.

We are adults.
We think, we talk ...

- Let's go!
- Where?

- In there.
- Where?

In my bedroom, of course!

I'll put on some music.

So, let's see.

You say you don't love me?
I understand.

Love will come with time.

Here, you would be treated
like a real pasha.

With your pension and my salary

you'll have everything. And most importantly,
you'll have all my love.

You do not know how I can love.

I am still a child.
Yes, a child.

How old are you?

Age has nothing to do with it.
I have a heart of a virgin.

It's not that I
didn't have any opportunities!

At the bank, I see beautiful
gentlemen, famous people.

Once Fabio Testi came in.

He smiled, complimented me ...

He flirted with me!

And you know what I said?

No, my dear, not a chance.


I say 'Nisba' to those who want me
but don't deserve me.

Because I have
a lot of love to give.

And I love you to death.

Love me, and I will be yours.

No, I'm sorry to have
bothered you. I...

- I gotta go.
- No, I beg you!

- But I have to go.
- No, love me, take me!

I have an appointment.

With whom?

The most beautiful little girl
in the world.


You have no heart.
You don't know how to love!

When was the last time... made love with a woman?
Answer me!

Eighteen years,
six months and twenty days.

This beautiful cake is in honor of
Mr. Castelli.

For me? Thank you.

To celebrate your divorce, of course.
It's your wife's idea.

Well, my dear husband ...
or rather my ex.

Cut it - forever!

Was that good?

Frankly, I find

the idea of celebrating a divorce
a little macabre.

Yes, it's not in the best taste.

I find it rather spiritual.

I've heard it all,
you gossips.

This is a lovely idea and also
the beginning of a new life.

For you too, sweetheart.

A new life
alongside my love.

I got the alimony,
and you got him.

I don't envy you.
In bed, he's horrible.

When I see you,
I understand why.

In your place, I would do
a facelift before it crumbles.

What a bitch!

Ah! It's good to feel free.

Especially with such a future

Thank you. I hope to be
at the height of my Robby.

We are hoping for a bright

for us as well!

We're celebrating too, right? You divorced
your partner and hooked up with me.

Indeed. I hope he's good in
the sack, otherwise I won't marry him!

Carla, look who's here!

Didn't you tell him
to stay in his room?

Of course I did.

Excuse me.

- Would you get up?
- Of course.

- Have you seen ...
- What?

My crossword?

Come with me.

I bet Deborah took it...

She probably wrote with pen
so I can't erase the answers.

But who is this lunatic?

Carla's father-in-law.

He lives here, unfortunately.
He's not well.

She does it on purpose.

Have you seen
my crossword No. 3028?

Augusto, may I present to you
engineer Castelli.


What a beautiful dick-face!
I've never seen one so beautiful!

Congratulations, congratulations.

How dare you?

A real dick-face
from another era.

give me a glass of water.

He's crazy!

He got out of a...

But he wouldn't hurt
a fly.

Excuse me, Giorgio.

I know. Carla had told me
to stay in my room.

Sorry to have bothered you.

Castelli is leaving.

Give me that.

I apologize, Castelli.
I am so ashamed.

See you tomorrow?

I'm not
available tomorrow.

- The day after tomorrow?
- Neither.

- Shall I call you?
- I won't answer.

We're screwed.

Admit it, you're the one
who took my crossword?


It had to be one
of these idiots.

If I may...
I'm Dr. Camonti.

You were being treated by
my friend Dr. Peruzzi, right?

Peruzzi? Ah, yes ...

He gave me an electric shock.

He even broke my vertebra.
Excellent doctor.

I'm also in the same trade.

Psychiatrist. And competent.
More than Peruzzi.

I hope so.

I like you.
I want to get to know you better.

If you really feel better,
enjoy your freedom,

mingle with people,
say what you think.

If you want to say "dick-face",
then say it.

If I say what I think,
it will hurt.

Just say it!
Why not come on TV?

You could call the
things by their name.

A TV? But ...
I can neither sing nor dance.

I can just do this
It's Alcide who taught me.

Gorgeous! Very funny!
You will have a great success.

Was it you
who took my crosswords?

You're quite a guy!

Danilo, don't make
me say it twice.

Excuse me.

And try to be more punctual.

That's it.
Remove the towel.

I made you beautiful, huh?


Thank you. How much?

You want to pay me?
But you're crazy!

Watch what you're saying! He's here
for that show "New Psychiatry".

This is another one.

Salemi. Dementia praecox.


See you later, Scribani.
Go and see the presenter.

- Where is she?
- At the bar.

You manage to walk in those?
They didn't have them in my size.

It's me.

I am the presenter.

Remove the towel

We'll go on air
30 minutes later.

The game is not over.
they're playing overtime ...

You can review your answers


Question 1: What is your case?

Psychosis of abandonment.

# 2: Re-insertion into society?

No problem
except family.

Except Rosa ...

Your granddaughter?

No, not my granddaughter.

My best friend.
Write that down.

Well ... Then, the intervention
by Professor Camonti, etc..

Questions from the audience ...
hopefully not too stupid.

If you want to eat something,
there's the snack bar.

Can I offer you a donut?

No there's no
time. But thank you.

I'll get rid of these pumps.

And he said ...:
"Do you understand? My wife wants

"me to pay her 50,000 lire
when I want to make love with her. "

And the other guy answers ...

- He replied ...
- Alcide!

Don't you recognize me?

My God, you look great!

But where have you been?

- Why did you run away?
- When?

The other day...

That was you?

A little whiskey?

- No, I have a headache.
- Drink, it'll pass.

Come on!

Wait! There's a lot of quality
stuff in here...

Let me feel this beautiful ass!

This isn't 1910.

I'm an old guy.

You're also here
for this program about loonies?

Of course.
I'm looking for a job.

I'm trying to become an actor ...

Even though it's hard. And you?

I can't complain.

Already there,
you do not complain.

Sometimes I miss it, you know?
I must be masochistic.

By the way, do you remember
the small cage?

What small cage?

Mine, the one with the
net around.

I had put at least a thousand
two hundred flies.

Do you remember the noise?

Then Balestrazzi happened.
That was his name, right?

Yes! That bastard put
a blackbird in my cage.

And blackbird ate all the flies.


Do I know you?

You are not Tania?

What a shame.

But where were you?
It's about to start!

Wait, my dear. Meet Augusto Scribani,
my former bed neighbor.

Enchanted. I'm lnes.

I'm honored, ma'am.

The first distinguished friend
you ever introduced me to, my love.

Quickly, it's time.

You were there for
eighteen years?

Eighteen years
six months and one day.

How was life like there?


Well, not bad ...
There were many

good people.

We ate,

drank, slept.

We would cut wood
in the forest.

And nurses were
very polite.

What was
the name of that big one

who resembled a cupboard?
- Giulio.

Balestrazzi. There was also Mantovani
and the one that lacked a finger.

They were a little cocky,
but nice, very sweet.

And strong, too.
With those hands!

Do you remember?

And how!
Especially when they tied to the bed

with their beautiful belts.

And the chief doctor?

The chief doctor?
Professor Peruzzi?

How was the professor Peruzzi?

Professor Peruzzi? A genius!

Great man!
He had balls.

He was our reference, after all.

Can I say hello?

Of course, please do.

Professor Peruzzi ...

Illustrious Professor Peruzzi ...

Old pig!

You bastard!


I've had enough.
I'm going.

Listen to me!

May you die of cancer!


Balestrazzi, listening,
you're the king of cuckolds!

Thugs! Scoundrels!

You hear me? Assassin!

Fuck you!

Come on, come all!

Calm down!


Sit down!
We're live.

We apologize,
dear viewers.

And here's a documentary

on tuna fishing.

Have you seen
the presenter's face?

And the director?
He almost had a heart attack!

Stop it!
It was disgusting.

Oh, a church...
the sign of the cross.

You see?
She sees a church and ZAP!

It will not save you.
The Virgin knows what you did.

Will you zip it?

She is religious, you know.
Ex-prostitute, but religious.

How about you?

that's a rather difficult question ...

What is it?

I don't like this car.
It's following us.

Slow down, Ines!

You're starting
with that again?

If this was a faster car,
I would have said: "Accelerate!"

It's passing us.

They're gone.

Thank you, Saint Gennaro!

Each time,
it makes me feel like I've been shot.

As soon as I get in the car,
there is someone following me.

Why are they after me?


Is this the children's ball?

What do you think?


What is the name of this dance?

Belly dancing, you ignorant.

Don't you recognize me?

You're beautiful.

Who are you?

Madame de Pompadour,
can't you see?

You even have her mole...

They say a bute.

Of course, the great 'bute'.

Shall we dance?

Let's dance... Madame.

Asshole! Perhaps you're Batman
but you'll respect your father!

we'll return home later.

At what time?

At three?
At four o'clock?

Maybe... Wait!

Is he hurting you?
Shall I call the police?

Beat it!

- Don't hurt her.
- OK.

What do you drink?

- An orangeade.
- Me too.

You know,
my mom understands me.

I also understand her.

And yet we don't get eachother.
Do you understand?

No, I don't understand.

Mom loves me.
I'm sure of it.

But she doesn't want to
show it too much.

She is afraid of Giorgio
who loves Deborah.

Giorgio scares her?

Not scared in a real sense of the word.
Let's just say she's afraid

he'll leave her.

She tried to kill herself, you know?

she didn't go through with it.

Of course not.

In my opinion, she pretended.
She wanted to scare Giorgio.

What would you do

if I died?

Why should you die?

Suppose I did.
What would you do?

What would I do?
I would also die.

Did you love your son?


Your son, Eugenio.
My dad. Did you love him?

I think so. Why?

Do you remember him?
I remember very little.

I remember him as a child.

Smaller than you.

Once he came
to visit me in the asylum.

I've always seen him
either too small

or too big.

I don't know if I loved him.

I don't remember.

Were you looking
at that young man?

You looked over there.

You wanna go?

Come on, come on.

Never look at another person
when you're with me.

I promised Mom
I'd be back before midnight.

This mom of yours
is a ball-buster!

Last time, Dad called to tell me
he would come home for Christmas.

Then he said he'd come on Easter.

Then he stopped calling.

One time I heard my mom tell
Giorgio that she felt nothing

for her husband, for my dad.

But that's not true,
because she felt great.

I am a lawyer.

So what?
I don't do those things.

I'm not asking for the moon.

Alright. Let's go.

Over there, Alcide and I
slept in the same room.

One morning, he approached me,

all furious, and he said:

"Thief, thief!
Give me back my feet! "

What did he
mean by that?

He was convinced
I had stolen his feet.

He thought
my feet were his feet.

You gave them back
to him?

I'm not that crazy!

Can I ask you
a bit strange question?

Of course.

How did you become crazy?

Well ...
It is not easy to explain.

Or maybe ...

Well, one day I started

to have thoughts

that were not mine.

And later, I started
to hear music.

What music?

A waltz.

Waltz of the ice-skaters.

So it's nice to be insane.

Some people like it.

Wouldn't it be nice,

to end up like this?
To live on alms. To be free.

Without a care
in the world.

Poor thing.
Give him something.

Yes, you're right. Give him this.

Are you crazy?

Who do you take me for?
A beggar?

I'm sorry ...
This is a misunderstanding.

Little miss did not
want to offend you.

My name is Augusto Scribani.
Pleased to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

My name is Diogenes.

That's my name
because I am a philosopher.

Diogenes ...
the one who sought the man.

No, I seek God.

And if one day,

I manage to find him, I swear

I will kill him!

Well, shall we have a drink?

There is an inn that serves great wine.
Do you like the 'barbera' wine, little girl?

You left your stuff?

Don't worry.
The cats will keep guard.

I have trained them. They are
fiercer than the mastiffs.

Come, follow me.

Eh! My brother, another liter!
I want to fill up.

Listen to me, girl:
love the freedom,

refuse the work,
marriage and the family.


It's a
simple question of will.

They all told me: "Work!"
But I...

I wondered: why do it?

I fought
like a lion and I won.

You know who
our real enemies are?

Basically, there's three of them.

that turn you into a slave.

Women who force you to work

and cops who throw
you into jail.

Excuse me, I gotta go pee.

And you don't drink,
or I won't marry you.

A song?

Want a song?

- "Yesterday".
- I don't know that one.

Any song.

Where the sea shines
and where the wind blows

On an old terrace
facing the Gulf of Sorrento

And if I ...

A man kisses a girl

after crying

And if I fell in love with you?

I love you so

you know

Oh, so much, you know

It's a chain, you know

linking our destinies

I love you so, you know...

it's been more than six hours ...

It might be a case of...

It sounds like it might be them.
I'll call back.

And Rosa? Where is Rosa?

Here she is.

What happened?

Nothing. She's feeling great.

She's just asleep.

Come inside, Diogenes.

We'll put her down here.

Rosa, Rosa! My love.

I present Diogenes,
a very dear friend of mine.

A great philosopher
who came to live here.

I hope I'm not disturbing...

For pity's sake, go away!

No, no. Wait.

She drank.

You made her drink?
A 9-year old child!

Giorgio, wake up, come here.

Call your father!

Dad, come here!
Rosa is drunk.

What's going on?

Very pretty.
Is it solid silver?

- Do you like it?
- Very nice.

I give to you
as a gift.

- Really?
- Yes, take it.

No, don't kiss me.

Thank you, I'll put it on the buffet.

What? You're still here?

Leave immediately!
Here's the door!


Don't blame me, Diogenes.

We'll meet again.
I'll call you. Bye!

Good night to you all.

I assure you that Rosa

is not drunk at all.

She drank one glass of wine.

And it made her sleepy.
That's all.

"That's all", he says.

If she drank
one glass ...


Then she'll
sleep nicely.

You're very helpful!

You must understand
that this is the straw that...

...broke the camel's back.

You are a permanent danger

to my daughter.
Rosa is attached to you

in an unhealthy way.

But I assure you that
we just went for a little walk...

There's nothing between
me and Rosa.

I wish I'd seen it!

You have a very harmful
influence on Rosa.

She is a very - DON'T YAWN! -
a very impressionable child.

Certain speeches, certain meetings
like with that horrible person...


A great philosopher.

Don't do her... any good.

You're always together, always speaking.
What are you telling her?

Nothing. Things between
a man and a woman...

But Rosa is not a woman!

She's a little girl. You could be...
You are her grandfather.

And grandfathers
act differently...

more... more ...

Giorgio, wake up!

Say something too!

Yes, you never say anything.

No, of course ...

Augusto, you ... you are ...

Where is the Picasso lithography?

- It was hanging there.
- The Harlequin?

Rosa liked it.
She wanted to cut it, and I ...

You told her yes?


No, Augusto,

your presence here is toxic.

Rosa is a child
but you're even more childish.

In her interest, you must...

...distance yourself
from her.

I know, the house is yours.

But we have a lease,

and we're responsible
for the two girls.

Any court will
see our way.

There are
very modern clinics,

nursing homes,

not very expensive.

There is one on the Bracciano lake,
called "The Quiet"

with a large garden.

No, I'm not going to "The Quiet".

You must go.
And that's it. Is that clear?

Don't oppose her,
you have everything to lose.

This is for your own good.

No, I won't go.
I will not go.

If I say I won't go there,
then I won't go.

Wait. Let's discuss it.

I'm not going to "The Quiet".
What is a man to do there?

You go there!

They tie you to the bed,
give you electro-shocks... No way!

Giorgio, what should we do?

I suggest that we go to sleep.

I have an appointment at 8:00.

But tomorrow we must
make a decision.

I can not stand it!
I can not stand it anymore!

Do you know he
even wets his bed?

Lucky him...

Is this Via Bufalotta?

Then I'm
getting down there.

Who's there?

It's me, Augusto.

They wanted to put me
into an asylum.

So I told myself:

"This is not a place for you.
You should leave.

"Alcide is your good friend
He will help you. "

You'll help me, right?

If they want to hurt you,
I'll kill them all.

I'll shoot them in the mouth.

Who are you going to shoot?
Give me the gun!

- Come on, give it!
- No, it's mine.

I had enough trouble with him.
You were all we needed.

Where will I put you?

Look, I'm not a nuisance.
He knows I'm good.

Good as bread.

I do my laundry, I iron. I can even help out
with the housework.

This way we won't have to pay
for the maid. Great, isn't it?

I didn't know we had a maid!
Oh, do as you want!

I'm going to bed,
I'm tired.

You sleep with me,

but don't make any noise
and don't turn on the lights, OK?

- Good night, Augusto.
- Good night.

I hope you don't snore.

You can sleep with her if you want.
You'll feel better in a big bed.

No, no.

- Be my guest.
- No, thank you.

Are you sure?

Then let's play a game.


Can we drop you off, Rosa?

No, I'm waiting for my mom.
She's always late.

Tell her I said hi.

You left without saying goodbye.

Yes. I ran away.

It was very mean of you
to leave me alone.

I miss you, you know?

You too.
Why did you leave?

Well, I ...
I did not like that house.

And your mother didn't want me.

Here is ... new address.
Don't give it to anyone.

Nobody needs to know where I am.

I know.
They're looking for you.

You're in the newspaper.

That's me?

I like you better now...

...with the beard.

You disappear without saying goodbye,

and you come empty-handed,
not even a flower ...

Here, take this.

I'll tell mom
I lost it.

Here she is.

- Be safe!
- You too.

Hi, Augusto,
Alcide isn't here?

No, he went to Cinecitt?
to audition for a film.

He'll be back very late.

I don't feel well.
I have a fever.

I'm going to bed.

This is a nurse. He will
give me an injection.

Good afternoon.

You are the nurse?
Good afternoon.

Cuckold! Son of a bitch!

Back already?
How did it go?

I prefer not to talk about it.

They wouldn't take me,

not even as an extra.
You know why?

I'll tell you. This is comical.

Where is the Marsala?
Where did she hide it?

An actor like me,
ready to even work as an extra,

and you send him off?

"I've already seen you" says the director.

"So nothing," he says,
"I need a face of an idiot."

And I don't have
the face of an idiot?

If I had my revolver,
I would have shot him.

Where is the Marsala?
Is Ines here?

Yes... no! She's in her room.
She doesn't feel good.

What the hell is wrong with her?

A slight fever. JShe just got here
and went to bed.

- There's a nurse ...
- A nurse?

Yes, a beefy guy.

Like the ones
we had over there.

But without blouse.
Here they are in overalls.

A beefy guy without a coat
and in overalls, you say?

You hear that? She's really bad.
He must be giving her an injection.

lnes! Open up!

Get out!
He'll kill you.

That's the nurse?

Come here, you bastard!

It's useless to run.
I'll get you!

Come here! I'll cut your balls!

Calm down, don't get agitated or
you're gonna have a stroke!

You know what you are? A whore!
A dirty fucking bitch!

Didn't you know?
Thank God I have a job.

How do you think we

I'll kill you,
I'll kill you!

Where's my gun?

Are you crazy?
What are you doing?

I'll kill her!

No! Lose this gun!

My God...


I killed him.
I'm a murderer.

I killed my best friend.

Oh, go fuck yourself!

I'm outta here.
And you'll never ever see me again.

My God... Forgive me,
I beg you!

lnes ...

Filthy whore.

I gave you a roof over the head.
I made you a lady ...


lngrate... bitch ...

You didn't ask for forgiveness.

Forgiveness? And why?

You almost killed me.

I could have had a heart attack.

I lost my mind.
I did not want to kill you!

You're my only friend!
My brother!

You're hurting me!

Come on!

I can't hear you.


She left me.
All women are whores.

Not all of them.

You know you hurt me?

Of course I know.

Dogs are sad
when they lose their fleas.

You look like them, you know.


That's how you play boules.


No... don't move anything!

One point for me.
Even two.

- You always win.
- Now you'll see!

- I waited for you.
- Waited for me? Why?

I called you and you came.

Come on, give it to me.
Come with me.

Who is this?

What do you mean who is this?
This is Rosa, my fianc?e.

Is this true, miss?
He's not making fun of me?

I hope not.

I saw you on TV.
You were funny.

Thank you very much.
Would you like an autograph?

Can I ask
for your autograph, miss?

Calm down.
Don't rush.

Come sit down.

My love ...

You did well to come.

Did mom tell you
to come see me?

No, I came to live with you.

I ran away from home.

And now?

I want to stay here.
Can I?

Do you mind, sir?

Not at all.
Make yourself at home.

I don't mind at all.

Well, still ...

What has happened?

I finished like you.

They wanted... to lock you up?

More or less.

I heard mom tell Giorgio

she would send
me to boarding school Lake Maggiore.

Because her sister
lives in Stresa.

Me in Stresa, in a school
run by nuns. Can you imagine?

You must be kidding!

But... what has happened?

A stupid thing.
The usual argument with Deborah...

I joked around with her and she
broke her leg... A little.


Mom slapped me
in front of Giorgio.

That is unacceptable!

And you cried?

No, I didn't give them
that satisfaction.


Bravo! Awesome!
Very smart!

- Hands off!
- It was a compliment!

Okay, but don't touch her.

Continue. And afterwards?

Well... I could no longer
live together with them.

When there is no more aggregation ...



My God, she speaks well!

Rosa follows all cultural
television programs.

Can I see them?

Of course.

- Careful, they bite.
- That's not true...

Don't touch her.
She's not like lnes.



Poor Ines. I miss her.

Who knows where she is?


She is very pretty, your girlfriend.
Very distinguished.

One can see she comes
from a good family.


She's still not married?


Nothing. I said nothing.
Good night.

Good night, Alcide.

I don't like this road.


Too quiet.
It's not normal.

see if someone is following us.

There's no one.

It only looks that way.
But they hide, like the Indians.

We can't see them,
but they never lose sight of you.

Do you see the Indians?

You'll fall over.

Do you like the sea?

When I was little,
I dreamed of marrying a sailor.

And now?

I want to marry you.

Do you know how old I am?

What does it matter
when we're in love?

Look what I found!

What a beautiful shell!


You can hear the sea!

It's true.

Yes, the sea!

I'll give it to you
as a gift.

No, she does not accept gifts
from anyone. Don't even try it!

Excuse me.

And death?
Does death scare you?

No, on the contrary.

I would close my eyes,
and have a good sleep.

No one would wake me up
to go to school.

Are afraid of death?

No, I got used to it.

I'll tell you a secret.

I have been dead
for a very long time.

Yet you're here!

From time to time,
God gives me a leave of absence.

And the one
I'm spending with you

is the most beautiful
I've ever had.

It is so beautiful.


What are you doing
for a living?

I work in cinema, TV...
and I am also an inventor.

What have you invented?

The way to go right when
the shoes want to go left.

Rome. No news
about the girl who disappeared

after her phone call
last week when she told her mom:

"Don't look for me,
I have to think. "

The police are sure
there is a link

between the disappearance
and her grandfather,

Augusto Scribani, who was released
from the clinic for the mentally ill...

There, I would also
often get a haircut,

especially to get caressed.

You're very good at that.

Your hand is much lighter.

Hey, you!

What are you doing?
Are you spying on us?

Go away or I'll kill you!



You'll get yours!

I don't understand.

This gun doesn't work.

It's all screwed up.

This gun is broken, Augusto.
I have to buy...

Run, Rosa!
Come on!

But why are you running?
It's not working!

Wake up!

What's going on?

It's them!
You see, I was right.

They don't ever let you go.

Them, who?


Be careful. They are armed.


Augusto Scribani! Alcide Trotti!

Get out!
You are surrounded!

Rosa, wake up!

What is that voice?

Nothing ... Don't be afraid.

Get out!

No use in putting up resistance!
You can not get away.

The bastards!

Have you heard?

You won't get me alive!

I'll sell my life dearly!

The projector.

For the last time - Get out!
Drop your weapons!

Bring out the child first!

Get out! Hands on your head!

How are you?

Did they hurt you?

Let me go!
I can walk alone!

I am a political prisoner.

I will hold you accountable for the
treatment of my companion.

What companion?

Rosa Scribani. Here.

This way, please.

I'll make a massacre!

I surrender!

A stretcher, quickly!

My leg!

Alcide, are you hurt?

Are you hurt badly?

Gently, gently!

I'll see you at the hospital.

It's nothing.
I'll see you later.

Look here - it was a dummy pistol.
Who told you to shoot?

See you soon, my dear.
All will be well.

We'll meet again. Bye.
You'll hear from me.

Don't forget me!

Can you turn on the siren?

Where is the Sacred Heart
boarding school?

Go on for 200 meters
along the lake.

You'll see a large villa.
You can't go wrong.

- Hi, Auntie.
- Are you okay?

The essay that dad wrote for me
worked out great.

I got at least 7 or 8.

Go home with Rosa.
I have errands to run.

And don't get home
too late.

You came so far just for me?

Yes, for you.

We haven't seen each other
for a long time. How long?

Six months.
A very long time.

An eternity.

And... how do you feel here?
Bad, right?

Oh, no!
I didn't want to come, but ...

During the weekend
I sleep with my aunt.

I like my aunt.
And I like Gianluca, my cousin.

He's improved with age.

That's true.
It's not bad here...

You're still in love with me?

I... Yes.

And you?


But now there's my cousin ...

You saw him.
What do you make of him?

He's young.

He is crazy for me.
Completely fascinated!

And you?

I don't know.
A little bit yes, a little bit no.

I fear it is
more yes than no.

It is very smart. And even sexy.

But don't worry;
I didn't tell him about us.

You did well.

That is our secret.

I miss you, you know?

We were happy.

How is Alcide?

Good, good.
He got released from the hospital.

He limps a little.
A lot, actually.

lnes came back to live with him.

And you?

I found a room with the sisters
at Piazza Farnese.

I'm like a pope.

How did you find me?

I always know where you are.

I loved you so much, you know?

And I still love you.

So do I.

Here he is!

I gotta go.

Let's go.
It's getting late.

my mom will yell at me.

Hi, Gianluca.

Will you stay here

for afew days,

No. Grandpa is
going back to Rome.

This summer,
I'm going to Costa Rica with Dad.

But for Easter,

I'll be in Rome.

So we'll see eachother?

Who knows?

You did not tell me
about Costa Rica. Why?

I don't have to
tell you everything.


Please, don't die.

I'll try.

- How much?
- 4500.


Would you like
anything else?

I'll be on my way.