Tokyo Vampire Hotel (2017) - full transcript

On the verge of an apocalyptic global event, a clan of vampires lures a crowd of humans into a glamorous hotel in order to turn it into their own private blood farm. A rival family of vamps crashes the party and sparks a violent uprising, hoping to wipe their adversaries off the map for good. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

When will the 22-year vintage arrive?

Please wait a bit longer.

First of all, we will punish her
and take out the spoiled fruit.

It's fine here.

I don't want this ugly face
to be seen by that mean lady.

This distance is good enough for me.


Rotten fruits must be taken out.

You come here instead.

I have no more use for you.

Be prepared.

No. No!

How are you feeling inside?

I feel so good.

Please don't kill me.

Hey, come in.


Sister, it will be here soon.

I'll be healthy,

as I used to be.


I won't let Yamada and his people
do what they want.

This hotel is useless without me.

Before anything else,

bring it to me when it arrives.

Ancestors guide us toward the children of our ancestors

Save us with your ancient blood

Stop the end of times

Help us get closer to a gentle darkness

You, children born underneath luckless stars

You, children chosen by bad luck , save us!

Human children born underneath the luckless stars

Children chosen by bad luck

With the help of your ancient blood

Share your power with us and save us

- My mom is getting married again.
- What? Your mom is getting married again?

- She's 47 years old and her man is 27.
- My goodness!

- What do you want to eat?
- Yakisoba.

- Yakitori.
- How about Kushikatsu?

Hey, your guys' ideas
are getting stuck in a rut.

Do you want a drink?

The couple split up.

What? Why?

That's true.

It seems they won't make up
with each other.

- They got along very well.
- I wanna kill him. Do you?

Yeah, I wanna kill a lot of humans.

Have you killed a lot of humans lately?

- Not at all.
- I can see that.

I'm too hungry.

I'm so lonely.

I want a man.

You want to have sex
when you're lonely, right?


Introduce a man, anyone.
Even your ex-boyfriend would do.

Why not? 'Cause I've already let him go,
so he means nothing to me.

You know, the man with the short hair?

He's good- looking.

Why don't we massacre
big time by tomorrow?

Like, kill everybody here.

- Have fun by killing people?
- We haven't exterminated in a long time.

- I wanna get blood- soaked.
- I wanna suck some blood.

Excuse me? One more bottle of beer!

- One for me, too.
- One for me, too.

Yes, coming right up!

It's three hours until my birthday!

It's three hours until my birthday!

You're late!


- Happy Birthday.
- Thank you!

Manami, Aki!

Sorry. Did you wait long? Am I late?

Who are you?

I wondered who you were. Wait a...

Bang, bang, bang!

♪~(´ε` )DnM

Don't bother. Don't turn down the music.

It'd be hard for me to do my thing
if there weren't any sound.

Turn it up.

Yeah. Thank you.

Bang, bang, bang!

Got them. Three in all.

That's good. What about "that"?

I've found it.

That's good.

I'll get it. Let's meet up
in three minutes, shall we?

Any eyewitnesses?

- Many!
- Do something about them.


What does "do something" mean?

Listen up, everybody.
Let me introduce myself.

My name is Giga.

Listen up.

I'm just here to do my job.

But you saw what my job is like.

So, this is inevitable.

Everybody has to die anyway,
so why not die now?

The disposal squad will be here
in three minutes.

The disposal squad looks like
a garbage truck,

but it will get rid of the corpses
as if nothing had happened.

Therefore, all of you will be
in the truck. It's a simple plan.

- What will become of us?
- I want to go home.

I'll forget about it, so...

Ancestors guide us toward the children of our ancestors

Save us with your ancient blood

Stop the end of times

Help us get closer to a gentle darkness

You, children born underneath luckless stars

You, children chosen by bad luck , save us!

Are you ready for it, everyone?
You'll die instantly like this.

It's not scary. I've seen this a lot.

But there's no pain.

My skill is one of the best,
so don't worry.

Don't worry. It won't hurt you.

Why do I have to die?

I am still...

You're all going to die tomorrow, anyway.



All rise.

All rise!

Don't move. Pretend you're dead.

Take these.

Why are you still alive?

My girls were killed.

I can't find the cards, either.

Please help me.

- Are you Manami?
- No!

- Are you Manami?
- No!

- Are you Manami?
- No!

Hurry up. Somebody will be here soon.


Excuse me...

- Are you Manami?
- Yes.

You'll be okay.

What did you do, Manami?
You got all dirty.

Don't look at it.

You're soaking wet, aren't you?
Here. Use this.

You come to this deserted building often?

Show me around.

Did you tell anybody
about going to the pub today?

Answer me.

Answer me! Don't tell me lies.

Answer me already.
I'm asking you if you told anybody.

Your boyfriend? Your friends?

I'll kill you if you don't answer me.
Your boyfriend, right?

Right? Where's your boyfriend?

Where's your boyfriend now?

- I can't tell you.
- What?

I don't wanna die.

He's got nothing to do with this.

Tell me, if you don't wanna die.
I won't hurt your boyfriend, either.

Is that true?

Don't worry.

My name is K. Call me K.

Don't look at me.

We're gonna walk in front of the pub,
on purpose. Don't glance at it too often.

Don't look at it.

They will notice you immediately.

What do you mean?

They will notice that only you
are not dead. Turn left here.

Don't underestimate them.

There's no point
going to a police station.

They are not the same
as the Japanese yakuza.

Do as I tell you if you want to live.

Turn right.

- Are we going to take a train?
- Do as I say.

Don't look back!

Help me!

Help! Help!

She's gonna kill me! Help!

She's gonna kill me.

That person...

There's been a murder!

A massacre in a pub
in the Kabuki district!

It happened in front of my very eyes!

Many people died! Including my friends!
Please come with me! Come quickly!

Excuse me. I need directions.

- Okay, directions.
- To this hotel.

- Okay, this hotel.
- Hey, everybody.

Come on, Manami. Let's go.

Don't make any more fuss.

Yes, that's my girl. Now, let's walk.

It wouldn't have happened if you were
a good girl in the first place.


You're back already.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Manami.

Welcome home. Happy Birthday!

Who's this? Your friend?

Are you gonna celebrate
her birthday with us?

- Are you Manami's boyfriend?
- What?

It's hot!

- Who are you? Are you Corvin?
- What are you talking about?

What the heck, you bitch!
Bitch, bitch, bitch!

Sorry, but I have to do this.

Good girl, Manami.
Your eyes are getting glassy.

Manami, do you love this man?

I love him.

Do you love this woman?

I love her.

Then prove it, then, with this!

Cut off your ears with this knife.

Or I'm gonna cut off her ears.

Prove your love, bastard!

I'm telling you to stop. Stop it!

You do it.

I love you.

Do it now! You love each other, right?

I love you.


I'm not far away from you.
Is she back already?

Who is it?

I recognize the voice.
It brings back memories.

Let's go.


Murder! Murder!
A murderer is coming after me!

Somebody! Help!

Please! Somebody!

Let's go.

-Help me! I'm gonna be killed!
-I know. I know everything.

I will protect you from them.

What do you mean?

Sorry. Did you have to wait?

What's wrong?

What’s with you suddenly?


as a prime minister

who is trusted by our people,

would like to work
with all of my might for this country.

Now is the time

to make Japan better,

to make it a country
with future and vitality.

Shitty old man.

"Make Japan better," eh?


He won't be long.

Our cabinet is going
to take economic policy...

Thank you.

...and give the highest priority
to national interests.

It's not difficult to return
to being a great economic power,

Rebuild Japan!

For the children
who will live in the future,

I will exert myself

to the utmost.

You are with the girl, aren't you?

The girl? Who?

It's been a long time.


It's a girls' gathering, right?

-How have you been?
-Good, good. You look good, too.

You are with the girl, right?

I don't know.

You are.

-No, she's not here with me.

It's been a while
since I've seen the two of you.

Here you are. A gift for you.


Something like this
won't work on me nor on Noah.

There she is!


-I found you.
-Get off me!

You don't know anything.

Get off me! Help me!

Let's go. If you're with him,
you will die when the world ends.

What are you talking about?

You're a pretty tough girl, K.

I'll let you live. Hey.

You did well, you bitch.

Do you know what sorrow is?


Can you understand what sorrow is?


Do you know the meaning
of the word "sorrow"?

I'll let you live, out of respect.

Would it be better if this world ended?

We are creatures
who are cursed in this world.

Egoists. Hypocrites.

We've got to survive among the creatures

who'll do anything
to get what they desire!

Do you want to survive, too,

in this crappy world of humans?


We have no choice, but to win!


Noah, look at that.

- Nice.
- No, K. Speak Romanian.

No, come somewhere.

Okay, take your time.

You can speak the language
'cause you were born in Romania.



This is so cool!

Up there!

Come on! This is so cool!


Write a poem on the wall again.

"I would have wanted to meet you

under the bluest sky.

I would have wanted

to fall in love with you
under the most beautiful sky."

"I would have wanted to meet you under the bluest sky.

I would have wanted to fall in love with you
under the most beautiful sky."

Did I startle you?

This used to be a hotel
which belonged to some vampires.

The clients were eaten
one by one, every evening.

See? Human blood.

Over there as well.

Here as well.

Where do you come from?

We're from Japan.

Exchange students from Japan.


In Romanian!

Follow me.

This passageway is connected
to different places around the world.

Follow me.

You'll really love it.

This is a salt mine.

It has a very long history.

Salt was extracted since the year 50 BC.

The walls are made
entirely of salt crystals.

Even if the entire world
were to come and live here,

they would have enough salt
for more than a century.



- Yes.
- To live off this? For a century?

Even so, to live here is terrible.

We're almost at Corvin's palace.

Corvin's palace?

It's the castle of the guy
who slew Dracula.

Today is the day when Corvin slew Dracula.

So, the festival is about to start.

A festival? How cool is that?


Hi! This is Noah speaking.

Hey! How are you?

You're drawing today as well?


A Hungarian king built this castle
at the beginning of the 14th century.

Some changes were made
in the 15th century by John Hunyadi.

His son, Matthias Corvinus,

is famous
for having imprisoned here Prince Dracula,

also known as Vlad the Impaler.

Prince Dracula was framed and kidnapped.

Matthias Corvinus exaggerated his deeds
to defend his own actions.

It seems that today is the day
on which he killed him.

That's it! Your time is up!

You have nowhere to run to!


Maybe you woke up.

Where are we?

In Japanese, please.

Ah! Mother.

Daughter, you like this song, don't you?

I love this song. It's really wonderful.

Mother, let's dance to the song together.

We're in Japan.

Perhaps, I do.

This song is my favorite.

She's my daughter.

She was born in 1862.

I was born in 1436.

I'm Elizabeth Báthory.

A 154-year-old maiden.

I'm Yamada.

I forgot my age.

Pleased to meet you.

By the way, I had a little taste of Noah.

Look at your neck.

Yeah, there.
There are two red traces of fangs, right?

Noah's blood was so very delicious,
having Romanian blood.

Please take your time
and become our slaves here.

Come here, Noah.

- Come here.
- Come here.


- Quickly.
- Quickly.


K, your Japanese blood
is too normal to drink,

so I didn't drink yours at all.

Get out of here!

Let go of me!


Noah! Wait!

Noah! Noah!

I'll let you become the prey
of our musty ancestors underground.

You don't need to be here. Go underground!


Hands up!

Wake up already.

Yamada took Manami away.

K, where did Yamada go?

It must be there, of course.

Hotel Requiem.

All the guests at this event
will be given money.

100,000 yen for men
and 150,000 yen for women.

And 1 million yen for those
who successfully become couples.


it seems everybody's here now.

In any case,
you will play the lead role tonight.

If you are real men and women,

your rooms tonight, I mean, beds,

will go wild like petrol catching fire.

Tonight, we have prepared
wonderful suites for each one of you.

Of course, people who don't find a partner

can stay here.

But the best thing
is to find a partner and stay here.

Everyone, please move to the salon here.

Hey, let's go up the stairs.

That way, there.

Come on. Here.

-Here, here!



Sorry that these got damaged.

Thank you.


In order to build a better society,

we have to look towards the future now

to make a healthy society

for our children
who will succeed us in the future.

This country now is anxious
because of the unknown future ahead.

An important country
which has the future...

What does he mean, Japan's future?

"Children are treasures," my ass.

I sincerely ask you...

Idiot! Shut up!

I will work with all my might
for this country

to be a prime minister who our people
can entrust with their lives.

It's so painful
but I can't do anything about it.

I'm going to kill you!

I'm going to kill you!

Someone useless like him
became our prime minister.

Oh, dear.

You seem to be doing very well.

I can't succeed in this hotel business

because you are still
hanging around in this world.

We're here!

I brought the one named Manami.

Who is this ugly, disgusting woman?

Is this girl "the one"?

There's no mistake.

Let me see your face.

Such a lame woman.

It's not smart.

Where are your brains?

I wanna try it out.

Hey, it's a mistake, isn't it?

Have we so desperately
been looking for such a woman?

You're judging a book by its covers.
It's what's inside that matters.

What does it taste like?

See? It's nothing.

We have two more hours until the end.

Let's focus on
the real one who's among us.

The 22-year-old vintage has matured.

It's strictly dependent on time.

This one is still 21 years old
in human time.

She'll turn 22 in two hours.


It's still too early.

Let's cover her.

Isn't that enough?

That's why I didn't want
to adopt an orphan.

What brought that up all of a sudden?

What are we gonna do?

Can't you say something, not just sigh?

I'm at my limit.

For me, too.

Is there any more meat?

- Want more?
- No.

No, I still have some,
let me eat it first.

- It's been a long time.
- Yeah.

What are we gonna do with Manami?

What shall we do?

Are you thinking about it seriously?


I'm leaving.

To tell you the truth,

you're not my daughter.

You're an orphan.

Thank you very much.


You're so cute. Where are you going?

The night is long.
The lonely night is long.

What am I living for?

I'm always unwell.
I feel I won't ever be able to die.

I feel I will live forever,
hiding in the dark.

I feel the hopeless night of grief
will be endless!

Sorry. Biting is a bad habit of mine.

It's almost the time for happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

You're an orphan

Get out from here!



The wine will spill!

You're no longer human!

Do you want to run away? I don't mind.

Hey, catch her!

It's okay.

You're an ophan.

I don't need you.

Get the gell outta here!


Because i don't need you...

I can see you wherever you go.


You're a monster!

I found her.

We are on your side, Manami.

Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm Gen.

This event is sick, isn't it?

Just being here gets me 100,000 yen.
I thought it would be a lie.

I can't believe I got 100,000 yen
in cash at the entrance.

How did you feel
when you got the envelope?

You'll get 1 million yen
when you find a partner, right?

I'm sure people are keen to find one.

The atmosphere in this place
really is amazing.

In terms of scale,
you can't hope for anything bigger.


So, what made you come here?

Are you here to find
a desperately out-of-fashion man?

Or for a one-night stand?

-She could be.
-You're mysterious.


Hey, hey. We introduced ourselves.


I'm Noah. How do you do?

Hi, I'm Blue.

-I'm Red.
-I'm Yellow.

Strange names.

We've been calling each other those names

since we started our companies 3 years ago.

See you later.

It seems just finding a partner
will give me 1 million yen,

so let's get it without fail.

I'm good at it.

-Come here.
-Who are you?

Whatever. Just follow me.

I'm on your side.
I'll get you out of here.

Let go of me.

-Let me go.

What are you doing?

I was just about to take her to a room.

You should go there, then.

That's right.

We've got a problem!
You've got to be patient for a while.

Come upstairs as planned. It's okay.



Let's live here.

Super World!

Everybody, let's live here.

Super World!

Taxes won't be sucked up by the state.

No worrying about money.

Because everything is free!

No payments at all.

Everything is free until you die!

No more suffering with loans.

You won't have to work for your debt.

Super World!

Let's live here.

Completely air-conditioned rooms.
Taps with distilled water.

Leave all the payments to us.

Let's fall in love here in Super World.

Let's live here. Super!

Let's make love here. Super!

Let's start a family here. Super World!

Your bloodline will be succeeded
to the next generation. Super World!

Let's live here together. Super World!

Only one thing is different
from your previous life.

A small amount of your blood
will have to be taken once a month,

that's all.

Come on, everybody.

How about we all live here together?


Everyone who came here today,

the world will end tonight!

-The start of this speech had a punch.

But you don't need to worry.

This hotel is sturdy.

All of us here are going to survive!

I don't care about your nonsense.

We could survive together.

Give and take.

Now, vampires and humans need each other!

Is that good?

From today, you won't be able
to go out of this hotel for 100 years.

What are you talking about, bitch?
What do you mean "vampire"?

She must be crazy.

-I'm leaving now.
-Where's the exit?

What nonsense. Let's go home.

Hey! Listen up, everybody.

Let's live here for 100 years

until the time when
we go out to the overground!

-What is she talking about?
-We'll be okay. Calm down.

We're gonna keep the lights turned out
until you regain calm.

What are you talking about?

Listen up, for the next 100 years,

let's live here together!

Please, be happy.

Enjoy free love here.

Please get more and more happy.

The effect of the blood ended, right?

Were you the one who killed my lovely Nadi, Daddy and Jessi?

I found them. Three pieces in all.

That's good.

Now, everybody.

The time is upon us,

when the world will end!

Look at the back, there.

What can you see?

Look to the right, next.

Look at the right-hand side!

That's Tokyo, seen from Odaiba.


Look at the back.

That's Tokyo, seen from Ebisu area.


Come on, look around.

Look around,
all around you, all directions.

Without a doubt, it's your Tokyo!

It'll end, in 10 seconds.
It'll end in 10 seconds!

Everybody, look!
Look in the direction of your house.

Or imagine your birth place
somewhere beyond Tokyo.

Here we go, now.

Here we go!

Seven, six,

five, four,

three, two,


Be quiet!

I'm gonna call out your names.

Those whose names are called, go!

Mari Kayama.

Yoichiro Sakuma.

Takumi Kaga.

Genki Sawamura.

- Taichi Kamiyama.
- Understand?

Let's get back in touch later.

- Kimie Fujou.
- We'll get out from here for sure.

Keiko Aida.

Saki. Risa, let's meet up again later.

Don't leave me

Ami Nagashima.

- Urara Higuchi
- I'm going now.

Eri Kawase.

Wait. No!


- Saki, I'm scared.
- We'll be all right.

Risa Ito.

See you again soon.


What's gonna happen to us?

- We're gonna have fun.
- What?

Are you ready to live here
for the rest of your life?

Get ready.

What's with these?
They're guns, aren't they?

What were they?

Do you want to know?

What are these?


- Are they real?
- They are all real.

Why are they here?

Because they're interesting.

Let's conduct an experiment.

Don't you feel like
killing us with the gun?

Indeed, I do.

Are you going to shoot me?

Are you going to shoot me?

Come on, please shoot me.

That was enough, wasn't it?

Let's just go to your rooms for now.

They won't work on us.

But if we're shot many times,
we won't be able to get up for a while.

You want to try it, too?

But if you did, I would truly get furious.

Genki Sawamura.

- Later.
- Yeah.

She's inside

Sit down on the bed again.

- Tell me what's going on here.
- Quiet!

You did well.

I'll be back soon.

What I wouldn't give
to hold you in my arms right now.

Thank you.

Come on, let's go.


Hang in there.

Look at this.

What happened to you?

Quickly. Bring her to me.

Hasn't she fully matured yet?

Just a little longer.

I will die if I don't drink it right now.
Bring her to me!

- Understood.
- Do you understand?

Let's bring her here right now.

Yes. Do that.

I'll be waiting!

I'm going.


Hey! There's nobody here!

That's strange.

You can see her on this monitor.

We can't see Yamada.

What? What's going on here?


Mother, I'll do something
about it right away.

It went as we planned.

Stole the invitation letter,

sneaked into the hotel,

and return back underground.

Everything went very well.

I'll show you the way from here.

Nobody can open this door
except for those with Corvin's blood.

Only people who have the same bloodline
can open it.

Who am I?

Tell me.

You were born on the special day
in a place predicted.

And ancient blood
was introduced into your body.

Since then, it has been
blending into your body, slowly.


What are you talking about?

Who am I?

Who are you?

This smell...

What a wonderful smell of blood!

Let's go.


You, children born under luckless stars.

You, the children chosen by Dracula,
save us.

What are they saying?

You now have a power
you know nothing about.

What are you talking about?

In 1999,

When the Grand Cross
took place in the solar system,

three babies were born.


I know it.

I remember it.

Somebody is calling me.

Except you, the other two died
before they reached adulthood.

One of them killed herself.

You're the only one
who survived up to the age of 22.

We've been waiting

for 22 years

for this moment.

And from the castle of the Corvin clan,
the accursed ones who rebelled,

they banished us to the underground.

We who are descendants
of Dracula's bloodline.

She's here.

Welcome back, Manami.

It's good to have you back!

I'm glad you've returned, my lady.

Welcome back.
It's so good to have you back.

I brought her.

I am Dracula's descendant.

You've done well.

For you, I'd do anything.

I love you.

Me, too.

In the year 1999,

at 9 seconds past 9:09 a.m.

This is Manami.


Finally, this drink has arrived.

The time to fight the Corvin clan
has finally come!

How we've waited for this moment!

We, who have a long history,

we who are of Dracula's pure blood,

we've been banished underground.

We've been treated like slaves.


From this day on...

...everything will be over.

Many have waited for this day.

Even those from Corvin's clan.

Where is this?

You no longer have to be afraid.

Let's get together.

For everyone

Who are you?

I am a Japanese university student

who came to Romania to study
five years ago.

And then I turned into
a vampire of the Dracula clan.

I am the one
who was sent to bring you here.

Is this overground Japan?

No, it isn't.

The underground is underground.

This is connected
to every place in the world.

You have been with us since you were born.

I'll go.

Would you do this for me?

I'll go get her.

Very well.

Now, the two will go to Japan
and will fight the evil there.

We'll be going to Romania

and we'll fight all of the evil.

As for you, all of us
from the Dracula clan must share you.

You will continue to give us
your blood from now on as well.

I'm losing my senses.

My consciousness is fading.

You will give even the last drop
for the prosperity of our clan.

I'll be fighting here as well.

You'll have to handle things in Japan.

- But...
- When everything will be over,

I'm thinking that you can be my wife.

Do you understand?

When everything is over,
I'll head straight back to Japan.

K, when Romania is once again
under my power, I'll come back to you.

And then, I'll hold you tightly
in my arms once again.

I'll be waiting for you.

Is somebody here?

It's you.

I'm Ami. Pleased to meet you.

I'm Gen. You all right?

Of course not!

Hey, I'm Red.

Let me join you guys.

Are you Ami?


Ami...I'm so glad you're next door.

What's happening?

We're going to fight and escape from here.

Are you serious? Fight them?

We don't have any other choice
but to fight.

Knock on all the doors
and get the guys out.

Maybe we can do something.

I want to help, too.
There's work for women.

Right. Let's stand up to them!

Ichiro! Saburo!

Get out.

Saki, are you there?


- Saki!
- Ami. I'm so scared.

- Let's go together.
- I'll be okay as long as i'm with you .

Hey! Blue! Yellow!



Ichiro! Saburo!

- What's happening?
- Come with us.


- Find Ichiro.
- Okay.

- Ichiro!
- Let's go.

Come out, everyone!



Mother's dead.

Yamada rules the world now.

That woman raised me up,

as a vampire.

My father is now a Prime Minister,

after having sold me.

It's a deal.

Get rid of me.

Now let it end.

Everything is boring.

Let's end this annoying reality.

I don't wanna let beautiful flowers die anymore.

Let's stop this sorrowful snow.

Let's put an end to the sorrow now.

My time....

My breath...

My heart....

I beg you, put an end to the flow of time.



I want these days to end.

I want to erase all these remaining years.


With the star called love, shall we fall into the abyss together?

My beloved lady of destruction...


Noah, you're useless.

I also want to fight alongside you.

You're not being helpful
sucking Manami's blood.

Don't follow me. Stay here.

I love you.

- K, I love you!
- Stop.


I've been loving you for years.

I've loved you
since we've been together in Romania.

Why don't you speak Romanian?

This is Japan.

"K, I want to suck your blood."

What are you saying?

You never wanted to accept my feelings!

Not even when we were in Romania!

Noah, I love you, too.
I will always love you.

You're lying!

I love you,
but I can't take you with me into battle.

Stay here.

I want to be with you.

I love you.

Forgive me.

Let's go, Manami.

I'm going to fight, too.
Why aren't you sucking my blood?

There's blood
that's worth more than yours.

That I will suck until the last drop.

I will destroy everything, too.

Quickly! Go!

Here we come!

Seems like they already started.

Humans can't beat them.

Is that so?

Maybe you can't beat them either.

I'm going first.

Set fire to their shadows.

They are ignitable.

Burning shadows will slow them down.

You can burn your hair
and throw it to the shadow.

Their shadows are easy to burn.

Meanwhile, we'll chop off their heads.

Or shoot them in the head.

What are they?

They are vampires.

The owner and staff here are all vampires.

Let's go, Manami.

All right. It's time.

My goal is different from yours.

It's okay. Let us come with you anyway.

Nobody's here.

We might be able to survive.

This is a trap.

Why? This is our chance!

Don't go.

Let's go!

Yeah, let's go.

Wait, they're downstairs.


I'm giving this back to you.

So you still follow the old ways.

Funny to see you scared of the cross.

As is expected of one of the Dracula clan.

I've finally found you.

There's no point in trying, K.

You have to watch till the very end.

She'll suck all her dirty blood.

Watch carefully, okay?


Please wait.

Don't remove your shoes!

Yes, ma'am.

That is noble blood.

I'm not going to let you
barbaric vampires...

Shut up.

I'm invincible.

I love you, Yamada.

Get her!

She'll be captured soon.

In the meantime,

let's deal with her.

There are a lot of losers in there.

I hope you get along well.

When you return,

you shall be my wife.




What is this place?

We are all drop-outs that couldn't stand
the forced sex in this hotel.

Some of them are here

because they rebelled
against the vampires.

Don't think of getting out. Just give up.

There's no way of escaping.

Use this knife to get blood
from your own body.

That is our duty.

This hotel sucks blood.

You're not going to fight?

We don't fight a losing battle.


- Where are you going?
- Far away.

Flesh for humans.

Blood for vampires.

Flesh for humans.

Blood for vampires.

Flesh for humans.

Blood for vampires.


Thank you for


Let's start over.

A special coupling party!

We're doing this again!

The incident

that this rebellious group
caused just now,


ended in epic failure.

And you are all responsible for it.

From now on,

I'll give you all

just 10 minutes.

Within that time,

have sex!

Find your own sex partner.

You don't have any time to waste.

Those who successfully form a couple,

shout out...

"We've formed a couple!"

Yes, "We've formed a couple!"

And then,

please head towards the entrance.

Here, you guys try to couple up.

We've formed a couple!

Good job. Head towards the entrance.

If you don't find a partner in time,

I'll kill you.

Take a look at that monitor.

All right!

Get ready!

Get set!


Let's go. Hurry up!

Find a partner quickly!

If you don't find one soon,

you'll be our prey.

Where are you, Red?



Oh, no!



It can't be helped.

It really can't be helped.

Why not become a vampire?

That's a good idea.

Please look at the monitor.

Seven minutes and thirty-eight seconds.

Thirty-seven... Thirty-six...


Over here!

Time is rapidly running out.

We've formed a couple!

Everyone, hurry!


Let's be a couple.

Be my partner.


- We've formed a couple!
- Are you for real?

How about me?

Come on. We've formed a couple!

- You don't have one yet, right?
- Yeah.

- Can we?
- Sure, be gentle with me.

- Okay.
- We've formed a couple!

- Thanks in advance.
- Sure.

- I appreciate it.
- Let's go.

We've formed a couple!

We've formed a couple!

We've formed a couple!

We've formed a couple!

We've formed a couple!

We've formed a couple!

Okay, everyone.

Couples that are ready,

go to your rooms now

and have sex.

It's sex time now.

Come on.

Hurry up, do it!

You don't need to order us.


I love him.

I love you, too.

Stop that bullshit!

You do it because you're horny.

Do it now!

Yes, more romantic.

-Are you all right?

We have no choice.

No talking. Be romantic.

Found her!

It'll be my birthday soon.

Where's the exit of this world?

Where's the exit of this star?

Where's the exit of this universe?

Where is it?

My exit.

Give me back my feelings.

Give me back my inner emotions.

It's just strange.

It's just strange.

It's just strange here.

There's no feeling here.

Give me back my soul.

Where is it?

Where's the exit?

For example, my old clock.

My socks hanging on the drying rack.


that tremble in the wind.

Me running

on the Great Plains.

Give them back!

Give me everything back!

Give them back!

Give me back everything!

Give them back!

Give them back.

- Manami!
- Where are you, Manami?

Did you have dinner at the hotel?


So you haven't tasted the others yet.

That is the meat of us humans.

Use this to draw your own blood

and nourish this hotel.

Romania is waiting for me.

Everything will be fine if I go back.

Everything will be fine?

Take us with you.

Somewhere far away!

Let me go. Where is this?

This is the hotel.

The hotel is made out of meat.

The surface is cold concrete.

But the inside is warm meat.

Made out of just one person.

The princess is over that way!

Be careful! She is the hotel.

Let go!

Take me to Romania, too.

You're just going to get killed

if you go near the princess.

Don't touch me!

What is this?

So much blood spilled!

Such a waste!


You're the true form of this hotel?

This whole hotel is made up
of your lower body.


I'm going to suck all your power.


I'm not going to fight with you.

Yamada told us to watch you.

Go join the humans.

What happened?

She escaped from me.

Get out!

Get out.

What's that?

Listen up!

I'm Yamada.

You humans think you can beat me?

No matter how many
of you attack me, I won't die.

I won't die!

Come on.

All of you try and attack me!


Shoot me!

Kill! Kill me!

What the hell is this?

Everyone! come!

There's blood pouring out here!

Somebody's cutting me.

Come here!

It hurts! It hurts!

What are you doing here? Stop!

Give it back!

Give everything back to me!

Give it back to me!

Give everything back!

Give it back!

Give it back!

Humans piss me off.

What about them?

They're always irresponsible
and dishonest.

Each one of them thinks he's the only one
that can be kind to others.

That ability, to be able to think
he's the only kind person.

But he's actually greedy,
and even steals love.

Humans are greedy bastards
who steal whatever they want.

And then talks about justice.

When I was born,

my father sold me

to the owner of this hotel

and became the owner of this place.

He sold his son to the devil.

Yamada, where did you go?

I'll let you live out of respect.

Let's end this, Yamada.


I love you...

You're not anybody's thing.

Am I going to be
the sovereign of this place one day?

You don't have to.
I don't care about that.

I don't want to.



The two of us are always free.

We are both gonna be free.

We'll fly away from here one day.

We'll fly away from here one day.

We're back.
Romania is now under our control.

How's it going on your end?

We're done.

Good job!

To be honest, we need to make
some arrangements after the battle.

At the order of the Dracula clan leaders
from every country,

we decided
that you should handle Japan on your own.

So, we no longer have
anything to do with the hotel.

You can do whatever you want
once you're done.

What about me?

What about you? Yes.

You can continue living there,
at the hotel.

We no longer require anything of you.

At the end of the day, you're Japanese.

You Japanese people
do whatever you want, there in Japan.

Anyway, for us,
the true vampires of Romania,

all of these issues with Japanese vampires
and Corvin clan vampires

are mere trifles.

That woman, Manami,

send her back to Romania.

Two of my servants have arrived there.
Give them Manami.

I shouldn't have learned Romanian.

Just now, there has been
an incident on the third floor hall.

Staff members,
please head there immediately.





I'm sorry.

Look at you.

I'll never let anyone take you.
Let's be together.


I can't.

I can't shoot, Manami.



Come out!



I'll meet you in three minutes.

I'll meet you in three minutes.

Any witnesses?


Please take care of it.

Got it.

I'll meet you in three minutes.

I'll meet you in three minutes.




Kill me.

I'm going to die anyway.

Let's die together.

I would have wanted to meet you under the bluest sky.

K! We haven't seen each other
in a long time.

Yes, a long time.

This is the day
in which Corvin made up with Dracula.

The festival will begin soon.

Manami is the sacrifice

Can I take her with me?

No, you can't.

Found her!


You've become stronger, K.

Thanks to you.

I would have wanted to meet you

under the bluest sky.

I would have wanted to fall in love with you

under the most beautiful sky.

I would have wanted to meet you

under the bluest sky.

Sing with me.

Take me! Take me to Romania!


I'm sick and tired of it, K!
I want to go far away!

Let's go together.

I would have wanted to meet you under the bluest sky.

I would have wanted to fall in love with you
under the most beautiful sky.

You've finally understood what sorrow is.

K! I hate you!

I hate everyone! I hate you!

Good morning, Manami.

Manami, dinner's ready.


It looks so good.

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Mom, Merry Christmas!

Let's eat.

Thank you for the food.

You really are so ugly!

You are really disgusting.


A monster.

- You're not a human.
- Not a human?


You're not a human.

You're not our child.

You're a monster.

I'm not a monster!

I'm not a monster.

She's a vampire!

She's one of them!

You monster!

I love you, K!

What is it now?

I would have wanted to meet you under the bluest sky.

I would have wanted to fall in love with you
under the most beautiful sky.


A monster.

Don't fuck with humans!

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