Tokyo Tribe (2014) - full transcript

In an alternate Japan, territorial street gangs form opposing factions collectively known as the Tokyo Tribes. Merra, leader of the Wu-Ronz tribe of Bukuro joins forces with heavy hitting sadistic gangster Buppa of Buppa Town. With Buppa's support, Merra aims to initiate a gang war between the Wu-Ronz and the Musashino Saru, and in a confrontation between the two attempts to kill popular member of the Musashino Saru - Kai. By mistake, Merra instead kills Kai's friend Tera (a Musashino Saru member beloved by members of all Tribes since before their formation). This leads to the joining of forces between all of the Tokyo Tribes in an all out war against Merra and Buppa's forces.

When I grow up,
I'll bring hope

and joy to this city

I'll try hard till I do.

Hey, a hamburger.

Get H for me, Yon!


What are you doing, Yon?

Leave me alone.

Be careful.

This town's dangerous.

I know!

Hey Show. Show!

Somethings going down tonight.

You feel me'?

Show! Come see me again sometime!

Let's have fun!

H's an earthquake!

The world is ending'

Do you know loneliness'?!

Do you know loneliness'?!

Another stormy Tokyo night.

Raids about to fall,
so Fm sending out this song.

Better listen up.

Come to Saga. man.

Oh shit'

"This is Tokyo. Where every dude is loco"

"Props to cops on patrol"

"They ain't the ones in control"

"Try to run a crackdown"

"Get bucked down"

"A million ways to kill ya”

Kama Sum:

"Here it's all or nothing"

"Can't do nothing?"

"Don't try nothing"

"If you ain't ready to die“

"You can't survive“

"ls there any point in praying?"

"ls there a price to living?"

"Another dude got a weapon. No future"

"Living in the now If that suits ya"

"An earthquake could break at any time"

"A shaking city never closes its eyes"

"This is lkebukuro“

"A night in Bukuro"

"Sexy and pure Don't know nothing"

"Soon she'll be hurting. Headed for a beating”

"Who's the man? Ain't nobody that don't know“

"Only one honcho in Bukuro"

"I told you so.
A beatdown in an alley is how it goes"

"What happened 60 seconds ago?"

H's pissing down

This city's helpless

Hey rookie.

Pm gonna ..

You're a rookie

...clean up this trash heap.

With rookie ideas.

Take it easy.

Take what easy?

You'll figure this place out.

Wait! Please!

Shut up and fuck off!

I wanna die! I wanna die!

What a knockout!

Over there.

Looks suspicious.

Hey Hey, don't!

Not them'

Hey cutie!

Stop that!

But he's. .

I got mixtapes.

Fresh New York shit.

I got mixtapes.

I got mixtapes.

Fresh New York ..

Kast One?

Kast One? Never heard of him.

Yo boy, you a music geek?

No music here

Nah. See you 'round.

Thanks buddy.


Come get it.

Fresh New York shit.

Move it!

Whoa' Sexy lady

whafll it be?

This ain't techno, got it'?

This cop's got titties!

Big ones!

Give H!

What's this?

There's drugs inside!


Don't tell my folks.

Sorry ain't enough!

Scum like you...

He's Merra!

Boss oi “we Bukuro 'Nu-Rani!

Thugs are all the same!

You're coming with me.

Old timer! Old timer!

Crime scene over here'


These are fuckin' soft'

What a feeling!

Hand it over.

Yes sir.

Stop it!

Car 605 here. Patrol over.

Nothing to report.

You know Tokyo'?

Let's say this is Tokyo Tower.

This is Shibuya

The heme oi Smbuya Sam.

They run the streets.

We are Shibuya Sam!

Here we 90' Tokyo' Shibuya!

"Tokyo, Shibuya "

"AH these back streets“

"This here is what we call our territory“


"Got a problem with us?"

"Then bring it on"

"Fuck you!“

"Try setting foot in Shibuya."

"They're some badass motherfuckers."

"Off-limits to outsiders."

North of Shibuya is Shinjuku.

Home of Shinjuku Hands.

And their new boss.

"Laced-up boots and camo"

"Never slip tho"

"Won't go on your news show"

"The media been scared of this area"

"Don't wanna show reality to ya“

"Shinjuku criminals"

"Tokyo rising sun"

"Success or retribution"

"Living your life hurls"

"We're the Cold Fish of these streets"

"MC Kan and Mega G were the bosses."

"Their third boss will be...

" Mao ."

"He'll be crowned soon.“

"Then there's the Gira Gira Girls"

"of Kabukicho."

"Don't step to Hands and"

"Gka Ska Kabukmho“

"This is Shinjuku"

"Streets of desire, billions acquire“

"If you fuck up. ."

"Guns fire"

"Bitches and hustlers"

"Junkies and gamblers"

"Snake eyes flashing like cameras“

"On the streets. Gel grabbed"

"Y'all scared? Don't blab"

"Any bitch who enters Shinjuku“

"gem beak by Gka Gka, or jams hem)'

"The Gira Gira Girls own Kabuki-she."

And this. . is Nerima.

Where D.O and T2K are at

Don't go near Nerima.

Cross the Nerimuthafuckaz, you die.

Stay the fuck away.

"N-Town doggz baby"

"N erimuthafuckaz"

"Always prepared"

"AH day ready"

"N-Town doggz baby"

"N erimuthafuckaz"

"Swallow this or gel swallowed“

"N-Town doggz baby"

"N erimuthafuckaz"

"Always prepared"

"AH day ready"

"N-Town doggz baby"

"N erimuthafuckaz"

"Swallow this or gel swallowed“

"N-Town doggz baby"

"N erimuthafuckaz

"N-Town doggz baby

"N erimuthafuckaz

"N-Town doggz baby

"N erimuthafuckaz

And Bukuro is us...

The Bukuro Wu-Ronz!

Listen up

Each gang runs each area.

The boss of Bukuro is me.

Intruders get death.

This is all-out war.

Violate another area,

you get violated.

That's the Tokyo Tribe way.

There's only one group messing with

this Tokyo battlefield.


It's full of punk-ass bitches.

Talking bullshit about

friendship and peace! Musashino!

"Why you so angry new, Maria?“

"We ain't no punks, you jealous"

"Musashino is the lightest crew"

"No homo, we ain't kissing dudes"

"It's all love and peace"

"Hip hop ain't only dissing“

"Good times never end"

"Kai. let 'em know“

"OK' Musashino is still love and peace“

"Hip hop, hob“

"Rhymes and beats"

"My crew would do anything for me“

"We got real love for our homies“

"Wood's worth more than money"

"Round here, everything's funny"

"Musashino is for my bros"

"We always keeping it real"

"Yew make some “Mae”

"Nah man, Pm just watchin”

"The same old crew is locked in“

"We love the town we representin”

"Tell 'em where they at..."

"OK' This is Musashinu"

"We got much peace and love“

"and friendship..."

"I'm Hasheem! Hasheem!"

"I'm, I'm Hasheem!“

Let's go in!

For real? You're really leaving?

You're really waving'?

We're leaving.


"It's about to begin,"

"this story"

"A one night story"

"I'm gonna grab you tight"

"and take you for a ride“

"Cc-min' to ya from the ass-end of hell.“

"Listen up."

"This is hip hop!"

"Yo. Shinjuku Hands now“

"Got more enemies than Musashino"

"Staying on top is their mission"

"But they ain't candy"

"Can't lick 'em"

"The crowning of"

"Now lwads the king of Shinjuku."

"He'll go all out to wipe out"

"Shibuya, Nerima, and lkebukuro."

"That's the Tokyo Tribe way."

"There can be only one!“

"In this town"

"He who inherits the crown"

"Gotta knuckle down"

"lwads the shogun now“

"MC Kan and Mega G gave him the crown"

"But Shibuya won't lake it Wing down."

"They'll make their move."

"Yo. Shibuya Saru is"

"tougher than the baddest gorilla“

"Tokyo juflgk?"

"Soon will be on fire"

"Ready to burn, yeah?“

"Reppin' Shibuya"

"We are the Sam“

"Wetting vaginas"

"Dicks full caliber"

"Punks over there"

"Get the blaw blaw"

"Tokyo's no.1 tribe is Shibuya Saru“

"Braided boss and a skinhead, yo"

"We'll battle you anytime"

"It's no joke"

"You just another fake ass"

"Tokyo, Nerima"

"Urban guerrillas"

"The Nerimuthafuckaz“

"won't stay quiet either."

"They're gonna fuck Tokyo up."

"Violence and money"

"Sex and bitches"

"Vortex of greed"

"Tokyo big city"

"N-Town doggz baby"

"N erimuthafuckaz"

"Always prepared"

"AH day ready"

"There are 23 Tokyo tribes."

"Ain't no way these killers are gonna find peace.“

"N-Town doggz baby"

Swallow this or get swallowed

Hey hey, what's all this

Nerima shit?

Tokyo's owned by Koenji Jack!

Koenji Jack'

Koenji Jack'

"This is Koenji."

"Koenji Jack turf."

"Y'all better know"

"We are Koenji Jack"

"AH fake tribes"

"Step the fuck back“

"Neflma, Smbuya, Sfiwquku are wank'

"Y'all bitches ain't even worth a fuck"

"It's our home"

"We ain't gonna go"

"Run your mouth?"

"Don't need ya no more"

"We rule this town"

"We draw the map"

"Obey the Jack"

"We know how to act"

"A Shibuya fool was"

"in Koenji with a chick."

"Yeah, he got fucked up."

"This is Koenji, fool!"

"You feel me?"

"Koenji runs Tokyo!"

"Nobody's gelling any sheep tonight “

"AH y'all, better shake in fear."

Nezumi' Still working, huh?

Nezumi' Wear this.


Hey Nezumi!

You staying out loo?


Stop' Yon!

Nezumi' Where you going?

Fly. fly, to the sky.

Little girl!

What's up!

Last train's gone?

Huh? Why?

Let's have some fun

I know a cool place.


Really really.

Oh. it's Usagi!

Usagi! What are you doing?

Oh. Nezumi!

"Water drips from an owl's beak"

"No more rain on my cheek"

"Sewage is stinking again"

"Might as well be living in a drain“

"Move bitch, or die fast"

"Savages are here at last"

"Prepare to feel the wrath"

"It's gonna be a bloodbath"

"Tokyo, Tokyo"

"Big oily of dreams“

"Nobody looks."

"nobody sees"

"Tokyo, Tokyo"

"Big oily of dreams“

"Eat or get eaten"

"Your choice"

"Walking Nezumi"

"I ain't gonna sleep“

"Walking in Bukuro“

"Ass is all I see“

"Hot bitches“

"High schoolers"

"Get in a van with gangbangers"

Missed the last train?

Got plans?

Want a ride?

Should we'?

Wanna go'?

Why not?

Shall we?

Hey. she'll catch a cold.

Let's bring her along

Top for you,

bottom for me.

Take a hike, kid!

Come on, let's go!

Where are we going?

Somewhere big.

No need to worry


You're screwed.


Buppa Town.

We're going to Buppa Town.

Buppa rules Tokyo

Cop these slammin' beats,

from the ass-end of hell.

"This town I see from my window“

"makes me sick"

"Don't come 'round here"

"just to lake a look"

"Stupid bitches"

"Too late to go back"

"Shit is brutal"

"Turn my eyes away from that"

"This is heH, yeah"

"Ain't no love here"

"No one hears you scream"

"Don't even sound real"

"Your ruler is Buppa"

"Your life."

"He'll fuck up“

"No sign of Buddha“

"Like a junkie“

"Get shot up"

Come' this way.

Wow, what is this?

This way.

"I'm king of this town"

"This is my world order"

"Got where I am by murder"

"KW more than any gang"

"That ain't no threat"

"Punks fuck with me"

"and they end up dead"

Lord Buppa'

ifs feeding time.

The lords party

has entered the basement.

Shut your mouth

"Call me Nncoi“

"Come when I call, boy"

"I kidnapped you"

"Now you're my toys“

"Don't care if you cry"

"Can't live if you can't"

"tell me the reason why“

"I like the gallows baby“

"No worries"

"Cause I'm Buppefs son"

"Prisoners get the guillotine"

"Naked corpses on the street"

"I'm up in this red room"

"While furniture"

"Black city“

"Shut up, kid"

"Nose gels busted"

"Whether you live or die“

"is up to me, got it?"

"Nncoi, evil boy! ”

Lord Buppa wants you

Oh my god!


"Lord Buppa is the best!"



"Lord Buppa is the best!"

"Bu-bu-bu-bu, Lord Buppa!"

"Lord Buppa, your tea!"

"Invincible Buppa! Invincible Buppa!"

"Invincible! Invincible!“

So many lovely ladies!

These liberated gentlemen are

politicians from the

Literal Demagogic Party.

Esteemed members of society.

Wow, cool.

That one's a doll.

Yes yes y'al\!

Yes yes y'al\!

Yes yes y'al\!

Hey, hey everybody, shh.

Mind your manners

Papa'? Do we kill 'em today'?

Or eat 'em?

A lime killing,

and a We eating

Yes yes y'al\!

That one's a doll.

Whaddya think?

She'll be my furniture.

She's a tough lime pussycat!

Little lady.

Know when to give up.

Yes yes y'al\, Papa.

What is it, my son?

Lately, I don't have

enough furniture. May l..

...add to my collection?


This one's furniture'

The rest of them.

...can work in Saga.

"Sagefl Saga!"

"Take this girl away“

"to the bowels of Saga“

"She can polish her skills“

"and buff my anaconda"

"If she won't"

"She's furniture for my son"

"Or turn her into hamburger"

"And eat her well done”

W hc-'s the rug rat?

Er, he tagged along...

Tagged along?

Throwlhis kid out!

Little bastard...

"Open for business“

"I run this Saga"

"The night ain't over"

"Just gets hotter"

"Best in Bukuro"

"No.1 whorehouse indeed"

"Credit cards accepted"

"Satisfaction guaranteed"

"Yes, this is Saga!"

"Nice booty"

"Shakirf naughty"

"From top to bottom"

"The perfect body“

"She's a dime piece, you know"

"Teach her how to be a dirty ho"

"As you wish, sir"

"She's bait for Musashino?"

"We're gonna use her?"

"Orders from Lord Buppa“

"She's his madonna“

"Don't lay a finger on her"

"HeH no, sir!“

"I could never"

"Mr. Zama, I won't

'Way a finger on her ever"

Let me go! Let me go!

By the way, Merra.

You're gonna take on Musashino Saru?

Yeah, yeah.

This guy is hilarious

Not Shibuya Saru.

Weak-ass Musashino?

Why spill blood over those hicks'?

I hate those fun-loving fools

talking love and peace

"My name is Merra"

"Make no error"

"My soul is blazing“

"Never-ending fire“

"Rep MB“

"A Bukuro hero"

"This is now Tokyo's ground zero“

"Enemy 'hood is Musashino"

"Country retards got no other place to go"

"The one I hale the most is this guy Kai“

"His name means "sea"

"It oughta mean "dry"

"Me and Kai mix like oil and water”

"Or H20 and the fires of war"

"Fuck you"

"You just a monkey-ass wanksta"

"I hate you"

"You bitch-ass liar"

"What you want is LO V.E."

"What you get is H A.T.E."

"You want peace?"

"Don't make me laugh”

"I'M smoke your crew“

"Show you real beef"

Papa'? This looks like fun,

so I think I'll join in.

Merra can chop up anything

Right, master chef'?

Thank you always.

May I do a little slicing?

Be my guest.

That was splendid.

Your delightful ditty too.

An encore“

Oh yeah.

Phone for you.

H's going to plan.


M hurts where he out me!

Lord Buppa

Shall I amputate'?


A lime of this,

and he'll be begging you

to hack it off.

M stings! H stings!

It stings! It stings! It stings!

This'll cause necrosis,

and then he'll be screaming. "Amputate it!"

Let me out!

Who's there?!

I'll be back.

Hang in there.

You sure are a dime piece.

Go on, do me.

Hey, watch out for that bitch

Who knows what she'll do.

I'll strip.

\'ll take photos!

For our website.

0h yeah!

Know who I am?

My dad's a big deal.

If he finds out, there's no telling

what he'll do to you

Shitheads like Buppa,

Nncoi, and Merra too...

Lord Buppa? How dare you!

I'll upload the photos.

Hey, grab her.

Time for a little punishment.

Just in time.

\sawlhis coming.

Give up, little lady.

We might not rape you.

Please, please.

Rape away!

Funny chick.

Who are you?

Me? You're asking me that?

Little girl.

Lil-He girl.

Rem funny.

Is she for real'?

She's out of her mind, Merra baby'

Pm Nncoi. That's Merra.

He's the man in Bukuro ..


Give H up.

That hurt.

Pm gonna cry!

I've just infiltrated them.

Dude's name is Kim.

Good Bring him.

"Always he re"

"Always chi llin'"

"My homies“

"They always kickin' it"

"Back at the restaurant"

"Even though we ain't ordered yet"

"Same 0l' hello"

"Same 0l' handshakes"

"Same 0l' menu"

"Ain't that great?"

"Musashinds always the same"

"Fun as a tropical holiday"

Hey' Get over here!

Ah, sorry' sorry.

Like I was saying. .

About time'

About damn time

Anyway, these Bukuro whorehouses

got the flyest honeys.

My narne'll get you anything

for 10,000 yen

Saga Town's off the hook, man.

Bukuro ..

H's the bomb.

"This dude always thinks about sex 24-7"

"The smell of perfume"

"sends him to heaven"

"All girls are horny"

"In his dreams of orgies“

"A moron with a hard-on"

"Gullible homie"

Bukuro chicks are hot.

Hey, they got a new one.

Name's Sunmi.

Wow, she's sexy.

0h yeah!

AnYihiflg goes.

Whose dog?

A stray?

H's cute.

They always talk sex.

Cute dog

These girls ..

Oh yeah. . Oh yeah!

I... wanna go to Bukuro too.


One of these days..

I gotta piss!

What the?

Ready to burst already?

You guys!

Slop talking sex all the time!

Hey kid, still here huh?

Where'd Nncoi go?

S-Saga Town...

Eva'); [Q g0, YOUFIQ QUIT.

Right now, a little bastard

is on the run from Buppa Town.

Get off your asses, find him.

Take him down, and report in.

Saga Town?

That way.

You don't listen.


Wicked punch.

What's your deal?

Should I kill you'?

Should I rape you'?

Or should I be nice and pimp you out

till you're old and wrinkled'?!

You choose.

Rape me UH I'm old.

Rape me UH I dry out downstairs. .

And kill me ..

Then pimp me out!

What the fuck'?

Hey, turn on the TV.

Earthquake report.

Prepare for strong shaking.

More information as it comes to hand.

I was born in Kagoshima.

Kagoshima's awesome'

Ever seen Sakurajima?

It's beautiful.

Tasty herring too!

Kagoshknzis can“

I wanna g0.

Let's all go one day

Hey hey,

do you pay for sex too?

That ain't my style.

You know,

I've got the goods as well.

Hear that?

Got H.

"OK Nori baby, stop right there"

"You're totally fly, 0k?"

"Your fly body's making me dizzy here"

"Nori's the bomb!“

"Then look at me more."

"If all Musashino knew ya"

"They'd say “Nori's the bomb"

"You say, I say“

"Come on everybody say"

"Musashinds the bomb!"

"You don't sound like you mean it."

"Let me clear my throat"

"You win"

"That's all she wrote“

"Yeah yeah"

"Nori makes us all drool"

"Makes all guys play the fo0l"

"Nori's the perfect female"

"Musashino is waiting to exhale, yes!"

"Oh, you guys!"

"Nori's a good girl"

"Cutest in the world"

Pm going.

Don't go to Bukuro.

Hey' You better not.


Nori baby?

Don't be mad!

Possibility of multiple earthquakes tonight.

Stay alert.

Cop this, sinners!

Repeat. A level 4 earthquake has just hit Tokyo.

Level 4 in Bukuro.

Level 3 in Shinjuku.

Who are you?

An apple!

Hey kid.

I got a new apple.

"You feel me?"

"This is Bukuro style“

"Welcome to Saga“

"Where the girls are so fine"

"On your knees"

Little pussycat"

"Soon you'll be wanting this dick a lot"

"My magic recipe“

"Do you right, see"

"Best chef around here' baby"


"Last seconds of your life"

"You fuck with me?"

"Feel this sharp knife“

"Just like every other ho"

"You'll be mine"

"For sure"

"Look, look at me“

"Look into my eyes"

"No emotion"

"Devil with no disguise”

"See me, bitch?"

"Don't you worry"

"Ecstasy will come instantly"

"You feel it now?"

"Cause I'm the man"

"Bathe you in blood"

"Just because I can“

Where's Kim'?

Him and his dude are gone.

They left

Huh? Goddammit!

Hey, who was that guy with Kim?


What's wrong, Hasheem?

They're in Bukuro?

Are they?

Are they?!



"See you punks in Bukuro"

Sorry. There's this whorehouse ..


Listen up'

Pm going to Bukuro.

You all stay here.

Got H? Don't come'

Tera, I'll go too!

I'll go too! Sorry!

Hey' Don't go!


Saga Town.

Some weird kid went in

Welcome to Saga Town,

a wretched hive of lust and desire.

"We are Wu-Ronz"

"Wu-Ronz Wu-Ronz"

"Like moths to a flame"

"They're just pawns in Merra's game"

"Tonight they're goin' down"

"Soon it'll be game over"

"for those clowns"

Food poisoning,

human flesh'

blood collection,

meatjuice injections.

And sexual violence await.

Mukade! It's me.

H's me. Mukade!

Mukade! You're wanted! Mukade!

Oh. hey!

Any fine girls?

"A fresh new girl just in“

"Goddamn, so nice!"

"Brand new, he says."

"For real?"

"Name's Sunmi!"

"Sunni, Sunmfl."

"I'm better than SunmiV"

"Sunmi? That girl?"

"SunmFs dope!"

"She can .. deep throat!"

"This way!"

"This way!"

"This way!"

"Customers! “

Pop my damn cherry!

Cockblock time.

Wanna eat that girl'?

Wanna eat her?

Yeah, but I gotta go.

Wanna eat her? Eat!

Sit down!

What is this?!

You're a long way from Musashino.

H's not you I want.

I want the punk

who's coming to get you.

Can't wait to be reunited.


Your dog.

Dogs before bitches.

Some guys from Musashino went in.

This dog .. it's Nishidefs!

H's a trap!

We got customers!

Here they come!

Seen anybody from Musashino?

Nah, I ain't

Hey' Where's Kim?'

He went to Sunmi's room.

A cute new girl.

Come on!


Yeah, they've gone in.

Just as planned

Which room?!

The furthest back.

Move, asshole!


We been wailing, Kai.

You and me got beef.

What beef?

Mm remember'?

We only met once. . at a sauna.


Hey, soulja boy.

Time to fight.

Kim, don't!


You guys!


You wanna run, yeah'?

Better not,

now's not the right time





You muthafucka!

SunmL some'.!


They're here.

Bye bye

Tera! Tera, come on!

Hang in there! Tera'

Yon. let's g0!

Don't come back,

little shit!

"They're in danger"

"Twain's coming to maim ya"

"Can't win this fight"

"Against the High Priest's knights“

"Killers from Wong Kong“

"Bodies float up like wontons“

"Streets shook like a quake"

"Ain't nowhere to hide"

"They're here, they're here"

"Shaking the streets, they're here"

"They're here, they're here"

"Coming to kill us. they're here"

Welcome to Japan.

Lord Buppa'

We brought Mr. Jadakins.

This way sir.

Well well. Jadakins!

H's been a while.

Nobody in this world is stronger than you,

so why come to Tokyo?



Pm interpreter Kamekichi.

A message from the High Priest.

High Priest'

All of you' bow down.

Oh damn, shit, bitch ass yellow.

Can ya hear me. huh'?

Shit for brains crazy muthafuckal

My beloved Erika, Buppa.

Do you remember her?

I do. Your divinely,

divinely adorable daughter.

The apple of my eye.

She slipped away,

and vanished to parts unknown

The world's most pristine pussy!

My virgin daughter.

What happened'?

Keep this to yourself,

but that shitbird Erika

has disappeared from Wong Kong.

I'll search there.

I already turned the place over!

Fucking shithead!

Erika's in Tokyo!

Bukuro, Shinjuku. Shibuya area.

Fuck running your turf, muthafucka!

I'll tear up every area

and return Miss Erika unharmed.

Tokyo... yours for the taking, Buppa.

Ah, that's music to my ears.

Make full use of my men,

Jadakins and Kamekichi.

Know what I'm sayin'?

Very well. We shall begin,

Lord Buppa

Good I'm counting on ya.


You got away'?

Pm going back to Musashino


Take us with you


We hate Buppa and Merra too.

Yeah, I hear you.

Let's go. This way!

Yo Merra.


H's time

Unleash the Waru

The time is right.


The Tokyo tribes...

Kill every one of them.


Let everybody know.

Mobilize the Waru immediately.

Every last one!

Unleash the Waru on Tokyo!

"This is a massacre in motion"

"On the Warpath"

"Tokyo bkuodbath“

"AH the tribes"

"Their borders don't mean shit"

"Gangs get mercilessly hit“

"Shinjuku Hands"

"Smbuya Sam"

"Koenji Jack"

"Musasfimo Sam"

"N erimuthafuckaz"

"Gira Gira Girls"

"AH get wrecked"

"We are Warn"

"We are Warn"

"Waru! Waru! Waru! Waru!"

Who are they?

Never seen them before.

What's going on?


Kai! Tara's ..


Hey Tera

Hey' Tera!

No way, man! Tera'

Put him in!

We're fucked!

H's bad'

Say what?

These "Waru" guys..


Yeah! H was on their shirts!


I swear...

we'll defend Shinjuku.

Let's do this!

I'll take the tank.

Alright. Roll out.

Yeah! Let's do this!

Let's do this!

We're gonna fuck 'em up!

Move it!

Murder 'em!

"Whatcha gonna do with your lives?"

"If our boss asks,"

"we're ready to die"

"How do thugs live their fives?"

"Money and power through homicide"

"Whatcha gonna do with your lives?"

"If our boss asks,"

"we're ready to die"

"How do thugs live their fives?"

"Money and power through homicide"

"Waru! Waru! Waru! Waru!"

Yo mulhafucka!"

Don't come no further, bitch!"

"We're always prepared for war“

"Real talk"

"Educate you"


"Smbuya Sam"

"From this day on"

"Tokyo belongs to us"

"Get in our way"

"Get slaughtered"

"We are Warn"

"Waru! Waru! Waru! Waru!"


We gonna do this or what'?

Alright, it's time!

Mao! We got your back too.

Let's do this!

No need for alarm.

Just a tank in Kabukicho,

as usual.

Do it!

Do it!

Do it!

Do it!

Let's do this!

You two, kick ass!

OK! To Musashino.

Which way'?

On the left.

Let's go!

"Musashinds the next casualty"

"Fuckin' Musashino Saru territory"

"Better get ready"

"We arrive shortly, yeah!"

"We are Warn"

"Home of the punk who started this"

"That little bitch"

"Fuckin' hypocrite"

"I hate him"

"Baddest Tokyo thug"

"But he acts dumb!"

"They call him Kai!“

Listen up'

Don't kill Kai from Musashino.

When the time's right,

I'll fuck him up.

"Listen close."

"Tonight, Tokyo's burning."

"Unextinguishable fire“

"Tokyo's burning"

"Nowhere to hide"

"W am beau down Shhuya Sam!“


"For real?"

"On the corners"

"Back alleys"

"My boys come right away for me"

"They might attack us loo!"

"Everybody! “

"We'll end those Waru fuckers!"

"Asphalfs gonna turn blood-red"

"Everywherés the smell of death“

"Bats, knives, 2x4s to fight"

"Homies won't back down tonight"

"N-Town doggz baby"

"N erimuthafuckaz"

"N-Town doggz baby"

"N erimuthafuckaz"

H's Kai!

Hello? Kai, are you OK'?

Yeah, I'm OK.

Forget about me.

Some gang called Waru

is attacking all Tokyo tribes.

Huh'? Warn'?

Yeah. Never heard of 'em.

Better watch out

Got H!

Kai'? Be careful!



That was ..

Yd. You punks are Musasfimo Sam'?

You're Kai!

You're leading the Waru'?

Hell no!

I ain't seen them before!

Don't He to us.

You're covered in blood!


This ain't my blood.


What about Tera?

What about him?!

They got Tera?


Yo. Yo, Tera!

He was... the man,
even before Tokyo split into tribes!

Yeah. He was the man to me too!


Tonight's crazy.

Somethings going down!

I know. Shinjuku is fucked!

You guys better. .

Who are you?!

Anybody seen Miss Erika?

What the fuck'?

Fuck you!

Has anyone seen Miss Erika'?


Has anyone seen Miss Erika'?



Run' You're in danger!

Kai, I'm sorry.

\should've said!

SunmL some on'.!

Thank you.

Hey, is she Erika?

She is! She's Erika!

Yo. Go to Penny's in Musashino.

My boys'\I help. OK?

Penny's. Ask the way. Go!

Come on!

I have to fight them...

Tell us if you've seen her!

Go new!

Let's go too!

Found her.