Tokyo Train Girls: Private Lessons (2009) - full transcript

New teacher Chihiro has been on the job for three months. She does her job with great enthusiasm, but she has a secret that nobody must know. As a student, she accumulated debt in order to keep up with her well-to-do friends. She can't pay it back on the wages of a teacher so she started working part-time as a Chat-Lady. In front of a web camera that hides her face, she shakes her breasts and hips. By chance, her student, Kazuaki discovers the web site.

Hello, everyone.
I'm Megu Fujiura.

This time I am in the V Cinema,
Tokyo Train Girls 1...

Where I play a schoolgirl...
no, a school teacher with a part-time job.

I had many lines and did my best
to remember them.

I played a sexy teacher,
so I insist that you please Watch.

Here it is!

Good evening. We meet again.

Thanks for showing up.

How do you do, Pm Yoko.

Really'? You're going with
a girl that looks like that'?

That was really hot.

Let's get nasty.

Hard day at work?

Really, no.



Ms. Kawasaki, you Walk so fast.

Mr. Ito, good morning.

What's wrong? Why so surprised?

No. It's nothing.

How are you'?
Are you used to things?

Fine. No, not yet.

Yes. it's only been three months.

And our students are poor quality.
Conducting class isn't that challenging.

That's not true. Some students are sincere.

Prejudging a student's poor quality
undermines their determination...

and is negligence by the teacher.

No, no. it's exactly as you say.

I didn't mean it that Way.


I just thought there's a lot going on.

I'm sorry to be impertinent.

Not at all.

You're a young, but upstanding teacher.
I should follow your example.

Three months into my life as a teacher.

Ifs a lot of work, but! think
Pm doing the best I can.

But this guy fails as a teacher.

Because of teachers like this,

poor students increasingly are demoralized.

AH muscles, no brains.


The seniors of my Class B...

are indeed low achievers.

But they're not all delinquents.

Some have even been declined
by over sixty colleges.

Basically, the class is out of balance.

Please translate this.


I don't think I can.

Can anyone translate?

Okay. Then you.

Bob said,

"However, I had you deal carefully...

for a sudden request the other day.

That is very kind of you indeed."

Yes, that's correct.

What's important here is...

...the "Of".

Yes, we see this often.

The ?of? usually indicates a possessive.

In this case, it indicates an act.

The thing to be careful about is...

that a literal Japanese translation
would sound Weird.

"Thank you for being so kind to me",
is the correct translation.

All right. Let's move on.

Why'd you come here'?

Why'd you come here'?

You're pathetic.

Stop whimpering.

You brought it'?
Give it.

Look what you got.

How much is in there'?

Is this all you have'?

You're useless.

- Let's go have fun.
- Yeah, let's go.

Everybody has a secret they can? tell.

There always is.

Before I'm a teacher, I'm a woman.

I owe money.

When I was a student, I went beyond my
means to hang out with my wealthy friends.

I got into brand names
and went overseas with my friends.

The money my parents sent,
of course, was not enough.

I couldn't catch up with part-time jobs.

After! graduated, I no longer saw my friends.

I think! was stupid.

But ifs debt that 5 accumulated.

The chat I started to deal with this...

brings in money that far exceeds
my teacher's salary.





This part's surprisingly difficult.

I will not show my face.

But I get more accesses
when I take it to the edge.

When I ?ash my tits,

even more come.

Men are simple.

You have big tits.

Let me see.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

A little more. Yeah.

Touch your tits.

Shake them.


Can't you show me a little more'?


What do you want me to do'?

Huh'? My fits'?

I'll show you my tits.
Take a good look.

Can you see...

...the crevice?


This... This can't be.



I'll show you right to the edge.

This is right at the edge.

You want me to squeeze them'?

Take a good look.

Can you see'?

Can you see my tits'?

Aren't my tits shaking a lot'?

Huh'? You want me to squeeze them more'?

Like this'? vigorously'?

You want to see more'?

No. I can't show you anymore.

Endure it with this.

Are you getting excited?


What's it doing'?

Kazuaki, take your bath.


All right! Right away!

Oh, I'm coming. I'm coming.

I'm coming.

For three hours a day
I become a woman named Megu.

Megu, who lives alone in Tokyo,
is interested in sex.

But she's a twenty year old
slightly cowardly office girl.

It's an easy act to play.

I feel empty sometimes.

This barren conversation
that occurs only in chat.

I do it for the money.

That's supposed to be my resolve.

But when 5 look at myself objectively,
5 feel sad.

Pm a twenty three year old school teacher
without a boyfriend.

People may have thought
I was a lightweight during college.

Into brands, into parties.

I'm going to come.

I'm coming.

When dealing with names, always be
aware of who the other person is.

No. I can't take it.

Teacher, isn't this you'?

Isn't this you'?

What's this'?

Teacher, this is you.

The screen name is Megu,
but ifs you.

Now Wait a second. You...

Teacher, you don't remember my name.

What'? That's not true.

That's okay.

You don't have to remember.

I'm Wondering What to do with this.

If I spread it around school... would be an uproar.

It's lshii, right'? Yes, you're lshii.

Wait a second. That's not me.

Then you have no Worries
if I spread it around.

But, something like that in school...

lshii, what do you vvant me to do'?

I have a request.

A debt'?

I'm not proud of it,

but when I was in school,

I played a lot.

But I needed my teaching certificate
because I had to be a teacher.

So that's Why you chat?

How much do you owe'?

I have a long ways to pay it off,

and now that you know, maybe I can't anymore.

I'll pay off your debt.

Don't be silly.

This has nothing to do with you.

I'll take care of it, somehow.

I love you so I'll do anything.


No. lshii, no.




Ishii, don't do this.




No, lshii.

Ishii, please stop.

No. lshii, stop.

Oh, no.

No, lshii.

Stop it.


Ishii, don't touch that.

You can't do that, lshii.

Ishii, no.

Ishii, no.

Stop it.

No, no.

Huh'? lshii'?

Ishii, I appreciate the thought,

but you're my student.

You're a student.

Don't forget that.



There is an error in this.

Can anybody tell'?

Are you happy?

Or are you scared'?

Not at all.

You're still young.

Do you want money'?

Or do you vvant to try all kinds of sex'?

You like older women?

What a skinny cute body.

Look how your nipple is standing.


you like it like this'?

You like it to hurt more than licked?

What a beautiful sight.

It's real hard here.


It feels good.

It's really hard.

Yes, yes, yes.

Youth is awesome.


You have to hold it.


I want to have a lot of fun tonight.


I can do What I please to you
for the whole day'?

Yes, feels, good, yes, yes, please.

Oh, it feels god.

I'm not having any fun at all yet.


I'm about to come.


Awesome. It's so hard.

This feels good.



It feels good.
When, when, when you go so fast...

You can't.


You have to hold it.

You have to let me come.

Oh, it feels good.


It feels good!

Put it more in your mouth.

Squeeze them harder.

More. This one too.

Yes. More.


Yes, that's good.

That's it, that's good!

This one.

Feels good. Suckle it more.


I can't take it.

Lick me clown there.

Come on.

Oh, yeah.

Slurp all over it.

You're really good.

More on the clitoris.

Oh, yes, yes, you're good.

Oh, yes, yes.

Oh, yeah.

It's oily and feels nice.

It's hot.


It's a turn on.

Squeeze my nipples.

Yeah, oh, yeah.

You feel good.

Oh, awesome!

Ishii, what are you doing at this time?

It's not good here. Come inside.

What is it'?

Where (Md you get the'?

You can pay back some of the debt.

I can't accept it. No.

I want you to use me for yourself.

I really appreciate the thought, but if I let a
student do this, I fail as a teacher.

That's not relevant!

Teacher, seriously, I love you.

No. lshii, no!

Do this to my tits.


That feels good.

Lick my neckline.

And move your hand.

It feels good.

Do you want to see these'?

Teacher's body's getting hot.

Can I take this off'?

Do you mind taking this off'?


Teacher, you undo this.


Oh, it feels good.

Ishii, this feels good.

Feels good.

Your body's hot too.

Suck them harder.


Yeah, here.

Gently. Right here.

Feels nice.

Yeah, there.

My nipples are getting erect.

Touch mine more.

Yeah, it feels good.

Yeah, my nipples.

Ishii, shouldn't we take my panties off'?


All right'?

Feels good.

Yours feels awesome.

Ishii, put it in.


Like this'? Like this'?


Move your hips harder.

- Like this?
- Yeah.

It feels good.

Teacher... this'?

Yeah. Feels nice.



Feels good'?



Huh'? Are you going to come'?

You can come inside me.


...can't, can't, can't hold it.

Teacher, I came.

I'm going to quit chatting.

I'm going to discuss it with my folks.

I'll deal with it somehow.

I'm not asking Where that money is from,

but lshii, you can stop worrying.

Hurry and erase it.

You're slow.

Erase it!

What are you Waiting for'?

It's a chalkboard, you know.

Because of you, class can't get started.

Clean it up.

Can't you do anything?


You better have some.

No money.

What's this'?

What is this'?

What the hell are you doing'?
Hey! Hey! Hey!

What the hell are you guys doing'?
Get out!



Teacher, Fm sorry.

That print, Ito confiscated it.

Print'? You still had it'?

Fm sorry.

I was going to throw it away...


It's all right. You're not
supposed to have those things.

Mr. I to supervises guidance counseling.
It's all right.

Mr. Ito, what is it?
Why'd you call me to this place?

What could this be'?

Please don't play dumb, Ms. Kawasaki.

I confiscated this from lshii of B Class.

See'? This is Ms. Kawasaki.
No doubt about it.

Why would I be dressed like that?

Because look...

...these breasts...

...the lips...


...the necklace.

Teacher, you're careless.

Hey! You're such a honest person.

- What's this part-time job'?
- You have it Wrong.

Wrong, you're Wrong.

This may be a bit of a problem.


No. Stop it.

You can raise your voice.

But this place at this time'?
Nobody will come.

Please stop it.

Teacher, aren't you ashamed of this'?

No, I'm not!
You're the one that's shameful.

You show your body to strangers.

Do it in front of me too.

Not possible!


- Stop it. No!
- It's What you always do.

Stop it, please.


No. No.

No, no!

Stop it.

Stop it.

Stop it.

This is fun, Teacher.

Help me.

Help me.

Whoa. Teacher, awesome.

This is What you showed everyone.

- I didn't show it.
- You're a slut.

Sluts come in all different faces.

Not true.

It's so soft, I can't stand it.

Stop it.

What's going on down here?

Don't, not there.

Wow, it's real hot.


It's hot, Teacher.

No, not there.

Huh, Where'?

- Where'?
- Please stop.

I'll stop if you tell me.

No more.

No more'?
I'll make it better.

This is better. It's direct.

Stop it. Stop it.

I'm not turned on.

- You're turned on.
- No.

You know it.

It's been accumulating.

I guess there's no choice.

It's real hot.

My finger's going in.

My finger's going in through your panties!

No, please stop!


Oh, no!

Please, stop it.

I bet you can't Wait.

That's not true.

You lie.

You'll feel it direct.

Stop it.

No, no.

If I can't, I'll do more.

Look at this.


You can see.

The body is honest.

Let's do it, Teacher.

No. Stop it.


It's too late to say that now.


No! Stop it. Stop it!

No, stop it!


Ishii put his body on the line for me.

He can? end as a criminal.

I will protect him.