Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad (2007) - full transcript

Leaving her alcoholic husband, Eiko takes their son Masaya away from Tokyo and back to her hometown in a Kyushu rural mining community. She toils to support him though many years of schooling even after he wastes his time while studying art in a Tokyo university. After graduation he struggles to find work and finally pulls his life together for his mother's sake, ultimately ending up with multiple jobs as an illustrator and even as the host of a sexually-themed talk show on radio. When Eiko becomes ill with cancer, Masaya invites her to live with him in back in Tokyo where the roles of support are reversed.

A day is dawning in 1966

This is the simple, traditional
entrance to my grandmother's house,

where I lived until I was 3 years old

Five seconds from now,
it will become avant-garde

What's up!

Why'd you drink so much again!

Hey, hey, Eiko san! Eiko san!

Get off me!

You're still up!

You'd wake anybody up

This is my Mom


Run to Daddy's room. He'll behave in there

Don't grab my stomach

Just go to bed

Get off me!


I told you not to grab my stomach!


I'll paint this someday

I can paint this a little better

I got you something good


Good, right?

Make a face like it tastes good

This is my Fujica Single 8

And this is my Dad

He's the same person as the slightly
creepy young man in the photo

The Tokyo Tower, behind him,

then about as half-baked as
my father's taste in clothes,

when finally completed in 1958,
was 333 meters tall

Even today, decades later,

it still stands at the heart
of Tokyo and Japan,

as centered as the pin of a spinning top

These days,

I find myself staring at
Tokyo Tower from very close by

This is the modest story of my father,
who got knocked down

and kicked out by Tokyo,
all the way back to his hometown

It's also about me, who came here
and lost a place to go home to

It's also about my mother,

who never had any illusions,
but was dragged here anyway,

and unable to go home or return,

found her eternal rest
at the foot of Tokyo Tower

- Mom & Me, and sometimes Dad -

Fujica Single 8

I can shoot that, too


He was just feeding him yakitori?

They don't fit his mouth

This is me and Mom and Dad

This is my last memory from
when we lived together

That's when Mom moved us out of
my grandmother's house in Kokura

and into my grandmother's house in Chikuho

You can pass, you can pass

Who's narrow path is this?

This path belongs to the gods

Won't you kindly let me pass...


Your mom's mom

Here we go

This is where I was born



Eiko! You're back! Been a while


Welcome home, Sister

Hey, Ma, you've grown just a little

We'll have a feast tonight

See you later

It was an old, small, mining town,

served by a single-track railroad,
making 8 trips a day, running in the red

Hardly like Kokura,
which had been a metropolis

It's a crayfish, a crayfish

Run it over

Run the crayfish over!

In this dead end town,

I had totally lost it

Got it!

Now it's a frog

Run it over!

Run the frog over!

Now it's a rabbit

I may have lost my mind,

but I still had some sense left in me

Life is precious

Are you working again, Ma?

You woke up?

I always feel better when you work

You sure have a strange body

It's a children's illustration

There sure are all kinds of work

I can't make ends meet
with just one line of work

They'll scold me if I don't finish today

What's funny?

Even as a kid you were scolded a lot

You were always being scolded

Look who's talking
You were scolded a lot, too

Who would scold me?

I'm the top of the pyramid

I'm ready

All right, game

Oh, no, she got me again

What's with her?

Cards is one thing I can't beat you at

You need 10 more years
before you can beat me in cards

Shut up! I can't sleep!

I've got the morning market

Then, let's just drink

You're not supposed to laugh, Sister

What's with your face?


Ma, Ma...

I finished the illustration

How rare, you were fast

Slowly but surely, I'm improving

I stirred your pickle brine
for you yesterday

Oh, Tamami

And this is for you

Thank you so much

Nakagawa san, your radio appointment...

- But I just realized you're a writer...
- Let's go

You're on the radio, too?

Behind the scenes

What channel?

I don't talk

What channel? FM? AM?

I don't talk I'm going

What's there to do on the radio but talk?

You'd be surprised

I'll be back tomorrow about this time
What can I bring?

Nothing, I don't need anything

We'll be back

Isoyama san, Tamami, thank you


He should talk...

Yes, yes, yes. We're driving there, now

And about next week

You're getting the test results,
soon, right?

Yeah, they'll determine,

whether to operate and remove it
or rely on chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is painful, isn't it?

Yeah, it is

Of course it is. It's doing the impossible

Whatever deal Mom and Dad had made,

on long school vacations,

I was sent alone to the house in Kokura

You... only draw pictures of ships

And it's always the same drawing

I don't know what it looks like
from the front

How very unusual

White is good, right?


This good? Done, right?

What? Why?

You're almost finished

Clean up the mess

I'm going drinking

You're almost done!

I have no idea why
he never finished the ship

But among all my memories, that was when

he was most fatherly,

and I know I was thrilled


Thank you

Tasty, this is good
You're always a great cook

It's easy to simmer fish

You know how to cook it not mushy
My wife's is always mushy

You think?

Yeah, yours isn't mushy


Welcome back, is this seat OK?

The usual?

Sister, a plate of simmered fish
and a red wine

Oh, I'll do it

Where to?

Where are you going?


Want to come, too?

Let's go, I want to go home

Stay there and play

The game will start

Did you press the start button?

Thank you so much

Can't you thank him?

I'll be right back

Around and around, I looked for Mom

Around and around

Around and around


Let's go home

Why are you stirring the pickle brine now?

You're up?


Counting backwards from breakfast,

the pickles taste best
if I stir the brine now

Your pickles are the best

Of course they are

This brine has been in the family
for over 100 years

That man from yesterday...


Do you like your Dad?


I figured

I started middle school

Maybe Mom didn't want
to rely on Grandma forever

She moved us to a different house

Hello, I'm Nakagawa


This will be your room

Thank you

This is like a hospital

We don't have a choice

We can't borrow a room
at Grandma's forever

Where's the bathroom?

Mom! Mom!

What's with you?

You're such a chicken

What's wrong with you?

Live here?

You joined the baseball team?

All I do is get hit

What did you expect?

I hadn't seen Dad in a year

How's your mom?

She quit the diner
and works at home now

Piecework? The pay's lousy, right?

But she just bought me a guitar
A Morris

On lousy pay?

What are you doing these days, Dad?

You mean for work?

Architect - Nakagawa

Dad was living alone, then

Yeah, yeah

I want to wait it out a little longer

So, can you start with the large room?

What do you say?

My son's staying with me

Take whatever you want

If you moved, you need stuff, right?

Just a TV

Take that one, over there


The hell!

There's real deadlines and
there's fake ones!

Need anything else?



Is there a woman?


Fujica Single 8

I'm rolling film, do something

Hey, there's no film


Take it

But I don't have a projector

I don't either, take it!

In the course of my life,

I've never met a man
so utterly free

Sometime after finishing 8th grade,

I began to have two strong desires

I wanted to go somewhere
other than here

and I wanted to set Mom free

By that time, smoke had stopped
pouring out of the giant smokestacks

of the steel factory in Kokura

and the mines in Chikuho

To me, everything made by adults,

everything I could see,
seemed to be going downhill

Whatever lasts forever,

is what everyone desires without question

But if it's not eternal,
everything is an illusion

With my high school exams ahead of me,

I made up my mind to leave this town

Come in boss, we've got nice girls

Check out the girls, stop in

Oh, you're Na san's son

You're so cute. How old are you?

I'm 15

See my tits?


Did you come to play?

I came to study

Study? Study tits?


Cut it out. You're scaring him

They're scary, my tits are

Na san, what are you making him study?

This kid says he wants to try to get in
to the Art High School in Oita

So I thought I'd teach him how to draw

What? Why go so far away?

It's best for men
to start their travels young

Start drawing this

I'll check in on you later



God, I'm sick. That baldie won't give up

Who are you!

A helmet?


What's a kid doing here, drawing a helmet?

He's my kid

What a shock, so he's your kid

Yes, sorry

No, your lines are too weak

Give it here

Like father like son

Despite my father's half-assed tutoring,

I did...

Make it into high school

Check your ticket one last time

I have it

Take good care of yourself
and study hard, OK?


Can you wake up in the morning
with no one to wake you?

I swear I'll get up

Do your best

To Masaya

From Mother

In that letter,
she wrote nothing about herself,

only endless words of
encouragement for me,

with great conviction

The thing is, I had this dream
No idea what it was

For some reason, in this dream,

I have relations with this lady
who's my relative

And when I spread her legs,

I have no idea what I'm seeing

It's a dream

But it's a fish face

A sardine's face...

He's on a roll, but it's time for a break

We can't have his mother hearing this stuff

Yes, it's better she doesn't

Why did Mom...

start laughing when I only
pushed the start button...

You're so drunk

OK, OK, I'm fine

I understand how you feel
but you're drinking too much

Who asked you?

Don't tell me you understand

Which program are you on?

Dad said he'd visit. He called


What? When?


My hair's a mess I haven't been to a salon

Don't bother


I can't see him with my hair like this

All right, I'll see what I can do

High school life in Oita

My first time living alone

My Mom's words proved prophetic

I was totally comfortable in my depravity

Please go out with me

If you'll get baptized


Lmpossible if you're not baptized

You'd better start by reading the Bible

Otherwise Sunday dates are impossible


During those 3 years,

I was snubbed by a Mormon girl...



He's late again

Hiraguri, go wake him up


Hurry up

I found a new friend, Hiraguri,
who was a little unusual

Hurry up!

Bring him here

C'mon, let's go

And all we really did,

was spend the money Mom sent,

puffing our way through
packs of cigarettes

Thank you, Hiraguri san

See, you look years younger

I wanted you

to come over for dinner one last time

What a shame

Don't talk like that

The only reason my son
graduated was because of you

No, I was able to graduate because of him

The deadline for Nyan-nyan?

Oh, that again

Illustration and text for Queen Kong?

All right

I'll be back in touch

Going home already?

I'm sorry, I wanted to stay
with her longer

I just...

Let me pay you

No, really, it's fine


Nakagawa san

About the test results,
please go see Dr. Hirai,

tomorrow afternoon at 3PM


I'm sorry

I'm sorry

I know it's toughest for you



If you don't have anything to do,
take the vegetables to Granny's

Back from Oita,
studying for my college exams,

I secretly dreamed of
going to college in Tokyo

I'll leave 'em here

Granny, is that all you're eating?

I'm alone, this is fine

Come inside

Forget it, come

Can I really just leave Mom behind?

You've had 3 years

to think it over, but no answers

Thinking it over in the country here,

won't get you anywhere

Go to Tokyo

There's all kinds of people there

Go see everything there is to see

Your mom won't stop you

I'm home

I waited for you, Go ahead, eat up

Why such a feast?

You're trying for a college in Tokyo,

Get your spirits up


But I don't know what to eat first

Doesn't matter which


Let's eat, then

Chicken rice, sushi rolls,

condiments, shiso-flavored rice cakes

tempura, broiled fish,

simmered vegetables, turnips,

cucumber, pork miso soup...

The next year,
I made it into a university in Tokyo

Every spring, young kids

from all over Japan got swallowed up
by Tokyo, like so much dust,

sucked in by motor of a vacuum cleaner

The dark narrow hose

was a tunnel to our dreams and the future

But the other end of the tunnel,

was still a dust heap

You hang in there, Mother


It was so dusty, I could hardly breathe

The motor kept churning

We went around, banging into each other

Around and around,

Around and around

Hey, Hiraguri


Why are you in Tokyo?



Loan me 2,000 yen

Not getting into college,

Hiraguri had taken over
the family beauty salon

When he saw Flashdance, he became obsessed

and moved to Tokyo,
dreaming of becoming a dancer

Of course he ran out of money,

and moved into my place

How was it?

Yeah, it was really lively

Oh, I see, now that you're job-hunting...

Have you been in touch with your dad?

He says let's go drinking
when I'm back in Kokura

But the thing is...


For the past 4 years,

I basically did nothing


What do you mean?

At this rate, I can't graduate

What's that?

Why couldn't you work harder?

I don't have to stay back,
I can just drop out

Not graduate


Why couldn't you work harder?



I'm going to start a restaurant

What? A restaurant?

Someone I knew ran
a restaurant by the river,

but now I can just take over
running the place

I'll hang in there 1 more year,

so you keep going to college
until you graduate

Can you do it?


Yeah, I think I can

All right, stay back a year

So, I lived off Mom for another year,

somehow managing to graduate

I didn't land ajob after graduating,
and Hiraguri gave up

on becoming a dancer,

but we both clung to life in Tokyo

This looks great



It's your Mohican's fault

It's your fault, you're unemployed

You're unemployed and have a Mohican
You're a double-loser

Where do you work?

A publishing house

Oh, I see

Which publishing house?

It's a small company,

called Kodansha

Oh, really? Even I know that
publisher, it's really important

Oh, Kodansha...

Let's see now...

Nakagawa san

Nakagawa san! Are you there?

You owe 3 months' rent

Nakagawa san, Nakagawa san

Nakagawa san!

Paradise Loans

The days passed by,
as slack as a stretched out rubber band

The only growth were was
the number of loan sharks I owed

Who's that?

Takamizawa of The Alfee

I see

What do you want to be?

An illustrator


The man from Paradise Loans

is on the phone again

Sorry, please tell him I'm not here

It's all right that you're never here?

Seems fine to me

Be confident

OK, I will

Can you pass this?

Sure thing


Where's my fried chicken?

Right up

Sorry to keep you waiting

Ita, did you find work?

That place isn't for me

Oh, right...

Graduation Certificate Nakagawa Masaya

Excuse me


What's with you!
You never answer your phone!

Mom, listen,

I'm sorry to ask again but
I'll pay you right back


Um, yeah

I sent it

Listen, your grandmother's not well

Yeah, my sisters are
watching her tonight,

but she won't last


Thank you

Come home

I figured you were broke
so I sent you the train fare home


Don't tell me you already spent that, too

I went to visit my sick grandmother,
just once

See the 1,000,000 yen there?

Use that 1,000,000 yen

to buy yourself a pot

I'll give it to you

Buy yourself a pot

What's wrong, Nakagawa san?

Oh, sorry

What'd you come to Tokyo for?

I win

Grandma died. Come Home

You don't have any money do you?

I need train fare

C'mon, don't go

I know it's a terrible time,

but I just can't make it

You can't keep paying rent
for both of us

Can't we just hang in there
together a little longer?

You're down and out now,

But you've got talent

Hang in there


I can't take it anymore

New Age Fair

You're from that art class

I'm so hungry... I can't take it

Hey, how have you been?

Where are you?

Sorry, I don't have enough
change to talk for long

I can't reach my mother

Your mother's hospitalized with cancer

She nearly lost her voice

Hey! Are you listening?

It was just a small cancer on my thyroid

They said my vocal chords
would be fine, so I let them operate

I'll have to be on hormones
that rest of my life,

but I'm lucky I saved my voice

The operation tightened some wrinkles

What really upset me back then

was having to give up my restaurant

But you really hung in there, Mom

You really hung in there,
all on your own

But some things are beyond
Hanging in there

Don't talk like that

Why look, it's 3 o'clock

The test results will be ready

The nurse told you?

Yes, go talk to the doctor


May her condition be operable...

Come in

No loan shark would talk to me,

and even illegal dealers turned me down,

but somehow Enomoto and I managed
to cough up the security deposit

on a room in Omotesando


I'm going to work

Maybe in reaction to years of slacking,

I started drawing and writing

Sorry to keep you waiting
Yours will be right up

And Mom didn't give up either

Hey, this is good

Nakagawa, you can write erotica,
want to write a column?

Sure, I will

Yeah, you're right

You're definitely right

But you hear that a lot

Like instant fried noodles
are actually just steamed

They don't get fried at all,
you just pour water over them...

I had my hands full living day to day

Nothing in my life felt secure

I took any job that came my way

Moon's out, moon's out,

moon's out, it is...

Eiko san, you came back

Yes, hello

Yes, it's been a while since
I heard this song

A package from your son

See you


30,000 yen more and we're debt-free!


Hey, Mom

When did you find the time
to write a book?

I haven't read it yet
but you're doing great

I'm so happy

I'll read it carefully

There's nothing in
it worth reading carefully

Oh, I'll buy a beeper soon
so you can reach me anywhere

Don't you worry about me
I'm moved back to Grandma's

I'll always be home

What? Why?

The diner fired me

I keep going to the hospital
I take too many sick days

There's still some cancer
on my vocal chords

I thought you were completely cured

There's still a small cancer
that needs treatment

They need to keep it under control
with radiation therapy

I see

But your book will raise my spirits

Thank you so much

It's a real book

Wonder how much it'll make

Sister, time for a drink

Here's to Maestro Nakagawa
getting out of debt,

getting off part-time work...

Don't forget the important thing

And to the opening of your bar,
House of the Rising Sun


Next thing I knew,
life had improved a little

Even Hiraguri had found his way
and opened a bar

I always believed in him

What do you mean Believed?

I'm just barely out of the red

Do you know how many people in
Tokyo stay in the red all their lives?


We showed up as promised

Thank you

You really opened it

- Impressed? C'mon in
- Oh, thank you

May I sit here?


It's not so unusual


And I found a new girlfriend

I talk about Mom a lot, don't I?

Sure, why?

Isn't it depressing?

Not at all, what a funny question

I don't have a mom so I never tire of it

I wonder if she'd come

What do you mean, come?

I wonder if she'd come to Tokyo

To live with you?

But it's not like she's
divorced my father, either

But your mother, I'd like to meet


Because it's obvious she'll be sweet


No, I just feel so happy

My happiest moment since coming to Tokyo...


Do you really want to meet my mom?

It's really all right to go?

Is it really all right
for me to go to Tokyo?

Yeah, sure, it's fine, you should come

Thank you! Bye, then


What'd she say?

Are you really sure it's all right?

Yeah, it's fine, you should come

That means I'll live with you, right?

That's right, that's right

Maybe I'll go, then


It's fine that you're coming, but...

Your father?

Your father's living with another woman

He's been living with her
a long while, now

In that case...

In that case,
you should live in Tokyo until you die

Moon's out, moon's out,

moon's out, it is

Moon's out over

the Miike Mines

The smokestacks are so high,

the moon must be all smoky

If you really, really feel that way

I'll make up my mind, to leave you

If you give me back

the 18 year-old girl, I once was

I'll leave you

Wait here, OK?



The station's so big

We're going to live in this town


We're going to live together forever, OK?


Fifteen years after I left
my mother's side at age 15,

I wound up living with her again,

in a nondescript building in Tokyo

You moved for me? I feel bad

What are you saying?

This is just the prologue

Time for me to pay you back now

What's that?

There's a bowling alley downstairs

Oh, this is it

Here it is. As long as I have this,

there's nothing to fear

There it is, that smell

Pickle brine...


Are you sure it's all right
for me to live here?

Right or not, you're already here

When I die...

Don't sound so morbid
You're not going to die

You can just live here forever

In that case,

I hope you'll take good care of me

I'll take you

to all kinds of places
you've never been

Sounds like a strike ball down there
You'll get used to it

Don't you worry about me

Good evening

Smells so good

Tonight is curry and tempura

A nice combo

A gift for you

Let's put it in the curry
You're so thoughtful, Mizue

Hey, check this out!

A rabbit! Cute!

Why, Dear?

I suddenly remembered
my pet rabbit when I was a kid

What's this?

The white one's Bread,
the black one's Grape

I'm allergic

You're so weak

- To rabbits?
- You OK?

OK, time to eat

Thanks for the food

All my friends gathered
in our kitchen,

seduced by Mom's cooking

And Mom befriended them,
one after the other

Mom cooked rice for 10 people

though only the two of us lived there

In the old days,
they had places called Dance Halls

That's where we went to dance

That's where I learned to dance


That's where you met Dad

That's true, but...

He couldn't dance

Tell us more

He seduced you? That's so hip

Your father had come by himself
and just kept staring at me

That's creepy

That's right, so I went to scold him,

but he apologized so sweetly,

and bought me a drink

I don't remember our conversation,

but I guess I gave him my address

A few days later,
without saying a word to me,

he brought over a betrothal present

What! Cool!

I was so shocked, I just nodded

But enough of my story

I want to hear what's going on with you

You don't need to hear about us,
we're just fine

How about you?

I'm not...

Mom, you bought me that bed the other day,

but you must be out of savings

It's all gone

What about your pension?

My pension...

After things got tough I couldn't
make the payments anymore

I had to give it up

I see...

I spent all my savings
and everything on this

This is my entire estate
I've got nothing else

I've lived here a dozen years,
but never been up to the observation deck

You either, right?

I bet it feels great up there

with the beautiful view

Too late now, I'll bring you next time

I'll look forward to it

You come, too, Mizue

Yes, the 3 of us

I bet we'll get a discount

A group discount?

They don't give discounts for 3

You're right

I felt like things were moving
in the right direction

And as usual, everyone around me

kept coming to eat Mom's food

The happy times

sped by, leaving sweet echoes behind,

like a bell rolling down a hill

How were the test results?

He said they can't operate

I'd better tell Mom

Can I be there with you?

I see

So they can't operate on me?

They say you're not quite strong enough

Gastric cancer

is the same kind that
killed that news announcer

It won't be easy but we have to try,

so they'll put you on chemotherapy


Try everything that might work

I wonder if it'll work

A vaccine cured some people

It's not government-approved,
but you should try it

It must be expensive

Don't you worry about that

Mom, let's hang in there

If something happens to you,
it won't just make folks back home sad

How many friends have you made in Tokyo?

All of us love you, Mom

Do you know how impossible that is?

I wonder...

Maybe I should try...

Will you try the chemotherapy?

The chemotherapy... Yes

When I asked her what she wanted,

she asked me to bring
my graduation certificate

She was smiling

What an amazing person

Thanks for being there

I couldn't have encouraged her
that much alone

You haven't told her we split up?


She still thinks we're getting married

Before you came today, she gave me this

The ring your dad once gave her

Oh, I see

I don't know,

if it's right for me to keep it

Please, keep it

Um, that...

You can wear it and not wear it


Good morning

Morning, Mom

Morning. Did you bring it?


But don't put it out,
it's embarrassing

Of course I won't

Hey, Mom

No, nothing

If you've something to say, say it

Dad's coming

He's coming all the way from Kokura
but I can't do anything for him

You don't have to

It's been so many years

I'll go meet him

OK, be careful

When do they start the chemotherapy?

Day after tomorrow

Can you take it?

Can I smoke?


I have to meet a real estate agent

A real estate agent? For what?

Thinking about you recuperating at home,

I figure I might as well
find a bigger place

I'm off, see you

You know, my hair's grown back

That hair-growth drug actually works

That's wonderful

I'm having trouble
swallowing food these days

You're keeping your doctor's appointments?

He says he'll take X-rays if the drug

doesn't work after a week


Have him take a look at you

I threw upjust a little yesterday

I guess it's my stomach

Maybe it's metastasized

Don't worry so much

You can't keep getting cancers like that

I know my own body best

I often worked late

or stayed out all night drinking

Conversations with Mom
became strictly business

We had gotten used to this
and were simply numb

It's been 7 years since Mom moved to Tokyo

Grape, the rabbit, died on the veranda

It's grown quite big

His tone of voice was of casual surprise

And now,

Mom was about to start
her final hospitalization

This is the gastric cancer

Remember to feed Bread

while I'm in the hospital

Animals can't talk

I feel so bad about Grape

He must've been so lonely

And after I die...

You won't die

If something should happen to me,
you open that box up there

What is it?

Don't open it now

What is this? When did you do this?

Open this after I die

This was the first time

I was leading Mom by the hand

You can pass, you can pass

Who's narrow path is this?

This path belongs to the gods

This is how a hospital
at the foot of Tokyo Tower

became my mother's final residence

Illustrator, columnist,

and disc jockey

What exactly do you do?

I'm ajack of all trades

Ajack of all trades?

You're going to live with your mom?

Yeah? The rent's high
Sure you can pay it?

It won't be a problem

It gets lots of sunlight
Your mom will like it

I know it belongs to you,

but this may be the last house
my mother and I live in together

That's it

It's yours to rent

Hello, it's me, I found a tenant

No, no, that's fine

Excuse me

Your mother went to the shop
With her husband

Oh, I see

We don't need so much

Not to worry

It's not for you to eat

Oh, thank you

This too, and this?

Oh, thank you, that's enough

Dad went home the next day,

and then Mom started chemotherapy

I feel... sick


Are you OK, Mom?

Maybe Mom had an especially bad reaction,

maybe others suffered equally

But her suffering was far
beyond what I had imagined

In pain,


yet Mom never asked to stop it

Mom was desperately trying to stay alive

The second round of chemotherapy

took a real toll on Mom's body,

already weakened by the first round

How long?

How long will this go on?



You're hanging in there,

but what am I supposed to do?

You're a grownup

Think grownup thoughts

I want to stop

I want to stop this, Ma

Let's stop

Let's stop this

You worked so hard

It's not like the old days
There must be other treatments

You want to stop it?


She's got 2, maybe 3 months left

After the chemotherapy,

Mom temporarily regained her strength

Can I put this here for now?

Sure, fine

You'll be able to work and
take care of your mom here


Time for lunch

Over here

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom


Already cherry blossom season

Thank you all for coming

We made it here all right,
but the subway's hard to manage

The map's just shows
a bunch of lines snaking around

We brought your favorites

Don't spread that out here

Can we take your mother
to the hotel we're staying in?

Sure, it'll be a nice change for her

Let's take this

Enjoy yourself, Mom

I'm off, then

Don't you worry

It's been so long

Hey, Bread


Hi, Auntie, how's it going?

She vomited?

Guess you enjoyed yourself
a little too much


When... Did you come back?

Me? I've been here a while

It's so much nicer being at home

Yes, but...

Listen, Dear

There's some sashimi in the refrigerator,

and there's also

some eggplant miso soup on the stove

Heat that up and eat it

Eggplant miso soup...


What are you saying, Mom...


It's snowing

Eggplant, you know...

It snowed that day,
though it was already the season

for cherry blossoms

It was like an April Fool's joke,
when you never know

what's true and what's not

Look, an omelet Mom-style

They moved Mom into another room

and as of that day,
I slept on a cot in her room,

to nurse her every night

Here, Dad

Feels like we're all back at home

I'll still be here

when it's his turn

Thank you

Mom was no longer able to eat any food

If you're going home tomorrow,

why not sleep near her tonight

How much does that room cost?

40,000 yen a night

You can afford that?


My hair's grown back,

from that hair-growth drug


Your mom,

may not make it



What is it? Need the toilet?

The radio

The radio, radio

The radio

Ma's show Thursdays from 1:00 - 1:30am

It's like jerking off with Devil's Tongue

Miso's a favorite, now

Wow, Miso Devil's Tongue?

Miso masturbation?


These days, they recommend the combo

The combo?

The combo miso
Devil's Tongue masturbation

What is this?

Have you been listening to this all along?

If you've got any jerking off tips,
send them my way

So, it's time for a tune

I dedicate this to someone I love

The night that Dad was to head home,

Mom was in pain like never before

You'll be OK, calm down

Do you recognize me? You'll be OK

Does it hurt?

I feel so bad, I just feel so bad

I'm so sorry

What is it?

A sudden change

Her vitals?

Blood pressure 146 over 103,
heart rate 138,

oxygen saturation is 91

You'll be OK

Give her an oxygen mask

A shot of tranquilizer

In her side tube?

That's fine

What are you saying, Mom?

What, Mom?

What is it?

The phone for you

Your publisher has to talk to you now

Give me a break! Now's not the time!

Be quiet

We gave you some medicine

What happened?

A turn for the worse

It suddenly occurred to me,

Mom didn't want Dad to leave



What are you doing, Mom!

You can't do that! Be strong, Mom!

Be strong!

It's me, can you tell? Eiko!




Don't die!

Dad, Dad

Mom's awake

I'm sorry, Mom

I don't know what you're saying

But I know

You're worried about us, right?

You don't need to worry anymore, now

You're saying, Thank you?

What's wrong, Mom?

You were so strong

You don't have to worry, now

You were so strong


What do you think of the house?

It's big, right?

It fits about as many people
as Grandma's house

Nakagawa san

About a column deadline...


I hear your mother passed away

When was it?

This morning

I'm sorry for your loss

You called me at the hospital?

I know this is a bad time,

but we can't push this deadline
What do you say?

What do I say?

Does it have to be today?

Tomorrow and we have to print blank column

Could you write,
staring at your mother's corpse?

I don't need to write today

You should write

I hardly have any time left with you

It's not the time to write a stupid column

You don't want to cause
trouble for that man


But they're going to burn you soon
You're going to disappear

Didn't I tell you before?
You don't remember

When you're working,

I feel better

This is my last chance

Show me

You just watch, Mom

I'm going to make you laugh so hard

My writing will be funnier
than anyone else's

I'll leave this here

Thank you


Hey, Bread


Lts name is Bread

But it's a rabbit

I see your point



I'll go fax it

A drink for you


Would you like to inherit my
mother's 100 year-old pickle brine?


too much for me


Then carry on her routine

All right!

I'm so sad, so sad!

I'm going to drink, too

There's an illustration,
that goes with it, right?


Everybody, drink and carry on

So that Mom can hear you upstairs


We'll drink!



I'm really...

Wiped out today


Can I have a moment?

A while ago,

Mom told me

The first year she moved to Tokyo,

you took her all over the place

and fed her lots of great food

She felt like in that 1 year,

she had a lifetime

of being looked after by her son

I never told you that


That's all

Dad, here

You're the chief mourner

I won't make a speech

The chief mourner

will address the assembled mourners


and I...

That day,

I saw Dad cry,

for the first time in my life

I'll be back to observe
her first mourning rites

Want to see this?

She left it to you

I'll say good bye to the rabbit
and go home


When you get home,

can you send me your drawing of Buddha?

As soon as I finish it

It's nearly done

See you

Open this after I die

To Mizue san

Dear Ma

Thank you for all these years

I so enjoyed living in Tokyo

I failed in my marriage,

but I was blessed with a sweet son,

so I can die happily

You were a sickly boy and cried a lot,

so when I prayed to the gods,
it was first for your health

And also that you'd be open-hearted

As you grew up,
your health still came first

but also business success

These days, I'm greedy

and pray for you and
your girlfriend's safety

She really felt like my own daughter

She made me so happy,
calling me Mother, mother,

like she really meant it

I'm so very fortunate
to be able to bid good bye

to life in a state of happiness

Good bye, Ma


Let's climb it together,
just like we promised


I'm still sad, now

I can't believe how much of your
hard-earned pay I begged off of you

My work situation is a little better,

but my life's hardly settled

I still bring people trouble
I've a long way to go

I've hardly made any progress

Sorry I'm late

Where's Mom?

Amazing, right, Mom?


It's a little late, but it's from Mom

Mom, you wrote me Good bye

but you shouldn't have

You'll always be my mother,
I'll be your son

Don't talk like that


I'm so sorry for everything

And thank you


it's a beautiful day, today