Tokyo Tower (2005) - full transcript

Toru Kojima and his friend Koji are young student boys with one thing in common - they both love to date older women. Koji is a playboy with several women, young and older, whereas Toru is a romantic with his heart set on on certain lady.

Kimiko is more dreadful too.

I'm gonna be in danger
if things won't change.

Could you run away with me
to a place unknown?

Don't drag me with you.

You're so cold.

It's because I haven't got time.


When will you be back?

I asked my friend's opinion.


That shirt isn't fit for you.

You came wearing that shirt.
I am so happy

What should we do now?


Anything what?

Doesn't matter.

The moon won't stop moving.

But it will disappear soon after day break.

Pretty things always vanish some day.

I always,

think it's better to let myself vanish.

There shouldn't be tears..


Because it's the first time to
stay with you this long.

So it's what you wish for?

How about you?

I wanted to see you too.

Actually, I

always known

your and my futures.


I am still afraid,

that you would be taken away by other girls.

So I really really wanted to see you.

That's why I took you here.

My husband came.

For now,

take the clothes and shoes.

Hide somewhere.

That's not suitable.
- Doesn't matter.





How unusual...

The job was finished 2 days early.


Usually, the director is boring me to death.

I don't why he was so fast now.

Oh, really?


Yes, a friend.

If alone, it would be tiresome.

Did she go home?

Yeah, a while ago.

It's been a long time we were here.
Might have some mice.

It needs more cleaning.

I'm starving, let's go eat somewhere.


Let me change.

Everything is fine now.

Call a taxi after we leave, ok?

The number is next to the phone.


I'm so sorry.

Let's not go on doing this.

Doing this?

The time in the past really
made me happy

Tokyo - August

Starting tomorrow, I'll be
gone for one week.

So from tonight on, you'll be alone.

You mean right now?

I really can't handle it
I just started my job recently.

You can't go out at night, can you?

Wait for tomorrow

I will wait for your contact.

Wait a second, don't hang up!

It won't do if not today...

so awesome

Shit, but it's made too bad.

First of all.

You should drive her out of your home.

No other meaningful topic?

but if you get Kimiko involved,
it'll become ugly.

So I'll have to break up with Kimiko first?

It's not that simple,
so you feel worried about it.

I heard that horrible things happen
to women who have an affair, in Islam.


One beverage and another pizza.

That bitch.

Ah, Tooru...
Long time no see.

Where is Kozi?

Went to the stage, he'll be back shortly.

Kozi changed his type?

Who is she?
- A high school classmate.

He says,

that he likes older women.

Because of Tooru's influence.

What's wrong with her?

You don't know anything!

Cut it out!

Did you know?

If a wife betrayes her husband
in the Islamic countries,

she would be buried alive
with soil under the neck.

Then get smashed by stones.

Why wouldn't it happen in Tokyo?


I am ready right now,

so I need to say something directly.

What thing? Let's talk outside.

I made dinner at home.

Made my husband's favorite vegetables.

What vegetables?

I hate cooking the most.


Whatever, let's talk outside.

I don't care.

A pot caught fire, everything got burned out.

My mind became blank.

The house wasn't burned down?

What did you say!

Are you stupid?
I put out the fire of course.

Calm down!
You should calm down first, and talk.

My husband will come home soon.
But that won't do.

What have I been doing?

Why did I become like this?

You don't care about me anymore.

I don't want to be like this.

I don't want to be with you like this.

That's my purpose here.

Why don't you say anything?

Why don't you say anything?!

Why don't you give your opinion at least.

It's you who made me like this!

If I never met you,

I wouldn't be like this.

So I never wanna see you again.

I see.


You have your choice.

You have room too choose.

You have freedom to choose others.

But I haven't

Because of women like you.

All of us became so unlucky.



Watching that woman,

reminds me of my mom.

That's how our shit summer,


Well, am I handsome?

Kimiko can't be contacted recently.

What about yours?

How about Shifumi?

Don't know what Kimiko is doing now.

You should forget that woman.

Don't say that.

She's lonely, actually.

Even though she has husband.

I realised just after we broke up.

The minute she and I first met,

I felt her loneliness.

Shifumi must be the same.

So you felt it too.

Inspite of I felt it.

Who would care when you were just born.

People never got hurt when they were born.

That's perfect.

And after that they hurt continuously.

Not until death, hurt adds on and on.

So what?

So life is a period of getting hurt.

Everyone can only choose to get hurt.

But still wanna rebel.

Especially women.

Tokyo - November

Miss Shifumi, this is the last confirmation.
I hope you can sign it.

Director Kozima.

So early.

Still one hour left

Doesn't matter
I am not going to take part in your party.

Give me a glass of champagne.

When Tooru turned 10,
I broke up with his father.

Because it's a family of two people
I cared for him so much.

He's part of my body.

No one could understand
unless she's been a mother.

There's a huge market in Aoyama.

Go travelling to Europe anytime.

Really a happy woman,

from an eye of a green boy of 21.

But without your husband,
would you be where you are presently?

I want you to answer me,

just one question.

Since when...

Since when did you start to hang out with Tooru?

3 years ago.

I never knew.

For you to hang out with Tooru,
who was 18 years old...

Isn't that a crime?

I'm really sorry.

You took three valueable years from my son.

And now you have become sick of it.

I don't really know what to say.

Good evening, Miss Yoko.

Oh, Good evening.

For the time being,
change into some other clothes.


Haven't heard from you for long time.

Is this Tooru?

Where are you now?

This way.

Come up.

It's nice here, isn't it.

So quiet..

As a matter of fact, I knew the thing
between you and Shifumi a long time ago

I knew it by just looking at her.

She had changed.

Don't be fooled by her looking,
she is still childish...

What about you Tooru?

Did sleeping with Shifumi change anything?

You still don't know anything like this?

Don't be like this any more.

Shifumi is suffering

So is your mother.

Please.. break up with Shifumi.

You guys were over a long time ago,
that's why you leave me alone.

What you talking about?

I really want to kill you.

That's it, I love her though,

very much..

I need her.

Just think about it...

How much longer can you hang out with a
woman who is 20 years older than you?

She will be 50 when you are 30

When you are 40,
she will be a 60 years old granny.

It is hard to decide.

I am different from you.

To Shifumi, she can get tons of boys like you.


Don't raise your voice!

Or someone will come.

Even if I,

kill you,

right here.

Shifumi won't feel any different.

But if I'm not there.

She won't be able to feel happy.

Let me make it straight.

You are just some kind,

of toy. Albeit an expensive one,
but at the end, just toy to her.

What are you thinking?!

Falling in love is,

not the way to resolve a problem.

Please enjoy.

Excuse me.

Behave yourself.

Don't touch me

I missed you so much.

I am not some kind of toy.

I am not your entertainment facility.

Don't you forget this.

You are not supposed to be here.

Please, go home.

I don't want a wrecked toy.



Can you see Tokyo Tower from your place?

I can...

I can see it as well.

We are both watching the same thing.


different places.

Once I thought to get married with you

I can't erase my memories about you.

You are the place,

where I've stayed for 3 years.

I read the novels that you like.

I listen to the music that you enjoy.

Now you ask me to leave,
I just can't do it.

Life doesn't mean anything to me anymore.

That's why,

I need to leave here.

Tokyo April

How you doing Tooru?

Being a student abroad in Paris
seems to be good.

It's easy for a young man
to adapt life in a different place.

He is just trying to stay away
from Shifumi as far as he can.

Whatever! It is apart from me anyway.

I really hate Shifumi.

Mothers always take too much care of her children.

You made a lot of trouble.

Is it true that you let her go free?

In the end, what she want is

a divorce agreement.

It is really boring.

What a pity about your store.

That store is her elaboration.

It'is really cruel for you to give it up.

It is so horrible.


Women under these circumstances.

Divorce Agreement

Your girlfriend's father bought

you this car, right?

No! I used my own savings to
pay the down payment.

You are doing good.

And then I need to
take care principals and interest

Anyway, don't have a girlfriend.

Don't try to lie to me. You are seeing
someone from our high school, aren't you?

What's the name?

Are you trying to kill me?!

Hey, give me the name.


Excuse me, you can get off here.

Excuse me

Excuse me

My coat!
- I'm sorry

I'd better take off.

That will really disappoint Kimiko.

I can't stay that long.

Please make something up for me, mom.

Tell her that I like her dancing.

What a crab.


Nah, nothing.

Those flowers are really beautiful.

Excuse me.

Would you mind give these flowers to Kimiko,

if it wouldn't cause much trouble.

Wow... that guy went home just like that



What kind of girl do you like?

Are you listening to me?


What kind of girl do you like?

Let me think..

She must be innocent,

and warm-hearted.

What the hell
- What happened?

Whoa, how awful.

You did that on purpose, didn't you?!


I was just so excited seeing your car,

that I couldn't help myself.

It wouldn't be like this
if you hit a little softer.

Nice car!

Just bought it?

I am sorry, but you'll have to
pay for the repairs.

Can you tell me who that woman is?
- Shut up, can you be quiet for a second?!

Where did you just come from?

From the entertainment center.

I am so glad that you came to see my play.

What did I do, to make you treat me like this?

It used to be me who got angry every time.

Thats why I wanted to see what you look like
when you get angry, this final time.

This makes us even.

Become even more angry than now,

and don't forgive me that easy.

Oh, of course, I'll never forgive you.

And then you'll never take the risk
to date a married woman.

Yeah, are you kidding me.

That's great.

Thanks for your flowers.

See you.

Good day miss,
Is Kozima Tooru living here?

Who is this?

My name is Nakazono.

Are you Japanese?


This isn't Asano, right?

used to be...

Please come on in.

Come on in.


Tooru isn't here at the moment.
He went to school.

I see, I'll come back later then.

Don't feel so rushed to leave.

Have some coffee.


Thank you.

Tooru's mother and I are old friends.

I know about the thing between you and Tooru.

Tooru's mother was really pissed off.

She told me that in case you came here,

I should not let you two,

see each other, just in case.

But it turns out to be true.

So you have made up your mind.

Nonetheless, I don't hate woman like you.

That's the only thing I can do.

There was a fictionist who said that,

sweet love should not be ruined by force.

And I agree.

I experienced the same thing.

Like a father with his daughter?


More like a couple who have fallen in love.

But the age gap could not be ignored.

In the end, we had to break up...

Is this an advice to me?

No, no...

Just memory of the past.

I regreted the break up later on,

because that was the happiest time
in my life to be with him.

You can catch a metro,
which goes straight to Tooru's school.

Enjoy the reunion!

Excuse me, miss.

Is there any chance that you know Kozima Tooru?

Yes, but he didn't show up today.

Is that right? Thank you.

Please wait..

I want to show you something.

Over there..

Tooru draws the same face all the time.

I'm really glad that I got to see
the real person this time.

He can be reached after tommorrow noon.



Wait up!

Wait up...

I wanted to go all the way from my place
to the promissory place to meet you.

You came,

to the station nearby.

Since I don't have any other station to stop,

I decided that...

Even if you don't love me anymore,

I will be still in love with you.